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Maybe it’s because they grew up together. Maybe it’s because when Jungkook was 5, a little boy moved in down the hall of his parents’ apartment building, and no other kids had ever lived there before. At least not that Jungkook remembered. Or maybe it’s because, when they were both younger playing alone in Jungkook’s room, Hoseok hadn’t cared about hiding himself anymore. He said it was hard to always have some level of control, and Jungkook didn’t understand but he said sure when Hoseok asked him if he wanted to see his extra arms. They slid and wiggled out the sleeves of his shirt, through the collar, out the bottom, some larger than others, but all gently moving on their own.


Hoseok continues to click Lego upon Lego, building something intently, even as Jungkook reaches forward in awe, giggling when a smaller tentacle gravitates toward his touch and wraps around his finger.


Maybe, possibly, it’s because no matter how many people tried to make fun of him for having tentacles, Hobi would still go out of his way to defend people, and Jungkook loved that about him. Sometimes Hobi would tell him as they laid on his bed passing a joint between them that it still hurt, of course it hurt, no one likes getting made fun of, but really it’s okay because his friends are the only ones who matter anyway.


He’s a little too high when he frowns softly, “I’m your friend, right hyung?”


Hoseok looks at him like he must be out of his mind. “Of course you are, Kookie.”


Jungkook watches enraptured when Hobi lays on his stomach and zones out, feeling comfortable enough to pull his shirt off and cross his arms under his head. His back is covered in bumps and ridges, some larger than others, and Jungkook’s always wondered how tense Hoseok must always be to keep them coiled tight like that when they’ve grown so large over the years. He crosses his legs beneath him and props his chin in his hand as each one relaxes, growing, growing so much larger than Jungkook ever thought they’d get when they were kids. Then again, he never really had any comparison for adolescent tentacle growth.


Jungkook’s taken to playing with them, twiddling them between his fingers, smacking them out of the air playfully until they retaliate in kind, letting them wrap around his wrist and squeeze.


Maybe it’s because he’s always been around them, or maybe it’s because it’s Hobi, his Hobi, but he never felt tentacles were weird, or even unattractive. Unfortunately, Jungkook learns sometime in his late teens on one very un-special occasion when Hobi’s watching TV and eating cereal, that there’s something a little different about the way he feels about them when he’s playing with Hobi’s hair, tugging in random intervals trying to annoy him. A tentacle reaches up quickly to wrap around his wrist tightly and squeezes until Jungkook can’t move, and there’s a hitch in his breath that even Hobi hears.


“Shit, sorry. Are you okay?” He asks, mistaking it for a gasp of pain.


“Yeah, I shouldn’t have been messing with you anyway.”


“Nah, it’s okay. Sometimes these things just have a mind of their own.” He smiles sympathetically and turns around, but Jungkook notices the way they begin shrinking back into himself and he flicks the back of Hobi’s head.


“Don’t do that. You know I love those little worms.”


“Not so little anymore.”


“It’s like when you grow up with a dog. They’ll always be your puppy.”


“So I’m a puppy now?”


“Ew, not you, hyung. Just your multiple semi-sentient back-arms.”


Hobi laughs and rolls his eyes, but lets himself relax again.


They’re strange in that they always seem to be moving even when they’re not, just resting gently, almost hanging from his back, and one day when Jungkook is far too high for his own good again in Hobi’s new apartment, trying to sleep on the squishy new bed that no one’s slept in before them, Jungkook realizes what it is as Hobi sleeps facing away from him. They’re… pulsing. Throbbing, if Jungkook wanted to make it a little filthy. It’s like they’re breathing and in his haze he gently reaches one hand out to trail down Hobi’s spine, but one particularly strong tentacle darts out to clench his wrist and pull it to the side.


He gasps, possibly a little afraid of them for the first time in his life, but Hobi sighs in his sleep and Jungkook’s wrist is let go. Hobi rolls to face him, tossing an arm over Jungkook’s waist, and now he’s a little afraid for a different reason.


He never says anything about it, but he doesn’t pretend it’s not there. When he’s looking to cum fast, he knows what kind of videos to look for, which ones are really his favorites. He feels indescribably guilty thinking about his oldest friend as he watches person after person get teased and stuffed full at both ends by tentacles that somehow don’t seem nearly as cute as Hoseok’s, if they could even be called that.


Hoseok has too many parties, small but wild nonetheless, and Jungkook takes his bed like he always does as the sun comes up, stumbling slightly until he can kick his jeans off into the corner, a pile of his dirty clothes giving his little drunken heart a stutter. Hobi nearly clotheslines him into bed, dropping too much of his weight on Jungkook and not even letting them get under the covers.


“ - was a good party, Jungkookie.” He squeezes around Jungkook’s waist in a lazy drunken hug. “‘m glad you always stay the night.”


He’s not sure what it means, but he wants to know.


If he were courageous, he thinks, he would kiss that stupid lazy smirk off Hobi’s face, but as it is, he isn’t courageous and his face is currently smushed into what could be the world’s most comfortable pillow right now, and Hoseok’s already closing his eyes and slipping away.


Too soon, there’s a faint hint of sunlight behind his eyes, but he’s so far dead to the world that Helios himself couldn’t pry his eyes open. He drifts again, and it feels comfortable, like he’s floating, a light tingling sensation all over his back that makes him whimper in his sleep. He burrows a little into the pillow, squeezing his pillow a little more in his hands.


The tickling grows more noticeable, or maybe Jungkook’s just slowly waking up, but it’s traveling up the backs of his legs and he tries to force himself out of the deep ache of sleep he’s in, still pretty drunk and definitely under Hoseok’s arm.


The phantom feeling slips further up though, and Jungkook’s brain begins sounding small alarms for him to hurry along and open his eyes. To do something. He wonders if he’s still sleeping because he can almost imagine it now, one of Hobi’s tentacles sliding up the back his leg then to the inside of his thigh, and it makes him shudder. It’s not until it slips into the leg of his boxers, one of the slender tentacles that he recognizes so well letting its sucker cling to the innermost crux of his thigh that his eyes fly open.


It’s not until the slick weight of it attempts to slide between his cheeks and presses incessantly against his asshole that Jungkook shoots up onto his hands and scrambles to turn around, fully awake now. Hobi follows soon after, sitting up in fear and confusion, still 90% asleep.


“Happened? Wuh happened? You okay?” Hobi reaches a hand out to rub his arm, and Jungkook can’t stop thinking about the phantom weight, the pressure he’d just felt.


“Y-yeah. Just. Feeling nauseous.”


Hobi’s on his feet in a second, shuffling blearily down the hall to the kitchen for a glass of water and pain relievers, and swinging by the bathroom to pick up a small trashcan to set next to Jungkook’s side of the bed. “Shouldn’t have mixed all those shots, dummy.”


“Right. Thanks, hyung,” Jungkook gives a small laugh back, taking the medicine and water slowly before climbing under the covers.


He can’t get it out of his head now. He hates that. He hates that nothing he owns feels quite like the ghost of a memory, especially that small suck against his inner thigh that made his body freeze up.


He watches the tentacles now, slightly wary whenever they land close to his leg, slightly hopeful even, but nothing happens again quite like that.


It’s almost like they wait for him to let his guard down again.


This party feels different, amplified somehow. They’re not even really drinking, but Hobi has his arm slung around Jungkook’s neck all night, almost too close and it feels suffocating and comforting all at once. Maybe it’s Tae’s cute new roommate that he invited getting a little too friendly with Jungkook, or maybe it’s the drink Hobi’s been nursing all night, but Jungkook’s heart soars with it. When Hoseok leans in to talk to him, he imagines it easily enough - just turn his head real quick, lean in, and kiss him.


Of course he doesn’t, he’s not that reckless, but the thought puts a low buzz in his stomach and he wonders momentarily if Hobi can tell when they make eye contact.


He’s not nearly as drunk by the time they head to bed, only slightly tipsy and comfortable in his skin, and when he lays next to Hobi on their sides facing each other, he really thinks he’s gonna do it. He even licks his lips and could swear Hobi traces the movement before looking back up at him, but all he gets is a quick smile and, “Goodnight, Kookie.”


“Uh - yeah. Night, Hobi hyung.” But Hoseok’s already rolled over and facing away from him, and Jungkook’s left to stare slightly annoyed at those goddamn tentacles. Like they’re mocking him. Like he can’t vividly picture one of the thicker bulbous ones stretching his mouth and fucking it. He almost screams in frustration as he rolls onto his back and digs the heels of his palms against his closed eyes.


He wakes up this time on his back in the darkened room with the distinct feeling of something sliding over the calf of his leg. He tenses, his hand resting on stomach, just under the hem of his shirt, and digs his nails in just to make sure he’s awake. He’s 100% certain once it begins moving again, making Jungkook jump at uneven intervals as it uses its tip to suction the inside of his thighs in different spots as it crawls upward and closer to exactly where it was headed last time.


Jungkook feels like his heart is gonna beat out of his chest as it gets closer, so close to the hem of his boxers.


He tries not to laugh when it gets there and can’t get under the hem because of how the fabric is bunched at Jungkook’s legs. It seems to get impatient, the tip flailing slightly as it looks for entry, and Jungkook overrides the overwhelming sense of guilt that comes when he swallows and reaches down to pull the fabric until the legs of his boxers are wide enough that it can slide inside.


He’s shaking he’s so nervous, sparing a glance at Hobi’s back where he seems to be asleep still, but where a few more of his tentacles seem to be actively stirring, gravitating toward Jungkook, and Jungkook can’t help but to flash forward to an image of himself that looks an awful lot like the things he usually gets off too.


He bites his bottom lip, refusing to whimper even as he feels the tentacle almost oozing its own lubricant, sliding easily against his perineum and down until its pushing and breaching his asshole. He clamps a hand over his mouth to hide his gasp.


He’s really letting this happen.


He worries about the moral implications of it, but only for a second because the tentacle slides in further and wiggles , causing Jungkook’s back to arch off the bed slightly. He holds his hand steady over his mouth knowing he’s only going to get louder because it’s only getting better as it gently pulls in and out, and he can recognize that pulsing, that throbbing Hobi’s tentacles always seem to have.


It’s almost like now that one of them has figured out how to fuck Jungkook, a few more come to join, and Jungkook shudders as some thin ones slide up the insides of his thighs. He eyes a particularly thick one with a bulbed end, and he bites down on the meat of his palm, begging in his mind as it hits the mattress between his legs.


The hand on his stomach slides down to push at the top of his boxers, and he lifts one leg until he can get it out, leaving him able to drop his legs wide open.


A second tentacle pushes in alongside the one that’s still working around. They move in alternating speeds, in and out at different times, and it takes a moment to realize when two becomes three, and they’re all writhing inside him. He almost screams the moment there’s a soft suck on his prostate, and his whole body jerks with it.


Hobi’s beginning to stir, but Jungkook shakes his head, holding his hand over his mouth so tight his jaw hurts, because he doesn’t want Hoseok to wake up and see him like this - except maybe he does. Maybe he really wants him to turn around and watch him get rammed by all Hobi’s cute little tentacles, shoving their way into Jungkook’s mouth and ass until he cums all over himself and Hobi tells him how cute he is.


There’s a wetness against the underside of his balls and it slides up his shaft, wrapping around him and squeezing in a pulse pattern that has Jungkook’s stomach flexing so hard it hurts until it makes its way up to the head of Jungkook’s leaking cock. He watches in terrified awe as a thin tentacles pulls apart into even thinner strands and gently dips into the slit, pushing out the precum that sits there.


He can’t stop the hushed, “Oh my god,” that spills over his lips. A moan, broken and stumbled over, breaks the soft noise of the room as the tendril pushes inside and begins stuffing his cock. He feels a kind of full he’s never even thought about before, and it moves so slow it feels like fucking torture, but he can’t stop digging his nails into the sheets. “Oh - god -”


The tentacles in his ass slip out except for the one still working his prostate, and with the sounding, he’s absolutely leaking all over himself, and he vaguely wonders how he’ll ever explain this mess when Hobi wakes up. He can feel the tentacles that just pulled out sliding around his rim, oozing and leaking their own lubricant, and he’s confused momentarily when they slip back in and being pushing against the rim like they’re opening him up.


He’s less confused when the tentacle lying on the bed between his legs darts up the bed unnaturally fast and pushes inside him at once, causing both of his hand to dig into the mattress as he cries out. He feels so wet, so fucking disgusting as they pulse and throb and Jungkook can feel it working itself deeper. “Hyung!”


He hates himself in less than a second as the tentacles freeze. The one in his cock slowly pulls out, and the ones between his legs slither away, but not in time for Hobi not to realize what was happening when he rolls over, suddenly awake and panicked.


“Oh my god. Oh my god, Jungkook are you okay? Hey, Kookie, I’m so sorry, oh my fucking god, I’m sorry -”


He doesn’t know when he started crying but Hobi’s wiping tear tracks off his cheeks and very pointedly not looking anywhere else. “No - hyung, please -”


“I’m so sorry, are you okay?”


“Please, hyung, I’m so close please, I won’t ask for it again but please let me have it just one time, I want it so bad, hyung,” Jungkook can’t help the sob that comes out again.


“You - what? I thought - I thought they were… Did you want that? Were they hurting you? Was I - was I hurting you, Kook?”


“No, they wouldn’t, you wouldn’t. I’m sorry, they just started and I let them, I should’ve woken you up, I just wanted so bad, hyung.”


“Hey, hey, it’s okay. Shh.” Hobi brushes his bangs off his head as he looks him over finally. Jungkook doesn’t miss the way Hobi licks his lips, trailing his eyes down Jungkook’s chest to where his cock sits, slowly softening against his pelvis, soaked in precum and lube. Hobi inhales sharply and reaches a hand out. “Is this okay?”


Jungkook nods quickly. “Please…”


Hobi dips his fingertips into the mess and brings a trail of slime with him when he pulls his hand back. He scrunches his nose but looks down at Jungkook. “You liked this?” It’s not mocking, it’s just a question, but it has Jungkook blushing deep pink as he nods again.


Jungkook inhales when Hobi nods and a moment later he can see the tentacles growing from behind Hoseok, sliding under his arm and coming back to rest against Jungkook’s thigh. They don’t go any further just yet, just pulsing against Jungkook’s skin and he shivers in anticipation before Hobi speaks again, but much softer this time.


He rubs his eye with the heel of his hand then drags his fingers through his hair. “I didn’t exactly wanna do it this way.”


“...What?” Jungkook blinks.


“I - I like you a lot Kookie. I think my body knew that and it sort of… did this without asking either of us. I didn’t want that.”


“You - what? You can’t like me. I like you , that’s how it’s always been.”


It’s Hobi’s turn to blink at Jungkook. “What?”


“I like you a lot hyung. I’ve thought about this… a lot. So many times. It’s why - they tried before once when I was sleeping, and it surprised me but - but I didn’t hate it. I really wanted it, and I know I should’ve told you, or asked you, or woken you up and stopped it, and I’m so sorry I didn’t -”


“Jungkook, stop apologizing. I feel like we both got things a little wrong.”


“I’m sorry, hyung.”


“What did I just say?”


Jungkook bites back the sorry that sits on the tip of his tongue. “Can I…”


“Can you what?” Hobi asks, but there’s a familiar smile on his lips that he always has when he plays with Jungkook, and there’s movement between Jungkook’s legs.


“Can I kiss you?” He mutters, blushing harder than he was before. It surprises Hobi for a second, but he nods and licks his lips before leaning down slowly. All things considered, it’s sweet and overwhelmingly soft the way Hoseok kisses him, and maybe Jungkook shouldn’t be freshly tentacle-fucked and fully naked save for one leg still in his boxers, but the kiss itself entirely makes up for it. Hobi’s hand is on his cheek when his mouth parts and lets Hobi’s tongue in. They work their jaws slowly, in no rush in the early morning light, still just a dark grey shadow over the room where they lay.


They don’t stop until Jungkook feels the familiar slide of suckers over his upper thigh and his breath hitches.


“Are you sure you want this?”


“So sure, you don’t even know…” Jungkook blushes. “I thought about it a lot, hyung.”


“Just thought about it?”


Jungkook doesn’t mistake the tentacle that softly thuds between his legs. He knows its shape and where it’s headed to again. “No,” he manages to whisper. “Watched - watched videos. Jerked off thinking about - about you. Ah -” His hand grips Hobi’s shirt when two slender tentacles repeat the process of slicking him up and pulling him apart.


“Did you know I can feel this? I thought I was dreaming because of how much I was thinking about you earlier tonight. I can always feel when you just let them play with you, but this feels so much better.”


“You can feel them?” That’s actually something Jungkook had never thought about before but of course it makes sense. “Does it hurt, hyung? When you have to hide them?”


Hobi’s quiet for a moment before smiling at Jungkook. “You would worry about that, wouldn’t you?” Jungkook’s rewarded with another slow kiss, and Hobi even swallows down the moan as the thickest tentacle pushes back inside him, so far, stretching him so painfully good. “I don’t wanna hurt you, Kookie.”


Jungkook tries to vocalize that he’s actually more than okay with it, but the tentacle inside of him has taken to moving, pulsing, writhing and Jungkook can see it shifting just beneath his stomach, and he closes his eyes to whine.


“Shh, everyone else is asleep, baby. Can I call you baby?”


“Fuck - hyung -” He tries so hard to be quiet, always with his incessant need to be good for Hoseok, but it doesn’t help when the tentacle inside him pulls out with a squelch, definitely ruining the sheets beneath him, and slides back in with a second thinner tentacle, one of the ones with suction on the tip. It almost immediately finds his prostate and begins sucking.


Jungkook feels so loud, like he’s sobbing, his whole body shaking but he refuses to cum, he doesn’t want it to end yet. He flexes his fingers in Hobi’s shirt, almost dragging him down.


“God, you look so pretty Kookie. I always thought you’d look cute just like this. Maybe a little more…”


Jungkook opens his eyes, mildly shocked when another smaller bulb tipped tentacle comes across Hoseok’s shoulder and presses against Jungkook’s lips.


“Did you - Is this okay?”


Jungkook nods and opens his mouth a little more, letting the tip of his tongue slowly peek out as he blushes. He immediately scrunches his nose and lets his tongue tap the top of his mouth a few times. “Tastes -” He tries to swallow a laugh.


“Tastes like what?”


“It - it’s kinda salty. Reminds me of calamari…”


Hobi glares at him for a moment but Jungkook just smiles wider and laughs when Hobi darts down again to kiss him in faux annoyance. “Do you want it or not?” He punctuates his statement with the thickest tentacle pumping inside Jungkook.


It’s hard to say yes, the smile replaced by an open gasping mouth, but he nods. The tip is wide enough to pull his mouth a little further than comfortable but it tapers down once it’s inside, and Jungkook loves the feeling of being so full , just like he always wanted, and he manages to catch the look on Hobi’s face before his eyes slip closed. It’s overwhelming. It’s more than he ever dreamed he’d get, with the way Hobi’s watching every movement and clenching his jaw.


“You’re so beautiful, Kookie.”


Jungkook whines, feeling like a ragdoll with the way he’s being fucked. He’s so close, and he’s worried Hobi’s voice will send him over the edge.


“Is it bad that I thought about you like this?”


Jungkook wants to tell him no, he’d thought the same thing so many times. Jerked off more than he can remember to the thought of this exact thing.


“I knew you’d look so good, be so -” Hoseok gasps when Jungkook swallows around the tip in his mouth, and it’s a little saltier than he’d like but he could learn to love it if it gets a reaction like that again. “Can I touch you, is that okay?”


He whines so loud he surprises himself, tugging at Hoseok’s shirt in answer.


Hobi barely has his fingers wrapped around Jungkook’s cock before his back’s arching off the bed and he fucks up into Hobi’s hand, cumming all over his own stomach. He can feel Hobi’s hand slide far too easily, covered in cum and… slime, slick, whatever they wanted to call it, but it makes Hobi’s hand pump him faster, wringing every last drop out of him until his thighs are shaking.


The tentacle in his mouth is the first to stop, pulling out with a little struggle, and Jungkook can’t wait for his jaw to ache in the morning. He doesn’t miss the way Hobi drags his hand down Jungkook’s chest to get rid of the excess cum on his hand.


“You okay?”


Jungkook nods, entirely boneless otherwise. He lets out a low moan when the tip of Hobi’s finger pokes Jungkook’s lower stomach where Hobi’s tentacle pokes back.


“That’s so cool…” Hobi says, mostly to himself before realizing Jungkook’s watching him intently and blushing. “You okay?”


“You already asked that.”


“Oh yeah, sorry. Just - I wanted to make sure. I’m gonna…” Hobi waves between Jungkook’s legs as the thick tentacle begins to pull out.


“What about - ah - what about you, hyung? I wanna make you feel good, too.”


Hobi smiles and props his head up on his hand as he looks down at Jungkook. “I feel like it’d be a little much considering everything we’ve already done. I sort of wanted to take you on a date first.”


“Like you said, considering what we already just did, we might as well finish it up and then do the date later right?”


“You wanna go on a date with me?”


“I wanna do a lot of stuff with you.”


“Aww, Kookie, you’re so cute.”

“Stop,” but Jungkook can’t hide the embarrassed blush on his face.


Hoseok does, instead choosing to lean down again and kiss him, slower and longer and so determined. His hand rests on the side of Jungkook’s jaw, and Jungkook brings up his other hand to rest on Hobi’s shoulder, and Jungkook wants this, just this for pretty much ever. Hoseok gasps against his mouth as Jungkook’s hand trails down to push at the band of Hobi’s boxer briefs and slip inside until he can wrap his fingers around Hobi’s leaking cock.


They try really hard not to break the kiss while Hobi struggles out of his underwear, but it ends up with Hobi kicking his legs out in frustration while Jungkook laughs against his mouth.


“You’re so eager. I didn’t even know you liked me, hyung.”


“I did. I do. Can I fuck you? Like, just me. Not all the extra arms. Just… regular me.”


Jungkook’s not sure that 4am the night after a party and being covered in tentacle juice and cum is the right time to say he loves Hoseok, all of him, not just the tentacles or despite them or because of them, but just… Hobi. He does love him, he pretty much has since he was a teen, but no, it’s not the right time. So he nods, gut already in knots again as Hobi’s fingertips tap a path across his stomach and down to his hip.


Jungkook watches in a daze as his tentacles slowly begin retracting. “You don’t have to do that, hyung. I don’t want you to hurt.”


“No offense, but you got to live out your big romantic fantasy, let me live mine. It doesn’t exactly involve big dumb squid arms, okay?”


“Firstly, this wasn’t exactly my romantic fantasy hyung. Secondly, I don’t ever want you to feel like you have to hide part of you.”


Hobi searches his face, fond as ever, before gently saying. “Maybe next time. Just stop being stubborn and let me have this one, Kookie.”


Jungkook nods because yes, of course, if this is something Hoseok wants, he’ll absolutely let him have it. He’ll sit there in awe as Hobi, whose body he’s seen a hundred times, sits back on his knees and runs his hands up the insides of Jungkook’s thighs. He’ll look at what they might have been in another universe where Hoseok was just a normal guy with kinda broad shoulders and an unfortunately toned chest and a look Jungkook never thought he’d see directed to him.


Hobi grimaces slightly, even as he smiles, and dips two fingers inside Jungkook. “Slimy.”


“St-stop,” Jungkook blushes.


“You want me to stop already?”


“No, just - don’t call my asshole slimy , hyung. It’s not sexy.”


“What about this? Is this sexy?” Hobi smiles as two fingers find his already overworked prostate and Jungkook gasps, trying to pull away from the feeling and chase it at the same time.


“Fuck - fuck, hyung, please -”


It’s all the spurring Hoseok needs, pulling his fingers out and rubbing some of his own lubricant over his shaft, and Jungkook can’t help but lick his lips watching Hobi jerk himself off slowly while he shuffles forward to line-up.


“Still okay?”


“Way more than okay. Please…”


Hoseok nods and pushes in slowly, closing his eyes for a moment as he exhales. Jungkook’s well stretched enough but Hobi still slightly pushes against his rim, and Jungkook tries not to hum in contentment as Hobi waits to adjust. He looks so gorgeous on top, arms flexing with holding himself up and eyes clenched shut.


“Feels so good, hyung. Please move?”


Hobi nods again and drops down to his forearms just barely above Jungkook and opens his eyes as he draws his hips back and pushes back in, watching intently as Jungkook’s mouth falls open with a whine.


Jungkook’s hands find their way to Hoseok, one buried in the back of his hair, the other trailing along his spine, sitting in the middle of where his tentacles would come through if Hobi would just let them. But this is what Hoseok wants for now, he said this is what he thought about with Jungkook, and that alone makes Jungkook’s stomach flip with desire even more.


“Thought about you like this too, hyung. Thought - thought about doing everything with you. Just wanted it to be you. Extra arms or not,” he breaks a gasp with a giggle as he taps some of the bumps on Hobi’s back.


Turns out Hoseok’s a little sensitive, bucking forward when Jungkook touches them and sliding him up the mattress a little every time Jungkook massages them a little. He takes full advantage of it, and a few seconds later, Jungkook’s getting too loud again when Hobi sets up a frantic pace. Hobi doesn’t even bother to quiet him this time, almost seeming to push him louder, hooking one arm under Jungkook’s knee and stretching him, using it to hit his prostate again and again, and even after cumming so hard earlier, Jungkook can feel it building all over again.


“You’re so pretty, Kook. So beautiful, baby.”


“Hyung,” he whines. It’s a lot to take in when just a few hours ago his crush was unrequited. He pulls Hobi down for a kiss, desperate and breathless. It messes up the rhythm, but he doesn’t care because Hobi’s lips are so soft even as chapped as they are, slow despite how frantic he was just a moment ago.


“Can I cum in you?”


“God, please, I want it.”


Hobi sits back a little again, and Jungkook hates to let him go, but Hobi’s pushing Jungkook’s legs to his chest and fucking him so hard he has to grab the pillow behind him like an anchor.


“H-hyung - Hobi -”


Hobi lets out a keening groan, one that breaks in back of his throat, when his hips stutter and Jungkook can feel it, so different from what the tentacle made him feel like. Neither is bad, both part of Hoseok so they could never be bad , but Hobi’s cum is warm inside him and Jungkook feels a little more complete this way.


He’s sighing, petting the back of Hoseok’s hair as he rides his orgasm out, when he’s surprised with Hobi’s hand around his cock as it starts wringing a second orgasm out of him.


“Can you cum again for me? I wanna see it one more time, Kookie, come on.” His hand moves impossibly fast while he sucks along the column of Jungkook’s neck, and Jungkook can feel Hobi’s muscles shift and tense where his nails are digging into his arms. Come on baby whispered against his pulse has him tensing up and gasping, coating Hobi’s hand in a weak second wave of cum.


He shuffles away once he hits the point of oversensitivity, and Hobi smiles down at him again, albeit much more shy now that he’s searching for something to clean his hand off with.




“Hm?” He’s distracted as he stretches off the bed to grab a t-shirt.


“You can, y’know.” Jungkook wiggles his arms once Hobi turns to him to wipe his stomach down. He smiles when it draws a laugh from him, and he smiles a little differently when Hoseok falls on his side next to Jungkook and throws an arm over his waist. It takes a moment of comfortable silence before Jungkook can see the tentacles uncoil, resting, breathing gently against Hobi’s naked thigh.


He lets Jungkook pull the blanket over them both before tightening his grip and pressing Jungkook even closer to him.


It’s quiet again, just the low hum of the air conditioning, and Jungkook’s heart thumps triple time between Hobi’s calm breathing against his shoulder. He starts to think Hobi’s asleep until he’s caught off-guard with a quiet, “So.”




“Don’t hm.”


Jungkook yelps when Hobi pinches his side.


“Hopefully now you can tell that I kinda like you.”




Hobi buries his teeth playfully in the meat of Jungkook’s shoulder.


“Ah! Stop, I get it, I like you too. Obviously.”


“Obviously. I’m sorry I did this all backwards.”


“No, we did this all backwards. Wasn’t bad though, right?”


“Oh god no, it was fucking fantastic. For me, at least. You?”


He nods, relishing the way Hobi lays so close to Jungkook his eyelashes brush against the skin of Jungkook’s arm. “Really, really fantastic.”


“Big ol’ romantic.”


Jungkook can feel his cheeks heat up in the cold of the room. “Everyone heard us.”


“Who’s us ?” Hobi scrunches his eyes shut and puts on his best hentai protagonist voice, “ Hyung !”


Jungkook turns to him and punches him lightly in the chest, getting a quick kiss in retaliation. He returns the attack in kind until Hobi’s half on top of him again and Jungkook is mentally working out if he can go again or not. Hoseok saves him though, patting him on the outside of the hip and giving him one last kiss before pulling away.


“Sleep. Build up your strength for the absolute mocking you’re gonna get tomorrow from everyone.”


Jungkook groans, running a hand over his face. “I hate our friends.”


He jumps slightly when the pattern being drawn into his stomach is mimicked on his leg only in a much colder, slightly less controlled way. Hoseok really is drifting now, fingers and tentacle both lazy and just craving touch. He tries to stay awake as long as possible, he wants to catalog every hitch in Hoseok’s breath and how it feels just to lay next to him, ridiculously in love and totally sated, body sore and relaxed at the same time.


He has no reason to think Hoseok won’t feel the same in the morning, but all the same he hates to close his eyes on it, but it turns out waking up to it is almost twice as good.

The cries of mock disgust and raunchy teasing that echo through the apartment can’t wipe the smile from Jungkook’s face as he carries the quiet good morning that Hoseok had whispered just for him.