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Give and Take

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barrelling down the street with a full back-pack and a smile Peter ran to the train. Quick mumbled sorry's were all undermined by the excited vibrations that were coming from the teen. His jumpiness increased each second he had to wait to cross the street. The broken suit was in his backpack along with his schoolwork, which was currently two-thirds of his possessions. As the sign turned to WALK Peter placed a foot on the pavement and returned to his scurrying.

When finally making it to the bus stop Peter realized he didn't have any fair or his pass with him. He waited till the train started to pull away and made a dive for the ladder. It wasn't hard to stick to the base of the train because his shows were so worn down and he easily made it to the front, because who sits at the back of the train. it was getting dark and the sunset that was painted over the city was beautifully complimenting the reflectiveness of the buildings. Peter wished he had his camera with him. 

The steady rumbled of the tracks was suddenly interrupted by the grumbling of his own stomach he hoped there was food when he arrived at the tower. Mister Stark never questioned when he activated his garbage disposal mode. The thought of his mentor ricocheted the teen pack into his mind. He just realized that he didn't know if Mister Stark was at the tower. Tony Stark was an important man he was probably designing nuke stopping technology, arguing with the president or hanging out with his wife to be. Peter was still amazed by the man every time he saw him. He had managed to tone it down a bit though. It wasn't outright hero worship anymore just an intern and his mentor, a Jedi and his Padawan. That's what he hoped it was anyways. Unless Mister Stark saw him as a bother. Just another person who he dealt with in a day. 

Your a burden. You take advantage of him

The sudden stop of the train pulled the teen out of the dark hole he was destined to fall down. Avoiding the eyes of onlooker (no easy task in New York) he slid down the side of the train....Only getting stuck once by his stickiness. He didn't really like to call them what they were: setules. Not as fun to say in his head, but he was working on making a pun out of it. 

Realizing that the train only took his to Midtown he broke back into a run when he broke free from the crowd. He was only slightly out of breath when he started to see the outline of the tower. The giant "A" gave him his second wind and he picked up his pace bring him directly under the tower in a matter of minutes. When in front of the glass door he saw his reflection as a sweaty mess. the humidity of his own body was causing his hair to curl. He had run out of product so it was fluffier now. Happy said he looked like a punk. Peter jeans were still in good shape, the blue sweatshirt was good, and shoes.....were intact. He had nothing on him to give himself away. 

Incompetance to take care of himself. 

 Pushing through the glass door he began to walk past the front desk. 

"Excuse me, young man." He turned to face a security guard who had a mustache rivaling Friedrich nietze.  

"There are no school tours today, and last time I checked no science labs with this level of demerit hire amateurs." 

Peter began to stutter stepping slightly away from the man who at 6 feet towered over his sad 5"4. 

"I-I-I'm here to see Mister Stark." an unimpressed eyebrow was raised. 

"O really and does he know your coming?" 

"Uh, well n-" 

"No then! how about I give him a quick call and we see if he is waiting for some teenager." A smirk grew on his face as we marched behind the marble desk and reached for the phone. 

"What was your name again young man?" 

"P-Peter. Sir this isn't really-" The man held up a finger as he dialed and relaxed into his chair. 

"Hello, Mister Stark sorry to bother you but there seems to be a teenager saying that he needs to see you" Looking coy he raised his eyebrows at Peter ready to chew him out. Thanks to his advanced hearing Peter was able to pick up the other half of the conversation. 

"Is he wearing a shirt with some science joke on it?" A slightly amused voice answered. The response was seemingly not was Mr.Mustahce was expecting. 

"No sir." 

"Is it Peter?" This revelation only seemed to send Mr.Mustache. Peter was only slightly, slightly! humored. 

"Yes, sir-" 

"Well then let him up! Please don't contact the head of the company everytime someone walks in the door Jarold. Its bad form lets keep this professional okay? Good!" 

The line went dead."Jarold" slowly placed the phone down and returned his gaze to the kid. 

"I guess you can go up then." Peter was already in the elevator before he finished his sentence. 

The elevator gave Peter the privacy to take a breath. Who was that guy? The desk was usually only occupied by a secretary, but he was also accompanied by Mister Stark everytime he had come here. 

"Hello Peter, Mister Stark was requested that you join him in the lab."  A calm feminine voice entered from the ceiling causing a smile to come to the teenagers face. 

"Thanks, Friday. How's your day going?" He raised his eyes to the ceiling hoping he was making contact somewhere. 

"very well thanks for asking. Should I ask Sir to prepare some food it would seem your blood sugar is below average." There it was. 

Friday had been getting on his case lately. Silently scanning him. While he appreciated her concern he didn't want her to tell Mister Stark that he wasn't able to care for himself.  

"No thanks, Friday." 

"Very well Master Parker." Yeah, he kinda didn't trust Friday.

How could he Mister Stark probably had thousands of protocols on him, so he hacked into her mainframe and secretly put himself as one of her Alpha users. She couldn't tell on him, but she liked to voice her disapproval whenever she could. 

"Remind he to adjust your sarcasim levels later.Kay Fri?" That was his final note as he stepped out of the elevator into what he described as heaven. 

Stark labs.