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Walk and Hamtaro's Adventures in Gaying

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“You cannot just announce it like that, I forbid you.”

“Sure I can, watch me.”


Wakiya’s hand was grabbed and he was pulled forward. Rantaro shoved open the door to the roof of the school, Wakiya’s hand in his and a grin on his face.

“Wakiya and I are dating now!!”

In response, Wakiya facepalmed. There was a collective ‘finally’ from all their friends, along with Valt running up to Rantaro for a high five.


They were sitting next to each other. They were watching a match at the WBBA, and sitting next to each other. Normally they'd sit five or six people away from each other, but not this time, oh no. It was.. awkward.

Rantaro’s gaze shot down to their hands. Wakiya’s was anxiously clutched in a fist on his leg, while his own was tapping furiously on his leg. He hesitated a bit before deciding to go in for the kill and grab his hand.

Swiftly, in interlaced their fingers and looked away, blushing furiously. Wakiya looked over at him with surprise, which morphed into a small smile as he looked away.

After a few minutes Wakiya grew very comfortable and he tentatively let his head fall onto Rantaro’s shoulder. Said boy chuckled to himself quietly at the sweet gesture as their teammates cooed at their affection.


“Your taste in music is literally the worst thing I’ve ever heard. Why do you have the entire Shadow the Hedgehog soundtrack saved into your phone. I am dating a mad man.”

Together, the two lay on Wakiya’s bed, Rantaro using one of his hands as a pillow, the other rested on Wakiya’s back, while Wakiya himself had his head on Rantaro’s chest and an arm over his stomach. They were sharing a pair of headphones and listening to Rantaro’s music.

“Hey, a good album is a good album. Besides, it’s not like yours is any better Mr I Listen To She Thinks My Tractor’s Sexy On Repeat For An HOUR.” Rantaro brings his hand to start twirling Wakiya’s hair, which he had down for the time being.

Wakiya just rolled his eyes and snuggled further into his chest.

Stringing hair around his finger, Rantaro got an idea, “Hey Walk,”

“Yes, Hamtaro dearest?”

He snorted at the nickname, “Can I braid your hair? Nika taught me how and I think it’d look nice on you.”

He thought for a moment.

“Yeah sure, I guess.”

They sat up and Wakiya scooted between Rantaro’s legs and offered him a hair tie from around his wrist. After taking it, Rantaro split the hair into three sections and began his work.

He quietly sung his favorite song from his beloved Shadow soundtrack as he worked on his masterpiece, “Waking up, breaking out..”

Wakiya clapped twice and Rantaro lost his mind.



The bathroom door burst open to reveal a panting Rantaro, looking like he had just ran a marathon.

He was about to ask what was wrong before noticing the situation.

Wakiya was stuck in his binder.

He began to double over in laughter at the sight, his boyfriend’s elbows stuck in the straps and arms crossing over each other.

“Stop laughing and help me you fucking prat.” Wakiya growled.

Rantaro swiped a tear from his eye and dutifully walked over to him. “Straighten your arms.” Once Wakiya did as he was told, Rantaro slipped his thumbs under the straps and pulled the binder up and over his head. He held it by one finger and held it up to Wakiya’s face, who was thoroughly embarrassed, completely red in the face.

Rantaro smiled back at him and cupped his red cheek, “You’ll figure it out one of these days babe, I know it.”

Wakiya made a ‘tch.’ sound and looked away but leaned into the hand. Rantaro chuckled and kissed him.


It was that time of the week again.

“Shots, shots, shots, shots shots shots shots…” he muttered under his breath.

After relishing in his hilarious joke, he made a nervous noise in the back of his throat.

“Wakiya? Are you home?” he called out.

He heard some shuffling outside the bathroom door and then, “Yeah I’m here, what’s up?”

Rantaro laughed to himself, “Are you ready to fucked up?”

He could practically hear Wakiya roll his eyes, “Wednesday already?”

He gave a shuddery breath, “Yup.”

“I’m opening the door, don’t be naked.”

Wakiya came in with a reassuring smile. He came at sat in front of Rantaro, who was sitting on the toilet with the lid down, just in his boxers.

He looked away embarrassed, “I’ve been on t for five months now, I should be able to do this by myself.”

Wakiya placed a hand on his thigh and rubbed his thumb back and forth, “Some people are never able to do it by themselves, and that’s Valid. You are Valid.” he laughed quietly.

“Shut up dick, just end me already.” he closed his eyes.

Wakiya smiled and kissed his boyfriend’s tummy before grabbing his t shot and needle. Once everything was set up, he pinched a bit of Rantaro’s thigh and poked the needle in, injecting that sweet man juice.

He pulled the needle out and put a circle bandaid over the injection point. He put sweet kisses around the bandaid and then stood up to place a kiss on Rantaro’s forehead before throwing the needle and bandaid paper away.

Rantaro opened his eyes and got up to stand behind Wakiya, placing his head on his shoulder and stuffing his nose into the side of his face, leaving kisses everywhere, arms snaking around his hips, “Thank you~”

Wakiya turned his head to meet him in a final kiss, “Anytime babe.”