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Frozen Tundra

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If only I could fly like a bird. If only i could swim freely in the waters like a fish......Why do humans wish for such things......?

A girl half buried in the snow, around the age of sixteen, lay there on her stomach helpless, and partly dead. Staring off to the distance her vision gradually became blurred, going in and out of focus. "s** i going to die..." she questioned her self, closing her eyes she clenched her teeth in frustration. "How pathetic! i'm so ******** weak!" she shouted in her mind, grinding her teeth harder a single tear fell down her cheek. "god...DAMN IT! i don't want to die like this!" the girl cried out with all her might, but her mouth was completely dry of words. Hearing something come closer the girl tempted to get up, unable to feel her limbs the attempt failed. Noticing a shadowy figure in distance the girl tried her best to focus her blurred vision, the figure coming closer stood above her, then sniffed her. Looking up at the figure she saw a cat like animal, covered in spots of grey, white, and black, stare straight into her eyes. The cat's eyes glowed an icy blue as it seemed to stare into her soul, suddenly a bright flash of light blinded the girl just before she passed out. 

Jolting dramatically the girl's eyes shot open to see a bright light burn her in the face, instinctively squinting until her eyes adjusted. Sitting up from the bed she was in, the girl pushed away the blankets that covered her, and noticed that her clothes had changed. In utter confusion the girl scanned the room, the walls were a warm shade of beige decorated with small animal skins and trinkets. "where am i...?" she said to herself in thought. The few furniture that was in the room had skins covering them as well, with antlers of some sort as the arms of the chairs. Placing her feet on the floor the girl stood up, wobbling a bit she made her way to the door. Carefully pulling it open she peeked into the other room, which seem to be a type of living room that had a similar style to the room she was in, quietly stepping into the room the girl caught a delicious smell coming from across hall to another room that didn't have a door connecting to it. Following the scent the girl stayed close to the wall, and poked her head out from the side looking into the kitchen. Noticing a pot on what looked to be the stove, the girl was about to take a step into kitchen when she heard a shuffling noise. Quickly hiding behind the wall she peeked again, to see an old man bring out a cutting board from the bottom cabinets. He place few vegetables on the board and began slicing them to small pieces, lifting the wooden board the man pushed the slices in to the pot with his knife and started to stir the soup with a ladle. "ah-ah..." the girl tempted to speak but couldn't get her words to form. The man turned around to see the girl half hidden behind the wall, smiling at her the man motioned for the girl to come closer. "it's okay, you can come in, i'm making soup if you would like some." He said the long bristle of his mustache moving with his lips as he spoke. The girl stepped out into the kitchen and walked over to the island table the man stood behind, she took a seat on one of the stools at stared at the pot with drool dripping from her mouth in hunger. The man chuckled in amusement, "You must be starving, it's been a few days since my wife found you half dead in the snow." he exclaimed, grabbing a bowl from the cabinet and filling it with the soup. Placing the bowl in front of the girl, he handed her a spoon. Picking up the spoon she took a deep breath as she smelled the delicious aroma, then started to chow down. The man smiled "You can call me Mr.Harden-san by the way." he mentioned introducing himself. "my wife should back soon." Mr. Harden added. Just then a sound of a door slamming shut was hard from the front of the house. "I'm back! Is the girl awake yet!" a voice called out with noise of shoes being taking off. "welcome back honey!" Mr. Harden shouted in reply. The middle aged women walked into the kitchen with package in her arms, "oh she woke up, good morning!" she greeted with a warm smile, then went to set the package down on the counter. "Well it's seems like you recovered nicely, you can called me Margaret" She greeted, "uh-nn i-it's nice to meet to you both, I'm indebted to your gratitude, but I think i should be on my way." The girl said finishing her bowl of soup then getting off the stool. "You can't leave yet you just woke up, it's too soon to be out an about!" Margaret protested, grasping the girl by the shoulders Margaret pushed her toward to the bathroom, "besides you haven't even bathed yet, when your done your bath i need your help with something." she said then closed the door, The girl a little taken off guard stood there with a sweat drop hanging from the back of her head. "well, i guess i don't have a choice." she sighed then turned around to see a pare of clothes neatly folded on a towel. Looking toward the bath, it had already been filled with warm bath water. Stripping off the clothes she had on the girl noticed she had multiple black spots printed on her thigh, "what is are these" she question her self, trying to rub the spots off."weird..." she said out load, walking over to the bath she stepped in it, sitting in nicely tempered water. 

Margaret on the other hand walked back into the kitchen to talk with Mr.Harden "i hope Cooro and the others didn't get caught in that snow storm. They left right before i found that girl" she said imaging what could have happen to them. "Don't worry about them i'm sure they're just fine, the town wasn't that far away and we gave them money so they could stay in an inn." Mr. Harden said comforting Margaret. "hmm..your right" she said, although the thought still lingered in her mind.