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Maze Of Moments

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Jemma is not amused by this. As handsome and charming as  her boyfriend is he can’t built anything to save his life and she’s alright with it! She doesn’t mind at all, he doesn’t have to be perfect in everything. Sunil though has a completely other idea, so when she points out that she wants to change the curtains and how she’ll have to ask Ward for help he insists on doing it.

Now you’d call her overprotective but Jemma knows better than to let Sunil do even something as simple as helping her hang the new curtains. But of course he whined and begged and pouted until she bowed to him and let him do it. Needless to say things turned out exactly as she expected. He hissed as she poked at his arm trying to determinate what was wrong.

"I told you I’d call Ward." She murmurs as she works patiently. "I’ll text Skye as soon as I’m done patching you up."

"No!" He growls and not even her deathly glare doesn’t shut him up. "So what if I broke my arm I’m still doing it." Sometimes she really wants to slap him.