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It had only been a few days since he left this place, but as soon as he stepped onto the pristine porcelain tiles of the school, Jin felt calm again.

He disliked being away for too long from the only place that he could ever rightfully call home during the past few years.

Especially when he had to go and meet up with his father, an occurrence which happened once a year, only for the purpose of his father signing the document in which he gave his approval and the money required for Jin to continue going to school.

If it hadn’t been for the rule of the school that the students of the school had to go and personally deliver and bring back those papers of approval then Jin would have never even visited the man he called his father.

Actually, he did not even do that.

He had stopped calling him like that the moment he realized how much that man actually felt ashamed of having him as his son and wanted nothing more than to push him away and send him somewhere no one would be able to associate Jin with him.

Luckily, that was the only thing his so-called father did right for him, accidentally of course, since his goal was to dump Jin onto someone after his mother’s death, so that he wouldn’t have to deal with him.

So, at the tender age of 12, only 2 months after his mother had died and his father remarried, Jin was shipped off to one of the most prestigious schools for angels in the country.

He didn’t like thinking about that period in his life, his mood instantly turning sour as he remembered how fast his father had remarried after his mother had died.

He quickened his pace to get to the dining hall as fast as possible, hoping that food would distract him from the painful memories flooding his mind, making his chest ache.

Unfortunately, it seemed as if he was never going to reach the massive silver doors filled with various smells of home-cooked meals, a thought which made his heart twist uncomfortably as he was once again reminded of his late mother.

He couldn’t escape the images that were constantly present at the back of his mind.

The way his mother stared at him with her large brilliant hazel eyes filled with warmth, the same pair of eyes which Jin inherited from his mother, although he was sure that his didn’t hold the same amount of kindness as hers did, as she held his hand, an apologetic smile on her face while she murmured comforting words to him as she lay in the too big bed of their too large house in Gwacheon.

Even though she had been sick for months and he knew that she didn’t have much longer to live, he still wasn’t prepared for that day when he came home from school, bursting with happiness that he was proclaimed the best student in his generation by his principal and rushing to boast to his mother, only to find her looking lifeless in the bed, with his father looming over her.

Whenever he remembered that moment, he became nauseous, the hole in his chest expanding at the loss of his most important person.

Jin could see the door of the dining hall, his vision a bit fogy from the unshed tears which disappeared as soon as he blinked his eyes a few times.

He practically ran into the hall, even panting a bit as if he was chased by someone.

However, no matter how hard he ran, he could never escape the heart-wrenching memories haunting him.

Thankfully, the grand space of the bright hall was already filled with angels chatting between themselves in melodic voices as they ate, or waited for their food to be served.


Jin looked into the direction of the voice calling him, his lips immediately quirking up in a warm smile when his gaze landed on his best friend.

Suddenly, the suffocating feeling in his chest was relieved a bit as he made his way towards Namjoon.

“Hey, Joon,” Jin greeted softly as he sat next to the enthusiastic ash-blonde angel, who immediately clapped him on the back, saying in a cheerful voice, “ Man, I missed you. Going to dance classes was not the same without you.”

Jin chuckled at his best friend’s slightly sulking face, replying, “What, there was no one else to share your embarrassment and lack of coordination?”

“No one like you. No wonder they call us ‘The Wings’ every time we dance and put us in the back. In comparison to others, we truly suck,” the ash-blonde angel exhaled in defeat and Jin just grinned and said, “Well, I am here now and I don’t plan on leaving until next year.”

Namjoon brightened at that, but then his face turned serious as he warily asked, “How did it go?”

Being his best friend for 6 years, since the age of 13, Namjoon naturally knew all about his strained, or more like—non-existent, relationship with his father, so Jin sincerely answered, “ Like always.”

“That good, huh?” Namjoon chuckled dryly making Jin crack a grin at his friend, who squeezed his shoulder comfortingly.

Sensing that his mood had went down after that, Namjoon immediately changed the topic and started telling him what he had missed in classes during the days he was away.

Jin smiled to himself as he watched his friend, who was simultaneously stuffing his mouth while retelling some funny anecdote from their dance class when he managed to somehow crack the floor by stomping his feet with a bit too much strength during a new dance move.

As graceful as always, Jin thought while shaking his head fondly at his best friend.

One would think that being an angel would inevitably bring you grace, sophistication and fluidity in movements.

Apparently, that didn’t seem to be the case with Namjoon, who was well known in school by his ability to accidentally break things.

Because of that lack of elegance and what not, was why Namjoon was part of ‘The Wings’ duo, a nickname given to him and Namjoon when they single-handedly managed to ruin a dance spectacle at the age of 16 which was hosted at their school for the parents.

He was sure that their dance teacher, who was the epitome of poise, had never forgiven them for blowing her chance of competing at the ‘National Angelic Dance Competition’ that year, which was why she named them ‘The Wings’ duo, among many other things she called them that night, some too inappropriate to be spoken by an angel, and always put them in the back during future dances.

It wasn’t their fault that when it was Namjoon’s time to do his short solo, he tripped on his feet, his wings flapping uselessly in an effort to hold him up since they got tangled in the ropes hanging from the ceiling which was why Jin rushed to him and tried to help.

Unfortunately, somehow they both got entangled in those never-ending ropes, causing them both to fall flat on their faces, but not before they accidentally knocked the lead angel dancer on the head, who tried to help them and thus rendered them unconscious for a day.


Jin giggled to himself as he remembered that incident and Namjoon’s wide eyes filled with terror when their dance teacher almost exploded in front of everyone at them.

For an angel, she sure looked like a demon at that moment, Jin thought as he remembered the grim expression on her face with her glaring at them.

He was always surprised how some angels acted more like humans than celestial beings full of kindness and compassion.

After all, it was one thing for him to behave like that and completely another thing for them, because he was only a half-angel.

As that thought passed through his mind, he stopped listening to Namjoon, his thoughts once again drifting to his late mother.

His human mother.

That was where the whole problem with his ‘father’ lied when it came to Jin.

It was one thing to fall for a human when you were an angel, that was not so uncommon in the angel world, but it was a completely different thing for a child to come out of that relationship.

A blessing, according to his mom, and a curse, according to his father.

Half-angel, half-human, not here and not there, as his father kept repeating to him after his mother’s death.

An abomination.

Or well, in usual terms—a nephilim.

He had always known his father was not particularly fond of him, rarely visiting them in the home in Gwacheon he bought for his mother when Jin was born.

However, when his mother was alive, she did her best to fill the void in his chest his father’s absence created, so he wasn’t even aware to what extent the man actually despised him.

It was only after her death that he got into a real argument with his father and discovered just how much it was that that man resented him.

Even though he was heart-broken at the time, he decided to follow his mother’s wishes and organized for her to be buried in the graveyard near their home which was when his father showed his true face, shouting at him that there was no way in hell he was going to allow that.

Many times after that outburst, and in general, Jin had wondered if his father was a 100% angel, despite his pale complexion, blonde hair and light eyes which were the distinctive features of all the angels of light.

The man had practically ordered for his mother to be carried to the sanctuary in the sky and for her body to be preserved there, despite the fact that her soul had left her human form.

Jin, despite being a kid, stood his ground, even threatening to his father that he would have to go against his dead body, if he dared do that.

Jin was sure that his father wouldn’t have minded doing just that, to finally be ridden of the nephilim burden that the relationship with his mother had provided him, but then he would lose his title of an angel.

That was why Jin managed to respect his mother’s wishes, watching the dark-cherry coffin she had hand-pick prior to his death being buried under ground.

After all, she was a human and she wanted for her body to be treated as mortal even after her death and Jin wholeheartedly agreed with her.

His father didn’t even bother to attend her funeral, his expression as stoic as ever as he just descended into the apartment of Jin’s aunt where he was living after his mother’s death, telling Jin to pack his bags, since he was going to an angel academy to at least be ‘educated like a true angel even if he wasn’t one’.

The words still burned as Jin remembered them, his hatred for the man growing.

He wondered if angels would be horrified if they heard his dark thoughts right now.

He had always admired them for being so righteous, so delicate and yet strong, kindness and the ability to forgive gracing most of them, his father being the exception.

However, he was glad that he was only a half-angel.

After all, he loved his human side, since that was the part connecting him to his mother the most.

It was like that that his mother continued living through him.

Through his humanity, his eyes which were almost a copy of his mother’s and his soft brown hair, since the nephilims never had blonde hair like angels, but usually inherited the hair-colour of their human parent, he felt as if his mother was always with him when he looked at himself in the mirror and recognized parts of herself in him.

That was why he never hated what he was.

A half-breed as his father usually addressed him when Jin had the misery of meeting up with the older angel, who looked as if he was barely 30 years old, although he was already nearing his 100-th birthday.

Maybe it was precisely because of those human traits that he was brought out of his reverie by a loud laugh that boomed through the hall.

His gaze instantly snapped up from his plate which had been brought to him some time during his reminiscence on his childhood.

He looked next to him, noticing how Namjoon was now talking to Jimin, their strawberry blonde friend which was truly an embodiment of what a true angel should be in Jin’s opinion.

His eyes then scanned the rest of the room, until they landed on an unfamiliar figure, sitting a few tables away from them.

Jin frowned as soon as he realized how far away that angel was from them, since there was no way that his laugh could have travelled all the way to their table.

And yet, Jin was somehow sure that it belonged to the guy with a wide grin on his face, who was talking to another angel.

Hm, angel, Jin thought absent-mindedly as he observed the guy he had never before seen at their school.

Judging by his blond hair, fair complexion and his almost transparent blue eyes, let alone his undeniable beauty—the guy definitely had the status of an angel.

However, Jin couldn’t quite pinpoint the reason why he felt as if something was not right.

Despite those angelic characteristics, at least appearance-wise, something was off.

It was as if the guy was…Fake.

Jin had no idea why it was that he got that feeling as he observed the guy with the perfectly-proportioned face leaning towards the other angel he was talking to, his gaze somehow getting more seductive as he probably murmured something flirty to the other angel whose cheeks immediately became rosy.

Jin’s frown deepened even more at that and while it wasn’t unusual for angels to flirt, especially the younger ones like them, somehow the way that guy’s whole aura seemed to change set the alarm bells in Jin’s head.

That was why he nudged Namjoon in the side with his elbow, earning him a disgruntled yelp from his best friend.

Jin ignored it, in favour of asking his question.

“Hey, who is that guy sitting at the table near the window?”

Namjoon followed his line of vision, a light scowl on his face as he asked, “Which one? The one sitting next to Jaehyo?”

“No, the other table,” Jin replied, getting slightly impatient.

“Oh, you mean Seung-gi? You know him, come on, are you that forgetful,” Namjoon lightly chided him, making Jin’s irritation grow as he hissed in response, “Of course I know him! I meant that blonde guy with chiseled face and sky blue eyes currently flirting with that angel whose cheeks seem as if they are on fire.”

As soon as Jin finished saying that, the person he inquired about suddenly turned his head in his direction, their gazes instantly locking.

Jin was so shocked by that that his breath hitched in that moment and he could have sworn that there was a flash of something in those piercing blue eyes, something dark, before it was gone in a heartbeat and the guy looked away, once again focusing his whole attention on the blushing angel.

What in the actual fuck, Jin thought, still taken aback.

“Wow, it was as if he knew we were talking about him. Anyways, that’s Kim Taehyung. He is about a year younger than us, I think? Anyways, I am surprised you have never seen him before, but then again he does usually keep a low-profile. I only know of him, because Jimin was talking to him once after class and introduced us. Why, though? Are you perhaps interested in him,” Namjoon teased him with a sly smile, but Jin couldn’t even find it in himself too answer, still stunned by the exchange he had with that guy.

There was no way that that guy could have heard them?

As far as Jin knew, no angels had the super-hearing ability, or nephilims for that matter.

They did have enhanced eyesight, but not enhanced hearing as far as he knew.

And this school was only attended by angels and nephilims.

Or so he thought, until now.

Not only that, but he was almost positive that that guy had narrowed his eyes at him, his gaze seeming more like a glare in that millisecond, before the guy turned to the other angel.

Something wasn’t right.

Jin always believed his instincts and so far he had never been wrong.

But then again, this Kim Taehyung guy did look like an angel, even more than most of the others at the school, with his slender and yet muscled body, Jin noticed when the guy got up from the table, the white tee he was in outlining his broad-shoulders and slim waist along with his toned firm chest as his eyes shone under the sparkling white lights in the dining hall.

Jin tried to catch his gaze to confirm his suspicion, but the so-called angel never looked his way.

When he was finally out of his sight, Jin let out a long sigh, closing his eyes.

Yes, his instincts were usually right, but there was no way that none of the elder angels, or the ones running this place haven’t noticed that this guy was some other supernatural being.

It couldn’t be that he, a nephilim at that, would be the only one to notice if something was off about that guy—right?

He felt so troubled at that moment that it must have shown on his face when Namjoon said in a slightly concerned voice, “Hey, I was just kidding. Are you okay, though?”

Jin turned to his friend, taking in his worried expression, as well as Jimin’s, who also seemed to have noticed Jin’s distraught state and he forced a little laugh as he said, “Yeah, just spaced out. I think I will go to my room for now. Still tired from the trip.”

“ Oh, okay, well see you at dinner,” Namjoon said, his expression returning to normal as he flashed him that adorable dimple smile while Jimin waved at him with his small, cute fingers, his gentle voice echoing in Jin’s ear as the angel wished him to have a good rest.

Jin smiled warmly this time as he waved his friends goodbye, the pleasant feeling spreading in his chest.

While it was true that his mother’s death left a huge hole of loneliness in his chest, in moments like this, just the mere presence of his two closest friends, as well as their worry and kind words, managed to fill a part of that empty space in his chest, lessening the constant ache he felt.

As he exited the dinning hall, moving towards the granite stairs leading to his room, he felt as if he was being watched.

However, when he turned around, there were only a couple of angels and a few nephilims roaming the hallway.

“ Am I losing my mind?” he murmured to himself as he proceeded going towards the stairs, wanting nothing more than to come to the safety of his room and forget about his trip and that weird angel Kim Taehyung.

He wondered why it still felt odd to be referring to that guy as an angel and he hoped that all he needed was a long nap to make him stop being so paranoid.

After all, this school was filled with powerful, experienced angels, who would have certainly noticed if an enemy of some sort infiltrated these sacred grounds, so he told himself to just stop worrying.



A few days had passed since Jin got back to the school and he completely forgot about that blonde angel which made him wary.

He found himself enjoying times spent with his friends, as always, and now he barely even remembered that trip he had to make to his father’s house.

He had almost completely erased the sight of his wife, a stunning emerald-eyed angel with long blonde, curly hair, a complete opposite to his late mother who had always sported the same hairstyle—shoulder-length straight light brown hair.

His father’s wife was always pleasant to him and he had no reason not to greet her politely once a year when he had the misfortune of visiting his father’s house located in the center of the City of The Angels, considering he was one of the important people there, being the General of the Angel Army and what-not.

Still, the bitter taste he felt every time he spoke with that woman, the same woman his father chose over his mother after Jin had been born, and finally married after her death, could not be erased.

Also, the sight of his half-brothers, twins at that, only 3 years younger than Jin, representing everything that he was not with their striking forest green eyes, platinum blonde hair depicting their high status and flawless skin, always made him sick at his stomach.

And he knew that despite the façade of properness all 3 of them wore whenever he visited, they disliked him as much as he did them, even though—as ‘true angels’, they would have never admitted it.

After all, like the man who unfortunately wore the title of his biological father, they couldn’t do, or say anything to taint their reputation of being the ‘kind souls’ that angels were.

Such bullshit, Jin thought, thinking how so far he had met many angels like that, who had somehow become corrupted, but still wore that mask that hid their true faces.

Then again, only their personalities were slightly rotten, but so far, despite everything, angels still protected humans, guardian angels that was, and they never allowed the darkness to envelope the City of Angels.

Jin was grateful that their school was actually situated on Earth, despite being invisible to the human eye, thanks to the magic of the angel elders who founded the school.

He did grow up on Earth after all and he didn’t want to leave.

Also, many angels had to move through the human world to protect them from the forces of evil, considering the increase of demons and other supernatural beings, who had been growing in numbers and committing crimes on Earth during the past 2 decades.

Jin was 19 now, but he still remembered the angel gems placed all around their house in Gwacheon when he was a kid, courtesy of his father to protect them from the wicked creatures lurking among humans.

As he thought about that, his hand unconsciously flew to the small silver locket necklace that he always wore.

As soon as his fingers came in contact with the cold metal, he let out a startled gasp.

He hadn’t even realized he had been touching it and his gaze softened as soon as he opened the locket and saw the picture in it.

He couldn’t help the sad smile that graced his lips at the sight of his mother, so carefree and full of life at that time, smiling brightly at the camera, her eyes practically shining in the Sun as she held a small boy in her arms.

Jin caressed the picture of him and his mother, his chest filling with inexplicable warmth for a moment.

As soon as he closed the locket, the soothing feeling was replaced by the usual hollow feeling.

He shook his head, not wanting such thoughts to haunt him so early in the morning.

After all, he didn’t want to be late for the first class of the new course he had finally enrolled in.

For years, he had been desperately hoping that there would be a subject in their school which would be the equivalent to the “Flight of the Angels”, a subject nephilims usually couldn’t enroll in, because of their inability to fly.

Unfortunately, nephilims did not posses wings, which was actually the greatest distinction between them and angels.

That was another reason why nephilims lived mostly on Earth, because it would be a little difficult living in the City of Angels, considering their apparent disadvantage.

Also, ironically, the place was called the City of ANGELS, even though the angel officials always claimed that nephilims were welcomed there too and there were even transportation portals built to help nephilims reach the city.

However, the officials always conveniently left out how nephilims could only travel under the approval of angels which was why if they lived there they wouldn’t be able to be completely free, not to mention the fact that they would always have to search for an angel to give them the approval to even travel to the city.

Nevertheless, nephilims, other than their intelligence, charisma, enhanced eyesight, also possessed other skills and it was precisely because of that that they so desired a course that would help them perfect those skills.

This year, the heads of the school, decided to grant them their request at last, since there were currently 20 nephilims enrolled at the school, the highest number of nephilims in the school ever since its opening.

The name of the subject he was going to was, “The Diversity of Nephilims”, which Jin found fitting, since most of the nephilims had no idea what other special skills they possessed.

It was said that some nephilims even have a few hidden talents which they are not even aware of displaying during their lifetime.

So far, Jin knew that he could jump much higher and that he was much more flexible than an average human.

Also, he was good at close combat, having been enrolled in that course ever since he first set foot in the school.

At that time, the angel officials chose courses that they thought best suited him, but since last year when he turned 18, he had been allowed to personally pick the lectures he would attend.

Unfortunately, the course on dancing was mandatory for all angels and nephilims in order to perfect their graceful movements, or lack of thereof in Jin’s and Namjoon’s case, Jin thought sullenly as he finally found himself in front of the classroom the new course was about to take place.

He had never been in that particular room and he slowly entered the classroom, the door having already been opened and filled with about 10 nephilims.

He took in the place with curious eyes and the first thing he was grateful for was that unlike the rest of the school, the lights in here were a bit dimmed and the soft beige curtains blocked the harsh sunlight from spilling into the room.

Sometimes, he was a bit annoyed with how white and clean everything was in the school and maybe that was just because he was a half-human, but he really craved a bit of disorder once in awhile.

But then again, his best friend was an angel, and Jin had never seen a room messier than Namjoon’s with various books on philosophy strewn across his sofa, armchair and even bed, along with clean and sometimes even dirty (ew) clothes scattered all over the once pristine white tiles.

He noticed with delight that instead of the chairs they had small, fluffy floating clouds for each one of them and he always loved sitting on those, because they gave him some sense of what it would be like to fly.

The classroom was one of the biggest he had seen, which he supposed made sense, since it was still not known which one of the skills each one of them possessed and considering his ability to jump really high, it was a good thing that the ceiling was so high above.

When Jin heard someone clearing their throat behind him, he turned around, and was met with a very beautiful nephilim lady with round mocha brown eyes and auburn streaks in her otherwise dark brown hair.

She smiled at Jin, before making her way to the small elevated stage in the classroom.

Jin quickly jumped on one of the clouds, floating in the air in the middle of the classroom and it was only when all the nephilims took their seats that the lady finally spoke.

“Hello. I am Akane and I will be teaching this course on ‘The Diversity of Nephilims’. I look forward to discovering everything you are capable of and strengthening those abilities.”

The first thing that caught Jin’s attention was that the teacher’s name was Japanese.

He wondered how it was that she ended up in their school.

The second thing that he noticed was how soft-spoken she was and yet confident at the same time, her voice filled with conviction and sincerity.

Finally, the third thing that he noticed, were two guys entering the classroom.

“Sorry, we are late. We got lost somewhere along the way. This school was built more like a maze than an educational institution.”

Jin wasn’t even going to pay attention to those guys, since he disliked latecomers.

But the deep, raspy voice intrigued him and when it turned into a laugh at the end, a very familiar laugh at that, Jin couldn’t help but look at the two nephilims.

Except that they weren’t nephilims.

They were angels.

And that unnaturally deep voice and laugh belonged to none other than that Kim Taehyung guy who had caused him to feel unsettled a few days ago!

Jin could once again feel the uncomfortable feeling spreading through his body as he stared at the angel who was practically charming the pants of their nephilim teacher as she lightly laughed in response.

Why in the world would two angels take the course designed for nephilims, was his first question and his second question was—since when did angels have such deep, guttural voices?!

Literally, he couldn’t remember any single angel having a voice that deep and that husky and while it wasn’t unpleasant, it was certainly odd for an angel to have such a tone of voice.

Okay, so maybe he was stereotyping angels too much, but something really wasn’t right with this guy, otherwise he wouldn’t be in a course where he didn’t have to fly.

It was common knowledge that all angels attended that course, since flying was practically like breathing to them, but these two were apparently no ordinary angels.

If they were even angels, Jin thought as he narrowed his eyes at Kim Taehyung and his blonde, shorter buddy, with a serious case of resting bitch face, who also gave Jin the chills.

Although, he somehow seemed less fake than the blue eyed blonde, who, after exchanging a few hushed words with the teacher, actually started going towards the clouds to take a seat.

She wasn’t really going to let them attend the course, was she?!

Jin watched with utter shock as the two guys who settled on the floating clouds right in front of the auburn nephilim lady no less and this was really too much!

Maybe that was why his mouth worked faster than his brain as he loudly blurted out, “Um, excuse me, but are they really going to be allowed to attend this course?”

At his question every pair of eyes was now fixed on him and Jin suddenly wanted to fly far, far away on his fluffy cloud.

Mrs. Akane was now looking at him as well, a friendly smile still on his face, albeit a bit frozen as she asked in a slightly colder voice, “And why wouldn’t they be, Mr…?”

Jin almost lost his bravado for a moment, especially when she asked for his name, but he still responded in a what he hoped was a casual voice, “Kim Seokjin. Jin, actually. Well, it’s just that this course is clearly for nephilims as the name says it and they are angels. So, shouldn’t they be flying instead of doing this?”

At his response, a murmur spread through the classroom which was immediately silenced when the teacher’s loud, firm voice echoed throughout the classroom as she laughed, although Jin saw no real humour there, and said while staring straight at him and making him squirm on his cloud, “ Mr. Kim—Jin, I do not see the need to distinguish angels from nephilims despite the title of this course. After all, this school is based on the equality and you should stop stereotyping angels and nephilims, or at least restrain yourself from sharing your prejudice aloud.”

Jin felt his cheeks burning from embarrassment at that as the teacher practically scolded him in front of everyone and suddenly clasped her hands, smiling brightly as she said, “ Now! Let’s talk a bit about nephilim skills. So, first of all…”

Jin drowned out her voice as she started her lecture and all he wanted to do was for this to end and for him to leave this classroom.

He brought a hand to his cheek which was hot to the touch and fuck, this was so humiliating.

He let out a small sigh and then he caught something out of the corner of his eye.

When he looked up, he saw that Kim Taehyung was watching him.

Or more like burning holes in his face.

Although his expression seemed blank, there was no mistaking the intensity in those eyes which were now icy blue with the angel still not making an effort to break the eye-contact.

Jin felt cold sweat at the back of his neck and he couldn’t look away from the angel, not sure what else to do after practically accusing him and his shorter friend of being…Well, unwelcomed, actually.

He couldn’t stop himself from gulping and it was then that Kim Taehyung finally snorted as if thinking Jin was pathetic and then turned around to listen to the teacher.

Jin could feel his heart slamming against his ribcage and there was no way this guy wasn’t hiding something.

Jin was now sure of it.

He just had no idea how to prove it without someone once again calling him out for being a ‘prejudiced nephilim’.


Suddenly, this school looked a lot less like home than before he knew about the existence of that guy.


“Jin, I think you are overreacting. The guy seems perfectly fine.”

Jin ignored the voice of reason next to him, a.k.a. Namjoon, and instead continued following Kim Taehyung who was casually strolling the hallway.

Ever since that humiliating fiasco that happened a week ago, Jin had been trying to find out what exactly, or who exactly, Kim Taehyung was.

Because, he was by no means an angel and Jin was certain of it.

However, the guy was like a shadow and moved like one too, Jin thought as he realized that Taehyung had been making a lot of turns through the hallways as he walked behind him with a reluctant Namjoon in tow.

This was the first time Jin had caught a glimpse of the blonde since that lecture and he sure as hell wasn’t going to waste his chance of going after Kim Taehyung in order to uncover his dirty little secret—whatever it is.

When he told Namjoon about his plan, his friend looked at him incredulously and said he was going insane.

He still tagged along, despite his whining how this was not right.

What was not right was that Kim Taehyung, Jin thought passionately as he grabbed Namjoon’s wrist and pulled him in one of the smaller hallways when Kim Taehyung suddenly turned around.

They both stayed silent, barely breathing and after a few minutes passed with no angry angel marching up to them to accuse them of stalking, they finally peeked their heads out only to see that Kim Taehyung was not there!

“Damn it. He got away,” Jin clicked his tongue in annoyance as he announced that, earning him a judgmental stare from the ash blonde beside him.

“You have really gone crazy. Instead of thinking about conspiracy theories, you better work at discovering what other skills you have for the class. I gotta go anyways, our class starts in 5 minutes. Don’t be late,” Namjoon said and patted his shoulder, before leaving Jin alone in the hallway.

Maybe Namjoon was right, maybe he should work on his abilities instead of going after that guy when he didn’t even have the slightest idea what exactly he was looking for.

He was just about to head to the class when he spotted two figures outside the window, heading towards the forest.

Jin widened his eyes when he recognized that shorter guy that was with Kim Taehyung in the ‘Diversity of Nephilims’ class and since when did angels go into that forest, Jin wondered skeptically as he recognized the other guy to be his main suspect.

“ Sorry, Namjoon,” Jin murmured to himself as he clenched his fist and confidently jumped out of the window, landing firmly on the fresh cut grass.

Luckily, there weren’t many students around and he had only jumped from the 2nd floor which took about few seconds, so no one seemed to have noticed him doing that.

He cursed under his breath when he looked into the distance and was barely able to see the two blonde guys, who were at the entrance of the forest by now.

He couldn’t risk jumping all the way there, because that would seem alarming—a nephilim suddenly jumping like crazy to the forest that almost no one ever entered.

That was why he settled for running, although he wasn’t really the best runner, since he was having trouble breathing half way to the forest.

By the time he had arrived at the entrance, he was already panting and trying to catch his breath.

He felt wary when he saw how dark it was among the uncut tall trees looming one over another, but if anything, he was not the one to get so easily scared, so he entered the forest without looking back.

He treaded through the muddy pathway, the brown substance sticking on his white adidas sneakers and making him wrinkle his nose in disgust.

Seriously, this forest was totally not made for strolls and similar shit, Jin thought, feeling even more convinced that those guys were up to no good, because what reason would anyone have to get in here, unless to do some dark stuff.

Maybe some ritual, or some sacrifice, Jin thought in horror as he quickened his paste, looking around himself and trying to listen for any sounds which would give away the location of those two guys.

He had no idea how deep into the forest he had wandered until he realized that he could see no light behind him anymore.

At first, there was still sunlight breaking through from the entrance every time Jin looked back, but now he was just surrounded by naked boughs looking ominous in the increasing dark.

“Damn it,” Jin muttered under his breath, realizing he was lost and that also he had no clue where those two guys could be.

He wondered if he should just jump above one of the trees to see his way out, but they were so tall that he literally couldn’t see where they ended, let alone jump that high.

As he was busy looking up and trying to see anything really he didn’t even realize he was walking backwards until his foot was swallowed by something, making him fall on his butt.

He let out a little yelp as his ass hit the ground and when his hands landed into something sticky which smelled gross, he opened his eyes and realized he had fallen into a muddy puddle.

“Shit,” he cursed loudly as he raised his arm, shaking it to get rid of the stinky substance.

“Need any help?”

Jin almost got a heart attack when a low voice behind him spoke and he thanked his fast reflexes for making him jump away from the owner of the voice as fast as he could.

He found himself staring in the almond-shaped blue eyes which were now a darker shade than usual, probably obscured by the darkness of the forest.

He barely suppressed the shiver threatening to rake his body as he narrowed his eyes at the blonde he had been following, who was now smiling at him as he said.

“So, I don’t think we have officially met. I am Kim Taehyung.”

Jin stared at the large palm extended towards him and then he met Taehyung’s gaze and it was like there was a glimmer of something in his eyes.

A challenge.

Daring him to back off.

However, Jin returned the serious stare as he raised his arm, his hand fitting perfectly into Taehyung’s as he firmly shook it.

But, as soon as their fingers came in contact, a spark of electricity shoot through his hand and spread as fast as lightning through his body, making him jolt back with a start.

“Oops, sorry about that,” the blonde sing-songed, but when Jin met his eye, he saw that there was nothing apologetic in his expression.

If anything, the bastard actually seemed smug about his reaction.

Before Jin could say, or more like curse at the asshole, another pissed off voice behind him gruffly grunted out, “Can we get moving already? I am in need of a nap, a.s.a.p.”

Jin whipped his head so quickly that he almost got dizzy and with horror he realized that that shorter male had been behind him and when the hell did he get there?!

“ Please forgive Yoongi. He gets grumpy when he doesn’t get his beauty sleep.”

Jin once again turned to Taehyung, who said that with a teasing voice and just got a rough “fuck off” from the short male behind him, before he heard footsteps getting further away.

Jin looked back and realized this Yoongi guy wasn’t planning on ambushing him from behind and that he was really heading back.

“Anyways, shouldn’t you be in class right now?”

Jin immediately narrowed his eyes at the blonde in front of him, despite the fast thumping of his heart as he spat out, “And how do you know that?”

Kim Taehyung just grinned at that, his smile somehow more wicked than angelic as he responded, “We are in the same class, but you apparently haven’t noticed me. I guess my observation skills are better than yours.”

This time, Jin couldn’t stop himself from shuddering at how low Taehyung’s voice had gotten.

This guy was definitely trouble, Jin thought when he saw a pleased flicker in Taehyung’s unreal blue eyes at his reaction.

Well, Jin wasn’t going to be intimidated so easily.

“What about you then? Why aren’t you in class?”

Jin thought that he had gained the upper hand when he asked that, but when he saw the self-satisfied smile on the blonde’s face, he knew that something wasn’t right.

“Oh, right before class, professor Akane asked me and Yoongi to fly to the forest since she couldn’t, being a nephilim and all that and check something for her.”

A lie.

A blatant lie.

And Jin knew it.

And Taehyung knew that he knew it, Jin realized with wide eyes, having just now figured out that he had fallen into Taehyung’s trap.

Because, if he accused him that he was lying then he was going to have to admit that he was stalking him and Yoongi and this whole time the bastard was aware of Jin following him and he was always one step ahead.

Fuck, fuck and fuck!

Jin hated how easily he had been toyed with, but what he resented even more was the ultra smug look Taehyung was now sporting, his arms crossed over his broad chest as he stared at Jin, challenging him to contradict him.

Jin just clenched his fist, faking a sweet voice as he uttered, “Yeah, she sent me here too to check something out. She probably wanted to get an angel’s and a nephilim’s perspective on that thing.”

At his answer, Taehyung’s eyes seemed to lit up in amusement as he responded in a husky voice, “Must be it.”

Jin grunted in confirmation, turning around and following after the shorter male, who was already far away.

Jin quickened his pace, although he kept turning around, not trusting Taehyung, who was casually walking behind him with an indifferent face.

However, whenever he saw Jin looking, he practically smirked, his eyes twinkling sort of devilishly, convincing Jin even more that he was right about being suspicious of him in the first place.

But he still had no evidence to back that up and he knew that that bastard Taehyung knew it, so he gritted his teeth and sped up, managing to catch up to the shorter male, who just gave him a lazy glance, but otherwise said nothing.

At least he wasn’t so infuriating like the jerk behind them, who even had the audacity to let out a chuckle when Jin rushed away from him, stumbling a bit along the way.


“You look like a zombie,” Namjoon announced at breakfast while prodding his finger in the soft flesh of Jin’s cheek, making him weakly slap Namjoon’s hand away.

“Seriously, when was the last time you had proper sleep?”

Jin couldn’t even answer his best friend’s question, because he honestly had no idea.

It had been at least two weeks since that whole weird encounter in the forest, which he didn’t tell Namjoon about, because he would probably be called delusional again and since then Jin couldn’t get a wink of an eye.

He kept having nightmares about Kim Taehyung and that Yoongi turning into some scary-looking creatures and capturing him in the forest and sacrificing him to their God while wickedly laughing at his screams of pain.

It didn’t help that during their class held by Mrs. Akane, he constantly felt as if he was being watched and confirmed that he was, because every time he would look around the room, he would notice Kim Taehyung staring at him shamelessly.

Even after being caught by Jin every time, the asshole would just smirk, before turning to the shorter male and whispering something every time.

The worst part was that Jin could do nothing about it, or complain about his creepiness, because the teacher would once again accuse him of being a prejudiced prick.

He had no idea how to stop all of that and he had no answer to Namjoon’s question, so he just stuffed his mouth with cornflakes, successfully avoiding any further questions he had no answers to.


Countless times he had wondered how Kim Taehyung managed to keep his composure all the time.

It was obvious that he was not an angel, or a nephilim, and that he was a threat, Jin stopped doubting that ever since their encounter in the forest, but he couldn’t figure it out.

Were he and Yoongi some sort of shape-shifters?

Jin had never heard of such creatures except in fairytales, but maybe it was true that they existed, just that no one knew of them, since no one probably knew their real form.

He had no idea what shape-shifters were capable of, though and that was what truly scared him.

“You okay?”

Jin was startled out of his thoughts when he bumped into someone in one of the hallways on the 2nd floor and he looked up, staring into the soft eyes of an angel girl.

She eyed him warily, probably noticing his poor state and dark circles under his eyes and he was just about to reply when a quick movement behind her caught his eye.

He could have sworn that that was Kim Taehyung holding a hand over half of his face while running down the stairs and it could be his lack of sleep, but Jin could have sworn that his hair wasn’t even so blonde anymore.

He widened his eyes when he realized that he must be transforming into his true form finally and that it didn’t seem to be his intent to do that.

Jin had no idea what he was about to do, but he knew that he couldn’t miss this opportunity in revealing that asshole’s true nature and identity.

That was why he started running after him, completely ignoring that angel girl, but he had no time to feel guilty about that.

Taehyung was much faster than him and also he was already out of his sight when Jin got to the ground floor, frantically looking around, but not being able to spot the shape-shifter.

Shit, he needed to think.

There was no way that Taehyung had gone out of the school, because he would risk everyone seeing his true form and the ground was also very spacious, not providing many hiding places.

Just as Jin was about to groan in frustration, he noticed a small staircase leading underground.

He had never been there before and he was pretty sure that no one ever went there which was the perfect hiding place for a shapeshifter, he thought and wasted no time in climbing down the steps.

Once he had reached the foot of the stairs, he blinked a few times to let his eyes adjust to the sudden darkness.

There was a long, wide hallway, only lit up by torches attached to the cold, gray walls, leading into an even greater darkness.

Jin knew that he was going to regret this, but he had no choice.

He couldn’t go get Namjoon, because Taehyung would have probably turned into someone else, or escaped by then and he couldn’t risk that happening.

That was why he took a deep breath and took tentative steps towards the dark.

He wasn’t sure how long the hallway was and he just followed the path, barely able to see as he already made a few turns whenever he reached the end of the hallway.

Finally, he found himself in front of a large black metal door with metal spikes which were slightly open.

He already had a feeling that this wasn’t going to end good, his palms getting sweaty as he entered what seemed to be an abandoned library.

The door behind him slammed shut, making him let out a startled gasp as he jumped away from it.

After a few minutes, his heartbeat returned to normal, and he took hesitant steps towards one of the shelves.

The library, although now dark and full of ripped books scattered on the shelves and the floor, was pretty grandiose and Jin realized he was in a very vulnerable position out in the open and that he could be easily attacked at any point.

That was why he quickly went between the wooden shelves, the bark marked with deep claws and wow, what the hell happened here, Jin wondered.

Apparently, someone must have fought here in the past, judging by the destroyed state the  library was in.

The howling of the harsh wind coming from one of the small windows above him made Jin’s heart accelerate once more and he realized that that was probably why the door had slammed shut on its own.

At least he hoped that it was because of that.

When he realized that he had reached a dead-end, he decided to turn around and go back.

But then, a chilling voice behind him made his blood go cold.

“You just couldn’t leave me alone, noisy nephilim…”

Jin slowly turned around, although he already knew who that sinister voice belonged to.

That didn’t stop his pulse from skyrocketing, because he was aware how screwed he was.

What he didn’t expect though was for Kim Taehyung to look exactly the same except that his hair was now the colour of a dark chocolate, his skin was slightly tanned and his eyes…

Gone were those sky blue eyes, now replaced with two dark orbs, the shade of the freshly brewed espresso, the flecks of gold around the irises making them seem even more unreal.

However, the same intensity was there with which Kim Taehyung usually glared at him, now even more intensified.

Jin instinctively took a step back, feeling like a small animal cornered in front of a predator.

The analogy wasn’t completely wrong, he thought ironically.

His move seemed to have amused Taehyung, who tilted his head and said, “What? You are brave enough to come here, but now you back away? I am disappointed.”

Jin felt his throat going dry at the dark chuckle that left those red lips which seemed surprisingly soft.

The words spoken next were sharp and in contrast with Taehyung’s previous tone,

The heaviness of Taehyung’s stare was so overwhelming that Jin felt as if he was running out of air.

He got himself way in over his head.

“Everything was going so smoothly for months, but then I just had to run into a nephilim with an enhanced skill of perception.”

Jin knitted his eyebrows in confusion, because what?

Enhanced skill of perception?

“ I really have bad luck,” Taehyung chuckled dryly, running his hand over his face, before his eyes flew open, focused completely on Jin, his voice now a low growl as he said, “ …but you have even worse luck, coming down here all alone. Stupid little nephilim.”

Jin bristled at the insult and he kind of forgot that he was also scared shitless as he spat out, “ Oh, fuck off. This nephilim is going to kick your ass.”

That seemed to have greatly entertained the brunette in front of him as he quirked an eyebrow and said, “Oh? How interesting. I wonder how exactly you are going to accomplish that, half-angel.”

Jin felt absolutely furious at the condescending tone at the end and he was just about to attack Taehyung no matter what, but then he felt as if somebody had knocked the air out of his lungs.

His eyes tracked the movement of onyx black pair of large wings suddenly appearing out of Taehyung’s back, spreading wide, the feathers falling around him as the faint, purple glow spread through the veins on the wings making them even more stunning.

However, this was not a pair of wings Jin ever wanted to possess.

“A dark angel,” Jin exhaled in shock, more to himself than anyone, but Taehyung of course heard it.

His smirk seemed more menacing than ever, his eyes getting darker as they now glimmered with apparent bloodlust when the dark angel licked his bottom lick, his voice husky as he said, “ That’s right. Now, it’s time for you to join angels up in the heaven, although I am not sure the souls of half-breeds get to go to heaven after death.”

Jin glared at the dark angel after that insult, but soon enough fear spread all the way to his core as Taehyung’s voice turned ominous, his eyes murderous as he smirked, “ Time to put that to a test.”

Jin only managed to see a movement of Taehyung’s wings as the glow intensified with the dark angel wasting no time in surging forward and Jin cursed himself for not having wings, because his legs just wouldn’t fuckin’ move!

At least his voice functioned just fine, his shrill scream of agony echoing through the abandoned library.

Chapter Text

Jin couldn’t stop the raw sound that left his lips as his legs finally unfroze in the last moment, right before Taehyung was about to crash into him at full speed, his body colliding with one of the giant bookshelves as he threw himself out of the way.

Pain seared through his left arm which was probably broken from the impact, but it was the adrenaline pumping through his veins that enabled him to quickly get up and jump onto the top shelf, his slightly blurry gaze landing on the dark angel below him.

He blinked away the fogginess as he put pressure on his wound with his other hand, thus slightly reducing the burning feeling in his arm.

“We haven’t even started and you already look so broken. Such a pity.”

This guy was no joke, Jin thought when the dark angel casually said that, his voice almost a purr.

Jin knew that this guy was just toying with him, before he decided to finish him off.

Unfortunately, Jin had underestimated this Kim Taehyung guy—if that was even his real name.

All he knew was that somehow he had to buy himself some more time until he came up with a plan how to get out of here and warn the others of the great danger lurking in their school.

The worst part was that no one ever came down here unless they were reckless like him, following after someone he knew was a threat and yet didn’t inform anyone of his whereabouts.

Still, he knew that he couldn’t win against a dark angel which was so powerful, judging by the pitch black colour of his wings and their sheer size.

After all, the darker and bigger the wings a dark angel had were a proof of how strong he was, and this guy was undeniably powerful.

The only thing which might help him distract the guy currently observing him with an amused smirk was talking to him.

Jin had noticed that this guy had a tendency of taking things slow, as if he enjoyed teasing and toying with his prey before killing it.

It seemed as if for him this was all some sort of a game.

So, Jin needed to become a skilled player as well.

“Who are you and what the hell do you plan on achieving here?! You are crazy if you think that no one will notice what you truly are!”

Okay, maybe he got a bit carried away, Jin thought as he yelled out, almost falling down with how passionately he screamed that.

When the dark angel chuckled in response, Jin wanted nothing more than to punch him in the face.

How the hell was he so nonchalant about everything all the time?!

“You already know my name. It’s Kim Taehyung,” the guy said breezily making Jin frown, because he was obviously lying.

“But…,” Jin narrowed his eyes at the dark angel underneath him whose wings were still spread wide, except that he was now casually leaning against the bookshelf across Jin’s, continuing with a smug voice, “…most people know me by my alias—V.”

Jin’s heart stopped beating for a moment, his eyes going wide.

“ Ah, I see that I was indeed right. Now, do you realize just in what big trouble you are, little nephilim?”

Jin swallowed hard when the dark angel sing-songed that, a grin playing on his face as his dark eyes sparkled devilishly.

No way.

This guy was V?

V—the son of the commander of the most powerful army of dark angels.


After this horrible revelation, Jin was more than convinced that today was the day when his life would come to an end.

Everyone at the school knew of Dark Lord Kim Bong, who was once said to have risen from the ashes at a battlefield and single-handedly disposed of 25 demons, winning over the battle for the Dark Lands, a realm under the control of dark angels ever since then.

His son, V, was said to be as powerful as Kim Bong was in that age and some even say he might actually surpass his father in strength in the years to come.

Jin knew that if that happened, the consequences would be disastrous for all of them.

But, Kim Bong, despite being the Dark Lord, had a treaty with angels for over 50 years now, so what the hell was going on?!

“You are breaking the alliance treaty by doing this. Even someone as strong as you will not be able to escape the divine punishment,” Jin spat out, his fist clenching.

He was even more pissed off when the dark angel looked at him with something akin’ to pity as if he was some idiot, who understood nothing.

“Oh, nephilim. You really are naïve, aren’t you?”

Jin glared at the dark angel who was openly mocking him, but his breath hitched when the atmosphere suddenly shifted, the dark angel’s expression suddenly hardening, his eyes flashing with anger as he said, “The angels you worship so much broke the treaty first. So, we are just properly punishing them for that by taking their bastion of the so-called ‘light’.”

Jin couldn’t help but notice the bitterness and mockery in the dark angel’s voice as he said ‘light’, but before he could do anything, the chit-chat was over.

Kim Taehyung materialized in front of him in a matter of milliseconds, his face appearing right in front of Jin, his intense eyes boring into his, causing Jin to gasp in surprise as he quickly threw himself as far away from him as possible.

Unfortunately, Taehyung had the ability to fly and he caught up to him in an instant, even before Jin’s feet touched the floor.

The dark angel grabbed him by the front of his shirt, slamming him hard into the stone cold wall of the library.

Jin grunted in pain, his eyes closing on reflex as he tried to steady his breathing.

The beating pulse against his skin filled the otherwise silent room, his eyes slowly opening only to lock with fierce dark brown eyes, the gold flecks making them shine like two torches in the night as the dark angel’s raspy voice sent shivers down his spine.

“You act as if your angels are incapable of doing anything bad, but remember this, the adjectives ‘light’ and ‘dark’ are generalized descriptions of what we are, but at the end of the day we are the same species. We are all angels and even you carry some of the angel blood. Your flaws and weaknesses might be determined by the human blood inside of you, but don’t think that light angels are all that perfect and constantly righteous. Yin and yang. Dark and light. Negative and positive. Everything is interconnected and just remember—shadow can’t exist without light.”

Jin parted his lips in wonder at the dark angel’s wise words and the underlying insinuation that not everything was how it seemed.

Other than apparently claiming how light angels could be corrupt as well, did it mean that he was implying how dark angels were not completely evil?

Jin stared at the dark angel in front of him with surprised eyes while Kim Taehyung’s expression gave nothing away and if it wasn’t for his eyes still blazing with passion and conviction then Jin would have been sure that the guy was completely indifferent about all of this.

He still couldn’t move, since the guy’s firm was grip as his fingers were still twisted in his shirt, pinning him to the wall.

However, the strange moment between them was broken when Jin heard someone’s voice far in the distance.

He realized with a smidge of hope that someone was down there as well, judging by how far that person’s voice was, probably at the foot of the stairs.

Jin knew that if he screamed, he would probably not be heard.

So, he had this one chance, he thought with newly found resolution as he took action in an instant.

He used the dark angel’s slight distraction by that voice to his advantage as he quickly reached with his healthy hand for the knife he always carried with him, attached to a black bandage around his midriff.

He wasted no time in slicing the air with the sharp silver blade, effectively cutting the dark angel’s wrist.

The dark angel let out a surprised grunt, moving away his hand on reflex, thus releasing the hold on Jin’s shirt.

Jin knew that his only chance was to run which was what he did, first jumping to the door of the library which was on the other side from where he was currently at.

He heard the dark angel’s voice behind him, sounding more like a threatening growl, but he paid him no mind, the adrenaline pumping through his veins as he stumbled into the hallways, running with all his might.

“You are fuckin’ dead,” the murderous low snarl right behind him made his heart wildly punch against his chance as he screamed out the loudest he could, “ DARK ANGELS IN SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!”

The next thing he knew, his body was tackled to the ground, his ribs heaving as the air harshly escaped his lungs, making him fight with every gasp for oxygen.

“I will destroy you.”

The low rumble laced with apparent homicide intent had Jin’s lungs constricting even more as he found himself staring into the dark angel’s impossibly dark eyes blazing with fury, his wings spread wide, the purple glow increasing as they started closing in around them.

Jin’s brain shut down as the dark angel standing above him created a purple ball of electricity in his hand, directing it towards Jin.

Jin closed his eyes, fully aware that this was as far as he goes, hoping that at least he had managed to warn the others.

He waited for the excruciating pain to come, wishing that his death would at least be quick, but then there were voices coming not so far from them.

He dared to crack one eye open, noticing how even though the dark angel was still standing above him, the  electric ball in his hand was now fading, his sharp eyes focused in the direction where the voices were heard, now getting louder.

“ Fuck,” the dark angel cursed before giving him a quick death stare, making Jin flinch as those wings flapped suddenly, the dark feathers falling on his face, making him close his eyes for a moment.

When he opened them, he was alone in the hallway, no trace of the dark angel, or his existence.

The only proof that he was there and that Jin hadn’t imagined it was the black feather he was now holding between his fingers.

“ Nephilim! Are you okay?!”

Jin startled at the voice now next to him and there were hands suddenly around his forearms helping him sit up.

When he looked around, a group of a few angels came into sight, two of them being the guardians of the academy that were usually situated at the entrance.

“ I…Y-yes. The dark angel, he disappeared.”

Jin mumbled dazedly, still not able to believe that he was alive by some miracle.

“We know. One of the other guardians now informed us how he saw a dark angel flying out of the window of the underground library. We haven’t been able to catch the others either,” one of the angels said with a deep scowl as he helped Jin get up.

Jin furrowed his eyebrows in confusion as he asked, “Others?”

The angel’s expression became sullen as he said, “Yes. Apparently, Kim Taehyung is V, the son of the commander of the Dark Army and he was accompanied by Yoongi, a.k.a. Suga, the son of General Min, along with a few other dark angels of higher ranks.”

Jin gulped anxiously, realizing that he single-handedly ruined the infiltration of a group of dark angels.

Oh, he was definitely dead-meat, he became aware of the awry fate awaiting him.


Taehyung’s breaths came out shallow as he stared around himself, not being able to recognize the room he was in anymore.

There wasn’t a single thing he hadn’t destroyed in the ‘meeting room’ of the Dark Academy after his fit of rage.

He and the other dark angels all came back unscathed, none of them saying anything as they fled from the Academy of Light, except for Yoongi, who squeezed his shoulder as they entered the Academy.

He didn’t even need that unexpected comforting gesture of Yoongi’s to tell him how much he screwed up.

He released the anger bubbling inside of him ever since that bloody nephilim managed to yell a warning to the other light angels, ruining Taehyung’s months-long mission of bringing down the Light Academy.

Taehyung cursed out loud once again, punching the wall with his fist and ignoring the blood trickling over his knuckles.

It was all that prying nephilim’s fault that he had to fuckin’ flee from there with his tail between his legs.

No, it was actually his own fault that he let that half-angel get inside his head with his judgmental stares and accusatory voice, causing him to become so distracted in his intention of showing the nephilim how the angels he practically put on a pedestal were far from immaculate.

Why the hell did he even care about that wretched nephilim’s opinion, he wondered angrily as he kept hitting the wall and berating himself for being so stupid.

“Wow, the cleaning ladies sure are going to have a hard time taking care of this whole mess.”

The familiar deep voice coming behind him made Taehyung stop punching the wall, his fists still clenched as he didn’t dare turn around, too ashamed of his failure.

He said nothing even as he heard the footsteps approaching him.

“So, what happened?”

The voice was now next to him, but Taehyung did not want to face the owner of the voice, answering through gritted teeth, “You already know. I fucking failed.”

The voice hummed thoughtfully before saying, “That is unlike you which is why I am asking you to tell me exactly how that happened.”

Taehyung swallowed hard, taking a deep breath as he spat out, “I was careless. I let some freaking half-angel divert my full attention from my goal, as if I was some amateur.”

His heart started beating faster as the man next to him became silent.

He was ready to be criticized for being an idiot, a rookie, a failure…

But then, the man chuckled and said, “A nephilim, huh? Well, he must have been something special to cause you to lose concentration.”

Taehyung finally looked at the man next to him who wore a grin, looking at him warmly and that was so fucking like his father that it pissed him off to no amount!

“What the hell is wrong with you, old man?!!’ Taehyung screamed in frustration.

“Why the hell are you being like this even though because of me months of hard work went down the drain and I turned out to be such a failure?!!!”

Taehyung was breathing heavily, his fists clenching as he looked down, not able to meet his father’s eye.

“You are always too hard on yourself, Tae, that there is no need for me to say anything else. Besides, knowing your personality, I am sure you won’t rest until you fulfill your mission. Unless you want me to appoint someone else as the leader of this mission?”

Taehyung widened his eyes at that suggestion, his eyes sharp as he looked straight into his father’s eye and spat out, “Fuck no.”

His father just chuckled as he ruffled his hair, saying, “Thought so. Don’t be too harsh on yourself, kiddo. I believe in you.”

Just like that his father left, making Taehyung’s stomach drop.

He felt even worse for failing this mission after his father’s words.

This was the first time he messed up a mission and he couldn’t stand the acrid feeling of defeat on his tongue.

His wings spread in a matter of seconds, the wind they created so strong to send the broken pieces of things he destroyed flying around the room.

He was definitely not going to stop until he conquered that Light Academy.

Also, there was one person there he had unsettled business with, he thought, his expression darkening.


Jin couldn’t sleep.

Ever since that day, he was always haunted by a certain dark angel in his dreams, his large, ominous wings obscuring any light, his almond-shaped eyes narrowing at him while blazing with rage, the words spoken in a deep, threatening voice always making him wake up with a start.

“I am coming for you, little nephilim…”

This night was no different as Jin woke up, his white cotton t-shirt drenched in cold sweat, his heart beating fast like a rabbit’s.

It took him a few seconds to adjust to the darkness of his room at the Academy, his hand flying to his chest as he tried to calm down.

He padded softly to the window, the moonlight breaking through the large glass pulling him in.

He knew that he was just being too paranoid.

After all, it had been 2 weeks since the discovery of dark angels at their Academy and ever since then everything was secured and there were more protective gems guarding there school than ever.

They were safe, at least in the premises of the school.

He told the elders everything that had happened with Kim Taehyung and they took preventive measures to stop that from occuring once again.

However, the only detail he left out was the one how the angels broke the treaty first.

It wasn’t that he thought how if he said that everyone was going to judge him for actually considering it important to share something as ridiculous as that when it was obvious that that dark angel was trying to deceive him.

Still, a small part inside of him said, “What if?”

What if Kim Taehyung was not lying?

It was not like he believed that light angels were not flawed.

After all, his father was the best example of just how that notion was wrong.

So, he kept that piece of information that the dark angel shared with him to himself.

Because, in case that was the truth, he didn’t know who to believe among the elders.

It was not like it was impossible for that very person who broke the alliance to be among them.

He knew that his thoughts would be considered a blasphemy and although he wanted to tell Namjoon of it, since he did trust him wholeheartedly, ever since the attack, they never had a chance to talk in private.

There was always someone listening, or watching them.

Jin let out a tired sigh, thinking how he was starting to feel like a prisoner in a place he had been calling his ‘home’ for years now.

And the one to be blamed the most for him feeling caged up was none other than that dark angel.

If only he got a chance to see him again and punch him in the face and demand some answers and—, Jin’s thoughts came to a halt as he noticed a shadow in the streak of the moonlight stretching from the forest to the entrance of their school.

He held his breath as he opened the window, shivering a little when the cool breeze hit his body.

He stared intently at the wide expanse bellow him, trying to see if there was something out of the ordinary out there.

He stood like that for a few minutes, the only sound reaching his ears belonging to the owls situated in their nests on the high branches of the trees in the forest.

With a sigh of relief, he shook his head thinking how he was really being too paranoid.

When he closed the window, he chuckled to himself for acting so absurd.

He lied down under the warm comforter, closing his eyes and slowly drifting to a peaceful sleep.

He was just about to cross the border separating the conscious world from the unconscious one when an ear-splitting scream made his hair stand up on the back of his neck as he all but bolted out of his bed, not wasting a moment in rushing out of his room.


Taehyung sat on one of the gigantic marble statues adorning the 3rd floor of the angel school, lazily swishing his legs back and forth as he observed the chaos underneath him with great pleasure.

There was no need for him to interfere just yet, since the army of dark angels he had hand-picked for this battle was definitely winning.

Surprisingly, with minimal effort.

He was almost sure, after having spent a few months in this too bright of an institution for his liking, that the angels would put up a better fight.

But, by the looks of it, he seemed to have overestimated their abilities.

He was so bored by the battle that he couldn’t even stifle a yawn.

He secured the knot of the indigo bandana keeping his hair from falling into his eyes as he thought how easy this was.


Despite the fact that the Light Academy had maximized their security and increased the amount of protective gems around their school, it still wasn’t enough to stop him and the army of the strongest dark angels from easily crashing in, enveloped by the veil of the darkness.

Taehyung wasted no time in preparing for a new attack after his defeat and he knew that the sooner he struck, the higher the success rate was.

Seeing how the angels were struggling, he concluded just how right he was.

He was just about to fly to the second floor and see how things were going there, since this was utterly boring when a shrill scream reached his ears.

Taehyung wasn’t sure why that voice caught his attention among many other screams echoing around, but his eyes instantly zeroed on a familiar figure.

Hm, he was intending on looking for that particular person later on, since they had a bill to settle after that troublesome nephilim had been the reason of his failure two weeks ago, but this was even better.

The nephilim practically showing up a few feet away, or well below him, was what he called a cherry on top of the cake, feeling content that he wouldn’t have to put in any effort in tracking him down.

However, he should have known that with that particular nephilim nothing ever seemed to go according to his plan.

He wasn’t sure what the nephilim had screamed, but soon enough the brunette was jumping high in the air and everything happened so fast that it even took Taehyung a few seconds to process what was going on.

As his gaze followed the nephilim, who had a panicked, but also determined look on his face, Taehyung didn’t even realize what the half-angel was about to do.

He was certain that the annoying broad-shouldered guy was about to pounce on one of his dark angels, and yeah good luck with that, Taehyung thought with a smug smirk, since he was pretty sure that the nephilim would be defeated in a matter of seconds.

So, when he saw that the nephilim had actually jumped in front of one strawberry blonde angel, Jimin was it?, Taehyung searched for the name in his brain when he saw the face of that angel which seemed familiar, Taehyung was more than surprised.

He was even more shocked when the nephilim pushed that Jimin guy to the side, only being able to shield his face with his hands, before a blast of dark energy from one of the dark angels sent him flying through the window.

Shit, that nephilim was being as brash as always, Taehyung clicked his tongue in annoyance when the nephilim’s body crashed into the glass of the window, the shards scattering everywhere, in his stupid attempt to save his friend.

Taehyung rolled his eyes as he let his wings fully spread in the air, not wasting a moment in jumping from the statue he was so comfortably situated on and flying towards the direction the nephilim had just been thrown out of the window.

As soon as he was out in the open air, he flew down, his eyes having immediately caught the sight of the nephilim’s body falling at an alarmingly fast speed.

“So bothersome,” Taehyung grumbled under his breath as he increased his speed, his wings making large strokes through the chilly air seeping into his skin.

For a moment he had even thought that he wasn’t going to make it in time and that he was about to witness the nephilim’s body splat flat on the ground, but then he increased his speed even more, somehow managing to catch the brunette’s body in the last moment.

The half-angel’s eyes were closed and his body felt limp as Taehyung embraced him and goddamn it this was going to hurt like a bitch, Taehyung thought with irritation.

The sudden weight in his arms along with the fact that he had to fly so close to the ground after flying down at such a high speed caused him to lose control as he found himself crashing on the cold ground, his left hand coming to rest at the back of the nephilim’s head while the other had a firm grip on his lower back.

“Ah, fuck,” Taehyung cursed as he tucked his wings in the last moments, before his back hit the ground, rolling on the clearing with the nephilim’s weight causing him trouble to breathe properly every time the half-angel was on top of him.

Finally, after rolling for a good half a minute, Taehyung managed to make them stop turning over and over, his body on top of the nephilim’s unconscious one.

His back muscles ached and he thought how he should have just let the nephilim fall and end up looking like a pancake.

He propped himself on his elbows, staring at the half-angel underneath him.

The sudden breeze gently swiped those soft brown strands to the side, revealing a nasty wound on the nephilim’s forehead, from which blood was trickling.

Taehyung grimaced slightly, thinking how that was going to hurt like hell when the half-angel awakens.

Speaking of which, he thought as he removed his hand from where it was trapped underneath the nephilim’s head and started lightly slapping the still unconscious male’s cheek.

“Yo, wake up. You don’t get the luxury of role-playing a sleeping beauty,” Taehyung said impatiently, already feeling slightly antsy that he wasn’t up there monitoring the situation.

After all, he couldn’t risk another failure, courtesy of the guy who was still not waking up, causing Taehyung to start poking his cheek instead.

He was just about to grip the guy by his forearms and shake his body until he got some sort of a response, but then he saw that the nephilim’s eyelashes fluttered.

Taehyung stopped any movement and observed the way the half-angel’s eyes slowly started opening, with great difficulty it seemed, judging by the soft groan that left the nephilim’s surprisingly plush lips.

Taehyung held his breath when those half-lidded eyes focused on him, noticing the way they had changed colour from the usual hazel eyes radiating mistrust, well, Taehyung guessed that they were only like that when looking at him, to a dimmer shade, the flecks of sapphire blue drowning out the brown quality of those large orbs.

Taehyung watched the swirling of the colours in those round eyes with utter fascination, since this was the first time he had witnessed it.

He had once heard from one of his teachers how some nephilims’ eyes would change whenever they were weakened, or hurt, or going through some emotional stress.

Taehyung had thought even then how that was such a weakness, not being able to bluff in front of your enemy, since your eyes uncovered everything.

He was still of the same opinion, but he couldn’t help but admit to himself at least how the eyes of this nephilim seemed to draw him in as the half-angel still stared at him in some sort of a disoriented state.

Taehyung scowled at his own ridiculous train of thoughts, because he sure as hell wasn’t here to stare into some nephilim’s eyes, especially this nephilim, when he had a battle to win and a school to conquer.

That was why, without any prior warning, he swiftly jumped up to his feet while grabbing the half-angel by his forearms and harshly pulling him up.

The brunette let out a pained gasp at that, his body crashing into Taehyung’s from the strength of the pull.

Taehyung immediately steadied him, the warmth of the nephilim’s body against his own throwing him off his feet for a moment.

He regained his cool in a matter of seconds, one of his hands tightly holding the nephilim by the elbow and the other on the small of his back, preventing him from falling on his back.

The half-angel blinked at him, his gaze somehow hazy, but then it cleared a bit as if he had finally figured out, who it was that was keeping him steady.

Taehyung watched as the nephilim’s expression turned into one of horror, his eyes widening as the brunette practically yanked his hand out of his grip, jumping as far away as possible in his state.

Taehyung didn’t even bother concealing his unimpressed look that he threw at the nephilim, who was swaying on his feet, the jump having exerted his already weakened body too much.

“Is that the thank you I get for saving your face from getting permanently carved into the ground? I am hurt,” Taehyung mocked, enjoying the way the nephilim’s eyes flashed with anger, the muscles in his jaw clenching.

Taehyung had to admit that it was fun to rile him up like that, because he had the most amusing reactions.

He was so sure that the nephilim was going to pounce on him with a battle cry, but he should have known by now to always expect the unexpected from that stubborn half-angel.

That was why he didn’t manage to react the very instant he saw the nephilim jumping as far away from him, aiming to get to the entrance of the school.

Taehyung’s eyes slightly widened as he realized why it was that that guy had done it.

He was very well aware that as soon as one stepped into the school, there was a button on the left side of the massive door.

An emergency button which was designed to let out a special mix of angel smoke to which only light angels and nephilims were immune to, with the purpose of disabling their enemies in the case of the attack.

That was why Taehyung blocked the way from the higher floors to the ground floor prior to the attack, by depositing large lava stones made by dark angels on the staircases leading down, but what he hadn’t counted on was somebody coming from the outside to push the button.

Somebody like the tiresome nephilim who had once already obstructed his plan of turning the angel school into one ruled by dark angels.

His vision went black with rage as he wasted no time in spreading his wings and flying after the nephilim at full speed.

He knew that he was going to catch up to him in no time, judging by the way the nephilim faltered every time he landed on the ground, probably caused by the injuries he gained while trying to save that strawberry blonde angel.

Taehyung smirked to himself when the nephilim landed in front of the entrance, losing balance for a moment as he leaned his body heavily against the door.

Taehyung used that moment of distraction to slam his body into the half-angel’s, showing no mercy even as he heard the other male’s sharp cry of pain now that Taehyung had him pressed against the solid door of the school, one of his arms coming to rest across the nephilim’s broad chest.

His other hand immediately curled around the half-angel’s long neck and he could feel the bobbing of the nephilim’s adam apple under his palm as the male in front of him swallowed a gasp of pain.

Taehyung’s wings wrapped around both of them, leaving no room for escape as he pressed his fingers around the tender skin of the nephilim’s neck, the action this time making the half-angel yelp, his eyes squeezing shut in pain.

“You may have managed to disrupt my plans once, but never again little nephilim, trust me…,” Taehyung spoke in a low, threatening voice, never taking his eyes off the half-angel in front of him whose eyes had once again changed colour as the nephilim finally returned his gaze.

There was undeniable fire burning in them, hatred so strong that Taehyung could almost feel it, but the dimness of his now so pale brown eyes that they were almost golden was unmistakable which told Taehyung just in what a shitty condition the nephilim was currently in.

Of course that did not stop the nephilim from spitting in his face, before he said through gritted teeth, his breath labored, “Fuck you.”

Taehyung just chuckled darkly, not even bothering to wipe off the spit from his face as he leaned in until his forehead was practically against the nephilim’s, the disgusted expression on the half-angel’s face at that causing him great pleasure.

“You really have a death wish, don’t you?” Taehyung’s voice dripped with poison as the nephilim glared at him.

“Unfortunately for you, I don’t grant freedom so easily after such insults. Death is so far away for you, but after I am done with you, you are going to beg me to kill you,” Taehyung said in a rough voice, unable to hide his satisfaction at the way the nephilim shuddered at his words.

Then, as if on cue, a voice of one of his dark angels boomed through the school and outside of it.


Taehyung wore a smug expression at that while the nephilim looked devastated.



Jin still couldn’t believe that they were defeated.

If only he had been faster and stronger then he would have maybe been able to prevent it.

But like this, he had lost his home, his friends were captured and maybe even worse, honestly Jin didn’t dare to think about it as he was being led away from the ruins of the school.

He fought against the tears threatening to spill, not wanting to give the pleasure to these sickoes, especially that monster, of seeing him fall apart.

As long as he was breathing, he was not going to give up.

He will keep fighting, despite his status of a captive of the dark army at this moment.

The shackles enveloped in dark magic burned his wrists and legs as he walked behind the colony of other angels and nephilims in a similar state as him.

Many were actually in a much worse state than he was, completely battered and barely able to walk.

Jin swallowed the lump in his throat at seeing one of the angels fall to the ground, having sustained serious injuries during the attack, only to be harshly tugged up by one of the dark angels, who immediately cursed at him, harshly pushing him to keep going.

Jin wanted to scream, to fight, to kill those bastards, but he couldn’t.

None of them could.

Besides, the angel elders have admitted defeat which meant that they were officially captives of the dark army now, who could do with them as they pleased.

Jin just hoped that Namjoon and Jimin were well.

The fact that he hadn’t seen him ever since he prevented that vicious dark angel from hurting Jimin, caused his heart to beat like crazy, the anxiousness eating away at his insides.

All he could do was hope and pray for his friends to be okay.

Until then, he had no choice but to keep going while thinking of a way to set them all free.


Jin was sure that the place they were taking them to was going to be like something out of his worst nightmares.

He was expecting  for them to be taken to some derelict building with crumbling walls splattered in blood, howling winds in abandoned hallways followed by strangled screams of the light angels, so when they finally arrived in front of the Dark Academy, to say he was surprised would be an understatement.

While it was true that the massive building in front of them, which was about 2 times taller and wider than their academy, had dark gray walls which made it seemed cold on first glance, the closer they approached it, the more details Jin noticed which even made the building seem acceptable to him.

The windows weren’t as big as the ones in their school, since dark angels naturally didn’t prefer that much light which was why all of the windows were half of the size of the ones from the Light Academy, but they were lined with a stunning wing pattern in intertwined dark red shade and glimmering gold one.

That gave the Dark Academy an antique kind of vibe and when they entered, it was similar.

There were no bright lights, but instead there were crystal wall lamps casting a dimmed glow in all the rooms and making the atmosphere somehow intimate and rather cozy than cold.

Jin shook his head, dismissing those unwelcoming thoughts about what was going to be his prison and not another home and he followed after the other shackled angels without a word.

They were all brought in a large room of a splendid décor, with luxurious, expensive looking plush sofas and arm chairs in various shades of emerald and maroon gracing the oak floors.

They were ordered to sit and as soon as they did, a man, who was taller than him by two heads at least, wearing a black uniform with gold buttons came out on the slightly elevated part at the front of the room.

His whole presence oozed power, confidence and elegance as he scanned the room with his sharp dusk brown eyes, before he smiled to himself, causing Jin and probably the other captured angels and nephilims to stare at him in slight shock since his smile seemed more welcoming than sinister.

“Welcome, students of the Light Academy.”

The man’s baritone, smooth voice travelled through the room and if it wasn’t for him currently being in shackles, then maybe Jin wouldn’t have snorted at the irony of that statement.

He was silenced quickly by the glare of the dark angel next to the armchair he was sitting in.

“I understand that at this moment you are feeling anything but welcome here, but I assure you that you shouldn’t be thinking like that.”

Jin stared at the man quizzically, because was he insane or what?

“I admit that it is unfortunate that you found yourself in this situation for the sins somebody else of your kind committed, but the alliance has been indeed broken and the proper measures had to be taken in accordance with it. Until the light angels who had broken the treaty are captured, you are to stay here as captives.”

A loud murmur broke through the room at that and Jin observed the faces of his fellow nephilims and light angels looking appalled by the sudden revelation.

Before things could get out of control, the man raised his voice, his tone authoritative as he continued,” In the meantime you are all to stay here. You will all get your own rooms and you will be free to move around the academy, even attending classes if you wish to do so. Your stuff is being brought here from your school. Keep in mind that any attempt at escape, or mutiny, will be harshly punished. I suggest you follow the laws until the situation between the dark angels and the ones in the City of Light is resolved. In case you feel that someone here is treating you unfairly, you are free to come and talk to me, or the other supervisors. I am Kim Bong and this academy is under my jurisdiction in the dark realm on Earth. That is all.”

Jin’s heart rate increased when he realized that this man was Taehyung’s father.

This was the renowned dark lord, who was feared and respected by many.

Jin had no idea what to think about him, but one thing was for sure.

The man’s orders were not to be disobeyed or the consequences would be grave.

Suddenly, a loud thump echoed in the room as all of their shackles fell to the floor.

Jin rubbed his sore wrists until the dark angel next to him was spitting out for him to ‘get going already’.

Jin walked in front of the man, following him to his new sleeping quarters as the dissatisfied dark angel coldly stated when Jin asked where he was taking him.

They entered one of the elevators along with 2 more angels followed by dark angels and just as the door was about to close, a tanned hand stopped it.

Jin saw the dark angel who was his ‘guide’ glowering until a face came in sight.

Jin felt the bile rising in his throat when he realized who it was that stopped the elevator door from fully closing.

“Oh, young master V, how may we be of service?” the 3 dark angels asked in unison making Jin cringe.

“I need to borrow this particular nephilim. Carry on.”

Just like that, Jin was being dragged out, the dark angel’s grip on his elbow strong as the doors of the elevator closed behind him, the others not even having the chance to respond to the one currently pulling him through the hallways which all looked the same to Jin.

Jin was just about to protest when he was suddenly pushed into some medium-sized room which was a total mess.

There were pieces of wood and glass scattered all around the floor with furniture and bookshelves toppled over.

“What the hell happened here,” Jin muttered under his breath as he wondered why the dark angel had brought him here.

“That is none of your concern,” a husky voice behind him said, making Jin narrow his eyes at the dark angel, who was looking around as if trying to spot something in this clutter.

Then, he finally met Jin’s eye as he said in a serious voice, “What is your concern is finding a small asian sprite.”

“A what now?” Jin asked dumbly, because what??

Taehyung huffed in irritation as he said, “An asian sprite. He is small and fluffy and usually wears a pure gold bell hat which jingles as he walks. However, he must have taken it off, because he doesn’t want me to find him. See, he is a bit angry with me for not feeding him sweets when he demanded them the other day and now he is hiding here. And it is your job to find him.”

Jin stared at the dark angel as if he had grown a second head.

“Why the hell would I do that?” Jin asked in a defiant voice which was a mistake, judging by the sudden deadly glare he received along with a response from the dark angel,” Because, you are a prisoner here and you are going to do whatever I tell you. After all, you have no choice.”

Jin clenched his fist, spitting out, “I do, actually. Your father said to report any injustice in the way you bunch treat us to him.”

That made the dark angel’s gaze harden, before he started laughing in his face.

“Are you an idiot? No, scratch that. Apparently, you are if you think that my dad is going to be on your side against his own son. Get real, foolish nephilim.”

Now that Jin heard the dark angel’s response, he also thought what a stupid thing he had said.

After all, even if Taehyung was not his son, there was no way that Kim Bong would ever stood up for some angel, or nephilim against his own dark angels.

Jin had no idea why the commander of the dark army had even made such a ludicrous statement in the first place.

“And if I refuse?” Jin challenged, crossing his arms over his chest.

The dark angel quirked an eyebrow at him, a smirk playing on his lips as he said, “As if you can. Now get to work. His name is Yeontan btw and you are not getting out of here until you catch him. Have fun!~”

Jin let out a weary sigh as he heard the door get locked behind him when the dark angel left the room and he plopped down on the floor.

He buried his face in his hands, feeling too broken by everything already.

And now he was supposed to be looking for some dark angel’s pet.

As if.

He was just going to stay like this until somebody came to get him.

Or until he starved from death.

He was just about to try and find a more comfortable position when he heard a low rumbling coming from somewhere in the room.

He looked up, but didn’t see anything.

However, the rumbling was now turning into growling and before he could even get up, something furry was jumping from behind one of the fallen bookshelves and lunging for his ankle.

Oh, the joy.


Unfortunately, for now, Jin couldn’t do anything.


It wasn’t just that they were not strong enough to attack, but the law prevented them from doing so.

Jin always thought how inconvenient that law was for them and how it was only angels and nephilims who suffered the consequences of it, since they were never the ones who attacked first.

According to that 1000 year nonsense written in the ‘Royal Decree of All Supernatural Beings’, if one side was defeated and captured then they were bound to obey their captor until they all united to bring him down.

However, escaping, or, trying to run away on your own carried serious repercussions which Jin had no idea what they were, but apparently they were grave.

Jin sighed from exhaustion, finally having finished one of the countless tasks that that asshole had ordered him to do.

After having completed the first assignment that that bastard gave him and ended up with his left ankle being bitten by that little devil of his pet, Taehyung made sure to keep him busy all the time, giving him various tasks, each one harder than the other.

He was definitely fulfilling his threat of making his life a living hell, never once having let Jin take a rest ever since they were brought here.

At least he had been able to spot Namjoon in the crowd during lunch, something that that sadist actually allowed him to attend, but before he could call out his best friend’s name, he was being dragged by one of the dark angels to that bastard’s dark lair to be given another errand.

Even though he was grateful that his best friend was alive, he couldn’t help but notice in that moment how sunken his expression was and how his eyes had lost its usual sparkle, now reduced to a dull, gray colour.

That made him concerned, but he didn’t even have time to worry about his own health at the moment, let alone Namjoon’s, he thought dejectedly as he was stumbling in front of the dark angel assigned to bring him to Taehyung.

The lack of sleep, along with the weariness and some of the wounds he sustained during the attack were seriously affecting his ability to walk and think properly in that moment, he thought as he tried to regain his balance.

The last thing he wanted was to give that bastard a satisfaction of seeing him falling apart.


While Jin was stuck doing one of the many ridiculous tasks in the swamp behind the academy, he noticed two figures approaching.

It was almost nighttime, but he could still recognize one of the figures from where he was standing.

Was that the headmaster of their school talking to some guy with an obviously high rank judging by his almost pitch black wings?

“Now, all you need to do is sign it and we are done,” the dark, raven-haired angel said.

The angel headmaster looked uncomfortable and wary, but he still bit his own finger gracefully, smudging his sacred blood all over the paper.

The raven haired angel had a smug expression after that as he said in a low voice, “In return for your help in infiltrating the school, you will be granted the ability you have wanted to possess for so long.”

Jin gasped in horror at that, immediately covering his mouth with his hand as to not reveal his presence.

Unfortunately the dark angel seemed to have heard something and the only way to save himself was to jump into the swamp, Jin thought with a disgusted look as he eyed the horrid substance next to him.

However, he had no time to even consider another way out as the dark angel took a step towards where he was hidden, causing Jin to submerge his whole body in the murky water.

When they were finally gone, Jin emerged from the swamp, gasping for air.

He wasted no time in rushing back towards the prison.

Despite the initial feeling of betrayal and disbelief he felt when he realized that their headmaster was involved in their downfall, now he saw his chance for escape.

If only he could snatch that paper from that dark angel, he would be able to run away with Namjoon and Jimin and get to the City of Angels to reveal the wrongdoings of their headmaster which would automatically help them release the others.

He just needed to find out where that guy kept that document.

But before that, he was going to take a long shower to get rid of the grime clinging to his body, hoping that that asshole Taehyung wasn’t going to end his life before he managed to acquire that document.

After all, he knew where his supposed room, or probably prison cell was, since the dark angel who led him to the swamp told him that after he finished this task, he was free to go to his room, courtesy of ‘Young Master V,” Jin mocked mentally.


Jungkook was up to something, Taehyung was sure of it as he watched his raven-haired cousin breezily going from one general to another, probably sucking up to them as always.

But there was something about the way he carried himself tonight as if he knew something that Taehyung didn’t.

Something which gave him advantage over Taehyung.

That rubbed him the wrong way since Jungkook had always been trying to screw him over and gain the favour of Taehyung’s father.

Taehyung figured that he needed to go to Jungkook’s bedroom and snoop around.

After all, he knew that Jungkook kept important files in his cabinet, but Taehyung almost never got the chance to enter his room, since Jungkook was always on alert.

However, this party was perfect for it and when Jungkook wasn’t paying attention, Taehyung easily slipped out.

He rushed through the corridor leading to Jungkook’s room, being careful not to be seen by anyone.

Luckily, everyone was at the formal gathering tonight, discussing the situation about their new captives brought in this morning, so Taehyung really couldn’t have asked for a better chance to look around his cousin’s room than tonight.

Of course, when he got in front of the crimson door, he realized that it was locked.

Nothing a little ball of dark energy can’t handle he thought as he formed the aforesaid ball in his hand, blasting it at the lock, but not leaving an indent, or any indication that anyone had broken in.

He closed the door behind him carefully before heading towards the cabinet.

Now, the door was much easier to handle, but the cupboard was made of magic-proof glass and Taehyung wasn’t sure how to go about it.

A thought had just crossed his mind which might actually work, but before he could test it, someone was opening the door.


He surged towards the huge-ass wardrobe next to the cabinet, leaving the door slightly open to see everything.

He was so sure that it was Jungkook, who had probably got back from the party earlier when he noticed that he was missing, that Taehyung froze when his eyes landed on the familiar figure which was the last one he expected to see here.

What in the world was that freaking nephilim doing here, he wondered.

He was just about to jump out of the closet and demand to know why that guy was currently snooping around Jungkook’s room when thanks to his super-hearing his ears picked up voices approaching.

This time it really was Jungkook.

Before he could think it through, he reached his hand out of the closet, grabbing the nephilim’s arm and making the half-angel yelp in shock as he pulled him into the darkness and closed the wardrobe door.

Seriously, he was starting to think that this nephilim was some sort of a curse for him with how many troubles he had already caused for him.

Chapter Text


Of all the people, did it really have to be him, Taehyung groaned mentally, his features scowling into an irritated expression as he stared at the one who had almost got him caught.

The honey brown eyes blinked at him, adjusting slowly to its new surroundings, before the spark of recognition flared in those orbs, instantly causing the male to try and squirm out of Taehyung’s grip—albeit weakly.

Taehyung was slightly surprised at that, since the brunette always put up more of a fight, but he had no time to ponder on it as he heard footsteps approaching.

Damn it.

He tightened the hold on the nephilim’s elbow as he pulled him deeper in the closer until they were standing side to side, pressed up against the wall.


Just what he needed.

If it hadn’t been for that troublesome half-angel then he would have checked Jungkook’s room in no time and managed to get out before getting caught.

But of course, despite the fact that the nephilim was their captive, somehow he still managed to get in the way of his plans.

What was he even doing here in the first place?

There was no way that he had stumbled into Jungkook’s room by accident which meant that he was also looking for something.

But what?

What did the half-angel know that he didn’t, Taehyung wondered until he heard voices murmuring something which meant that Jungkook was not alone and also that whoever it was that was with him was now in the room as well.

Taehyung turned quickly to the nephilim to warn him not to make a sound, or he was going to be dead meat, but he stopped before the words even left his lips.

The brunette was leaning against the wall, his head thrown back, displaying that long milky neck, his eyes closed and lips slightly parted causing Taehyung to notice just how shallow his breathing was.

Maybe that was why he acted before he had a chance to think it through as he squeezed the nephilim’s elbow, slightly shaking him in the process.

The half-angel’s eyes fluttered open at that, although Taehyugn noticed that it was with some difficulty as he observed the slow movement of the nephilim’s now half open eyelids staring at him.

Even though it was dark in the wardrobe, Taehyung was pretty sure that the half-angel’s eyes had changed colour, the blue freckles dancing in his otherwise honey brown eyes visible in the thin rays of light breaking through the crack between the sliding doors of the closet.

“What do you want—,” Taehyung didn’t give the nephilim to finish that question as he instinctively yanked him towards himself, hissing, “Shut up!”

He was surprised when the half-angel immediately obliged, but what had stunned him even more was when the brunette stumbled into him after Taehyung had pulled him forward.

The most shocking thing was how the nephilim didn’t move away, but just stayed like that, almost pressed up against him, his face leaning forward until it was buried in the crook of Taehyung’s neck.

The open mouthed lips lightly grazed his skin as the half angel’s warm breath tickled the sensitive skin of his neck making Taehyung’s fingers slightly dig into the nephilim’s elbow.

What in the actual fuck, Taehyung thought horrified as he fought down the urge to shudder from the contact of the brown-haired male’s lips against his skin.

His other hand flew to the nephilim’s lower back as he once again shook him, causing the brunette to lazily detach himself from Taehyung, a slight frown now gracing his features as he stumbled a step back.

Taehyung’s hand on his back served to steady him and he was about to curse at the nephilim for making such a ruckus which could get them both caught, but then the light fell directly on the half-angel’s face, allowing Taehyung to finally take in his expression.

The nephilim’s face was lightly flushed, his breathing still slightly ragged as he had his hands somehow slightly curled in the front of Taehyung’s T-Shirt, although it was hard to tell since the brunette had sweater paws formed by the baby pink long sleeved tee he was currently wearing.

Taehyung had no idea at what moment precisely had the half angel managed to twist his fingers into his fabric, but he left those thoughts aside as he stared at the male, who was blinking at him with unfocused eyes, and it was only then that Taehyung realized how unwell he must be feeling, considering his unusual pliance.

Somehow, seeing him vulnerable like that stirred something in Taehyung’s chest.

Maybe that was why when he heard the voices getting louder and saw the nephilim parting his lips to utter something, he tightened his hold on his elbow as he once again pulled him so close that their noses were almost touching.

“Wha—,” Taehyung didn’t give the nephilim any time to say whatever it was that he wanted to say as he leaned in, a devilish smirk playing on his lips, his voice husky as he whispered, “ Shhhh, little nephilim…,” before closing that last bit of distance between them.

He was not sure why he did what he did.

Maybe it was simple curiosity as to what it would be like to kiss a nephilim, or it was just to see his reaction.

Honestly, Taehyung would have burst out laughing at the comical expression of pure panic on the other male’s face, if he hadn’t been too busy wondering why his heart rate accelerated slightly as he pressed his lips against the brunette’s.

Nevertheless, he didn’t move away despite the slight struggle the nephilim put up by trying to shove at his chest.

How foolish, Taehyung snorted mentally, before lightly nipping that soft lower lip just to annoy the half angel even further.

That seemed to do the trick, he thought smugly as the nephilim’s expression turned bewildered, causing him to let out a surprised gasp at Taehyung’s unexpected action which Taehyung quickly swallowed, not wanting to risk them getting caught just because the half-angel couldn’t keep his mouth shut.

Surprisingly, their lips somehow molded against each other perfectly and Taehyung experimentally moved them against nephilim’s.

He wasn’t sure what exactly propelled him to do that, but when he felt how the male in front of him stiffened at that, before finally relaxing as he tentatively responded to the kiss, Taehyung felt his mind going blank.

His eyes were open the whole time, so he could see how the half angel’s eyes were almost completely closed, his fingers gripping the front of Taehyung’s shirt, but surprisingly not trying to push him away anymore and wow—talk about a plot twist, Taehyung thought amazed.

Still, he quickened his pace against the brunette’s mouth, suddenly feeling hungry.

He brought the brown-haired male even closer to him, causing the nephilim to let out a little squeak which took Taehyung by surprise, because since when was the fearless half angel capable of sounding like that?

Taehyung wasn’t sure at what moment it had happened, but his eyes were now half-closed as well as he swiped his tongue over the other male’s bottom lip, demanding access.

That seemed to have startled the half-angel, who let out a soft gasp at that, making Taehyung’s blood boil in a strange way.

Finally, the nephilim managed to push him away enough to make him break the kiss, although Taehyung wasn’t letting him escape his embrace.

“S-stop,” the brunette stuttered in a voice slightly above a whisper.

“And why should I?”

Taehyung asked with an evil smirk, although he made no move that would indicate he would continue with what they were doing, but even so it caused the nephilim to look at him with wide, dares he say it—even scared, eyes.

He couldn’t even bask in that expression, because the next thing he knew there was bright light spilling in the enclosed space, making Taehyung squint temporarily.

“Well, well, what do we have here. Intruders, hmm…”

Shit, he was so preoccupied by this unanticipated situation with the half-angel that he forgot all about Jungkook and the fact that they were hiding in his closet.

He finally looked straight into Jungkook’s dark eyes shining with utter pleasure.

“Oh, Tae…Breaking into my room? So low, even for you.”

Taehyung clenched his jaw at the insult, especially since he knew who the true ‘low one’ was, but before he could respond, Jungkook added in a smug voice, “ If I report this to the High Court then who knows what might happen to you. Unless, the real reason you came here is to deliver this pretty little present in which case I may just reconsider turning you in.”

It took Taehyung precisely a second of confusion to realize what this idiot was blabbing about, but then he followed his cousin’s line of vision which landed on the half angel, who was still in his embrace.

Taehyung then looked at the nephilim, who was gripping his T-Shirt, although now it was in such a delicate manner that Taehyung wouldn’t have even noticed it, if he hadn’t seen just how tense the brunette’s shoulders were as he stared at Jungkook.

“So, what do you say? It’s a very generous offer,” Jungkook taunted and Taehyung would be lying if he said he hadn’t actually considered it for a brief moment.

After all, he really did not need for his father, or anyone else for that matter, to be informed about him breaking and entering Jungkook’s room.

Also, the nephilim wasn’t even supposed to be here, so he was the one to be blamed for getting himself in this situation.

Taehyung owed him nothing.

Ah, if only it was that easy, he thought exasperatedly as he felt someone’s stare on him.

Indeed, when he directed his gaze to the nephilim, those large doe eyes were staring at him, seemingly pleading which was a clear indication of how bad his condition was, since Taehyung was sure that the nephilim would rather die than beg him to save him.

Taehyung kept staring at the half angel which seemed to have increased the brunette’s anxiety judging by his alarmed expression, but apparently his sickness took a toll on him as his body suddenly went limp in Taehyung’s arms.

Taehyung quickly brought his other hand to the spot between the nephilim’s shoulder blades as the boy slid in his arms, slurring, “ D-don’t,” before his eyes fluttered closed.

Taehyung frowned when he realized that the half-angel had fainted and then that annoying voice said, “Oh, perfect. Less struggle like this, since I heard that he is a feisty one…”

Taehyung glared at Jungkook, who had a wicked grin, and that made something simmer in Taehyung’s gut.

Swiftly he brought his other hand which was resting on the male’s lower back under his knees, easily holding him up in a bridal style.

“Well, feisty and my captive, in case you forgot. And I don’t give what’s mine to just anyone,” Taehyung smirked as he saw the enraged expression on Jungkook’s face after his statement.

He walked out of the closet with the nephilim in his arms, throwing a quick glance at Jungkook when he was already at the door, his voice low and smug as he said, “Oh and if you do go to the High Court, then be sure to tell them about the time you single-handedly ruined that expedition to the Demon Realm, because you were too busy fooling around with one of the soldiers of your battalion to notice the portal to the demon world had closed.”

As Taehyung finally went out of the room, a loud crash followed, causing him to smirk in satisfaction.

Checkmate, asshole.

Then, he looked down at the still unconscious male in his arms, who was breathing with slight difficulty, even though his expression seemed peaceful.

“Now what am I going to do about you,” Taehyung wondered out loud, his expression darkening.

“So, what did you do to him?”

Taehyung glowered at the red haired dark angel’s accusation as he responded in a dissatisfied voice, “Why do you immediately assume that it was me who did something?”

Hoseok, his best friend and the top healer in their Academy, leveled him with his usual ‘you are kidding me, right?’ look as he said, “ Nephilims rarely contract any diseases and this one is practically burning up. Also, I know for a fact that you haven’t given him a break since you brought him here. Not to mention that you had him doing your chores like dealing with Yeontan, or feeding the swamp monsters, just because you were too lazy to do it yourself.”

Taehyung crossed his arms over his chest, his expression disgruntled as he answered in an offended voice, “I can’t believe that you of all people are defending him! Don’t you know that he is the one who humiliated me during our initial attack on the Light Academy? Also, he has been a defiant little shit ever since then, so pardon me if I am not bringing him breakfast in bed. Besides, a person of my high rank has no time to deal with such trivial stuff as chores.”

Taehyung was feeling irritated enough with the fact that Hoseok was taking the nephilim’s side, but then the bastard even had the audacity to laugh at him as he said, “ Okay, chill. Also, I am pretty sure that if your dad heard you now, he would ground you for neglecting your errands. Anyways, I don’t know what future plans you have for this guy, but you should consider going easy on him in the next few days unless your goal is to have him die from exhaustion.”

Taehyung huffed in annoyance as he watched Hoseok tend to the still sleeping nephilim on the hospital bed and he did really look pale, Taehyung noted.

Maybe he had really crossed the line.

What the hell, why was he suddenly feeling guilty when that guy totally deserved no mercy from him after everything he had done?!

Seriously, it was all Hoseok’s fault for even making him have such thoughts.

Sometimes Taehyung wondered if Hoseok was a light angel in disguise, since he was always too kind for a dark angel.

The worst part was that even if that ever turned out to be the case, Taehyung would stand by his best friend no matter what and protect him from everyone.

Just like the half angel did that for that Jimin guy.

Taehyung looked towards the nephilim once again, taking in his still flushed cheeks, long dark lashes curling upwards, a sheen of sweat shining on his forehead to which his soft hair got stuck and suddenly he felt weird.

Perhaps it was because he realized that he had just compared himself to the half angel and actually justified some of his actions, if not even slightly admired them.

Or, it was because he finally realized that he had actually kissed that guy and he had no logical explanation for that which irked him to no end just like that stupid nephilim always meddling in his affairs.

He was absolutely not going to think about it.


He told himself that he would push it all back to his mind and not even give that incident a time of day.

It was easier said than done, Jin thought, once again getting startled as he passed next to a dark angel in the hallway.

The dark angel just gave him a disinterested glare, before continuing his route, passing next to Jin without a word.

Jin let out another sigh of relief, telling himself how he needed to calm the fuck down.

But, how was he supposed to do that after everything that had happened the previous night?

It was bad enough that he completely freaked out when he woke up in an unfamiliar bed this morning, pretty sure how his body was violated by that raven haired dude whose room he had barged in last night, searching for those documents, only to be met with a sight of some red haired dark angel looking at him with a sympathetic expression.

He was so sure that Kim Taehyung had really left him unconscious to that guy to do whatever he wanted with him over night that he didn’t even take the time to listen to the red haired guy speaking to him in a comforting voice this morning, instead yelling insults at him.

Surprisingly, the dark angel had been forgiving as his gaze softened when Jin started losing his shit, throwing everything in that room which he was later informed by that same guy that it was the infirmary where he was appointed as the main healer.

It took Hoseok, yeah the guy actually introduced himself to Jin when he managed to calm him down enough to stop hurling medical instruments at him, approximately half an hour to reassure Jin how he was definitely not raped the previous night.

Despite his initial distrust towards the red haired guy, because he didn’t trust any of those dark angels, somehow there was something about Hoseok’s face and unexpectedly kind eyes which made him believe his explanation of last night events.

After getting dismissed from the infirmary with a warning to stay out of trouble, as if it was something he had any say in, Jin thought ironically, he made his way to his bedroom to change his clothes.

True to his word, most of his belongings were in his ‘new room’ last night, just like Kim Bong had promised them.

That was why he felt slightly more at ease there than anywhere else in this prison.

However, it was only when he was finally taking a shower that he realized how any moment now any of Kim Taehyung’s guards could come for him and take him to that bastard.

That thought alone, of course, caused his mind to become flooded with images and memories of what exactly had happened between him and that dark angel in the raven haired guy’s wardrobe.

Jin felt nauseous just remembering the fact that his lips were claimed by that guy, but what made him even more horrified was that obviously in some moment of pure insanity he had actually returned the kiss.

After that sickening realization and feeling of disgust at himself for actually locking lips with his enemy, he strictly banned his mind from conjuring anymore thoughts, or images of those indecent events.

Even after leaving his room and heading towards the cafeteria, Jin kept being on alert, constantly suspicious of every dark angel he ran into.

He was just waiting for Kim Taehyung to leap out of somewhere, grab him by his elbow and stare at him with those intense eyes, his voice becoming husky and low and—!

Jin cut himself off immediately, shutting down those unwanted thoughts as he made it into the room filled with not only dark angels, but light angels as well.

He ignored the scent of delicious food tickling his nose as he looked around, a feeling of hope suddenly blooming inside of his chest as he tried to spot any of his friends.

He moved swiftly through the rows of tables filled mostly with dark angels until he got to the area where all of the light angels clearly stuck together.

Jin expected there to be more security around the light angels, since they were all technically their prisoners, but none of the dark angels seemed to pay much attention to them as if they really believed that the light angels would not dare to disobey the rules of the ‘Royal Decree of All Supernatural Beings’.

Well, maybe because it was just his human side being cynical, but if he was in dark angels’ shoes then he would have never so easily believed the ones he held in captivity.

His thoughts were dispersed the moment his gaze landed on two familiar figures sitting huddled to each other at the table in one of the corners at the back of the room.

He couldn’t contain his sudden glee as he practically ran towards the two figures which earned him a few curious glances from a couple of dark and light angels alike.

“ Namjoon! Jimin!”

Jin all but yelled as he was a few feet away from his two best friends, who both got startled at the sudden mention of their names, staring at him with identical expressions of fear and surprise, until they were replaced by recognition and relief.

Jin didn’t even get to their table and he was already being pulled in Namjoon’s strong, warm embrace, the light angel practically crushing his bones with how tightly he was hugging him.

Jin didn’t mind that at all, because he felt just the same, his fingers digging into Namjoon’s shoulder blades as he buried his face into Namjoon’s shoulder, a few tears escaping his eyes.

“God, Jin. I thought we lost you,” Namjoon breathed against his hair and Jin let out a sound resembling a mixture of a chuckle and a sob, his voice breaking as he stuttered out, “Me too.”


Finally, Jin and Namjoon reluctantly pulled away when Jin felt someone’s small hand tugging his shirt and then he was staring into Jimin’s beautiful, worried eyes, before he found himself in another embrace—this time more delicate than Namjoon’s, but just as emotional.

“I am so sorry, Hyung. You sacrificed yourself for me and I w-was sure that you died when you flew out of that window and nobody would tell us anything and, a-and—“ Jin stopped Jimin’s hiccups as he pulled away, taking in the tears now streaming down the light angel’s pure face.

Jin carefully stroked Jimin’s hair, his voice gentle as he said, “Jiminnie, it’s not your fault. I am fine, don’t worry. And, we are not separating anymore.”

That last part he said firmly and both Namjoon and Jimin smiled at him and nodded in agreement.

Afterwards, they ate together, recollecting the events during their period of separation and Jin was glad that neither Namjoon, nor Jimin, got seriously hurt during the attack on their school.

In return, Jin told them everything about the time after he fell through the window, as well as his incapability of saving the school by failing to press the emergency button.

Even though Namjoon and Jimin immediately tried to convince him how it was not his fault, Jin couldn’t stop blaming himself for it.

However, he knew that there was no use crying over spilt milk, so he told them about the fact that Kim Taehyung, or rather—V, had a grudge against him which was why he hadn’t given him a breather since they were brought here.

The rest, he decided to tell them in a more private place which was why they headed towards Namjoon’s room after their meal.

That was when Jin told them about what he had witnessed at the swamp and how they needed to get that document from that dark angel no matter what.

As expected, Namjoon had a very violent reaction when he heard that they were betrayed by one of their own, breaking a few things in his bedroom until Jimin and he finally managed to get him to calm down.

Jimin just seemed utterly disappointed, but he quickly came to terms with Jin’s plan.

They agreed to lay low for the time being, first investigating their surroundings and who exactly that dark angel was.

Jin left out the part about last night’s event, because he wouldn’t be able to face his friends if he actually told them about him allowing that Taehyung bastard to kiss him which was why he couldn’t tell them how he had already tried acquiring that document on his own.

The only thing which he shared about the previous day was how he followed that guy after leaving the swamp which enabled him to locate his room.

Reluctantly, he left Namjoon’s room late in the evening when a voice boomed through the Academy saying how all light angels and nephilims were supposed to get back to their own rooms.

He doubted that any of the dark angels would really check if they obeyed their orders, but he couldn’t risk it.

After all, he and his friends agreed to stay out of trouble in order to first acquire some information about this place and its students, before springing into action.

Jin felt wary about their future endeavour, knowing how dangerous it was what they planned to do, but also he felt hopeful, because he knew that this was their only way to freedom.

He couldn’t help but feel like a piece of him that was missing all this time he had no news about Namjoon and Jimin had now been restored to its rightful place, causing him to feel more sanguine about whatever would come their way.

That slightly optimistic feeling lasted until he entered his bedroom and closed the door behind him.

“So, where exactly have you been sneaking around this time, little disobedient nephilim?”

Jin felt like he couldn’t breathe the moment he heard that deep voice, his gaze immediately falling on the person lying on his bed, his head casually resting on his propped hand as the dark angel’s deep brown eyes zeroed in on him, a sly smirk gracing his lips.

Jin’s first instinct was to rip open the door and flee as far away as he could.

However, he knew that that would be the most stupid thing to do in his situation and also—he was not a coward.

That was why he actually took a step forward, crossing arms over his chest as he raised his chin, his voice spiteful as he said, “I was under the impression that we had freedom of movement here.”

To his astonishment, that made the dark angel chuckle earnestly, before he easily jumped out of his bed, thus resulting in the acceleration of Jin’s already unsteady heartbeat.

Nevertheless, he didn’t let it show as he never broke the eye contact with the dark angel, who was now slowly advancing to him, his movements almost cat-like.

“That would be the right impression,” the dark angel had said in amused voice, and as he took another slow step towards him, now standing under the only source of light in his room coming from the bathroom through the opened door, Jin finally noticed how his hair was now jet black, the long strands falling into his eyes which seemed to have acquired the colour of molten dark chocolate.

Jin almost got lost in that intriguing colour, until the dark angel added, “—to some extent.”

Jin brought his eyebrows together in confusion, not really getting what the dark angel was implying which caused the dark angel to smirk as he said, “What is definitely not allowed is a little nephilim barging into rooms of high ranking officers of the dark army which I am pretty sure you knew without anyone telling you that beforehand.”

Jin’s heart was in his mouth when he finally realized what the dark angel was getting at.

He was at a loss for words, causing the dark angel to move in closer, his voice rumbling deep from within his chest as he asked in that taunting voice, “ So, what were you snooping for in there?”

Now, there was barely a few feet of distance between him and the dark angel, whose minty breath he could practically feel on his skin, making the goosebumps break out on his skin.

He was so fucked.

He didn’t even think of any excuses for his suspicious actions, too absorbed with other things and now, before they even started putting their plan in action, because of his imprudent actions last night they were at a risk of everything falling apart before it had even begun.

As he literally couldn’t come up with anything, he glared at the dark angel in front of him, his voice challenging as he said, “And what if I don’t want to share that particular information with you?”

For a split second he saw the surprise in the dark angel’s eyes, before it was replaced by a dangerous glint in those darkening eyes narrowing at him, the corner of the black-haired male’s lips quirked up into a threatening grin as Kim Taehyung caged him in, placing his hands on the door, his voice acquiring the deepest tone Jin had heard so far as he lowly growled out, “ Then trust me, I have my ways of making you talk, little nephilim…”

Chapter Text

Jin refused to be intimidated by him.

Or at least, he sure as hell wasn’t going to show it openly and give the dark angel the satisfaction of seeing him like that.

That was why he looked at the black-haired male with utter disdain, responding to his threat with a hostile voice, “Your threats don’t scare me, servant of darkness.”

He expected at least some sort of anger directed at him after that, especially after that comment on him being a ‘servant of darkness’, but now that he thought about it, the asshole probably thought of that as a compliment rather than an insult.

What he was completely unprepared for was the dark angel’s eyes shining with delight as he flashed his perfect set of teeth, the white contrast against his tanned skin making him even more handsome.

Jin frowned, partially at the male’s weird reaction and partially because his stupid brain actually thought how attractive Kim Taehyung looked in this moment when he was practically looming over him.

God, he was really becoming worried for his mental health.

“Oh, is that so?”

Jin was snapped out of his thoughts by that throaty voice and while the dark angel still wore that grin, he actually spread his magnificent ink-black wings while raising his arm in the air and forming an electric ball in it.

Jin widened his eyes in shock, because he realized what was coming his way and he had no way of defending himself.

The only thing he could do was shield himself with his arms in front of his face as he squeezed his eyes shut, waiting for the painful sensation to blossom across his body.

After a few seconds of silence, a husky laugh filled the room as the dark angel teased him, saying, “You know, for someone who claims he isn’t afraid of me, you seemed scared shitless right now.”

Jin opened his eyes as he slowly removed his hands from his face, only to see Kim Taehyung looking at him with mirth and a shit-eating grin while playing with that electric ball, before easily making it fade away.

Jin squawked in indignation, feeling completely ashamed by his reaction as he hissed angrily, “I WAS NOT! What was I supposed to do when you were about to blast that thing at me?! Open my arms and welcome it?!”

Jin wasn’t even aware how riled up he had gotten until he noticed the way Taehyung was watching him with wide eyes full of surprise, amusement and something else he couldn’t quite determine.

He felt like a total idiot, because this guy was so toying with him and he fell for each one of his traps.

“Fine, then how about we stop playing games and cut to the chase. Why were you in Jungkook’s room yesterday evening?”

Jin couldn’t believe how easily this guy could change his moods, going from playful to absolutely menacing in a matter of seconds, his dark aura now so strong, enveloping Jin despite the few feet of space between them after the dark angel had moved away from him.

Jin suddenly gasped for air, his lungs constricting painfully under the intensity of Taehyung’s glare and combined with his already weakened body which had still not recovered from general tiredness, he could feel himself swaying.

“Not telling you…,” Jin stuttered out defiantly, although his legs slightly gave out as he said that.

He didn’t found himself sprawled on the floor like he expected to, instead there was a strong arm around his waist supporting him and his other arm was thrown over the dark angel’s shoulder.

“I beg to differ…,” the dark angel purred threateningly in his ear causing a shiver to rake Jin’s body as he felt his feet getting dragged against the soft carpet.

The dark angle chuckled at his reaction which made Jin grit his teeth in annoyance at being manhandled so easily.

His back hit the soft mattress as his body descended on the silky covers.

Jin’s vision swam, making him unable to properly open his eyes.

He did feel how the bed dipped again and then there was hot breath tickling his ear as the dark angel said in a displeased voice, “Don’t think that you fainting is going to get you out of trouble every time.”

Jin furrowed his eyebrows, irritated by that statement, his voice coming out unconvincing even to his own ears as he mumbled, “I didn’t faint…”

If only there weren’t black spots dancing in front of his eyes right now with his head spinning impossibly, then maybe he would have even been confident in what he had just stated.


“I didn’t faint…,” Taehyung closely observed the way the nephilim’s mouth slowly moved, his eyebrows slightly scrunched as he defied Taehyung like always, despite refuting his own statement the moment it left his lips.

Taehyung sighed in defeat as he realized he wasn’t getting answers any time soon with the brunette obviously passed out now.

His gaze fell on those slightly parted lips and he reached his fingers towards the soft flesh, gently swiping his thumb over the half-angel’s lower lip as he whispered, “ Could’ve fooled me, little nephilim…”

What he got in response was a soft little sigh coming from those plush lips, causing Taehyung’s heart to stutter for a movement, before he quickly pulled his hand away.

His gaze hardened as he said, “This time, I’m not letting you off the hook so easily.”


Jin woke up, feeling groggy.

He let out a soft groan as he tried to blink his eyes open.

“Took you long enough…”

The raspy voice coming from somewhere in the room, along with the realization that he was not alone had Jin sitting up in bed so fast that he got slightly dizzy.

There, lounging on the armchair next to the door and lazily flipping through pages of some book was none other than Kim Taehyung.

Suddenly, Jin remembered everything that had happened before he apparently fainted, even though he claimed to the dark angel earlier that he did not.

He couldn’t help but feel extremely uncomfortable that he had once again let down his guard completely by being unconscious in the presence of his captor.

He knew that it wasn’t his fault that his body was still not in the best condition after everything that he went through, but that was still not enough to stop him from feeling so annoyed at himself for being so defenseless.

He got up quickly, standing as far away from the dark angel as he could, as if that was going to somehow help him protect himself.

The dark-haired male lazily tilted his head towards him, before closing his book and letting out a tired sigh as he got up.

“Now that you are finally awake, it is time to answer my question. You better do it immediately, because I am at the end of my patience with you,” the dark angel said in a serious voice.

Not as if that meant anything to Jin, who responded in an equally stern voice, “I have nothing to say to you.”

Of course, that answer only fuelled the dark angel’s impatience as he glared at him, taking a step forward.

“I am asking you for the last time,” Taehyung was practically snarling now, Jin noticed as he took a step back.

“What the fuck were you doing in Jungkook’s room?!”

Jin knew that he would definitely be a goner after what he was about to do, but he had no choice.

At least, if something did happen to him now, Jimin and Namjoon would still have a chance to try and free themselves by obtaining that document.

The crucial thing was for him to not reveal anything to Taehyung which was why he spat out, “ None of your goddamned business.”

For a moment, the dark angel stood completely still, looking slightly shell-shocked, before he let out an animalistic sound, his eyes flaring with fury as he took two large steps towards him.

Jin’s heart was about to jump out of his chest, but he stood his ground, waiting for his impending punishment.

He was sure that this time there really was no way out for him, judging by the dark angel’s murderous expression, but then, just as he was one step away from pummeling Jin into the ground, the dark angel abruptly halted his movements.

Jin was on high alert, because he could never guess what was going through Taehyung’s head which was further proved by the way the dark angel was now just staring at him.

Then, as if a thought had flashed through his mind, he wore this pleased expression which gave Jin the chills.

What really made him tremble was when the dark angel smugly said, “You know what? Since you seem unwilling to cooperate then how about I go and ask your friends if they know something?”

Jin felt absolutely petrified at that, because he was well aware of what the dark angel was implying.

Soon enough, he became livid with his protective instinct kicking in as he screamed, “Don’t you dare touch them, you bastard!”

He reacted purely driven by wrath and when his fist connected with Taehyung’s chiseled jaw, causing the dark angel to stumble back, Jin was just as shocked as Taehyung.

However, adrenaline is a powerful thing which was why he wasted no time in swinging his other clenched fist at the dark angel.

This time he wasn’t as lucky, the dark angel having recovered from shock as he caught his wrist in an iron grip.

“Fuckin’ let go!” Jin yelled desperately as he thrashed and kicked at the dark angel, trying to hurt the asshole in any way possible until he was roughly tackled to the ground, the wind escaping his lungs and leaving him to fight for air.

“Calm the fuck down,” Taehyung lowly growled while pinning his wrists to the ground, his weight on Jin’s stomach preventing him from properly inhaling and exhaling.

“You can’t win against me, nephilim. So, just tell me what I want to know, if you value the well-being of your friends.”

Jin wanted to keep fighting until his last breath, but he knew that this prick was right.

That was why he glared at Taehyung, who was staring at him with those penetrating eyes, the bruise forming on his jaw from Jin’s blow at least offering Jin some sort of a satisfaction, as he finally stopped struggling.

The dark angel observed him for a few more moments, before lowering himself to sit on his hips, allowing Jin to regain control over his breathing, although his hold on Jin’s wrists was still firm.

Jin looked away, not wanting to look at the dark angel’s face as he said in a tight voice, “I don’t know why you are so adamant about something you already know.”

When Taehyung said nothing, Jin let out a defeated sigh as he continued in a quiet voice, “I was there to find a document which our headmaster signed with you guys, selling us out in order to get some special power he and Jungkook talked about in the swamp which was when I overheard them. There, you happy now?”

Jin said that last part in a bitter voice, feeling defeated now that their only chance of freedom was gone.

There was silence after that, the dark angel having squeezed his wrists after a few moments, before he was free again and then Taehyung was moving away without a word and heading towards the door which confused Jin.

He wasn’t sure if he imagined it, but when he had said what he knew, he was almost positive that he even heard the dark angel cursing under his breath.

It couldn’t be that he didn’t know about that arrangement with the headmaster, right?

After all, that was how they probably managed to defeat the light angels so easily…

However, another thing was a priority of his as he got up and yelled after the dark angel, ”Hey! You won’t go near my friends, right?”

That made the dark angel stop in his tracks, causing Jin to hold his breath in anticipation.

The dark angel did not look back at him as he responded in a deep voice, flat voice, “I was never going to in the first place. You were just being too difficult, so this was the only way.”

Jin was left speechless, gaping after the guy, because was he for real?!

He shook himself out of his stupor when he saw the dark angel reaching for the doorknob and he already knew that he was going to kick himself over this later, but he couldn’t help but blurt out, “Why did you kiss me?!”

The dark angel’s hand stilled on the doorknob and Jin already regretted the question that left his idiotic mouth, his heart rate spiking up as he anxiously waited for the answer he wasn’t so sure he wanted to hear.


Ever since the nephilim told him why he was in Jungkook’s room, Taehyung was in some sort of a trance.

He knew that he should be careful of Jungkook in general, but he was completely taken aback when the half-angel revealed how Jungkook apparently made some sort of a deal with the headmaster of the Light Academy.

First of all, he was shocked, because he was so sure that he had made the Light Academy fall on his own without any shady deals, just defeating them by using their strength and skills.

Naturally, he and Yoongi, along with a few other dark angels, did use the shape-shifter potion which allowed them to disguise as light angels and infiltrate the Light Academy for a few months in order to devise a battle plan and learn more about their target.

However, they never made any deals with the elders, or headmaster of the Light Academy, because that would have not been the right way to win.

After all, the only reason why they attacked in the first place was because of the light angels that broke the treaty, so why in the hell would they be so hypocritical as to make arrangements with other light angels?

Apparently, Jungkook had a plan of his own which was why Taehyung felt so furious.

He had to think of how to approach this issue and what the best course of action would be to take.

That was why he was so lost in his thoughts, barely registering the nephilim’s presence until the half-angel suddenly yelled after him, inquiring about his friends.

That did bring him back to reality, but he answered sort of robotically, his mind still stuck on this new information about Jungkook.

But then, the nephilim opened his mouth again, his question this time definitely gaining Taehyung’s full attention.

“Why did you kiss me?”

He turned around slowly after that, but the nephilim didn’t want to meet his eye, instead focusing his gaze on the floor.

Taehyung smirked to himself, before he quickly closed the distance between them, thus shocking the nephilim when Taehyung practically materialized in front of him.

Those large, radiant hazel eyes warily stared at him, now causing Taehyung to wear a smug expression as he taunted the half angel by asking, ”And why not?”

That seemed to have made the male in front of him even more flabbergasted as he gaped at Taehyung, obviously not knowing what to respond to that.

Taehyung chuckled with amusement as he leaned towards the nephilim who flinched at that.

Taehyung, however, paid him no mind as he lowered his voice, making it husky intentionally, asking, “Is it because you find 2 men kissing a sort of a sin, considering the angelic blood running through your veins?”

That seemed to have snapped the nephilim out of his stupor as he raised his voice, looking offended, “Of course not! But you are a dark angel and my enemy no less!”

Taehyung wore a pleased grin as he placed his hand on the glass of the window next to the nephilim’s head, causing the brunette to go silent again.

“So, you have nothing against men kissing you. Interesting,” Taehyung murmured in a seductive voice, his eyes boring into the ones of the half-angel.

He couldn’t suppress his surprised chuckle when the nephilim’s face went red at that, his eyes wide and lips parted.


Taehyung immediately frowned at himself for thinking such a ridiculous thing about the half-angel, who actually started sputtering.

“I d-don’t, but I have something against you kissing me.”

Taehyung narrowed his eyes at the nephilim, whose face was still flushed, but his gaze right now was defensive and slightly angry.

“Noted for the future,” Taehyung answered sharply, suddenly feeling irritated by the nephilim’s response, although he had no idea why.

After that, he practically rushed out of the room and slammed the door behind him, not even glancing back.

He was already so done with everything for today, especially that nephilim.


“What the hell happened to you,” Taehyung asked, a frown forming on his face when the nephilim just strutted past him with a cut on his lower lip and a large bruise on his left cheek.

“As if you don’t know.”

Taehyung’s scowl deepened at the nephilim’s resentful accusation, because what the hell??

Taehyung grabbed the half-angel by the elbow, forcing the angry male to face him.

“Wait just a goddamned second you…,” the rest of the words got stuck in Taehyung’s throat when he took in how red and puffy the nephilim’s eyes were.

Had he been crying?!

Somehow, the thought of that guy, who was usually putting up a fierce front no matter what, breaking down so much as to actually shed tears had Taehyung feeling strangely uncomfortable.

“What? You want to finish the job? You already took one of my most important possessions, so there isn’t much more to take,” the nephilim spat out harshly, before ripping his hand out of Taehyung’s grip and rushing away quickly.

Taehyung stood there flabbergasted, because has this guy gone mental or what, he wondered while staring after the nephilim, who was now already rounding around the corner.


“Well, isn’t somebody in a peachy mood~”

Taehyung just grunted in response to Hoseok’s sarcastic remark said in a too chirpy of a voice, as he sprawled himself on one of the beds in the infirmary.

He was still feeling sour after the nephilim’s hostile attitude.

While it was true that the nephilim had absolutely no reason to be looking at him with anything other than pure hatred, somehow that didn’t sit well with Taehyung and he was actually piqued by it.

Sure, their last encounter was anything but pleasant with Taehyung forcing out the answer about Jungkook from the nephilim by actually threatening to hurt his friends, but he even admitted it to the half-angel that he never had the intention of doing that for real, so why was the guy acting all bitchy?

If anything, it should be Taehyung ignoring him and acting all insulted after the nephilim’s comment about practically being disgusted that it was Taehyung that kissed him and not the other way around.

And what the heck happened to his face in the span of just few days that Taehyung hadn’t seen him, too busy trying to acquire some more info on Jungkook’s secret deal with the headmaster and failing miserably.

Seriously, he had been so focused on discovering Jungkook’s link with that guy and all about that secret deal, but he could literally not do anything without accidentally revealing what he knew to his cousin which was why he decided he needed to make some sort of a strategy first.

His only hope was to try and get a hold of that document, because then he would have proof of Jungkook’s misdeed, but after Jungkook had found him in his room, courtesy of that meddling nephilim (as always!), he had probably moved that agreement to some other place.

And now, as if all of that wasn’t enough to make him frustrated, that half-angel just had to wiggle his way into his mind once again.

Taehyung huffed in annoyance, chiding himself mentally for even letting that rude guy occupy his thoughts.

“Okay, instead of being so moody, why don’t you just tell me what’s on your mind instead of grumbling to yourself?”

Taehyung opened his eyes, narrowing them at his best friend, who was sitting on a chair next to the bed he was lounging on, a teasing, but patient smirk gracing his lips.

Taehyung wondered for a brief moment, if he should keep his mouth shut, but Hoseok did play the role of his shrink, or advisor, per se, most of the time, so it was better to get it all out in the open as soon as possible.

“It’s that annoying nephilim,” Taehyung said with a tired sigh.

“Oh, so that’s what it is,” Hoseok hummed knowingly which kind of irked Taehyung, because it’s not like he talked about him all the time for Hoseok to have that reaction.

However, before Taehyung could add anything else, Hoseok added in a thoughtful voice,” Honestly, I was surprised about your punishment. Especially since you knew that he was still weakened from that flu and that he wouldn’t really be able to fight back.”

Taehyung felt lost, his forehead wrinkling as he asked, “What are you talking about? What punishment?”

Sure enough, he may have gone over the line that night in the nephilim’s room by tackling him to the floor, but he felt justified in doing that, because a) the asshole actually dared land a blow on his face and b) he was acting slightly hysterical, so this was the only way to make him chill.

But, never did Taehyung actually physically hurt him during that time, so he had no idea what his best friend was talking about.

Unless that nephilim actually came to complain to Hoseok about his behavior that night and then made up some intricate lie in which Taehyung beat the fuck out of him and could it be that he intentionally inflicted those injuries upon himself to make it look like Taehyung did that to him?

That would be really fucked up, Taehyung thought, his jaw going tight.

“Ah, I should have known that she was lying. After all, it isn’t your style to send someone to do your dirty work,” Hoseok said while shaking his head.

Taehyung sat up immediately, his voice more serious as he asked a bit impatiently, “Just tell me what the hell happened already?!”

“Okay, relax. It was Suri. She is the reason why your nephilim probably despises you now. Well, more than he already does, I am guessing.”

Taehyung ignored the ‘your’ and ‘more than he already does’ remarks, too focused on the name Hoseok mentioned.

His expression hardened as he asked in a rough voice, “The fuck did she do?”

Hoseok ran a hand through his hair which was a habit he had every time he was supposed to deliver some news to Taheyung which would displease him.

“Well, it all happened in the hallway outside my office. The nephilim came to take his medicine and as he was leaving the infirmary, Suri and her two minions were cruisin’ the hallway. The moment she saw him, her eyes sparkled viciously, before she taunted him, saying, and I quote: ’Well, well, if it isn’t Taehyung’s little nephilim pet we have here.’”

Taehyung clenched his fist at that, the nasty feeling slowly rising from the bottom of his gut.

“The half-angel, of course, had no idea what she was talking about, but even after I told her to cut it out, she continued.”

“That bitch,” Taehyung cursed under his breath.

Hoseok shook his head once again and let out a disapproving sigh as he said, “Yeah. She even had the nerve to tell me how I was of course appointed as the nephilim’s personal bodyguard, since I run after you all the time.”

Taehyung’s blood simmered at that, because how dared she say that to his best friend.

“Naturally, I wasn’t going to stoop to her level by actually replying something to that, so I just told her to walk away before she regrets it. However, she is really crazy, because she completely ignored me, her voice poisonous as she kept provoking the nephilim by saying how he should get off his high horse by thinking how he is someone special for getting your attention. I saw how he was practically digging his nails into his palms in that moment, enough to draw blood, but with his powers tampered down by the dark barrier of the school, he used the only weapon he had. His mouth.”

Taheyung tilted his head in confusion, not sure what Hoseok was referring to and then the red haired angel male chuckled when he saw his expression.

“The nephilim finally looked at her, his eyes flashing with apparent defiance as he spat out, ‘ Why? Are you jealous?’ ”

Taehyung widened his eyes when Hoseok told him that because that was an awesome comeback.

But, also, it was the worst thing he could have said when dealing with Suri.

“Man, you should have seen her face at that moment. It was priceless,’ Hoseok said gleefully, before continuing.

“The half-angel had no idea what a nerve he had hit with that too close to the truth statement. Anyways, things happened in a flash after that that even I didn’t have time to react. Suri, literally, let out a battle cry at that, using her whirlwind technique to throw the nephilim a few feet away. It was a strong impact he took, his face hitting the floor and what not. Before he could even try and get up, she was already grabbing him by the collar roughly and spitting out, ‘ Taehyung doesn’t consider you anything, but a mere toy to kill his boredom with. And it seems that he already got sick of you since he sent me to teach you a lesson.”

Taehyung stared at Hoseok in shock and pure rage, because that bitch actually lost her mind enough to say something like that.

Oh…How fuckin’ stupid of her to mess with him, he thought with a dark expression.

“After that, she ripped the silver locket from the nephilim’s neck and that was when he lost it screaming at her to give it back to him and trying to hit her. She just chuckled menacingly and sent him flying through the air. Luckily, I caught him in time, just as he was about to connect with the floor once again He was shaking in my arms out of fury and I think that I had even spotted  a tear, or two, before he was harshly wiping them with the sleeve of his shirt and running after her. I guess that locket is really important to him,” Hoseok finished with a pensive look, but Taehyung said nothing.

He just turned around and walked away calmly.

A bit too calmly, Hoseok thought suspiciously.


Suri stared at the silver necklace dangling between her fingers as she was sprawled on her back on her king-sized bed.

She smirked to herself, once again remembering the look of anger and pure desperation on that irritating nephilim’s face when she took this cheap-looking piece of jewelry from him.

Her grin grew even wider as she decided to wear the locket in the future only to make that half-angel suffer even more.

“Having fun?”

She was so shocked by the sudden husky voice coming from the corner of her bedroom that she dropped the necklace on the floor with a surprised yelp.

As she quickly sat up, her heartbeat increased in anticipation and excitement when her gaze landed on the long-time object of her desires.

“T-taehyung,” she stuttered out softly as she admired the dark angel’s incredible visuals.


She was brought back out of her daze by the coldness in Taehyung’s voice as she now came to realize that despite his indifferent expression, his eyes were sparkling with silent fury.

She swallowed nervously, now feeling slightly scared.

She had witnessed Taehyung’s angry state before, albeit rarely, because he was usually excellent at keeping his emotions in check which was why she was even more wary now as he began slowly advancing towards her.

She had been imagining this moment for years.

For him to be in her bedroom, making his way towards her until he was getting on top of her, embracing her tightly in his toned arms while their blood grew hotter as their lips and bodies intertwined until they became one.

However, this reality was far more different than anything she had conjured up in her mind as he was now standing right next to her bed, looking down at her with such intensity that made her feel as if she was running out of breath.

“So, how did the mission go?”

Suri got startled by the sudden question as she furrowed her eyebrows at the dark angel, who was still watching her so intently which caused her thoughts to become a mess as she let out an unintelligible ‘Huh?’ in response.

Taehyung showed no reaction at her idiotic answer, his voice smooth as he said, “You know, the punishment you were supposed to carry out in my name? Except that I don’t remember the exact moment I gave you that order, so would you be kind enough to refresh my memory?”

Suri’s blood went cold, her heart having stopped beating for a moment at the icy smile Taehyung was now sporting on his perfect mouth.


“T-taehyung, I j-just thought…”

She hated how her voice stammered as she tried to think of some excuse.

Suri was cut off by long fingers curling around her neck all of a sudden, making her eyes bulge in shock.

The pressure was firm as Taehyung leaned in and said in an unrelenting voice, “In the future, don’t do that. Don’t think. At least, don’t be mistaken in thinking that I will hesitate properly punishing you for lying like that.”

She started gasping for breath as Taehyung tightened his grip around her neck, her hands now desperately clawing at his unmoving arms.

His emotionless eyes bore into hers which started tearing up as she fought for air.

“P-please…,” she gasped faintly, her vision starting to swim.

Taehyung seemed completely undisturbed by her begging and just when she thought that this was the end, she could breathe properly again.

Suri coughed violently as she tried to steady her breathing, her hand flying to her neck out of instinct.

When she looked up through her eyes which were still blurry from the tears, Taehyung was already walking away, his back turned to her and his voice flat as he lowly said, “ This is the last time I let you get away with crap like this. Just because your father is my dad’s long-time friend isn’t going to mean shit to me if you meddle into my business again. Stay away from the nephilim, if you value your life at all.”

Suri clenched her fists, feeling scared and enraged, but most of all bitter as she couldn’t stop herself from screaming at him,” WHY THE HELL IS HE SO SPECIAL TO YOU?!!!”

That made Taehyung stop right at the door.

She waited for his answer with batted breath and then he turned around, his voice casual, but his gaze incredibly sharp as he said, “ He is as special to me as you are. So, not one bit.”

The room felt empty when Taehyung closed the door behind him, leaving Suri to kneel on her bed, gripping the sheets tightly.

“If he is not special at all, then why the hell did you take the locket??”

Suri muttered to herself, her eyes fixed on the now empty spot on her carpet where the necklace had previously fallen.

She bit her lip in frustration, tears rolling down her cheeks as she mumbled resentfully, “What the hell does that guy have that I don’t? And a filthy half-breed at that…”


Taehyung had been standing in front of the nephilim’s room for at least 15 minutes now, wondering where that guy was.

He could have easily entered his room and waited for him there, but after their last encounter, he was pretty sure that the brunette would not be very happy about that.

Not that he cared about that guy’s happiness, but he just wanted to avoid some unwanted drama.

That was why he was leaning against the wall next to the door of his room while observing the piece of jewelry in his hands.

It was a nice, simple silver locket just like many others.

However, it was easy to guess why it was so important to the nephilim.

He didn’t plan on opening it, because he felt that it was something too personal, but when he picked it up from the floor of Suri’s room, it was already opened, displaying a picture of a young, beautiful human woman with a boy in her arms.

Taehyung did close the locket quickly, feeling as if he was invading a memory and he sure as hell wouldn’t want anyone having access to his memories, or tokens of it, without his knowledge, so he didn’t open it again.

However, the guy he was waiting for resembled the woman from the picture so much that it was easy to connect the dots.

He felt a slight stab of something in his chest, but before he could think about it some more, a shocked voice said, “What are you doing with that?”

He turned to his right where the nephilim was standing a few feet away with a bewildered look on his face, his eyes changing colours so fast, various shades of brown and green dancing in those round eyes, that he felt slightly dazed.

Nevertheless, he came here for a reason which was why he nonchalantly walked up to the nephilim, not missing the way the brunette’s shoulders tensed as Taehyung approached him.

Taehyung made sure to look at him straight in the eye, almost hypnotized by those orbs, as he firmly said, “I don’t let other people do the dirty work instead of me. There are a lot of people that would love to bring me down, or, that have their own selfish reasons for tainting my reputation. Don’t trust everything you hear.”

With that, he took the nephilim’s hand, who flinched at the contact, but Taehyung paid him no mind as he deposited the necklace gently into his palm, before walking away with hands in his pockets.

He didn’t expect anything after that and while he wasn’t walking particularly fast, he was already near the stairs, ready to climb up to where his room was located when somebody grabbed his wrist.

He couldn’t believe that he was so lost in his thoughts that he failed to hear the presence of that person with his super-hearing, getting slightly defensive as he felt the fingers squeezing his flesh.

His head whirled so fast that he was surprised his neck didn’t snap, his lips already pressed in a tight line and eyes narrowing until he was met with those same eyes that he was thinking about all the way to the stairs.

This time, the colour had settled back to their usual honey brown except that there was a cherry pink shade circling the rim of the irises and how was that even possible??

The male in front of him seemed unsure and as if he would rather be anywhere else than holding his wrist, but then his expression seemed earnest and determined as he said, “Thanks.”

Taehyung was so stunned at that sudden expression of gratitude that his lips actually parted against his better judgment.

That seemed to have surprised the nephilim too, who immediately let go of his wrist, as he rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly, looking away.

Then, without another word, he was walking away.

Taehyung stood there, a sense of déjà vu enveloping him as he once again watched the nephilim walking away from him just like he did this afternoon.

This time, however, other than the nephilim’s opposite of hostile attitude towards him, another thing was different.

Taehyung’s heart was suddenly very persistent in knocking loudly against his chest, making Taehyung curse quietly.


Chapter Text

“So, did something happen with the nephilim?”

Taehyung dropped the glass of juice he had just poured, being caught off guard by Hoseok’s sudden question.

“Shit,” he cursed as he stared at the shattered glass on the floor, his eyebrows creasing.

“I’ll take that as a yes.”

Taehyung looked up and glared at his best friend, who was looking at him smugly.

“Why do you even ask?” Taehyung asked as he started picking up the broken glass with an annoyed expression.

He was more irked by Hoseok’s question than the fact that he had dropped his glass, stained his expensive carpet and now even cut himself on one of the broken shards.

“It has been a long time since you mentioned him and I know how obsessed you were with him,” Hoseok said thoughtfully, making Taehyung shoot up straight, his voice and expression offended as he raised his voice, his tone incredulous,” I most certainly was NOT OBSESSED WITH THAT GUY!”

Hoseok looked at him as if saying, ‘ Are you fucking kidding me?’ and just rolled his eyes as he said, “ Sure, sure. It wasn’t like you kept complaining about him and mentioning him in every other sentence.”

Taehyung was now truly affronted, because that was so far from the truth and Hoseok had no reason to do him dirty like this.

Which was what he told him.

“Okay, I guess denial is bliss,” Hoseok remarked in an unconvinced voice, fuelling Taehyung’s irritation even more.

“Leaving that aside, what is up with the nephilim? For real, I haven’t heard you talk about him for about a week already, I think. Is he even still here, or what?”

Taehyung scowled at Hoseok’s question, going back to picking up the broken pieces.

 “I don’t know and it’s none of my concern,” Taehyung murmured.

Then he quickly added, “And let’s just drop the subject of that guy.”

He heard Hoseok sigh in defeat as he muttered, “Suit yourself,” causing Taheyung’s frown to deepen.

He really didn’t want to think about that weird guy.

Not after his body reacted so strangely when that nephilim thanked him, leaving him slightly dazed.

After that, he avoided seeing the half-angel at all costs.

He didn’t send guards to bring him to him so that he could give him some boring task.

Nor did he visit his room anymore.

After all, he had extracted the information about Jungkook from him, so there was no point for them to interact any longer.

Also, he didn’t think that it was necessary for him to be anywhere where the captives of their school were, although it was getting more difficult to avoid running into them these days, since most of them actually started taking their classes.

Taehyung blamed his father for that, since the old man treated these guys more like guests than prisoners, even providing them necessary education.

Taehyung wasn’t too pleased about it, since he didn’t want light angels and nephilims getting insight into their abilities and skills any more than they already did.

Fortunately, that troublesome nephilim was not in any of his classes, so he figured that the brunette was still being too stubborn about all of this which definitely suited Taehyung just fine.

He didn’t think it was necessary to see him just yet.

Or any time soon, really.


“Come on, Jin. You can’t sit every day cooped up in your room. And this lecture is so interesting!” Namjoon exclaimed, his eyes twinkling expectantly.

Jin knew that his best friend had a point.

After all, they were going to be stuck here for longer than he had hoped for, considering his failure in keeping the info about that deal between Jungkook and their headmaster to himself.

Despite Namjoon’s and Jimin’s reassurances that it wasn’t his fault when he told them a few days ago how Taehyung managed to force that information out of him, he still felt guilty for ruining their chances of retrieving that document and making their escape.

Another thing which bothered him a lot and was the main cause why he spent most of the time in the room designated to him at this place was his last encounter with that dark angel which was constantly on his mind.

He just couldn’t forget how it completely took him off guard to see the expression of pure surprise gracing the dark angel’s sharp features instead of his usual cocky expression when he actually ran after him in a moment of insanity and thanked him for returning his locket.

What shocked him even more was the sudden energy that thrummed through his body when his fingers came in contact with the dark angel’s skin.

It was a funny feeling which he really had no idea how to describe, since he had never felt it before.

It was as if somebody had been tickling him when his fingers wrapped around that tanned, surprisingly tender, skin.

It was new and exciting, but most of all it was scary.

It made Jin afraid just how much he liked that sensation when he should be doing the opposite of associating anything pleasant to that guy.

After that weird realization, he rarely left his room, not wanting to risk running into Kim Taehyung once again.

Of course, Namjoon wasn’t putting up with his shit and apparently today he finally had enough of it, as he practically insisted for Jin to accompany him to one of the classes he started attending here.

Jin didn’t really approve his best friend’s decision to attend the classes while they were in the enemy’s lair, but then again what the hell were they supposed to do?

Wither away while waiting for some chivalry which was apparently never going to arrive?


They could only count on themselves to get out of here.

So, they definitely needed an insight about their captors’ thoughts and way of life in order to come up with a foolproof plan of escape.

Being present at the classes was one way to achieve that, so Jin finally agreed to go with Namjoon to that class today.

History of Supernatural Beings and their Roots.

Jin stared at the engraved letters on the door of the classroom to which Namjoon had dragged him and he already regretted his decision of allowing his friend to talk him into this.

When Namjoon excitedly told him that it was a 3 hour lecture without a break in between, Jin knew that he would not be able to endure sitting through it.

Unlike Namjoon, who had always been interested in those types of facts and knowledge, it always bored the hell out of Jin.

That was why he bailed on his best friend right before the lecture was about to start, but with a definite promise how he was going to find a class to attend instead.

That was the only way he was able to make Namjoon stop looking at him with that disappointed look in his eyes when Jin told him how he’d rather not listen to some guy drone about history for hours.

So, he was currently cruising the wide hallway where all of the classrooms were located, checking out the names of the courses on each door until he finally stopped in front of a cherry red, polished hinged door.


It was a name of the course that was pretty clear in its meaning.

And it was just what Jin needed and wanted in order to get stronger.

When he entered the classroom, there was dead silence,

He wanted to bolt out of there the very same moment all eyes fell on him, but his pride didn’t let him.

He wasn’t going to give his captors the satisfaction of seeing just how scared shitless he actually was.

Nevertheless, he hovered at the door, feeling unsure of himself.

There weren’t that many dark angels in the room, as far as he could tell, since it was pretty dark in there, so he couldn’t see the back of the room that well, but somehow he had this nagging feeling that they were powerful.

Now, it was one thing to have your dignity, but a whole other thing to be stupid enough to voluntarily walk right into the lion’s den.

That was why, in a rare moment of pure clarity, he made a move to take a step back and retreat.

He should have known that that was not going to be that easy.

“That’s right little lamb, or should I say—half-lamb, run along with your other friends far away from the big, bad wolves.”

Jin squinted his eyes at the faces in the poorly lit classroom, trying to locate the owner of that mocking voice.

It was difficult, since the others were all sneering at him, probably thinking what a witty remark their asshole of a friend made.

Jin’s blood boiled at that and when he met the gaze of one of the dark angels, who tilted his head in a challenge, Jin knew that it was him.

To hell with rational decisions, he thought, as he walked into the classroom with a spiteful look and took the seat at the front, ignoring the rapid beating of his heart.


“What an idiot,” Taehyung murmured to himself in disbelief when he saw how the nephilim actually stayed and even sat at the front which was the worst spot in the classroom since their teacher was a well-known sadist.

Although, he figured that he shouldn’t be so surprised by the nephilim’s stubbornness, having often been on the receiving end of it.

He observed closely the reaction of his peers, fully aware of their attitude towards their prisoners.

Even though no one was particularly pleased to have their enemies staying at their school, some having even confronted Taehyung about it, since it was his father that allowed them to attend the same classes as dark angels and treated them ‘far too kindly’ for their liking, nobody dared do anything concrete about it.

After all, they were all smart enough not to go against his dad and he was also not the one to joke around with, having silenced those that tried to bitch at him about it with a simple glare and a casual display of his power that left them retreating with their heads bowed.

However, these guys were on a whole other level than those pests.

They were cunning and they belonged to the top ranks.

They were the ones to keep an eye on, because Taehyung suspected that if anyone was arrogant enough to go against his dad—it would be them.

And while Taehyung had no doubts that his father would emerge as the victor out of that, he knew that it would still cause a big damage among the troops and weaken them.

That was why he couldn’t afford to interact too much with them, let alone get into any conflicts.

But, the way they were currently murmuring among themselves in displeased voices, clearly enraged by the nephilim’s insolence, made him scowl.

He had a bad feeling about all of it and of course as always the cause of his migraines was the same.

So much about avoiding that guy, he thought exasperatedly.



Jin forced himself to keep looking straight ahead, even though he could feel those guy’s eyes boring into him, the back of his neck prickling uncomfortably.

He cursed himself for doing something as reckless as this, just because his usual spite kicked in.

His stomach was now in knots as his left foot bounced nervously while he tried to force himself to stay calm and show no sign of the turmoil currently happening inside of him.

The tense atmosphere was stealing the air out of his lungs, his breathing getting more rapid and making him more convinced that he wouldn’t be able to keep his cool for much longer until the door slammed open, effectively startling him.

Even in the poorly lit room, the presence of the man that just walked in was hard to go unnoticed.

For one, he marched in with determination, head held high, his strides quick and long.

He appeared as if he expected everything to be in perfect order and surprisingly it was like that.

No one even made a sound and Jin wondered if the others held their breath like he was doing just now.

Although Jin sat in the front row and apparently he was the only one, something which he hadn’t noticed until this very moment, he still had to narrow his eyes at the man to take a good look of his features, since there were no windows in the room.

The classroom, along with the teacher and the general atmosphere, reminded him more of some sort of a tomb than classroom.

He should have gone with Namjoon and died of boredom instead of coming here where he had no idea what awaited him.

However, he was sure of one thing.

Whatever it was—it didn’t look too good.

Jin ignored the ominous feeling he had about all of this, in favour of studying the features of the man standing a few feet away from him.

So far, the guy said nothing to them, or even glanced at any of them.

He was rifling through the drawer of his table made of rough wood, as if seemingly unaware of their presence.

Jin guessed that he was in his mid-thirties, although he seemed older.

The deep creases on his forehead showed how much the man frowned while the lack of wrinkles around his mouth showed just how rarely he smiled.

That was enough to set off alarm bells in Jin’s head, but he told himself not to show any fear.

Jin observed the way the man’s ash brown hair was streaked with gray highlights which showed just how prematurely the guy aged.

Finally, the guy seemed to have found what he had been looking for, a piece of yellow paper in his hand.

His small, sharp translucent blue eyes sparkled as the corners of his lips tilted upwards, not in a smile, but it did resemble a pleased smirk nonetheless.

“Mr. Kim, if you would be so kind as to show us your progress with the fireball that would be lovely.”

Jin flinched at the mention of his surname, but the older guy wasn’t looking at him when he said that, his eyes still trained on that piece of paper.

Jin didn’t miss the mocking tone of his voice when he said that, his lips now stretched in a nasty grin while his eyes shone with malice as he was looking somewhere behind Jin.

It was only when he heard someone descending down the steps from the far back of the classroom that Jin realized that that was probably the ‘Kim’ that the older dark angel was referring to.

“My pleasure,” the guy’s husky voice echoed through the classroom, a smug note in his tone of voice causing Jin’s pulse to spike up since he figured out who the owner of that voice was, even before the guy stood in front of the teacher with his trademark smirk.

But when the dark angel glanced at him with a displeased expression, Jin really wanted to kick himself.

It was just his luck that other than pissing off some apparently very strong dark angels in this class, it also had to be the same lecture that Kim Taehyung of all the dark angels attended.

Jin was tempted to laugh bitterly at his poor choices, but he was pretty sure that others wouldn’t look on that act all too favourably.

“Go ahead then.”

Jin was brought back out of his self-deprecating mood when the older guy’s low voice ringed in his ears.

When he looked up, Taehyung’s gaze was no longer on him, but rather on the elderly guy who had a challenging eyebrow raised at him while Taehyung stared at him with an unreadable expression.

Jin didn’t know any light angels who could form a fireball, since that power was too destructive for them to even think about practicing it, or trying to learn it, but he had read in one of the books at their Academy when it still existed, Jin thought with a pang in his chest, how fire was one of the hardest elements to control.

The user of that power had to be, not only powerful and possessing enough energy to perform such a thing and conjure fire, but his spirit had to be firm and his state of mind completely clear.

He knew that demons could control fire pretty well, but he had no idea if dark angels were capable of it as well.

Apparently, it presented a difficulty to them, judging by the way the older dark angel seemed to be pretty convinced and even looking forward to Taehyung’s failure of summoning a fireball.

Maybe it was because of that absolute conviction that the 30-something-year-old seemed so blown away and furious when a perfectly shaped ball hovered above Taehyung’s outstretched palm, the warm orange glow lighting up the front of the classroom.

Jin felt hypnotized by the flickers of the flame, moving in synch with Taehyung’s fingers, dancing in the air until he made the mistake of breathing out an amazed, “Wow.”

The ball died down that very instant, flames extinguishing in a split moment, leaving the room in almost complete dark once again.

Jin swallowed nervously when he saw how Taehyung was glaring at him and he figured that in order to maintain that fireball he needed perfect focus and concentration which had been disrupted by Jin’s remark.

“Oh? A new victim?”

Jin’s stomach shifted uneasily as he moved his gaze from Taehyung’s face to the one of the older dark angel, who was now looking at him with curious eyes.

He parted his lips, no sound coming out, because before he knew it, the guy was standing in front of him, taking his chin into his hand as his eyes darkened, his voice raspy when he said, “ And a nephilim, no less. How interesting.”

Jin widened his eyes in shock, a shiver running down his body which he couldn’t suppress, causing the man to look extremely pleased by his reaction.

Jin wanted to move.

He wanted to flinch at the man’s touch and turn his head away from that piercing stare, but it was as if his body was frozen with no way of reacting.

His heart was beating at an insane pace in his chest the longer the dark angel observed him, his gaze scrutinizing and so oppressing, as if trying to dissect Jin open and enter his mind, discovering his secrets and his deepest, darkest thoughts.

Jin could feel the cold sweat at the back of his neck and he was tempted to reveal everything that the man wanted to know, just so that he would back off and stop staring at him like that, but then he was free again.

The moment the guy’s fingers left his chin, it was as if all power returned to his limbs making him reel back, the legs of his cheer scraping the wooden floor with an unpleasant sound.

However, the man hadn’t noticed it, his expression serious and deadly as he was now facing Kim Taehyung, who stood there with a blank expression.

“What the hell?” the guy spat out at Taehyung, who seemed completely undisturbed by his murderous aura.

Jin watched in shock at the exchange, wondering how Taehyung managed to seem so indifferent in front of that guy, who was apparently powerful and oh, so very dangerous.

“Sorry. I guess I haven’t mastered the fireball, after all,” Taehyung said in an innocent voice, offering an apologetic shrug, but there was something off about it.

It was only then that Jin noticed the slight burn on the man’s hand which was the same hand he used to practically paralyze Jin.

The guy seemed furious and it was obvious how much he didn’t trust Taehyung, but he only answered in a disgusted voice, “That’s a definite fail, Kim Taehyung. And you better watch your back. It would be dangerous and so unfortunate if you accidentally set yourself on fire.”

The threat was apparent in that statement, even before Jin saw how Taehyung’s gaze hardened as the brunette answered curtly, “Will do. Thanks for the worry, teacher.”

The mocking tone escaped no one and Jin even heard a few gasps behind him when Taehyung said that.

However, Taehyung just casually walked away, going back to his seat.

Jin tried to catch his eye, but the black-haired guy wouldn’t even look at him, his expression stern and closed off.

“Song Minho, you are next. Hurry!”

Jin gulped when the teacher practically hissed those words, his steely gaze directed at him even when the dark angel, who offended him before with his ‘half-lamb’ remark, descended down the stairs to showcase his ‘fireball’ technique.

Jin lowered his gaze, staring at his fingers and wondering if Kim Taehyung really went against this guy just to make him leave him alone?

Jin wanted to laugh, because there was no way that the dark angel would do that for him.

But then his chest tightened as he remembered how the dark angel returned his locket, although he didn’t have to.

And now this.

Jin wanted to know why the hell Taehyung would risk so much for him when he obviously hated his guts.

Or did he?

He felt short of breath when that thought popped in his mind and suddenly he wanted to be anywhere but here and not just because that teacher almost made him wet his pants.


When the class finally ended, with no further incidents, Jin wasted no time in bolting out of there first.

He didn’t even know in which direction he should be going, his feet carrying him as far away from that place as possible.

He was so lost in thought that he didn’t even notice someone’s presence behind him.

His yelp of surprise was muffled by Taehyung’s deep voice when the dark angel grabbed his elbow out of nowhere, turning him around to face him.

“You will never ever step into that classroom again. Is that clear?”

Jin’s first instinct was to contradict the dark angel, but he really had no desire of going back to that wretched classroom.

Also, the way Taehyung was intently staring at him, his mouth pressed in a firm line and his expression leaving no room for argument, made Jin say above a whisper, “ Yeah.”

After all, Taehyung did kind of save him back there, whatever his motive for that was, so Jin owed him at least this much.

Taehyung still held his elbow tightly, looking at him seriously as if trying to figure out if Jin was just being sarcastic.

Jin stared right back without a word and finally after a few moments, Taehyung let go of him, turned on his heel and walked in an opposite direction, leaving Jin to stare after him until he could no longer see him.


“So, how was your lecture yesterday?”

Jin grimaced when Namjoon asked him that as they walked down the corridor after lunch, having previously walked Jimin to his bedroom, since the boy hadn’t had much sleep the previous night and wanted to rest.

“It was…Eventful.”

Jin settled on that, not really sure if he wanted to tell Namjoon about what had really happened yesterday.

After all, he was not going to go back there anyways, so why worry his best friend for no reason?

“Oh yeah? How so?”

He should have known that Namjoon would be curious about it, wanting nothing more than for Jin to find some sort of happiness while they were stuck here.

He looked into his best friend’s expectant face, thinking up of some convincing lie when somebody said, “Oh well, if it isn’t the little half-lamb and his friend. What’s wrong? Too much of a chicken to come back today?”

Jin winced at those words, immediately halting his movement.

He turned around at the same time Namjoon did, both of them facing that obnoxious guy, Minho was it, Jin tried to remember, although at this point it didn’t really matter.

Judging by the smirk on the guy’s face and the fact that there was one more dark angel standing next to him, their postures identical—casual and yet ready to cause trouble, was enough to tell Jin how he and Namjoon had to get out of there fast.

That was why he didn’t even dignify that guy with a response, his hand already reaching for Namjoon’s sleeve and tugging the ash blonde away from the dark angels.

“Come on, Namjoon. Let’s go.”

He really wished Namjoon would listen to him.

Unfortunately, that was not the case as his friend didn’t even budge, his eyes narrowing at the two dark angels smirking at them.

“Jin, what’s going on? Do you know these guys?”

Before Jin could answer, that Minho guy let out a dark chuckle as he said, “Of course he does. After all, the half-lamb joined our class yesterday. However, it seems he realized his rightful place which was why he didn’t show up today.”

Jin flinched at that, but he knew that if he talked back he would just make things worse.

Too bad that Namjoon was already curling his fingers in a fist and clenching his jaw as he coldly echoed, “ His rightful place?”

Jin’s heart was in his throat when he saw how Namjoon’s whole aura changed, his expression seemingly indifferent, although the storm in his light eyes showed just how furious he really felt.

Oh no, this was bad.

“Namjoon, they are not worth it. Let’s go,” Jin said through gritted teeth, now practically trying to drag Namjoon away, but his best friend was so goddamn persistent and freakishly strong, Jin thought exasperatedly when he barely managed to make Namjoon stumble a few steps away.

“That’s right. Run away. You seem to be an expert at it which was probably why your school was defeated so easily.”

The only reason why Jin wasn’t pouncing at that guy after that remark and trying to beat the shit out of him was because he was too busy preventing Namjoon from doing something reckless.

Miraculously, he managed to do a very good job of stopping Namjoon from lashing out at them as he said coldly, “Do you really want to taint your fingers with the blood of the cowards who won by using tricks like always? After all, it is well known just how devious and scheming dark angels truly are.”

That seemed to have calmed down Namjoon, who looked at him and realized that those guys were just trying to provoke them which was why he relaxed his tense shoulders a bit and said, “ No, I don’t. Let’s go.”

Jin smiled at him, feeling relieved and they were just about to walk away when that Minho guy said in a deep voice, “ Someone needs to pull out that dirty tongue of yours, disgusting half-blood!”

It was too late for Jin to properly react when a strong black light hit him in the back, the force of the blow sending him flying in the air until his back collided with the cold wall, making him let out a painful grunt.


Jin heard Namjoon’s furious battle cry, his vision still blurry from the impact he suffered as he watched his best friend swinging a fist at the smirking dark angel and taking him by surprise.

“Namjoon, no,” Jin whispered weakly, full aware of what his actions meant when he saw the way that dark angel wiped the blood from the corner of his lips, his eyes dark as he glared at heaving Namjoon, who still had his fingers curled in a fist.


Jin widened his eyes in fear when that bastard’s friend yelled that at the top of his lungs, suddenly summoning an army of dark angels which appeared out of nowhere, surrounding Namjoon.

“No! Don’t touch him!” Jin yelled, somehow managing to get up, supporting himself with a hand on a wall.

However, everyone ignored him, the bulkiest of the dark angels glaring at Namjoon viciously until he yelled, “ TO THE DARK REALM WITH THE UNGRATEFUL REBEL WHERE HE WILL BE PUNISHED FOR HIS SINS!”

Jin gaped in horror when the dark angels started taking away Namjoon, who was struggling, but was rendered unconscious by one of them and easily dragged away.

The dark realm?!

Jin felt terrified as he wobbled on his legs, not knowing what to do.

Namjoon and the army were already gone and he had no idea where they had taken him, or who to talk to about it.

He felt disoriented and desperate, his eyes filling with tears, because this was all his fault and now he couldn’t even help his best friend.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck!” Jin swore loudly, his hand pulling his hair so tightly that he was sure he was going to grow bald in a matter of seconds.

He bit his lower lip until he felt the metal taste of blood on his tongue and then it hit him.

There was one person who surely knew where Namjoon was being taken.

His feet carried him to the room he had before been always taken to involuntarily unlike this time.

He wasted no time in knocking at the large door multiple times, growing more and more worried for his friend’s well-being with each passing second.

He was aware just how frantic he was that he didn’t even flinch when the door opened making him stumble forward slightly until they revealed Taehyung’s annoyed expression, the dark angel’s voice rough when he said, “ Who the fuck—nephilim? What the hell are you doing here?”

Jin didn’t care that Taehyung sounded both surprised and displeased when he saw him, his voice rushed as he said in one breath,” Youcan’tletthemtakehimaway,I—,” until Taehyung frowned and cut him off.

“Okay, stop. Come in and try that again. Also, speak coherently,” the dark angel said and opened the door further to let him in.


Taehyung regretted letting the nephilim inside after the half-angel finally finished the retelling of the events that took place a couple of minutes ago, now staring at him with big eyes.

He couldn’t believe that the nephilim actually had the audacity to come here and expect what? His help? Preposterous, Taheyung thought.

He guessed that it was his fault that the nephilim was actually delusional enough to think how Taehyung would help him save his friend, who did the unthinkable—attacking a dark angel, Song Minho no less, whose father was among the highest ranked ones in his dad’s army.

After all, in a moment of insanity Taehyung actually burned their teacher’s hand the previous day, even though he knew how much the man already despised him, always having been envious that it was his dad, who got the position of the commander of the dark army which he always considered was rightfully his.

And because of who?

Because of this guy, who had been so apparently petrified yesterday that Taehyung couldn’t help, but want to make him stop looking like that, because it was really an unattractive sight to behold which was the only reason why he did what he did.

But now, this guy expected him to put his neck on the line for his best friend, who was a light angel no less?!

Ha! As if!

“You came to the wrong place. Get out,” Taehyung flatly said, holding the door open for the nephilim to leave.

He didn’t even cast a glance at the half-angel as he said that, now already feeling impatient that the guy was still here.

“ Taehyung, please!”

Taehyung stilled upon hearing his name leaving the nephilim’s lips.

Never before had the half-angel addressed him like that and even using that sort of a voice…Pleading and completely devastated.

Taehyung clenched his fist at the tightening sensation in his gut, before he slowly turned towards the nephilim, his expression a mask of indifference.

The nephilim was staring at him with his large doe-eyes, desperation evident in them as he practically stumbled on his words with how fast he spoke,” N-namjoon is my best friend and the one I consider true family. He was just protecting me. Please, don’t let them take him away. It’s my fault. I should be the one punished.”

Taehyung almost nodded at that request, being so taken aback by the complete change in the nephilim’s usually prideful attitude, but stopped himself in the very last moment.

He was a dark angel for fuck’s sake and his captor and not some sort of a saviour, or whatever wrong impression this half-angel got just because he may have done something kind once, or twice for him, for no apparent reason.

It was not like he did it because he felt something squeezing his heart at the sight of nephilim’s red eyes at that time, or his panic-stricken face yesterday.

“And why should I?” Taehyung responded in a cold voice making the nephilim blanch.

“I-I just thought that…,” the nephilim stammered, but Taehyung interrupted him, his voice harsh and unrelenting.

“Well, you thought wrong, whatever it is. I am a dark angel and you are a mere prisoner here, just like your rebellious friend. You have no say in this. The sooner you get that into your little head, the better.”

Taehyung did not even give the half-angel the chance to give a response to his icy-statement, before leaving the room.

He felt his blood boiling, his heart thumping fast as he paced quickly through the hallways, wanting nothing more than to punch something, or someone.

He wanted to smack himself in the face so hard that he would be rendered unconscious which would probably be the only thing to stop him from doing the idiotic thing he was about to do, he thought angrily as he spread his wings, flying swiftly out the window while cursing that vexing nephilim.

“So, who exactly made you the commander of the dark army? As far as I know, only those on the highest positions can decide who gets sent to the dark realm and not even your father is on a high enough position to do so.”

Minho’s jaw tightened when he heard that self-confident voice behind him, his eyes narrowing when he turned around and faced the guy he truly despised.

Kim Taehyung had his arms crossed over his chest, his glorious wings spread to the sides, signifying his strength and power as he stared him down with hard, dark eyes.

He let the insulting remark about the lack of his and his father’s power slide as he said in a casual voice, “I didn’t think it was necessary to have a discussion about this insurgent, since he is just our mere slave and nothing else. No one would miss him if he was sent to a dark realm.”

He ignored the grunt of the said-captive who was restrained by chains around his wrists and ankles, his mouth shut with a silver duck tape.

“Oh, I know at least one person who would miss him,” Taehyung said in a deep voice, making Minho frown.

“Also, it doesn’t matter who it is that is being sent to the dark realm. You still need a special permission which you do not have. Now, hand him over, before you get into even bigger trouble than you are already in.”

Minho couldn’t keep his expression neutral anymore after that warning, his fingers itching for some blood.

“ There is 4 of us here and only one of you, so I suggest you walk away before trouble catches up to you,” Minho said coldly, not missing the way Taehyung’s eyes darkened, his wings growing in size.

“ I’d like to see you try,” Taehyung challenged and that was all that Minho needed to let go of the light angel, his own wings coming out of his back as he fired at Taheyung, the black energy shooting out of the tips of his fingers faster than ever.

“W-what the hell was that…,” Seunghoon spat out, along with some more blood, causing Minho to wrinkle his nose in disgust.

But then again, he wasn’t in a much better condition, he thought as he wiped the blood of his forehead, before slowly standing up.

“I have no idea,” he replied honestly, because he really was not sure what in the world had just happened.

“It was like he was possessed by some beast…The way he looked and fought and moved, fuck. I knew he was powerful, but he is on a whole another level,” Seunghoon said in a daze making Minho even more annoyed.

He knew that his friend was right, since he had witnessed the sight of Kim Taehyung looking like some God of War a few minutes ago as he and his friends were getting pummeled to the ground, but he still didn’t want to admit it.

“Why in the world would he risk so much for that light angel is what still baffles me…,” Seunghoon said which kind of made Minho think.

Why really, he thought as well.

As far as he knew, Taehyung didn’t socialize with any light angels since they were brought here.

Maybe when he was infiltrated on the Light Academy as a spy, he developed some kind of a relationship with this dude?

But then again, thAT light angel seemed just as shocked and surprised when Taehyung came to his rescue and Minho was sure that that was not acting.

Then why, he thought hard, feeling annoyed that he was still in dark when it came to his rival’s true motives.

For some reason, that irritating nephilim’s face flashed in his mind as he tried to connect the dots and woah, wait a second?

Minho started thinking back to the way Taehyung burned their teacher yesterday and while it was weird that that happened, he was positive that he really lost control and he felt smug about Taehyung’s inability to form a proper fireball.

But now that he thought about it, what if it was all an act?

After all, the moment he did that, the teacher released that nephilim.

There was no way that there was something between Kim Taehyung and that half-blood, right?!

Because, if that was the case then maybe the great Kim Taehyung, or more like—V, was not as undefeatable as he liked to present himself, Minho thought with a smirk.


Jin entered the spacious hospital wing, looking around with caution.

Even though Hoseok had told him that he would make sure no one else was there, it was best to be on guard.

Once he had arrived to the door made of granite with embroidered emerald and golden ornaments, he took a deep breath, before wiling himself to slowly open the door.

The room was pretty dark, obviously it was a recurring thing in here, the only light breaking through the large window which was tall enough that it even reached the ceiling.

And there, sprawled on his back on the long crimson sofa was Kim Taehyung.

Jin frowned when he realized that the dark angel was not in one of the beds where he should be resting.

As he carefully approached the sleeping guy, he started breathing a bit heavier.

His eyes took in the sight in front of him, his heart involuntarily skipping a beat.

The first thing that he noticed was the bandage wrapped around the dark angel’s shirtless torso.

He could see a bit of blood on the white fabric right above the dark angel’s hip which made him a bit nauseous.

So, Hoseok was really telling the truth, Jin thought in wonder.

The second thing he noticed was the sun-kissed skin of the dark angel’s smooth, solid chest, making his throat go dry.

Then, his gaze traveled up the dark angel’s soft-looking neck, his red lips, perfect nose and long lashes casting shadows across the dark angel’s high cheekbones.

Jin’s eyes finally stopped on the crease between Taehyung’s eyebrows.

Was he having a bad dream, Jin wondered as he unconsciously took a step forward, his hand reaching up to smooth the line on his forehead.

Before he could do that, the dark angel’s eyes suddenly flew open, dark and intense, his hand grabbing Jin’s wrist and startling him enough to yelp.

He tried to pull away instantly, but Taehyung wasn’t loosening his death grip as he sat up.

“Is this the thank you I get after everything? Trying to kill me in my sleep? I am disappointed. Didn’t think you were such a coward, little nephilim.”

Jin widened his eyes, stuttering out in an offended voice,” I am not! And I wasn’t trying to kill you, you jerk!”

“Then what exactly were you trying to do?” Taehyung rasped out and Jin opened his mouth to retort something, but snapped it shut the very next moment, looking away.

Indeed, what in the world had he been trying to do, he wondered.

He had no proper explanation for his weird actions which was why he was at a loss as to what to say, or do to make the currently murderous looking dark angel release him.


Taehyung observed the nephilim, who was still silent and refusing to look at him, thus testing Taehyung’s already thin patience.

He couldn’t believe his ungratefulness.

After actually having gone out of his mind and decided to oblige to the nephilim’s plea, arranging for that ash-blonde angel not to be taken to the dark realm, this was how the half-angel repaid him?! Seriously, so disrespectful, Taehyung thought.

But then again, did the nephilim even know what he had done for him?

Taehyung, seeing how he wasn’t going to get a real answer, tightened his grip, causing the half-angel to hiss as he glared at him.

“How did you know I was here?” Taehyung inquired in a rough voice.

The brunette’s gaze immediately softened at that as he cleared his throat and answered quietly,” Hoseok told me that you were here and about what you did for Namjoon, even getting hurt in the process…”

A silence followed after that and as Taehyung observed the nephilim, who was once again not meeting his eye, he realized that the male in front of him really didn’t seem like he came here with an intention to cause him harm.

Then why?

Just as he was about to force out the answer out of the half-angel, the brown-haired male glanced at him, or at his body actually, his eyes trailing over his exposed chest with his lips slightly parted.

Then he locked his gaze with Taehyung’s, looking like a deer caught in headlights as he quickly averted his gaze when he realized that he was caught staring.

Something coiled in Taehyung’s lower stomach at that and when he noticed how pink the tips of the nephilim’s ears were, he smirked to himself.

Could it really be…, he wondered, deciding to test his theory out as he suddenly yanked the nephilim towards him.

The half-angel let out a surprised gasp as he practically fell onto Taehyung, causing the dark angel to grunt when the nephilim accidentally pressed his wound.

He should have thought this through, Taehyung realized as he winced.

“You idiot, what the hell! Are you okay?!”

Taehyung blinked at the nephilim in surprise, who was now practically in his lap, a frantic expression gracing his usually soft features as his hands carefully kept touching around Taheyung’s wound, shooting tiny jolts of electricity through his body.

Taehyung stared at the nephilim in front of him, who even looked worried for him and wow, did it suddenly get hot in here or what, Taehyung wondered as he felt his face getting warmer.

He shook his head quickly, before scowling his features into an alluring expression as he asked in a husky voice, “Why? Are you concerned about my well-being, little nephilim?”

That seemed to have snapped the nephilim back to reality as he stopped fussing over his injury, his hands resting on Taehyung’s bare chest and making Taehyung’s toes curl.

“Of course not,” the nephilim murmured, immediately looking away with a slight pout, but there was no mistaking the blush spreading on his cheekbones.

Fuck, Taehyung cursed mentally as he inhaled sharply.

That seemed to have caught the nephilim’s attention as he was now looking at him with wide surprised eyes, a lilac glow visible in them, entrancing Taehyung even further.

Before the male could say anything, Taehyung was already curling his hand at the back of the nephilim’s neck and pulling him closer until their lips connected.

Despite the nephilim’s baffled expression and slight gasp when Taehyung brought him closer, he didn’t seem to put much of a fight against his bold and unexpected advances.

In fact, the nephilim moved his arms with hesitation until they reached Taehyung’s neck, curling them around it loosely.

Something about that gesture made Taehyung lose the last bit of rationality in that moment as he snagged his fingers through the nephilim’s silky hair, tugging him forward until the half-angel was completely pressed against him, his mouth falling open in surprise and allowing Taehyung full access.

Taehyung’s lips worked against the nephilim’s at a fast pace, the kiss being messy with their tongues meeting in the middle and quickly retreating until Taehyung was chasing after that feeling, diving deeper into the nephilim’s mouth and enjoying the soft little moans that kept falling from those plush lips.

Taehyung positioned their bodies more comfortably as he carefully leaned over until the nephilim was lying on his back on the sofa with Taehyung hovering over him, his legs on each side of the half-angel’s hips.

Taehyung never broke the kiss, too lost in the taste of nephilim’s sweet mouth, exploring it with urgent fervor.

What drove him even crazier was when the nephilim spread his legs to help him accommodate better between them which was precisely what Taehyung did, his hand having found its way to the tender skin on the back of the nephilim’s neck, rubbing the skin there with soft strokes and  swallowing the nephilim’s groan of pleasure at that action.

Taehyung pulled away at that, finally breaking the kiss in order to drink up the sight of the nephilim looking so wrecked under him, making his blood stir.

When he was about to dive in for another kiss, the nephilim’s eyes slowly opened, before going completely wide and shocked.

His pupils were dilated, but when Taehyung started leaning in, the nephilim flinched visibly, causing Taehyung to glower.

Then he remembered that moment in half-angel’s room when the nephilim heatedly declared how he had something against Taehyung being the one to kiss him.

Suddenly, he felt angry.

His voice was detached as he moved away from the nephilim, the lack of the nephilim’s body warmth leaving Taehyung slightly cold and said, “This time I went easy on you. I suggest you never try to ambush me in my sleep again. Also, this is the last time I did you any favours and when the time comes I expect you to repay me.”

With that he left, not even sparing another glance at the nephilim, his mood dark.


It took Jin at least 10 minutes to force himself to move after Taehyung had left the room.

He touched his kiss-bruised lips with shaky fingers, still unable to believe that he had just been kissing so passionately with his supposed enemy.

And not for the first time!

What was even worse was that he enjoyed it!

Maybe even too much, since he wouldn’t have minded that other kiss which Taehyung seemed to have wanted to initiate until Jin’s body unconsciously flinched.

Jin was grateful for that reaction, because this wasn’t supposed to happen in the first place.

However, when he remembered how Taehyung’s whole demeanor changed afterwards, he couldn’t help but feel anxious, wondering if he had insulted the dark angel and what that meant for his future interactions with him?

He didn’t know why he started to care so much about Taehyung’s opinion, but he knew that he couldn’t lie himself anymore that he was indifferent.

Chapter Text

“So, tell me, was the reason you went against Song Minho and his goons at least worth it?”

Taehyung let out a sigh, too ashamed to even look at his father, let alone answer him.

He knew that he had caused him a lot of trouble and for what?

For the sake of that nephilim?!


So, he had no choice, but to tell him the truth as he dejectedly answered, “No.”


His father repeated in a surprised voice and Taheyung just shook his head, the bangs falling into his eyes in the process of doing so.

“Hm. That doesn’t sound like you,” his father responded thoughtfully and then added, “Care to tell me what really happened, so that I have all the facts, before I face the High Court?”

Taehyung winced, because he should have known that his father’s opponents were just waiting in the shadows for him to make a mistake which he never did so far.

His only mistake was having him as a son, Taehyung thought solemnly.

Still, Taehyung took a deep sigh, before telling his dad the truth about the nephilim’s plea and his stupidity to actually help him.


Once Taehyung had finished retelling his father the events that led to him being summoned to the High Court, a silence ensued, making Taehyung fidgety.

“Taehyung, I don’t know what kind of relationship you have with him—,” Taheyung immediately opened his mouth to protest, but his father silenced him with a serious look and continued,”—but don’t forget that he is not here of his own free will. You took a great risk for him, but would he do the same for you?”

Taheyung bit his lower lip in frustration, because he was pretty sure that he knew the answer to that question.

The image of the way the nephilim flinched when he was about to kiss him again flashed before his eyes, making his mood dampen even more.

He couldn’t believe that he had actually caused so much damage to his father, because of that guy and he wasn’t even quite sure why he had some sort of a soft spot for him.

“Son, I am not angry. I just want you to be careful in the future.”

Taehyung looked at his father, who was currently squeezing his shoulder in comfort.

He couldn’t help, but feel angry at himself for being so helpless, because he knew that he couldn’t support his father at the High Court when he was in fact the cause his dad’s status was now in danger.

He didn’t even realize he had started crying until he felt hot tears rolling down his cheeks.


Taehyung closed the door of his room behind him, feeling even worse after the talk with his dad.

He would have felt better if his dad had beaten him to a pulp, punished him, yelled at him—anything but being so annoyingly understanding all the time when Taheyung knew he didn’t deserve it, since he was not a good son most of the time.

At least not ever since—, he shook his head, dispersing that thought, before it could materialize in his mind and make him feel even shittier than he already felt.

He rubbed his eyes angrily with his sleeve, causing them to prickle again.

“Have you been…crying?”

Taehyung’s head immediately snapped up and he felt his heart stop for a moment when he found himself looking into Jungkook’s wide eyes.

Oh great, of all the people to run into, it just had to be his cousin to see him like this, who lived to see him fail.

“None of your damn business,” Taehyung replied curtly, his voice hoarse.

That didn’t seem to affect Jungkook in the least, who was now staring at him thoughtfully.

“The only other time I ever saw you cry was when your mom w—,” Taehyung didn’t let Jungkook finish that sentence as he grabbed him by the front of his shirt, his eyes narrowed and full of resentment as he spat out, “ Don’t you dare ever mention my mom, bastard.”

Jungkook returned the glare, his lips pressed in a thin line.

Taehyung let go of him, saying with a sneer, “Oh how much you must enjoy seeing me like this. Well, savor this moment, because I will never ever let my guard down like this. Especially, not in front of you.”

Taehyung expected Jungkook to have some snarky remark at that, but instead, the younger boy just frowned and muttered, “You are such an idiot,” through gritted teeth, before walking past him and roughly bumping his shoulder.


Jin stood glued to the wall, not even daring to breathe, let alone make any movement.

He waited like that until he saw Jungkook bump Taehyung’s shoulder and walk past him and then Taehyung made a frustrated noise and stormed off in the opposite direction.

Finally, Jin let out a breath he was holding, ever since he had stumbled upon Taehyung and Jungkook arguing while Taehyung looked like he had been crying.

Jin was so shocked by such an unexpected sight that he immediately hid behind a nearby pillar, having panicked.

When he had finally decided to go and look for the dark angel, realizing that he had never thanked him for saving Namjoon, he had never imagined that he would come across this.

A few days had passed since their encounter in the hospital wing, not to mention the kiss and Taheyung speaking so harshly to him after he flinched.

Jin had been grateful at first that he hadn’t run into the dark angel, having had the time to talk to his best friend and stay by his side during that time, finally spilling the beans to Namjoon about practically everything that had happened between him and the dark angel so far.

He could never keep a secret from the ash blonde for too long and when he saw how hurt Namjoon was that he hid that from him, he felt like utter shit.

In the end, Namjoon took it better than he had expected.

Indeed, he was taken aback when Jin told him about the kissing and what not, but then again, he seemed very contemplative for the most past, even saying, “Hm, so that’s why.”

Of course when Jin asked him to elaborate, the jerk of his best friend said, “Oh, don’t mind me. Just thinking,” while wearing that mysterious smile he always had when he concluded something and didn’t want to tell Jin about it, instead wanting him to come to his own conclusion as if he was some wise professor and Jin was his student.

Still, all of that was a good distraction from his thoughts about Taehyung.

At least for a few days.

But then, he felt guilty when he thought how the dark angel even got hurt and he had no reason to help him and Jin didn’t even thank him for it.

So, he swallowed his pride and anxiety and headed towards the dark angel’s room to at least express his gratitude, no matter how awkward he felt about it, his palms even sweating on the way there.

He never could have guessed that he would be hiding behind a pillar, eavesdropping to Taheyung and his cousin fighting.

He wanted to leave as soon as he saw them, but his curiosity got the best of him, since he had never seen the dark angel look so…Fragile?

He had been convinced that Kim Taehyung was always so self-assured, as if nothing could affect him that much, almost always looking so smug, that seeing him in this state made Jin want to stay and observe.

After all, Kim Taehyung was a mystery that he realized he was trying to solve, since the dark angel made him so puzzled by his constantly changing behaviours and motives behind his actions which he couldn’t figure out no matter how much he tried.

Because, for a dark angel and his captor, Kim Taehyung sure as hell wasn’t as ruthless as he liked to present himself.

At least not to him.

Jin felt something wash over him at that thought, warm and electrifying and he immediately tried to get rid of those unwanted thoughts as he made his way to his room.

Or, he was about to, before somebody was grabbing him by the back of his collar and making him spin on his heel until he found himself staring into Taehyung’s dark, narrowed eyes.

“ What the hell are you lurking for nephilim?”

It took Jin a few moments to realize what was happening, his pulse skyrocketing at realizing he got caught.


“I just…I came to talk to you,” Jin said quickly while praying for his voice to come out stable enough for Taehyung not to suspect anything.

“ Then why were you walking in the opposite direction of my room?” Taehyung demanded to know and Jin tried to think fast of an excuse, saying the first thing that came to his mind.

“ I knocked and there was no answer, so I was about to go to my room and—,” he didn’t get to finish his lie, because the dark angel was lowly growling at him now in an accusatory voice.

“I heard nothing and I have super-hearing, so stop fuckin’ lying. What are you hiding?”

Fuck, Jin cursed mentally, his eyes widening.

There was no use to keep lying now, he thought, so he forced himself to tell the truth.

“O-okay. I kind of heard you and Jungkook and I didn’t mean to eavesdrop but then you were crying and looked upset and I guess it had something to do with your mother and--,” Jin was cut off again, this time by getting his air knocked out of his lungs as Taehyung grabbed him roughly by his collar and slammed him to a wall.

He was surprised for a moment, but what really made him stop breathing was the intensity of Taehyung’s dark eyes boring into him, full of anger and something else which he couldn’t decipher.

“What the hell do you know about my mother??!”

Jin widened his eyes in shock when Taehyung demanded to know that of him, his voice low and rough and shit, he totally didn’t mean to blurt that part out.

“Nothing, I swear! I just heard your cousin say something about her which made you upset, so I wondered—,” once again he didn’t get to finish his sentence, because Taehyung was already talking, his voice laced with pure rage.

“You wondered?? Who the hell gave you the right to do so, huh?”

Jin blinked in confusion at the dark angel’s growing fury, but before he could say something, Taehyung continued in a darker voice, “So, the little nephilim heard me talking about my mother and thought, ‘Oh, I have an excellent idea! Why wouldn’t I meddle into his life and stick my nose into things that absolutely do not concern me?’”

Jin’s heartbeat accelerated after having realized why it was that Taehyung was so mad and although he had every right to be, Jin didn’t mean to seem nosy.

At least, he wasn’t asking with any ill intention, it was just that it was strange seeing the dark angel looking so…Vulnerable.

And he didn’t really like it.

“Let me tell you why exactly it is not such an excellent idea. Because, it’s none of your goddamned business. Because, when I accidentally saw the picture in your locket, I immediately closed it, since I wouldn’t want anyone having access to my memories like that. Also, I had the common decency not to ask you questions about your mother and yet you can’t do even that much as a small token of gratitude for me saving your best friend’s ass. But, it’s not like I’m surprised by your behavior, since you are selfish like that.”

Jin felt as if somebody had punched him in the gut.

The way Taehyung said that with so much hatred directed towards him, made him feel like somebody placed a foot on his chest, stomping hard on it, making it painful for him to breathe.

It was all such a big misunderstanding and he didn’t want the dark angel to think of him like that, so he quickly tried to explain, saying, “ I d-didn’t mean to—,” but of course, the dark angel was seething with silent fury, not allowing him to speak, yet again.

“Of course you didn’t, because you never do? You just do things without thinking of the consequences, being so stubborn and asking favours of anyone, no matter what and then instead of backing off, you go ahead and continue to pry and act clueless when in fact you are anything but that, isn’t that right?!”

Jin was left speechless at the amount of conviction in Taehyung’s voice, because wow, did the dark angel really have such a low opinion on him?

He felt a lump forming in his throat and he just wanted to get away and hide from that piercing stare.

He looked away, realizing how there was no point trying to tell anything to Taehyung when it was apparent that the dark angel had no intention of listening to him.

“Oh, don’t you fucking dare do that now.”

Jin looked into Taehyung’s eyes, taken aback by the dark angel’s command.

“Do what?”

Jin’s voice was barely above a whisper, the drumming of his heart loud in his ears as he stared into those two abysses staring right back at him, cold and unrelenting.

“ Don’t shy away, now that you have come so far. You wanted to know about my mother? Well, wish granted, little nephilim.”

Jin couldn’t stand Taehyung’s repulsed voice and his dry chuckle and no, he didn’t want to know and invade his memories and he regretted ever blurting out anything, but it was too late.

Taheyung’s hold on his collar was still firm, gaze hard and eyes narrowed as he started talking in a low voice.

“My mother was a dark angel. But, she had one flaw. She trusted people too much and stubbornly kept believing that there could be peace among everyone—light angels, demons, dark angels, nephilims and humans. That was why she kept seeing her best friend in secret, despite the warnings of my father and everyone else. The very best friend that betrayed her one night, on my 8th birthday. Imagine how beautiful it is, waiting for your mom to come home and bring you a special gift she kept telling you about—something pure and beautiful, a snow-white feather, only to receive the news of her death instead. The death caused by her very best friend who was supposed to give her that feather for her son as a souvenir that light and dark could work together. A feather from her wing, symbolizing the light. Too bad that light and dark can never exist in harmony, because there is no light. Those who call themselves light angels are nothing more than corrupt, hypocritical bastards just like the light angel bitch that killed my mom mercilessly, so as to take her powers!”

Jin gasped in horror when Taehyung practically shouted those words at him, his eyes bloody red, different emotions flickering so fast in them that Jin didn’t even get to register all of them, except suffering, disappointment and rage.

Taehyung’s chest heaved up and down with the dark angel tightening his grip on his collar, leaning in, apparently unaware of the thundering of Jin’s heart.

“ So, you see, nephilim,” Taehyung practically spat out those words and Jin wanted to look away but he couldn’t, the dark angel’s stare chaining him to the spot, as he continued speaking in a loathsome voice, “ the light angels you worship so much are nothing but a bunch of fakes, waiting to stab you in the back. Your best friend that you oh, so begged me to save is probably just the same.”

Jin may have felt ashamed of asking about Taehyung’s mother and then horrified when he found out the truth, but if there was one thing that he wasn’t going to allow that was for Taehyung to speak about Namjoon in such a way and even compare him to that soulless woman, who betrayed Taehyung’s mother.

“You shut your mouth! Namjoon would never do something as despicable as that!”

Jin yelled, feeling angry as he glared at the dark angel, who didn’t even flinch, as if being fully aware that Jin would react like that.

“Well, I hope you are right. For your sake.”

With those final, unexpectedly sincere words, the dark angel released him and was gone in a matter of seconds, leaving Jin to stand there confused and frustrated, his thoughts swirling chaotically inside of his head, his emotions a complete mess.

After everything that Taehyung said and the way he looked at him as if he thought that Jin was the lowest creature to exist, why did he sound so honest at the end when he said that he hoped Namjoon would never betray him?


Jin was having a déjà vu.

Once again, he and the other captives were brought in that same room they had been taken to upon their arrival in the Dark Academy.

This time, however, they were not in shackles.

He took a seat between Namjoon and Jimin on one of the maroon sofas as they all anxiously waited to hear the reason they were brought in here again.

Finally, just like that time, the same man stood before them on the small stage at the front of the room.

Jin tried to read the expression on the man’s face, but Taehyung’s father sure as hell was experienced at keeping his emotions and expressions in check, his facial expression not giving away anything as he stood there.

Once again, the very moment he spoke, everyone went quiet.

His aura was just so dominant that nobody dared say anything, most of them probably holding their breaths as he addressed them.

“Students of the both academies, I have one important news for you.”

His voice was serious while his gaze was sharp which made Jin swallow a lump unconsciously.

“A few days ago there had been an incident involving a few dark angels and one light angel.”

Jin froze at that statement, his hand now on top of Namjoon’s as he squeezed it in fear.

His best friend immediately squeezed it back, providing him with slight comfort.

“While you are here as captives, what happened was impermissible. That is why, after much consideration, the High Court and myself, in accordance with the officials in the City of Angels have come to a new solution until the culprits for the breaking of the treaty are caught.”

Jin’s heart thrummed in his chest as he awaited for the new verdict about their future.

“We have agreed that light angels and nephilims would get their powers back and be rid of their status as prisoners of the dark army,” Kim Bong announced causing an uproar between all of the present ones.

Jin looked at Namjoon and he just couldn’t believe it.

But, before he could smile and feel the joy, the dark angel raised his voice, “However, there is a condition to be followed.”

The murmur ceased immediately and Jin felt disappointed, because he knew that it was too good to be true.

Of course there was a catch.

There always was.

“After long negotiations and talks with the representatives of the Light Angels, we have realized that it isn’t enough to have a treaty again which could be easily broken. We are all angels after all and we belong to the same kind. That is why we have come to a mutual understanding that in order to prevent something like that from happening again, we need to unite and learn to live in harmony. That is why, starting from now, all of you will attend the same school and learn how to live together without killing each other.”

Jin was sure that he was dreaming.

There was no way that this guy was suggesting what he thought he was suggesting??

Because, that was pure madness!

They would all kill each other in a matter of days, that was for sure.

Obviously, most of the others shared his opinion, loud protests heard in the spacious room, coming both from the light and dark angels.

Jin had to hand it to Kim Bong, who kept his poker face despite everything, his voice thundering through the room.

“That is FINAL. You will all be living and studying in a castle at the border of the light and dark realm on Earth. Previously, it was used as a fortress for the angels in the war that took place about 1000 years ago between the demons and the angels which were united then in order to defeat a greater evil. The castle has not been used for decades now, but it had been renovated recently for this purpose. Now, I give the word to my fellow colleague, the general of the Light Army.”

As if all that was said in the past few minutes wasn’t enough to make him sick to the stomach, this was a cherry on top of a very tasteless cake, Jin thought with a darkened expression as he observed the more than familiar man, who had now climbed the stage.

“As Lord Kim Bong previously said, the point of this new agreement is for the angels to become more powerful and learn to live and work together. That is why there will be dark and light angels of top ranks situated at the castle to make sure nothing bad happens. Oh, and a few nephilims of  higher ranks will be there as well.”

Jin clenched his fist when the light angel said that last part, his eyes having locked with Jin’s as he said the word ‘nephilim’ in such a revolting tone which Jin had heard come out of his lips many times.

“Jin, hey, look at me.”

Jin barely heard Namjoon, still in a glaring contest with the light angel on the stage and it was only when both Jimin and Namjoon placed their hands on his shoulders that he broke the eye-contact first.

He felt so livid and powerless and he just wanted to scream and shout.

“Hey, don’t mind him. You’ve got us,” Namjoon said in a warm voice and Jimin nodded, making Jin relax a bit.

“I know. Thanks,” he replied gently, grateful that his true family was there beside him, giving him support that he needed so much in that moment.

“Now that all has been said, go to your rooms and pack your bags. In 3 hours we will be leaving for the castle, so don’t waste your time,” Kim Bong said, before dismissing them.

Jin got up quickly, immediately heading towards the door, not wanting to spend even one more second in the same room as that person.

Namjoon and Jimin caught up with him when he exited the room, asking with matching concerned expressions, “Hey, will you be okay? Should we stay with you?”

Jin forced himself to smile as he said, “Don’t be ridiculous. We need to pack and then we will meet back in the hall. I’m a big boy, I can take care of myself.”

He couldn’t blame Namjoon and Jimin for not looking too convinced, since he wasn’t even confident in what he had said, but he did not want to worry them even further.

“ Now, shoo!” Jin added in a playful voice, making shooing motions which was how Namjoon and Jimin finally started going towards their rooms, although they kept looking back.

Jin waved at them to reassure them and it was only when they were completely out of his sight that his smile faded away.

He headed towards his room, his steps quick and decisive.

He kept looking at the floor while making his way to his room which was a mistake, because he failed to notice a presence that materialized in front of him.

He stopped only because he had almost bumped into the man in front of him.

He was just to apologize on instinct when he looked up and saw who it was that was standing before  him.

He gritted his teeth, telling himself to stay calm no matter what.

“Honestly, I’m surprised that you have survived for so long here, considering the fact that you have been stripped of your powers. But then again, it’s not like they would have made much of a difference anyways.”

Jin narrowed his eye, wishing so much that he had a power of a deadly glare, because then the person he hated so much would finally drop dead right in front of him.

“Oh, well, I didn’t want to give you that pleasure of seeing my lifeless body just how you enjoyed seeing my mom’s,” Jin said in a poisonous voice.

He didn’t even flinch when the light angel’s face turned into an ugly grimace as he closed the distance between them in a matter of seconds, his light eyes now blazing with fury.

The blonde man raised his hand, ready to hit him as he spat out, “You little insolent brat! I should have—,” however he cut himself off before he could finish that thought even though Jin knew what he wanted to say.

That was why he raised his voice, stepping closer, a challenging look on his face, “ Say it, you coward! You should have disposed me when you had the chance, huh? But then your status of a light angel would be endangered, you hypocrite! COME ON, HIT ME! You have the perfect chance to do what you have wanted for so long! I DARE YOU, YOU FUCKING COWARD!”

Jin completely lost control of himself as he screamed those words at the man who was supposed to be his family, protecting him, especially after his mother’s death, but instead he was everything opposite of that and Jin couldn’t even describe how much he despised him.

“Don’t tempt me, bastard,” the light angel growled, his hand moving towards Jin quickly and Jin didn’t want to give him the satisfaction of closing his eyes, or dodging his attack.

Instead he stood his ground with a determined face, waiting for the impact.

And then he would strike back.

Right as the man whose blood unfortunately flowed through his veins was about to land his blow, somebody cleared their throat, making the light angel freeze.

Jin was fuelled by adrenaline, so ready for a fight that he barely noticed the person who was the reason for his face staying intact.

“Is there a problem here?”

Jin finally recognized that deep, rich voice and when he looked over the light angel’s shoulder, he saw Kim Bong standing there with a chilling expression.

However, Jin was too focused on the person standing next to the older dark angel, who resembled him way too much.

Taehyung was staring at him, but his expression was cold and completely closed off which made something drop in the pit of Jin’s stomach as he remembered their last encounter.

“No, there is nothing wrong at all. I was just showing this little nephilim where to go after he packs,” the blonde man said in a fake-sweet voice making Jin give him a dirty look.

What a spineless jerk, Jin thought, once again resenting the fact that this man was his biological father.

He felt so sick of everything that he just scoffed, muttering under his breath, “Fucking coward,” before walking past the blonde and continuing his route to his room.

Even though he told himself not to, he couldn’t help but glance at Taehyung at the moment he was passing next to him.

He was sure that the dark angel would not even look at him which was why he was surprised when he saw Taehyung watching him out of the corner of his eye, his expression still indifferent.

Jin looked straight ahead quickly, his chest slightly constricting, because he was apparently unwelcomed there by everyone.

To his great surprise, it was Taehyung’s reaction that was the only one that made him feel so shitty.


They arrived to the castle relatively quickly since their powers were now back, so the light angels could fly to their new ‘home’.

Jin still thought that this idea of all of them living together would definitely not end well, but he had no say in it.

None of them did, actually.

He didn’t jump all the way to the castle, instead letting Namjoon carry him there, since he was faster after all, being able to fly and the last thing Jin wanted was to fall behind the light and dark angels and feel inferior.

More than he already did.

When they were all finally hovering near the castle, Jin had to begrudgingly admit that he had never seen a more splendid building than their new dwelling.

So, it really was true that the castle was renovated not long ago, Jin thought as he watched their new residence with astonished eyes.

Thick, smooth castle walls stood solid in the freshly cut grass, unmoving and imposing.

On each end of the castle there was a large oak tree, its strong branches stretching outwards, providing a layer of firm defense for the already unyielding grandiose structure in front of them.

Surprisingly, there was no gate, or tall walls to secure the castle, leaving it out in the open like that.

Or, at least, that was what Jin thought until Lord Kim approached the invisible barrier surrounding their new place of habitation and chanted something under his breath, his fingers coming to touch the layer of magic providing security to the castle.

Jin only felt a gust of wind as the magical barrier fell down and they were allowed to enter.

Immediately, he noticed the presence of older light and dark angels, standing at the entrance, with stoic faces.

So, it was true that there would be guards for them.

The question was, would they really be there to keep peace, or just the opposite?

He pushed his worries aside as he stepped into the castle, walking next to Namjoon now.

The interior was even more impressive than the exterior, Jin thought in awe as he took in the gold tapestries hanging on the walls, the reflection of shadows casted by swords crossed on the walls, as well as coat of arms with one black wing and one white wing to show the unification of angels that took place a 1000 years ago, dancing on the floor under the sun rays that managed to break in through the glass.

What symbolism, he thought sarcastically, as he moved through the large hall, his feet practically sliding along the immaculate porcelain tiles.

“Classes will official start tomorrow. You will have the free will to choose 5 classes of your liking. Tonight, there will be a welcoming party in the highest tower of the castle, so I expect you to behave well. The welcoming committee will help you settle in and inform you which room you have been assigned to. I hope that this is the beginning of an unbreakable bond between the angels.”

Jin listened to Kim Bong’s parting words, feeling skeptical about all of this.

He looked away from the older dark angel when he saw Taehyung approaching him and murmuring something heatedly.

He saw the glimmer of dissatisfaction on Taehyung’s face and he was sure that the dark-haired male was more than displeased with this whole arrangement, but that was none of his business, he told himself as he forced his legs to move towards the welcoming committee consisting of a nephilim, 5 light angels and 5 dark angels.


Jin sighed as he plopped down on his new bed, feeling drained.

The whole day passed in a rush with all of them settling in their new residence and trying to memorize the routes in the castle which was quite impossible, since it was so freaking massive.

By the time they all moved their stuff to their rooms and explored the castle a bit, it was already dinner time.

Unfortunately, they were all informed there that their presence was expected in an hour at the welcoming party and that it would be unwise not to show up.

It wasn’t a threat per se, but it was a thinly disguised warning given to all of them by their ‘guardians’, or more like—regulators of peace.

Jin really had no desire to go, but Namjoon and Jimin were of course having none of it as they declared that they would personally come to his room and drag him there if they had to, so he had to promise them that he would be there.

He got up with a groan, looking around his new room.

It wasn’t bad in the least, being spacious enough with a large bed, new sheets and covers, a sofa next to a large window and he had his own bathroom.

However, it was unfamiliar and new and he felt a bit empty on the inside.

Also, Jimin’s and Namjoon’s rooms were so far away from his, since it was decided that the rooms of light angels, dark angels and nephilims would all be mixed instead of being in separate quarters, so somehow they ended up scattered around the castle.

He knew that in theory this was better than them being prisoners of the dark angels, but somehow this was still a way of life they did not get a say in and that made him annoyed and anxious.

He was aware that he couldn’t do anything about it, at least for the time being, so he went to the bathroom to get himself ready for this celebration of a joyful event, he mocked mentally.


When he finally made it to the party, the tower had already been filled with angels.

He huffed in annoyance, having spent a good half an hour trying to find the way to this particular tower in this labyrinth of a castle.

He expected the space to be narrow and circular, but somehow the tower kept expanding the more people arrived and he suspected that it was some magic at work that was enabling it.

It was pretty cool, he had to admit as he weaved through the crowd, trying to spot his friends.

He caught his reflection in the granite counter of the bar, frowning a bit.

Even though he did not put much effort into his appearance, only having washed his hair and let it dry naturally, wearing his light blue knee-ripped jeans, brown boots and the first long-sleeved tee he found in his closet—coincidentally the blue one he looked really good in, he didn’t really like how the bluish circles under his eyes made him look tired.

He didn’t want that weakness to show.

He wanted to seem untouchable, although he knew that that was practically impossible with everything that had happened in the last few months.

“Nice harness~”

Jin finally looked away from his reflection to the person that told him that.

A red-haired girl he had never seen before was staring at him with a flirty expression and he felt uncomfortable.

Okay, so maybe he did put in a bit of effort in his appearance, feeling that his outfit was too bland which caused him to wear a black harness over his tee.

Now, having attracted the unwanted attention, he regretted his choice.

That was why he just smiled awkwardly, before retreating, wanting to move away from that girl, who, for some reason, was giving him the chills and not just because she was a dark angel.

Once he was away from her, he cursed himself for fleeing the bar before getting a drink.

But, he did not want to go back there, in case she was still loitering around the corner, so he resigned himself to trying to find some place which was more quiet, the loud bass coming from the speakers above making him cringe.

As he elbowed his way through the crowd, he couldn’t help but halt his movements when he spotted a familiar figure just a few feet away from him.

However, it wasn’t just that that was a familiar face he saw.

It was more the fact how that person looked tonight that made his breath stop for a few excruciatingly long seconds.

The white button down shirt was a perfect contrast to the golden skin of the dark angel, the first few buttons having been unbuttoned, exposing that smooth skin to everyone and unfortunately having a rather strong effect on Jin, who spent a few seconds just staring at those sharp clavicles and that long neck.

He didn’t pay much attention to the black skinny jeans, or the dark angel’s shoes, having became too entranced with the silver lip ring the dark angel wore as he spoke to Hoseok.

Jin observed the way the dark angel brought a glass of champagne to his dark red lips, feeling as if he could hear the clanking sound of the lip ring when it hit the edge of the glass as the dark angel took an appreciative sip of it.

He would have practically kept staring at the dark angel for who knows how long when suddenly, as if sensing that somebody was creeping on him, the dark angel’s eyes met his.

Even though his black hair was messy and falling into his eyes, it still couldn’t hide the intensity with which he stared at Jin, making him gulp nervously.

He wanted to look away, but he just couldn’t, Taehyung’s piercing gaze having too much of an influence of him.

He was already starting to feel awkward, wondering what to do, since Taehyung just kept looking at him like that, his eyes giving away nothing.

But then, the dark angel looked away and continued talking to Hoseok as if he wasn’t even in the room.

Jin wasn’t sure what to expect, but he was kind of unprepared for Taehyung to keep giving him the cold shoulder like this.

But what angered him the most was the fact that he was so upset by it, he thought as he abruptly turned away, marching in a complete opposite direction of where Taehyung was happily chatting to Hoseok.


Jin started feeling guilty about not looking for his friends, only after he concluded that he had been sulking for far too long in this secluded corner.

After Taehyung completely ignored his existence, he walked away, determined to even return to his new room, but then he discovered these secluded half-circles with dimmed dark pink lights and music that wasn’t as loud, so he chose to go and cool off there.

Luckily, they were probably created for couples, or those that wanted to have alone-time, so whenever a couple ran into him there, they bowed their heads and went to find some other empty half-circle.

Thankfully, no one had a voyeuristic kink so far, or he would have been in trouble.

Just when he had decided to leave his little protective bubble, someone entered.

He was just about to walk past that person, but he stopped when he realized that this girl was blocking his way.


He squinted in the dim lights, the pink glow lighting up her face and oh shit.

Jin felt his blood going cold when he realized that that was the same girl that complimented his harness at the bar.

He had no idea why he had such a strong negative reaction to her, but something about her coy smile screamed, “ DANGER!”, inside his head.

Before he could say anything, though, she was already making the first move.

“Is it because I am a dark angel that you seem like you want to be anywhere else but here with me, or is it because some other dark angel has already caught your eye?”

“What?” Jin frowned at the girl that was slyly smirking at him, now feeling even more alarmed.

“Oh, honey, I have seen the way you observed him.”

Jin scowled because what the hell was she talking about?

Before he could ask, she closed the distance between them, pressing against him and taking him by surprise.

Then her lips were brushing against his ear shell as she whispered alluringly, “The lip ring does look hot on him, I’ll admit it. But, you are more my type.”

Jin shuddered at those words, especially at her insinuation about who he was staring at before and he couldn’t help, but try and squirm out of her embrace.

However, she was caging him against the wall and then she was chuckling lowly in his ear, whispering again, “ Don’t worry. Despite his enhanced hearing, wherever he is, he can’t hear us right now. Not when I am this close to you at least, so your secret is safe with me.”

“T-there no secret,” Jin stuttered out when she finally moved away, but then she was smiling knowingly at him, her eyes twinkling with mischief as she placed her index finger on his lips to shush him.

“Don’t worry, nephilim. It will stay between us. Btw, you are so cute when you are flustered. Makes me want to eat you up.~”

Jin froze, because she sounded serious.

And the way she was looking at him was so predatory that it gave him the creeps.

Ever since she approached him, he got some bad vibe, but it was as if he couldn’t get away, his legs not moving when he commanded them to.

Her voice, her gaze—it was all so hypnotizing and he had no idea how to look away and escape her.

“You know what? I might just do that right now. You look way too delicious for me to miss this chance.”

Jin widened his eyes at that statement and when he saw the redhead licking her lips hungrily while leaning in, he opened his mouth to say something, but no sound came out.

His heart hammered against his ribcage, the panic flooding his body, because what in the world was going on?!

Then she was opening her mouth and woah, her tongue was curvy and long and that was definitely not how an angel’s tongue looked like, whether it be dark, or light angel, Jin thought as he tried to move away.

“Relax. I’ll make it good for you too,” she purred and Jin wished he had some telepathic power , because then he would be able to let Namjoon know that he was in trouble and oh how he hated the thought that just crossed his mind, but ‘SOMEBODY HELP HIM!”

He closed his eyes when her tongue touched his neck, wet and cold, causing him to gasp in disgust as it started slithering along his skin.

His body trembled from fear and repulsion and he would rather be a prisoner in the dark academy than a so-called ‘free man’, if this was the price to pay for his alleged freedom.

“Mhm, yummy~”

Jin shivered when she exclaimed that after reaching his jawline and then she was about to claim his lips and fuck, it felt so gross to have her tongue touching the corner of his lips and oh god now she was going to—!

Jin was so sure that his lips were going to be claimed by this lizard-woman and he already felt nausea crawling up his throat that he thought he was dreaming when nothing happened.

Finally, he cracked one eye open and realized that there was no one there.

But then he heard a shrill scream and in the distance, a few feet away, he saw large ink black wings, a purple glow pulsing through them and into the red-haired molester, who thrashed wildly, her face convulsing from pain.

However, the guy holding her showed no mercy, his lips set in a straight line, eyes dark and narrowed.

Finally, he threw her to the ground like a rag and she slithered away as fast as she could before he could change his mind.

Then the dark angel met his gaze and Jin felt paralyzed for a whole different reason now.

That feeling intensified when the guy was in front of him, inspecting his face while gripping it with his slender fingers and turning it to the side.

Jin barely felt that, his skin somehow still numb.

Finally, the dark angel let go of his face, letting out an annoyed sigh.

Then, Jin was being lifted from the ground, but he couldn’t even react, still not having control over his lips or voice.

He couldn’t even grab Taehyung’s shirt for support, but it seemed the dark angel had a firm grip around his waist as he held him close to himself, moving with the speed of light.

Too bad Jin couldn’t feel any of that.


He had no idea how Taehyung knew where his room was and his mind was too busy with other thoughts about everything, that the first thing he asked when the dark angel placed him to stand against the wall was, “What the hell is she?!”

His voice came out croaky, but he was glad that he could speak again at last.

Also, he felt the tingling sensation spreading through his body and he could move his fingertips again for which he was grateful.

Taehyung looked serious as he stood opposite him, close enough for Jin’s heart to beat faster than usual.

“She is a half dark angel, half reptile. We, also have half-bloods.”

Jin ignored the slight jab at what he was and asked instead, “Why the hell couldn’t I move?”

Taehyung sighed and said, “She must have grazed your skin with her nail, since the paralyzing poison is under her nails. It should wear off in half an hour.”

Jin tried to think back to when she could have grazed his skin, since he hadn’t felt and then he remembered the way her finger pressed against his lips which was when he started feel like this.

God, if Taehyung hadn’t stopped her, then…He shivered just thinking about it as he slumped against the wall, until he was sitting on the carpet.

He was at least glad that once he was away from her, his body was recovering fast.

“If I were you I would lock the doors tonight. And every other night, too,” Taehyung said flatly and it was only then that Jin realized the dark angel had already turned his back to him ready to leave.

Jin panicked, thinking how he couldn’t Taehyung leave just like that, so he blurted out, “T-thanks for this.”

The dark angel just shrugged his shoulders, muttering, “Whatever,” not even making an effort to stop walking away.

Jin started desperately thinking of a way to make the dark angel stop being so cold to him and he had no idea what to talk about when he suddenly remembered something he should have done long ago.

“I never got to say this, but thanks for saving Namjoon,” Jin finally exclaimed, his pulse speeding up when Taehyung stopped his movements, his back going rigid.

“Don’t do that.”

Jin hated how that low, deep voice made something stir in his stomach, his own voice slightly shaky as he answered, “Do what?”

Suddenly, Taehyung was crouching in front of him, and Jin was glad he was sitting on the floor with his back against the wall for support, because he was sure that if he had been standing he would have tripped on his feet from surprise.

“Don’t do that. Thank me like that and look like you mean it when in reality you—.”

Jin frowned in confusion at the dark angel, who was now looking away after saying that, a scowl forming on his handsome tanned face, the silver metal around the flesh of his bottom lip still being highly distracting.

“Taehyung, I don’t understand what you—,” Jin started saying in a baffled voice, but then Taehyung glared at him, cutting him off with a gruff, “ Oh don’t you dare call me by my name, pretending to be all innocent and what not when you know exactly what you are doing.”

Jin’s frown deepened, because now he was definitely feeling lost.

“But let me tell you one thing,” Taehyung said in a husky voice as he leaned in so close that Jin could feel his minty breath fawning above his lips, making it harder for him to focus.

“It’s not going to work on me anymore.”

Jin widened his eyes slightly at that statement, because the dark angel seemed so determined and it was as if he was holding a grudge against him?

Before he could ponder on it more, Taehyung said, “Now, it’s time for you to repay me for being so kind all this time.”

Jin let out a dumbfounded, “Huh?”

“That’s right, little nephilim. I don’t need your gratitude. What I need is for you to get me to the City of Angels.”

Jin felt dread going through his body, because what the hell?

“Why?” he blurted out.

“It does not concern you,” Taheyung dismissed him easily, making Jin irritated.

“Of course it does! You are asking me to get you in the City of Angels, as if it’s no big deal! I have the right to at least know why?!”

“That’s where you are wrong,” Taehyung said, before continuing in a rough voice.

“ I don’t owe you any explanation, but you on the other hand owe me this favour for saving your best friend and even getting hurt in the process.”

Jin looked away, because it was true but this was…Too much.

“Why me? I am not a light angel, so why do you think that I can get you in so easily?” he asked.

“Because your father is the general of the light army so I’m pretty sure you know your way around better than most light angels,” the dark angel answered casually.

Jin immediately narrowed his eyes at him at the mention of that man and spat out, ”Absolutely not. I’ll do anything but that.”

Taehyung seemed to be losing his patience with him, but then he seemed lost in thought as he asked, “Anything?”

“Yes,” Jin said with determination, because he could handle anything else other than this.

“Hmmm…Okay. Then give yourself to me.”

Jin blinked and stared and blinked again and finally stuttered out in a high pitched voice, “G-give my what to you now?!”

The dark-haired male seemed unbothered as he shrugged his shoulders and said, “Your body of course.”

Jin felt like his heart was going to jump out of his chest and he wondered if this was the reason that Taehyung did all those things for him, almost always coming to his rescue.

Because, he wanted him?

At the very thought of that, Jin felt nervous, but also there was this fluttery feeling in his chest.

He felt his cheeks getting warmer and he asked above a whisper, “Why would you ask that?”

He didn’t dare face Taehyung, so as to not give away how flustered he was by his request.

“Why not?” the dark angel answered nonchalantly.

“I haven’t had time to fuck lately, so why not. Even a nephilim could do the trick.”

Jin felt like somebody had stabbed him in the heart when he heard the real reason why the dark angel offered him that.

He wanted to hit himself for being so stupid as to be disappointed and hurt by that statement.

However, he tried to maintain his expression neutral as he said in a stony voice, “Fine. I’ll take you to the City of Angels.”

There were a few moments of tense silence, before Taehyung was getting up and saying, “Good. Be ready to leave in the morning. Needless to say, no one should know about this, including your best friend. Unless you want him to get in trouble. Again.”

Jin nodded briskly, his lips pressed in a thin line, fist clenching slowly.

When he heard the door close, he finally cursed under his breath, feeling frustrated.

If only this poison could have numbed him enough not to feel this disappointment and hurt that he did than he would have gladly let that reptile woman lick his whole face, if necessary.


“So, it is true. The great Kim Taehyung has a soft spot for that rude nephilim. How interesting,” Minho said after Gyara told him how Taehyung practically ripped her away from the nephilim, his expression murderous.

Minho did hire her for that purpose after all, wanting to see if there would be any reaction from Taehyung at her interaction with the nephilim, but this was better than he expected.

He smirked to himself, wondering just how he should use this gem of an information to finally  bring that obnoxious Kim Taehyung to his knees.

Chapter Text

Jin stood at the window of his new bedroom, the soft hues of blue, pink and orange blurring together right before his tired eyes as he watched the first sunrays breaking through the morning sky.

He blinked a few times, hoping to chase away the exhaustion, but it was no use.

After all, he didn’t even get a wink of sleep last night, too busy thinking of what he was about to do.

Not only was he supposed to get a dark angel into the City of Light, as it was sometimes called, which was a grave violation of rules in itself, but also, he was about to flee the new school when barely a day has passed with him being granted his freedom.

To make matters worse, it was Kim Taehyung of all people, whom he had to sneak in there, not even knowing what his motive for that was, although Jin suspected that it was definitely something which would get them in trouble.

Also, he couldn’t even confide to his best friend and he knew that Namjoon would really be hurt when he finds out about all of this.

So, it was no wonder that when he heard 3 light, but firm, knocks on his door, he opened them with a grim expression.

His mood soured even more when he took in the way Taehyung looked, no trace of a sleepless night on his stupidly perfect face.

The dark angel gave him a quick once-over, before he scowled and stated in a low voice, “You look like hell.”

Jin felt even more annoyed at that remark as he quickly retorted,” Well, you are hell.”

“That doesn’t really make much sense,” Taehyung answered in a condescending tone while tilting his head kind of mockingly which got on Jin’s nerves.

He pushed past the dark angel, closing the door with more force than necessary as he spat out, “I don’t need to make sense after not getting any sleep, too busy thinking of the consequences of what I’m forced to do.”

“Don’t be so dramatic, nephilim. You’ll be back here before anyone even notices you are gone. Now, the less you complain, more focused will you be on getting me where I want to be and getting rid of me,” the dark angel said as he easily fell in step with him, making Jin click his tongue in annoyance.

“Can’t wait,” Jin muttered as he quickened his pace, wanting to just get this done as soon as possible.

He was going to do this for the dark angel and then he would owe him absolutely nothing and he would have no reason to interact with him anymore in the future.

That thought didn’t provide him the anticipated pleasure which made him even more irritated, only this time it was with himself.

He was so lost in thought that he didn’t even notice that the dark angel had been silently observing him the whole time with a frown on his face.

“Are you sure this is the right way?”

Jin let out a disgruntled sigh as he stopped in his track.

He was already sick and tired of the dark angel constantly doubting him, so he finally turned around to give him a piece of his mind.

Every time the dark angel asked him that, he just replied that yes that was the way, but now he has had it.

Even though he rarely went to the City of Light, he knew the route very well.

However, since he was travelling with a dark angel this time, he opted for another path which also led to the portal that would transport them there.

He had gone along this way only once in the past, since this route was more dangerous and shady, but that was what they needed right now.

They were not supposed to be seen.

Naturally, since he wasn’t that familiar with this particular road, he had to stop a few times at various crossroads and think for a few moments which led to the doubt that the dark angel was quick to express in his sense of direction.

“Look, if you don’t trust me then feel free to find another guide to take you to the City of Angels,” Jin snapped, his arms crossed over his chest as he glared at the dark angel.

The black-haired male observed him for a few moments with a thoughtful look and Jin was sure that Taehyung was going to take him up on that offer which would honestly be such a relief.

Unfortunately, the dark angel just clicked his tongue in frustration and just said, “Lead the way.”

Jin felt a bit smug though, but that feeling evaporated as soon as he heard Taehyung mutter under his breath, “Although I definitely do not trust you,” as he walked past him.

That hostile comment was the breaking point.

Lately, Taehyung had been treating him like shit and kept making those snide comments causing Jin to deflate every time and feel confused.

Usually, he would swallow his retort, instead of asking the dark angel for clarification which the latter never provided.

This time, however, he couldn’t force himself to just move on.

The rage at being treated so unfairly by the dark angel was so overwhelming that even he was surprised at how his words sounded as he uttered them.

So full of bitterness and undisguised anger.

“Fuck you, Kim Taehyung. I do not have to take this shit from you. I may owe you, but I won’t let you step on me as if I am some piece of trash.”

The dark angel clearly felt the intensity of his statement, the surprise on his face quickly replaced by a cold glare directed his way.

“That’s the least the likes of you deserve.”

Jin widened his eyes in shock as Taehyung’s low, hateful voice reverberated in his ears.

Before he realized it, his fingers curled in a fist on instinct with the fury blinding him as he swung it towards the dark angel until it connected with his sharp jaw.

He hadn’t even been aware how much strength he had used until he saw the dark angel stumbling a few steps back while cradling his jaw.

His lower lip was cut, the blood trickling down as the black-haired male stared at him in pure shock.

Jin was breathing heavy while still clenching his fist, the adrenaline coursing through his veins.

Maybe that was why he barely felt any fear when Taehyung stood up straight, his eyes now pitch black and unrelenting as he knocked the air out of his lungs by slamming him to a nearby tree with the dark angel’s arm sprawled over his chest, preventing him from breathing properly.

Jin winced at the impact, slightly gasping for air, but the dark angel wouldn’t cave in, the pressure on his chest deadly and his glare even deadlier.

“What the hell do you think you are doing, bastard??!”

Jin flinched a bit at the furious question Taehyung just spat out, but he stood his ground.

“I’ve had it with your attitude towards me. I’m not your captive anymore. Also, I don’t care what opinion you have of me, but I will not allow you to treat me like I’m some scum,” Jin grunted out.

That seemed to have fuelled Taehyung’s anger even more as he said in a deep voice while increasing his pressure and causing Jin to cough while fighting for air, “I will treat you the way you deserve to. After all, I have no respect for those that snoop around, wanting to stick their nose in matters that do not fucking concern them.”

He should have known that this was all about him asking about the dark angel’s mother.

Apparently, that was a sore spot for the dark angel and he seemed to have opened some deep wounds.

Jin knew that it was wrong when he did that, but for fuck’s sake he did tell the dark angel that that wasn’t his intention.

Maybe that was why he screamed in frustration at the male, who was trying to suffocate him, “I’M FUCKING SORRY, OKAY?!! I DIDN’T MEAN TO PRY ABOUT YOUR MOM!!! IF I COULD TAKE IT ALL BACK, I WOULD, TRUST ME! Anything for you to just stop looking at me with such disgust…”

His eyes were closed as he said that last part in a defeated voice.

His eyes prickled from the lack of sleep, hunger, frustration and Taehyung’s overall hostility towards him and he felt drained.

That was why it took him a few seconds to realize the pressure on his chest had lessened until it was finally gone.

He slowly opened his eyes, noticing how Taheyung was now a few feet away from him, watching him with an unreadable expression.

Jin wanted to say something, but he didn’t know what.

Whatever he did, or said, seemed to have a negative effect on the dark angel which was why he kept his mouth shut.

If he didn’t know any better, he would have even said that Taehyung seemed somehow uncomfortable…And maybe slightly apologetic?

Before he could ponder on it anymore, the dark angel was already turning away and murmuring, “Fine. Whatever. Let’s just go.”

Jin would have contradicted him, but there was something in the dark angel’s tone of voice that made him follow quietly.

He sounded so defeated and worn-out that Jin realized Taehyung was much better than him at keeping a façade of indifference when in fact he seemed even more torn apart than Jin about this whole thing.

Jin swallowed, not even glancing at Taehyung as he took the lead once again, only focusing on getting them to the portal so that he would finally part his ways with this guy, who was making him so fidgety with his every action, the fluttery feelings constantly getting mixed with the general sense of aggravation and uncertainty about everything related to Kim Taehyung.

The silence engulfed them after the heated argument they had and Jin didn’t know if that was a good, or a bad thing.

All he knew was that anxiety seeped into his blood, making him feel on edge.

The worst part was that he couldn’t confide in Taehyung about how he felt, since he didn’t want the dark angel to know how nervous he was now that they have entered the city that gave him the chills.

It was a ghost town.

The first and only time he had been here a few years ago was enough to leave him half-traumatized, having sworn to himself then and there that he would go through it again only in a case of an emergency.

Unfortunately, this was sort of an urgent situation.

The screeching of the wind made him cringe as he kept looking around, thinking how since the last time he was here, the town looked even more deserted.

Unfortunately, it was only in appearance that it seemed like that.

But, in reality, Jin knew that behind those shattered windows, in the depths of derelict buildings, various creatures lurked in the darkness.


He shivered just at the thought of that and he was so focused on the wide path in front of him, covered in dust and weeds that he didn’t even notice Taehyung’s presence until the dark angel practically whispered behind him.

“Hey, what is this place?”

Jin couldn’t stop the frightened gasp that left his lips, or the surprised jump at Taehyung’s voice in the otherwise deadly silent place.

“What’s your deal?” the dark angel asked with a scowl, watching him as if he had gone crazy.

Jin took a deep inhale and an exhale as he tried to calm himself, before finally answering.

“We need to get out of here as fast as possible.”

Before Taheyung could ask anything, Jin was already hurrying along the ominous road, cautiously looking around.

He thought he had seen a shadow moving between the buildings a few moments ago, but he hoped his mind was just playing tricks with him.

Still, it didn’t hurt to be too wary.

Not in this situation.


Jin’s head snapped back so quickly that he felt dizzy, as he hissed at the dark angel, who had called him too loudly for his liking.

“Shhhh! Not so loud. Hurry!”

Just like that he continued walking in a fast pace, not being able to afford to stop anywhere, not even to give any explanation to the dark angel.

He should have known better than to think that that stubborn ass would actually listen to him.

Without a warning, the dark angel was already grabbing him by the elbow and pulling him into one of the abandoned alleys.

Oh shit.

He didn’t know if it was worse to be out in the open, or like this—in a narrow dead-end passage between the crumbling brick walls.

However, he had no time to worry about that as he was faced with the dark angel’s extremely displeased face, his eyebrows furrowed and eyes the shade of a hot cocoa on a cold winter night.

“What the hell is going on?? And don’t think of squirming your way out, because I am not moving until you tell me the truth.”

Jin wanted to just keep walking, running, anything…But, he saw the resolution in Taheyung’s eyes which was why he quickly answered,” Fine. We are in a ghost town which is not completely uninhabitated. Also, I have no idea who the current inhabitants are, but trust me—we are better off not knowing. So, we need to hurry the hell out of here, before we get noticed.”

Jin thought that that was enough to get them to keep going, but apparently Taehyung thought otherwise, judging by his deepening glower.

“What the fuck??! When the hell did you think of sharing this important bit of information with me, huh?”

Jin had no time for Taehyung’s accusations, or the blazing fire in his eyes, because this time he had definitely caught a movement somewhere behind Taehyung.

Jin saw the blade right before it had reached Taehyung, reacting on instinct as he pushed the dark angel out of the way.

The blade was sharp when it cut the skin on his forearm, ripping the sleeve of his black tee.

“Ow,” he yelped in pain, his other hand reaching towards his wound.

Before he could do that, there was Taehyung already yelling at him and pulling him away.

“You idiot, why would you do something as reckless as that?!”

“I don’t know, I just did!” Jin screamed back, the pain now increasing and making his arm burn.

“You are so much weaker than me and yet you did that! Are you stupid, or what?!”

Jin was already regretting doing that now that the searing sensation started spreading all the way to his fingertips and he didn’t need the dark angel yelling at him so he screamed back,” YES! I AM! ARE YOU HAPPY NOW THAT I REGRET IT BECAUSE IT FUCKIN’ HURTS AND YOUR NAGGING ISN’T HELPING!”

He was panting now, gripping his arm and pressing the wound with his other hand to reduce the pain but it just made it worse.

“Let me take a look,” Taehyung said as he kept glancing between the direction the blade came from and Jin’s wound.

There was no one there now, probably having run off as soon as they felt Taheyung’s remarkable aura and saw the intense purple glow of his now fully spread dark wings.

Jin wanted to protest, but the pain was already messing with his mind that he let Taehyung remove his hand and take a look at his wound.

“It’s venom of a Hebi-demon. Fuck. We need to extract it fast, before it reaches your vital organs” Taehyung’s voice seemed urgent and Jin just managed to say, “Wha—,” before he was manhandled by the dark angel to stand against the cold brick wall.

He hissed at the sensation, his eyes half-open as Taehyung ordered, “Keep still,” and then the dark angel’s lips were parting and closing in on his wound and sucking and—!

Jin couldn’t stop the groan of pain that left his mouth at that, feeling as if his whole body was on fire and as if someone was extracting the essence of his being.

With his other hand he blindly reached for something, anything to stop this agonizing feeling and his voice was coming out in ragged puffs, the wall against his back providing him the only support from collapsing.

He could hear the slurping sounds as the dark angel kept abusing his wound, his mouth too hot around that patch of skin and he wanted it to stop so bad that he was mumbling half-deliriously, “N-no, please,” while his hand found its way to the dark angel’s shoulder, trying to push him away.

However, Taehyung grabbed his wrist with his hand, moving it away and it hurt, it hurt so much that Jin’s whole body trembled as he chanted under his breath, “ Stop, stop, please…Taheyung, just stop.”

He wasn’t sure if he was sobbing now, his eyes squeezed shut, but the dark angel showed no mercy, because he kept sucking harder and it was too much and he was sure that he was going to pass out and then…

Then Taehyung’s warm hand slid down from his wrist to his palm, until their fingers intertwined and Jin’s heart beat faster, feeling the energy shooting from Taehyung’s fingertips into his own, relieving him of the pain and making his mind a mush.

His breathing slowed down, the pain now becoming bearable and he could feel and hear Taehyung trying to extract the poison, but it didn’t matter, because he was only focused on the sensation of his hand in Taehyung’s, their fingers entangled with the dark angel giving him support and making that fluttery feeling in his chest bloom like a flower on a spring day.


After Taehyung had extracted all of the poison, the rest of the events were foggy in Jin’s mind.

He remembered Taehyung encircling his waist with his strong arm, just like he did when he saved him from that half-reptile at the party, the only difference being that now he could feel the warmth of the dark angel’s body against his own, his cheek resting on the black-haired male’s shoulder as they flew through the air.

Fortunately, he didn’t faint, because that would have been even more embarrassing, but he was extremely fatigued, the gust of wind slapping his face being the only thing to have kept him awake.

That and the sight of Taehyung’s perfectly sculpted side profile and serious expression as he carried them through the air with unbelievable ease.

Jin had no idea how and where Taehyung had managed to find a place for them to stay and he was sure that they have made a big detour from the route leading to the portal, but at that moment he couldn’t bring himself to care.

The only thing that mattered in this moment was that he was finally lying on a soft mattress, his tired body being able to relax.

His eyes kept closing and opening as he tried to distract himself from the way Taehyung was gently wrapping a bandage around his arm.

“I really am sorry about that time when I asked you about your mom…It really wasn’t any of my business…You just looked so sad that time and I…Yeah, n-no, sorry…Forget it,” Jin said quietly while looking away from the dark angel, who was sitting next to him.

He didn’t know why he felt the need to say that when Taehyung had been unexpectedly kind to him after the attack, now taking care of him and what not.

Jin figured that the dark angel maybe even felt guilty that he had practically risked his life for him to push him out of the way which was surely the reason why he was treating him so nicely right now, even though the dark-haired male didn’t utter a word ever since he extracted the venom.

Jin wanted to smack himself in the head for being so stupid to mention Taehyung’s mom again, but he really needed the dark angel to believe him and stop thinking how Jin had any ill intentions toward him.

He didn’t know what he had expected Taehyung’s reaction to his words to be, but the last thing on his mind was that the dark angel would actually slowly crawl on top of him on the bed while placing his hands on the soft mattress on each side of his face.

Jin counted his heartbeats as he stared at Taehyung with wide, shocked eyes while the dark angel just kept looking at him without saying a word.

1 heartbeat…2 heartbeats…3 heartbeats…”Can I kiss you?”….4,5,6,7,8…..!!!!

Jin was unable to continue counting with how fast his heart started thumping against his chest at the dark angel’s sudden question whispered in the privacy of this room.

Jin was shocked for many different reasons.

First of all, the dark angel wanted to kiss him??!


Second of all, why was he staring at him like that as if trying to memorize everything about him, his eyes scanning over every line on his face, making Jin feel extremely self-conscious.

Finally, if Taehyung wanted to kiss him, he could have just done it, because Jin would surely not be able to fight back, but what threw Jin off was that the dark angel was actually asking him for permission?!

That was so inconceivable to him that he just had to voice out his wonder at that.

“You are actually asking me if you can,” Jin quietly inquired, never breaking eye-contact.

The dark angel seemed slightly surprised, but then he let out a small chuckle, his voice low and absolutely sinful as he said, “Well, yeah. I mean, if you are not into it then it’s an instant turn off.”

Jin felt as if his tongue had become as dry as a sandpaper, because he had no idea what to say at that and all he knew was that his face was getting hotter by each passing second.

Also, whether Taehyung had his consent or not that didn’t seem to stop him when he kissed him for the first time in the closet.

So, what changed now?

Jin’s pulse sped up at the thought that maybe now things were really different and Taehyung actually developed some feelings towards him to actually care if Jin wanted this or not.

Jin had no idea what to think about it.

“So, can I?”

Jin stared in wonder at the dark angel who once again asked him that in a hushed voice and the answer was of course NO.





His stupid fucking mouth, Jin thought as his traitorous voice whispered that answer.

Even Taehyung seemed surprised that he agreed which meant that it was definitely stupid that he did.

“Yes? You sure?”

The dark angel inquired softly and NO, HE WAS NOT SURE.

And now he got the chance to make it right and say what he intended to in the first place.

He parted his lips, ready to decline as he cleared his throat and said in a trembling voice, “Y-yeah.”

Fucking idiot, he berated himself even though he kept staring at Taehyung with anticipation, the flutters spreading through his stomach as the dark angel smiled, his eyes becoming slightly darker as he leaned in.

Jin felt as if his chest was going to burst and why was Taehyung being so careful and slow and wow—!

His thoughts came to a stop when their lips finally connected.

It was a feathery kiss at first, barely anything more than a brush of their lips, but it was enough to set every nerve ending in Jin’s body on fire.

“Tae,” Jin sighed softly, causing Taehyung to lean away and look at him with wide, stunned eyes.

“What did you just call me?”

Jin felt embarrassed at the accidental nickname that slipped from his lips without permission and he looked away, murmuring, “Nothing.”

“Come on, repeat it,” Taehyung said, his voice even sounding slightly pleading, but Jin shook his head and closed his eyes.

His heart almost leaped out of his chest when he suddenly felt Taehyung’s lips on his neck, his name murmured against his skin.

“Jin…Come on…”

Jin’s toes curled at that as he lightly arched his back, closing his eyes in pleasure as Taehyung started trailing butterfly kisses along his neck.

This was the first time Taehyung had called him by his name and not ‘little nephilim’…

The things that that did to him was something Jin couldn’t even begin to describe.


All he knew was that every time Taehyung would place a kiss on his skin while saying his name in that husky voice, it made his insides explode.


Taehyung kept repeating his name, driving him completely insane when he got to his earlobe, whispering, “Jinnie~” before lightly sucking on the shell of his ear, making Jin whimper.

When Taehyung finally looked at him, Jin was already in a blissful state, his healthy arm encircled loosely around Taehyung’s neck as he stared back into those dark eyes filled with undeniable desire.

“Jin…Please, say it…”

Jin felt the twisting in his stomach at Taehyung’s slight wining and he sighed in content as he chanted softly under his breath, “Tae, Tae, Tae, Ta—mph,” until his voice was muffled by Taehyung passionately claiming his lips.

They kissed like that until the tiredness caught up to Jin and he drifted to one of the sweetest dreams with Taehyung leaving the softest of kisses along his neck.


Taehyung could feel Jin’s breathing evening out, his heart now beating in a steady rhythm as he had his hand splayed over the nephilim’s chest.

His lips were moving lazily against Taehyung’s and he figured that it was because Jin needed time to recover from the wound that his movements were getting kind of sluggish.

That was why he started leaving small kisses on the nephilim’s jawline and down the tender skin of his neck, enjoying the little gasps of pleasure leaving those plush lips.

Finally, when he could only hear Jin’s breathing echoing in the room, he stopped kissing the nephilim and looked up.

His heart clenched at the sight underneath him.

The nephilim’s expression seemed blissful, his now swollen lips slightly parted, face relaxed as he was without a doubt already in a land of dreams.

Taehyung observed him for a while, just taking in the breathtaking sight until he snapped himself out of it, realizing the consequences of his actions.

He let out a heavy sigh as he leaned in until his forehead was resting against Jin’s.

He closed his eyes, muttering, “What am I even doing?”

When he opened his eyes, he found himself staring into that beautiful face and he mumbled to himself, “You troublesome little nephilim. This is way too dangerous…”

He stayed like that for some time, before placing a kiss on the nephilim’s forehead and then lips, allowing himself to enjoy these last few moments with the half-angel like this as he then pulled him in closer until the nephilim’s face was buried in his chest.

Taehyung then closed his eyes, drifting into a dreamless sleep, the nephilim’s presence providing him a fleeting comfort.


Jin woke up when the first rays of light fell on his face, making him squint his eyes open.

He let out a soft groan, the wound on his arm still giving him discomfort, but it hurt much less after Taehyung had tended to it.


When Jin thought of the dark angel, the last night events flooding his mind, he felt a mix of emotions.

There was anxiousness and fear, but it was all pushed to the side by the growing warmth in his chest when he thought of the dark angel.

After last night, he realized that he couldn’t lie to himself anymore.

He had definitely developed some kind of romantic feelings towards the dark angel and after yesterday and the way Taehyung acted towards him this whole time, it seemed that it was mutual.

That scared Jin, but also made him excited at the same time.

Now that they were sort of equals, going to the same school with the dark and light angels wanting to make an attempt at real truce, maybe this thing between them was possible.

With that thought in mind, he sat up in the otherwise empty bed, stretching his sore body.

He looked around the room, wondering where the dark angel was when he heard the sound of water being flushed coming from the bathroom.

Taehyung emerged out of it a few seconds later and Jin took his time to appreciate the sight of the dark angel early in the morning.

His dark hair was messy and ruffled from sleep, a few of the pillow wrinkles still visible on his cheek, eyes half closed as he rubbed them and he looked so adorable and yet handsome in that moment that Jin couldn’t help but feel the flutters in his stomach.

“Hey…,” Jin said quietly with a small smile on his face in order to get the dark angel’s attention.

He saw how Taehyung flinched a bit, obviously surprised that Jin was awake, but then he relaxed slightly as he looked at him.

The dark angel stared at him for a few moments, his expression giving away nothing, before he answered, “ Hi,” in his low voice and then turned away.

Jin frowned at that reaction, because even though he did not know what to expect, this was not it.

He got up from the bed and approached the dark angel, who had his back turned to him as he was looking out of the window.

Jin placed his hand carefully on the dark angel’s shoulder, asking, “Is everything okay?”

He couldn’t stop the pang in his chest when Taehyung flinched at his touch, before moving away and saying in a detached voice, “Fine, why wouldn’t it be?”

It was obvious that Taehyung was trying to avoid him, but Jin couldn’t deal with that shit, not after realizing his feelings, so he blurted out, “Why are you acting like an asshole?”

That made Taehyung stop as he turned around, his eyes dark, but giving away nothing as he answered in a tight voice, “I am always an asshole,” before smirking.

Jin clenched his fist, because what the hell?

That was so far from the truth, but apparently Taehyung wanted to act like that for a reason and that annoyed Jin.

“Cut the crap. After everything that happened between us last night, are you really going to be like this?”

Jin almost stumbled back when Taehyung’s eyes flashed red, his expression hardening, voice cold as he quickly said, “Don’t get any ideas, nephilim. What happened yesterday was just a normal biological reaction between two people that feel attracted to each other. There is no deeper meaning behind it.”

Jin felt as if somebody had stabbed his heart with a sharp blade and although he was sure that Taehyung was saying those hurtful things on purpose, it didn’t make it any less painful.

Why was he denying what they were feeling towards each other?

“You don’t really mean that. Not after everything you had done for me. I’m no longer your captive, so you don’t have to act so hostile. You don’t have to pretend that you do not care about me. Not after the way you kissed me last night,” Jin said in a strained voice, his gaze determined as he stared at the dark angel.

Apparently he had said the wrong thing, because Taheyung’s expression became completely guarded after that as he closed the distance between them, his expression looming.

“Listen to me carefully, because I will not repeat myself. Captive or not, you are still a half-angel. And despite this whole façade of trying to bring all angels together, I am not a fool to trust light angels and nephilims so easily. So, stop being delusional just because I showed you mercy a couple of times out of pure pity. And if you think that the way I kissed you has some deeper meaning, then you have obviously never been kissed by someone as skillful as me. After all, I had a lot of previous experience. Unlike you, apparently which is why you keep giving it some deeper meaning when there is none.”

Jin felt as if the air had been knocked out of his lungs after that statement, but he sure as hell wasn’t going to show it.

He wasn’t the one to beg, especially after those harsh words.

Apparently, he really was delusional to think that this thing between them could work.

Without a word, he went to the bathroom, slamming the door shut.

When he returned, Taehyung was sitting on the bed.

Jin just opened the door of the room, getting out.

“Where the hell are you going?”

Taehyung asked as he caught up to him.

Jin kept his voice neutral as he said, “To the City of Angels. That is where you want to go, so let’s get going already.”

Taehyung scowled at that and said, “You still haven’t recovered from your injury.”

Jin wanted to snort at the hypocrisy of his words, because it was just a few moments ago that Taehyung was telling him how it was out of pity that he looked out for him every time and yet he seemed so concerned about his recovery.

Instead, he answered in a flat voice, “There is no need to treat me as a charity case anymore, since you made yourself clear enough. Besides, the sooner I get you there, the sooner I can return to the school and spend less time with you which I think is what we both want. After this, we will owe nothing to each other and there will be no need for us to ever interact in the future.”

Without waiting for an answer, he kept going, his heart in his mouth as the heavy steps echoed behind him, the horrible silence engulfing them again.

Chapter Text

“Here it is,” Jin said as he stood in the clearing where the portal to the City of Angels was.

He watched Taehyung, who approached the precious gems lined up on the patch of dirt, inspecting them closely.

“Huh. I thought the portal to the Capital of Light would look more impressive.”

Jin did not miss the mocking tone in the dark angel’s voice, since he made it pretty apparent, showing his disdain to anything related to the light angels like usual.

Instead of commenting that statement, Jin said, “I can’t get you inside, since I am a nephilim. I can only get in there accompanied by a light angel.”

Taehyung looked at him at last, the two of them not having had any significant eye-contact ever since they left the hotel room.

Jin felt annoyed with himself for still feeling jittery whenever the dark angel stared at him, but he kept his expression neutral.

After all, he had enough of humiliation for one day.

“Don’t worry. I didn’t expect you to get me all the way there. I just needed you to lead me to the portal. You can go back to the school now, before anyone notices your absence.”

Jin wanted to laugh bitterly at the way Taehyung said that in a sort of a formal voice, as if they were nothing.

Well, he guessed that in reality they weren’t.

He ignored the pang in his chest, instead asking, “How will you get in unnoticed? After all, even though you can go through the portal with your angelic blood, your appearance will cause an uproar. Despite this new treaty of alliance between the light and the dark angels.”

Jin felt on edge when Taehyung smirked as he held a small glass bottle with purple liquid in it.

“The same way I infiltrated your school, nephilim. Bottoms up!”

After he said that, he gulped down the contents of the bottle in one go.

In a matter of seconds, before Jin stood that same guy with crystal blue eyes and blonde hair which brought all this trouble to him, ever since he first met him a few months ago.

Who would have thought that he would actually be standing with that same guy near the portal leading to the City of Angels, becoming an accomplice for whatever it was that Taehyung was planning to do there?

“Now, run along. And…,” Jin furrowed his eyebrows in confusion when Taehyung hesitated, his back already turned to him as the dark angel stepped into the portal with one foot.

“Don’t go through the ghost town.”

That last part was said quickly and before Jin could reply something, the dark angel was already gone in a beam of bright white light.

Jin stood there motionless, staring at the square lined with gems and frowning.

“Just walk away,” he murmured to himself, refusing to think about that asshole any longer.

Finally, he turned around and started heading back while telling himself that he did not care if Taehyung got caught, or if something happened to him.

After all, the dark angel clearly told him that there was nothing more to their relationship than plain chemistry.

“So, then why does he have to go and tell me not to go through the ghost town again? Acting like he cares about what happens to me, that idiotic jerk,” Jin grumbled under his breath as he kept kicking the pebbles in front of him.

He was so absorbed in voicing out his dissatisfaction with the dark angel that he did not notice the woman walking past him.

“Do you need to go through the portal, nephilim?”

It was only when he heard a soft voice, sounding like the sweetest lullaby that he looked up.

He found himself staring into big baby blue eyes which rested on a small, snow-white face of a light angel woman who looked no older than 30, but was probably more like 90 years old in reality, judging by the number of the feathers on her impressive set of wings.

She kept watching him curiously, a question still hanging in the air between them and he knew that he should just walk away.

He knew it all too well, but that still did not stop him from nodding and thanking her as he followed her to the portal Taehyung stepped into just a few minutes ago.

As his body started floating while being transported to the City of Angels which he hated going to from the bottom of his heart, he knew that he was making a big mistake.

Nevertheless, he was aware that if he walked away without having done nothing, he would not be able to sleep at night, because that was just what kind of an idiot he was.

Jin was certain that no more than 10 minutes have passed between the time Taehyung went through the portal and the time he followed after him and yet…He was nowhere to be seen!

Jin raked a hand through his soft brown locks, feeling agitated that he could not spot the dark angel anywhere.

Although the City of Lights wasn’t a small town, Jin was pretty sure that he knew it well enough by now to locate someone quickly, if he wanted to.

Especially someone who stood out as much as Kim Taehyung did, despite the shape-shifter potion.

Because, even in that form, with his light eyes and blonde hair, Jin was convinced that Taehyung’s looks still stood out, even among the light angels.

He had no idea what Taehyung was looking for in here, but something told him that if the dark angel wanted to find out something important, it would have to be connected to the Sacred Buildings where the officials of the light were.

Still, even after having looked around all of them, Jin couldn’t catch a glimpse of the dark angel.

Of course, it could be that Taehyung had already infiltrated the buildings, but Jin had no intention of entering any of those institutions.

Despite granting access to light angels, and nephilims alike, you had to have a reason to go in there, maybe to file a complaint, or something like that and he didn’t want to raise any suspicions by going in there without any solid cause.

He wondered what he should do, but then again, he figured that even if something did happen with Taehyung, or even if the dark angel got discovered, he would be of no help to him.

In fact, he would surely be more of a burden…

Jin frowned, hating to admit that, but deep down, he knew that he was right.

After all, he was no match to Taehyung when it came to the power and skills the dark angel possessed and he was sure that the dark angel could handle even the light angels in top ranks if it ever came down to that.

Also, if anyone had suspected Taehyung for being an intruder, the sirens would have already gone off, alerting everyone in the city of a possible threat.

That was why he decided to head back to the Academy, knowing it was a stupid idea to go after the dark angel in a place he really disliked.

What annoyed him even more was that the house of that man was nearby and unfortunately he had to pass next to it on the way to the other portal which led to that safer route, since he really had no desire of going back to that ghost town.

He quickened his pace as he approached the grandiose white mansion, wanting to get out of there as soon as possible.

Even the sight of that place made him feel uncomfortable and bitter.

He didn’t know what propelled him to glance at the house where the light angels he detested lived, but he sure as hell wasn’t expecting to see Kim Taehyung sneaking into that same mansion.

Jin gaped, his eyes widening in shock as he caught a quick movement of the dark angel, before he was out of his sight, having entered the house with ease.

He knew that the dark angel hadn’t seen him, the focused expression enough to convince Jin that Taehyung was probably using a big part of his energy to get in unnoticed, but what in the actual fuck??

Of all the places Jin expected for Taehyung to enter here, the house of that man was the last on his list.

He was just about to take a step towards the mansion when a familiar voice behind him asked, “ Why in the world are you here?”

Jin turned slowly, preparing himself mentally to face the man, while trying to keep his expression as neutral as possible.

He was met with those same cold eyes just like always, although he could see the surprise in the man’s gaze.

Of course it was unusual for him to be there, in front of that house no less, and shit.

With Taehyung being in there and him lurking around the house all of a sudden, he was sure that he would be the one to blow the dark angel’s cover.

That was why he needed to think of something fast, because the man’s gaze was getting more and more curious and calculating and Jin was getting antsy.

“I came to see you.”

He was surprised by how natural that sounded and obviously the light angel in front of him was not prepared for that either, his eyes having gotten a bit wider at his response.

“And why would that be? As far as I recall, we have no business with each other.”

Maybe when he was younger, that sort of a flat, emotionless response would actually make his chest tighten with sorrow, but at this moment—he felt nothing of a sort.

The only thing on his mind was for him to not raise any suspicions with his unexpected arrival and also to maybe buy Taehyung some time to get out of there unnoticed, although he wasn’t sure why he would be doing that for the dark angel when it was apparent that Taehyung was up to no good.

Still, his revulsion towards the man standing in front of him was stronger than his irritation and hurt caused by the dark angel’s harsh words, so he continued in a flat voice, the perfect answer having suddenly popped in his mind.

“Unfortunately, we do. Since, you are the one who has to sign the approval for me and give money, I have come here to ask you if that will still be the case with this new order having been set up between the light and dark angels.”

Jin was taken aback by the unusual reaction of the man in front of him, who actually seemed sort of restless when Jin mentioned the new order.

Hmm, there was definitely something off about his reaction, but Jin had no time to ponder on it as the man answered impatiently, “I will take care of everything. After all it is in both of our interests to be as far away from each other with no connection between us at all. Is that all?”

Jin clenched his fist, the hatred towards the man increasing, but he managed to give a curt nod, before turning away and heading towards the portal.

He had completely forgotten about the dark angel in his house, not even being bothered anymore about the possibility of him getting caught by the light angels.

All he knew was that he felt that ugly feeling in his gut which made him so sick as he cursed the dark angel mentally for dragging him to this place and then he was even angrier at himself for even following after that guy and encountering the man, who was still able to treat him like the most insignificant shit, even after all these years.

No matter how much he had hardened over the years, the insults of that man barely making him feel anything, but rage, that man still managed to gauge a feeling like this out of him and he loathed himself for not being stronger.

Once he was back on Earth, he felt as if he could breathe easier, his fist still clenching and unclenching every few seconds.

He took a deep breath in order to calm himself and never once looked back to the portal.

Kim Taehyung worked better on his own anyways and whatever it was that he had on his mind was something Jin would probably not be able to prevent, so why even bother, he thought, feeling dead beat.

“Are you sure that you are okay?”

Jin let out a tired sigh as he smiled at his best friend, who was, not for the first time in these past few days, looking at him with concern.

“Joonie, for the nth time, I’m fine. Just because I am a bit pale, doesn’t mean that anything’s wrong,” Jin answered exasperatedly, but fondly.

That didn’t seem to have convinced the ash blonde completely, but he sighed and murmured, “ Okay. But, you should get some more sleep.”

Jin chuckled and patted his friend on the shoulder, before getting up and saying, “Going to do that right now. Would that make you feel more at ease?”

His best friend graced him with that dimpled smile that immediately warmed Jin’s chest as he walked away, heading to his room.

As Jin threaded his way through the students in the hallway, he couldn’t help but notice how much he has gotten used to this new arrangement.

It had been almost a week since he was in the City of Angels and yet it seemed like it had been months.

Life at this new Academy gave him no time to think about things and the reason why he was slightly pale and weary these days was perhaps because he took on too many lectures.

It had to do with the fact that he really liked all these new subjects which they had opportunity to attend, showing them insight into the skills of dark angels which kind of fascinated him, since he had no idea just how different and yet similar dark angels were to light angels.

He had come to realize that just like yin and yang, the dark and light complemented each other.

Also, he kind of like the way dark went with light.

Although this Academy was supposed to bring them together, everyone still kept to their own kind, even though they were basically the same species.

However, Jin managed to catch a glimpse of dark angels and light angels interacting when they thought nobody was looking and somehow it seemed…Right.

Even Namjoon had once reluctantly had a discussion with one of the dark angels during one of their classes and despite trying to seem like he was displeased by it, Jin knew just how much his best friend enjoyed it, because that dark angel seemed to be as much of a nerd for philosophy as Namjoon was.

Much to Jin’s and Jimin’s horror, now there were two of them, getting all profound and what not.

Another reason why he decided to make himself so busy was so that he would prevent his thoughts from going back to that certain person.

He had only seen Taehyung twice after their visit to the City of Light, but they barely acknowledged each other.

He had no idea when, or how, the dark angel got back to the Academy, or if he ever got caught, but Jin suspected that he didn’t, or everyone would already know about it.

The first time they ran into each other was in a cafeteria a couple of days ago when Taehyung was with Hoseok and he was with Jimin.

He still remembered how Taehyung glanced at him quickly, before walking past him as if they didn’t even know each other.

Jin did the same, despite Jimin’s questioning gaze.

The second time he saw him was yesterday and he only managed to catch a glimpse of the dark angel disappearing in the crowd while he was heading towards one of his classrooms in the opposite direction.

So far, they didn’t attend the same lectures which was a relief for him, because he wasn’t sure just how nonchalant he would manage to be if they were near each other for some period of time.

It was better like this, avoiding each other.

He hoped that after some time the feelings he had for the dark angel would naturally fade away and he would be able to feel less empty than he did now.

Finally, he had reached the door to his room.

He didn’t even get to open the door completely, before a strong hand grabbed him by the wrist, yanking him in and slamming the door behind him.

“What the…,” he muttered as he found himself sprawled on the floor of his room.

He was about to get up, but he was immediately pushed down by a strong foot on his back.

He let out a painful yelp, the left side of his face smooshed against the floor.

“I suggest you be quiet and stop struggling, nephilim. Trust me, it will be less painful that way.”

Jin stopped his movements for a movement, not because his attacker said so, but because he recognized that voice.

Somehow he managed to turn his head to the other side, now staring up at the guy who had an ugly, evil grin on his face, the heel of his shoe painfully digging between his shoulder blades.

“What the hell do you want, cowardly bastard?”

The insult brought Jin more pain as he squeezed his eyes shut when the guy nearly crushed the bones in his back by increasing the pressure.

“As foul-mouthed as always, I see.”

Jin opened his eyes, glaring at the guy whose vindictive smile danced across his features.

“Let’s cut to the chase, before I lose my patience,” the jerk said.

“It has come to my attention that Kim Taehyung has a soft spot for you. Naturally, I am going to use that to my advantage. So, you will run to your beloved dark angel and inform him that if he does not personally come and meet me, I will have your face and body arranged beyond recognition.”

Jin was disgusted at the overly sweet voice the guy used, the hatred towards him at attacking his best friend still present.

“I assure you that Kim Taehyung has no weak spots. And if he does, it most certainly isn’t me,” Jin replied coldly and he expected for the asshole to get angry again and cause him harm, but instead he chuckled.

“I have enough evidence that state otherwise. Now, go get him, if you value your life. Also, tell him that it would be unwise to try anything, because Song Minho does not play around. After all, I casted a bounding spell here and if he tries anything, well, let’s just say that you will be in so much agony that you will be begging me to end your life.”

Jin tried to calm his fast heartbeat, having realized why this guy chose to make an ambush in his room of all places.

He knew that some dark angels were able to do bounding spells, but they were very rare and it was said that usually those with a strong affinity to complete dark magic were the only ones who were able to do that.

No wonder this guy could, Jin thought as he stared into those eyes shining with ill-intent and amusement.

“Fine,” Jin answered which made the guy grin, showing all of his teeth.

“Good boy. Now, run along. Let’s not waste time,” Song Minho added as he removed his foot from where it was digging into Jin’s spine, causing Jin to grunt.

However, he kept his dignity as he quickly got up and left his room.

He was practically running, wanting to get away from his room and the wicked aura as far away as possible, but then he stopped.

He needed to think.

From the very moment that guy revealed his motives for doing this, Jin knew that he was not going to go to Taehyung for help.

Because, this was clearly a trap for the dark angel and Jin wanted no part in it.

He couldn’t figure out what Song Minho had planned, but as a dark magic user, Jin didn’t want to find out.

He knew that it was something devious and probably very effective, judging just by his smug expression.

After all, Taehyung did beat him with ease that time when he saved Namjoon, so Jin was sure that whatever this Mino guy had in store, it was actually enough to at least weaken Taehyung considerably.

He started walking in the direction of Taehyung’s room, just in case that guy had put some tracking spell on him to make sure that Jin was following his command.

He really hoped that he would not run into the dark angel on his way there, although it wasn’t like it would make any difference,

He was not going to ask for Taehyung to save him, because he didn’t want to be yet again a damsel in distress and also he didn’t want to be a ‘charity case’ once again.

Once he had finally arrived in front of the dark angel’s door, he stood there for a while.

He tried to strain his ears, wanting to know if Taehyung was inside the room.

When he heard nothing after a couple of minutes, he let out a relieved sigh.

He went over the things he was going to say to that guy when he got back and tried to steel himself for the pain that was about to come.

He stood there for a couple of more minutes until he decided to go back.

After all, he did not want for that guy to get suspicious.

When he entered his room, he had an undeniably urge to harm that guy, who was casually lying on his back on his bed, inspecting his nails.

“Back so soon?” Mino chirped and Jin wondered if he had a split personality or what.

Jin left those thoughts aside, scowling his expression into one of devastation.

“Yeah…He, uh, he said he doesn’t care about what you do to me.”

He wanted to applaud himself for making his voice shaky as if he was truly upset and then he even lowered his head down.

The silence that followed made the hair stand up on the back of his neck, the air in the room suddenly getting really chilly.


It wasn’t even a question.

Just a flat statement, full of disbelief and boiling rage underneath it.

Jin was prepared for it, but that did not stop his palms from getting sweaty.

This guy really was no joke.

“I told you that he doesn’t find me important enough,” Jin added and he wanted to laugh bitterly at how honest he sounded, because that part wasn’t a lie.


Jin looked up, feeling startled at the sudden roar that the dark angel in front of him let out.

His breath hitched when he saw dark wings stretched open, a green glow now surrounding the dark angel, his eyes looking more demonic than anything.

Jin instinctively took a step back, swallowing nervously, but that only infuriated the creature in front of him even more.

“Fine. If Kim Taehyung doesn’t care, then I will have to find another way to bring him down. In the meantime, I think I will just vent out on you, nephilim scum…”

Jin wanted to fight, to scream, to attack, to run, anything but stand there frozen, waiting for the horrors that were about to happen to him, but he couldn’t…

Because, he knew that Song Mino would inevitably come for him again and the only person able to stop him would be Taehyung.

So, when the dark angel materialized in front of him, his ungodly eyes boring holes into him, Jin made no movement.

That seemed to have pleased the dark angel in front of him, who showcased a horrendous smile as he easily grabbed him by the front of his shirt and threw him across the room.

Jin gasped in pain as his back collided with the wall, before he fell to the ground.

He didn’t even have the time to fight for air as he was once again being pulled up, this time by the back of his shirt and viciously slammed into the mattress of his bed, causing the wooden legs to give in under the force of the throw.

Jin coughed for air, his lungs painfully constricting as he tried to sit up, only to be pushed back down into the mattress by Mino’s strong hand on his chest.

“Still not done with you,” the dark angel said, the bloodlust apparent in his eyes.

It was amazing how in that moment he should have been so scared, but somehow, he wasn’t…

He wasn’t sure if he was already losing consciousness, the stars dancing behind his eyes, or if it was because there wasn’t enough oxygen coming to his brain, but when the dark angel lifted his shirt and extended his claws, it seemed as if he was in a dream.

Stuck in a nightmare, his body paralyzed as he watched the dark angel’s lips curve into a smirk just before he sank his claws deep into the tender flesh of his belly.

Jin let out a shriek of agony which was immediately muffled by the hand of his tormentor, causing him to gasp and thrash around in pain.

He squeezed his eyes shut as he felt the dark energy flowing into him, as if branding him like a slave.

He could feel the beads of sweat forming on his forehead as he struggled to get free in order to diminish the excruciating pain.

Finally, when he thought that he wouldn’t be able to last any longer, his head already swimming from the physical and mental exertion, the claws retracted.

He couldn’t stop the whimper that escaped his lips as soon as the dark angel removed his hand from his mouth.

He fought for air as soon as the dark angel did that, coughing and gasping violently, his insides burning.

His eyes kept opening and closing as he willed himself to endure the sharp throbbing spreading through his body.

“That’s what I yearned to hear…Your sobs of agony…”

Jin opened his eyes weakly, his gaze focusing on the madman above him, who had a sadistic grin while inspecting the blood on his claw’s—Jin’s blood.

“F-fuck…you…,” Jin spitefully answered, although his voice was barely above a whisper, his throat sore.

Nevertheless, that was enough to cause Song Mino to stare at him deadly.

“Idiotic nephilim. I thought about going easy on you, but because of this, I’m going to have so much fun transforming your face into a bloody work of art.”

Jin really tried to keep his cool, but he must have failed, judging by the self-satisfied look he got from the psycho above him whose eyes sparkled with glee as his claw was now just inches away from his face.

Jin held his breath as he stared at that sharp instrument of torture and he could smell the blood on it—his blood which made his stomach lurch.

He swallowed down the unpleasant sensation crawling up at the back of his throat, not wanting to give this maniac any more reasons to enjoy his suffering.

When the claw grazed the skin of his cheek lightly, he gasped and closed his eyes on an instinct.

He could hear the dark angel’s content laughter as another claw pressed against his mouth, ready to scar him forever, but then an angelic voice came from the other side of the door.

“Jin? Are you awake?”

Jin’s eyes flew open the moment he heard Namjoon’s voice.

He turned his head slowly, careful of not getting clawed in the process and stared at the door.

His blood went cold at the thought of Namjoon entering the room and getting hurt because of him.

Once again.

He could feel the panic creeping through his body, spreading like fire from his fingertips to every limb in his body and just as he thought that this was it, something unexpected happened.

The claws retracted completely and Jin found himself staring into the eyes of Song Mino which were now back to normal, the demonic glow in them having disappeared.

“I soundproofed the room with a spell, so there would be no use calling for help. However, your annoying friend disrupted my intent of making you suffer slowly until you would have me begging to stop. Besides, you are useless to me now that I know that Kim Taehyung doesn’t give a damn about you. I guess it was pretty ridiculous of me to think that someone of his high status would ever give a lowlife like you a time of his day.”

And just like that, in a blink of an eye, Song Mino was gone.

Jin saw the open window and then he heard the footsteps from the other side walking away.

He knew that he should get cleaned up and tend to his wound instead of lying in a bed of blood, but he just had no strength left in him to even get up.

Instead, he closed his eyes as he placed his palm on the injury, hoping the pain would subdue.

“You okay?”

Jin tried to regain his breath as he straightened up and chuckled, saying, “Yeah, just having some back pain.”

His best friend’s worried frown immediately smoothened, after being caused by Jin’s hiss of pain that had him doubling over.

“You old man,” Namjoon teased with a sly grin, causing Jin to slap him on the forearm with an offended expression.

Namjoon’s laugh boomed through the hallway as he started jogging away from them, but not before yelling over his shoulder, “Gotta run, or I’ll be late to class. See u tonight at that ceremony, or whatever it is!”

Jin just nodded in agreement and waved until his friend was gone.

Then he stopped for a moment and leaned against the wall.

He waited like that for some time, hoping the stinging sensation where his injury was would lessen.

It had been exactly 3 days since Song Mino decided to go all batshit crazy on him and use his skin as a canvas for his “bloody artwork” as he so eloquently put it.

It took him about a few hours after the dark angel disappeared from his room, to get up, take a shower and somehow, with trembling hands, tend to his wound.

Luckily, the sight of blood did not make him faint, but when he saw how deep the claws went in, making holes at the left side of his abdomen—he didn’t feel quite indifferent.

At the time he had been more worried about how he was going to hide this from Namjoon, but somehow he managed to do it without raising any suspicion.

The cut on his face was just a shallow one, and it was barely visible after he cleaned it up, so when Namjoon asked him about it, he said he must have scratched himself in his sleep.

Also, Namjoon did not question him when Jin apologized for sleeping for that entire day which was why he hadn’t heard his best friend knocking on his door.

Luckily, the ash blonde was just relieved that Jin was getting some sleep, although he was puzzled about the fact that Jin looked worse than usual.

He wanted to tell Namjoon how he actually thought he looked pretty decent, considering the fact that a psychopathic dark angel decided to take out his frustrations on him, but he kept his mouth shut and just shrugged his shoulders at that time.

Thankfully, he hadn’t seen, nor bumped into his tormentor after that whole incident, because no matter how good he was at pretending there was nothing wrong with him, he wasn’t sure he would have been able to do that as smoothly when faced with that guy, whose insane laughter haunted him in his dreams every night.

Even though he cleaned his wound every night and changed the bandages, it was still healing slower than he would have liked to.

Also, it still hurt like a bitch from time to time, the searing pain just catching him off guard like a few moments ago, causing him to take a breather for a couple of minutes.

Tonight, he hoped that no such thing would happen, since they were supposed to attend some event were they would be welcoming the officials from the Capital of the Dark and Capital of the Light.

A load of crap, if you asked Jin, since it was all just a façade of hospitality that had to be kept for the sake of this shaky truce.

Still, he hoped that at least the night would be uneventful, so that he could go to his bed as soon as possible and just get his much needed rest.

This time, the event was not hosted in the towers like that welcoming party which was something Jin was glad for, since he had unpleasant memories related to that time with the reptile woman wanting to eat him up and what not.

Actually, he was not even aware of the existence of the room they were in, or well—more like a ballroom, really.

At the top floor there was apparently a secret passage which could only be opened by certain angels.

Tonight was one of the nights when that was done in order for the wall to rearrange itself in such a way that it gave a clear passage to a tunnel made of pure crystals.

Jin felt out of breath as he walked on the crystal floor, his feet smoothly gliding across it.

He did not feel afraid of the floor breaking, because he knew that Namjoon, or Jimin would just catch him in case that did happen.

If he thought that the crystal passage was impressive then it was nothing in comparison to the ballroom they had just entered.

The white stone walls paved with precious gems gave off the perfect feeling of synergy between the light and the dark, illuminating the large hall and yet casting a subtle glow, thus making the atmosphere slightly more intimate.

The floors were marble and glistened under the soft glow while the portraits of important commanders of the dark and light army from the war with the demons hung high on the walls, in golden frames.

There was a podium at the center of the grand room where a few light angels played the harp, the tender melody soothing him and making him relax.

Just when Jin thought he could not see anything more beautiful than the interior he was in, his gaze landed on the figure standing in the middle of a staircase at the far back.

The dark angel looked more striking than ever, Jin thought, as his eyes traced along his sharp features, perfectly symmetrical side profile and those piercing, dark eyes, rimmed with a golden warm glow, causing Jin to feel skittish, even though the dark angel’s gaze was not on him, but on a tall man talking to him.

Even from afar, Jin could see how tense the dark angel seemed as his lips moved quickly while talking to that guy, who seemed as if he was much older than he probably was, the wrinkles etched in every corner of his face.

Also, he noticed the way the dark angel was clenching his fist, the veins on his bronze skin quickly appearing and disappearing with every clench of the fist.

It was even more noticeable since Taehyung was wearing an olive green dress shirt with sleeves rolled up to his elbows.

“Hey, let’s go and get a drink.”

Namjoon’s cheerful voice snapped him out of his daze and Jin quickly shook his head to disperse those unwanted thoughts about the dark angel.

So, without another glance in his direction, he turned towards his best friend and followed him to the bar, disappearing into the crowd, as far away possible from the dark angel.

When he was finally in the bathroom, Jin let out a relieved sigh.

The pain was not too bad, but it was still uncomfortable, so he thought it would be better to check it out.

Luckily, he wore his black Henley t-shirt to prevent anyone from noticing the blood in case his wound opened up.

He was thankful for the fact that there were a few bathrooms scattered on each side of the massive hall which allowed him to go to the one furthest from the ballroom which was separated by a long hallway.

Once he was sure that he was completely alone, he slowly lifted up his t-shirt, wincing a little as his fingers accidentally grazed his injury.

He inspected the bandage in the mirror, satisfied that only a little bit of blood was visible on the white cloth.

That meant that his injury had probably not opened up much.

Just as he was about to lift a part of the bandage to see if he should go back to his room, or not, he heard the bathroom door creak.

 “What the hell is that?!”

Jin got so startled by the voice that he quickly let his t-shirt fall down, covering the wound.

When he directed his gaze to the bathroom door, his heart started beating faster as he saw Taehyung standing there with a deep frown.

However, he recovered from the surprise in a matter of seconds as he looked away and stared at his reflection in the mirror.

“None of your concern. That’s what it is,” Jin replied coolly, although his heart hammered in his chest as he splashed some water on his face and started heading towards the door.

He tried to get out, but Taehyung was blocking the door, so he gritted his teeth in annoyance and said, “Move.”

“You went through the ghost town that time, didn’t you? Why the hell are you so stubborn?”

Jin looked up in disbelief, meeting the dark angel’s disapproving gaze and who in the hell gave him the right?!

Jin could feel himself fuming as he narrowed his eyes at the dark angel and said in a cold voice, “I don’t have to listen to you. After all, I am not your charity case and also, there is nothing between us. So, you don’t need to concern yourself with me, or with anything related to me. Now, move. Unless you want me to give some deeper meaning to this than it really is?”

Jin intentionally said that last part in a condescending voice, feeling slightly smug when he saw the way the dark angel flinched after he had used his own harsh words against him.

The dark angel didn’t say anything to that and instead just left the bathroom completely without a word.

Jin could see how rigid his shoulders were and he didn’t miss the way Taehyung’s expression hardened after his words, but he asked for it.

Besides, it was better for the dark angel to think that he got that injury in the ghost town than to find out who the real culprit was.

This should have made him feel better, but all that he felt was the throbbing of his wound and a hollow feeling spreading in his chest.

He took a deep breath, before returning to tend to his wound.

Jin sipped his drink, unable to focus on anything but the sight of Taehyung with that girl, who was standing too closely to the dark angel for his liking.

After his encounter with the dark angel in the bathroom, he had stayed there for about 15 more minutes to make sure he had cleaned his injury properly.

He surely did not expect that as soon as he came back to the event, he would catch sight of the dark angel standing at the top of the staircase with a girl he had never seen before.

It wasn’t the same girl that stole his locket that one time and accused him of stealing Taehyung, or whatever nonsense she said back then.

No, this girl was on a whole other level.

She had porcelain white skin with big chestnut brown eyes gracing her perfect face features and long, straight honey blonde hair making her seem even more unreal.

She oozed elegance and grace in her white laced dress as she stood next to Taehyung, a beautiful smile causing her to stand out even more.

Although they were in no way touching, but the proximity they stood in and the way they looked so right together had Jin feeling worse than he did when Song Mino threw him across the room.

He took another gulp of his drink, trying to look away, but his gaze inevitably kept returning to them.

Unfortunately, he caught a sight of them just in the moment Taehyung leaned in to whisper something in her ear while she giggled sweetly.

Jin felt the burning jealousy in the pit of his stomach and he was just about to get up and leave when somebody said in a low voice, “I need to talk to you, nephilim.”

Jin was taken aback when he saw that the person who said that was none other than Taehyung’s cousin.

The younger male was casually standing at the table with him, sipping whisky from his glass while waiting for his answer.

Jin wondered when the dark angel even managed to materialize there without him noticing.

But then again, he was too preoccupied with Taehyung and that girl.

Jin didn’t have a good opinion of Jungkook, since this guy signed that document with the headmaster and also there was that incident in his closet.

He was just about to decline when the guy beat him to it, saying, “Look, it’s kind of important. I won’t force you to come with me, but I think it would be beneficial if you did.”

Jin stared at the male staring back at him with those intense dark eyes and he felt irritated at how curious he was.

He took another glance towards the ‘happy couple’ and when he caught a glimpse of the girl’s fingers brushing against Taehyung’s forearm as she was saying something to him with a sweet smile, he drank the rest of the content of his glass in one-go and said, “ Let’s go,” before walking next to Taehyung’s cousin.

As if he didn’t have enough problems to deal with, now Belinda had to come into his life again.

It was amazing just how persistent she and her sly old man were, wanting nothing more than to become more powerful than they already were.

Naturally, the best  and easiest way to do that was to have an arranged marriage between him and Belinda, something that was constantly proposed by her father all these years and something which was declined every time by him and his father.

Even tonight, that geezer actually had the guts to shamelessly offer Belinda to him as if she was not even his daughter, but a thing to be sold for the purpose of fulfilling his goals.

He had no intention of marrying that wicked girl, who behind her fairy-like interior hid a personality of a snake, just waiting to make her next move.

She was so hungry for higher status and power in the dark world that she was determined to do anything to secure it.

Just like now, as she stood next to him, trying to flirt with him.

He hated how she wouldn’t give up, no matter how many times he rejected her.

The final straw was when she placed her hand on one of his shoulder blades, lightly stroking the place where his wings were.

That was a clear threat to him as it was well-known that the wings of angels were not to be touched without permission.

He couldn’t push her away since they were in public and it would be unwise for his father’s enemies to realize just how much they weren’t in such good relations with Belinda and her father as they liked to pretend in order to show they had strong alliances.

That was why he leaned in, whispering in a threatening tone, “Do that again and I will not hesitate to rip you to pieces.”

He should have known that that would have no effect on her, but when she chuckled and said, “ Oh, Tae. We both know you can’t do that. After all, it would be unfortunate if our truce broke. That is, for your father and you.”

Taehyung clenched his fist as he looked away, instead scanning the crowd.

Another thing that bothered him was that foolish nephilim and he really tried not to think of him these days, but of course he just had to come across him in the bathroom.

The nephilim’s words didn’t sit well with him, although he knew that he should be actually grateful that the nephilim seemed to be back to hating him, because then at least they would keep their distance.

Taehyung flinched when he felt her fingers grazing his forearm and he glared at her, even though she had that fake sweet smile which made him cringe every time he saw it.

She didn’t show any reaction to his rejection other than the small chuckle which infuriated him.

He huffed in annoyance and just as he was about to leave, not being able to spend a minute longer in her company, he caught a glimpse of two familiar figures walking side by side and talking as they were exiting the ballroom.

Taehyung couldn’t believe his eyes as he kept staring at the nephilim and his cousin, who were conversing so casually as if the nephilim hadn’t begged him that time not to hand him to Jungkook.

Could it that his hatred towards him was now so strong that he actually decided to join forces with Jungkook against him?

That thought made a cold sweat break at the back of Taehyung’s neck, because this was something he hadn’t expected among all the scenarios he imagined would happen when Jin finds out what his plan is.

He was fully prepared for the nephilim to be revolted by him, to scream and attack him and what not when Taehyung does what needed to be done for justice to be achieved, but he was so not prepared for the nephilim to join sides with Jungkook even before he made the first move.

Suddenly, the world around him seemed darker than ever as something started to boil under his skin, making him closed off and colder than ever.

Of course, he shouldn’t have been surprised by the nephilim.

After all, the blood of light angels ran through his veins and light angels were never to be trusted.

Still, he decided to give him the benefit of the doubt as he swiftly flew from the balcony and into the crowd.

He heard the astonished murmurs of angels around him, as well as Belinda calling to him with her fake melodious voice.

He looked up, noticing how behind her seemingly patient expression there was silent fury showing in the way her lips seemed thinner  than before as her slightly strained voice travelled to his ears, asking him where he was going.

He knew that she was doing that because they had an audience, but he did not care, too enraged by the sight of the nephilim with his cousin.

That was why he didn’t even dignify her of a response, instead moving skillfully through the crowd, in the direction where he saw Jungkook disappearing to with the nephilim.

He was hurrying through the crystal passage, ignoring the guards at the entrance giving him identical puzzled looks.

He strained his ears in order to try and hear Jungkook’s and nephilim’s voices, but there was no sound.

He cursed under his breath, thinking how Jungkook must have put a barrier around them so that no one would be able to hear them.

Somehow, that confirmed his suspicions about them joining forces even further and caused his rage to intensify.

He knew that he had no right to be so aggravated by the fact that the nephilim would do that after the way he acted towards the nephilim, but somehow, he still felt betrayed.

But more than that, what really felt like a triple punch in the gut was when he finally stumbled into the nephilim and Jungkook in one of the hallways.

He stopped dead in his tracks when he saw them further away, in their own little bubble, completely unaware of his presence.

He stood like that, holding his breath as he observed the way Jungkook had his fingers curled around the nephilim’s wrist, murmuring something under his breath while staring intensely at the nephilim, who had his eyes closed.

Taehyung’s eyes flicked between their hands to Jin’s expression and that was what really got to him, because when the nephilim finally opened his eyes and looked at Jungkook with that soft stare, he didn’t need his super-hearing to read the nephilim’s lips from which a “Thank you” fell.

Then, as if through a fog, he watched his cousin nod and let go, before they continued walking away and he kept standing there.

He stood like that, the acid-like sensation engulfing him as he tried to suppress his anger.

The feeling of betrayal stung more than he thought it would, but what really caught him off guard was just how that one little thing like the nephilim thanking his cousin, or Jungkook’s hand touching the nephilim’s skin ignited such a strong urge in him to spill someone’s blood.

Preferably his cousin’s.

Chapter Text

Jin stared at the plate of food in front of him, absentmindedly moving the chopsticks in the pile of rice as he thought back to the conversation he had with Jungkook at the night of that event.

He followed after the raven-haired male, feeling irritated by the complete silence.

After all, if the dark angel wanted to talk to him then he should do so and not have Jin trail after him without a word exchanged between them as he leads them to who knows where.

Finally, Jin has had enough as he firmly spat out, “So, are we going to talk about that important thing, or what?”

The younger male just lazily glanced at him over his shoulder and quietly responded, “Not yet.”

And then he just kept on walking!

That infuriated him so much, since he had already been in a sour mood after having to look at that sickening scene of Taehyung and that gorgeous girl that he stopped walking.

He knew that he may be acting childish by being so stubborn, but then again—it was the dark angel who approached him first, so naturally, he had the right to demand some answers.

Also, he wanted them now.

“Look. I’m not just going to blindly follow you of all people. So, if you want—ugh.”

Unfortunately he did not get to finish his petulant statement as the sudden sharp sensation in his abdomen made him grunt and place his hand on his wound.

He didn’t even notice when the male in front of him stopped walking as well, as he now stood in front of him.

It was only when the dark angel said in a deep voice, “I can help,” that Jin realized that the guy was standing opposite him in a very close proximity while staring at him with a very similar intense gaze which Taehyung usually had.

Huh, they did really look alike more than they would probably like to admit it, he thought.

“There’s no need. I must have eaten something bad. It’ll pass,” he answered, although his voice trembled a bit, since the pain still wasn’t diminishing in intensity.

“We both know that it has nothing to do with food. That is another reason why I wanted to have a word with you. Now, will you just let me help you?”

Jin stared at the dark angel in shock, because somehow Taehyung’s cousin knew about the incident with Song Minho and that made him anxious.

Still, he was not about to let his guard down so easily, no matter how serious and earnest this guy sounded.

“Why do you suddenly want to help me when it was not so long ago that you wanted nothing more than to have your way with me?”

Jin asked in an accusatory voice.

Surprisingly, that seemed to have thrown the dark angel off his feet as he actually seemed slightly uncomfortable after that.

“I…I wouldn’t have done anything to you then…That was just to piss off Taehyung. I’m not a rapist…”

Jin stared at the boy whose voice was quiet and even apologetic as he refused to meet his eye and Jin had no idea why, but somehow he was positive that the younger male was telling the truth.

That was why, after a moment of consideration, he let out a sigh and said, “Fine. Let’s say that I believe you. Although I still do not trust you in general. How exactly would you be able to help me?”

The raven-haired male seemed to have perked up at that and he kind of looked like an actual kid in that moment which would have made Jin coo at him, if he wasn’t a powerful dark angel, who may be evil.

Instead, Jin just kept staring at him as the pain intensified, making him hiss.

That seemed to be enough for the dark angel, who quickly grabbed his wrist, but not roughly, although it did make Jin flinch, since he wasn’t expecting it.

“Sorry,” the guy mumbled when he saw his reaction, once again sounding sincere and causing Jin to think that maybe there was more beneath that asshole surface.

“Just try to relax. I can’t heal the wound, but I can reduce the pain by transferring some of my dark magic into your body which would fight his that still resides in your injury.”

Jin frowned at the fact that there were still traces of that bastard’s magic in his body, but he nodded and closed his eyes, trying to think of something else.

The sensation of 2 different dark magic clashing inside his body wasn’t pleasant, but he was thankful to Jungkook, who kept murmuring how it will soon be over in order to calm him down, since he was pretty tense.

In that moment, Jin couldn’t help but think how different it felt when Taehyung had their hands intertwined in that alley, his own dark magic flowing into his body to also reduce the pain he felt then.

Jin wondered why it was that Taehyung’s magic had such a soothing effect on him then while Jungkook’s felt slightly intrusive.

Maybe it was because deep down he actually trusted Taehyung completely and his body welcomed the dark angel’s magic at that time.

Just the memory of it had his heart stuttering in his chest.

Finally, when Jungkook removed his hand and Jin felt much better, he looked at the dark angel, feeling slightly tired, but grateful nonetheless as he thanked him earnestly.

The younger male just nodded in response and then they continued walking, Jin not asking any questions.

“What are you thinking so hard about?”

Before Jin had time to snap out of his reverie and actually pay attention to what he was being asked, he blurted out, “Just Jungkook,” without giving it any thought.


It was only then that he realized what he had just said out loud.

He blinked and looked at Jimin, who was staring at him with a questioning look and shit.

He laughed it off quickly and said, “Nothing. Forget it. So, anyways, did you do the homework for our ‘Herbal Potions and their Uses’ class?”

Luckily for him, Jimin got distracted by his question as he started complaining about how hard the assignment was and thus completely forgetting about Jin’s slip of the tongue.

Jin was just about to let out a sigh of relief when a loud sound startled them both.

They looked to the far opposite corner of the canteen and there was…Smoke?

What in the world, Jin wondered as he scrunched his eyebrows together and craned his neck in order to get a better look of what was happening.

There was a commotion where the smoke was coming from, but he couldn’t see well since there was a group of students gathered there, murmuring in rushed voices.

Just as he and Jimin were about to get up and get a better look, two angels of higher ranks dispersed the gathered crowd, saying in commanding voices how there was nothing to see and then proceeded to extinguish that smoke, or whatever the hell that was.


“Just Jungkook.”

Taehyung didn’t plan on eavesdropping the nephilim’s conversation with that light angel, but when he saw the two of them entering the cafeteria and grabbing their food, only to be seated so far away from where he was, he just naturally used his super-hearing to hear what they were discussing.

He had no choice now that he knew that the nephilim was apparently on good terms with his cousin, so he had to watch his back.

However, he could have not imagined how that one statement, one name actually, would make his skin crawl so much that he hadn’t even noticed the moment he  unconsciously created a fireball which flew into one of the silver goblets and blew it up with a loud bang.

He abruptly stood up, cursing under his breath as he marched far away from the shocked and nosy stares of other angels.

“So, the best way to approach this matter is coming up with a strategy that would—Taehyung? Earth to Kim Taehyung…YA!”

Taehyung was finally brought back out of his thoughts when he heard Yoongi’s annoyed voice while the dark angel snapped his fingers in front of him to make him pay attention.

“Sorry, what?”

Taehyung asked, slightly dazed.

That made his friend look at him with a deep frown.

“It’s unlike you to get so lost in thought when we are devising an attack strategy. What’s on your mind?”

Taehyung stared into those perceptive eyes of his friend, who actually seemed concerned about him which was enough of a proof how lost he may have looked, if the usually indifferent Min Yoongi was looking at him like that now.

Taehyung scowled, irritated with himself that he lost focus like that especially during this important moment.

He just shook his head and said, “Sorry, it’s nothing. Really. Let’s just move on.”

He knew that Yoongi was not convinced, but he was also thankful that the shorter male was not one of those who would be persistent in forcing him to talk about his feelings, or what bothered him.

What he liked most about Yoongi was that, despite his seemingly cold interior, the short dark angel was actually a very loyal friend, who cared about those important to him in his own way and supported them quietly.

Also, he was one hell of a fighter and a very rational one which was why he only asked Yoongi to help him with this secret attack that even his father was not aware of.

“Okay then. So, as I was saying…”

Taehyung listened to his friend, who was explaining in detail their course of action, and kept nodding at his suggestions.

However, at the back of his mind was still that thought that distracted him in the first place.

His stubborn brain kept replaying that scene with his cousin and the nephilim which took place a few days ago and still wouldn’t let him sleep at night.

Among other things.

The cafeteria incident that happened the previous day where he lost control so easily still niggled at his mind.

Also, there was the issue of the current plan he and Yoongi were devising which was something that made him really anxious, because in order for that to work, everything had to go according to it, or else they would be so screwed.

That was why they had to meet up like this, in complete secrecy, because if his father ever found out what they were planning to do…Well, they would be in serious trouble.

Because of that, he forced himself not to think of the nephilim and his cousin for the time being, only directing his thoughts to the matter at hand.

Jin didn’t even have time to properly react when the door of his bedroom flew open with such force that the books on the shelf next to it fell on the floor.

He stood frozen in the middle of his room, watching with wide eyes as Taehyung stormed in, his expression full of rage and something deeper which he had no time to decipher, feeling too dumbfounded and slightly pissed off by this strange situation.

“What the hell is wrong with you?!”

Jin raised his voice, but got no answer except the loud thud of the door as they slammed shut behind the dark angel, who said nothing, his dark eyes boring into Jin as he closed the distance between them in a matter of seconds.

Taehyung’s lips were pressed in a tight line, eyes full of flame as he grabbed the bottom of his shirt and started pulling it up, rather forcefully.

Jin was taken aback by that, but also rather offended as he quickly tried to slap the dark angel’s hand away and started taking steps back while loudly protesting.

“What in the world has gotten into you?!!”

However, Taehyung seemed intent on whatever the hell it was that was going on in his thick skull as he paid him no mind and continued advancing towards him.

Jin was starting to feel anxious and quite honestly a bit scared as well, since they weren’t on good terms lately and he had no idea what it was that has gotten into Taehyung now.

He panicked a little when he realized he had nowhere else to go, having reached his sofa and then he was putting his hands in front of him as some sort of a shield, but the dark angel just grabbed both of his wrists with one hand and brought him closer as he lifted his shirt with his other hand.

Jin yelped at that, struggling to break free, but then—finally, Taehyung spoke.

“Fuck. When were you going to tell me about this, huh?! You idiot. How could you let him do something like this to you?!”

Jin stopped resisting when he heard Taehyung’s voice taut with anger and something much stronger.

When he looked at the dark angel’s expression, his eyebrows brought together while staring at his wound, and oh shit—he didn’t have a bandage, he couldn’t believe the amount of desperation he saw on Taehyung’s face.

The dark angel still wasn’t letting go of his wrists, although the pressure was looser now as Taheyung kept staring at his wound.

Jin felt exposed and weird and he didn’t want to be scrutinized like that.

At least not by Taehyung.

Also, he hated the way the wound looked on his skin, too ugly for anyone to see it, especially Taheyung.

So, somehow, he managed to pull away, feeling better when Taehyung let go of him and the shirt as well, which covered the disgusting patch of his ruined skin.

He looked away, his voice strained as he said, “There was no need for you to know.”

That seemed to have fuelled Taehyung’s fury as he started yelling, “What the hell is that supposed to mean?! This happened because of me! Because he wanted to harm me! So, why didn’t you tell me?!”

Jin clicked his tongue in annoyance, glaring at the dark angel as he spat out, “Precisely because of that! It was an obvious trap and also, I didn’t want you to take pity on me and save me. I can handle things on my own as well.”

The dark angel was looking at him as if he had gone mental, his lips parted and eyes wide as he had an incredulous look.

“Are you an idiot? It wouldn’t be out of pity, because I—!”

The dark angel cut himself off, before finishing that statement as he looked away with a deep frown on his face.

That infuriated Jin even more which was why he asked in a challenging voice, “Because you what, Taehyung? Come on, finish what you wanted to say. For once, don’t be a coward when it comes to expressing your emotions.”

That seemed to have had a strong effect on the dark angel who narrowed his eyes at him, his expression guarded as he defiantly responded, “My emotions? Hah! As if you know anything about my feelings. You just think you do, but you do not know a goddamned thing about it, so don’t pretend that you know me!”

Jin didn’t want to, but he still reeled back a bit as he sat on the sofa, suddenly feeling too tired to argue anymore.

He let out a dry chuckle as he looked down.

“You are right, Taehyung. I do not know anything about you. And you do not know me. Because, at the end of the day we are strangers, who got involved with each other more than we should have. But, now, there is nothing like that between us. So, don’t spoil what I did. What’s done is done. And if you really want to do me a favour, then do not do anything about Song Minho. Because, I really do not want him again making a mistake that I mean something to you and coming after me. I’d rather that my body stays intact instead of being used like a needle pad.”

There was silence after that.

A long, heavy silence which kept stealing Jin’s air, the only thing heard in his room being the sound of the clock hands moving in synch.

The other sound that followed was the door opening and closing.

And then he was alone.


“It has come to our attention that the relations between the light and dark angels haven’t improved much during the period of time that you spent here—living together, eating together, attending classes together and so on. In order to change that, we have devised this small exercise for you with the goal of strengthening the bonds between all of you. So, you have exactly a minute to chose a partner and approach the marked tables near the doors where you will be given further instructions. In each team, there has to be one dark angel and one light angel, or, a nephilim. Go!”

Jin was sure that it took the others present in the foyer a couple of seconds to process what one of the officials had said, considering the dead silence that followed, before a commotion started when the realization hit them.

Jin looked around the crowd until he spotted a certain dark angel, who, as if sensing that he was being stared at, caught his gaze.

They looked at each other with mutual understanding and started walking towards each other.

Jin thought how this would be the perfect opportunity to continue their conversation and just as he and Jungkook were a few feet away from each other, suddenly he was being yanked away in the opposite direction.

He caught a glimpse of Jungkook, who halted his movements with a frown etched on his face, before realizing that he was practically already dragged to one of the tables.

He looked at the person, who still had a tight grip on his forearm, feeling absolutely bewildered when he saw Taehyung’s side profile.

It hadn’t even been a whole day since Taehyung barged in his room like a madman and then left without a word, so what the hell was he doing now?

“What are you even doi—,” he was cut off by the dark angel, who was not even looking at him, but at one of the light officials at the table as he said in a curt voice, “Kim Taehyung. Kim Seokjin. Dark angel. Nephilim.”

Jin felt astounded by this whole situation and when he looked at the light official, who just nodded and pulled out some orange glowing bracelet, he realized that he would be partnered with Taehyung for this impromptu exercise they all had to participate in.

“Very well. This bracelet will prevent you from separating as it has a bounding spell which means that until you finish this exercise, you will be tied together. The point of it is to learn to work together. Now, hold out your wrists, so that I can put it on,” the angel with long blonde hair and light green eyes said and when Taehyung finally let him go and placed his left arm next to his right arm, Jin panicked.

He protested, saying, “I don’t want to be partnered with him!”

He could see the judgment in the blonde angel’s eyes as he now wore a stern expression and said in a serious voice, “That’s not the right attitude, nephilim. This is what the exercise is for. All angels need to follow this and learn to get along.”

“But, that’s not what I me—,” Jin was once again cut off by the light angel, who looked at him straight in the eye and said, “End of discussion.”

Jin realized that if he didn’t do something fast, he was going to lose his opportunity to talk to Jungkook and also be stuck with Taehyung which would definitely not result in anything good, considering the last argument they had.

Unfortunately, by the time he tried to pull his right arm away which was still next to Taehyung’s, the light angel already managed to put the bracelet around their wrists—binding them together.

He looked down in horror, realizing that there was no way out now and then the light angel was saying in a cheerful voice, “There is no time limit, just get out at the other end of the forest and work out your differences. Off you go!”

Jin wanted to protest again, but then a beam of bright light blinded him, his body floating in the air against his will.

The first thing that Taehyung had told him, about a few minutes after they were teleported to the forest, was enough for Jin to want nothing more than to punch the dark angel in the face for being such an asshole.

Instead, he chose a more effective tactic which made Taehyung probably want to smack him in the face.

“I’m sorry that I interrupted your alone time with Jungkook,” Taehyung said in a sarcastic voice, an obvious jab which had Jin frowning.

His mouth was quicker than his brain as he immediately replied, “That’s okay. I can see him anytime I want. I’ll probably just invite him to my room once we get back.”

He wasn’t sure why he said what he said.

Probably because he wanted to piss Taehyung off, although he wasn’t planning on blurting out that part about inviting his cousin to his room, thus, suggesting something which couldn’t be farther from the actual truth.

However, before he even had a moment to go over what he had said and maybe take it back, he was already being roughly pushed to the nearby tree.

He got dizzy for a moment as he hadn’t been expecting to be pinned to the tree with such force with Taehyung’s gaze burning holes in his face.

“Aren’t you at all ashamed?”

Jin blinked in surprise at the dark angel’s words, his tone of voice angry and low and even judgmental  and honestly—to hell with him, Jin thought as he flatly responded, “Not one bit.”

Jin saw the exact moment when Taehyung’s anger morphed into pure disbelief and he wanted to smirk at the dark angel’s reaction, but he contained himself from doing so.

After all, he couldn’t get away from the dark angel, being bound to him now and what not, so he preferred for the rest of this pointless task to go as peacefully as possible.

That was why he actually started moving away, thinking how they were finished with this argument.

How foolish he was.

“Is it fun plotting my downfall?”

Taehyung’s bitter tone stopped him in his track and when he looked back, the dark angel was glaring at him, a challenging look in his dark eyes.

Ah, so that was what it was.

Jin couldn’t blame him for that train of thoughts, knowing Jungkook’s history with Taehyung, but still—he was the one who felt unfairly accused.


That was why he looked ahead and calmly responded, “You know, not everything is what it seems on the first glance.”

“Oh really?” Taehyung said in an incredulous tone of voice with a hint of mockery.

“Then do tell me what it’s like. Enlighten me, please.”

He could do that.

It would certainly resolve this misunderstanding.

But, it wasn’t like the dark angel was an open book and his tone of voice really irked him, so he simply answered, “I don’t feel the need to do so.”

That didn’t seem to go well with the dark angel, who grabbed his elbow, forcing him to face him.

“Jin,” the dark angel’s low, commanding growl had the knots tightening in his belly, but he didn’t let it show as he stood his ground and responded in a serious voice, “Taehyung.”

The dark angel clearly hadn’t been expecting that, since he stared at him in wonder, before glowering.

“What am I supposed to think if you act this way?”

Jin sighed, feeling tired of constantly having to explain himself, or prove that he is trustworthy to the dark angel, so he just answered, “Think what you want. It’s not like you would believe me anyways.”

After that, he got no response, the only sound in the otherwise silent forest being the sound of the breeze picking up the fallen leaves and scattering them everywhere.

And so, Jin let out a tired sigh, before he said, “Let’s just go and get this done with,” before he started walking.

Surprisingly, the dark angel obliged without a word, both of them being careful for their hands not to touch as they fell into step.

He didn’t know why, but all of a sudden he felt kind of sluggish.

His movements were slower and in general, he felt somewhat weaker.

Maybe it was because they had been walking for so long, their only mission really being just to get from one place to another, although Jin was sure that it would take them at least a day by foot.

However, he couldn’t fly and he was sure that it would be inconvenient if he jumped and Taehyung flied, since they were bound by this bothersome bracelet, so they were stuck like this.

Also, the heavy silence that fell upon them after their argument didn’t help much either.

He could feel himself sweating and then it hit him.

His abdomen started to throb which caused him to wince and clench his fist slightly.

He would have sat down, or put a hand on his wound, but unfortunately he had company.

And the last thing he wanted to do was show his weakness in front of the dark angel, who seemed perfectly fit, no sheen of sweat on his face.

Damn it.

So, he swallowed the lump in his throat and continued going, the sensation of his hand brushing against the dark angel’s slightly relaxing him.

He wasn’t sure how long they had been walking since his wound started to give him trouble, but he was already so fatigued that it took him a few seconds to realize that Taehyung had intertwined their hands.

“What do you think you are doing?” Jin asked angrily as his eyes flew from their hands to Taehyung’s completely calm expression.

“I’m doing the logical thing, since I want to get back to the Academy as soon as possible. However, I can’t do that with that thing restricting our movements and also your snail-like speed,” Taehyung replied without looking at him.

Jin wanted to curse him, but he knew that the jerk had a point.

Technically, he was the one slowing them down, ever since the pain returned.

Still, he wasn’t sure that he would be able to keep up, even with Taehyung practically pulling him now and increasing their speed.

That was why he said nothing else, refusing to look at the dark angel for any second longer, or their hands, even though he couldn’t ignore the warmth spreading through his body from the way their fingers slotted together just right.

He huffed in annoyance and continued walking, hoping he would be able to endure Taehyung’s pace and the overall sensation of being so close to the dark angel and this sort of intimate gesture.

They didn’t speak at all with Taehyung confidently leading the way and it was only about an hour after Taehyung had held his hand that Jin noticed something different.

He was walking with much more ease, not sweating anymore, nor breathing with difficulty.

Also, the pain had subdued which was the final indication that something was not right.

Finally, he allowed himself to look down at their interconnected hands and he couldn’t stop the strong surge of emotions he felt when he saw the soft purple glow radiating between their fingers, all the way from Taehyung’s fingertips, melting into his.

He felt so offended and irked by that, but most of all he felt ashamed of himself for how hopeful and satisfied he felt at that gesture by the dark angel that he immediately let go of his hand, as if being burnt.

He saw how that had startled the dark angel, who looked at him with a confused frown and asked, “What’s wrong?”

Jin wanted to laugh in disbelief at that question, but instead he let his feeling of frustration take over him as he raised his voice at the dark angel.

“What’s wrong is that you are using your powers to reduce my pain! Who asked you for that, huh?! You think that I’m so weak that you have to do that?? News flash, I was doing just fine all those days after the wound was inflicted even without your help, asshole!”

He knew that he had been pretty harsh, but he couldn’t let Taehyung be kind to him.

Because, then it would hurt even more when he would get his hopes up that the dark angel had changed his opinion on them only to get them crushed in a matter of seconds.

So, this was better.

Rage was better.

It was blinding and strong and it cancelled out all the other feelings he had towards the dark angel.

“I don’t think that you are weak at all. After all, only a person with strong willpower would be able to endure that torture and then even act like everything was fine,” Taehyung said firmly which made Jin stop walking.

He stared at the dark angel in shock, his heart beating against his chest like mad.

Then Taehyung’s frown deepened, his expression darkening as he continued in a low voice, “ Also, only an idiot would go against someone like Song Minho. And only a masochist would endure that pain instead of letting me help. I have respected your sacrifice and didn’t go against Song Minho. Yet. So, the least you can do is allow me to do this for you.”

Jin felt like he got the air knocked out of his lungs, his ears becoming hotter by each passing second.

He lowered his head, not knowing what to say to that.

That’s why he reluctantly intertwined their fingers again, squeezing Taehyung’s hand, before murmuring, “Come on, let’s hurry. I don’t want to have to spend the night here.”

He was too absorbed looking at the ground beneath him that he missed the way Taehyung smiled in relief, before following after him.

In the end, they had no choice but to sleep there.

It had become so dark that not even the electric balls Taehyung kept producing helped them see the path in front of them.

Also, Jin knew that the dark angel, despite the incredible power he possessed, had to have exerted himself, by constantly providing a source of light for them while working hard in lessening Jin’s pain.

That was why Jin suggested that they find the place to spend the night.

Surprisingly, the dark angel agreed almost immediately which further confirmed Jin’s suspicion that he needed a break.

They found a large oak tree and sat there with their backs against the thick bark.

They sat like that for some time, not exchanging any words.

Jin knew that it was better for them not to speak than to maybe get into another argument, because despite Taehyung taking the initiative in reducing his pain, that whole issue with Jungkook was not forgotten.

So, in theory, he knew that it would be better to keep his mouth shut.

Too bad he was sometimes too curious for his own good.

“How did you even find out about Song Minho’s attack?”

Jin whispered, his voice seeming too loud in the otherwise quiet forest.

For a moment he was afraid that Taehyung would not answer, the silence stretching for far too long and he was already mentally kicking himself for thinking that maybe, just maybe, they would be able to talk more civilized now.

After all, other than his sudden association to Jungkook, there were also other things, that had Taehyung convinced how he was plotting something and it wasn’t like those doubts would be erased by the knowledge of him not dragging the dark angel into Song Minho’s apparent trap.

He was just about to close his eyes and ignore the humiliation and hurt he felt at Taehyung ignoring him completely when the dark angel actually responded.

“He told me.”

Jin felt bewildered by that response and actually turned his head to look at Taehyung who was staring into the darkness.

“He did what now?”

Jin couldn’t believe that that guy would actually talk to Taehyung about that, but then again—he was a psycho and you could never be sure what he was up to.

The dark angel kept staring into the distance, his voice quiet as he continued, ”He approached me that day, before I barged into your room. It was just a comment he said in passing. He told me how he knew that I was ruthless, but that even he was surprised that I let a nephilim be his punching bag without even lifting a finger to stop it. Before I could react, he was already gone, having been summoned on some mission in the demon realm.”

Jin scanned over Taehyung’s face and even if it was really dark in the forest, he could clearly see how the dark angel had his jaw locked, his gaze hard.

“Oh,” Jin said, his heart beating nervously.

He had no idea what to respond and he didn’t think that the dark angel was looking for an answer anyways, seemingly lost in his own thoughts as he kept staring into space.

That was why he looked ahead as well as he adjusted himself better against the uncomfortable tree bark.

His mind was filled with so many thoughts and questions, but he didn’t dare voice them out.

After all, he was never too sure which questions he was allowed to ask the dark angel without him getting angry, or even more closed off.

And also, he was really worn-out and just wanted some peace and quiet.

Soon enough, Jin felt himself drifting off to sleep as he stared at the stars above him, Taehyung’s body next to his providing him with a sense of security while the way their hands were still interlocked made him all fuzzy on the inside.

He let himself be lulled to sleep by the sounds of the forest and the comforting sound of the dark angel breathing next to him, deep and even.

Taehyung knew that Jin was asleep the moment he felt his fingers loosening its hold in his hand.

He dared glance at the nephilim and sure enough the male next to him was already in a dreamland, a peaceful expression gracing his soft features.

However, Taehyung noticed a small frown on the nephilim’s forehead and then he realized in what an awkward and uncomfortable position his head was, lulled to the side.

Hm, that was sure to get him a crick in the neck in the morning, Taehyung thought.

He thought about it for a few seconds and decided, to hell with it, as he lightly tugged the nephilim’s hand until his body shifted to Taehyung’s side, his head coming to rest lightly on Taehyung’s shoulder.

Taehyung closed his eyes, basking for a moment in the sugary smell of the nephilim’s hair which smelled like vanilla and cinnamon.

So sweet, just like him, Taehyung thought, feeling a slight jab in his chest as he opened his eyes and observed the nephilim’s tranquil expression.

Unconsciously, he started rubbing his thumb over the nephilim’s knuckles, finding some comfort in it.

“Why did you get hurt just to protect me? Idiot. You wouldn’t have done it, if you knew what I’m planning to do…,” Taehyung said, feeling torn as he stared at the nephilim.

Carefully, he caressed the half-angel’s soft cheek which caused the sleeping male to lean into his hand.

Taehyung’s heart involuntarily skipped a beat at that.

“Shit,” he cursed under his breath, suddenly feeling short of breath as he thought about how no one had ever before made him feel so on edge like the nephilim did.

This guy was so dangerous and the worst and most dangerous part about it was that he was so clueless about the sort of effect he had on him.

He knew that it was stupid and reckless for him to be left alone with the nephilim, especially since he was intent on avoiding him, but…When he saw that the half-angel locked gazes with his cousin and the way they gravitated towards each other, something took over him that he reacted on impulse.

All he wanted to do in that moment was grab the nephilim and fly away with him, far away from Jungkook.

He hated how he let his feeling of jealousy take control over him.

But most of all he despised the fact that he even felt jealous, something which he had never experienced before concerning any of his previous partners and yet the nephilim wasn’t even anything like that to him, but at that moment he just wanted to make him look at him and only him.

Another thing that drove him crazy was how he could never seem to ignore the half-angel completely.

Even though he had been so furious with the nephilim’s answers about Jungkook, or the lack of such, he couldn’t stop himself from intertwining their hands in order to help the nephilim when he saw that troubled expression on his face which told him that he was feeling unwell.

Of course, it also had to do with the fact that he felt guilty that the nephilim was dragged into the rivalry he had with Song Minho for so long, but it was also because he didn’t want to see Jin being in pain.

Especially not because of him.

And yet he knew that it was hypocritical of him to think like that when it would be precisely him that would cause the nephilim a lot of pain soon enough.

He lightly banged his head against the tree, feeling as if the weight of the world was on his shoulders.

He knew that he was selfish for stealing the nephilim for himself like this, but he just wanted this one last moment with the half-angel where he wouldn’t be looking at him with pure hatred in his beautiful round eyes.

He allowed himself one more quick glance at the nephilim’s sleeping face, before he gently stroked the half-angel’s soft strands.

Then he looked away, his chest tightening as he closed his eyes, knowing that this was probably the last moment he would have with the nephilim, before everything goes to hell.

Chapter Text

“Kim Seokjin? Kim Seokjin?”

“Dude,” Jin felt someone nudging him and when he looked to his left, Namjoon was staring at him while gesturing something with jerky motions of his head which Jin didn’t quite understand what it was supposed to mean.

“Huh?” Jin replied dumbfoundedly.

His best friend just rolled his eyes at him and hissed under his breath,” Mrs. I-Will-Burn-You-With-My-Glare-Alone is taking attendance. She called your name two times already.”

“Oh,” Jin sighed, not really bothered and then looked to the front of the classroom, raised his hand and said, “Present!”

The teacher directed him a stern look and disapprovingly shook her head, before continuing to call out names from her list.

“Are you thinking about him again?”

His shoulders slumped as he looked at Namjoon, who wore a slightly worried expression, and Jin just nodded in response.

That made his best friend frown, but he said nothing otherwise and chose to focus on the lecture, leaving Jin once again with his thoughts.

After all, that was what he had been doing for the past few days.


No matter how much he didn’t want to for his mind to be preoccupied with the dark angel, his thoughts inevitably kept going back to the guy that made him so distracted with everything.

He couldn’t help it, since it seemed like Taehyung had disappeared in thin air.

As if it hadn’t been enough that the dark angel had apparently took it upon himself to carry him out of the forest while he had been asleep which was quite a feat, what with that bloody bracelet, but then he actually had the nerve to just vanish, before Jin even got the chance to yell at him.

After all, he couldn’t believe that he had once again been so useless that the dark angel decided to finish their task without his help.

Or maybe it was because Taehyung couldn’t wait to get away from him after they shared that strange peaceful moment in the forest.

All he knew was that when he had woken up in his bed that morning, having realized that Taehyung did all the work, the dark angel was already gone from the Academy and not even Hoseok knew where he was.

Jin had searched his room and everywhere he could think of, but when there was no sign of the dark angel, he had no one to turn to but Hoseok, who was Taehyung’s best friend.

To his surprise, the redhead also had no idea about Taehyung’s current whereabouts and Jin would have probably thought that Hoseok was lying to him, if he hadn’t personally seen his expression in that moment.

Troubled and frustrated which meant he was worried about the dark angel.

Of course, that also made Jin anxious, his initial fear being that Song Minho finally fulfilled his threat and did something to Taehyung.

That was why he had rushed to find Jungkook when Hoseok had no answers.

That was also difficult, since Taehyung’s cousin also seemed as if he was nowhere in plain sight.

In the end, he waited in front of his room until he saw the younger male.

Jungkook had been displeased and scowling deeply when he approached him.

He had said that it wasn’t Minho and that nobody knew where Taehyung was.

Apparently, that grumpy short blonde, who Jin remembered from the Light Academy, because he was usually with Taehyung at that time, also seemed to be missing.

Jin gnawed on his bottom lip, remembering how Jungkook had told him that that was not good, since Yoongi was practically Taehyung’s right hand man in combat.

Just where in the world are you, Kim Taehyung, Jin wondered while the sense of unease grew in his gut.

When Jin first heard that Taehyung was back; it was not because the dark angel himself, or anyone else for that matter, had informed him of it.

Rather, the news of his arrival had spread through the castle like wildfire.

The reason for that was that he and Yoongi had not come back alone.

They brought others with them.


The moment he heard the commotion and the murmur of angels about the return of Kim Bong’s son, he all but rushed to the main hall, just like everyone else.

Unlike most of the others, despite his curiosity about the captured ones, the one he really wanted to see was the dark angel.

He had barely managed to squeeze himself in the front row of students crowded there, watching the dark angels passing through the wide hallway.

At the head was Yoongi, his expression grim, but eyes twinkling with satisfaction, a few cuts and bruises marring his otherwise fair complexion.

Then, there was a man Jin had never seen before, his hands and ankles restrained by chains and shackles, but his long blonde hair and light eyes indicated that he belonged to the order of the light angels.

Behind him followed another one in a similar state, their expressionless faces, ruffled white wings now missing most of the feathers causing them to look miserable.

That made Jin frown, because he knew that this meant nothing good.

But then, his gaze fell on the last captive and it was as if time had stopped in that moment.

His lips parted as he stared in shock at the light angel covered in blood, his usually impeccable blonde hair messy and tangled, white clothes splattered with red stains.

The man seemed so weak and defeated and although Jin had imagined seeing him like that on more than one occasion, strangely he felt no satisfaction seeing him in this state.

Rather than feeling pleased, he actually felt pity which made him sick to the stomach, because that man deserved no such emotion from him.

Reluctantly, his gaze fell on the last figure in the succession.

The dark angel looked exhausted, his black hair ruffled, the purplish bags under his eyes making him seem slightly older than he really was.

Jin noted that despite a few minor injuries, he looked decent.

Too bad the same could not be said for his actions, Jin thought as he gritted his teeth and clenched his fist while glaring at Taehyung,

The dark angel must have felt his intense stare, because his eyes scanned the crowd until their gazes looked.

His expression seemed blank and yet the glow in his eyes was unmistakable.

The dark angel seemed conflicted as he kept looking at him and then he clicked his tongue, a movement so subtle that no one would even notice it other than Jin who was focused on Taehyung’s every move.

The dark angel had then looked away, his attention back on the prisoners and the delegation awaiting for them.

Jin saw how Taehyung’s shoulders slightly stiffened when he met Kim Bong’s gaze which seemed hard.

His eyes followed Taehyung and his father until they were completely gone out of his sight.

Then, he rushed to his room, before Namjoon, or, Jimin, could find him and start asking him all these questions he had no answers to.

All he knew was that the wave of nausea that had hit him was so strong that he didn’t even manage to reach the toilet as he all but ran into his bathroom, instead vomiting in the sink.

Before Jin could lose sleep over everything that he had witnessed just half an hour ago, or fret about what he would say to Namjoon and Jimin, who would inevitably come to find him soon enough, he was already being dragged away from his room.

He had still been sitting on the cold tiles in his bathroom, recovering from the fact that he had released the contents of his stomach in the sink, when he heard a loud thud coming from his room.

He didn’t even have time to get up and see what was happening, because there were already two dark angels in his room, their expressions relentless and eyes cold, as they proceeded to grab him by his forearms, saying, “ Nephilim. You have been arrested for suspicion of the highest treason.”

Jin couldn’t even go over that statement in his head, as he was forcefully being lifted from the floor, belatedly realizing that these black shapes were actually not dark angels as they flew through the hallways with such speed that he felt dizzy as he struggled to get free.

It was no use, since they both seemed twice his size, their grip deadly.

He was surprised that he was not thrown into a room, judging by their previous treatment, but instead they did make him sit on one of the metal chairs in a room so cold and stripped of any colour, or furniture that it gave him the chills.

He was still trying to recover from the absurdity of this situation that he did not even notice someone was already in the room, waiting for him.

It was only when those two beings, or whatever the hell they were, left the room without a word that a gravelly voice spoke, causing Jin to startle as he looked at the man sitting opposite him, with only one table separating them.

“Do you know why you are here, nephilim?”

Jin felt the anger bubbling inside of him at the condescending tone the dark angel used.

He couldn’t quite determine how old the dark angel was, since he seemed like he wasn’t that much older than him, barely any signs of wrinkles on his ghostly white face, but those rigid, calculating eyes as well as that posture and the way he was staring at him with distrust clearly showed Jin that this guy was no joke.

His gaze fell to the black ink on the man’s wrist, the smoke of the cigarette he had lit causing Jin’s eyes to itch and slightly water.

He forced down the cough threatening to spill from his mouth as he blinked his eyes, trying to discern the words on the guy’s skin.

When he finally did, he gasped slightly, his eyes flying to those cold ones, which were even narrower now and even darker as the dark angel bore holes in him.

Show no mercy. Kill without a second thought.

Jin gulped, just thinking of the tattoo on the other male’s wrist while trying to keep his voice in check as he answered, “No.”

That wasn’t the complete truth, he thought, but kept a neutral expression.

He could guess why he was here.

Or, rather, because of who.

Still, he decided it was better to take this approach, since he still wasn’t familiar with the situation at hand, he thought bitterly, remembering the way Taehyung looked away without offering any explanation on what the hell was going on while going through the hall.

Also, he knew what the guy sitting opposite him was.

He kept referring to him as a dark angel, but he was something much more sinister.

The ink engraved in his skin showed, without a doubt, that this guy carried demonic blood as well and Jin had heard before of eyes so cold staring into you as if trying to suck out your essence and all your secrets, if you stared long enough into them.

That was why, he averted his gaze from the one of the male with dark blue hair.

It wasn’t like he didn’t notice how his eyes shone, even under the bright white light casting an artificial glow in the room which could make anyone claustrophobic.

He saw the flash of red in those steely eyes when he answered.

The demonic red eyes.


He was in some serious trouble if he was actually being interrogated by one of the demonic angels of death.

“Well then, let me enlighten you,” the man said, his voice crude and filled with scorn.

Jin still refused to meet his gaze, the pounding of his heart loudly reverberating in his ears.

“As you may have probably seen, or heard by now, today marks the day when 3 light angels were arrested for their grave crimes. They will be trialed like the lowest criminals and the maximum punishment is expected and very anticipated by many,” the icy voice cut through the stuffy air, making Jin sweat slightly.

He didn’t like where this was going.

“And it has come to our attention that you are the son of one of those light angels.”

There was no mistake in that accusatory tone of voice, but Jin did not let himself be deterred as he muttered darkly, “Not by choice.”

There was a slight silence after that which caused him to finally look up.

Big mistake, he thought, as he was now transfixed by those eyes changing colour from bloody red to yellow, almost like a cat’s—sharp and cunning.

“Hm, is that so?’ the man hummed thoughtfully, but Jin was not fooled by his sudden nonchalance.

However, he was not ready for the accusation that followed when the man added, “So, you are not his little spy?”

Jin found himself breathless and in shock as he stared into those calculating eyes and exhaled a disbelieving, “What?”

Judging by the guy’s reaction, he did not seem to trust him one bit, but still, he straightened up after his answer, bringing a cigarette to his lips until he let out a perfect circle of smoke float between them.

Then he flicked the cigarette on the table, quite close to Jin, who tried not to flinch.

The man clasped his hands and rested his chin on them while his piercing gaze never left Jin’s face.

“I don’t know if you are just a really good actor, or truly innocent,” the older guy said while Jin was still trying to recover from the shock at being accused that he was a spy.

And for that man, no less!

He was just about to demand some sort of an explanation for this absurd situation he was in, but it turned out that he did not need to, because the man kept talking.

“Let me summarize the situation for you. Your father committed the highest treason. He was the one who organized for those two light angels you saw to break the truce in order for the Light Academy to fall. Then, he swooped in with his suggestion of dark angels and light angels, as well as nephilims, attending the same school in order to reconcile their differences. However, Kim Taehyung discovered that it was all just an act, so that your father would learn more about dark angels and also bring discordance among them by planting various light angels as spies in the school. His main goal was to weaken the dark angel community and then personally attack Lord Kim Bong. So, my question is, did you have anything to do with it? If you lie, the consequences will be even worse for you, nephilim.”

Jin kept staring at the man, his expression frozen.

He couldn’t believe that it was that man who was actually responsible for wrecking his only home, the Light Academy and the cause that he and his friends were held in captivity.

He felt so furious, but at the same time—broken.

Was that why Taehyung was treating him like that?

Because he thought that Jin was a spy working for his father in order to harm Lord Kim Bong?

He clenched his fist and thought back to the time he had actually brought Taehyung to the portal to the City of Light.

Was that why Taehyung wanted Jin to take him there?

So that he could keep an eye on him and make sure he wouldn’t tell his father about the dark angel’s plan to infiltrate the City?

He let out a humourless laugh, thinking how he had even been worried about Taehyung then and how he had actually distracted his father then, so that Taehyung wouldn’t get caught.

How stupid he was, risking so much for the dark angel, who had in fact, been considering him an enemy all this time.

He buried his face in his hands, forgetting about the intimidating figure in the room and suddenly feeling so worn-out.

“I am not a spy. I had no idea about any of this. And I would never help that man.”

That last part Jin said with conviction as he glared at the interrogator whose face seemed emotionless, although Jin could see the wheels turning in his head, his eyes reflecting his thoughts so quickly that Jin couldn’t even recognize one of them.

Finally, after what seemed like forever, the suffocating silence was broken.

“I suggest that you do not try to leave the Academy until the trial. You are still not cleared of the accusations, but so far there is no proof that you are involved, so you may go. But, be careful nephilim. You are not in an enviable position right now,” the man said in a cold voice, his eyes radiating with mistrust.

Jin clenched his jaw, giving a curt nod, before walking away in quick, short steps.

He felt like a criminal, although he had done nothing to be treated like that.

The anger was bubbling in his gut as he all but stomped his way through the dull gray hallways.

He had no idea which way was the way out, but anyways, there was only one path, it seemed, so he kept on walking without thinking.

Just as he was rounding around the corner, he almost bumped into someone.

The last person he wanted to see right now.

The dark angel had a deep frown etched on his face, but when he looked up and their gazes met, he widened his eyes in surprise.

Jin noticed that there were prominent dark circles now gracing that usually flawless complexion, but he couldn’t find it in himself to be worried about the dark angel’s well-being.

Not after everything.

“Shit, I had no idea they’ve taken you there,” Taehyung said with a stunned expression and Jin just rolled his eyes and responded, “Yeah, sure.”

Taehyung actually scowled at him at that and said hastily, “I swear! If I had known they would do that, then—,” Jin didn’t let him finish, his fury at being associated with his father and unfairly accused for his crimes, as well as well as the fact that Taehyung probably stayed close to him just to keep an eye on him and not because he wanted to, reached its highest point as he bitterly spat out, “ Then you would have what, Taehyung?”

The dark angel flinched a bit, his expression at first shocked, but then back to indifferent which annoyed Jin even more because he wanted for Taehyung to feel like him.

That was why he continued spitting out words like fire, not even giving a chance to the dark angel to say something.

“Don’t pretend to be some saint when you are so far from it. Do you take me for an idiot? No, you probably don’t. Because, just like that guy in there, you think that I had something to do with all of this. You are probably convinced that I wanted to cause you and your father harm. Because that’s what filthy nephilims and light angels do, right?!!”

He screamed that last part, breathing heavily while glaring at Taehyung and clenching his fists.

He was so blinded by rage that he missed the emotions of raw shock and guilt flickering in Taehyung’s dark eyes.

“Jin, I never thought that you had anything to do with that man’s plan. I swear,” Taehyung finally answered, but Jin didn’t believe him.

How could he after everything.

“Oh, yeah? Then why didn’t you tell me anything about what you were planning to do?”

Jin asked in an accusatory voice.

“I had to act fast, because my dad’s position was at stake. As soon as I confirmed my suspicions about your father and the others being involved in the conspiracy, I couldn’t afford to waste any more time,” Taehyung answered quickly, but that didn’t answer Jin’s question.

 “What does that have to do with me? Or your asshole behavior towards me?”

“Isn’t it obvious? Was I just supposed to be intimate with you, or whatever and then be like—oh yeah, Jin, guess what, I’m gonna go and execute an attack on your father and the light angels, who helped him break the truce in order to bring down the dark angels by creating this new order.”

Jin frowned again as he said, “But, like, I don’t even consider him my father. He is just a man that I am unfortunately related to by blood. That’s all. You saw us that night. When you and your dad interrupted us from getting at each other’s throats.”

“Oh, come on. He is still your father. You share the same blood. Even though you have your disputes. I couldn’t let you sway my decision. After all, my dad comes first. Which, I am sure would be the case for you as well.”

“It wouldn’t be the case, because I despise him and he wishes I was never born. You would have known that, if you had ever tried talking to me about it, instead of making your own conclusions and making me feel like a piece of trash,” Jin immediately counter-attacked, because what the hell?!

“You say that now, but I don’t think that’s completely true. If I had told you any of this, I would risk you getting in the way. And I couldn’t have anyone or anything clouding my judgment.”

Jin knew what that meant.

He realized what Taehyung had just confessed, although the dark angel didn’t seem aware of that.

Also, Jin couldn’t believe that the dark angel thought he would be on that man’s side, especially after knowing he was involved in the downfall of the Light Academy, all because of his insatiable hunger for more power.

He couldn’t believe that he had planned so far ahead, as to actually devise such a skim which would end up bringing dark and light angels together that would allow him to have spies among them infiltrate the academy and find out the weaknesses of dark angels and Kim Bong himself.

“Anyways, I am not sorry for what I did. I had to. Although, I am sorry that you had to be the son of that man.”

Jin looked at him wistfully, before letting out a dry chuckle, and saying, “Yeah. Me too.”

And just like that, he walked away from the dark angel, feeling as if they had said everything that needed to be said.

Apparently, Taehyung didn’t trust him and probably thought how Jin would bear a grudge and try to get revenge at him at some point for being responsible for his father’s imprisonment.

Jin could understand that point of view, but he kind of wanted for the dark angel to have faith in him.

Because, if he couldn’t do that, then there truly was nothing else to be said between them, Jin realized with a heavy heart.

It seemed like Taehyung would never be able to really trust someone who carried the blood of light angels.

He didn’t know what he was expecting when Taehyung said that he knew how he had nothing to do with his father’s devious skim, but now he felt disappointment.

Taehyung, apparently, did not know him well enough to realize that no—Jin would not stay by his father’s side, despite the blood they unfortunately shared.

And it wasn’t just because of his father mistreating him all these years.

It was also because he would never approve what his father had tried to do.

However, it seemed that Taehyung did not know that he had such morals and actually thought that he would stand by that man despite his misdeeds.

Jin felt most heart-broken by that realization.

Also, now everyone would link him to that man and hate on him which was another thing that made him stressed.

The only good thing was that only a few people knew he was the son of that man and he hoped that they wouldn’t spill it to the others.

He knew that Taehyung wouldn’t go after him after everything, but he didn’t expect it to hurt so much when he turned around and saw that the dark angel was nowhere to be seen.

He probably went to hang out with that demonic guy and ask him what he managed to find out from him.

Good luck with that, Jin thought bitterly, his chest aching as he turned to look in front of him, never looking back.

“Shit,” Taehyung cursed under his breath as he almost ran into one of the pillars on the 2nd floor.

To say that he was exhausted would be an understatement.

Both mentally and physically.

Even though the fight with those traitors of light angels went far better than he had expected it, his body had still suffered some injuries which needed more time to heal.

Luckily, on the outside he seemed perfectly fine, a bit bruised up here and there, his head held high as he and Yoongi proudly brought those double-crossers to the Academy.

Well, he felt elated only until his eyes found the nephilim’s in that crowd.

He knew that facing the half-angel would be inevitable at some point and he told himself that he was ready for the amount of disgust and hatred Jin would direct at him then, but what he was not ready was that expression on the nephilim’s face.

Past the complete shock on his face, his beautiful eyes changing colours so fast and making Taehyung slightly dizzy, followed by anger, there was an even stronger emotion on his face.


Something in Taehyung’s chest clenched at that sight, but he forced himself to seem impassive.

After all, he had to face his father’s wrath as well for going behind his back on such a dangerous mission and also, he couldn’t afford to lose focus.

At least not until he was sure that the nephilim’s father and his accomplices were down in the cells, under the castle where the torturing rooms were.

Nobody had used them since the war, but now—he was glad for their existence.

With them secured behind the bars, he felt slightly more relieved.

At least he removed one of the threats against his father and this new order that he was kind of accustomed to by now.

He was still distrusting when it came to most light angels, but he would be lying if he said that he didn’t see benefits in all angels getting educated together.

Maybe, in years to come, the future generations would live in complete equality and harmony.

Perhaps that was too idealistic of a dream, but he did hope deep inside that the past would stay the past and that all angels, light and dark, as well as half-angels, would finally live as one in the near future.

After all, they were the same race and they were stronger when they were united.

He didn’t even get to go to the infirmary to have his wounds checked, before he was being dragged by his ear (literally!) as if he was a kid again, while his father kept huffing under his breath and cursing at him for being so imprudent.

It took his father a good 40 minutes of lecturing him on how rash he and Yoongi were and how he was grounded, (‘ But dad, I am an adult’, ‘A real adult would not have been so reckless, so you are grounded! No more neglecting your chores!’ ) and so on and on, until he was finally being pulled in a bone-crushing hug.

His injuries stung, but the sudden warm embrace had his heart stuttering in his chest.

“Don’t you ever do this to me again, kiddo. I can’t lose you too,” his father had whispered, leaving Taehyung too stunned to speak.

His throat went dry, because he realized what his dad was talking about and before he could stop himself, he was already desperately clutching the back of his dad’s shirt while burying his face in his shoulder and mumbling apologies between sobs that made his whole body tremble.

Finally, they pulled away and while he was a crying mess, the tears completely streaking down his face, his dad had this soft expression on his face which almost made Taehyung break again.

He really didn’t want to worry his father like that, but the thought of him getting hurt was something he couldn’t allow.

What he was not prepared for was his dad ruffling his hair fondly and saying, “Also, did you really think that I was not aware of the conspiracy?”

It took Taehyung a few seconds to process what his dad had said, before he exclaimed in a stupefied voice, “Come again?!!”

That made his father chuckle and shake his head as if saying, ‘Aish, this kid, really,’ and then he had this smug grin as he said, “Tae, I was not born yesterday. Give me some credit, please. I had my suspicions and me and Min were devising a careful plan as to how to approach this matter delicately, so as to not bring any harm to the students of this Academy, because once again—most dark angels will look upon the light angels and nephilims unfavorably.”

Fuck, Taehyung thought in horror, finally realizing what the consequences of his actions would be.

Then it came to his mind that Jin would be amongst those who would be affected the most, because it was his father that was behind all of this.

And yet, that thought had never occurred to him until now.

Fuck, fuck, fuck, he cursed mentally, a wave of guilt once again washing over him for thinking only of his father, instead of taking into consideration how all of this would affect the nephilim.

He was brought back out of his internal turmoil when his father let out a sigh and said, “But, I guess we raised two brilliant, but completely hot-headed sons.”

Taehyung bit his lower lip and started wringing his hands, feeling remorse as he said, “Dad, I—,” but his father immediately cut him off, his voice gentle as he said, “ I know, Tae. I get why you did it.”

Taehyung looked down, but then his father said seriously, “But, if you ever plan on following my footsteps, you need to control your emotions better. For the sake of others and not only those closest to you.”

Taehyung got startled at that, but then he nodded.

He wasn’t sure if he was ready to be a leader as his father.

Especially not now when he realized just what a high price he paid for protecting his dad, who apparently could handle things on his own.

Just like always.

“Now, go get treated. You did use up a lot of power and you need to get proper treatment for those injuries,“ his dad said, his voice again softer.

“Yeah. Thanks, dad,” Taehyung said, forcing a small smile, before going to the infirmary.

But then, he thought better of it.

He needed to talk to that one person.

The person he was sure most certainly did not want to see him now, but he couldn’t be a coward and hide from the nephilim forever.

Especially not now when his father had pointed out to him just how much he screwed Jin over without meaning to.

He was just about to head to the half-angel’s room when a firm grip on his elbow stopped him from doing so.

He was ready to attack, his breathing quickening instantly at the thought that someone, dissatisfied with his endeavour had come to take revenge, and just as he started forming an electric ball, a gruff voice said, “Put that away, before you hurt yourself. Idiot.”

And then he got a smack on the head, causing him to yelp as he turned around and faced his ‘attacker’.

“Yoongi, what the hell?!” Taehyung whined, adding, “I thought it was one of the light angels with a grudge.”

The shorter male just rolled his eyes, totally disregarding him as he snorted, “As if any one of them would dare raise even one finger against you after today. Now listen to me, carefully.”

Taehyung immediately straightened up at the seriousness in his friend’s voice.

“I am not sure if I saw it right, but…I think I saw your nephilim being dragged by two reapers down to the interrogating chambers,” Yoongi said, his eyes narrowed and lips pursed.

However, Taehyung felt as if somebody had slammed hard into him, forcing all of the air to leave his lungs.

“Fuck. When?”

That was all he was able to say, his mind racing with dark thoughts, thinking of Jin, forced down there against his will to probably face one of the guys that had even made the hair at the back of his neck stand ever since he was a kid.

He avoided going down there at any cost and he knew that the male in question never came up.

After all, demons do reside in the pits of hell, he thought darkly.

He and his two reaper guardians were the last ones standing, bound by the contract conjured by the dark angels after the war which tied their souls to the underground chambers as a punishment for their sins.

Taehyung never trusted them and even though he knew that the demonic angel of death could see almost through anyone, thus being a great asset during interrogations, he just wished they would be executed once and for all.

He did not trust them one bit.

And now Jin, the nephilim with a kind heart had to go and face one of the darkest creatures that existed.

All because of him.

Because he fucked up, not thinking of what his public display of their captives would cause.

He felt the bile rising at the back of his throat, but then Yoongi was snapping his fingers in front of him, hastily saying, “No time for kicking yourself over this. Instead, let’s go and get your nephilim. I’ll distract those damned soul-sucking reapers and you go get him.”

Taehyung looked into Yoongi’s determined eyes and nodded, not wasting any second as he spread his dark wings, praying that he gets there in time, before Jin even comes face to face with that monster.

He got there too late.

No matter how fast he flew, or how skillfully he went past those reapers with Yoongi messing with them, he still didn’t get there in time.

By the time he found the nephilim, he knew that it was pointless.

He could already see the empty look in the half-angel’s eyes, making his stomach twist and turn.

And then, before he knew it, the nephilim was yelling at him which was fine and Taehyung thought that he deserved not only to be screamed at, but punched and what-not which would have definitely hurt a lot less than Jin thinking and telling him how Taehyung probably thought that he was a spy for his father.

Taehyung almost stumbled back at those words, at Jin’s expression of pain and rage mixed together and he honestly never thought that.

He knew that despite everything, the nephilim would never be a part of something like that.

But when he said that to Jin, the nephilim was not convinced and everything else, the words and looks exchanged afterwards passed in a blur until Taehyung found himself standing alone in the hallways with the lights flickering above him.

He had no idea what to think, or do, or how to make any of this right, but the fact was that the one who even suggested that Jin was a spy was so close to him then that he couldn’t stop his anger from taking over his body as he all but slammed open the door to the interrogation room.

You,” he spat out lowly at the demonic bastard sitting casually in the interrogating room, a half-burnt cigarette on the table.

“Oh, so many visitors, today. To what do I owe the pleasure, son of Kim Bong?”

Taehyung’s blood boiled at the bastard’s taunting voice, his tone disrespectful and mocking, eyes red and shrewd.

His body started trembling, his fingers curling and uncurling in a fist, itching for blood.

The asshole noticed his reaction and smirked as he said, “Ah…How interesting…The only son of Kim Bong, gracing me with his presence and because of who? A mere nephilim.”

Taehyung’s eyes flashed at that moment as he threw a fireball at the smug bastard, who seemed slightly surprised, but dodged it easily.

He couldn’t be calm, not like that emotionless demon who just kept sitting there and even chuckling as he said, “Oh…It’s even more serious than I thought. A dark angel falling for a nephilim. How uncommon. And yet again, I can see why…”

Every word was like a needle prickling Taheyung’s skin, poisonous and lethal as the cold-blooded prick kept smirking, before his voice went deep as he leaned in, his eyes twinkling for a moment, and said, “ So innocent and perfect to…Corrupt.”

That was it.

The last straw that pushed Taehyung over the edge as he snarled, his voice inhuman as he all but lunged at that bastard with everything he had.

He didn’t even notice the sly smile that that bastard had, but what he did feel was the blade digging deep into his shoulder, the burning pain roaring inside of him, making his mind chaotic as he cursed and yelled and fought back until he heard a familiar voice telling him to “Calm the fuck down!”

It was no use, however, Taehyung thought, his eyes squeezed shut as his body tried to fight against the venom running through his veins, igniting the fire inside of him and all he could see was Jin’s betrayed expression and then he was grateful for this searing pain, because he deserved this and so much more.

Before he could continue that train of thought, his legs gave out, body slumped and then everything around him went dark.

Chapter Text

“Ugh,” Taehyung groaned, feeling as if there were nails hammered into his eyes as he tried to open them.

His head was pounding so much that he thought it was going to explode any minute and the throbbing in his right shoulder was enough to make him curse under his breath, even though his throat was dryer than the desert.

“You are the biggest idiot ever, you know that?”

The sound of a familiar voice had him reluctantly fluttering his heavy lids open and it comforted him a little when he found himself staring at the ceiling of his bedroom.

He turned his head weakly to the source of the voice, only to find his best friend staring at him intently.

He had rarely seen Hoseok look like that which meant that he had probably fucked up royally.

Nothing new there, he thought, the feeling of regret prevailing among the emotions he currently felt.

He took in the tiredness in the redhead’s eyes, the downturned lips that were usually stretched in a grin, as well as the dark bags under those usually bright eyes.

He swallowed nervously, but that just made him cough violently, the tingling sensation in his throat worsening.

“Drink this,” his best friend hurriedly said and then his head was being gently lifted as he emptied the contents of the glass that was brought to his chapped lips.

He closed his eyes and basked in the sweet taste of the drink which immediately made him feel better.

Once he was finished, the burning in his throat having lessened, his head was once again placed on the soft pillows in his bedroom.

“Hobi,” he started weakly when his friend sat at the edge of his bed, still staring at him seriously.

“What happened?”

He asked, looking at his friend, who was now frowning at him.

“ What happened is that you are a reckless asshole, who is intent on having me prematurely age into an old man with the amount of stress you had been giving me lately,” Hoseok snapped, his voice unusually chilly which made Taehyung widen his eyes at his best friend.

He opened his mouth to speak, but Hoseok interrupted him with a stern look as he said, “First, you disappear on me without even informing anyone on your whereabouts. As if that wasn’t enough to make me die of worry, I find out that Yoongi was nowhere to be seen as well. It’s bad enough when I have to escort you two on dangerous missions, wondering if that would be the last time I see you two, but to vanish like that without any sort of a goodbye is just fucking horrible, Taehyung.”

Taehyung felt guilty as he looked away from his best friend, not realizing how hurt his best friend would be.

After all, he didn’t want to tell anything to Hoseok about their plans, because he knew that his best friend would try to talk him out of it and also, he didn’t want Hoseok to be concerned about them.

Now that he thought about it, just disappearing without a trace was indeed an even shittier move than not revealing his plan.

“I already reprimanded Yoongi, but I couldn’t be too harsh on him, because he is the reason why you are here—alive, instead of dying in agony in that room.Seriously, who in their right mind goes against the demonic angel of death??!” Hoseok spat out, his voice furious and incredulous, making Taehyung startled.

“Even you should know better than to do such a thoughtless thing, no matter how powerful you are. Luckily, Yoongi managed to pull you away, before that bastard had the chance for the finishing blow. Because, trust me, you got lucky that it was your shoulder that the blade went through. If it had been your chest, or anywhere remotely near to your heart, you would have been dead in a matter of seconds,” Hoseok hissed, causing Taehyung to flinch.

He really should have known better, but when that demonic prick talked about Jin in such a way, he just…Lost it.

“I’m sorry,” Taehyung murmured guiltily, at a loss for words.

“Is Yoongi okay?” he asked as he finally looked up into Hoseok’s eyes.

That and his apology seemed to have softened the dark angel, who let out a defeated sigh and shook his head exasperatedly, as he said, “He is. Unlike some, he managed to control his temper and quickly dragged you out of there and brought you here. Currently, he is with your father and the other members of the High Court, who have brought a decision to take the demonic angel of death and his two reapers to the dark realm for breaking the punishment. After all, no form of weapon was allowed for them to have, especially not one as lethal as that knife coated in one of the deadliest demonic venoms.”

Taehyung’s fingers found the quilt on his bed, tangling in it as he gnawed on his bottom lip.

Shit, he had caused so much problems.

“Tae, don’t beat yourself up over it. Despite your idiotic attack, somehow it turned out to be a good thing, because who knows what that guy was planning to do with that blade. He and his goons were probably thinking up a way of an escape for quite some time now, so this was inevitable. The only shitty thing is that you got hurt,” Hoseok said, his voice gentler.

When Taehyung looked into his best friend’s eyes, they were once again back to their normal light brown colour.

“So, are you still mad at me?’ Taehyung asked, feeling unexpectedly small at that moment.

“I want to be. But how can I when you look so miserable and weak,” Hoseok said, making Taehyung feel offended as he protested and said, “Hey!”

Then he saw Hoseok grinning at him and he punched his friend’s forearm, annoyed that it really lacked his usual strength and then he left his hand there, saying sincerely, “I am really sorry for not telling you. That was selfish.”

There was silence, but then Hoseok sighed and said, “Yeah, it was. But…I get why you did what you did.”

They looked at each other for a few moments and then Hoseok grinned at him widely and said, “ Now, stop being such a sap and tell me all about your mental-breakdown that led to all of this,” while gesturing at his body.

Taehyung scowled, because he didn’t really want to tell him about the nephilim and what deep regret he felt towards him after displaying his father as a prisoner in front of everyone, but then again, Hoseok was his best friend, so maybe it would help to talk about it to him.

Speaking of the half-angel, he suddenly thought and asked, “I will, but just tell me this. Who knows about my wounds and about what happened with that demonic bastard?”

“Just me and Yoongi, your dad and the members of the High Court. Don’t worry, your reputation of an undefeated dark angel is intact,” Hoseok said and chuckled and Taehyung forced a small smile.

That wasn’t why he was asking, though.

He just didn’t want Jin to find out about it.

While he didn’t think that the nephilim would care if he was hurt, given the situation between them, he still had no desire for the half-angel to find out about it.

Knowing him, despite everything that has happened, he was pretty sure that the nephilim would actually feel guilty, if he ever found out about Taheyung getting hurt, because he attacked someone who badmouthed the half-angel and he really didn’t want Jin’s pity.

So, he relaxed and then told Hoseok, “Before I start retelling you the events, you better get us something to drink. And bring me some painkillers. This is going to take a while.”

“You said you would do it!”

Taehyung heard Jungkook’s voice, frustrated and a bit…Desperate?

He stopped for a moment, trying to determine where his cousin was.

It was really unusual for him to hear the usually collected Jungkook sounding like that which was why he got curious.

He was about to head in the direction where he thought Jungkook’s voice had come from, but he froze as soon as the other voice spoke.

“That was before.”

Taehyung stood in the hallway when he heard Jin’s detached voice.

What the hell was going on between them, he wondered not for the first time.

“You can’t tell me that you don’t care anymore,” Jungkook urged and it was driving Taehyung crazy that he had no idea what they were talking about.

“And you can’t tell me what I feel or not. Also, you are being really selfish asking me to continue with that despite the current situation,” Jin answered bitterly and then Taehyung was walking again.

He needed to see the two of them, their expressions, as well as their proximity, because none of this made sense to him anymore.

He knew that he was close to them, Jungkook’s voice now clear in his ears as his cousin said, “I know, I’m just…Worried.”

Taehyung almost tripped over his feet when Jungkook said that, his voice unusually apologetic and showing a hint of concern.

“Sorry. But that’s not my problem anymore.”

There was no mistaking the coldness in Jin’s voice and then Taehyung heard footsteps getting lost in the distance.

When he had finally reached the place where the voices had come from, the nephilim was already gone.

However, the sight of his cousin looking so troubled and incredibly young in that moment made his chest tighten and for a brief moment he had the craziest thought of actually going up to Jungkook to ask him what was bothering him.

Then he got to his senses and remembered that his cousin would do everything in his power to see him fall which was why he started walking away, still wondering what the hell that was all about.

Indeed, before, he was almost convinced that Jungkook approached Jin just to use the nephilim against him and he had even been sure that Jin agreed to it, but lately, he questioned that train of thought.

He remembered Jin’s words from the time they were in the forest about how not everything was what it seemed and now this conversation made no sense either, causing Taehyung to frown as he tried thinking up of any other reason that Jungkook would need Jin’s help for something.

And why in the world did his cousin sound so…No.

He cut himself off, reasoning with himself that it didn’t matter what was up with Jungkook.

After all, they hated each other, so there was no use fretting over him.

He told himself that the only reason he was even concerned with Jungkook was because he wanted to know what Jin was dragged into, although that annoying voice at the back of his head kept pestering him with questions such as, ‘Is that really the only reason why you care?’ or ‘Why do you keep lying to yourself?’

Luckily, he ignored that voice and went the other way.

He wasn’t even supposed to be roaming the Academy in his state and he knew that Hoseok would flip, if he found out that Taehyung was not resting in bed.

Even though the ache in his shoulder was now bearable, he could not use that arm properly which meant that he only had one functional arm for battles.

Also, most of his other injuries needed some time to heal and that was not such a quick task, as he knew it, even without Hoseok scolding him a few days ago when he caught him trying to conjure up a fireball in his hand.

He had promised then that he wouldn’t really be leaving his bedroom much, since he was vulnerable now and there were always people who wanted to see his downfall.

Unfortunately, that was easier said than done, he thought this afternoon when the boredom of being cooped up in his bedroom became so unbearable that he just had to take a walk, before going crazy.

Now, he truly regretted that as his path to his quarters was halted by none other than Song Minho and a few of his vicious suck-ups.

All being sons of dark angels in high ranks.

And all looking at him the same way Minho did, with utter disgust and bloodlust.

Usually, that would have not bothered Taehyung and he would have just dealt with them like usual, but the smug smirk on Minho’s face told him that the dark angel was aware of his poor state which gave him the confidence to finally strike.

“I’ve been waiting for this for far too long,” were the words Minho practically purred as he stood in front of Taehyung, who was kneeling and panting.

He clenched his fist, frustrated at the fact that it only took a few minutes for Minho and his possy to bring him to this humiliating state.

No matter how much he fought and resisted, his injured hand was practically useless and he couldn’t fend them off all with just one arm which was not completely functional either.

He looked up and glared at Song Minho, who stood above him with a wicked grin.

Taehyung spat out blood, before saying in the deadliest voice possible, “Fuck you, you coward.”

He saw for a brief moment how a flash of irritation flickered over Minho’s face, before the dark angel’s eyes glinted with satisfaction as he raised his leg and kicked him across his face in one swift motion.

The impact of his blow was so strong that Taehyung actually fell to the ground in an instant, the pain numbing his face, especially his jaw which was probably broken now.

He couldn’t open his eyes with the warm liquid trickling over them and Taehyung guessed it was probably from the deep cut on his forehead.

Despite lying down, he felt nauseous and fatigued, his head spinning.

The last thing he remembered, before blacking out, were the cold fingers gripping his chin roughly, as Song Minho said in a low and pleased voice, “Oh, I can’t wait to hear your screams of agony. After waiting for so long, it is going to be even more enjoyable…”

Surprisingly, Song Minho never got his wish granted.

Taehyung had expected to wake up in some torture room, so when he found himself opening his eyes to the sight of Hoseok’s infirmary, he was sure that he was dreaming.

He felt disoriented and his thoughts were a mess, but the blossoming pain on his face and head caused him to think that maybe this was actually reality.

The first face that greeted him was not the one of his best friend.

It was actually his father’s.

Taehyung rarely saw his dad looking so worn-out and looking as old as he actually was.

His father always seemed much younger, even when he put on his stern expression while giving commands.

But, seeing him with that wrecked expression had Taehyung’s heart beat accelerating.

His dad, who had previously been looking into the distance, finally noticed Taehyung was awake and then there was relief on his face, followed by a defeated expression.

“Kiddo, how many more times are you going to give me a heart-attack this month? I am an old man after all and if I get the news once again that my son is seriously injured, I don’t know if I will be able to handle it,” his dad said and usually it would sound teasing, if not for the grave look on his dad’s face.

Taehyung’s throat hurt, his eyes watering slightly as he mumbled, “D-dad…,” only to realize with terror how he could barely move his lips.

His reaction must have been apparent in his expression, because his dad quickly placed his hand on top of his knuckles, caressing them gently as he said, “Don’t speak, or the stitches will be undone and then Hoseok will bite our heads off. After all, he spent hours patching you up, so we shouldn’t ruin his hard work.”

Taehyung looked away then, aware that he had broken his promise to Hoseok, who was not even here which meant that he was definitely going to renounce him as his best friend after all the shit he had to go through because of Taehyung.

Even the mere thought of the redhead not wanting to have anything to do with him had his chest aching.

“Don’t worry, he loves you far too much to stay mad at you for too long,” his dad suddenly said, as if reading his mind.

Taehyung looked at him once again, the simple touch of his father having a soothing effect on him.

“Now, just listen to me,” his dad said and Taehyung nodded, or at least—tried to.

He realized that every movement he made, no matter how insignificant it seemed to him, caused so much pain to shot through his body that he would have gritted his teeth.

If he could.

Even the act of doing so had him almost writhing in agony.

That fucking Song Minho, he thought darkly.

His dad squeezed his hand to get his attention and Taehyung closed his eyes and listened to him.

“Song Minho and the others are officially banished from the Academy. Their fathers as well. They were all in this together, with General Song being the mastermind. As you may have guessed, he wanted to take my position. They were all taken to the dark realm where they will await for judgment for their wrongdoings. I expect that they will all get the maximal punishment,” his father said seriously and Taheyung thought how if it was up to him—he would definitely have them all burned to death.

However, rarely anyone really got sentenced to death in the dark realm, since the dark angels always thought how death was too weak of a punishment for serious crimes.

Maybe they were right, Taehyung thought, remembering Minho’s sadistic voice as he mercilessly kicked him in the face.

“I will personally go there to make sure they pay for their crimes. That will be in a few days, but don’t worry, you will be guarded by the people I trust the most. Also, Yoongi and Hoseok will be here, by your side. As well as Jungkookie.”

Taehyung’s eyes immediately flew open at his cousin’s name, especially because of his father’s fond usage of the nickname Jungkook had since childhood.

He glared at his dad, or at least tried to, but then his father raised his palm in the air, signaling for him to calm down and listen.

Taehyung only narrowed his eyes at the old man.

His dad sighed and then continued, “You know, you should not be like that. After all, it was Jungkookie who risked his life to save you.”

Taehyung widened his eyes in shock, because the old man must have lost his mind.

There was no way that Jungkook, the guy who probably hated him as much as Song Minho did, would actually go and do something like this.

In fact, Taehyung was surprised that Jungkook did not jump on Song Minho’s “Let’s all watch the demise of Kim Taehyung” train.

His father, unperturbed by his disbelieving expression, just continued, “ You know, I never could realize why you two always seemed so hostile as you grew up when you were practically inseparable as kids.”

Yeah, maybe because Jungkook turned into a real asshole, who started hating me for no reason Taehyung thought bitterly.

“Anyways, Jungkook had to go to the dark realm in order to give his testimony. When he does get back, I am sure that he will tell you all about what had happened, but for now rest assured that everything is being taken care of. Now, you need to sleep. You were unconscious for 3 days, but your body needs to recover which is only possible by getting a much needed rest,” his father said in a voice which left no room for argument.

Also, it was not like Taehyung could actually protest, since he was still unable to form sentences, with his split lip.

So, he nodded, realizing how exhausted he really was.

However, as he kept drifting between reality and dreamland, his father’s presence making him feel safe, he still couldn’t believe his dad’s words about Jungkook being the one to save him.

But then, just as he was about to slip into the world of dreams, he remembered Jungkook’s troubled expression right before he was attacked and it made him think.

Could it be?

The next time Taehyung woke up, his dad was nowhere to be seen.

He was so thirsty, feeling like a fish on land.

He tried to sit up, every muscle in his body aching and then he froze.

He saw a mop of dark hair framing a familiar sleeping face.

He took in the boy’s peaceful expression which he hadn’t seen in so long and then his eyes traveled to the fingers resting on top of his hand.

He swallowed nervously, his stomach doing this funny flip as he still stared in astonishment at Jungkook’s head on his bed, the boy sleeping soundly with his hand on Taehyung’s.

He wondered how long Jungkook had been there, the chair he was sitting on looking really uncomfortable that Taehyung was surprised Jungkook even managed to fall asleep.

That must mean that he is completely drained, Taehyung thought, feeling an unexpected pang of guilt.

He also felt awkward, because he had no idea what to make of this situation.

However, before he had the time to think of what to do, his stomach growled loudly, causing Jungkook’s eyes to flutter.

Shit, Taehyung panicked as he watched Jungkook slowly blinking his eyes open.

His cousin seemed lost for a few moments as he groaned and straightened up, looking confused about what was happening.

Then he looked at Taehyung, his eyes going wide and lips parting in surprise and was he actually BLUSHING A BIT?!

Taehyung couldn’t believe his eyes, because Jungkook seemed flustered and at a loss for words in front of him which was a first, but also what the fuck—why the hell was he so nervous as well?!

Taehyung was sure that they would be staring at each other like that until one of them dropped dead, but then his traitorous stomach growled again, making him look away while frowning.

Damn it, how embarrassing, he thought.

“A-are you hungry?”

Jungkook’s uncertain, sleep-laced rough voice reached his ear and when he looked at his cousin again, the boy was looking at him sort of shyly and with surprise and huh…He looked kind of like a bunny in that moment, Taehyung thought fondly, before wanting to smack himself in the head for such a thought.

However, he reluctantly nodded and then Jungkook was getting up to his feet, rushing through the infirmary as he quickly said, “Um, yeah. Hoseok told me to give you this when you wake up.”

Then he was almost stumbling back, before placing a metal tray with all sorts of food in front of him and no matter how bewildered Taehyung was by his cousin’s unexpectedly caring actions, he was too focused on his growing disgust towards the food on his plate.

Hospital food, ugh.

The sight made him sick again as his eyes scanned over the plastic cups of jelly which he knew from experience had a bland taste, some soup in a porcelain plate which looked so unappealing that Taehyung  actually thought how the jelly looked amazing in comparison to it.

Of all the food on the tray, nothing seemed like the type to satisfy his hunger and he contemplated whether to eat something.

Then he heard Jungkook clearing his throat and before he knew it there was a Snickers chocolate bar on his tray which caused him to look at Jungkook, who kept fidgeting.

“ I…I guessed that you would be hungry when you wake up and honestly all of this seemed so tasteless that I just kind of…Went and snuck in a chocolate bar without Hoseok noticing.So, yeah.”

Taehyung stared at Jungkook, whose voice cracked a bit, but then the boy must have taken his lack of reaction as a bad sign, because he quickly added, “I mean, you don’t have to eat it. You probably don’t even like Snickers anymore. After all it was your favourite food when we were kids, so you probably dislike it now and I’ll just take it back.”

Jungkook was rambling and scowling now, not even looking at him and then his hand was reaching the chocolate bar, the only real food on his tray and Taehyung reacted without thinking, his hand grabbing Jungkook’s wrist, before the boy could retrieve the candy bar.

Jungkook flinched, his eyes wide and startled and then Taehyung looked at him, before smiling softly and whispering, “Thanks, Jungkookie.”

The boy seemed stunned for a few moments, his face flushed as he ducked his head and pulled his hand away slowly, before mumbling, “No problem.”

After that, it seemed like the tension in the room disappeared with Taehyung slowly eating the chocolate and gulping down water like crazy with Jungkook sitting next to him, on his uncomfortable chair.

It was still awkward with both of them avoiding each other’s gazes, but Taehyung felt inexplicably warm.

Even after Taehyung finished his chocolate bar, the only thing he actually ate, the silence between them stretched on.

Taehyung realized that Jungkook was not going to say anything, with how he was still avoiding his gaze, so he decided to ask the question that was at the tip of his tongue.

“So, you don’t hate me?”

He asked, his voice above a whisper, since he moved his lips as little as possible, careful of the cut and the stitches.

That startled Jungkook, who almost fell of his chair as he gaped at him in shock.

“I never hated you,” he said in one breath which made Taehyung frown, because yeah right.

“Could’ve fooled me,” Taheyung mumbled slightly bitter, but apparently Jungkook heard it as he immediately fired back, “ If anything, you are the one who despises me.”

Taehyung was taken aback by such an accusation, since it was Jungkook, who decided to be an asshole towards him first.

Before he could say that, though, his cousin kept talking with a painful expression on his face.

“You kept being a prick towards me after you got into the Academy and you constantly blew me off cuz you said that you had no time for me and what-not.”

“I had to practice and prove myself. So, I am sorry that I didn’t play with you,” Taehyung mocked, feeling unfairly accused, because while Jungkook was still enjoying the perks of childhood, he had to constantly fend himself against everyone who hated or envied him for being Kim Bong’s son.

“You missed my birthday as well that year and didn’t even apologize, because you were too busy hanging out with your new friends,” Jungkook mumbled while sulking and oh.

He kind of had a point about that, Taehyung thought now that he started to remember how he did indeed act like a jerk then.

But, he was in puberty and he had finally found people that accepted him, or at least he thought so, until those same friends ambushed him one day and beat him to a pulp.

If it hadn’t been for Yoongi accidentally stumbling into the scene and saving his ass, then he would have gone much worse then.

Also, that was how he got to meet Yoongi, who became one of his closest friends.

Afterwards, he rarely went home and spent time with Jungkook, training hard to show everyone how wrong they were, if they thought they could mess with him.

By the time Jungkook had enrolled into the Academy, they had completely drifted apart and then Jungkook always gave him these scornful looks and talked back to him and Taehyung always thought how Jungkook was the one who changed for worse and became one of those jerks that envied him for being so powerful.

He had never even stopped to think how he might be the actual cause for Jungkook’s sudden disdain towards him.

“Shit, I…I didn’t realize…I am sorry…,” Taehyung whispered, not even being able to look at Jungkook, feeling ashamed.

At first, Jungkook said nothing and Taehyung was sure that the boy would just walk away without a word, but then there was a sigh and Jungkook said, “Yeah, well… Unfortunately, despite your asshole behavior, I still couldn’t hate you. No matter how much I tried. After all, I always thought of you as an older brother…”

Taehyung looked up at that and the more he stared at Jungkook, who seemed to be biting the inside of his cheek, he thought how this was the same boy who was always stuck to him like glue in their childhood.

Always following after him, in each one of Taehyung’s adventures and staring at him with wide eyes full of awe while softly saying, “Tae-Hyung.”

Taehyung’s heart skipped a beat at the memory of Jungkook calling him like that and his eyes softened impossibly.

Shit, he really was a master of fucking up everything.

But then, he remembered something which made no sense.

“Wait a second. If that is really the truth then why the hell did you sign that document with the headmaster of the Light Academy?”

Jungkook glowered at him, as if asking, ‘Are you stupid?’ before he rolled his eyes and said, “ Because you hate to fail. And after that incident when you were not able to bring down the Light Academy after so many months of hard work, I kind of wanted to make sure you would succeed the next time.”

“So, what you are saying is that you did not have faith in my skills?’ Taheyung asked with narrowed eyes and Jungkook looked at him with a vexed and disbelieving expression.

“It’s not that! It’s just that you were so upset and I wanted to make sure nothing would go wrong. There, you happy now?!”

Jungkook snapped at him, looking away while scowling, his arms crossed over his chest.

Well, he wasn’t particularly overjoyed that his cousin made shady business deals because of him, but the thought of Jungkook being so protective over him kind of made him extremely satisfied.

“I would be happier knowing that I wasn’t such a failure that you had to take matters in your hands. To think that you had to resort to such deals makes me angry at myself, because you shouldn’t have stooped so low, because of me,” he said earnestly.

Jungkook looked at him astonished, but said nothing otherwise.

“I don’t know how to make it up to you,” Taheyung finally said, his voice strained.

More silence.

He probably wouldn’t be able, anyways.

Nothing he did would fix the mess he made.

Or that was what he thought until Jungkook cleared his throat again and said quietly, “Well, you can’t make it up to me for all these years of you being a dickhead, but we could…Start again?”

Taehyung looked at him in surprise and Jungkook seemed uncertain as if Taehyung would reject him and then before he knew it, Taehyung leaned forward, grabbing Jungkook by the front of his shirt and pulling him forward, eliciting a startled yelp from his cousin.

When the boy fell in his lap, Taehyung immediately had him in a headlock, using his healthy arm as he ruffled Jungkook’s hair while the boy kept whining and struggling.

But then Taehyung was laughing freely, as he hadn’t in such a long time and then saying, “I would love nothing more than that, Jungkookie~”

At that moment, Jungkook stopped struggling and Taehyung could hear him cursing under his breath, but he knew that they would be good as he loosened his grip, his touch becoming gentler as he carefully threaded his fingers through those soft locks.

He felt as if a part of him that had been missing was now finally back, allowing him to feel more complete.

He had no idea how much time has passed ever since he started stroking Jungkook’s hair, with the boy’s head in his lap, half of his body on the bed with the other half on the chair.

He observed Jungkook, who had his eyes closed the whole time, as Taehyung kept running his fingers through the boy’s hair, just like when they were little.

Finally, he broke the silence, asking, “So, how did you save me? Or better yet, how did you know that Song Minho captured me?”

Jungkook lazily cracked one eye open at that and looked at him, before shrugging his shoulders as he closed his eye again and said, “I had been following Song Minho’s activities for a while now, so I knew that he was preparing an attack. I just needed to pick the right moment when to confront him. I had almost everything planned, but unfortunately, the unpredicted circumstances with you getting hurt and him using that chance to his advantage kind of delayed me. That was why I didn’t manage to stop him the moment he got to you. However, I did intercept him as he was preparing to escape with you through the portal leading to the demon world.”

Taheyung was just about to ask for Jungkook to elaborate, but then his cousin nonchalantly added, “Also, your nephilim helped me a lot,” causing Taehyung to halt his movement in Jungkook’s hair, because come again?!

Finally, Jungkook opened his eyes, staring at him in confusion as he asked, “What’s wrong?”

“Did you just say that Jin helped you save me?’

Taheyung asked, his own question sounding impossible even as he said it.

“Yeah. Actually, I asked him for help at that event weeks ago, but then you just had to meddle and drag him away that time during the bonding exercise, so we had no chance to discuss the details. I explained to him even then that when the time comes I would need his help with Song Minho, because I knew that he was planning the attack, since I had been closely following his every move. Unfortunately, I was not able to stop him from hurting the nephilim that time, because I had been on a mission, but when my sources told me about it as soon as I got back, I knew that the half-angel would probably have even more reason to help me. Nevertheless, he agreed as soon as I told him that I was doing that to protect you. So, he apparently cares about you a lot.”

Taehyung stared at Jungkook as if he had grown another head, because this all seemed too surreal to be true.

Then again, he did remember Jungkook’s conversation with Jin and now it was also starting to make sense, but as far as he knew Jin refused to help him, so what changed?

He asked Jungkook that as well, who frowned and said, “Well, we had a dispute, because the situation with you capturing his father and what not was kind of an obstacle for which he could really not be blamed. But, he was the one who rushed to find me and tell me that Minho attacked you and he told me where you were. Without him, I probably would have been too late.”

“But, how the hell would Jin know any of that??” Taehyung asked, becoming frustrated, because he couldn’t understand how Jin would be able to help Jungkook.

“Ah, well, you see, the nephilim has a unique ability. I knew that he had an enhanced skill of perception, but also, he gained another skill which he manifested in one of the classes I took with him. I think that even he wasn’t aware of it at the time he did it, but I certainly noticed. Apparently, he has the ability to enter one’s mind and see things through that person’s eyes. He can’t read their thoughts, or anything, but if he focuses enough on that one person, he is able to see what they are seeing in that moment. However, he is able to do that only if that someone is in his surroundings. So, when you disappeared, he could not trace your location,” Jungkook explained, leaving Taehyung completely bewildered.

“But, how the fuck did you find out that he could do that?” Taehyung demanded to know, because why the hell did he not notice that sooner??

“The class we took together required us to meditate and we were supposed to close our eyes and empty our minds. Then, we were supposed to try to move things in the room with the sheer strength of our minds. However, we had to sit one across each other for some stupid reason. The nephilim sat a few rows bellow me and across some guy. When he opened his eyes and looked into the eyes of his partner, he gasped loudly. Then I heard him mumble, ‘What the hell? I see myself.’ A few people asked him what he was talking about, but he just waved them off. I found it strange and then when I approached him at the event and later confronted him about it, he confessed that he discovered he had that ability. Anyways, that was when I was certain that he would be perfect in helping me track Song Minho’s every move which was how we would know when he would attack,” Jungkook finally finished, before closing his eyes again.

This was too much for Taehyung to take in.

However, the thing that bothered him the most and that made no sense was that after refusing Jungkook, Jin still came to help him save Taehyung.

But why?

“He hates me. Why would he change his mind?”

He hadn’t even realized that he voiced his thoughts out loud until Jungkook looked at him, a teasing smirk on his face as he said, “Oh, well, I don’t know about that. After all, the look of pure horror on his face as I carried you to the infirmary didn’t seem like the expression of someone who hates you. Not to mention the fact that he spent the whole night in front of the infirmary, waiting for the news about your condition. It was only when Hoseok got out and told us that you would be fine that he visibly relaxed and left.”

Taehyung’s heart banged against his chest as he thought about Jungkook’s words.

So, maybe there was still hope after all.

“Now, continue petting me,” Jungkook whined and pouted, and Taehyung chuckled, as he mumbled fondly, “Spoiled brat,” before continuing to caress Jungkook’s hair.

However, all he could think about was how once he had recovered, the first thing he was going to do was find Jin and have a talk with him.

A sincere one.

Well, this was the last of it, Jin thought as he stared at his emptied bedroom the Academy.

He knew that he would feel sad about leaving, but he didn’t realize that it would hurt this much.

After all, he was not going to see Namjoon and Jimin for quite some time, even though his friends told him how they would visit him and threatened him to do the same.

He was at least grateful that they understood his decision and did not try to talk him out of it, despite how regretful they looked.

But, Jin knew that this was the only way for him to heal his wounds and maybe lead a more normal life in the future.

After all, the trial had passed and his father was now a convicted criminal, sentenced to be imprisoned in the jail in the dark realm until the last of his white feathers fell off and his powers disappeared, turning him into a mere mortal.

Then he would be transferred to the prison in the City of Light, which Jin had no idea even existed, because all his life he had been convinced that light angels never committed crimes, a foolish belief that was shattered a long time ago.

So, his father would spend the days as a mortal in the prison of light until the day he died which Jin thought was a fitting punishment, although maybe he should stay in the dark realm until death for the grave sins he committed, but that was not up to him.

Despite everything, he couldn’t stay in the Academy where too many things had happened and he was still connected to his father, although involuntarily.

He needed to go somewhere where nobody knew of him, or his past.

And that would be the world of mortals.

The world where his beloved mother lived and died.

His request to live there was granted, both by the officials of the Academy, as well as Kim Bong himself.

He would still have his powers there, but if he was ever to use them to harm someone innocent, then he would be brought back to the City of Angels and put to trial.

He was aware of that and he truly hoped that there would never come a time for him to do so.

After saying his goodbyes to Namjoon and Jimin with a heavy heart, all three of them trying not to break down and cry, he was heading to the portal which would take him to the Earth.

He already had an apartment to live in and a University there to attend to, having taken the entrance test and passed it with flying colours, easily getting the scholarship.

All he had to do was leave.

That was easier said than done, but with one final wave to his two best friends, he was being engulfed by bright light, his only wish being that he would finally lead a normal life on Earth.

“Wow, that guy is so hot!”

Jin didn’t even look up, already used to human girls gushing openly about any guy they found attractive.

After all, they fangirled over him for about a week, before they realized that he clearly wasn’t interested in hooking up with them.

Still, he was friendly enough that they maintained good relations with him, going to coffee on breaks between lectures and studying together for tests.

In the 4 months he had been here on Earth, living in Seoul and attending Konkuk University, things were good.

He had quickly found friends, even very good friends like Ken and Sandeul, who he hung out with almost every other day.

He got accustomed to life on Earth fairly quickly and even enjoyed going to the University, his major being acting which, surprisingly, he found very interesting.

Sure, he missed Namjoon and Jimin like crazy, but they had already visited him a few times which was enough to make him feel less lonely.

So far, he had never gone back to the Academy to visit them.

He just couldn’t go back.


He frowned when one name flashed in his mind and he quickly started drawing something in his notebook, to distract himself while waiting for the next lecture to start.

“Not only is he hot as hell, but he has a face of an angel!”

Another girl sitting in front of him exhaled and Jin felt a slight pang in his chest.

He was already used to humans calling beautiful people angels, a compliment even he got for his good-looks on the first day of University, by some blushing girl in the library, but…Whenever he heard that, he thought of his friends and the world he left behind, so it kind of bothered him.

Still, he shook his head, thinking how he was just being particularly grumpy, because he had to get up so early to get here on time, only to receive a text from Ken in the last moment how he had overslept and wasn’t going to make it.

So, now, not only was he stuck in a boring lecture at a crack of dawn, but he was also condemned to spending it alone, since Sandeul, unlike him and Ken, majored in music, so they rarely had classes together.

‘Just great’, he huffed under his breath.

“Oh my God, he is coming over. What should we do?”

The two girls giggled nervously in front of him, their voices slightly higher than usual.

Oh, they had it bad for that guy, he thought.

Then he saw them glancing at him and he felt confused until he realized that that guy with the ‘face of an angel and a hot body’ had actually taken a seat next to him.

Oh great, just what he needed, he thought solemnly, realizing how those two girls would constantly turn around to steal glances at that guy.

“Fucking great,” he cursed under his breath at the same time the guy next to him spoke.

“Is this seat taken?”

The low rumble of the guy’s voice had Jin shuddering for some unknown reason and when he looked up to reply, he felt as if he couldn’t breathe.

His pen fell from his hand, rolling away and falling to the floor, causing the girls in front of him to giggle.

He heard them whispering, “I guess pretty boy isn’t immune to that angel, either,” and then they broke into another fit of giggles.

However, he couldn’t even react, still staring at the guy next to him, who kept looking at him.

Despite the now bubblegum hair colour and a slightly different haircut, that face and those dark eyes that made the flutters spread in his chest every time their gazes met still had the same effect on him.

His heart was throbbing in his chest, his thoughts too loud for him to properly think as he parted his lips, a movement the guy followed when Jin finally managed to whisper, “Taehyung…”

The guy smirked in response, his eyes flashing with amusement as his husky voice made Jin shiver when he answered, “Long time no see, little nephilim.”

Chapter Text

To add onto his utter frustration and chaos in his head, Jin couldn’t even yell at Taehyung, or ask him what the fuck he was doing here, because just as he was about to demand answers, the teacher had entered the classroom.

 The older man’s tone of voice was stern and gaze strict as he announced to them to “Settle down.”

Jin shut his mouth, because he knew that he couldn’t afford to get in this professor’s bad books, since he had to maintain a good GPA to keep his scholarship.

With his father gone from his life completely and him living on Earth now, he had to earn his own money and that was not an easy feat.

So, he turned away from Taehyung, his heart still knocking in his chest, despite the bitchiest expression he could conjure up on his face.

He picked up his pen, clenching it tightly as he stared at the professor, not even wanting to look at the dark angel, who was infuriatingly silent.

Then, those girls wolf-whistled at him and looked to the side, before giggling again and when he glanced at Taehyung, the bastard was still staring at him with a playful glint in his beautiful eyes and cursed be that jerk!

“Love is in the air,” the blonde girl in front of him whispered and he felt his ears burning as he quickly looked away from Taheyung who had the audacity to smirk.

This was a dream.

It had to be, Jin thought, feeling incredulous.

No, not a dream.

A fuckin’ nightmare!

When the lecture ended, he wasted no time in shoving all of his stuff in his backpack, before shooting the dirtiest glare at Taehyung and gritting through his teeth, “Follow me.”

Then he was walking quickly, without looking back, or waiting for the dark angel’s response.

After all, he couldn’t snap at the asshole in front of the human students.

No matter how much he was fuming as he stomped out of the classroom, for a moment, he was afraid that Taehyung ignored his command, since the dark angel was unusually silent behind him.

He turned around as he reached the bathroom, to check his suspicion of Taehyung ditching him, but then he just stood there, gaping in disbelief at the sight in front of him.

True enough, Taehyung was following after him.

However, he was walking casually as if he had all the time in the world, the black thigh-ripped skinny jeans clinging perfectly to his long legs, a maroon graphic t-shirt complimenting his bronze tan perfectly, his walk like one of a runaway model, the gold shining in those dark eyes, the soft pink strands of his bubblegum hair truly making him like the most gorgeous mix between a light and a dark angel, causing everyone to stare at him in daze.

Including Jin.

However, he quickly snapped out of those thoughts, instead glaring at Taehyung, who once again wore a smug grin and Jin was tempted to not only yell at him, but also punch him in that self-confident face.

But then, as Taehyung approached him, Jin caught a glimpse of the scar on Taehyung’s forehead and before he could block them out, the images of Taehyung all bloodied and broken with Jungkook carrying his lifeless body with a panicked expression, flooded his mind, making his expression falter.

“Hey, are you okay?”

He looked up startled, noticing that Taehyung was now right in front of him, the smug expression completely gone from his face and replaced with a concerned one as the dark angel’s eyes searched his face and this…This was not fair.

Taehyung had no right…No right…

Jin started breathing heavier, his vision getting cloudy as he poked a finger at Taehyung’s chest and spat out under his breath, ”Go away, Taehyung. There is nothing for you here. Just, fuck off. I can’t do this.”

Then he was spinning on his heel so fast that it made him slightly dizzy, but before he knew it—he was rushing down the stairs.

He had to get away from those eyes filled with worry, because how dared Taehyung be like that after everything?!

How dared he try and mess with his mind and feelings once again.

Not now when Jin had finally moved on.

Or at least he was on a good path to do so.

He ran all the way to the bus stop without looking back.

Even when he finally reached his small apartment and closed the door behind him, he locked it just in case.

He couldn’t even eat anything.

Instead, he retreated to his bedroom, and hid under his blanket, hoping that this was all just a bad dream.

When he woke up the next morning, everything would be back to normal.

It had to, he told himself.

And so, he closed his eyes, hoping that the darkness would pull him in soon enough and make him forget.

Even though he remembered it all clearly the next morning, he still tried to convince himself that he had imagined it all.

Nevertheless, he was wary on his way to the University.

He kept being paranoid and whenever he saw a male with peachy-pink hair, his heart would stop beating for a few moments, before he would see the faces of those guys, allowing him to breathe evenly at the realization that none of them was the dark angel.

Even Ken had asked him why he was so jittery this morning when they met in front of the classroom where their first lecture of that day was supposed to be held.

He just brushed it off, saying how he didn’t get much sleep.

After the 3rd lecture with Taehyung nowhere in sight, he finally let himself relax a bit.

He knew that he hadn’t really imagined the events from the previous day, but it seemed that Taehyung had listened to him and went back to the angel world.

Jin felt like he could breathe again, as he was back to his normal-self, joking around with Ken and Sandeul, who joined them during lunch in the University cafeteria.

By the time he said his goodbyes to Ken and Sandeul as he got out of the bus on his stop, he had almost forgotten about Taehyung.

Well, that was at least what he tried to convince himself of, but still, he was definitely feeling more relaxed and sure of the fact that he wouldn’t be seeing the dark angel again.

That actually made him relieved, but also saddened him.

However, the first emotion that he felt when he stopped dead in his track in front of his apartment, where the dark angel was casually leaning on the wall while waiting for him, was rage.

Pure, blinding rage.

“What the fuck?!” Jin hissed, causing Taehyung to look up, whose expression actually seemed pleased when he saw him, igniting Jin’s anger even more.

“Finally. I mean I saw you at the University, but I thought that it would be better to wait for you here, in case you were in the mood to throw another tantrum like yesterday,” Taehyung said smoothly.


“I can’t believe you,” Jin was now half-whispering, half-yelling as he clenched his fist, his voice becoming higher,” Have you got no sense of shame?!”

Taehyung observed him for a few moments and then he tilted his head and said, “Nope,” popping that ‘P’ obnoxiously that it took all of Jin’s willpower not to tackle him to the ground and start hitting him and yelling at him.

“Now, shall we go in and talk like civilized people? Or well, angels—to be more precise,” Taehyung said in such a tone of voice as if suggesting Jin was being the ridiculous one here that Jin was this close to strangling the dark angel when he heard voices behind him.

Ah, yeah.

He had neighbors now.

People, who probably wouldn’t look too favorably on him attacking another person, even if that person was actually a dark angel that made his blood boil and deserved much more than a simple beating.

Still, Jin liked his life on Earth so far and he planned on staying, so he pushed past Taehyung, unlocking the door and angrily spitting out, “Come in,” before walking inside his apartment while counting to 10 in his head to calm himself.

“Not bad,” he heard Taehyung comment on his apartment when they were in the living room.

However, Jin had no time to chit-chat as he all but threw his backpack on the sofa, before glaring at the dark angel and harshly asking, “What the hell do you want, Taehyung? Why are you here?”

Taehyung had his hands in his pockets as he looked at him with a blank look, before innocently saying, “I came to see you. After all, we are both living on Earth, so I thought it would be fun to meet someone of my sort.”

Jin had no words for Taehyung’s insolence and also—come again?!

 Both living on Earth?!

“Cut the crap and be honest for once in your life!” Jin finally lost his patience, yelling that at the dark angel whose demeanor changed completely, his gaze sharper and more determined.

“Fine. I came here to find you. For the past 4 weeks I had been doing everything in my power to find you, since nobody wanted to tell me where the hell Kim Seokjin had disappeared to. At last, I accidentally saw your request in my father’s office and imagine my surprise to find out that you fled without even saying goodbye,” Taehyung responded angrily and he had no right to be angry and look betrayed, Jin thought furiously.

“I owe you nothing. No goodbyes, no anything. Not after everything,” Jin spat out, never breaking eye-contact, no matter how fast his heart was beating against his chest.

Taehyung’s gaze hardened as he took a step forward and Jin barely contained himself from taking a step back.

He needed to stay firm and show no nervousness at being in the dark angel’s presence after so long.

After all, Taehyung hadn’t seen him for more than 4 weeks, but Jin hadn’t seen him for more than 4 months, since the time on Earth passed faster than in the angel realm.

“Really? If that is so, then why did you help Jungkook save me from Minho even though on that very same day you told him that you wouldn’t?” Taehyung’s rough voice and firm gaze made him widen his eyes slightly, but he quickly masked it with a scornful expression.

“I owed you. After all, you got into a fight with that demonic death angel because of me, so…Just wanted to set the bill straight. And now, we are even. So, there is nothing for you here,” Jin stated with resolve.

He saw Taehyung’s calculating gaze and he was sure that he had won, but then Taehyung took another step forward, his voice low as he said, “Funny you say that, since Jungkook told me that you found out about that only after everything went down with Song Minho. So, you still came to my rescue—even before knowing that.”


He was so sure that Taehyung did not know that little detail.

What now?

He couldn’t cave in, because if he did then all of this would be pointless…

After all, one of the main reasons why he left was now standing in front of him, looking even more handsome than ever, making him feel more alive than he had in these past 4 months on Earth.

And he couldn’t allow himself to feel like that again and then get hurt.

He had to end it once and for all.

“Fine. You caught me. I couldn’t let Song Minho harm you. However, that doesn’t change everything that happened between us before and the fact that you did what you did. I ask of you to respect my wishes and leave me alone. I don’t need you to pretend like you care about me just to get rid of your sense of guilt. I forgive you, so now go,” Jin said, his voice more tired than stern.

He saw a flicker of hurt cross Taehyung’s features, before there was that mask of indifference, “ If that is what you wish, I will respect your decision. However, I want to be on Earth, at least for some time. And I like this University. I should see how humans live as well, if I ever hope to become someone great. So, you will be seeing more of me. But, I won’t approach you first, be assured,” Taehyung responded seriously and Jin gaped at him in shock, because was he for real?

Before he could say anything, Taehyung was already moving away and heading to the front door.

When he was on his way out, the door already opened, Taehyung whispered, but loud enough for Jin to hear, “Also, I never pretended,” and then left, not even looking back.

The moment the door closed behind the dark angel, Jin crumbled to the sofa, burying his face in his hands.

This was not happening.

True to his word, Taehyung did not bother him.

At least—not by talking to him.

However, his presence alone was enough to make Jin feel skittish.

The dark angel not only took the same major in acting, but he was also in most of his classes.

Jin knew that since Taehyung enrolled later, he couldn’t attend all of the lectures, having to go to consultations to catch up, but still, he was in half of the lectures Jin was in which drove him crazy.

Not only that, but soon enough, Taehyung became the most popular guy in their year.

It wasn’t just his looks that almost everyone was drawn to, but also the way he acted, interacting with everyone, being charismatic and smug and terribly smart and ugh.

Jin turned his head away sharply when he met Taehyung’s gaze, the dark angel surrounded by a group of guys and girls listening to him intently and laughing at whatever he was saying, only to have the dark angel give him a knowing grin.


Taehyung did not approach him, nor talked to him, but that did not stop him from being as obnoxious as always, smirking at him whenever he caught Jin staring at him which was a frequent occurrence for which Jin wanted to facepalm himself every time he did it.

He couldn’t resist, his gaze naturally being drawn to that jerk whenever he heard his loud laugh, or caught a glimpse of him and his hair which stood out even more than all of his already perfect features.

Even Ken caught him blatantly ‘sighing after that bubblegum guy’ as he described it in a taunting tone, while Jin would have described it as glaring and hoping he would set Taheyung on flames with his gaze alone.

Still, he couldn’t say that to Ken, so he had to endure his close human friend’s constant teasing about him having a crush on Kim Taehyung which drove Jin insane, because he knew that Taehyung had heard that with his superhearing, his head snapping to him one day when Ken kept nudging him and telling him to already ask the bubblegum-head out.

Jin, of course, hissed at Ken, stabbed a fork viciously in his steak and narrowed his eyes at Taehyung who had been sitting a few tables away from him and staring intently at him while chuckling at his misery especially when Ken gasped and said, “ Oh shit, he is looking at you!” causing Jin to choke on his water.

The last thing he remembered from that day was Taehyung’s gleeful laugh as he abruptly got up, cursing at Ken and dragging him away from the cafeteria, hating that his stupid heart kept racing like mad just at the sound of Taehyung’s laugh.

Surprisingly, the winter holiday came quickly, even with the new incorporation in Jin’s life on Earth.

He couldn’t believe that he and Taehyung had been coexisting in the same space for almost a month now, without any major incidents.

Even though he was still not accustomed to seeing the dark angel almost every day, but barely having any contact with him, somehow it became bearable.

The worst part was that somehow it made him more at ease about his life here whenever he saw Taehyung, who knew what he was and who was acquainted with his past.

It was not like he wanted to cut all ties with the angel world and Taehyung’s presence here allowed him to be both a human and an angel.

A true nephilim.

Finally, he found the perfect balance and he couldn’t believe that it was the dark angel who brought this harmony inside of him, despite the turmoil he brought with him as well just by insisting on going to the same University as him, thus inevitably being a part of his life here on Earth.

Despite getting used to Taehyung being here and the way things functioned here on Earth, Jin was glad that they finally had this 2-week vacation, because he was running low on cash.

He had his part-time job in Starbucks, but that was barely enough for him to pay for food and other necessities, his apartment rent included in his scholarship—thank God, so he needed to get some more cash quickly.

Thankfully, before he went to live on Earth, he was smart enough to suggest to the officials in the City of Light that he could do a research on humans, their lifestyle and habits, since not much was known about it in the angel world.

Since he was half-human, he had an advantage as well and surprisingly, the light angels in charge of his transfer to Earth agreed to his research and told him that they would even pay him a good sum of money when he brings them one of his first papers.

At last, he had time to finish his 50-page research and this was the perfect time to take it to the City of Angels, since he had no classes.

Also, both Ken and Sandeul went to their hometowns to spend the holidays with their families, so this would be perfect for him to kill some time.

He planned on just dropping off his research and taking the money, so that would take him one day there which meant that one week would have already passed here in the human world by the time he gets back.

Then he would have one more week to rest, before exams which was just what he needed, he thought, as he locked the door to his apartment and headed to the closest of portals.

He just hoped that he wouldn’t have to wait for long for some light angel to pass near the portal and teleport him there, since it was pretty chilly outside, he thought as he shivered while burying his nose further in his gray woolen scarf.

Jin was extremely pleased with how his visit to the City of Angels went.

Not only did he receive praise from some of the light officials when they skimmed over his research, but he got more cash than he expected.

It was enough to get him by for at least a couple of months which made him all giddy as he was approaching his building.

He felt cold, despite being dressed warmly, but it didn’t bother him much.

Not when he took in his surroundings, admiring the picturesque sight of the playground in front of his building covered in a white layer, so pristine and spotless, seemingly angelic.

He chuckled at that thought, pale light of the winter’s Sun casting a soft glow on the snowy path leading to the entrance to his building.

He took the stairs instead of the elevator, since he was on the 2nd floor and he wanted to at least have some form of an exercise, because he was pretty sure that he would barely be leaving the comfort of his cozy apartment until the start of lectures.

Despite the breathtaking winter scenery, he was not really that big of a fan of freezing his ass off outside.

Also, his human friends were with his families and the reason why he didn’t visit Namjoon and Jimin at the Academy was because he could only afford to spend one more day in the angel world which was not enough time with his friends.

It was more convenient for them to visit him, since time passed slower in the angel world, so whenever they visited him, it wouldn’t affect their life there that much.

He hoped that his friends would come soon enough, because he still didn’t have a chance to discuss this whole ‘Taehyung living on Earth as well and driving him crazy’ situation with them.

Speak of the devil—or well, more like dark angel, Jin thought with a frown as he approached his apartment door, only to see Taehyung pacing in front of it with a sort of a troubled expression.

“What are you doing here?’ he asked, wondering if something had happened judging by Taehyung’s slightly distressed state and the fact that he broke his promise of not disturbing Jin.

However, before he could get properly annoyed with the dark angel, Taehyung’s head snapped up, his dark eyes locking with his in an instant, the storm of emotions behind them undeniable, leaving Jin breathless for a moment.

Before he could register what in the world was going on, the dark angel had already closed the distance between them, his expression frustrated then concerned and then even agitated as Taehyung’s long fingers started touching his face gently, turning it from one side to the other, causing Jin’s heart to start thumping faster.

“Where the hell have you been?!” Taehyung huffed, his tone full of anguish as his eyes kept flying all over Jin’s face and body, hands touching him everywhere, causing Jin’s cheek to become warmer, despite the incredibly cold weather.

“W-what?” Jin stuttered out, trying to take a step back, because this sudden closeness and Taehyung’s touch after so long had his heart threatening to explode in his chest, his ears heating up with each brush of Taehyung’s fingers against his skin.

However, the dark angel didn’t seem to notice his inner struggle as he moved with him, still touching him everywhere, his eyebrows knitted in thought and concern, his voice hoarse as he hurriedly explained, “You were nowhere to be seen, not at the library, or Starbucks and your boss said you took some time off and—,” wait a second, Jin thought, how did Taehyung know that he was working in Starbucks?

Jin had never seen him there, but did that mean that the dark angel had been watching him and following him?

He knew that he should feel creeped out by that, but after everything he had gone through with Taehyung, something fluttered in his chest.

He focused on Taehyung again, who was still rambling, his hand now raking his perfect bubblegum hair as he hurriedly said, stumbling over his words, “…and then you were not even back at the Academy and no one knew where you were and I know that Song Minho and the others are locked up, as well as that demonic angel of death, but fuck, I just thought that maybe someone found you and—,” Jin stared at the dark angel, feeling stunned, because wow?

Could it be that Taehyung was so worried about him that this was what he looked like, searching for him everywhere while thinking something bad had happened and then probably inspecting him for wounds by touching him everywhere to make sure he was not hurt?

Jin felt incredibly touched by that, even though Taehyung always had his back in that aspect, but to know that that stayed the same even on Earth where Jin asked of Taehyung to keep his distance from him, had him feeling all sorts of things.

“Taehyung,” he said firmly to stop the dark angel’s further babbling and to tell him that he was fine.

Unfortunately, his voice must have came out a lot harsher than he intended to, because Taehyung stopped talking and looked as if somebody had slapped him.

Jin saw the realization flooding those dark eyes as Taehyung’s expression became guarded with the dark angel taking a step back from him and saying in a formal voice, “Right. It’s none of my business. Sorry. I won’t disturb you anymore.”

Before Jin could say anything, the dark angel was already gone from his sight, leaving Jin to stand there, feeling cold for a whole other reason than the chilly weather.

He lamented the loss of the heat Taehyung’s body so close to his own provided, the gentle caress of his fingers as well as the dark angel’s breath fawning over his lips as he sputtered.

Jin bit his bottom lip, feeling conflicted.

Just like he always did when he was met with the enigma that was Kim Taehyung.

He didn’t know what to think anymore about all of this and no matter how determined he was to start over, this part of his old life haunted him even here.

The worst part was that he wasn’t sure anymore if he really wanted to get away from it.

He hadn’t even been convinced of it when he fled the Academy while Taehyung was still recovering from the attack, let alone now with the dark angel being everywhere, closer to him than ever and yet in a way—so far away.

He hadn’t seen Taehyung at all until the lectures started.

Even then, he noticed how the dark angel’s presence was not as noticeable as before.

For example, he found himself searching for the dark angel during lectures and in the cafeteria, feeling disheartened whenever he realized that Taehyung was not there.

In the moments that Taehyung actually attended the classes, he barely even looked at him, unlike before, his expression closed off, instead of being open and friendly like it usually.

Jin heard some of Taehyung’s human friends talking worriedly about Taehyung’s sudden change and unusual quiet behavior and that made him frown.

Still, no matter how much it bugged him that Taehyung seemed distressed, he forbid himself from approaching the dark angel, because that would ruin all the hard work he put into pretending Taehyung was not here on Earth, frequently haunting his mind.

Maybe this was for the best, he thought, even though he wasn’t entirely convinced of it.

From: Kenjjuma

Yo, Jinnie! There is a huge-ass party tonight at the dorms. 3rd floor. Don’t you dare bail on me. Exams are over, man. And you’ve been looking tense lately, so be there at 10 p.m., or I’ll seriously come and drag your ass there, if I have to.

p.s. You know I am capable of doing so.


Jin stared blearily at the message on his phone, the sound of it having awoken him from his deep slumber.

It was the weekend after the exam period and he was literally spent after having studied so much and having written so many tests that he wasn’t even sure what day was today.

So, he was definitely not in the mood for a party, his only desire being to sleep through the rest of the weekend, before he has to go to lectures on Monday.

However, he knew how persistent Ken was and he did not need a repetition of that one time during his first month here, and two weeks into knowing his now closest human friend, when his door was practically slammed open by Ken, who came to drag him to a blind date Jin didn’t show up for.

Actually, Jin had never agreed to it in the first place, but Ken was into this one guy, who only agreed to go out with him if they went on a group date.

So, of course, Ken volunteered Jin without even asking him if he wanted to go.

In the end, he was dragged to the pizza place where they were supposed to meet with Ken’s date and his friend that Jin was supposed to go on a date with.

Also, at that time, with Ken literally grabbing his hand and pulling him along, since they were already late, Jin had to sit through the date in his white plain t-shirt with Pikachu on it, black sweatpants and pink fluffy slippers—his usual attire when he was chilling at his apartment.

As if it wasn’t enough that everyone at the pizza parlor pointed at him and giggled, causing him to feel embarrassed, his date turned out to be this boring guy, who he had nothing in common with while Ken was playing footsie under the table with his date, a half an hour into the date.

Jin shivered just remembering it and he knew that he had to go tonight, because he was sure that Ken would fulfill his threat if he didn’t.

He groaned as he fell back into his warm bed, snuggling under his blanket, to at least get some more rest, before he has to dress up and then go out in the cold and ride all the way to the University dorm which was located a few bus stops from him.

Even before he entered the University dormitory, he could hear the chatter of the students, as well as the music, the beats thrumming slowly under his veins.

Jin raised his hand to the glass door, but didn’t enter just yet.

The party was on the 3rd floor as he recalled.

He closed his eyes for a moment, letting the cool air seep into his skin, despite the long navy coat he wore.

He should have dressed warmer, he thought, as he shuddered when a gust of wind hit his skin.

However, he knew that it would probably get really stuffy and hot inside which was why he just wore faded-light skinny jeans, a simple navy blue striped Henley neck tee and a pair of his new brogue boots which he bought as a treat to himself for a well-done research paper on humans.

Ken had already texted him 10 minutes ago, asking where he was, so there was no way he could go back now, since he had already told him that he will be there soon enough.

Still, he really was not in the mood for this, he thought, as he finally pushed open the door and entered the dorm.

As he glanced at the security guards sitting behind the counter, he noticed that they had booze and food on cardboard plates in front of them which explained how it was possible for the loud music to be allowed in the dormitory at such late hours.

Obviously, the students bribed them, Jin thought and chuckled as he entered the elevator.

A few girls and a guy stumbled into the elevator after him, giggling and fixing the guy’s hair and telling him how there was no way that ‘Hongbin wasn’t going to notice someone as handsome as him’.

Jin smiled to himself, hearing those girls boosting their friend’s confidence, since the guy did seem really anxious.

It somehow made him miss Namjoon and Jimin which he knew was not fair, since he had found some good friends here, but nobody would ever be able to replace his angel friends, who were practically his family.

He shook his head to disperse the sudden nostalgia and instead stepped out of the elevator, following after those girls.

He stopped for a moment, because he realized that there was no need to go after them to the party, since it seemed that the party stretched through the whole 3rd floor.

The hallway was full of colourful balloons, the door to each room opened wide with different genres of music heard from each one of them.

Despite that, there were already a lot of people in the hallway, laughter mixed with different musical styles filling it, along with hushed conversations spoken between groups of girls glancing at the guys on the opposite side of the hall which they had their eye on.

Jin contemplated whether to try and find Ken on his own, or just text him, which would definitely be easier, when someone clapped him on the back.

The moment he turned around, he felt relieved, seeing that it was Sandeul with his girlfriend.

He greeted them both with a big smile and followed after them into the room of Sandeul’s girlfriend, since she also lived on this floor.

Jin didn’t really know her that well, but once they entered her room, he definitely appreciated her more, because in comparison to other rooms and the deafening music coming from them, her room was pretty tame which was definitely what suited him.

First of all, there were only a few students there, chatting quietly while swaying to the soft beats of jazz music.

Secondly, the soft pink walls of her room were decorated with posters of various mangas and animes which he got into, ever since he came to Earth, and he felt pleased when he recognized most of them, immediately starting a conversation about it with her.

Sandeul just laughed at their excitement as they started talking about their shared love for Japanese comics and cartoons and then went to get them some punch from the table.

Finally, Jin finally felt some of the tension from studying for these past weeks seep out of his body, leaving him grateful to Ken for convincing him to come here tonight.

Speaking of Ken…”GUYS!!! THERE YOU ARE!”

A few people in the room gave Ken the stink eye as he all but burst into the room, hugging him and Sandeul’s girlfriend tightly.

Jin wrinkled his nose a bit, because he felt the strong smell of beer when Ken spoke to them with a grin playing on his lips and he rolled his eyes, wondering when in the world his friend managed to get drunk so quickly.

Still, he rolled his eyes as he chuckled good-naturedly while listening to his human’s friend anecdote about what had happened to him in one of the rooms.

Jin wasn’t sure how long he had been at the party in this room, but he was too comfortable to leave and look for another room.

Why go and explore other rooms when he was perfectly fine where he was, sitting in a purple bean bag, nodding to the music and eating good food.

Maybe it was precisely because he got so relaxed that it took him a few moments to realize who the person that came into the room was.

He almost choked on the mini pizza he was eating when he saw Taehyung at the doorway, scanning the room, his expression disinterested, his hands in his pockets.

Jin’s eyes quickly swept over the dark angel’s figure, taking in the black leather pants and a see-through black long-sleeved t-shirt which didn’t leave much to imagination.

Jin swallowed hard at that sight, quickly averting his gaze and instead focusing on the fact that Taehyung’s tousled bubblegum hair looked so soft under the pink fairy lights hanging on the walls.

Nope, that was also not good to look at that, he thought as the flutters spread through his chest at an alarmingly quick pace.

Jin finally locked his gaze with Taehyung, whose eyes, when he spotted him, Jin could have sworn glowed for a moment, but then as if catching himself at the last moment, Taehyung frowned and left the room.

Jin tried not to feel upset at that reaction as he brought the beer bottle to his lips, taking a big gulp and trying not to think much of it, instead focusing on what Sandeul and his girlfriend were talking about.

No matter how hard he tried, his mood dampened completely after Taehyung’s reaction.

That was why, in order not to ruin his friends’ good mood with his moping, Jin decided to take his leave quickly after that whole thing with the dark angel.

He excused himself, saying how he was tired and bid his goodbyes to Sandeul and his girlfriend.

Ken had already left them about half an hour ago, having hooked up with some pretty boy and then disappeared to God knows where.

Jin really had no desire to hear about it, but he knew that he would in the next couple of days, because Ken just loved telling them all about his love conquests, despite the fact that nobody asked him to.

As a matter of fact, he and Sandeul usually begged him to stop talking, but it was no use.

While he was going through the hallway, most of the doors still open, he glanced in each one of the rooms on his way to the stairs.

He hadn’t seen Taehyung ever since the dark angel practically bolted out of the room after seeing him which was why he was so taken aback at the sight of the dark angel sprawled on one of the plush purple sofas in one of the rooms.

Jin stood at the doorway, staring at the dark angel whose eyes were a bit droopy, as if he was going to fall asleep any moment now, and then he saw the can of beer in his hand, realizing that he was probably buzzed from the drinks.

However, what caught his attention the most was the human girl pressed against Taehyung’s side, her hand resting on the dark angel’s thigh as they kept talking in hushed voices.

The thing that finally made him look away was when that girl leaned in to whisper something in Taehyung’s ear which made the dark angel let out a soft laugh, his eyes crinkling with mirth, the sullen expression he wore for weeks gone in an instant.

Jin felt like such an idiot that he was actually troubled by Taehyung’s previous surly behavior, only to see him brightening up the moment some human girl whispered something in his ear.

He bit his lower lip in frustration as he quickened his pace, annoyed at himself for feeling so restless and irritated and in the mood to just punch something.

He knew the feeling that overwhelmed him and he hated that he was losing control just because of that scene.

He thought that the intensity of his feelings towards the dark angel have diminished, but seeing him with that girl like that reminded him of the time he saw Taehyung with that drop-dead gorgeous girl at the event, the same night that Jungkook approached him.

The way he felt now was the same as he felt then, the ugly churning in his stomach increasing as the sight of the two of them on the sofa kept flashing in his mind.

He was already at the staircase and just as he was about to go down, a guy climbing up the stairs blocked his way.

Jin clicked his tongue in annoyance and was just about to move to the side to let the guy pass, when the male stopped in front of him with a lopsided grin.

“Oh, hey. Haven’t seen you before. That is surprising, since someone with your appearance should not go unnoticed, so let me make it up to you for my previous ignorance,” the guy said in a flirtatious tone while batting his eyelashes and for a human he was extremely good-looking, tall and muscular with white teeth and emerald green eyes, but Jin really wanted nothing to do with him.

“I’m flattered, but there is no need for that. Now, if you’ll excuse me,” Jin said curtly, before trying to walk past the guy, only to be stopped by a hand on his waist.

His eyes slightly widened at the guy’s bold move, and now they were standing face to face, the guy slightly towering over him.

Jin could see how his pupils were blown wide and he guessed that the guy had too much to drink already, but that didn’t matter.

All he knew was that he was pissed off and his hand was already curling into a fist and then this dude was all up in his personal space, a coy smile on his lips as he whispered, “Come on. Such a fine piece of ass should not go back home alone tonight.”

The next thing he knew, the guy had moved his hand from his waist to his ass, squeezing it and Jin saw red.

He had already raised his fist, inches away from the guy’s face when somebody grabbed him by the wrist in the last minute, effectively stopping him from punching that guy.

He turned around angrily, only to see Taehyung’s serious expression and hard gaze, as the dark angel said, “Don’t.”

Jin gaped at him in disbelief and anger, but soon enough Taehyung was looking at the human guy, his voice low and threatening as he said, “You. Get lost. Now.”

Even on Earth, Taehyung managed to look and sound intimidating just by uttering a few simple words that had the guy removing his hand from his ass in a haste as he stumbled over his feet in a hurry to get away, yelling over his shoulder in an accusatory voice, “Shit, you should have told me you had a scary boyfriend!”

Then he was gone and it was only Taehyung and him there, with the dark angel slowly releasing his wrist and pushing his hands into the pockets of his stupid leather pants while looking at him with an unimpressed expression which infuriated Jin.

“What the hell was that about?!” Jin hissed, unable to stop himself.

Taehyung shrugged his shoulders, humming under his breath, ”I just didn’t think that such a guy was worthy enough of you getting sent back to the angel world because of him. After all, you are not supposed to use your increased strength on complete humans.”

It took Jin a few minutes to process Taehyung’s words and then he was opening and closing his mouth in shock.

So, the dark angel actually did it in order for him not to be banished from Earth?!

Jin’s heart hammered in his chest, the silence between them stretching for far too long with Taehyung not even looking at him, a carefully blank expression on his face.

He knew that he should leave, because it would be idiotic to stay there with the dark angel, let alone interact with him, but…

If he left now, then Taehyung would go back to the party.

To that girl.

And the thought of that had Jin gritting his teeth, despite his brain telling him that he was a fool for still caring.

“Are you…,” Jin started but then closed his mouth and scowled.

No, he shouldn’t.

He should just walk away.

And he would, if he could.

Instead, he took a deep breath and looked into Taehyung’s eyes which were already trained on him, dark and full of something that made Jin’s knees feel like they were made of jelly.

“Are you also leaving the party?” Jin’s voice was tight as he forced himself to finally say it.

Taehyung stared at him for a few moments, as if thinking and then casually said, “Sure” before starting to climb down the stairs.

Jin wanted to kick himself for this, but he followed after the dark angel without a word.

They walked in silence like that and Jin ignored the sensation in his chest at Taehyung holding the door for him as they went out into the cold night air.

Surprisingly, it was the comfortable kind of silence, the two of them walking side by side in a world different than their own.

It was as if they were just two strangers who were going the same way.

Except that they weren’t.

“Why do you care if I get sent back to the angel world?” Jin finally blurted out, about 10 minutes into their walk.

He didn’t look at Taehyung when he said that and neither of them faltered in their steps.

After a few moments, the dark angel answered, “Because you had gone through so much trouble just to get here that it would be a waste to have you back there, just because of some drunken asshole. Also, I am the one who disabled you from living there in peace, so this was the least I could do.”

At that last part, Jin finally stopped walking.

Taehyung did too and then he looked at him, his expression indifferent, but his eyes telling a different story.

“Is that why you are here? Because you feel guilty, so you came to try and fix things?” Jin asked and his voice was flat, but he felt agitated.

He didn’t want Taehyung to be on Earth just because he felt the need to make things right for Jin.

He knew that the stupid idiot had a conscience, despite being inconsiderate at times.

What he did not need was Taehyung leaving everything behind just to make himself feel better.

Taehyung stared at him for a few moments, before he said, “That’s only part of the reason why I am here.”

Jin frowned and asked, “And what’s the other reason?”

Taehyung took a step closer, his eyes shining under those light pink bangs falling into his eyes as he breathed out, “You.”

Despite how close they were standing, Taehyung wasn’t touching him.

But the electricity between them was enough to whoosh the air out of Jin’s lungs, that one word, one statement, so determined, causing him to stare at the dark angel in bewilderment while Taehyung stared at him with those firm, beautiful almond-shaped eyes and it was just too overwhelming.

Jin couldn’t think straight, and he was sure that his heart would jump out of his chest and the seconds ticked by and he needed time to think and, and—!

The loud siren of the ambulance car rushing through the street had him flinch violently while Taehyung just kept standing there, looking at him.

Jin felt his mind clear a little as he answered in a quiet voice with a panicked note in it, “I can’t do this. Not now. I need time, Taehyung.”

“I know,” the dark angel responded softly, his gaze fond, but mostly sad, shattering Jin’s heart in a million pieces as Taehyung let out a little humorless chuckle and said, “But, I had to let you know the truth. The rest is up to you. Get home safe, Jin.”

And just like that, he was left staring at Taehyung’s retreating figure, feeling more conflicted than ever.

Chapter Text

After the party and Taehyung’s confession, Jin wasn’t sure how things would be between them the next time they saw each other.

Apparently, he had been worrying for nothing, since Taehyung really respected his space and his request for more time.

The only thing Taehyung did when he saw him at the University was nod at him in greeting and Jin always returned the nod, feeling slightly warmer every time he did.

That was how sometimes he actually found himself gravitating towards Taehyung during the lectures they had together, sometimes sitting behind, or in front of him, and one time he even sat next to the dark angel.

Taehyung just looked at him then, his expression seemingly blank, but Jin saw the flicker of surprise in those dark orbs and he had given Taehyung a small smile.

He couldn’t stop the fuzzy feeling in his chest when he saw Taehyung’s lips parting slightly in wonder at that, before Taehyung tentatively smiled at him.

They exchanged a few words then, but it was enough.

It felt good.

They had such interactions during the past 2 weeks, sometimes even spending breaks between classes together, talking about subjects, or more like—complaining to each other about some professors and the amount of useless things they had to study.

Even though they had gotten used to spending time in each other’s company like that, it was never for too long and never outside of University.

So maybe that was why he was so thrown off by Taehyung standing in front of him in Starbucks, ready to place his order.

Jin was sure that despite being taken aback by the dark angel’s unexpected appearance, it was a mild reaction compared to the stunned expression Taehyung wore.

A few awkward seconds of silence ensued, both of them just silently staring at each other, before Taehyung blurted out,”What are you doing here?”

Despite the current situation, Jin couldn’t help but quirk an eyebrow at that absurd question, feeling rather amused.

That was probably why he answered in a playful tone, one which he rarely used when speaking to the dark angel, “Well, considering my green apron, the Starbucks logo on it, the plastic cup and sharpie I am currently holding while standing behind the counter—I think that the answer is quite clear.”

His delight grew at the way Taehyung huffed and looked away while muttering something under his breath.

If Jin didn’t know any better, he would have thought that the dark angel was actually embarrassed which was completely uncharacteristic for him.

No, scratch that.

He was definitely embarrassed, Jin concluded in wonder as he witnessed a rare sight of Taehyung’s reddening cheeks while the dark angel kept grumbling under his breath.

Jin almost chuckled at that.


He remembered that he was supposed to be professional, so he gently cleared his throat and asked, “So, what can I get you?”

The dark angel seemed a bit startled at his question as if he had forgotten where they were, his eyes snapping up to Jin’s in surprise.

Jin couldn’t help but get pulled into that swirl of colours, like so many times before, the gold hues breaking through the dark brown chocolate orbs locked onto his face.

“Come on lover-boy, I need my daily intake of caffeine. And then you can continue flirting with pretty boy over there all you want,” a familiar female voice drawled, finally causing Jin to cast a glance behind Taehyung.

It was only then that he noticed the two girls with which Taheyung usually spent his time at the University.

He was just about to say something when he noticed Taehyung glaring at them while the girls grinned devilishly.

He couldn’t hear what Taehyung had told them, his voice hushed and quick, but judging by the tone of his voice and the dark angel’s menacing glare, he probably cursed at them or something.

Surprisingly, the two girls were completely unbothered by that as they just grinned wider, before responding something in quiet voices and then looking at him with identical smirks.

Jin suddenly felt exposed and uncomfortable, not knowing what to do, but then the girls were shooed away by Taehyung while cackling loudly.

Finally, Taehyung turned to him again, muttering under his breath, but this time Jin managed to catch the words, “Stupid human girls. Messing with a dark angel no less. I ought to show them…”

Surprisingly, Taehyung’s little rant which Jin knew was complete bull, since he was sure that the dark angel was actually fond of his human friends, caused him to laugh out loud.

That made Taehyung look at him and narrow his eyes at him suspiciously, barking out a disgruntled, “What?”

However, Jin could see the layer of nervousness hidden behind that seemingly indifferent exterior which made a surge of warmth rush through his chest, because Taehyung kind of looked adorable like that.

Trying to be all intimidating and what not when the fact was that those two girls managed to embarrass him and Jin realized with a start that this was how it was supposed to be from the beginning.

Nervous glances, friends that act like little shits and tease you in front of your crush, awkward silences and what-not.

Jin chuckled again, this time without any humour behind it, looking down with a sad smile.

Even though he and Taehyung had gone through so many things that proved that they indeed cared for each other, it was always them facing a near-death experience, or arguing, or kissing as if there was no tomorrow.

They never had a chance to be like this.


Maybe that was why it felt so nice to spend time with Taehyung at the University, as if they were just two students, hanging out and complaining while harboring romantic feelings towards each other.

If only things had been like that since the beginning then neither one of them would have gotten so hurt.

Jin shook his head, feeling saddened by that realization.

“Uhm, you okay?”

Jin heard that low voice, laced with concern and when he looked up, Taehyung’s eyebrows were furrowed, an unmistakably worried expression on his face.

Jin felt some of his walls that he put up around his heart in order to prevent himself from getting hurt—crumbling to pieces as he gave Taehyung a genuine smile and said, “I am now that you are here.”

If Taehyung looked stunned before, now he seemed completely speechless, gaping at him with wide eyes.

The state he was in would have probably lasted longer if not for the wolf-whistle coming from a table at the window where Taehyung’s friends were.

That made the dark angel snap his mouth shut, glowering at the two girls that started giggling, but the blush on his cheeks was a clear sign of how he actually felt.

Jin decided to finally relieve the dark angel of his miseries as he said, “Look, I don’t mean to rush you, or anything, but there are people waiting behind you, so…”

As if not believing his words, Taehyung turned around abruptly and cursed when he realized Jin was right, the woman behind him giving him a pointed look.

“Right,” Taehyung said, not meeting his gaze, his voice quiet and deep.

“Two venti caramel macchiatos and one ice Americano,” Taehyung said and slid a few paper bills, not even waiting for his change, or Jin’s response as he walked to the table were the two girls were.

Jin scowled slightly, wondering if he had insulted Taheyung somehow, but he shook his head and went to prepare the coffees.

After all, he was at work right now and he couldn’t let the dark angel distract him.

Or so he liked to tell himself.

“So, you are telling me that Kim Taehyung has been here on Earth the whole time?”

Jin sighed and nodded in response to Namjoon’s question.

His best friend widened his eyes in surprise while Jimin let out an awed, “Wow.”

They were currently seated in Jin’s apartment, his two best friends having come to Earth, finally allowing Jin to bombard them with this new, but vital, information about his current life on Earth.

Their presence couldn’t have come at a better time, because for the past 3 weeks, ever since that party and Taehyung’s revelation of his main reason here, he couldn’t get his mind of the dark angel.

Well, his presence was always at the back of his head, but now, even more than before, it flooded his mind completely, barely allowing him to sleep at night.

More so, because he actually started interacting with the dark angel ever since that night, sending his heart and thoughts into a frenzy at every little interaction he had with Taehyung.

However, that time at Starbucks, Taehyung had not even wanted to stay there as he picked up their coffees when Jin called out his name and then with a quick goodbye he was rushing outside with his friends, as if wanting to get away from Jin as fast as possible.

That was why he really needed his friends’ advice about the situation he was in.

“Well, I don’t know why I am surprised when Kim Taehyung practically demanded us to tell him about your whereabouts the moment he was released from the infirmary,” Namjoon said with a thoughtful nod.

Jin stared at him dumbfounded, disbelief colouring his voice as he said, “He did?!”

Both Namjoona and Jimin looked at him as if he was an idiot for even asking that and he just ducked his head, not wanting them to see his blush.

It was not like they didn’t know that, but he was grateful that they let it slide as Namjoon said, “ Still…For him to be for so long here means that he sacrificed a lot…”

Jin’s head shot up at that, as he narrowed his eyes and asked, “What do you mean?”

Namjoon looked at him with a serious expression as he said, “Well, Taehyung is very powerful. And someone with his rank and amount of power cannot inhabit Earth for so long without consequences.”

Jin felt anxiety gnawing at his insides as he bit his lower lip, asking, “What kind of consequences?”

“For starters, unlike the rest of us, he had to agree to have his powers reduced. After all, someone like him isn’t allowed to simply walk among humans with such strength. Incidents must be prevented. Now, I don’t know about how much weaker he is, but what I do know is that he…,” Namjoon stopped for a moment, looking away, causing Jin to become even more concerned.

“He what?” Jin asked, his voice barely above a whisper.

Namjoon looked at him straight in the eye as he said, “He had to have his wings sealed.”

Jin gasped in horror at that, his hand flying to his mouth.

No way!

Everyone knew that wings are something essential to every angel and that without them it was as if living without one vital organ.

They could still function, but Jin knew that there was a hollow feeling in their chest at the loss of their wings, the despair sometimes threatening to swallow them completely.

Sure, Taehyung still had his wings, so it was less dramatic than that, but to think that he could never fly here on Earth, or use them at all while here, even in the privacy of his own apartment was something that made Jin shudder.

Would Taehyung really sacrifice so much just to be here?

With him?

Jin’s heart banged against his chest, the pounding too loud in his ears for him to think properly about what this all meant.

Unfortunately, Namjoon and Jimin had to go back to the angel world after 3 days spent on Earth, since they had to go on some training.

Still, Jin was glad that he talked to them, because he basically got their indirect approval about whatever decision he made concerning Taehyung.

They said that they just wanted to see him happy.

He almost tear up at that, because seriously—his friends were the best.

The moment he had walked them to the nearest portal and bid goodbye to them, he felt a wave of loneliness wash over him.

He really didn’t want to stay alone tonight.

Which was why he decided to organize a movie night with his human friends.

He invited Ken and the guy he hooked up with at the party, feeling rather surprised that Ken was still with that guy which meant he was probably serious about him.

Ken immediately agreed, as well as Sandeul and his girlfriend and he also invited Bogum to come, since they kept being paired up at their ‘Theater Studies’ class by the teacher and they got along really well.

Also, he did not want to be third-wheeling.

But then, Bogum messaged him to ask him if his friend was welcome to come as well, since that friend said that Bogum needs to ask Jin for approval, because they apparently knew each other.

Jin frowned in confusion, texting back, “What’s his name?”

“Kim Taehyung.”


Jin thought about it for a moment and although he still hadn’t decided what to do about the dark angel, he agreed nevertheless.

Well, he couldn’t say ‘no’ and then have to explain it to everyone.

Also, he really wanted to ask Taehyung if he did something wrong in Starbucks that day to cause him to practically storm off.

Bogum and Taehyung had been the last ones to arrive, the rest of Jin’s friends already being loud in the living room while eating and drinking and arguing about what movie to watch.

Bogum greeted him normally, before handing him a 6 pack of beer and then going into the living room to join their friends.

That just left Jin and Taehyung standing alone in the hallway, with Taehyung looking rather uncomfortable.

“Thanks for inviting me,” Taehyung broke the silence, his voice polite and somehow practiced.

Jin didn’t like it.

Taehyung took off his shoes and was about to walk towards where the others were, but then Jin caught him by the wrist, effectively startling him.

Taehyung’s eyes widened for a fraction, but then his expression was back to neutral as he asked,” What is it?”

Jin decided just to be direct as he asked in a serious voice, “Did I do something wrong?”

Taehyung’s expression faltered for a moment, shock taking over his facial features.

 “No, why?”

Jin sighed and explained, “Because you practically ran away from Starbucks that day and if I have offended you in any way, please let me know, so that I can apologize.”

Taehuung’s flabbergasted expression would have been comical if Jin hadn’t been too busy worrying over what he did wrong.

“No. God, no. You didn’t do anything. Just the opposite,” Taehyung quickly said then looked away.

He continued in a quieter voice, “I just thought that you were uncomfortable by those two implying things about us at your workplace, And I didn’t do it intentionally. I mean come to Starbucks when you were working. I know that your shift on Tuesday is in the morning, so I was surprised that you were there in the afternoon and…I mean, not that I have your shifts memorized like some stalker—I just, shit, uhm…”

Jin stared in wonder at Taheyung, who had been stumbling over his words, his cheeks getting pinker and the fuzzy feeling in his chest was back as Jin’s gaze softened and he interrupted Taehyung, saying, “I wasn’t.”

“Huh?” Taheyung asked, cutting himself off.

“I wasn’t uncomfortable. Or bothered by it. At all,” Jin said in a determined voice, feeling himself flush a bit as well as he and Taheyung kept staring at each other.

“Oh. Okay. Good to know,” Taehyung said and cleared his throat.

They stood like that, not knowing what to say, some sort of electricity sparking between them.

Fortunately, or unfortunately, Ken’s loud voice brought them back out of their reveries, as he yelled, “WE DECIDED ON A MOVIE! COME ON ALREADY!”

That’s how they ended up smiling at each other and heading towards the room, their shoulders brushing.

Jin woke up to the sensation of someone carding their fingers through his hair making him sigh in content.

The fingers stopped their movement at that and when Jin looked up it was no other than Taehyung staring down at him.

Jin immediately pulled back and the dark angel looked slightly apologetic as he said quietly, “ Sorry. You fell asleep and I didn’t want to wake you up.”

Jin nodded, still looking at him dumbfoundedly, his heart slamming against his sternum.

The last thing he remembered was sitting on a sofa, next to Taehyung, feeling warm and cozy as they shared a blanket, his eyelids feeling heavier as time passed.

“Where are the others?” he whispered.

“Sandeul and his girlfriend left, Bogum is in the kitchen and Ken is hooking up with his guy in your bedroom.”

“What?!” Jin hissed despite Taehyung’s slightly amused look.

He got to his feet at once and barged into his room without a second thought.

Luckily, Ken was just pinning his date to the wall, instead to Jin’s bed, because Jin was in no mood to change his sheets and splash holy water all over his bed, or rather burn it.

 The next thing he knew, he was shooing a smug Ken and his flushed date out of his apartment.

 Bogum also declared that he was leaving and it was only then that Jin saw that it was already 2 a.m.

He knew that Taehyung was going to leave as well which was how he found himself talking quietly with Bogum at the door where Taehyung couldn’t hear them.

“Thanks for having me,” the dark angel said as he yawned and started putting on his shoes.

At that moment Jin closed his apartment door softly and turned to Taehyung, saying quietly, “ You are staying.”

There was a deafening silence with Taehyung blinking at him dumbly.

“What?” Taehyung asked after a few moments, his expression bewildered, one shoe in his hand.

Jin cleared his throat, hoping he wouldn’t regret this.

“I told Bogum to go with Ken and his guy. And you should stay. If you want to,” Jin said, losing his bravado.


“I…Uhm, yeah, sure,” Taehyung finally said, looking baffled while rubbing his neck and looking away.

“Good. We should go to sleep,” Jin said and walked past him, as he silently wrapped his fingers around Taehyung’s wrist and started leading him to his bedroom.

“Uh, Jin…,” the dark angel started, his voice hesitant when they were in Jin’s bedroom.

Jin looked for sweatpants and clean t-shirt and gave them to Taehyung, who still looked flabbergasted and then he told himself to man up as he looked straight into the dark angel’s beautiful eyes and explained, “Look. We will just sleep in one room. Don’t say or ask anything, okay?”

Taheyung was looking at him funnily, his eyes wide, but then he nodded obediently.

Jin went to change in the bathroom after that, giving Taehyung the privacy to do the same in his bedroom.

Once he came out, Taehyung was lying on his bed like a statue, Jin’s shirt a bit too big on him, making something twist and turn inside of his stomach.

“I didn’t know which side is yours,” Taehyung says kind of nervously and Jin responded, “It’s fine. Let’s just go to sleep.”

If only it was that easy, he thought as he lied down, their bodies not touching, both of them lying on their backs in a rigid position.

He closed his eyes, but couldn’t sleep, Taehyung’s deep breathing distracting him.

Fuck, why the hell did he even suggest this in the first place.

After tossing and turning for a couple of minutes, he huffed in annoyance.

“I can leave,” the dark angel offered quietly, making Jin wince.

Then he turned to Taehyung, who was looking at him with uncertainty, his eyes dark, but expression soft as well as his hair and Jin just…

“J-jin,” Taehyung stuttered when Jin placed his hand in his hair, fingers running through it.

Jin interrupted him, saying, “Shhh…Just returning the favour. Go to sleep,” his voice gentle as he stared at the dark angel, who had a conflicted expression.

Then Taehyung closed his eyes slowly, exhaling softly as Jin continued the movement in his hair.

The dark angel moved a bit closer to him and Jin didn’t pull away.

He wasn’t sure who fell asleep first, both of them lulled by him caressing Taehyung’s soft strands.

That night he got one of the best sleeps ever since he arrived to Earth, nightmare free.

Jin stirred awake when he felt the warmth on his face.

He snuggled further into his soft pillow, not wanting to let go of the last traces of his pleasant dream which he completely forgot by now, but knew it was a good one.

However, as he buried his nose into his soft pillow, there was a groan reaching his ears.

As far as he remembered—pillows did not produce any sounds, did they?

With horror, he realized what it was exactly that he was lying on as he felt his pillow moving underneath him.

He cracked one eye open, confirming his suspicion that he was actually nuzzling the dark angel’s soft tummy which was strange, because as far as he remembered—Taehyung had firm abs.

He felt his cheeks heating up as he remembered that time when he got the chance to see Taehyung’s torso and solid muscles.

They were burning by the time he became aware that not only was his face pressed into Taehyung’s stomach, his shirt probably having ridden up during the night, but he also had his arms wrapped around the dark angel’s waist, as if he was some sort of an octopus.

He wondered how to extract himself in a way to spare himself the embarrassment of facing Taehyung, but before he could come up with a plan, there was a movement in his hair.

His breath got stuck in his throat as there were now fingers dancing gently across his scalp, just like the previous night.

Before he could stop himself, he let out a satisfied hum and closed his eyes, reveling in the soothing touch.

Unfortunately his reaction caused the movement in his hair to cease and he felt the muscles underneath him contracting, and oh yeah—that’s where those abs were, he thought distantly, as he tried not to panic too much.

The next thing he knew was the dark angel clearing his throat, his voice rough from sleep in such a way that it made Jin’s body tingle as Taehyung finally asked, “Jin? You awake?”

He was ashamed of himself for thinking of actually faking sleep in order to not face the dark angel and his impending humiliation.

Still, he chose to be mature about this.

He regretted it the moment he looked up, his chin resting on Taehyung’s belly as his gaze met the dark angel’s.

He felt Taehyung’s whole body going stiff and then he was sure that he was also tense as well, the intensity of their stare too much for both of them, but neither one daring to look away first.

It was strange how that one piercing gaze from the dark angel with bed-head which made him unfairly sexy in the morning made his toes curl, the churning in his stomach intensifying the more he stared at those eyes which kept getting darker and darker the longer they stared right at him, or more like—through him.

Without a word, led by this desire that he tried to suppress for so long, Jin finally detached himself from Taehyung’s extremely warm body.

He saw a flicker of disappointment on the dark angel’s face as he did that, but he couldn’t feel bad about it, because now there was surprise in those intense eyes which always made Jin’s heart beat faster as Jin slowly crawled up to Taehyung, until they were lying on their sides, facing each other with barely a few millimeters of space keeping their bodies from touching.

Jin was sure that he could get lost in those two pools of darkness, wanting nothing more than to follow that gold glow wherever it led him.

Taehyung was not blinking, staring at him with a seemingly expressionless face, but his eyes betrayed another story.

Ever so slowly, Jin raised his hand, a movement which Taehyung followed, right until the moment Jin splayed his fingers on Taehyung’s shoulder blade, feeling the heat seeping into his fingertips, despite the fabric preventing the direct skin on skin contact.

Taehyung was even more affected than him as he visibly shuddered when Jin’s fingers came in contact with his body, the dark angel’s eyes closing, those long lashes fluttering graciously.

Jin parted his lips in wonder, his heart beating nervously in his chest as he trailed his fingers over the place on the dark angel’s back where his wings were supposed to be.

The reaction he got from the dark angel made him completely breathless.

Taehyung’s whole body went rigid, a gasp escaping his lips at Jin’s unexpected action, before relaxing into the touch as the dark angel bit his lower lip, his eyes still closed.

Jin knew that he was staring at Taheyung with wide eyes and parted lips, but when the dark angel finally opened his eyes, dark lashes fluttering open slowly, those eyes so big and vulnerable and full of desire, locking onto him as Taehyung whispered, “ Jin…,” he knew that there was nothing to think about in that moment as he surged forward, connecting their lips in a kiss that stole all of the air he had in his lungs.

At first it was a tentative caress of their lips, the dark angel still hesitating as if doubting that this was really happening.

That Jin was actually kissing him.

Well, that won’t do, Jin thought with a light scowl, before running his tongue along Taehyung’s bottom lip.

He reveled in the dark angel’s surprised gasp at asking for entrance which Jin was immediately granted.

The rest of the events from there on were kind of a blur for Jin.

At some point, though, Jin remembered something important that he had to say.

“I know that you have very restricted powers here,” Jin whispered as he pulled away slightly to stare at Taehyung, although his lips still tingled from the kiss that they had just shared.

He didn’t miss the surprise on Taehyung’s face, but then the dark angel seemed exasperated as he chuckled dryly and answered, “Nothing escapes you…,” and looked away.

Jin frowned as he pressed on, his voice tight, “You can’t fly. Why would you give that up when it makes you feel so empty?”

Finally, Taehyung looked at him, his expression firm, eyes dark and determined, but also carrying a sort of fragility as he whispered, “I am also empty without you by my side.”

Jin stared at him in shock after that, his heart stuttering in his chest.

The dark angel still wasn’t looking away and he…He was serious, wasn’t he?

Well, fuck.

How could Jin object to that?

He couldn’t, he thought, the last traces of doubt about whether he should give Taehyung another chance dissipating as he all but surged forward for another kiss, one that would leave them both gasping for air.

With Taehyung’s barriers finally down as his strong hand found its way to Jin’s hip, resting it there possessively while using his other hand to pull Jin closer to him by grabbing the back of his neck, the kiss got deeper and messier, making Jin’s body grow hot.

He could hear their moans and gasps echoing through his bedroom as they kept grabbing at each other, trying to make up for all the time they haven’t been doing this, but he wanted more.

He needed more.

Craved it.

That was why he dared sneak his hand under Taehyung’s shirt, splaying his fingers across the dark angel’s taut stomach, swallowing Taehyung’s groan at his action.

The next thing he knew he found himself on his back—shirtless.

He blinked at the speed with which Taehyung had managed to strip him off his T-Shirt, but then his throat went dry at the sight of Taehyung straddling his hips while pulling his own shirt over his head and throwing it to the floor.

Jin raked his gaze hungrily over the firm lines of Taehyung’s tanned body and he couldn’t wait anymore as he lifted himself up, only to tangle his fingers in Taehyung’s soft, dark locks while pulling him into a heated kiss, both of them with apparent bulges in their pants as they kept grinding against each other.

“Taehyung,” Jin sighed with apparent desire as he finally pulled back and when he opened his eyes he saw how wrecked Taehyung looked and that was enough to make his heartbeat speed up.

“Yeah. I know,” Taehyung said in a low, husky voice that went straight into Jin’s cock as the dark angel licked his lower lip, before starting to pull Jin’s sweatpants down.

Jin bit his own lower lip as he shivered and closed his eyes when he felt Taehyung’s fingers hooking into the waistband of his briefs, before pulling them down swiftly and letting his member spring free.

“Fuck,” he heard Taehyung curse lowly and when he opened his eyes, Taehyung was staring at his dick with such lust in his almost black eyes that Jin couldn’t help but suck in a sharp breath.

That caused Taehyung to look at him and Jin found himself whispering, “You too.”

Taehyung seemed to realize what he wanted as he once again licked his lower lip, the action driving Jin crazy, before he got up and got himself rid of the rest of his clothes, leaving him in complete naked glory in front of Jin.

Jin couldn’t help but be fascinated by the slight curve of Taehyung’s already hard cock, his pink head and the beads of pre-come already formed at the tip as the dark angel crawled between his legs, staring at him intently.

What he was waiting, Jin had no idea, but he had no such patience as he practically threw himself at Taehyung, kissing him passionately while curling his hand around Taehyung’s cock and starting to stroke it.

He loved the way Taehyung’s whole body trembled at that and he couldn’t help but swipe his thumb over the head of Taehyung’s member, smearing the pre-cum over it and causing Taehyung to let out a choked moan into his mouth.

He smirked against Taehyung’s lips, but before he could be smug about it, he was already being pushed down to the bed with Taehyung hovering over him with a dark look.

“Such a naughty little nephilim. You need to be punished,” Taehyung purred and Jin couldn’t help, but whimper at that which made Taehyung grin at him in satisfaction.

The next thing he knew, Taehyung had his fingers curled around the base of his cock, his eyes glinting eagerly as he gave Jin one more smirk, before he took in a deep breath and leaned down, flicking out his tongue and swirling it around the tip of Jin’s cock.

Jin couldn’t help it, his back arching slightly as he let out a low mewl, his eyes falling shut at the sensation of Taehyung’s hot tongue flattening against the length of his dick, before the dark angel was sucking his cock into his mouth, his head bobbing up and down.

Jin let out a pleased grunt at that, his hand flying to tangle into those silky locks as Taehyung kept swallowing his cock deeper into his sinful mouth, the wetness and warmth of it around his shaft driving Jin crazy, his balls tightening.

Jin knew that if Taehyung kept this up, he wasn’t going to last much longer.

And while he really wanted this to continue, he wanted something else more.

That was why he found his voice, with some difficulty though as he said in a strained tone, “ Tae, s-stop, ah…I want you in me…”

That seemed to do the trick as Taehyung practically moaned around his cock at what he said, the vibrations not helping to keep his situation at bay as he bit his lower lip, trying to endure.

Finally, Taehyung relieved him of his struggles as he pulled away, his mouth glistening with Jin’s pre-cum and fuck, that was so hot, Jin thought, his pulse pounding as he stared at the dark angel, whose eyes were dark and yet bright at the same time.

“You sure?” Taehyung asked in a raspy voice that shoot straight from Jin’s toes to his dick and Jin found himself nodding and responding in a heartbeat, “More than anything.”

That was enough of a confirmation for Taehyung, whose eyes widened in astonishment and need, as he wasted no time, sucking on his finger, before bringing it to Jin’s hole.

Jin spread his legs further, enjoying the way Taehyung’s breath stuttered.

With one last look in his direction, Taehyung pressed his index finger against his entrance.

Jin gasped in surprise when he felt Taehyung’s finger prodding inside, slowly,but surel, and it felt so strange, but also he was overwhelmed by the fact that this was really happening.

He and Taehyung were going to have sex.

At last.

The thought made him thrilled enough that he pushed forward causing Taehyung’s finger to dig deeper into him as the dark angel stuttered out, “God,” clearly surprised by Jin’s reaction.

Soon enough, there were two fingers stretching him open, the second one less tentative as Taehyung saw the exact moment Jin adjusted to the sensation of them inside of him, practically fucking Taehyung’s fingers until he started begging for Taehyung to just fuck him already.

The dark angel complied immediately, muttering something under his breath, but Jin felt too delirious to try and decipher what it was.

Then he felt it.

Taehyung’s cock was lined against his entrance and his breath hitched as he felt the intrusion.

He could feel the aching burn as Taehyung kept pushing in deeper and while it was odd and too much, it also felt good.

Taehyung was still too hesitant, too careful and Jin finally lost it, as he dug the heels of his feet in Taehyung’s butt cheeks, pushing him forward until Taehyung’s cock was buried deep inside of him.

They both groaned at that and when he opened his eyes, he saw Taehyung trying to control himself, his expression so fierce and aroused and then Jin’s cock was dripping, causing Taehyung to shake his head in disbelief and mutter, “Unbelievable.”

He would have been insulted if he hadn’t heard how Taehyung’s voice broke, showing just how affected he was.

Jin whined, not able to wait any longer, his cock already throbbing.

“Come on. Move.”

“As you wish,” Taehyung said in a dark voice, his pupils blown wide as he placed his hands on Jin’s hips, firmly holding him down as he started rocking into him.

The more Taehyung pushed in and pulled out, the better it felt, each thrust becoming stronger and hitting that sweet spot of his, causing Jin to cry out in pleasure.

He could feel his erection hardening further, the pleasure building up inside of him and then Taehyung was leaning down, never breaking the intensity of his thrusts as he fervently licked into Jin’s mouth, the kiss dirty and deep, filled with so much emotion that Jin felt dizzy.

He threw his arms over Taehyung’s neck, pulling him closer and responding to the kiss with the same eagerness, his whimpers and sobs disappearing in the dark angel’s delicious mouth.

“A-ah, T-tae,” Jin stuttered between kisses, as Taehyung increased his speed, Jin’s muscles already tight and he was so close that it almost hurt.

“Shhh. I know. Me, fuck, too,” Taehyung grunted, before burying his face into the crook of Jin’s neck, panting into it fast as he pounded into Jin mercilessly and then he was spilling into Jin’s ass, filling him up and it felt so dirty, but so amazing that Jin found himself moaning along Taehyung as the dark angel rode his orgasm.

His muscles kept tightening around Taehyung’s cock, causing the dark angel to grunt against his neck and curse and thrust into him until he slumped onto his body, breathing fast and uneven.

Jin felt Taehyung’s cock softening inside of him, his own member still hard and throbbing, but he still felt pleased as he gently carded his fingers through Taehyung’s hair.

Finally, Taehyung pulled out, his eyes half-hooded, hair sticking-out at every angle, his eyes still dark as he gave Jin a quick glance, before he took Jin’s cock into his mouth, wasting no time and sucking him deep and quick.

The slick heat of the dark angel’s mouth was enough to make him reach his own climax just after two quick thrusts into Taehyung’s skillful mouth.

His back arched and he let out a long groan as he spilled into Taehyung’s mouth, the dark angel swallowing as much of his juice as he could, Jin’s heart thundering in his ears at that as he rode his orgasm until he slumped against the mattress, a lethargic feeling enveloping him.

The last thing he remembered, before he succumbed to one of the best naps in his life were Taehyung’s strong arms pulling him into his embrace, his face burying in the dark angel’s broad chest with a content sigh.

“So, what now?” Jin asked as they lied in bed, his head on Taehyung’s shoulder, their fingers intertwined with Jin staring in fascination at their joint hands.

“Now, we go and take a shower,” Taehyung said in a deep voice, both of them having been too exhausted to wash up after sex, just having fallen asleep like that.

Jin slapped his stomach with his other hand, his voice sulky as he said, “I meant what about us? Do we stay here, or go back to the angel world?”

There was silence after that, Taehyung squeezing his hand once.

Jin felt anxious, but he waited patiently.

Whatever Taehyung decided, Jin was going to go along with it.

Because, now, it didn’t matter where they lived, as long as they were together, no matter how cheesy that sounded.

“I would like to…Stay here for some time,” Taehyung finally said in a quiet voice.

Then he added, “If that is okay with you.”

Jin looked up, taking note of the vulnerable look on the dark angel’s face, his chest squeezing at that.

“Of course it is.But, what about your wings?”

Jin asked in a gentle voice.

“Honestly, if it ever gets too unbearable, we can go back. But, for now, I would like to stay here. Away from my title of the heir to Kim Bong’s position when he retires which he luckily does not intend on doing anytime soon. I am not yet ready to deal with such responsibility,” Taehyung confessed.

Jin’s expression softened as he said, “I understand,” and gave Taehyung a long kiss on the lips, no tongues, just their lips moving against each other.

“What about our living arrangements?” Jin asked when they parted.

“I was thinking we could look for an apartment together,” Taehyung said in a quieter voice as if unsure that Jin would want that.

“I fully support that idea,” Jin said with a wide smile, before kissing Taehyung once more, feeling pleased when he felt Taehyung smiling into the kiss.

“Now, let’s go and take that shower,” Jin finally said, when he realized he couldn’t stand the stickiness anymore.

He pulled Taehyung by the hand, for the first time in a long time, thinking how everything was going to be okay.

Even better than okay, really.

He smiled to himself at that as he pulled Taehyung into the bathroom, giggling the moment Taehyung started peppering his neck with needy kisses, his hands roaming all over Jin’s body, his expression loving.


Definitely much better than just okay.