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Maze Of Moments

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It’s true what they say, that you don’t know someone until you’ve actually lived with them. Skye and Ward had been together for five years and shared a bunk within the base for most of that time. They had never shared an actual house for more than a few days though.

Skye would admit that it was a challenge when they took the decision to buy their own flat. She wanted a nice spacious apartment and he wanted a house. Because apparently, they were going to have children later on. Ward wanted a dog even though they did not have the time and Skye wanted a cat because they are more independent and easy to take care of. Eventually, they settled on a nice penthouse with a huge balcony and a second bedroom that left the option for a pet or a kid open. Cheers to having a boyfriend who’s loaded.

But nothing could top grocery shopping. Why you’d ask. Grocery shopping is something so trivial, something so easy. Well not for Skye and Grant fucking Ward. See her boyfriend is a health freak and Skye is not. She’s the exact opposite, she loves gummy bears and jelly babies and chocolate ice cream and basically any crap you can find in the grocery shop. Which Ward makes a point to avoid whenever it’s his turn to do the weakly shopping.

“I’m calling this engagement off!” She yelled banging the cupboards.

“That’s the tenth time today.” Her soon to be husband poked his head in the kitchen. “What did I do?” Skye took the few steps that separated them and rose to her tiptoes, poking her finger against his chest.

“Look, mister,” She hissed narrowing her eyes. “I know that you are a health freak and I respect it. But I survive on sugar, my work depends on my sugar intake and I swear I will leave you at the altar the next time you ignore my part of the shopping list.” Each word was followed with a stab of her finger, her ring catching the daylight every single time.

“Left, lower cupboard.” He said dropping a quick kiss on her lips before he turned on his heels and went back to the living room. Skye stomped her way there and threw the little wooden door open. She rummaged through the many things he had thrown in there until her fingers wrapped around her Reese's peanut butter cups.

“There’s a reason I’m marrying you!” She called after she shoved one in her mouth and disappeared into their bedroom again to finish whatever Coulson had assigned to her.

Ward shook his head, laughing softly. How did he exist before her he would never understand.