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Maze Of Moments

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She sneaks out of the temple without anyone noticing. She’s vibrating, feeling her gift for the first, feeling the power running through her veins. Because it’s a gift, it’s a very big gift and Skye can finally appreciate it.

The ground shakes underneath her feet but she is unfazed. It’s like the earth bends around her now, shaping itself around Skye as if trying to please her. She can feel it and it is divine! The excitement of being able to destroy something with just a snap of your fingers.

Skye tries it once, bringing a bridge down. Watches it fall to crumbles and tries it again and again and again. Until all its left behind her is destruction. Everything she has been bottling up for years finally comes pouring out of her. All the hurt and the betrayal and she knows, she just knows that she won’t be the same anymore.

She’s not Daisy.

She’s not Mary Sue Poots.

She’s not Skye, Agent of Shield.

She’s just Skye and she’s heading down a very dark path. A path she should have taken years ago.