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Mack the Knife

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Katsuki’s footsteps followed a light tune coming from a nearby club. His oxfords tapped softly on the cobblestone, lowering sun casting a shadow in front of him. Cadillacs sped by him, headlights making his shadow disappear for a moment, before returning. He whistled along with the tune, straightening his slick black suit and nodding at a passing family. He pulls up his white gloves, flexing his fingers to match the fit. The bright lights coming from casino’s and restaurant's blinded him when he looked up, making him squint in annoyance.

Infront of him walked another man, Jhon, around his late twenties. Brown hair, hazel eyes, dressed in slacks and suspenders. Jhon walked with a pep in his step, seemingly much too confident for a man who’s just spent all the money he’d been loaned. Katsuki followed him from close behind in the empty sidewalk. The farther they walked, the dimmer it got, the sun finally dipping below the horizon and leaving only artificial light to illuminate the streets.

Nighttime had since falling, leaving only Katsuki and his target on the streets. The music had faded once the sun went down, shops closing ad cicada’s chirping. Short cars passed on occasion, making the man in front of him jump. It seemed he was getting anxious. Jhon glanced nervously behind him, imminently meeting eyes with the younger man.

Frightened, Jhon sped up, trying to casually avoid the man well-dressed man behind him. When Katsuki didn’t let up, Jhon started to jog, nervously looking back to see Katsuki jogging happily behind him. This is when he broke out into a run, stomping down the street to escape.

Mirroring the man, Katsuki run’s after him, taking every twist and turn the other does. Finally, when Jhon thinks he’s out of sight, he ducks into a small alleyway to catch his breath. With his eyes still set on him, Katsuki slows down into a casual walk, hand reaching into his suit pocket to grab a small Case jackknife. As he approaches the alley, back pressed against the wall, Katsuki hears Jhon's low, unsteady breaths. Taking in a breath of his own, Katsuki quickly reaches a hand around the corner and grabs the first item of clothing his hand comes in contact with, Jhon’s suspenders.

Katsuki pulls the rest of himself into the alleyway, slapping a hand down on Jhon’s mouth before he could yell. Staring in his eyes, Katsuki holds the knife threateningly towards the hazel green eyes. “Evenin’, boss,” he says lowly, “Do believe you got somethin’ o’ ours…” Katsuki trails off, tracing shapes near Jhon’s face with the tip of his Case, removing his hand from the other’s mouth to his neck, trapping him.

Sniveling, Jhon shrinks back, “Don know what ya talkin’ ‘bout, Sheik,” he whimpers. Katsuki presses down with the knife, drawing blood near Jhon’s right temple.

Hissing in pain, Jhon tried to jerk his face away, earning a strong headbutt from the blonde. “Whadya’ just call me there, Jhonny?” Katsuki flips the small knife in his hand, pointing the top back and using his finger to poke around Jhon’s eye.

Squinting his eyes, Jhon applies, “Nothin’ boss, I swear,” he whispers.

Prying the man’s right eye open, Katsuki digs his forefinger under the bottom lid. A muffled cry fill’s Katsuki’s ears, making him grin. “No no, say it ‘gain, ol’ boy, I’m gettin’ a sure kick outa this,” Katsuki seethes, slowly digging his finger farther into the socket.

Looking embarrassed, Jhon blinks his other eye back, “Calt’ you Sheik, I did,” he admits, tear’s of pain tumbling down his face and wetting Katsuki’s finger.

Katsuki smirked, “Sheik, huh?” he laughed, pulling the finger from Jhon’s eye, “Fuckin’ thief, and a curry queen, huh? Pathetic,” the knife still held in Katsuki’s hand was flipped back up and the tip found it’s way to Jhon’s ear. “Spill, where’s tha’ jack?” he asks, pinching the lobe between his thumb and the knife.

Jhon hiccups, “Aint none left,” he says quietly.

Redfaced with anger, Katsuki digs the knife into the other’s ear, “Level with me here, fella,” he hissed, “Tell me n’ I’ll make it quick,” he threatens, bringing the weapon down to Jhon’s jaw.

“Telln’a truth,” Jhon whimpers.

Feeling aggressive, Katsuki folds the knife and reels his hand back. He socks the man right in the eye, causing him to howl in pain. “Hell’d I just say?” he asks, flipping the blade back out and letting it rest on Jhon’s cheek.

Jhon sighs, letting his tears roll down his cheeks, “Hid ‘rest a’ it under tha' liquor shop down on ‘eventy two,” he groans, and bangs the back of his head on the wall behind him.

Katsuki grins, “Attaboy,” he praises, quickly slinging the knife across Jhon’s throat. His muffled cry is short-lived, as his body thumps to the ground, Katsuki leans back on the wall and listens to the gurgling of blood and attempted breathing. When it dies down, Katsuki rolls his shoulders and sighs.

Disposal time.



No one’s POV

“‘’Ere we are! ‘Nother body washed up on shore this Saturday mornin’!” a reporter yells over the surrounding crowds shouts, “ S' been confirmed ‘at the body belongs to rising star Jhon Taylor!” he yells, O’s sounding more like A’s and G’s slurring into the next words.

Questions were shot at the short reporter, “Ya have any leads, yet?!” “Who do ya think’s the culprit!” “Who’s done this! Does the killer know him!?” “What’s tha cause a’ death!?” the crowd shouted, pens laying readily in their hands.

“Ain’t no leads yet! Judgin’ by the cause of death, Professionals believe that Krovavaya sobaka’s back in town!” The reporter answers, “This may be the work of the famous Mafia gang! But fear not, cops’ll be spread out throughout this area! We’ll be on sharp lookout fellas!”

The crowd settles down, all taking notes quietly.

No one notices, but a man dressed in a black trench coat slides through the crowd, fedora tipped to hide his eyes. No one notices as the man slips by each investigator, each camera man, and each passerby.

No one notices, but the culprit was just right under their noses.