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A Bit of Bab and Bro

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The Babbitt and the Bromide in full:

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Bab (the Babbitt) and Bro (the Bromide) have taken to reading the newspaper together every Sunday afternoon under the watch of the horse statue, as they had come to enjoy the company very much. Then, Bab was about to turn to the next page when:

Bro: "I'm still reading this page."
Bab: "The classifieds? What for?"
Bro: "For the real estate column, to see if there's anything that suits us."
They turn toward one another and say, "Ahhhhhh." Bab, overcome with emotion, doesn't know what to say, so he kisses Bro on the cheek.


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brobit cooking

Brobit cooking is canon. This drawing was inspired by this move: