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that one high school au

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Felicity is furiously typing away at her computer and when she glances up, she can definitely see Zari doing the same exact thing. There’s no chance she’s losing this time. She’s got money at stake here.

“How long have they been going at it?” Barry asks as he sits down across from Kara.

Kara glances over Zari’s shoulder. “Just 4 minutes and 10 seconds,” she says as she tries to slyly reach for a french fry.

Zari notices in the corner of her eyes and slaps her hand, somehow still able to type with one hand. “Don’t take my food,” she growls as she grabs a fry of her own to shove into her mouth, barely making her mouth.

“You’re not even going to finish your food,” Kara whines as she tries to reach again.

Zari slaps her hand away again. “Stop it, you’re distracting me.” She’s not looking at her screen because she’s glancing at Felicity over her screen.

“How are you typing so quickly?” Amaya asks as she slides into the seat on the other side of Zari. She peers over her shoulder really closely.

Zari holds her breath. “Macros help,” she informs.

Felicity’s ears perk and her eyes go wide. “Macrons? Are you kidding me?” she screeches. “That’s totally cheating.”

“You said we had to hack. Not how to hack. So I’m hacking this hack,” Zari smartly responds.

Felicity huffs before she continues furiously at her computer. “Girls, distract her! There’s a lot at stake here.”

Kara furrows her brows. “What’s at stake? You guys are trying to hack into the---oh my god, is this the FBI?”

Barry and Amaya shoot their eyes to the screens.

Both Felicity and Zari shrug off the two from staring at them.

“We’re not hacking into the FBI--” Zari denies.

“We are just doing some recon--” Felicity adds.

“To figure out weak points in their firewall--”

“That way we can see if there a backway--”

“To access their files and download them.”

Kara and Barry share the same mortified look at their friends finishing each other’s sentences before staring wide eye at each other.

“That was eerie,” Kara notes aloud to Barry.

Barry looks concerned. “Yeah, like twin level eerie.”

“Like you two aren’t,” Felicity and Zari simultaneously say.

Hey!” Both Barry and Kara exclaim before sheepishly looking at each other. They both sigh. “They have a point.”

Amaya sits there and laughs at the four of them. “This should go down in the books.”

“I’m in!” Zari yells.

“Fudge cakes!” Felicity adds on before her screen changes. “Oh, wait me too!”

Zari looks up from her screen with excitement and reaches over their laptops for a high five. “Whoo! Alright, we have 25 seconds to get out and clear our signatures.”

“Already on it,” Felicity chimes in.

“I thought you guys were competing,” Barry points out.

Neither of them respond as they continue to furiously type for the next 25 seconds. When they’re finally done, their programs have closed and they both release the biggest breaths they’ve apparently held onto for the last 7 minutes.

“We do compete,” Zari answers as she happily starts eating her fries again. “I won by the way.”

“Fair and square,” Felicity agrees as she pulls out a jump drive from her laptop and hands it to Zari. “I expect quality refinement on these.”

“You got it, Smoak,” Zari says taking the jump drive and slipping it into her breast pocket. Beside her, Amaya smiles proudly and pushes over a boat of vegetables. Zari scrunches her nose up in distaste but still takes a carrot to nibble on.

“You two are the weirdest competitors ever,” Barry notes aloud.

“Well, the most we lose is our pride, but it means one of us has a better hacking program, so we trade tips and learn more from each other,” Felicity states as she takes a bite out of her sandwich.

“Women supporting women, I love that,” Iris says as she slides in right next to Felicity. She places two coffees from Jitters down in front of her.

“Iris, hi!” Felicity greets happily, almost choking on her sandwich. She coughs it down as everyone stares in amusement, except for Iris.

“Slow down!” Iris chides as she rubs Felicity’s back.

Felicity feels her cheeks get warm and it isn’t because of the coughing fit she’s going through. It takes her a few coughs before the food gets down her windpipe.

“Easy there,” Iris chuckles as she continues to rub Felicity’s back.

“It was a big piece of meat,” Felicity coughs again, making sure her throat was clear. She reaches for her milk to drink.

Gross,” Kara and Barry both say.

The rest of the girls stare at them in disgust.

“Not like that!” Felicity exclaims. “Stop being gross you two!” She pushes her glasses up to hide her embarrassment and looks back to Iris. “I’m sorry they’re gross.”

Iris just smiles. “I live with Barry, I already knew that he was a bit gross.”

“Hey! Not cool, Iris,” Barry says as he chucks a peanut in her direction.

Iris just casually leans over and catches it with her mouth garnering a cheer from the table. She reaches behind Felicity to give him a high five, when she’s done she drapes her arm casually around Felicity’s shoulder and her face is so close.

“I got you something,” Iris says as she reaches for one of the coffees.

Felicity melts at this, “Awwww, thanks so much!” She grabs the coffee with two hands and almost hugs it before taking a nice sip, expecting it to be a simple coffee like Iris drinks. “Caramel macchiato is my favorite. How’d you know?”

“Just something I remembered,” Iris says casually. Felicity basically turns into putty between Iris’s arm around her shoulder and the sweet gesture. “Listen, I was wondering if I could ask for a favor.”

“Oh, okay, sure,” Felicity automatically says even if there is a mild disappointment that follows her sweet drink. “What do you need?”

“Well, I have to go to this screening at the Planetarium for my astronomy class,” Iris starts, almost shyly. Felicity knows that Iris hates the sciences and maths because she gets so distracted. “I was wondering if you would come with me? That way I don’t look completely clueless when I get there.”

“I’m not a big space person but that sounds fun,” Felicity says with a bright smile. “I’d love to go.” She then turns to Kara. “Don’t you love the Planetarium too?”

“Oh, I love the Planetarium!” Kara chimes in happily.

There’s a thump below the table and Kara drops her fry. Felicity looks in confusion as she catches Barry shooting Kara a look.

“Oh, but I’m busy, I’ve got things that day to...tutoring people?” Kara slowly says, looking at Barry in the corner of her eyes for approval.

Felicity shoots them a strange look before looking back at Iris. “When were you thinking of going?”

Iris smiles. “Tomorrow? I can pick you up at 6?”

Felicity nods and picks up her phone. “Sounds good, just going to put this in my calendar and let my mom know.”

Iris finally lets go of Felicity to reach for her coffee. “Perfect, it’s a date,” she declares as she stands up. “I’ll see you later.” She shoots Felicity a quick wink before heading out, waving everyone goodbye.

Felicity sends her off with a small wave, still holding onto the warm cup of coffee. She sighs wistfully as she takes another sip. She looks back at Barry and Kara. “What was up with you two just now?”

“Nothing,” Barry instantly says before Kara can get another word out. “Kara, just forgets her schedule sometimes. And she already goes to the Planetarium way too much.”

“Hey, I do not,” Kara argues. “I just happen to work there on the weekends. Other than the fact that it is a cool place to be.”

Zari looks at Barry and Kara as if they’ve grown three heads before looking directly at Felicity. “Felicity, she just asked you out on a date,” she deadpans. “Barry was wingmanning Iris.”

“Z!” Barry exclaims. “I was not!”

Amaya snickers beside Zari as she snaps into a carrot. “Zari is right. Don’t deny it Barry.”

Kara gasps with excitement. “Noooo wayyyyy, Iris likes Felicity?” She looks over at Zari. “I thought she was just really friendly all the time.”

“She doesn’t get me coffee,” Zari points out.

“That’s because you don’t like anyone,” Barry counters.

“Wrong,” Amaya says proudly.

Zari rolls her eyes and Amaya’s comment. “She finds any excuse to talk to Felicity and any excuse to touch her.”

“She’s always been touchy,” Felicity points out. “I thought that was like a cheerleader thing.”

Kara thinks about it for a moment. “Hmm, I guess you can’t tell. Lucy is always all over Alex,” she says aloud. All eyes suddenly fall on her. “Oh.” She lets out realizing she was thinking aloud. “I mean just in general, but it seems like Iris likes Felicity. 6pm on a Friday night is a date night right?”

There’s a resounding agreement. The realization dawns on Felicity, hard and fast, and she blanches in mortification before looking at Barry.

“Is this really a date?” she asks him quickly, grabbing him by the cardigan to make sure he doesn’t run away.

Barry shrinks back in fear. “Maybe?” he squeaks. “It really isn’t my business.”

“You live with her, of course it’s your business!” Felicity asserts.

Barry doesn’t take long to cave and he throws up his hands in surrender. “Fine, fine! It is a date! She likes you, but she wanted to tell you herself. She just needed to make sure you’d get to hang out with her alone.”

“What?” Felicity presses. “Iris likes me?”

Duhhhhhhh ding dong,” Zari points out, annoyed. Amaya gently pushes her. “I mean, of course Iris likes you, you oblivious nerd.”

Felicity pushes her glasses up in offense. “Excuse me! I am not a nerd.”

“But you are oblivious,” Kara chimes in, earning a look of approval from Zari that she soaks up.   

“Iris likes me,” Felicity tries to process everything, “and she wants to go on a date with me?” She grabs onto Barry again. “You’ve gotta help me!”