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The Merchant of Death

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Hey guys it’s Des!

This will concern future plans for this fic and I would like your input. If you don’t care, then that’s cool just skip right past this to the new chapter~

I hope you all enjoy the newest chapter and as usual I am sorry for the stupid long gaps, but that is part of why I am making this author’s note. One of the largest reasons for the delays in updates with any of my works is just a super busy life, but you guys don’t care about that so let’s address the second reason for such a random update schedule.

I started this out with a few clear ideas of what I wanted to write, but once I finished those I was left with the inevitable question of any writer, what now? I think I have been doing okay so far with newer ideas, both of my own and also as suggestions from you guys which are fantastic, but I am coming to where I am starting to think of a larger outlook for this.

As I stated in earlier chapters these were all separate stories unless I specified they were connected. I also mentioned before that I was thinking of turning one of the shorts into the beginning of a chapter fic so here is the deal.

As I am now I am maintaining three active stories and honestly I am surprised that I am even managing that without completely dropping one or pushing it to the back burner like I did with Stranger Universe and Journey so at this time starting another long term chapter fic for this idea just isn’t plausible for me because I know myself and something would have to be sacrificed and I don’t want to do that so instead I am proposing another idea.

As I have been writing these shorts right now none of them interfere with each other’s timelines that I can tell, other than the one with T’Challa which I will address should this be how we go forward, and as a result I am thinking of just declaring these all take place in the same timeline of the same universe and progressing them in a semi chronological order.

What does this mean?

This means that I would treat this as a series of shorts or chapters in one big story in which all of these meetings have happened and as a result Tony knows all of these people and I will start merging these different character’s roles in this story into a big story timeline where they all start converging into a single cohesive plot. That is why this new chapter has him talking to Fury and referencing past meetings like Steve’s and Peter’s, because Shield is going to serve as my catalyst for this timeline’s convergence moving forward and this is somewhat a sample of how I would start tying all these little one shots into a single universe.

I have tried something similar with my story One of the Team and found that a series of connected shorts is a nice way of keeping the story timeline loose enough to play with, but also allow for a more understandable story progression, character development as well as overall flow of content and ideas to world build a universe. Think of it like a TV show where there is a storyline, but each episode is a different story that all play into the complete story progression.

So basically, this would be like a chapter fic but still maintain that each chapter is it’s own story within the bigger story timeline.

So what do you guys think? Is this something you would like? Should I just continue as I am with little one offs and leave them all on their own little timelines? Let me know your opinions on this after all this is for you guys first and foremost!

Thank you so much for all your support so far and going forward!

Now go on and enjoy the new chapter!