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Maze Of Moments

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"Isn’t this exactly what you wanted?" She asked pulling her dress over her thighs slowly, her black garter belt and matching stockings coming to view. Jemma spread her legs and watched his eyes darken as his gaze locked on the lace covering her.

"Careful Miss Simmons." He drawled taking the three steps that separated them. "What I want might not be to your liking." He hissed as he flipped her around pressing his chest again her back. Jemma’s breath hitched when she felt his already hard length rubbing against her behind.

When Coulson send her undercover no one thought it would turn out like this. No one thought that sweet and innocent Jemma Simmons would get the attention of Whitehall’s second in command. No one expected that Coulson would actually have the balls to ask her to sleep with the said man or that Jemma would enjoy it so much.

A year and a half ago if you asked her she would swear up and down that she would never betray her principles or Shield. Now though? She wasn’t so sure; like wasn’t so black and white anymore.

His hands dipped between her thighs and traced her slick folds.

"I’m counting on it!" She moaned and pushed back against him. The next moment he was inside her, taking her hard and fast and Jemma could only hold on to the back of the couch, whimpering every now and then. For once enjoying someone else taking control if only for a while.

"I hate the power you have over me!" He growled in her ear possessively, his fingers wrapping in her short hair pulling at the soft traces harshly. "I hate you!" Bakshi bit out but Jemma knew better.

No matter what he said he could never lie to her. He could never hate her even if he tried.

They fell together against the cool leather of the couch breathing heavily. He would leave in the next ten minutes but Jemma knew he would be back.

He always came back.