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"Pardon me, my prince, I will immediately arrange this... "

Aaah... Wil could sometimes be so clumsy. No, on second thought, he always was... He wondered why he was keeping him at his service. That's right, after all, he was the most idiot, stupid, imbecile, naive, - definitely too naive - unworthy of trust, desperately kind, useless and cumbersome of the menservants! Then why did Ludwig had to continue to bear him? Why not just dismiss him? He and his entire gang by the way! By starting with this pest of Little Red Riding Hood who was gently but furiously getting on his nerves.

Lisette, still there to play the Devoted Knight for Wilhelm, with a few slaps picked up on the way, however. As if this moron was worthing it! He was the prince, wasn't he? It was to him that all favours should be granted. But all he reaped from the contract killer was her rifle across his throat every time he martyred his simple servant.

But yes, by the way! He was HIS servant! By what right should he kowtow to him? Treats him with more respect?! And then, after all, if Wilhelm wasn't happy, he could leaves, Lui didn't hold him back... well, not really...

And now, he had a headache... But what did it took him to look for a meaning to the relationship he had with this idiot?! Wil was Wil and Ludwig was Ludwig. And that's all! A manservant serving his prince, a prince martyrizing his servant, all that was mostly normal in short, isn't it?

"Wil! I have a headache! Come and rub me. IMMEDIATELY! "

"I'm coming, my Prince. "

And there he was, crawling slowly to the bed to kneel and gently massage his temples.

But what a cretin...

Didn't he was seeing that it was pure provocation on his part? Was he trying to reinforce him with his incessant whims, until the day when Wil will decide that he had had enough and rebelled? And when this will happen - if it happens one day - what would he do? What would he do the day where Wil would decide to stop playing the slave? Would he try to change his manners to keep him at his sides?

No way...

Then, would he watch him leave without regrets? Because we were talking about Wil now! His 'childhood friend'. A boy he had always known!

If, in the morning, while waking up, Lui could no longer saw on his filthy face this frightful naive smile, and at the same time he could no longer hear the thunderous sound of his abominable voice wishing him a good day, will it be okay?

"Will that would be okay like this? "


"Eh? "

Without even noticing it, his thoughts sounded aloud. And now, who was the moron?!

"Hmm… Yes, you can dispose. Thank you. "

Wil's bewildered face made him frown. Ah yes, indeed, he had thanked him. No wonder that this latter was surprised. But it was necessary to reply before the other began to ask questions which he didn't want to answer.

"Sometimes, I appreciate your ridiculous though unsuccessful efforts to try to satisfy me! "

A broad smile on his lips and the "thank you, my prince" that escaped from them had seemed to suffice to prevent him from thinking too much. But Ludwig was intelligent. Far too intelligent not to see the irises of Wil covered with sadness. There was a deep feeling of weariness that veiled them.


And for a moment, Ludwig felt overcame with panic. What he had been thinking just now. This stupid idea that perhaps, perhaps Wil would eventually get tired of being always treated like this.

Lisette's poison had gently affected him as he could see. Every day he could discreetly watch the Red Riding Hood raised her voice against Wilhelm to try to make him understand that his life alongside the prince was pitiful. And every time he could hear Wil sighed noisily before telling her:

"Yes, I know that very well... "

"So why do you stay?! "

"Because he is my master and I have sworn allegiance to him. "

"But...! Come on, it goes beyond an oath. He's vile with you! "

"He always was. Why would you want him to change suddenly? "

"I really don't understand you. "

"I know. "

Ludwig stomped on the floor. Again, this insufferable little pest was attempting to return his stupid servant against him. He was going to shoot her with this damn bullet which he kept for her attention in his cylinder!

He went up the stairs of the inn in which they had stopped for the night and drooped down on his bed. With his arms folded behind his head, he waited impatiently for his servant.

When the latter entered, he watched him suspiciously... Wil could clearly felt his gaze on his back and that's frantically that he started to fold and put Lui's belongings into the closet. The prince smiled. With a predatory smile. There was nothing better than to see Wil getting entangled in his own idiocy. It had always made him laugh.

And again his thoughts were veiled. Wil was tired of all this. He could see it. Far too much. How much longer did this little game for Lui, this torture for Wilhelm, will continue?

Three weeks...? Six months...? Two years...?

It wasn't a pleasant thing. Not even for him the great prince Ludwig. If he came to lose Wil, he would lose his last source of amusement. He had put an end to the infamous hatred of Julius, the deliberately puerile disputes with his father, the necrophilia, the masochism of Dorothea, or even Lisette's desperate search to try to seduce Wil. Besides, to ask himself such questions was even less pleasing to him.

By the Big Bad Wolf, had he lost the reason!? Did not he wanted to get rid of him in the beginning?! Did not he want to dismiss this good for nothing of a servant? This incompetent, useless, unbearable... manservant... of Wilh...

Aaah, I trapped myself...

Since the day they had met, Ludwig had said to himself that, instead of a knight, he would make of this naive idiot his servant. That he would protect him from all those who would try to abuse of his kindness, even if it meant that he should be martyred by Ludwig instead... and now... now it was he who continually abused him...

But it didn't matter, right? As long as it was him, Wil would always forgive him, isn't it?

"But I do not seek his forgiveness! "

Standing up vigorously, Lui walked with great strides to the one who disturbed his thoughts.

"Lu-Ludwig?! "

"Shut up! "

Grabbing his arm, Ludwig sent violently the latter to the bunk.

That idiot... That imperturbable idiot!

Then, feeling that the unfortunate was trying to get up, he approached and sat astride him. Wil was moving as best as he could, trying to get rid of the grip the prince had on him. But there, lying beneath his legs wide apart, his wrists firmly held over his head, he could do nothing.

To say that he was furious was a euphemism. Hours that he was getting worked up to know if this imbecile was going to leave him or not. Hours! So yes, he was more than furious!

But the look Wilhelm offered him made him lose all idea of slain his manservant right away. He was so frightened that it was becoming ridiculous.

Like the day he had appeared before him after his resurrection. So anxious at the thought of losing his head that he was unable to apologise for having stabbed him...

Tsss... imbecile...

Then, bringing his mouth closer to his ear, he whispered:

"I forgive you, Wil. "

Because, after all, he had never told it to him, hadn't he?