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a storm in the form of a girl

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He’s played on the beach as a toddler, explored the rockpools and crevices as a little boy. Watched by strange eyes from the shadows.

When he learns to swim, his father guides him with a steady hand, tells him of the grand future awaiting him, a life of achievement and riches. All the kingdom, all the world will know his name.

He meets her one night by the light of a wavering moon, the sky so many shades of sea blue, the sea so many shades of midnight black. He’s dreaming of his beautiful life to come when she moves through the slipping waves, and he sees the gleam of her wet hair, the wide beautiful eyes catching sealight.

He falls in love in a moment, stolen of breath, stolen of heart.

The foolish young boy leans too far to be kissed by a bare breasted girl. She pulls him off the rocks and drowns him in her mouth.

The father dies of grief, the kingdom mourns and is annexed into another country.

The world spins on.