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Maze Of Moments

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Jemma doesn’t mind walking, it helps her clear her mind from everything. From Fitz, his confession, Shield’s downfall and her work with Hydra, it’s a miracle she hasn’t lost her mind so far.


What Jemma does mind though is the stupid rain that keep falling ruing her kind of good mood and possible her already messed up hair. The forecast said something about a sunny day, anyway!


Sunny day her perfect ass!


Breath in…


Breath out… 


“Miss Simmons!” Which God hates her today exactly? Which one so Jemma can scream her head off at him. It’s not enough that she’s trying to be a proper spy, her handsome and very dark and twisted boss is again after her. Jemma isn’t blind, to put it into simple words the man is as fine as they come and if he wasn’t with the bad guys she could see herself going after him. “Do you need a ride?” Right now is not the time to burst into laughter or tears for that matter so Jemma just smiles politely. 


“I would prefer an umbrella.”  She’s only half joking. “Besides my place is just a couple of blocks away.” Jemma pulls her coat tighter around her and tries to step into the rain. A strong arm stops her though. 


“Here,” He says producing a small umbrella from inside his briefcase. “Get under my umbrella.” He doesn’t give her much choice after that as he walks her to her flat. Strangely enough it’s not as bad as she would have imagined.