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Ososan Drabbles

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Ichimatsu was good at sneaking. Yet you could always hear him just fine.
Foot steps carefully placed to barely make a sound. The feel of the slight shift in air as he moved around your home. The ever so quiet crickle of fabric whispering. The softest of rumbles as he spoke his feelings, too afraid to speak them out any further yet they were gurgling over too much for him to contain.

You didn't understand why he felt like he needed to be quiet, for to you, he was loud and clear. A blush coloured your cheeks when you heard those three little words that meant a whole lot more than they appear. He never had said them to you upfront. He only ever uttered them like this, when he thought you couldn’t hear him. Thinking you didn’t know he was there. No, he prefered to show you his feelings instead. But it was so nice to hear, tumbling from his breath.
It had such mixture of emotion too. It oozed with awe, had a flavour of loneliness, dripped with need, a little more than a twinge of fear, all mixed in a bundle of poisonous hope. It both was aching and breathtaking.

You pretended not to hear him. You waited for him to announce his presence on his own time. You continued to run your fingers over the book, but you weren’t paying attention to what the story was about anymore. He was still for a while. Just his breathing could be heard. Probably was staring at you.
Not for the first time you wondered how his eyes looked when he was like this. Just thinking about it made you want to cradle him to your chest and instead run your fingers through his hair, memorizing the soft texture as you said your feelings loud enough for the both of you. But you had to wait until he came to you.
You let out a yawn, your grip on the book became lax enough that gravity decided it wanted a turn to read. With the loud thump you flinched mid yawn, causing you to squeal slightly.
This was enough for him to announce his presence by letting out a gravely chuckle. Turning towards the sound you finally acknowledged him with a slight huff.
“Sorry, kitten.” His steps towards you were quiet but each one pounded to match your speeding heart, “don’t pout, it teases me too much.” He was right there, right within reach yet so far away. You had to touch him. You needed to feel him. It was agonizing how he refused to get any closer.
Reaching, coming into contact with the side of his hoodie you grasped with one hand and slowly brought your other up. Careful not to accidentally hit him in the face. Your goal reached, you ran your thumb on his neck and gently pulled with your other hand guiding him towards you. Complying, he bent over, his scent reaching your nose. Excitement coursing through you as you heard his tongue wetting his lips. You whispered his name in a desperate plea, it was all that took for him to let loose.
You heard him clearly as he kissed you.
He loved you.

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“A shower? Together?” he’d been lounging in your living area when you posed the question. You felt gross after cleaning your home and wanted a shower badly but the day was nearly over and you hadn’t really been spending much time with your boyfriend.

He whined a bit when he showed up unannounced and you told him you had to get some cleaning done but despite his pouting he patiently waited for you to get done.

Leaning on the door frame to the bathroom, head poking out, you waited. Now he was staring at you, frozen. “Yes, Oso. Do you want to join me in the shower?”

Instead of a verbal answer he shot up from his place and was immediately removing his clothes, scrabbling even. You giggled when you saw him trip once or twice as he fumbled to get his pants off, too eager to make it sexy. He had nothing on but his grin by the time he was in the bathroom with you, already making grabby hands.

“Whoa whoa whoa! Tiger, slow down. I wanna get clean, not dirty.” slightly pushing him away you had a grin to match.

It didn’t deter him in the slightest. “But you gotta get dirty before you get clean, babe.”

“Pffft, not gonna happen right now.” He pulled you to press his body against yours, planting sloppy, needy kisses on your neck. “Ew! Oso I’m all sweaty!” You moved your head to stop his menstrations. His only response was a grunt that sounded like ‘so?’

“Come on, I’m serious. I feel really gross. I wanna get clean!.” Turning in his arms, you step into the shower, breaking from him.

He was in soon after you. Although, he placed his hands on your hips, he kept his distance. Just enough so he could take in the sight of you, water flowing over your body. Droplets here and there, streams making their way down. He bite his lip with a groan. Straining not to follow some water trails with his mouth.

As he was mesmerized by the water on your body. You had grabbed the shampoo and was already washing your hair. You were actually impressed by his restraint, although you knew it was only a matter of time before he’d give in. When you suggested this you hadn’t meant for this to be a tease, you really only had the intention of getting clean while spending some time with him.

Whoopsies. Didn’t think this through.

Turning from him again, you washed out the shampoo. Once you were done, a pair of arms wrapped around your torso, pulling you away from the water slightly, so he could rest his chin on your shoulder. His breathing heavy. “Clean yet?” You shook your head and he buried his face into your neck. “Dammit.”

“Why don’t you help me?” Taking the liquid soap, you squeezed some in your palm and told him to do the same. Taking his hand you placed it on your chest and put yours on his and started to scrub.

He practically purred. Not letting the excuse to rub his hands all over you go to waste, he made damn well sure to cover every inch of you with soap.

You were matching his pace as well. Just skirting past the one place he desperately wanted you to touch, making him twitch in excitement each time. You accidently did brush up against him and he actually let out a desperate plea. You motioned for him to trade places with you under the water so you could wash off the soap. You were purposely going slow now.

“Babe. Please. This is killing me. I need you.” His own hands trailing lower and lower, intention on teasing you too.

You stepped out of the shower before he could get there. Wrapping a towel around your body, you turned off the water and strutted to the the door of the bathroom. Your face was flushed but you had a sly smile, “well, I’m clean now. But maybe we should move to the bedroom...”

You didn’t have to tell him twice.

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Choro grumbled. Between the embarrassed scowl and his face redder than the ridiculous beard you forced him to wear, you barely could contain your giggles.
“Do I really need to wear this?”
“Yes, sweetheart, you promised that you would do this for me after you puked all over me at the last nyaa-chan concert. You can't back out now.”
He kicked his pointy booted foot, which jingled a bit from the bell on the tip, “I….I just feel ridiculous.” He looked down at his striped tights and plaid...what did you call it? A kilt? He grimanced. “You sure this turns you… y-you on?”
You looked at him from the hat that kept sliding past his eyes to his green jacket, complete with obnoxiously huge gold buttons and four leaf clovers all over of it. Letting him squirm for just a little bit longer you finally let him in on the joke. “No. Not at all.” His face fell into betrayed shock. You slowly inched your way towards the door, prepared to run, “but I do so enjoy your squirming, hun.” You managed to stick your tongue out before booking it out of the room, hearing your lovers frustrated growl “just wait ‘til I get my hands on you!”
Oh you couldn't wait.
…..well you could wait long enough for him to take off the outfit first.

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Your baby wasn’t in their crib where they were supposed to be. Turning to the figure before you, you give a look of tired question.
“I will give back your baby if you can guess my name, silly mortal.”
“Are you shitting me, Osomatsu? It’s like 3 in the morning.”
“Ehhh?? How’d you figure out my name, babe?”
“Maybe because you’re my husband, perhaps??”
A dramatic gasp then a fist pump “yeeeeeesss!” Some cooing noises came from the living room as you rolled your eyes.

He was lying there on the couch, holding a blue rose. More roses were around the couch as well. Approaching his ‘sleeping’ figure his lips pucker slightly.
“Oh, what a beautiful man. Even in deathless sleep, he is just stunning. Such a tragic shame.” A mere breath away from his lips, your stomach growls.
Getting up and grabbing the nearby blanket you drape it over his form, including his face, turning to leave the living room. “Welp! I’m hungry, time to go eat.”
Tears running down his cheeks as he got up, a hoarse whisper leaves his frown “My Karamatsu love, why must I lose to your stomach?”
Rushing back, you surprise him with a breathtaking kiss. A chuckle and a smile later you answer, “because food cures all as well as kisses.”

You were waiting in the park for him when you spot him skipping towards you with a picnic basket in hand, pink hooded poncho flapping with each step.
“You ready to enjoy our date, cutie?”
“It’s just a picnic today right?” Todomatsu had a habit of changing or adding plans last second.
“Oh, are you suggesting we do more, my little lamb?” he says with a devious smirk yet somehow trying to look like the innocent one here.
Not even missing a beat you reply, “Totty, can I wear that cute poncho?”
“Um. sure?”
“Ah, that’s much better, thank you.”
“Why, what was wrong?”
Now it was your turn to smirk while batting your eyelashes ‘innocent like.’ “Let’s be real here. This suits me better than you.” before he can retort you grab his hand with a wink and add, “common lets go, my big bad wolf.”

Getting into the bathroom to enjoy a nice bubble bath with your boyfriend you notice a note on the mirror that read “as the sun sets on the third day, if I do not receive a kiss from my true love, I will turn into sea foam.”
After a chuckle, you join him in the tub, naked forms hidden under the large amount of bubbles.
He was red in the face and he kept looking at your lips expectantly.
Time had passed.“Do you need something Choromatsu?” he began to wave his hands about in a terrible version of charades. Finally, after a while and feeling defeated, he pointed at your lips then to his. “Oh I think I get it!” He perks up.
Shoving some bubbles in his direction, he gasped in surprise. “Oh no! Where did my boyfriend go? All I see is foam!” He quickly looked to the window and saw that the sun had set.
He pouts for the rest of the evening.

“Whoever will fit this shoe I will marry!” You look up from your book, being used to his outbursts.
He grabs your foot, you squeak, and practically jams his baseball cleat onto your foot.
Grin even bigger he exclaims, “ahha! It fits!”
“Erm Jyushi? It doesn’t fit me…..” his eyes turn cat like. You giggle, “you remember that we’re already married right?”
He grins again. “Yeah! Let's get married again! The shoe says so!”
“Pfffft, ok my ball of sunshine you win.”

Trying to catch your toddler was starting to get exhausting. Where do they get the energy? In frustration you told them that you all will be late if this continued. Being how they were just learning to talk, they took the phrase “late” and kept repeating it. After a mere minute of taking your eyes off of them, you had lost them.
“Where did they go?”
“Lose something?” you jump at the sound of your fiance’s voice.
Ichi! Which way did they run off to?”
He shrugs nonchalantly. “They could be this way.” a pause “ or could be that way.” You tap your foot in slight annoyance. He grins in a cheshire like way and you quickly catch onto his scheme.
A sigh of defeat, “fine, you both win…...I didn’t want to go either.”
Your toddler appears from behind their father’s legs with a yippee, “stay home!!”
“Guess we’ll have to cuddle on the couch instead huh?”
He hums in agreement.

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Your boyfriend was trying to tell you something. Normally, Jyushimatsu was patient enough to get something to write with or, if Totty was nearby, he’d either type what he wanted to say or look up the signs.

But for some reason whatever it was that he wanted to say couldn’t wait. Jyushimatsu was flailing about and completely red in the face. Unfortunately, he was probably the hardest person ever to read lips, so that didn’t help.

Stopping your light swinging, you felt the playground sand gather around your sandals. The soft, gravily, slightly cold and wet, feel tickled your feet enough that you wiggled your toes. He had calmed down some, but he was still blushing.

What is it? You sign slowly. He was still learning.

Don’t know sign. His usual grin was gone. Instead he had a frustrated frown.

Show me? Covering his mouth in thought for a moment, he finally moved forward. Slightly scratchy cloth-covered-hands framed your face. He hesitated slightly, just enough for you to back away if you wanted. Then he kissed you deeply.

His lips were chapped. Rough, split a little in some places, but oh so soft in others. The contrast fit him so well.

This particular kiss was agonizing slow. It felt like an eternity between each movement. When he did move, it was like a breath of fresh air after drowning, the first gulp of water after a scorching day.

You felt him rumble against your mouth, the puff of air escaping his nose indicated that he must of groaned.

The feeling he was trying to convey was, literally and figuratively, breathtaking. It was tortuous, enticing, fierce, enchanting, It was down right delicious.

His hands left a tingling trail as they made their way from your face, down your shoulders. They tugged slightly on your forearms, a silent plea for them to move. You complied, wrapping them around his neck like a lifeline. His fingers wriggled their way to the small of your back, then the vice grip he had sent a jolt throughout your body. You weren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Not like you wanted to be anywhere else.

Then you realized what he was trying to say. What he didn’t know the sign for. You felt your knees buckle but the muscles surrounding you rippled, catching you.

Both of you breaking apart, his chest extending and reseeding with each puff of air that mingled with yours. The pounding of his heart was against yours, both completely surrounding you. The rest of the world bleeding away until everything you felt, everything you saw, everything you could smell, was Jyushimatsu. You didn’t need to hear him. You knew it with every fiber of your being.

Sliding your own arms off of his shoulders, you felt a rumble again, he had a pout. Shaking your head, you moved your arms to show him how to say what he was feeling. Once he realized that you got the feeling he was trying to show you, his grin returned tenfold. His body shaking around you in his laughter, the wind slapping your face as he spun you around.

Setting you down he repeated your movements and continued to repeat them the entire way home. You couldn’t feel any more warm than being this close to this sunshine.

I love you

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Neither of you were expecting it. Both of you had agreed to watch this movie, both you and Oso had been excited to finally watch it. Then a particular scene happened that you weren’t aware was going to happen.

You couldn’t breathe. You weren’t there anymore. Oso’s words felt miles away. Drowned in static. Curling into yourself you weren’t aware of the words you were muttering.

Once he heard you’re desperate gasps to get air he knew immediately something was wrong. In a panic he shut the whole tv off. Not even thinking about it, he was calling your name, holding your shoulders, shaking you slightly.

When you started to plead, his heart started to break, you sounded so scared. Whatever was going through your mind, scared you. The bravest person he had ever met. As his heart sunk, he did his best to wrap his arms around you. Pleading with you to look at him. He pulled your face up to him. Hands running sloppily through your hair, around you face. “Look at me, hey look at me. Please. Please. I’m right here. I’m right here. You’re here. [y/n] listen to me. I love you.”

Your breathing evened out. Your tear filled eyes finally focused on his. “I’m here.” You told him. But then you felt ashamed. Tears starting anew. “I’m sorry. I’m sorry.” You said on repeat.

“Hey...hey! You have nothing to be sorry for. Look at me. Shhh” he rocked you back and forth. “I’m hungry, let’s go make something to eat, ok. How about your favourite meal? That sounds good. Come on. Shhhhhhhh.”

You weren’t sure how long both of you stayed like that but it was comfortable. It was calming. Embarrassed that he saw you in such a state but ultimately, you were grateful he was there. Finally you nodded. “Thank you.”

“You told me once that we’re a team. It’s what you do for me, it’s the least I can do.”

“Yeah, I’m hungry too.”

“I’ll help.” He didn’t have to say it but you knew that what he meant was ‘I love you. I got you.’