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For you, I'd do anything

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“Alright, fuck munches can leave.” Bakugou growled, sitting down at the front of the table. He scanned the room and watched as the low level thugs bowed their heads in respect and went for the door as his higher ups took their seats at the table. Some he trusted, others he already had a bullet waiting for them to make one fuck up. Just because they did good business didn’t mean Bakugou had to like them. He used people to get to the top and would continue using them to stay at the top.

The last person to make for the door had him frowning. “Kirishima. You stay.” The red head’s back went straight as he looked back. Their red eyes met for a moment before he nodded and locked the door.

The guy to Bakugou’s left immediately stood up, slamming his fists on the table. “What the fuck is this, Boss?!” He yelled, motioning towards Kirishima who took his spot behind Bakugou’s chair.

“Stay in your place fucker.” Bakugou warned, still leaning back in his seat even as the man pushed his own out and stalked closer.

“No, this has gone on long enough. Everyone's too damn scared to say anything but he-“ The man threw his hand up towards Kirishima who only tensed behind Bakugou. He wouldn’t say anything or do anything until his leader asked him too.

“But he what?” Bakugou’s voice was getting thick with annoyance. He didn’t have time for this bullshit.

“We all know what’s happening and it needs to fucking stop. We all worked our way up here the right way.” The man was moving closer and closer until he was standing next to their gang’s leader, staring down at him with venom in his eyes. Bakugou’s laugh was dark as he scooted his chair back to face the grunt head on.

“Oh really. Please then, inform me what is happening.” The man seemed taken aback for a moment but quickly regained his position. Straightening his back he turned to face their leader and pointed towards Kirishima who kept his stance behind Bakugou.

“This whore has risen above all of us. Just because he sucks your cock and lets anyone use his slutty hole doesn’t mean he gets to be above any of us.” The words had Kirishima’s hands balling into fists. “He’s no better then a common whore and doesn’t deserve to be in these meetings. He’ll rat us out to the first person who makes him cum.”

Bakugou’s smile didn’t drop one bit which had the rest of the room tense with silence as the man finished.

“You’re right. Kirishima,” He flicked his hand back and with that Kirishima started walking towards the door. “He is my whore, my personal little slut. The sounds he makes are so erotic it would make a cheap whore burn in shame. You are wrong about one thing though.” Instead of leaving, Kirishima picked up the golden bat sitting innocently by the door. “I don’t keep him around because he can suck my cock like a champion.”

Bakugou’s smirk grew at the disgusted face his goon was giving him. “I keep him around because he’s trust worthy. Won’t leave for a quick buck like you accused him of. Also.” He watched Kirishima walk up behind the man and raise his bat back. “He doesn’t steal from me.” The man’s eyes went wide in panic and he was just about to back away when Kirishima swung the bat, hitting the man square in the neck. The sickening crack was enough to have a few people in the room smile and when the mans body swung left and hit the table, Kirishima wasted no time in raising the bat again and swinging it down on the back of the mans head.

Bakugou watched unimpressed when the body slumped to the ground motionless. With his bloody bat, Kirishima made his way back to Bakugou’s chair. Standing behind it like he was meant to, the only change in his demeanor was the smile tugging at his lips.

“Now that I’m already pissed off.” Bakugou threw each man a folder from the table and motioned towards the door. “You all have jobs so get the fuck out.” There was a collection of laughter when the men took their folders and headed towards the door. One stopped by the man’s body, kicking him with his foot to check if he was actually dead.

“Want us to take care of this for you boss?” Bakugou looked down with a raised eyebrow before flicking his hand.

“Leave him. I’m not done yet.” The other merely laughed and tipped his hat.

“As you say. Have a good one Boss.” Once the last person left Kirishima went around to lock the door once more. He was about to set his bat back down when Bakugou called for him.

“Bring it.” He hummed, pushing back in his chair once more so he could see the bleeding body on the floor. Kirishima’s smile didn’t fade when he handed Bakugou his bat. There was only a small dent in the side with specks of blood glittering against the bright gold paint.

“You killed a man simply for calling you a whore.” Bakugou commented, turning the bat around in his hands to look at the damage.

“I’ve killed a man for less.” Kirishima leaned against the table, his leather gloves squeaking only slightly as he grabbed the edge. “And I would again for you.” Bakugou couldn’t help but laugh even as he took the bat and ran the fat edge up along Kirishima’s inner thigh.

“These men have no idea what you’ve done for me.” Kirishima felt his heart skip a beat when their eyes met. For two years he had stood by Bakugou’s side, not once ever leaving him. He’d do anything for this man even if it meant laying down his own life.

“And I would do it all again, Katsuki.” His breath hitched when his bat moved up farther to press against his crotch. “There’s nothing to fear when I know I’m beside you.” Bakugou’s laugh was just a dark as it had been earlier but Kirishima didn’t fear it. Unlike the others, he had nothing to fear from Bakugou.

“You’re a sap Eijirou.” They both broke into laughter until Kirishima’s turned into a hiss of pleasure when Bakugou pressed the bat between his thighs. “But don’t lie to me. I know you enjoyed him calling you out like that. You love being called the little slut that you are.” Kirishima’s back arched the more Bakugou pulled the bat back and forth giving him friction but not enough to satisfy him. “You also made me praise that little slutty hole of yours without deserving it. So it’s time to pay your punishment.” He drew the bat back and whacked the side of Kirishima’s hip. Not enough to bruise but enough to sting. “Turn around, bend over, and pants to your thighs.”

Kirishima sucked in a quick breath of air, arousal running straight down to his cock. He had been half hard before but now he was straining against his boxers. “Yes, Sir.” Was all he managed out before doing exactly what he had been ordered to do. Pushing down his pants and underwear just below his ass wasn’t that bad, but bending over had him fully exposed and vulnerable to the slightly younger male.

“Now that’s my good little whore.” Bakugou brought the bat up and pushed aside one of Kirishima’s cheeks to get a good look at his hole. The other hissed at the cold but didn’t dare move away. The sight of slick lube covered his hole, already dripping down his balls to show how much had been used. It made Bakugou’s cock harder almost as quickly as Kirishima’s had. “Look at that. What, did you want me to fuck you in the middle of our meeting?” He teased, flipping the bat around to press the smaller end to his hole. Another moan was sucked in as he pressed against it. “I bet that’s what you were thinking. You’d sit on my lap like the good whore you are. Keep my cock nice and warm while I gave out assignments.” When kirishima didn’t answer right away, Bakugou whacked his hip again. “Answer me, slut.”

“Yes, boss.” Came the strained response. Kirishima pressed his ass back, even going so far as to reach back and hold his cheeks open. “Wanted you to fuck me for them all to watch. To prove your power over them.” If he turned his head to the side Kirishima could just barely see the man’s shoes over the edge of the table and that excited him. They hadn’t fucked with other people in the room before and even if the guy was dead, by Kirishima’s own hands none the less, it still drew a deep moan from his throat.

“Sick fucker.”Bakugou’s words held no heat. The sudden clanging sound of the bat dropping to the floor startled Kirishima but he forgot all about it the moment Bakugou’s hands were on his lower back. “Maybe I’ll do that next time. Or better yet, maybe I’ll shove you under the table. Make you suck each one of those men off. Show you off so they can see what they’re missing. I bet you’d like that. Having ten cocks in your face.” He lined his cock up to Kirishima’s sweet hole, teasing it for now. “Too bad.” Still holding his cock, Bakugou leaned over Kirishima's back to grab his black tie and pull him closer. “You’re mine. That mouth and ass are for me only.” As soon as he finished he pushed in, Kirishima’s slick hole easily taking his length like it had time and time before.

“Fuck! Katsuki. All yours. Fuck.” Kirishima pushed back even as his airway was being restricted from the tight hold on his tie. He needed Bakugou’s cock, needed that hard fucking he was promised.

“No one will ever touch you like I do.” Bakugou cursed out, slamming his hips in slow and hard at first. He loved watching Kirishima come apart like this and as much as he liked the idea of the others watching, he liked keeping this between them. He was the only one allowed to see his right hand man fucked out like this. To hear the sounds he produced and to feel the way his body tightened for him. Only the dead would ever hear this. Smirking, he stood up, pulling Kirishima back by his tie and an arm around his waist.

“Look at him.” He grunted, sitting back in his seat with Kirishima squirming on his lap. “That fucker compared you to a cheap whore so start riding like one.” Bakugou kept Kirishima’s tie taunt behind him while he started bucking up into the other’s tight heat. The body was clearly in their view, the blood starting to pool around his head, but it only edged both of them on.

Kirishima realized how sick this all was but fuck it. They had both done sick stuff before, it was to be expected when you joined the mob. His breath hitched when Bakugou’s hand snuck around his front and fisted his neglected cock. Kirishima was gone, eyes glazed over, breath coming in gasps from the tightening tie around his throat, and body being moved up and down from bakugou’s strong thrusts. This is why he was so drawn to the man. Ever since they met he was nothing but confident, manly as hell, and got shit done. Kirishima swore he would serve him until he died and that was a promise he planned to keep.

“That’s it. Take it.” Bakugou’s hot breath ghosted against Kirishima’s ear, pulling another dirty moan from his throat. Yes. Harder. He begged, eyes rolling back the harder Bakugou went.

In an instant he was being shoved forward again until he was bent over the table once more. “Fuck you. Fuck your perfect fucking ass.”

Kirishima’s cock was left with nothing again which only had him whining and trying to get a hand between his legs in desperation. It was smacked away to no surprise, but when Bakugou pulled out he was left whining even harder. “Katsuki. No, wha?” He looked back only to go silent when he saw Bakugou pick the bat back up. The bat still stained with blood.

“So fucking needy. Fucking you like you want and you still want more.” Moving back into position, Bakugou slid the bat between Kirishima’s thighs once more so it rubbed just right against his cock. The chilly metal sent shivers down his spine but he loved every bit of it. Taking the black leather end, Bakugou held it between his own thighs before lining his cock back up. Kirishima was confused at first until the first thrust, then the pieces came together in an instant. With every thrust Bakugou pounded into him, the bat moved right along with him. Teasing the underside of Kirishima’s cock and balls just enough to draw him to the edge but not enough to push him over.

“Want you to cum on his blood. Prove that you’re more important then he ever was. Fucker was stealing money from me the whole time, and you?” Bakugou grabbed a hold of his black tie once more, holding it tight to cut off Kirishima’s airway. “Stole my heart like the little slut you are.” There was no holding back after that. The fucking alone could have made him tip over but then Bakugou had to go and whisper those words in his ear. His body clamped down on the other, still thrusting inside, while cum shot out onto the blood speckled bat.

Bakugou released his tie just in time for him to suck in air, filling his burning lungs with sweet oxygen. Before he could even catch his breath, Bakugou ripped the bat from their legs, slamming it down on the table for them to see as he fucked into Kirishima harder and faster.

“Look at it.” He growled, fisting Kirishima’s hair and making him look at the golden object. There, right in front of his face, he could see the white of his cum sliding down and mixing with the blood. His whole body shook as a second orgasm raced through him, causing his hole to clamp down blissfully around Bakugou’s member.

“For you.” Kirishima moaned out, spreading his legs and pushing back every time his lover pushed forward. He needed it. Needed Bakugou to fill him until he was spilling over and that’s just what he got.

“Fuck. Yes.” Bakugou all but screamed as his own orgasm hit. Warmth rushing down his body and exploding inside of Kirishima’s waiting hole. The other’s gasps turned into hot moans as he was filled with Bakugou's hot seed. “Take it. Take it all, slut.” He fucked him through, the sloppy sounds of cum leaking out quickly filled the room until his movements slowed. Stopping once he was finished. “Fucking hell.”

Bakugou reached blindly for his chair and pulled it back in so he could flop back into it. His cock already starting to soften against his belly. Kirishima didn’t move though, too fucked out to even think about sitting back. He just laid half on the table, half still standing on his tip toes. “You have no idea what you do to me, Eijirou.” He reached out and pulled the other’s cheeks apart to see his hole, fucked open with his cum leaking out. It was truly better then any porno he had ever watched or the whores he fucked in his younger years.

“Katsuki?” Kirishima questioned, once he caught his breath. When the other didn’t respond he looked back and felt his heart jump at the way Bakugou was looking at him. They never spoke of love but if this wasn’t it, then Kirishima didn’t care to find out what the true meaning was.

“Fix yourself up. We have to take care of this body.” Bakugou sat back in his chair but didn’t once take his eyes off Kirishima. Even as the man stood up on weak legs and tucked himself back in his pants. Clean up could happen later when they were home and alone once more. Kirishima turned around to lean on the table and looked down at the corpse with a sigh.

“Mind if I just call Sero and Kaminari to take care of it? My ass hurts and lifting a two hundred pound shit head might cause issues.” He said it as serious as possible but within seconds the both of them were laughing.

“Sounds like a personal problem. I’ll be in the car, whether you carry him or they do. I don’t give a shit, but I want you and him in that car in half an hour.” Bakugou pulled himself up and went for the door but not before pausing in front of his red head. “Bring the bat but don’t clean it off. We’re going to have fun tonight.” Kirishima couldn’t help himself, smiling against the others lips as he leaned in for a kiss.

“Will do, Boss.” Kirishima watched him leave, his smile staying even after the door was shut. Yep. He had it bad for that asshole and there was no denying it.