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Maze Of Moments

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Skye snuggled close to his warm body. After ten years of being together, two kids and a dog they still had it.


“I missed you.” He murmured dropping a kiss on her forehead. They didn’t go on missions that often these days, having both retired to a teaching job at the Academy for Ward and Tech Support for her. But there were some special ops that required their talents. Like this last one, Coulson wanted to sent in an experienced agent because they desperately wanted the intel. So Ward was called in. It should have been a three days affair but instead it turned into a three weeks stand.


“I missed you too.” She dropped a kiss against his shoulder and climbed on top of him. “Promise me you want leave me alone for that long again.”  She whispered and adjusted her body over his, letting him slip inside of her for the third time that night.


“Never.” He groaned and pulled her down for a deep kiss, his hands settling on her hips once more. “Never again.” He said and he meant it, Coulson and SHIELD be damned he’d never leave his beautiful wife alone for that long ever again.