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In his defence, he didn't plan on finding himself standing in front of Taehyung. He hadn't expected to be surrounded by the smell of nicotine, the guy smoking his cigarette as if, one, he's not on school property and two, he's not poisoning him with the smell. But it happened that way, regardless.

So, when faced with the issue, all Jeongguk can do is his job as class president. Which is being a snitch. Sue him. He levels Taehyung with a serious expression, trying not to stare at the way that earring—a glistening silver piece—dangles and brushes against the curve of his jaw so nicely. Jeongguk says with all the courage he can muster, “You're not supposed to smoke in here.”

Taehyung doesn't seem hard-pressed to listen, seeing as the guy actually comes closer as to where Jeongguk can feel the heat of the cigarette against his cheek. He stares at him through the next drag, and, as he exhales and the smoke billows around his face, he taunts, “Says who?” Motioning towards them in a way that's careless and aloof, Taehyung points at him and smiles. “You? That's cute.”

Jeongguk, overwhelmed and lightheaded off the smell, presses a hand to Taehyung's chest and shoves him, sputtering as smoke crawls it's way into his nose and lungs. “I'm going to report you to the principal.”

Instead of looking worried or even the least bit nervous over the prospect, Taehyung just shrugs. No concern over possible detentions or expulsions. “Go ahead, angel.”

Jeongguk bristles. Affronted, lips pursed, he mutters,“My name is not angel.”

Taehyung honest to God ruffles his hair as if he's nothing but a dog or maybe a kid. At the same time, he stubs his cigarette into his leather-gloved hand. Jeongguk gapes at him. Doesn't that hurt?

“Don't it get boring playing by the rules all the time?” he murmurs, voice carrying a lilt that sounds suggestive. This coupled with the way the guy seems to want to eat him up makes Jeongguk fidget. “You seem a little uptight, angel.”

Jeongguk doesn't take the bait, and, with a harsh puff of air expelled through his lips, he shoves Taehyung’s hand off and turns to leave. Face hot and very flustered, he mumbles, “It's better than being an asshole.”

“It's called having character, pretty. Being your own person. Try it sometime, you might like how it feels.” Taehyung’s laugh is pleasant: nice, deep, and smooth. Jeongguk imagines he looks equally as pleasant as he sounds, but he doesn't turn around to confirm it. He's had enough.

He's at the door, chewing his lower lip and trying not to let that thought sting. “Have fun getting expelled.”

"Have fun thinking of me, angel!”
























Much to Jeongguk's chagrin, he does think about Taehyung, but only because he's NOT expelled. Hell, all the guy got was a couple of days worth of detention, that's it. (He swears he's also not thinking of his sultry looking eyes or the way his legs looked in those tight pants, honest). More importantly he's NOT thinking about what the guy said or how it chafed a little. What's the problem in following rules? At least he's never in trouble, right? So why is he wondering what it'd be like to live the way Taehyung does, so recklessly and without worries? Has he lost his mind?

He totally doesn't stalk the guys Instagram to see what's so great about him. Of course not!




Come Monday morning, Jeongguk is sure he's over the guy. That is, until he walks into the school building and finds Kim Taehyung leaning against his locker with his best friend (and rumored friend with benefits… soulmate? Other half—whatever) Jimin beside him, both watching him with small smiles on their faces.

Faced with them up close, Jeongguk feels small. Not because of his height, but because they're both watching him. Taehyung has a red lollipop in his mouth. "Uh, can I help you?”

Jimin steps forward, fingers the loop of Jeongguk's tie, and grins. He's unusually pretty, with a smile like that and the way his eyes shape into tiny crescents. No wonder people love him. "You're so cute, Tae was right.”

"He was?" Jeongguk squeaks, and behind him Taehyung chuckles.

Jimin gives his tie a slight tug, enough to rouse heat to flood his cheeks and a small oh to leave his lips. “Mhm, cutie. Tae thinks you're adorable,” Jimin purrs, then slides his eyes towards Taehyung and cocks his head. “Right?”

"Do I look like a liar to you, angel? That's what I said,” comes Taehyung's reply. His lips are slick & red from the candy. Jeongguk feels sweat dot along his hairline as he stares at them, distracted.

"I've gotta’ get to class. If you'll both excuse me,” he mumbles, trying in vain to get to his locker, face hot, steps uncertain and heavy.

“Wait don't go," Jimin pouts, still in his way. Behind him, blanketing his body and crowding him is Taehyung. Jeongguk is honestly terrified. "Tae tell him not to go,”

"He won't,” Taehyung says beside his ear, smelling of cherry and faintly of cigarettes. I think he likes me."

"I don't like you. Either of you,” Jeongguk manages to say without stuttering. Both boys turn towards him and smile. “If you're done wasting my time—

Taehyung’s hand shoots out to lay flat against his locker. Jeongguk glowers at him. "I've got a proposition for you."

"Whatever it is, keep it. I'm not interested,” Jeongguk mutters, swallowing hard when he feels the warmth of the guy's breath hit the nape of his neck when he laughs. Shrugging him off, Jeongguk's hand trembles as he tries opening his locker.

Jimin is pouting, obviously unhappy they've been ignored.

His pout doesn't last long, for he sees someone else, someone he clearly likes. "Yoongi, baby!”

Taehyung snorts, but doesn't comment when his other half runs after this Yoongi. Instead, he stays focused on Jeongguk. "Don't be like that, angel, you're curious. A little, yeah?”

"I'm really not,” Jeongguk lies, finding his notebooks much more interesting to look at.

"Really,” Taehyung drawls, “You're not curious what it'd be like to ditch the halo for a day? Forget about shit like duties and homework have some fun with me?”

Fun with Taehyung doesn't sound fun. It sounds illegal, if not a little thrilling.

"I've...gotta’ get to class,” Jeongguk repeats, a little less steady than before due to Taehyung standing so close.

"That wasn't an outright no,” Taehyung says with a smile around his lollipop. He toys with the candy, nips it with his teeth. “You'll think about it, I know it."

"Doubt it,” Jeongguk mutters to himself, refusing to look over his shoulder where the other boy remains leaning against his locker. “Aren't you going to class?”

Taehyung snorts. His earring brushes alongside his jaw. Damn it. "Nope. Why? Gonna' report me again?"

It's tempting.

He doesn't report Taehyung. Yet he passes his time between classes wondering what he does when he's not in school and if he's with anyone during that time.

That train of thought makes him scowl. Who cares what the guy does or who he does? Jeongguk doesn't. Of course not.

He does wonder what it is about him that gets under his skin so badly.

Jeongguk fidgets with his key ring during lunch, contemplating his actions before deciding to toss caution to the wind and talk to that Yoongi guy. Maybe he'll have some answers on how to deal with Taehyubg.

Yoongi terrifies Jeongguk. Not because he's cruel or outrageously mean or anything, but because he's intimidating by way of confidence.

He's an art student rumored to be hooking up with Taehyung's sidekick, Jimin, and spends most of his time washing his paint stained fingers at the sinks, which is where Jeongguk finds him.

"Aren't you Jimin's boyfriend?" He blurts out when he's faced with the guy upclose, then winces.

Yoongi pauses from washing his hands to stare at him. "Who?"

Flustered, Jeongguk tries explaining. “Taehyung's friend? Tiny but mouthy?...Calls you–” he winces, “baby?”

Yoongi nods. "Oh him. No, he's not my anything. We fuck a lot though. What's your point?"

"How do you do it? Deal with him when he's so...” Jeongguk is struggling to find a fitting word. In the end he settles for, "Bad? I guess."

Yoongi eyes him for a second before his lips split into a grin. Whoa, there's gums. “Jimin? Bad? Nah. He's just a poser, but he's okay. What's my Jimin gotta do with your Taehyung?”

"He's not my Taehyung–” Jeongguk sputters. “I—we don't—just no. Um, don't you get scared of what people will think when they see you together?"

Yoongi rolls his eyes. "Who the hell lives on public perception? I fuck who I want when I want. You should do the same, maybe it'll make you look less ah–tense.”

He doesn't offer anything more and leaves Jeongguk standing there brooding and wondering whether the guy has a point.













After school and whilst he's pretending to be studying, Jeongguk calls one of his friends, Hoseok, and asks for his help. "Will you cover for me tomorrow? I won't be in homeroom."

"Sure. What's up?”

Jeongguk sighs. Is he really going to do this. “It's a long story, Seokie."

 “I've got time,” Hoseok tells him, which prompts Jeongguk in purging everything. Spilling his guts to his friend in hopes that maybe he has some insight. By the time he's done explaining Hoseok is speechless. "Dude,”

"I know, shut up. I don't know why I'm doing this either.”

"I've got an idea, but it's rated R for your kiddy mind, so—” Hoseok laughs. “It's chill, I'll cover for you. Just like don't get caught or you're fucked."

"I'll try,” Jeongguk mumbles, nibbling his lower lip.

After he ends the call with Hoseok, he wonders whether he's lost his mind for even considering taking Taehyung up on his offer. Then he thinks about Taehyung and his love of lollipops and throws himself in the shower. A cold one, which doesn't do anything except make him more frustrated.

Jeongguk’s never been one to want anything like this, be this curious about a person. While he's not completely clueless, he's stumbling. Out of his element, following the rabbit down a hole, searching for something he's not sure he's equipped to handle but wants to try anyway.

In the confines of his bedroom, where nobody can see nor hear him, Jeongguk thinks about the guy. Taehyung. Spends a few minutes reacquainting himself with the details of his face. Taehyung is attractive without trying. Large, scrutinizing eyes and thick lashes that emphasize his angular face. Attractive lips that most often are wrapped around a bright red lollipop. Tall and broad at the chest with long legs and big hands.

Jeongguk shifts in his bed, his own hand laying on top of his stomach, fiddling with the cotton of his t-shirt. Restless, he cocks his legs open, then closes them, nibbling his lower lip. He eyes the length of his torso and stops between his legs, where his cock twitches in interest, beginning to swell and harden.

Jeongguk tries to ignore it by thinking of an exam he took recently and what his score could've been, but it all leaves his head in favor of other things. Like Taehyung, and the way he latches onto him, staring at Jeongguk like he's something to take a bite out of.

His eyes roll down between his thighs and he gulps at the sight of his erection growing taut under his briefs and giving a twitch of approval. Slowly, mortification burning a hot pit in his belly, Jeongguk slides his palm beneath his t-shirt and skims across his skin, moving up his chest to thumb his nipple, uncertain, reacquainting himself with what he likes. The sudden soft brush of his thumb sends a shiver up his spine and he whimpers, the sound quiet in his room.

Growing bolder and more impatient, he slides his palm down his ribs, over his stomach and stops at the hem of his briefs, fingering the band before moving so that his palm closes over the length of his erection beneath the soft cotton. At first Jeongguk feels a little uncertain by the sudden heat of his palm kneading at his base, but after a few seconds he begins to relax. The pleasure builds at a slow pace.

Taehyung is there, in his head, watching, lips wrapped around his lollipop and suckling the cherry red candy.

Impatient, maybe a little greedy, Jeongguk moves his palm so that he can shrug out of his briefs and kick them off his legs towards the foot of the bed. His breath hitches in his throat at first touch of his fist against the underside of his cock, gripping tight.

“O-oh,” he stammers, pulling his lower lip into his mouth to nibble on it as he brings his fist down, giving a light tug. A few seconds of light kneading at the shaft with his fingers has him relaxing further, the heat in his belly now spreading across his body. Jeongguk begins slowly, pumping his right hand around his hardened cock and giving the wet tip a hard twist of his wrist, the left slipping up so that he can press a finger into his mouth to get it nice and wet. “Nnhh—ah,” Jeongguk whimpers, hips twitching weakly to chase the slick glide of his fist as thoughts of Taehyung invade him.

Jeongguk knows what sex is like, though his own first time hadn't been that great, and imagines doing such a thing with someone (apparently) experienced like Taehyung would be on an entirely different level. His imagination runs away with him, visuals of the other guy pleasuring him. That makes Jeongguk turn into his pillow, eyes closing, silent moans growing a little louder.

 Taehyung's hands are so nice and big. They'd probably wrap around his length and pump him much better than he can. How would his fingers feel...inside him, stretching him? Jeongguk whines at the thought, slick precome sliding down his shaft from the tip in sticky drops.

He wants. So much. His whines grow faster, soft breaths escaping his lips with each exhale that comes out shaky. Impatient, his hand not enough, Jeongguk shifts onto his side and brings his cock between his closed thighs, the sudden pressure and friction at the base enough to make him hiccup a moan.

Unsteadily, mind in a haze, he reaches for his bedside table and rummages through it, where beneath stacks of neatly folded socks are his lube and a long silicone dildo in baby blue, the only items he's ever bought without his parents knowing.

Not one to waste time, the vision of Taehyung pressing close to his body and invading him with the smell of candy and cologne, Jeongguk pops open the cap of the small bottle and spills a few drops of the liquid onto his fingers. He anticipates the delicious feeling of being stretched open so much that he doesn't pause to warm it between his fingers as usual. In a half assed attempt at making sure he’s at least prepped, he slicks some around his rI'm before circling his fingers, teasing the around it.

The first finger goes in smoothly, with only a second of discomfort before Jeongguk is writhing off the mixed sensations of himself clenching around that one finger coupled with how good it feels to rut his cock between his thighs.

He wonders what Taehyung’s thighs would feel like, if those long legs would feel as smooth as they look or if they’d be packed with muscle. Regardless, just getting to see tanned skin beneath those pants makes Jeongguk whimper, feeling empty. One finger thrusting inside isn’t enough, and soon he’s not done until two more come to join, the stretch tight and the fullness incredible.

Overwhelmed and hot, a drop of sweat slips down his neck as he makes a mess of himself. Jeongguk is panting, pushing onto his fingers that come up to rub just slightly over the hard bump of his prostate. His thighs tense, as does his stomach and a high pitched whine leaves him, which he covers by pressing his face into the bed and biting the sheets.

Jeongguk slips his fingers free, knowing well that he’ll never ger the fullness he’s craving with them alone, and shifts, coming up to his knees, his cock hangling between his legs and sticky with precome and throbbing. Breathing hard, he focuses on smearing lube onto the dildo, stroking along it until it’s nice and slick.

He eyes it with interest, noticing the suctioned end at the bottom before glancing at the walls, wondering where he’ll stick it onto. His bed isn’t an option, for he becomes too excited and wI'll probably make it creak with him, so Jeongguk needs the least conspicuous area. He rolls his eyes towards the floor; hardwood and polished and nods to himself. Oh, Jeongguk wants nothing more than to ride the toy. To lose himself in where his imagination has dragged him under.

Scrambling off his bed on unsteady legs, the pressure in his groin enough to cause a shiver to run up his spine, Jeongguk crawls to the floor, then fumbles in sticking the suctioned end onto the ground and anchoring himself above it. Jeongguk shifts, moving until he’s pressing against the tip, teasing it between his cheeks and lowering himself onto it, slow and steady. The stretch makes him bite his lip, but he doesn’t stop feeding another inch of the toy inside him and clenching eagerly around it.

Palms braced flat onto the floor, breaths coming out in choppy pants, Jeongguk writhes to accommodate himself and fuck the toy inside him how he likes until he’s full, the very end of the shaft brushing just slight against his entrance. That final inch stretches him so nicely that a whine tears from his lips, breathy and quick.

Catching his breath, Jeongguk remains still for a moment, clenching around the toy inside him before he grows impatient and starts to move, lifting until the head comes close to slipping out, then slamming onto it. Again and again, Jeongguk rides the toy, stretched full around it. Sweat collects on his hairline the more he moves, a sweltering heat surrounding him.

With every frantic rock of his hips, the toy wedges closer to his prostate, giving Jeongguk that delicious tingle starting at the base of his cock. Thoughts running rampant, he thinks of Taehyung, the school misfit, taking him like this, making him ride his cock until tears pinch at the corners of his eyes.

Nnngh,” Jeongguk whimpers, feeling a touch filthy and shameful over the direction his thoughts have taken but much too gone to stop. What would Taehyung think if he found out what he's doing? How he's close to coming from visuals of those large hands wrapping around his tiny waist and fucking him senseless? “O-oh,” Jeongguk slurs, bracing his knees onto the ground and spreading his legs a little wider, so that each rock of his hips downwards makes his cock slap against the ground, slick and messy with precum.

A heated flush spreads down his body, and, with a shudder, Jeongguk closes his eyes, surrenders to the feeling and sinks down hard onto the dildo, hard enough to wrack a tremor through his spine and tear a cry from his parted lips.

Jeongguk slaps a hand to his mouth to smother his cries as he comes, jaw becoming slack as he milks himself of everything he's got, spilling long and hard onto the floor with the last weak rocks of his hips.

When it becomes too much and over sensitivity doesn't feel as good with a toy, Jeongguk comes to a halt and presses his forehead onto the ground, slick with sweat and smelling of come. Panting, he licks his dry lips and groans, spent and exhausted but needing to clean up.

Gingerly, he pulls off the toy and blushes at the squelch, laying on the floor silently for a few moments.

He's not sure what to make of himself after this, other than the fact that he's going a little mad.

With what little dignity he has left, Jeongguk slips off his shirt and uses it to clean the mess he's made on the floor before standing and walking towards the bathroom, toy in hand. Not only does he have to shower again, but he'll have to clean the dildo, hide it and make sure it remains a secret.

Just like his developing attraction towards Taehyung has to remain secret, as well. God knows the guy doesn't need the ego boost, especially from him.

Jeongguk’s face feels like he's been tossed inside an oven. Just how is he supposed to look him in the eye after this?





















The next day, Jeongguk heads into school, red backpack hanging loosely off one shoulder, in search of Taehyung. He spent the night debating his options, and although he's still mortified of himself and his actions, he's decided to follow through and see what it's like living the way Taehyung does. If all else fails, he can always just say no and call Hoseok for a ride, so he isn't so nervous.

He pretends not to be relieved or excited when he sees the guy by the bleachers having a cigarette, Jimin by his knees furiously typing away on his phone with a lollipop in his mouth.

It's as Taehyung is crushing the cigarette beneath his boot that he sees him coming towards them. He smiles, wide and boxy at the edges and beckons Jeongguk over with a crook of his fingers. Jeongguk feels like he's being tugged by a leash around his neck, but goes anyway. It's true what they say about danger: it draws a person in like a moth to a flame.

“Angel, you came back,” Taehyung says once Jeongguk is close, seemingly pleased to see him again. If the way he crowds Jeongguk and thumbs his chin is an indicator, he doesn’t know what personal space is or doesn’t care enough enough to abide by those rules. “Did you miss me? Jimin's boyfriend said you did.”

“He wishes he were my boyfriend,” Jimin chimes in from his perch on the ground, but it doesn't get acknowledged by Jeongguk seeing as he's too busy cursing the guy. Yoongi. The boyfriend or whatever he is.

Jeongguk scowls at Jimin, but the black haired boy ignores him in favor of continuing to type on his phone. He lies to Taehyung, “Your friends boyfriend is full of it.”

“Again, not my boyfriend,”

“Keep quiet, pretty,” Taehyung tells Jimin with a wry grin. He moves closer—enough to where Jeongguk can practically taste the smell of his cologne on his tongue. “Onto what's important: why are you still here?”

“Um,” Jeongguk breathes, finding it hard to swallow. Taehyung seems to be everywhere, in the air, trapped inside his lungs. Being up close, every inch of his pretty face visible to him, leaves Jeongguk feeling a little dizzy. A lot starstruck.

"Would you two look at the time? I've got people to see, places to be.” Jimin interrupts, suddenly coming to stand and moving away, which Jeongguk isn't sure he's thankful for yet. To Taehyung he says with a sweet little smile, “Wrap it before you tap it, Tae. Later Gukkie~”

"I hate him." Jeongguk mumbles, staring after the black haired boy who walks with a sway to his hips that he must know draws attention.

Taehyung sighs beside him. Jeongguk finds that he, too, is staring at Jimin's ass. "It's impossible to hate Jimin."


"Enough about him, though.” Taehyung muses, his finger present against Jeongguk’s chin. He skims down, stopping at the base of his tie and wrapping the red fabric around his fingertip, giving it a tug. “Catching a ride with me today, angel?"

"I—yes?” Yes,” Jeongguk repeats more steadily, despite the way his heart is rattling. “Show me what it's like...being like you.”

Taehyung's grin should worry him, but really, it thrills him a little bit. “Oh baby, you're feelin’ reckless? I can handle that just fine.”
















Taehyung owns a motorcycle. Jeongukk is positive that's not legal to have one on school property, or maybe it is and it’s just his nerves speaking for him. Who the hell knows? He doesn’t. His palms are sweating and they haven't even moved, yet.

"Is this safe?” Jeongguk squeaks once Taehyung secures his helmet, more from how nice his fingers feel against his fringe than anything else. They feel soft and warm against his skin.

"Nope." The guy has the nerve to laugh, finding Jeongguk’s nerves hilarious.

Jeongguk gapes at him. "What am I supposed to hold onto?!"

Slowly Taehyung grabs his hands, stepping in front of Jeongguk where he sits on the bike and bringing his palms to curve around his waist. “Me. You hold onto me, angel. I got you.”

"Oh,” Jeongguk swallows, "alright."

So Jeongguk does hold onto Taehyung. He holds onto his waist tightly, pressing his chest against his back. Wow, he's solid and thick. Jeongguk blushes hot.

Taehyung gives him a lazy wink and nothing more before he's revving the goddamn bike so loud that Jeongguk is sure everyone's heard.

Jeongguk isn't the type to do this, but coasting on a motorcycle, holding onto a guy that's definitely not good for him, he feels light, as if he's floating. Exhilarated.

He tightens his grip around Taehyung during a sharp turn and bursts out laughing, high off adrenaline.






"Lesson one in letting loose, angel,” Taehyung says the moment they stop beneath a bridge near the Han river. He climbs off the bike lithely, pulls Jeongguk by the hips to the edge of the seat and stands between his parted thighs, large palms splayed. "Lose the uniform. Strip.”

Jeongguk face must express how scared he is, for Taehyung smiles. He fingers the knot of his tie, his other palm cupping his shoulder. “Not like that. Not yet,”

"Not ever,” Jeongguk blurts out, face hot.

"We'll see.” Taehyung says. He’s slow in undoing Jeongguks tie, slipping it off. It falls on top of the seat in a silent rustle of fabric against leather. Jeongguk feels hot all over when those fingers skim over the hollow of his throat. “You're real fucking pretty, you realize?”

Jeongguk doesn’t know what to say to that, so he opts for not saying anything.


What Taehyung means by ridding him of his clothes is helping him out of his school issued blazer and tie, leaving him in just his slacks and his white T shirt. Jeongguk holds his breath and swallows thick when Taehyung's knuckles brush over his cheek.

It feels nice, too nice.

What's surprisingly nice as well is how Taehyung leads them past his bike and further into the tunnel with their hands linked loosely, his free hand holding onto a backpack that rattles every few steps.

"Lesson two: Tagging. Ever worked a spray can before?”

"Yes. Well, in Hairspray.”

Taehyung groans through his laugh, an attractive smile that boxes at the edges and makes his eyes appear softer. He seems to glow in his element, bathed in dim lights and surrounded by brick and graffiti, closer to art than anything these walls can hold.

"Cute as fuck. A whole babydoll.” He murmurs softly, side eyeing Jeongguk. “Here, just watch me for now, then try.”

So it goes with Jeongguk sitting on hard concrete and watching Taehyung tag a wall. It's nothing much, just simple lines and cartoonish figures in vibrant hues of yellow , orange and black, which he assumes is for his benefit.

Cheeky, Taehyung finishes his tag and adds a lopsided heart with his initials (and Jeongguks) inside. The rattling of the can as Taehyung shakes it echoes down the tunnel, and when he grins at Jeongguk he feels flustered. “I'm pretty cute too, huh? Anyone sees this is going to think I'm romantic.”

"Or a vandal,” Jeongguk mutters absently, meeting the others eyes as he looms close.

"You like it,” Taehyung teases, much too close for comfort. He hands him the spray can once he's on his feet, and flattens his palm against his lower back, holding him steady. "Right?"

Jeongguk shivers. He blames the wind for the tremor going up his spine and not the boy with grey hair who's beginning to get under his skin too easily.

“I'm not sure,” he says more to himself than to Taehyung. “I'm not sure about a lot of things anymore.”













"Do you really need to hold me like this? I can do it on my own,” Jeongguk grumbles, but doesn't move Taehyung. He stands, hand resting around his waist whilst he’s bent and trying to do this tagging business. He might not be used to doing these things, but Jeongguk is nothing if not determined.

Taehyung grins against him, smile apparent against his shoulder. “I'm good where I am, angel. Thanks."

His end design is mediocre at best: a series of smileys along with his own garbled version of a heart (badass with an arrow shot through). But Jeongguk doesn't care. He smiles at his design, at the paint staining his fingers, and he feels strangely liberated.

He doesn't register that Taehyung is smiling at him until he turns and meets his eyes, breath coming out in a soft whisper when he realizes they're so close. Enough to where Jeongguk can map the curve of his lips, feel the other’s exhale against his mouth.

“Did I do good?” Jeongguk whispers, finding that he wants to do well, impress Taehyung. Show him he's trying to relate to him on another level.

It takes a second in which taehyung skims his palm up and down Jeongguk’s arm, tracing his skin and sending goosebumps across it, before he answers. Quiet, voice laced with something Jeongguk can't ascertain, he mumbles, “Good.”

Jeongguk beams at him, then stills when he feels fabric press against his cheek, tender and hesitant.

“You ready to ride, angel?” Taehyung asks him after he's done pressing a bandana to his cheek to clean off a spatter of paint.

Jeongguks nose wrinkles, but he nods, excited to feel the wind hit his skin again.

"I'm ready.”

Funny how he's beginning to believe that.

Taehyung grins at him and holds out his hand, long fingers flexing. Their hands find each other's again, and they go slowly, Jeongguk beginning to shed pieces of himself along the way.


















This time around, Jeongguk isn't afraid to hold onto Taehyung tightly. He rests his chin over the guy's shoulder, content on enjoying the wind and the way it feels on him mixed with the smell of Taehyungs body heat pressed against his.

The city blurs past them, left behind and forgotten.

"Whoa, you live here?” Jeongguk asks upon entering a gated community surrounded by sprawling mansions and expensive cars.

Taehyung shifts in his seat, fingers fiddling with his helmet. “Eh, it's nothing special. We're not staying though, I just came to get my wallet.”

Jeongguk frowns. "But–

“Drop it, Angel. We're not staying—are you pouting?” Taehyung mutters incredulously. He sounds irritated, yet he handles Jeongguk with care, helping him off the bike and removing his helmet.

Jeongguk curls his hand around Taehyung's shirt, eyes going rounder, lower lip jutting out. “I mean...maybe?”

Taehyung sighs, jaw clenched. He nods, seemingly understanding. "You do that a lot to get your way?”

"Sometimes,” Jeongguk admits sheepishly. "Only when I know it'll work.”

Taehyung stares at him long and hard, tongue coming out to wet his lips. "Right, only when it works."


Jeongguk is very surprised by the inside of Taehyung's home. It's all glass and modern; right out of a catalog, minus the living parents waiting at the door with an energetic golden retriever (most likely named something along the lines of Spot). He goes to slip his shoes off, mindful of his manners, when Taehyung hauls him inside with a roll of his eyes.

"Nobody's home, babydoll.” He says quietly, eyes facing forward but unfocused. "Nobody is ever home.”

It's the way he says it, coupled with his somber expression, that makes Jeongguk tighten his grip around his hand. A silent show of support. I'm here, he hopes Taehyung understands, even if it's just for today.


It's a quick affair of finding Taehyung's wallet inside a spacious bedroom that has a four poster bed smothered in supple dark covers.

Jeongguk stares at the bed whilst Taehyung busies himself in patting his pockets, making sure he has everything and switching jackets. It’s a soft red bomber with a grey hood stitched into the collar. He pictures himself on the bed, thoughts heading south wherein Jeongguk sees himself panting, writhing in need as Taehyung looms above him, pressing his hips hard onto the mattress—

He swallows hard and blushes once Taehyung notices where he's staring at. "See something on that bed you like, Angel?” He murmurs, wetting his lips with his tongue and watching Jeongguk.

Jeongguk all but runs down the stairs, nearly tripping in a haste to avoid Taehyung's teasing grin. "No.”

"I mean if you did you'd just have to say so.”

Jeongguk can't breathe; it's as if Taehyung can tell what he wanted. What he wants. Needs. His clothes feel too tight. Constricting.

"Shut up, I was just looking.” He lies, knowing he's not fooling Taehyung, let alone himself.

"Thinking about yourself on that bed?” Taehyung doesn't quit, and soon it's a matter of Jeongguk running around the house with Taehyung chasing after him, teasing him. Jeongguk feels like prey, and, funny enough, he wants to be caught like one, too. “Do you wanna' kiss me on my bed, Jeonggukie? Get a little more bad?”


Taehyung, knowing the house layout, corners Jeongguk against a wall adjacent to the sun room, palm flat against his stomach. He's breathing hard, equally as winded as Jeongguk from the chase.

They stare at each other for a few seconds, the room feels bathed in heat, sweltered by this mounting tension between them. Jeongguk’s heart beats wildly in his chest: a rumbling thump thump that goes boom clap and makes him feel like one dumb, big stupid boy falling down a rabbit hole, lost but uncaring.

Something hot flares inside Jeongguks belly, makes him blush and fidget. It doesn't help that Taehyung's fingers trail down & stop at the top of his pants, teasing across the belt buckle.


"Tae,” Jeongguk murmurs thickly, looking up at Taehyung from beneath his lashes. He wets his lips and whimpers when he sees him staring at his mouth with hunger. "Please."

"Yeah, baby? This what you want?” Taehyung whispers, bringing his thumb to the seam of Jeongguks lips to tease them.

"Yes,” Jeongguk is trembling, lips parting around his thumb.

When Taehyung finally leans in to replace his finger with his lips and kiss him, Jeongguk absolutely melts, body sagging into the solid heat of the others embrace.

Taehyung's lips are soft. He tastes like cherries and cigarettes. At first it's just that. Lips moving together, just a gentle stroking of mouths coming close and moving apart, shared intakes of breath.

Jeongguk feels his body soften, feels how shaky the inhale and exhale of his breath comes. He's sure he's never felt anything burn this hot inside him before, and he moans into the kiss, blushing when noting how needy he sounds already.

If not for Taehyung keeping a steady hand curled around his jaw Jeongguk is sure he'd float away. Just to play it safe he holds onto him tight, arms wrapping around the guy's neck; pulling himself closer, leaving no distance between them.

He squeaks at the sudden weightlessness of being carried. Oh— as if he weighs nothing, when he's sure he outweighs Taehyung. He continues carrying him down the hall.

In between the increasingly intense kiss, bodies pressed against another wall as impatience to press their mouths together more rules over everything, Taehyung asks, “Where do you want it? Two choices. My bed or my bike.”

“Bed,” Jeongguk murmurs thickly, shivering as Taehyung’s lips come just beneath his jaw to press feverish kisses there, leaving him wanting. “God, yeah, your bed. Just—move. Please, please.”

Taehyung grins against his lips, then pulls away to laugh at his flustered state, thumbing his chin. “You want it on my bed, huh?” Jeongguk doesn't dignify his statement with a response. He just kisses him again, determined to go all the way, to feel how it goes to do what you want with who you want. Taehyung, not one to go easy on him, tugs his lower lip into his mouth to suckle it before letting it bounce back. Against his ear, he whispers, “Want me to fuck you on my bed, pretty?”

“Yes,” Jeongguk whines, fingers coming up to thread into taehyung's silky grey hair and tug it hard, enough so that the other groans, the sound husky, sending a burst of heat towards his cock, “Do it.”

Being reckless feels better with Taehyung, who's mouth tastes like candy. Jeongguk whines during that brief interval in which they have to take the stairs, otherwise they’d fall by trying to do so with him being carried, but soon, after a frantic clash of mouths, hot and hungry for each other and intentions being spoken, is whining for a different reason all together.

Of course Jeongguk whines. Taehyung's hands feel fantastic against his bare skin with each piece of clothing he takes off. First the shirt, which he unbuttons deftly, then his pants. The belt removed, the zipper and button teased open until his hard cock can slip free and press against his stomach, all skilled. His tongue feels even nicer dipping against his navel and against his inner thighs, laving over the skin with teasing little nips.

Jeongguk’s hands fist the pillows, and he arches into Taehyung, pressing the base of his cock against his face. Desperate, needy for friction, for that gorgeous mouth to be on him, he pleads. “More. Wanna’ feel your hands—nnnh.”

He gets what he's looking for, and lets out a series of moans that are breathless when an incredible wet heat surrounds the tip of his cock where slick precome dribbles past the slit. Jeongguk can barely breathe, and smothers his whines with his palm slapping against his mouth, for Taehyung suckles the tip oh so nicely, his tongue lapping at the base in time with his hand that slips between his thighs to massage his perineum, he can’t help it.

“O-oh, Tae,” he hiccups, thighs jerking closed around Taehyung’s cheeks as he works his hot mouth down the base of his cock eagerly, as if seeing him come undone like this is better than anything else. Jeongguk writhes, brings his fingers down to grab at taehyung's hair and wrench it hard, enough to make the other lift those sultry eyes up to his and raise a brow in question.

Taehyung sounds fantastic, filling the room with his own deep sounds, as if getting Jeongguk off fills him with pleasure too. He grips Jeongguks thighs, fingers applying firm pressure, holding each against his wide shoulders whilst he licks and sucks his way down until he’s grazing Jeongguk’s balls with the tip of his tongue.

Jeongguk isn't too proud to beg, not when he could honestly come from just that. He writhes against the bed, hands coming up to cover his face, as he knows he must look wrecked already, “Tae hyung, please.”

"This your first time, angel?" Taehyung asks on the pull off, lips wet against the shaft as he comes up to press a series of kisses against the throbbing tip of his cock.

“N-no,” Jeongguk whines, “It's not. God, I’m ready—just,” he pants, sweat doting along his skin. “Fu–fuck me.”

"Hm, cute,” Taehyung murmurs against his navel, looking up at him with a grin, before he's standing and bringing Jeongguk’s hands to the zipper of his pants, the imprint of his cock making Jeongguk wet his lips. "Go ahead, angel. Get what you're looking for.”

Jeongguk’s hands shake as he pops the button and lowers the zipper, until his cock springs past the confines of his boxers, long and thick, nestled within a trimmed thatch of pubic hair. Taehyung's dick is big. There's no prettier way to word it other than that. Jeongguk gapes at the thing and wonders how that's gonna fit without some pain involved, if it’s going to fill him so deliciously like his dildo had the night before.

As if sensing his worries, Taehyung presses a kiss to the tip of his nose just as he reaches inside his bedside drawer for a small bottle. Jeongguk eyes it for a moment, which prompts Taehyung to say, “It never hurts to be prepared, babydoll. Don't overthink it. We’ll fit.”

"Yeah,” Jeongguk whispers. He shudders when a slick finger comes to press against him, tense and nervous, but anticipating the stretch, the burning pleasure that’ll settle deep in his body.

Taehyung soothes his nerves by kissing him, licking into his mouth nice and slow, suckling his tongue just as the first finger presses in. It feels so good. “There, angel, just relax.”

That first finger feels good, long and fucking into Jeongguk’s clenching entrance, but nothing tops how great it feels when Taehyung is opening him with three long fingers, each rubbing the right spot over and over again, stimulating his tender prostate until tears gather at the corner of his eyes. Jeongguk’s lips part on a silent whine, thighs trembling.

"Tae—just...hurry, please. Want it,” He slurs, rocking onto those three fingers, hungrily chasing the feeling they provide when they fuck into him, “Now, please."

"Who knew you'd be such a spoiled baby, huh? So fucking cute like this, such a filthy mouth,” Taehyung purrs, crooking his fingers on a deep thrust so hard that a sob wrenches past Jeongguk’s lips. He sees stars, or maybe that’s Taehyung, who knows.

"Y-yeah,” he hiccups, wriggling onto the three fingers. "Fuh—Fuck me. Your cock, I want it in me, n-now.”

"Of course babydoll," Taehyung doesn't wait for his response, slow in slipping his fingers out so that he can procure a condom from his bedside table and sheath his cock. Jeongguk, wanting the weight of him in his hands, strokes more lube onto the shaft, getting it nice and slick just for him.

It's a matter of Jeongguk holding his breath. Taehyung presses the blunt tip against the rim before he slowly eases his way inside, bringing their hands laced above his head and pressing them onto the mattress.

Jeongguk moans loud and languid, loving the fullness, how tight he clenches around the cock pushing inside, how heavy it feels coupled with taehyung pinning his thighs onto the bed, almost folding him in half. “Yes,” he murmurs, near drunk off pleasure, his body pliant under Taehyung’s.

Taehyung doesn't move until he gives the okay and, when he does, Jeongguk’s back arches at the sudden deep thrust that fills him to the very brim, to where Taehyung’s balls are flush to the curve of his ass. Taehyung has no mercy when it comes to reducing him to a sobbing mess.

His head starts to feel light, overwhelmed as Taehyung lowers to brush soft kisses anywhere he can reach. His cheeks, the tip of his nose, his mouth, even in the dip of his throat. Jeongguk can’t breathe without feeling Taehyung everywhere, deep inside him in more ways than one.

He rocks beneath him the best he can, trying to meet each hard thrust, the slap of their skin meeting making excitement coil low in his belly. Jeongguk whimpers, a string of desperate noises leaving his slack lips when Taehyung slides his big hand between their bodies to take his cock in hand to stroke it in time with each sharp thrust, smearing the copious amounts of precome down his shaft.

“There?” Taehyung murmurs, just as he does it again, fucking into Jeongguk with a hard grind of his trim hips. “You like it there, pretty baby?”

"nngh, full–” Jeongguk tries, but can't articulate, tongue heavy in his mouth, lips parted. That seems to ignite something in Taehyung. Maybe it's the way Jeongguk clings to him, maybe it's how he whines or arches. All Jeongguk can tell is that Taehyung fucks him like no one else. The room echoes with their meshed sounds.

Jeongguk loves it.

He curls his hands around Taehyung’s shoulders, nails digging into the soft skin as he pulls him down for another kiss. Desperate and mewling, the pleasure too intense, Jeongguk parts his lips against Taehyung’s and licks into his mouth, swallowing each sound he makes.

“Tae,” he whispers, breathing fast. “Gonna, gah—baby, I’m coming, m’coming. Ah—” His cheeks flush—hell, his entire body feels like it's been set ablaze with the deep rooted pleasure inside him. Growing, pulsing. Jeongguk stills, clenches down hard around Taehyung, and comes in thick drops that dribble down his twitching cock that bobs against his belly with each responding thrust delivered to him.

Taehyung curls his hands around Jeongguk’s jaw, urging him up so that their foreheads pressed together. His thumb pushines past his parted lips so that he can suckle it whilst he, too, comes inside the condom, hips losing their finesse and slowing. "Jeongguk,”

“Oh—yes, come, please. I want it.”

Taehyung eases them through it, gently rocking their bodies together until the heat subsides and both realize they're sweating, come sodden & flushed.

Jeongguk blushes. He hadn't anticipated this, feeling so tender and overwhelmed, but he doesn't regret it. Not Taehyung.

"Lemme' clean you up, angel.” Taehyung breathes against his temple, smile apparent against his skin. “Shit, look at you, you’re the prettiest goddamn thing.”

Jeongguk turns his face into the pillows, covering it with his arms as well. “Shut up,” he mumbles, then whines when he’s suddenly left empty, his entrance clenching around air, still wanting more.

Taehyung notices this, and his fingers come to play, pushing inside him to brush right up against his prostate; the sudden pleasure so intense it rips a sob past Jeongguk's lips, and his spent cock twitches.

“Greedy,” He says with a husky, pleasant laugh before pulling his fingers out and circling them around his thigh. “You enjoyed that, yeah? You were comfortable?”

Jeongguk looks up at him then, sees how earnest he looks in asking whether he truly was comfortable or not, and feels a pang hit his chest. “Yes,” he whispers, finding their proximity stifling, much too close for him to handle so quickly. “Yes, Tae, I’m fine.”

Taehyung more or less remains on top of him for a few seconds, aimlessly carding his fingers through his hair, and catching his breath. Jeongguk tries not make it too obvious how eager he is to cuddle, but fails and ends up hiding his face between the crook of Taehyung’s neck and shoulder, sagging into the touch. Their legs slot together messily, and Jeongguk could honest to god fall asleep right now, but he knows they can’t.

With a sigh, wishing they had more time, Jeongguk pulls away and sits up, very aware of the come on his stomach and the tenderness he feels inside him. Taehyung rolls into a sitting position beside him and notices this, then grins. So boyish and messy, his grey hair is a tangled, damp mess around his forehead that Jeongguk can’t help but lean in to fix.

“We should go, huh?”

Jeongguk wants to say no. “Yeah,” he whispers, swallowing hard, “we should.”











Watching Taehyung clean him up is awkward enough to Jeongguk, never mind the fact that the guy decides praising him through it. Jeongguk’s face is hot like he's stuck inside a oven. He squirms whilst zipping up his pants, feeling a deep soreness inside him he hadn't felt before.

Taehyung watches him with a small grin whenever he winces but doesn't tease him, which Jeongguk appreciates. Together they try to compose themselves enough to leave, but they look a little worse for wear in their wrinkled clothes, with skin smelling of sex.

In hindsight Jeongguk is sure that maybe he shouldn't have jumped the gun with Taehyung like this, of course. Maybe he should've slowed down and not have made himself so available so quickly, gotten to know him better. Hell, maybe he should've let whatever is happening now happen after a date (if such a thing were ever possible for them), but well… he didn't and well… here they are.

And here Jeongguk is feeling awkward, like a dumb stupid boy pining after his first big crush right after they've had sex, like a big baby. He nibbles his lower lip uncertainly, fiddling with his tie before trying to restore its former appearance.

There's a niggling in his head telling him to be careful, otherwise he's going to get his heart broken somehow. Taehyung says he likes him, and flirting and enjoying each other’s company comes easily, but he could just be using him as a conquest. Another notch in his bedpost without any interest in pursuing anything else. Most likely won't if he doesn't have to. Why would he? He can have anyone that's more like him, instead of Jeongguk, who's borderline ordinary in comparison.

His stomach sinks at the thought of being another name added onto a list of dumb boys falling under Taehyung's spell. Led by that abrupt sadness and fear of being forgotten about or worse, being spoken badly about by others if they find out, Jeongguk whispers, “Please don't tell anyone about this.”

In the middle of slipping back on the pretty red bomber jacket over his shoulders, Taehyung flinches as if he's been slapped. Instantly Jeongguk is flooded with guilt, wondering when it became okay to hurt someone who's been nothing but kind to him.

He comes closer, palm curling over Taehyung's cheek and turning it so that he'll look at him. “I didn't mean that, I'm sorry.”

“You did mean it,” Taehyung says with a resigned smile that doesn't quite meet his eyes. He doesn't shrug out of Jeongguk’s hold, however. On the contrary he turns until they're face to face, nowhere to hide. “I get it, yeah? I got a reputation. That shit follows you around like a disease. You're smart to wanna keep it a secret, pretty.”

“I don't care if anyone finds out,” Jeongguk whispers, finding that he actually means it, which leaves him sagging in relief against Taehyung's shoulder. “I mean I do, but I shouldn't. I'm starting to realize that Yoongi was kind of right.”

Taehyung sounds like he's smiling. His fingers come up, squeezing around his shoulders, thumbs kneading. “What did that fucker say now? Poetic filth, I swear he does that shit because Jimin likes it.”

“He told me not to live on public perception,” Jeongguk mumbles sheepishly, rolling his eyes up so that he can admire the way Taehyung's throat works a swallow. “I'm trying not to do that, but it's a little hard.”

“Keep hanging with me and you'll get there, pretty. We can make it another lesson. We can up the ante and fuck every time you shed another feather off your wings.” Taehyung suggests, smirking down at him before pressing his finger to the tip of his nose and poking it.

Jeongguk’s eyes cross trying to follow it, but he doesn't move, finding that Taehyung's body feels solid, warm and inviting.

“I’d like that,” he says timidly, more to himself than to Taehyung.

Taehyung hears him, and instead of responding verbally just does so by pressing a hard kiss to his forehead before pulling away. He searches his pockets for a cigarette and his lighter and lights up. Smoke billows around his face, but Jeongguk doesn’t pay attention to that.

Taehyung’s hands are shaking, just a little. “Shit—that hit the spot,” he says in a grunt, voice huskier than usual. Jeongguk eyes his hands, which Taehyung must mistake as a sign of curiosity to smoke, for he holds it out to him. “Wanna’ try it out, angel?”

Jeongguk’s nose wrinkles. “Er–no,” he mumbles, “Thank you.” He fiddles with his hands, unsure where to put them.

Taehyung rolls his eyes and brings Jeongguk’s hands to lay flat against his chest, then slides them down to his waist. "Don't overthink any of this, angel. You're having fun, yeah?"

"Yeah, Tae."

"Good." Taehyung murmurs, pursing his lips to the side so that his exhale doesn’t blow smoke in Jeongguk’s face. “That’s all that matters. You ready to go?”

Wordless, too fascinated by the steady beat of Taehyung’s heart beneath his palm, Jeongguk nods.
























Taehyung makes sure his bike is all set before they're both climbing onto it. Timidly, Jeongguk holds onto him, hiding in the crook of his neck, needing a little reassurance that he's doing good.

Taehyung squeezes his hands around his waist, and laces their fingers together. That alone serves for him to believe that he’s alright, that somehow they’re both alright.

Riding on the bike this time around feels better. Nicer. The wind isn't as harsh and he's not as scared. Taehyung takes them around the city's less populated streets, where buildings are abandoned and cars are scarce, showing Jeongguk how people on the other side of his perfectly crafted bubble really live.

He brings it to a stop in front of an old convenience store with a broken sign and steps off, uncaring that his bike is easily the most expensive thing on the street and can get stolen without any trouble. Sensing his hesitation, Taehyung smiles at him. “It's cool, Jimin and I come here all the time. Breathe, angel."

Jeongguk nods, buts he's nervous stepping inside. He feels like an outsider, as if he shouldn’t be here surrounded by all this, seeing as he’s never given any thought to people being less fortunate than he is. It fills him with guilt and shame for being so naive regarding these things.

Inside the convenience store it’s only them.

"A lesson you might not have thought of but is so fucking important even when you're an asshole like me: give back, angel. We've all got bills.” Taehyung says, as he absently fills a small red basket with all the candies he can ever need. Red lollipops included, of course. “People forget that. It pisses me off, so I try to help however I can.”

Jeongguk watches Taehyung scan the items in shelves with interest and sees a side of him he hadn't anticipated. He’s not what people believe. Not entirely. Maybe he’s no angel, but is anyone? Jeongguk finds that he likes seeing these things that no one but him and Jimin get to witness. It makes him feel special, a little less like an outcast.

Once he’s done, basket full of things he wants, Taehyung leads him by the hand towards the register, leaving a substantial amount of cash on the counter without the lady at the till even ringing him up, and ushers him outside.

"Tae,” Jeongguk murmurs, gripping his hand tightly as Taehyung stuffs his candies into his pocket, "That was nice of you."

Taehyung hums and waves it off noncommittally, as if it’s no big deal. He hands Jeongguk a lollipop and takes one for himself between his lips. Lips that have been on him. Oh— "Gotta spend all this money I don't need on shit that matters yeah? C'mere, walk with me a little.”

Jeongguk follows after him. Of course he does.

They walk a little, with Taehyung showing him the spots he frequents with Jimin whenever they ditch school. Speaking of him, Jeongguk can't help but wonder, “Are you and Jimin a thing?”

"That jealousy I hear?" Taehyung smirks. “You’re curious?”

Jeongguk scowls. "No," he lies. Maybe a little. “You can’t blame me. Everyone thinks you and Jimin are together, seeing as you’re joined at the hip.”

"Jimin is...the closest thing to a steady relationship I’ve ever had,” Taehyung explains, lips pursed around his lollipop as he suckles it. “And I don’t mean romantically. We tried that shit and it didn’t work out. Not because we weren’t good for each other, but because we’d be better for other people, understand? Jimin is one of the best people you’ll ever meet, though. Having him as my best friend is ten-out-of-ten better than any romantic ties we coulda’ had. So no,” he pauses to look over at Jeongguk, sending him a small smile, “We're not a thing. Not anymore. Jimin's trying the feelings thing with Yoongi, though they're both shit at it, if you couldn't tell.” Taehyung says with a short laugh as they come to a stop in front of a bar with foggy windows, faded brick walls and a green awning that’s seen better days. "No need to be jealous, even if it's hot as fuck."

Flustered, Jeongguk turns away, hoping to get it together quickly. “Oh,” he mumbles, “well, that explains a lot.”


Inside the bar the patrons call Taehyung “V” excitedly. Some even tip their glasses in greeting as he passes by them, which makes Jeongguk let out a series of breathless giggles despite his initial nervousness. They could still be kicked out for being in there as they’re underage. Or at least he is, anyway. Just shy of turning eighteen.

“Hell if I know why that shit’s stuck,” Taehyung snorts, but his smile doesn’t wane. Turning abruptly, Taehyung crowds Jeongguk by the bar and thumbs his chin, eyes intent on his lips for a moment before they come up to meet his. "Lesson four, babydoll?"

A little reckless, high off how Taehyung makes him feel when he smiles at him like this, Jeongguk nods. Presses close, bolder than usual as he whispers into his ear, “Yes.”













Lesson four is a mixture of getting Jeongguk to have his first ever drink—something bitter that makes his tongue feel numb after he’s swallowed—and somehow having him agree to play pool even though he’s never played pool before. Nervous, unsteady, and distracted, he holds the stick between his hands and watches Taehyung bend across the table in front of him, eyeing the ball before he shoots.

"Stare at my ass any longer I might think you like it." Taehyung teases, giving him a long look over his shoulder, grin in tow. “Might think you got bad intentions with it, angel.”

"Maybe I do,” Jeongguk says to himself, wetting his lips with the tip of his tongue, unable to look away from Taehyung. How his trim waist flares out at the hips and shapes a nice, full ass beneath his tight jeans. "Maybe I'm going crazy."

On his turn, he fails miserably, mind running away with him over thoughts of Taehyung’s ass and how it would feel to try making him feel good, and scowls. Taehyung comes behind him, palm flat against his lower back, just over the curve of his ass. Teasing, he says,“Need some help?"

“No,” Jeongguk balks, forcing an indignant look instead of outright admitting that he sucks at pool. Steered by fickle pride, he shoots again and misses, almost knocking the ball off the table in the process. Shoulders hunched, and stiff, he tells a grinning Taehyung, “Okay, maybe just a little.”

"You just gotta aim, angel,” Taehyung breathes against his ear, bending him to his liking until it's obvious the position is intentional, his ass flush to Taehyung's front to where he can feel the base of his cock, half hard. “Can you do that?”

"Y-yeah,” Jeongguk whispers. He's distracted, thinking of what else they could be doing, of how nice it feels to be full of Taehyung where it counts.

"Tell you what, you sink that one in and I'll fuck you again,” Taehyung tells him just as he's about to shoot, which makes him falter. His fingers brush down the swell of his ass, then dip into his back pocket. “That sound nice?”

"Sounds like a p-plan.” Jeongguk swallows. "Yes."

Jeongguk suddenly has incentive to focus, and despite the fact that Taehyung tries distracting him by pressing the softest of kisses to the base of his neck, he aims straight and shoots, hitting the ball dead on. It sinks into the hole, and Jeongguk smiles, then shivers when he looks over his shoulder to see Taehyung watching him with hooded eyes.

“I got it,” he breathes, turning so that his body is now pressed up against Taehyung’s. Solid, but soft muscle that’s hot to the touch. Jeongguk’s lower back digs into the table as he leans back, enough so that his hips jut out around Taehyung’s palms framing them. “Where’s my reward?”

“Time for another lesson,” Taehyung tells him softly, eyeing him in a way that’s indecent in public but fills Jeongguk with excitement. Anyone who walks in and sees them won’t mistake it, and he’s greedy for that. For anyone to know that he’s been here, inside Taehyung in a way that’s only his. “Lesson five is gonna’ be the most important one of the day. So pay attention, yeah?”










So, here’s the thing. Jeongguk loves lesson five the most. Lesson five is being quiet when the situation calls for it. Example being Taehyung bending him over a row of sinks so that he can yank his pants down to his thighs, the fabric taut around his skin to prevent him from moving. Never mind the fact that anyone could come in and see them like this. Taehyung is on his knees, breathing hot against his ass, whilst Jeongguk just takes whatever he’ll give him. No, Jeongguk can’t think about it, otherwise he might just faint.

His cock hangs hard between his legs, and a throb forms at the base when Taehyung’s palms spread his asscheeks, fingers dimpling the skin tight before he brings his tongue to his rim and licks up.

“Tae—oh,” Jeongguk whispers, palm slapping against his mouth to muffle his cries. His thighs tense, a shudder crawling up his spine when Taehyung flattens his tongue, then brings it to his rim and pushes inside, wet and hot licking into him. Jeongguk’s face burns at the thought of anyone coming inside, and yet he doesn’t tell Taehyung to stop. On the contrary, he gives a subtle roll of his hips onto the tongue thrusting inside and fucking him slowly, lost in how good it feels.

It’s messy, too wet and hot, how Taehyung licks at him like he’s wanted to do nothing else, and Jeongguk loves it. He tries his hardest not to moan, but it’s hard, especially when Taehyung brings his thumb along to join his tongue, and fucks him in alternate with both, nice and deep.

“Yes,” Jeongguk murmurs thickly, head dropping forward to rest on his bent arms so that he won’t have to see himself in the mirror, see how heavy lidded his eyes have become and how flushed his skin is. A whine traps in his throat when Taehyung brings his hand between his legs to circle around his cock, stroking the tip with his fingers and teasing the foreskin. Precome drips down his shaft, more so when Taehyung begins stroking him faster, curling his tongue inside him deeper.

Jeongguk sobs, face pinching in dissatisfaction when all of a sudden it’s all gone: the tongue and the fingers. He twists to glare at Taehyung, only to moan when he gets a look at his cock, the only part of Taehyung visible past his loosened jeans.

“You gotta keep quiet, angel,” Taehyung pants, mouth and chin slick with saliva from where he’s been. At Jeongguk’s jerky nod and impatient wriggle of his hips, Taehyung works a condom down his length, then gives it a quick stroke, his other hand circled around his hip. “Wouldn’t want anyone to hear you, yeah?”

Jeongguk can’t possible answer that. Not when he’s hauled back, flush to Taehyung’s chest and feels the thick head of Taehyung’s cock pushing inside him. A loud moan rips past his lips, a plea for what he’s not sure, in time to every inch he’s given.

“Oh my god, Taehyung,” Jeongguk whines, hands clenching the counters tightly, teeth gritting together to keep quiet once he’s full to the brim, spread around Taehyung’s cock. Overwhelmed, Jeongguk wriggles, shuddering and clenching. “Fuh—just fuck me.”

Taehyung eases out slowly, dragging his cock until the tip, then promptly slams inside, fucking into Jeongguk hard enough to steal his breath.

“Such a greedy baby,” Taehyung purrs against his ear, leaving a series of open mouthed kisses against his neck, his palm coming up until his fingers are poised at Jeongguk’s lips. “Open.”

Jeongguk moans around the fingers, knowing those have been inside him and uncaring. He suckles them noisily, and keens when catching sight of themselves in the mirror, more so over how Taehyung looks as he fucks him. And Jeongguk does nothing but take it all, arching his back so that every sharp thrust of Taehyung’s hips against his ass makes him hiccup, makes him whimper.

Taehyung doesn’t stop fucking him, using one large hand to squeeze Jeongguk’s hip and urge him onto his cock with each thrust, deeper and deeper. The tip brushes against his prostate and Jeongguk actually sobs, feels air leave his lungs and his cock give a twitch.

M’coming—” he slurs, eyes fluttering closed. Heavy lidded, Jeongguk can’t breathe, can’t look at them any longer.

“Fuck, I’m right there with you,” Taehyung groans, both hands now free to curl around his ass and spread, thumbs tracing the stretched rim around his cock. He gives a solid, deep thrust and stills, panting right into Jeongguk’s ear as he comes. “Baby—”

Nnngh–oh,” Jeongguk hiccups, stomach muscles tightening before he’s coming, a thick burst pushing past the tip and dripping down the shaft, around his pubic hair and down his thighs as he grinds onto Taehyung; wanting everything. “Taehyung,”

Taehyung grunts a curse, and gives one last thrust, so deep that Jeongguk writhes at the sudden burst of white hot pleasure that surges up his body. He bites down on his hand to muffle a scream, vision cutting to white before it normalizes.

Together they rock gently against one another until the pulsing subsides and their bodies slow; sweaty and filthy. The smell of sex fills the air.

“Jesus, ‘Gguk,” Taehyung whispers, smiling against his neck. “Make me fucking crazy, yeah. You’re a wildcard.”

Jeongguk lets out a series of breathless giggles, dizzy, and leans into Taehyung. “You like it.”

Taehyung surprises him by nodding, sincere in how he whispers, “Yeah, angel. I do.”

In conclusion, Jeongguk likes lesson five. No, he loves lesson five. He also likes Taehyung, but that’s another matter entirely and he’ll deal with that when he can find his brain and articulate properly.

What Jeongguk doesn't like is that after they've left the restroom in a flurried state, Taehyung checks his phone and frowns at it. "Shit, angel, we gotta’ blow. Jimin says someone named Hoseok is looking for you like all hell. You know that person?"

Jeongguk pales. "Fuck, fuck—”

Taehyung nods grimly. "Guess it's time to say goodbye, babydoll."

Jeongguk doesn't like the way that sounds, as if he'll never see Taehyung again after this day. Abruptly, he clings to Taehyung and hugs him tight, seeking comfort in the way he smells, how he feels.

After a few seconds of tense silence, Taehyung hugs him back, squeezing him to his chest. "Oh.”





Jeongguk comes to term with a touch of shame on his part when he realizes that Taehyung isn't as bad as he thought. Rough around the edges maybe, misunderstood probably, but definitely not bad.

At least not to him he’s not.

He clings to him on the ride back, comforted by the wind in his face and the smell of cherry lollipops and cologne that lingers between them.












They arrive at school and Jeongguk comes to the startling realization that he didn't just ditch a class but an entire day of classes. Parents are outside picking up students, and the bus is idling by as well.

He sees Hoseok by the sidewalk with Jimin and Yoongi, all looking right at them and ducks his head into the crook of Taehyung’s neck.

"Wanna’ see what I do when I got an audience, Jeonggukie? Hold onto me." Taehyung calls out, and Jeongguk has no time to respond before he revs the bike hard & pushes back, bringing the front wheel up with practiced ease. All he can do is squeak, and hold on, maybe pray he doesn't die from this.

It feels like he's floating, being on this bike secured by the hold he has on this guy. Or maybe it's just the taehyung effect, feeling weightless, like nothing can touch him up the high. Jeongguk isn’t sure anymore.

It lasts a second before then they're back on the ground with Taehyung skidding to a halt right in front of their friends, who all startle back and glare at him.

"Don't be an asshole—” Jimin is not impressed by Taehyung, and flips him off from where he's hiding behind Yoongi, who also looks unimpressed. The only one who looks a little scared is Hoseok, and it's probably more from not wanting to get in trouble than anything.

Now that it's time to go, Jeongguk doesn't want to. After the day he’s spent, going back to how he was, so lackluster and feeling like he’d been missing something, he rather not.

It’s a quiet, tense affair of them dismounting off the bike, and Taehyung once again helping him remove his helmet.

Jeongguk swallows when he notices Taehyung’s hand trembling around his helmet. “Tae,” he says so only Taehyung will hear.

Taehyung's free hand comes to close around his on his waist and squeeze, the touch wildly intimate in front of their friends. "Yeah, angel?"

"Thanks,” Jeongguk murmurs. “I had a really good time today.”

His stomach does a funny twist when Taehyung smiles, and a touch of color heats his cheeks. “Don’t mention it, babydoll.”

"This is romantic and all—” Jimin cuts in, interrupting them with a hard clearing of his throat, “But golden boy’s gotta’ blow unless he wants an ass beating.”

When it comes time to actually say goodbye, Jeongguk hesitates. Hoseok is waiting for him by his car, and Jimin and Yoongi have gone off to wait by his jeep (and gawk at them, still). Leaving him and Taehyung to stare at each other, the seconds ticking by.

“This is it, huh?”

Jeongguk doesn’t answer right away, nibbling his lower lip. He stares at Taehyung long and hard, really taking him in. After the day they’ve had, moving on and acting as if it’s never happened doesn’t seem right to him. Whether he’s wrong or making a mistake, Jeongguk doesn’t care. He makes a decision fueled by lingering adrenaline.

He comes towards Taehyung, who's watching him with a small smile on his lips, ignoring how everyone is watching, and cups his jaw, before leaning in to kiss him how he wants to. Uncaring of the rest.

Get your man, Golden boy—hey!”

It all goes over his head.

Taehyung doesn't hesitate, and kisses him back, his palm firm over his lower back, holding him steady, keeping him there.

“Lesson six?” Jeongguk says with a smile against his lips, fingers shifting through Taehyung’s hair.

When they pull back, Taehyung thumbs Jeongguk’s chin, soft and tender. "Lesson six in being a badass like me is simple, angel. Fuck what everyone thinks."