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Every Coin Has Two Sides

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Chapter 1


There was fog in the air, I’ve always hated the fog but this fog was everywhere around the corner of my vision and everytime I focused on something it disappears but it was everywhere and I couldn't focus on everything at once.

We’ll I could even thinking I couldn't do something hurt something close to the core of myself so I just decided I wouldn't be limited my senses it instantly gave me headache but it hurt less now. I now noticed were I was it was a dark room I could barely see where I was despite the fog the fog itself was brighter than what it was hiding, as it a quirk and what kinda quirk made such stupid fog seemed pretty useless especially since it could be dispelled by brain power but whatever.

Wherever I was it seemed. Whatever had happened kidnapping or otherwise I wasn't alone it seemed to be another kid but it was dark and they didn't seem like they were conscious but they were stirring making pained whimpering noises.
“Hello?” Fuck this its fucking deku why would would anyone kidnap the quirkless loser?
‘Your haven't got your quirk either’
Shut the fuck thoughts I haven't got the any of the precursors for quirklessness like stupid Deku so I'm not worried.
‘Yet’ I really hate myself sometimes
‘All the time’ Goddammit why am I so intelligent and smart?
I tried to yell at the piece of stupid sitting next to me but my mouth didn't seem to be obeying me which was really pissed me off to no end, especially since after the first questions of confusion with no answer from me he started consoling me. That jerk what is he a sadist? Trick question of course he is.

“Dont worry someone will rescue of us and if someone doesn't” He breathed in made his bravest voice which was barely above the quivering he did before but there was a difference if I didn't have such a low opinion of him before this I would've been proud.
“I will try our best to protect you!” but because I hated his guts it really just pissed me off.

Then before I had a chance to try and yell at him again someone started knocking on the door it wasn't particularly frightening knocking or frantic or really much of anything it reminded me of the knocking I do on my grandmothers door a lot more polite so much so that my mother is surprised at it, even despite it not being threatening in itself it sent a shiver down my spine if it was a hero they would have just announced themselves coming in allowing us to relax if it was a normal villain they would have tried to impose their dominance on us so we would be less likely to commit to some kind of escape attempt but this villain.
They were not normal this normalcy in this kind of situation I couldn't help but feel that it made the person on the other side of the door feel unhinged.

“Oh dearies?” an older women said sweetly coming in with what I could see in the dim lighting an old fashioned apron wrapped around her waist but she also had a butcher knife. There was no blood on her apron or the knife.

That made me scared but I don't get scared so it doesn't matter to me
‘Is she intending to use the knife on us?’ shut up shut up s-shut up.
“Why are we here?” Stupid Deku shut up I need to think, I need to.

“Oh deary I’ve come to release you from this place.” Deku noticeably relaxed and started to walk towards the lady
‘We aren't bound and she's raising the knife’ she strikes downwards hitting his shoulder igniting a scream of pure pain from deku. The wound is deep, I've heard him scream before I even enjoyed it but this was sick. I couldn't tell if I felt that way because she looked like a grandmother or whether it was because I could see Deku bleeding.
‘The fog is intensifying you can only see deku he’s screaming move our body do something anything.’
“It will be over soon I’ll release your friend now.” The women comes closer to me time moves slower but I dont move an inch.
“RUN!” I don't know where the sound comes from everything is fog. I can't see.
“Run, I’ll hold onto her run!” Its deku I see again I see a child run ahead in front of me there was someone else in here?

“Insolent child I’ll have to more careful from now on and release you children properly and ease your suffering, maybe poison, yes poison should do nicely, let you fall asleep in my arms.” the Old women did this as she continuously chopped Deku to pieces and he was still screaming in my mind even though I know he is no longer able to I can still hear it I know what he’d be screaming if he could.

“Get out of here run!”
“Run, I’ll hold her off.”
His wrist was slit
His Muscle tendons removed
His vocal cord ripped out
He still screamed his lungs making bubbles in the pools of blood he was creating
He was dead.
I can still hear his voice with no hesitation telling someone to save themselves while their being torn to pieces.


I stand still I still can't move Im rooted in place I cant run I want to run I can't move.
‘I stand still I still can't move Im rooted in place I cant run I want to run I can't move.’
Please stop.
‘Please stop.’
‘Save him’
Save him.
The women looked towards the door and started running to find the other child.
Why didn't she come after me am I not worth releasing I did watch him die after all. I didn't do anything. I couldn't do anything.
The parts of Deku I could see on the floor I couldn't recognize it everything was red I couldn't even see his green hair all I could see was red.
Then the fog took over again and then darkness I fell conscious.


Morning light hits my face. I feel like Im screaming oh my god Deku is dead and I’m alive what the fuck why didn't I move, why didn't I move why didn't I do anything. Why.
Why did Deku have to be so cool even when he was being cut to pieces he still.
He still tried to save even me.

“Katusuki! You brat! wake up your breakfast is ready you jerk! Wake up” My mother opens the door fast and it slams on the door stopper she looks at me irritated that she had to come get me it doesn't really happen that often. She then looks at me with so much horror in her eyes she instantly runs over and starts consoling me, since when was my mother such a sadist.

“What's wrong Katsuki, Baby whats wrong.” whats wrong Dekus dead what wrong with her she's the one that should be upset she always liked him better than me cause he is so much nicer.
“Katsuki say something, please what's wrong I’ve never seen you cry like this even at grandpa's funeral.”
Crying? All at once I feel so much water on my face it feels like the Im facing the shower head my eyes feel like they have pillows in them and my chest feels like it's going to burst.
“deku” fuck why, why.
“Deku?” sounding confused. “What about Izuku?”
“why don't you know?” My stomach starts feeling queasy I need to throw up but everytime it feels like it's coming my throat clogs up with tears.
“Know what?” why doesn't she know she has to know.
“Dekus dead, a crazy old women killed him, cut him to pieces right in front of me he screamed so much he screamed so much I can still hear he still tried to save us even though Im worthless he still” I couldn't speak any more, I threw up all over mum. I was still sobbing mom didn't even flinch she looked like she was still in shock and hadn't processed my words in their entirety.

“He isn't dead Katsuki.” He’s dead
“No He’s dead he was a hero I just stood there and watched I couldn't do anything I’m a villain mom I’m a villain I’m horrible, I’ve been horrible to him the last few weeks I’ve been so mean, so mean mommy I’ll never be able to apologise and I won't ever see him again, because he’s going to heaven mommy I’m going to hell mommy cause I didn't even try to save him mommy.
I’m a villain.” My tongue was going a million miles per hour my heart felt like it was on fire the edges of my vision constantly blurred.

Mommy sounds like she is starting to tear up she looks so worried and scared and frightened and worried. Her words start to blur she is speaking as fast as me. Dad starts screaming wondering where all of us are I hear him start to come up the stairs.
“Deku is fine dear, he’s fine in fact he want to come over for a playdate wouldn't that be fun?”
“Fun? He's dead I can never have fun with…. Again he’s dead, he’s dead. He’s dead…. He’s”

The world feels like it's fading away, I feel like my lips are still repeating the words over and over again and with that I fall into sleep a deep sleep, into a thankfully dreamless sleep.


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Chapter 2


The drive felt quite long, it was silent and uncomfortable which wasn't made any nicer with mom having a blank look on her face. It also didn't help that I hadn't had the best sleep last night so I’m still half asleep.
“Mummy why did you take me out of school?” She didn't even flinch looking at the road as if she was fighting it, she looked fearless.
It was weird mum was a lot like me but she was even more emotional and cried even easier, to the point where a day without her crying is rarer than not.

Mummy gripped the steering wheel so tightly her knuckles looked like ivory she looked angry, I’ve never seen her angry but she also looked really worried. I’ve seen that look before it was the same look she gave me when I returned home with scratches and bruises, it was different though.

“Izuku were going to home and Katsuki and his Mum will meet us there.” She looked conflicted.
“Izuku why didn't you tell me he was bullying you?” Mum didn't look in the mirror to look me in the eye but I felt like I was in a spotlight I started getting worried.
“How did you find out mum?” I was dodging the question and I knew it I felt like doing a dive roll out of the car, how did she find out did, the teacher tell her? No he looked just as confused as to why I was being picked up as I was, the other kids? No they just looked at me like they always do their was no difference in their gazes.

Answering the questions that I was probably muttering under my breath. Seeming just as confused as I was she said.
“Apparently Katsuki told his mother.” Katsuki spilled the beans why? No he is too prideful to admit fault, Maybe he didn't realize he was in the wrong and casually mentioned it to his mother? No he isn't stupid, He didn't come to school today he only stays home only when he literally can’t move but then he’d just go to sleep and Kachan doesn't sleep talk. So all I know is.
“Mum? Is Kachan alright?” Mum snorted.

“I find it quite sad that such a deep understanding doesn’t lead to a lasting friendship.” Her face seemed a little bit withdrawn as she said that.
“Yes, something's wrong I’m not sure what if it was just her finding out that Katsuki was bullying you she wouldn’t just call us over like that, she would have just grounded him for a few weeks and pushed you to make up.” Her strong façade started to crack and she looked like she was gonna cry.
“When she called me to come over the fact that her son might be bullying you was almost an afterthought to her. “She didn’t seem angry at that. She didn’t seem angry at that fact she looks almost worried?
“What’s wrong mum what’s wrong with Kachan?” My hands started trembling what’s happened? She shook her head side to side confusion and anger and sadness covering her expression “I’ve known Katsuki's mother for fifteen year, we met first year in college we became instant best friends and in all that time I’ve never heard her sound so scared or worried, she was scared and she was sobbing the entire time I didn’t hear half of what she was saying but I know whatever has happened we need to be there to help.”
Auntie Baku was crying? I’ve never even seen her get fazed by anything and yet she was fazed by what had happened to Kachan, what’s going on?


We arrived home after a few minutes of silence we sat in the car for a second and Kachans mums car came in to the parking next us. We came to a standstill neither of us leaving the car for a minute, I decided to break the tension and ran straight to the car door where Kachan usually sat when I opened the door I couldn't believe what I saw.
Kachan never shows weakness but he looks so emotionally distraught that if I didn't know it was him I wouldn't have believed it. His eyes make him look like he hasn't slept in weeks despite me seeing him only yesterday. He was still crying there were no tears falling but he was dry sobbing and despite it being cleaned up you could see the vomit around his mouth were it was missed. His eyes were glazed from tears and he had a look of absolute terror on his face, I don't even know if he realized that I was here.
“Kachan.” He noticeably flinched like he was the one who was being bullied and not the other way round. Stop now's not the time he looks like his world was flipped upside down and he was told that his entire family died, he looked pretty distraught.
“Deku? Your alive?” He said it as if he couldn't believe the words coming out of his mouth.
“Yeah Kachan why would I be dead?” I honestly thought he was joking.
“I saw it you died you wouldn't stop yelling, even when you were being chopped to pieces you kept trying to get us to run away I can still hear it stupid Deku.” Even with antagonistic things he was saying it sounded instead of sounding like he was going to yell at me it sounded like he was going to cry.
“Kachan.” i couldn't even say anything what am I supposed to say to that.
He suddenly look like he saw a ghost and then his demeanor suddenly changed to a guarded version of who he was yesterday, it was quite intimidating how quickly he could change but he wasn't happy usually when he's his normal angry he's happy at the same time. He wasn't happy he was just angry.
“Who is that.” He just pointed behind me never taking his eyes of me as if he stopped looking at me I would disappear.
“Whos that?” He started getting irritated then took hold of my head turned it around pointed me towards old lady Emilia.
“Old lady Emilia? What about her.” He looked like fury incarnate.
“She's the one who killed you.” What?
He then took of at running speed towards Old Lady Emilia's open door.
“Katsuki!” Both my mum and Kachans mum shouted out chasing after him pushing Emilia out of the way shocking her out of her mind, all of us started chasing after him.
Coincidentally a hero was reprimanding a j-walker a metre away from when this was taking place and also took chase.
We chased to him to the very back of her apartment were there was a large metal door wide open blood pouring out of it Kachan was yelling that the old women was crazy, that he was a child murderer he starting sob, he started to scream and started to cry.
The hero was quite shocked immediately cuffing Old Lady Emilia on suspicion of murder and started calling for backup.
After the call ambulances and police in the tens started flooding the scene the world was a sea of blue red and white for a good while we were reprimanded by the cops for running into a dangerous dwelling.
That was until they realized that no one except Kachan knew that it was dangerous they questioned him for awhile but have his statements were intermediated by sobbing and yelling so they gave up quickly, though one of the detectives understood very quickly what Kachan was trying to say before anyone else had even given it the thought.
“You saw a murder take place.” Kachan nodded like ‘yes that's what I was saying the whole time idiot’ then got really silent and then started sobbing again.
“Okay we're not going to ask you any more questions we already have enough evidence to convict anyway.” He looked like he wanted to ask more questions but knew that whatever he would ask would get a negative response out of kachan.
“Don't worry kid this sicko is going away.” Kachan didn't look much better but he stopped shaking.
“Time to go to your parents kiddo.” Kachan nodded and we quickly ran to our mothers. For most people this would be the most exciting moment of their life but for Kachan this sort of thing would happen everyday for the rest of his life.
And he will not soon forget the feeling of seeing a life get taken away.
Nor the feeling of saving it.