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Maze Of Moments

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To be honest she was never comfortable with them. Skye never came to terms with the fact that she was shot twice and almost died. So naturally that part of herself was always covered well, even in summer when they went to the beach she always wore an one piece instead of a bikini like any other woman of her age.

No one questioned her about it and she wasn’t particularly keen on talking about it either. It wasn’t until years later and a lazy afternoon in bed with Ward that things changed. They laid side by side and his fingers traced her skin so very gently; she tensed when they reached the scars and it didn’t go unnoticed by him.

Ward didn’t say a thing though, instead he settled between her legs and traced the path his fingers had moments ago with his lips. He kissed one scar and then the other and told her again and again how sorry he was that he wasn’t there to stop it from happening and that no matter what she thought those scars didn’t change the fact that she was the most beautiful woman walking this earth.

Maybe he was right. Maybe she was beautiful. Maybe there would be a day she would exorcize those demons away.