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Maze Of Moments

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Simmons paced in front of Skye’s office door. She could do this, she could ask Skye what she wanted, she could do it. They were friends after all. Skye would never make of her. Well, maybe a little bit, as a payback. God knows Simmons had teased Skye relentlessly when she finally got with Ward.


“Will you just come in?!” Skye’s loud voice brought her out of her thoughts and Simmons stepped inside the room, closing the door behind her. “You’ve been standing in the hall for the past twenty minutes.”


“I need your help.” Simmons said and dropped down on a chair.




“I have a small problem.” Simmons fumbled with the end of her cardigan, trying to find the right words.


“Out with it, Jemma!” Skye chastised turning her Macbook off and focusing on one of her oldest friends.


“Fitz and I haven’t had sex in over a month.” She blurted out in one breath.


“And?” Skye pressed.


“I was going to ask for bedroom advice, something to spice things up.” Simmons confessed. “Since, you know, you and Ward go at it like cats in heat.”


“Jemma!” Skye snorted taking a sip of her coffee. “Ward and I are not insatiable! We are just unlucky enough to spend a lot of time apart due to work. Our sex marathons? Purely pent up energy for all the sex we don’t have because of missions.”


“Yes, but-“


“All couples go through dry spells.” Skye cut her off. “I’m sure Fitz is just stressed with the new project Coulson dropped on him.”


“Yes, but-“


“There’s no ‘buts’. Just be there for him, a dry spell doesn’t mean your relationship ended.” Skye grabbed her hand and squeezed gently. “I promise,  everything will go back to normal as soon as he finishes with the prototype we need. You’ll be fine.” They stayed silent for a few moments and Simmons finally nodded. Skye was right, the last couple of weeks had been hell for both of them. But especially for poor Fitz that spent most of his day locked up in the lab.


“Thank you.” Simmons said after a while and Skye smiled brighter.