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Jamie walked barefoot into the kitchen. The sunlight streamed through the window, almost blinding. Claire was there, her back to him. Was he dreaming again? The light seemed too hazy and golden to be real.


She rattled cups around, making tea. Jamie approached, wary, and reached out to put a hand on her shoulder. Be real, please be real…


Claire turned and gasped, a hand clutching at her neck. “Jesus H. Roosevelt Christ, you scared me, James Fraser!”


“I’m sorry, Sassenach.” He sidled closer and placed a hand on her stomach. “We agreed I was to fix breakfast since you have to leave early. Why are ye up?”


“She woke me, kicking incessantly,” she replied, caressing his hand over her swollen belly. “I don’t think she gets that Mama needs her rest now.”


“But are ye well? Does anything hurt?” Jamie asked, concern on his brow.


“No, love, I’m perfectly fine. A little tired and hungry, but nothing some tea won’t cure.” Claire smiled softly, glowing.


After more than two years of trying, here was another of their lives’ miracles, sheltered in his wife’s body, theirs to love and cherish.


“Och, there, a leannan, ye must mind yer Mam,” Jamie said, squatting before Claire to talk to the bairn inside her. “It’s still a few months afore we meet ye.”


Soft padded steps stopped at the kitchen, and Jamie turned to find a small brunette with his eyes, yawning sleepily. He smiled and held out his hand. “Here, Faith. Seems yer sister is awake too. Come say good morning.”


Their two-year-old kissed Claire’s belly and her Da’s cheek. “Parrrrish? Milk?” Faith blinked huge blue eyes at Jamie, knowing full well the effect it had on him.


“Aye, my wee milkweed,” he said, taking their daughter’s hand and leading her to the high chair in the small dining room. He couldn’t resist caressing the curly mop identical to his wife’s. Jamie persuaded Claire to rest with Faith while he made her tea and Faith’s parritch.


Claire ran a hand over his tousled curls, sighing contentedly. She gave him a brief kiss before pulling a chair next to Faith’s booster seat, as their daughter prattled on and on about babies and dolls and books, in a mixture of English and Gaidhlig.


Jamie watched his two greatest loves, and knew the life they were building together was better than anything they could have dreamed.