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Midoriya stifles a yawn as he boards the express train into Tokyo.


It’s rush hour and there’s hardly a free spot left in the car for him to wedge himself in through, but it can’t be helped. The local trains would be less crowded, but if he’s to make it to his internship on time he has to take the faster options, even if it means being jam-packed into the car like sardines in a tin.


He finds himself pressed against the glass of the door, it being the only free space left after the pushers helped shoved on the remaining passengers. Well, it’s only a few stops away. Some of the other students have much longer commutes to their internships.


Just as he’s settling in to zone out and try to ignore all the different smells and bodies pressing up against him, Midoriya hears a familiar voice.


“Midoriya? Hey!”


Kirishima shimmies over from a few people away, squeezing past several put-out looking salarymen, his hair and smile bright as ever. He stops once he’s directly behind Midoriya so he can speak more quietly and not disturb the other passengers.


“Kirishima!” Midoriya says in a soft voice, “I didn’t know you took this train?”


“Fatgum’s having me meet him in the city for a special mission… I’m not supposed to say anything more about it, but I’ll be going into Tokyo after class the rest of the week.”


“Oh, really? We can take the train together then!” Midoriya says excitedly, then blushes when he realizes that they are, in fact, already taking the train together. Kirishima chuckles lightly.


“Yeah, we sure can. Is it always this busy when you go?”


Midoriya shrugs his shoulders as if to say ‘what can you do’ . “It’s rush hour.”


“Ah, yeah.”


They both take out their phones then, falling into comfortable silence as they text and scroll through their social media accounts. The gentle hum of the train flying over the tracks lulls Midoriya into a rare state of thoughtlessness. He stares into the glass door, looking at his reflection, eyes flicking up and over his shoulder to look at Kirishima. His brows are furrowed, sharp teeth digging into his lower lip cutely as he types something into his phone with both hands. Red eyes meet Midoriya’s green ones and having been caught, he smiles shyly.


Then the train jostles. Kirishima falls forward, catching himself against the glass door with one hand, entire body pressed flush with Midoriya’s back. It’s awkward, but Midoriya chooses not to comment on it. It’s not like anyone would choose to be in this situation if they had a choice; it’s just a necessary part of commuting via train. Better to be pressed up against a friend than a stranger, right?


Neither one says anything, and soon they’re both back to zoning out, paying no mind to the other passengers nearby. Kirishima is back to scrolling through his phone, and after another strong lurch as the train passes over bumpy track, Kirishima is practically pushing against Midoriya.


And there’s something hard slotted in the cleft of Midoriya’s ass.


Hard. And long. And with every minute bump in the train car, it rubs between his cheeks.


Midoriya feels sweat begin to bead at his temple. It’s warm in the train, the combination of dozens of different people’s body odor and heat all morphing into one mixture and the swaying of the train is dizzying. Midoriya leans his head against the glass, inhaling deeply through his mouth to try to clear his head.


It’s just Kirishima’s phone inside his front pocket, Midoriya tells himself, but when he glances at the reflection in the glass and sees Kirishima’s phone in his hand, his face burns. It’s not his phone. That means it has to be…


The train makes a hard turn and suddenly Kirishima is falling forward again, hands on either side of Midoriya’s face and Kirishima’s mouth brushing against his ear. His breath fans out hot against his neck and sweat drips down Midoriya’s face. Watching their reflection in the glass of the door, he sees as Kirishima opens his mouth and his sharp teeth graze Midoriya’s earlobe.


“Sorry,” Kirishima mumbles, cheeks pink. He gives an awkward laugh and a shiver runs down Midoriya’s back as Kirishima’s gaze drags down the length of Midoriya’s body.


Does he have any idea what he’s doing? Midoriya wonders. Kirishima doesn’t move his face or his body any more, still pressed completely against the other, lips ghosting lightly along the back of his neck, along the sensitive skin behind his ear. Mortified, he realizes he’s hard, too, and if he leans back into Kirishima’s chest just a fraction, Kirishima would be able to see his erection pressed against the glass.


He’s not that brave, though. He’s not even entirely sure Kirishima is aware of what’s happening. But then the train lurches again and his cock rocks against the crook of Midoriya’s ass and Kirishima gasps.


“Bumpy ride, huh?” He says, breathless, the pink of his cheeks darker now. Midoriya turns his head to peek up at Kirishima, and he’s so close, if he just reached up on his tippy-toes he could press his mouth against those soft -


Wait, where are these thoughts coming from? Blushing scarlet, Midoriya jerks his head forward and nods shakily. “Really bumpy.” He agrees, not trusting himself to say more.


One of Kirishima’s hand snakes down to grip Midoriya’s hip after the train turns again, and Midoriya can almost convince himself he did it only to keep his balance if it weren’t for the fact that Kirishima certainly, definitely , just moaned right in Midoriya’s ear. And now his hips are grinding against his backside in a rhythm that doesn’t match the movements of the train at all, he’s humping against Midoriya’s ass faster and harder, and Midoriya should be embarrassed, should feel violated.


But Kirishima is cute. He’s kind, he’s heroic, and Midoriya finds he doesn’t mind one bit. He can’t think straight, his mind a jumble of conflicting feelings and thoughts, but with one concern overriding all the others: his cock, throbbing and aching in his pants and pressing deliciously against the door of the train car, too hard but not enough all at once. All he has the presence of mind to do is try to keep the noise down, the little gasps and squeaks that sneak out instead of the full-blown moans he wants to let out.


Kirishima is heavy and hot against his back, his face red with shame, the both of them hyper aware of all the other passengers on the train, how close they all are to them. A single look their way could mean discovery - and they’ve both had their pictures in the paper, getting caught dry humping on the train is absolutely not an option.


And yet, neither of them move to stop this.


In fact, Midoriya thinks the public setting is what’s making this so fucking hot. He reaches a hand down to palm at his cock but someone else is already there, taking his dick in their hand. Midoriya glances up in the glass, meeting Kirishima’s eyes.


“This train ride is wild, yeah? How are you feeling, Midoriya?”


And as Kirishima’s large hand carefully, slowly strokes and squeezes and palms at his cock through the rough materials of his slacks, Midoriya realizes this is his way of asking for his consent.


Midoriya nods, legs trembling from arousal. “It’’s an exciting commute, today.”


Kirishima smiles broadly, laughing into Midoriya’s hair, teeth grazing his ear and closing around to suckle on his earlobe.


He clamps a hand over his mouth then as Kirishima works his cock over faster, the combination of the hot, sharp teeth digging into his ear, breath moist and warm puffing against the side of his face, and the foreign feeling of someone else - not just someone else, but his friend - touching him, shoving him over the edge towards his release. The front of Midoriya’s underwear splatters hot and sticky with cum, his eyes squeezing shut as he rides out his orgasm, reveling in the shameless way Kirishima pants in his ear, fucks himself against Midoriya’s rear. One more strong jolt from the train and Kirishima is groaning low and deep against the back of his neck, grip on Midoriya’s hip bruising, his whole body shuddering and trembling.


The haze from lust now having dissipated, Midoriya opens his eyes and glances around nervously, eyes flickering over each passenger nearby to see if any of them noticed what just took place mere feet away. But no one looks their way, and the next thing Midoriya knows it’s his stop. He excuses himself and squeezes through, stepping out onto the platform and into a rush of fresh, cool air.


Kirishima is next to him, and he smiles bashfully, bringing a hand to rub at the back of his neck. “Sorry about that.” He says, looking down, and Midoriya waves his hands in front of himself reassuringly.


“No, no, it’s - it’s alright, Kirishima-kun.”


The awkward silence between them stretches, commuters bustling around them in a rush to get home. The cum in Midoriya’s pants is cooling and it’s starting to get uncomfortable, and he spots the public toilets further down the platform.


“I’m going to, ah -” He motions down towards the bathrooms and Kirishima follows his gesture.


“Oh! Uh, let me help you!”


Midoriya’s sure he can’t be any redder. “H-help?”


But Kirishima looks pretty embarrassed himself. “Yeah, we can clean each other up. If… that’s ok with you.”


Midoriya blinks at him, jittery elation replacing the embarrassment from a moment before. He nods, and the pair of them start to make their way towards the toilets.


“You know, Kirishima, maybe we should commute together more often.”