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Vanilla skies, that’s what it’s called. When the sky mixes in pinks and blues and purples and casts a calming glow across the earth. Jungkook always thought it looked like an artist had taken his paintbrush and run it through all the paint on his pallet until there is nothing left but a swirl of pastel hues. He remembers waking up extra early as a kid to watch the sunrise just so he could see the colours bleed through the inky night sky. It was the most peaceful part to his day.

It made him feel calm, it made him feel hopeful, but now it just reminds him that he’s tired. He feels more than just tired; in fact he’s not sure there’s a word in existence that adequately explains just how exhausted he is. He’s had a headache for three days straight now; he’s eaten nothing more than a bowl of rice and a fried egg since yesterday morning and he just finished working 9 hours through the night and he still has to go to school.

There’s a reason they don’t force kids to work and learn at the same time.

A heavy hand comes down on his back, pushing him forward and in his state of pure exhaustion his legs go limp and his face connects harshly with the concrete. Booming laughter echoes through the empty, early morning streets of Seoul and mockingly rings loud in Jungkook’s ears.

“Get the fuck up.” Choi demands, digging his foot into Jungkook’s ribcage. Choi is clearly more than just a little bit pissed after a dry night with no catches. Jungkook knows he’s in for far worse beatings than a knock to the floor and a kick to the ribs. His arms wobble as he carefully pushes himself up from the floor, his nose feels raw, he probably grazed it when he fell.

He’s about half way to his feet when the back of Choi’s hand connects sharply with Jungkook’s cheek. He stumbles and like a house of cards in the wind, he finds himself falling back onto the floor face first. He’s pretty certain he’s grazed his cheek this time. There’s another harsh kick to his ribs, Choi having excellent aim as always, and digging the toe of his shoe into the bruise that’s already forming from his last kick.

“You’re so worthless.” Choi spits and it takes every ounce of Jungkook’s self preservation not to argue against him.

He doesn’t have to pull himself up this time, because there’s a different hand gripping tight into his shirt and in a whoosh too fast for his tired brain to follow he’s back on his feet.

“Don’t mark his face up, we need that.” Kang grumbles, knocking Jungkook in the shoulder to get him to move again. Like a robot programmed to follow orders, his heavily aching feet pick up their lumbered pace once more. He feels a shiver run through him from the chill in the air. But the spring air is certainly warmer than the harsh winter so his coatless self is more than a little thankful for it.

“We made so much money from that younger looking boy the other night.” Choi grumbles, still bitter from the lack of money they made tonight. “We should always go for the ones wearing less make-up.”

Kang clicks his tongue. “The girls are in higher demand.”

Choi scoffs. “What does that matter when the boys pay better?”

If Jungkook had more food in his stomach, he’s certain he’d be sick. He’s the only one out of the three of them thankful that he didn’t manage to ensnare another innocent person tonight. He feels like he’s walking a tightrope, constantly looking forward and afraid to look down because he doesn’t want to know how far he has to fall.

But with each night he shamelessly flirts away the freedom of another patron at the club, he feels another chunk of his sanity chipping away. He’s not sure how much more of this he can take before he snaps and he loses himself, finally falls. Because he knows there’s no one to catch him when he does. He’s terrified of losing himself above anything else. He’s trapped, like a mouse in a lab and he knows there’s no freedom for someone like him. Someone so unwanted.

“You need to do better tomorrow.” Choi snaps, hand coming down so hard on Jungkook’s shoulder that he stumbles in his steps. But he manages to save his footing before he’s eating dirt for the third time that night.

“Whatever.” He grumbles, not even able to regret speaking back when he knows it’s going to bring more beatings. Because he can take every punch, kick and harsh word thrown at him. He’s stronger than that, 19 years worth of pain has made him that way.




The violet lights behind the bar are, and always will be, the worst design decision ever made by the stupid owner of this place. They throw everything off colour, make his eyes itch from the pressure they cause on his temples and he fucks up more orders then he gets right because of how hard it is to see anything. Not that you’d ever hear Jungkook say that out loud. Min Yoongi owns the Lavender Room for Christ sake and he’s a smart kid that values his life, even if it is miserable and pitiful.

Jungkook isn’t scared of a lot of things in this harsh world, but Min Yoongi is definitely one of (if not the) top thing that does terrify him. To be perfectly honest, anyone with half a brain cell would agree with him, and if they don’t, then they’re an idiot. The only reason Jungkook hasn’t tried running for the hills from this shit show of a life he’s found himself in, is because both Kang and Choi have made it perfectly clear that he wont get very far. No one escapes the wrath of Min Yoongi. Jungkook has heard horror stories that would give you nightmares. Nightmares about people who fell prey to Min Yoongi.

He shivers at the thought; slings back two shots of vodka to steal his nerves, before capping the bottle and slipping it back onto the shelf. He knows he’s too young to be drinking, but he’s also too young to be working behind a bar so, fuck morality.

He doesn’t know the name of the other two guys working with him tonight, they’re new and useless and Jungkook knows they’ll last a week before Kang changes them. Because they can’t have people catching onto their little plot, after all.

It’s a quiet night, thankfully, mainly because it’s a Thursday but also because there’s a heavy downpour of rain outside that just makes people want to stay home. Jungkook likes the rain; everything looks dull and grey through a downpour and there’s a sense of equality that comes from a heavy rain shower. You could be a beggar on the street or the wealthiest man in the world, but water’s still wet and rain will drench you emphatically if you get caught in it. The idea makes Jungkook feel just a little bit more content in his own skin.

That headache from yesterday is still pulsing at his temples, louder than the bass of the club’s music and he reaches for the vodka again to take another shot. He understands now why his father drank so much; it’s addictively numbing and gives him the confidence he so sourly lacks. But with every drop of alcohol on his tongue, he feels himself becoming more and more like his father. A concept that so intrinsically terrifies him yet ironically has him reaching for more strong liquids to calm him down.


“Are we allowed to drink the alcohol?” One of his fellow bartenders asks with a disturbingly hungry glint in his eyes.

Jungkook pins the guy with a tight glare, pouring his vodka and slinging it back without looking away. They guy is clearly older than him – everyone here is – but from the way his wispy locks are thinning on his greasy scalp Jungkook thinks there maybe a few decades between them.

“Only if you’ve been working here longer than 3 months.” Jungkook supplies, capping the vodka and placing it on a higher shelf than before. Jungkook is clearly the tallest one behind the bar and there’s an niggling thought in the back of his head that this guy will probably attempt to drink the alcohol even if he’s told no.

The guy grumbles, folds his arms about his chest and then saunters back over to the other bartender. The two of them are complete opposites, one short and fat, one slightly taller and skinnier than a beanpole. It’s like Kang hired people right out of a comic strip.

Jungkook briefly wonders whether Min Yoongi would be all too accepting of clearly inadequate workers? But Jungkook really doesn’t like thinking about the man so he pushes his trail of thought out his head. He’d probably be more pissed that there’s a minor working behind his bar, so Jungkook really hopes that the man never finds out.

Jungkook is debating whether he should go out and collect glasses from the tables around the main dance floor, when someone decides to come and sit in one of the barstools. They only have the barstools out on weekdays; the weekends are too busy for them and block valuable space for patrons to get to the bar. So if Jungkook were more of a romanticist he’d like to think that this was fate. But he’s not, because things like fate and destiny are bullshit notions to him considering the horrible handouts in life he’s had.

But, Jesus, Jungkook wishes more than anything it were fate for him to meet someone this beautiful.

The guy before him looks like he’s stepped right off the cover of one of those high-end glossy magazines he sees people fawning over. His skin is honey golden and so flawless that it has Jungkook believing that maybe it’s not just photos that can be airbrushed.

His eyes are large almonds with thick long lashes; encasing blue contacted eyes that twinkle with something you rarely see in the underground world of Seoul. The guy blinks starlight and life and childlike mischief at the world and it has Jungkook’s stomach flipping in a strange sense of anticipation.

His hair is the type of platinum blonde that one would usually think horrid on any head of hair. Yet here this angel among men sits rocking the style like he was born with it, and not even the disgusting violet lights make it look bad. Jungkook can see gloss on his full lips, lips that are perked into a cheeky smirk and it takes a few moments for him to register that the smirk is for him.

There’s a sultry look being thrown Jungkook’s way, and when the guy sinks his teeth into his plush bottom lip and quirks his perfectly plucked eyebrow it has Jungkook swallowing down a lump in his throat.

Not only did god grant Jungkook a life of hardship, but he was also kind enough to bless the boy with an intense case of shyness. Something of which really doesn’t help the fact he’s supposed to be charming pretty customers into the office upstairs. But he manages to over come it with a mixture of vodka and fear that he could lose a finger over this. Because Kang is reckless when he’s mad.

But here he is, three weeks into trying to perfect the art of seduction and it’s all drawn up short at the sight of the blond haired man fluttering his lashes at him.

“Hey triple threat, wanna pour me something so I can drown away my sorrows?” The blonde stranger asks and fuck does that deep voice do things to Jungkook. He can feel a shiver prickling down his spine as if the smooth voice were running along the very surface or his skin.

He awkwardly coughs, feeling his cheeks and ears tint red before stepping a little closer to bar top. This will be the first and only time he’s thankful for the violet lights, seeing as they’re concealing his embarrassingly red face.

“Triple threat, huh?” Jungkook replies thanking every god and deity out there that his voice never once cracked.


The blonde is running his tongue over his lips and Jungkook’s mouth feels dry. “You know you’re a triple threat, now pour me something strong.”

Jungkook smirks, pulling away from where he’d been leaning across the bar. “How strong we talking?”

His eyes narrow just slightly as his lips curl into a wicked grin. “Nothing diluted.”

Jungkook is still grinning as he reaches for the bottle of whiskey on the top shelf. He stretches just a little higher then he really needs too, and if the hem of his shirt rides up to reveal the divots at the base of his spine – then who is he to stop it?

When he turns back to the blonde stranger, there’s an added look of hunger awash the man’s face and his long fingers are tapping somewhat restlessly on the bar. Jungkook feigns innocence even though his heart is hammering wildly in his chest knowing he’s affecting the guy as much as he’s affecting him.

He pours the whiskey into one of the cleanest tumblers he can find, not even bothering to add ice, and pushes the cup the guy’s way. “Whiskey, neat.”

The man takes the cup in his hand a tilts it in Jungkook’s direction. “Not gonna join me, triple threat?”

Jungkook doesn’t need to be told twice. He swipes a glass from under the counter with shaking hands and slams it a little too heavy-handedly on the bar top. He doesn’t know why his hands are shaking so much, maybe he’s nervous? But he’s sure he’d be feeling a whole lot more nauseous if he were. Right now there’s an excited tingle under his skin and a warming need flaring in the pit of his stomach that he’s not sure whether he wants to act on. But he sure does like the very idea of acting on his impulses right now.

He wastes no time in filling the glass half way, capping the bottle and resting it on the bar top with them. He has a feeling they may be in need of more of it. The blonde gestures his glass Jungkook’s way, clearly in the means of toasting, and Jungkook complies.

The clinking of the glasses knocking together is muffled over the sound of the raging bass and few dancers screaming along to the music. But it doesn’t bother either of them, and in two foul gulps Jungkook empties the brown liquid from his glass. Fuck, if Min-Seonsaengnim could see him now, he’d probably faint.

The glasses hit back on the bar top once more, and the blonde bangs his hand on the table. “Another, good sir.” He announces, pushing his empty glass towards Jungkook. There’s a glistening of alcohol across the guy’s peach lips and Jungkook wants nothing more than to lean over and lick it off.

But instead, he sets about pouring another glass. Because he’s not an uncontrollable horny teenager. “Jungkook.” He explains, eyes trained on what he’s doing so the blonde’s delicious looking lips don’t distract him.

“That your name?” The guy asks and Jungkook nods. He caps the bottle so he doesn’t regret pouring himself another drink – he can already feel the alcohol fogging his brain.

“Taehyung.” The guy adds.

“That yours?” Jungkook asks, finally looking up at the beautiful blonde before him.

His chin is resting elegantly in the palm of his hands, long slender fingers ghosting across his glossy lips and there’s an amused twinkle to his eye. “It could be.” His voice is light and laced with teasing. “But it’s what you can call me, Kookie.”

Jungkook hates it when people call him by nicknames. Nicknames are meant to be affectionate but every nickname slung his way has been filled with nothing but malice and spite. Yet there’s a gentleness in Taehyung’s eyes and a softness to his gaze that’s filled with a kindness that makes Jungkook melt. A kindness that every cell in Jungkook’s body screams in desperate craving for – like a wilted flower frantically seeking out the sun.

“You like that?” Taehyung asks and it snaps Jungkook back to the here and now.

“Like what?”

“Being called Kookie.”

Jungkook’s eyes blow wide. “Shit, did I say that out loud?”

Taehyung is laughing and Jungkook would gladly spend the rest of his life listening to that sound if he could. It’s deep and echoes in his chest as if nudging Jungkook into laugh too. “No, but you had this soft look on your face that spoke for itself.”

Jungkook flushes violently and he knows there’s no amount of gross violet lightening that can cover it. “Oh, well that’s incredibly uncool.”

Taehyung’s smile splits across his face in a way that makes Jungkook’s heart skip a beat. “I think it’s cute.”

Jungkook scoffs. “Trust me, baby, I’m not cute.” It’s Taehyung’s turn to blush this time and if Jungkook thought the man couldn’t look anymore delectable, he was surly mistaken.

“Baby?” Taehyung repeats, spoken in a breathy voice that just stokes the steadily growing want Jungkook has for this man.

There’s a flare of confidence that fills Jungkook’s chest, so unlike his usual timid nature, yet it’s flooding his veins so easily that he just rolls with it. He props his elbows on the bar and leans across it, face just close enough to be able to smell Taehyung’s perfume – floral and spicy. “You like being called baby?”

The small little hitch of breath that Jungkook can just about hear over the music is answer enough to his little teasing question. But just as he’s about to pull away, Taehyung lets a long sigh past his lips, cheeks rouging such a pretty shade of red and says; “I’m a weak bitch for pet names.”

Not that Jungkook’s an expert on flirting or anything – because lets be real he’s not even good let alone expert level. But he’s picked up enough to know that out right confessing your kinks right in the middle of playful back and forth comes across as more than a little strong. So much so, that it has Jungkook cracking into a wide grin and letting out little chuckles of his own.

He pulls away from Taehyung’s proximity, trying his best to hide his laughter behind his hand, but it’s fruitless. “Sorry, that was just so sudden.”

Taehyung is beaming like the whole thing was a carefully calculated joke and is currently soaking in a witty remark well delivered. “I’m a pretty straight forward guy.” He shrugs, eyes never leaving Jungkook whilst he laughs. “Did you know you look like a bunny?”

Jungkook chokes on his own laughter. “What?”

Taehyung is grinning from ear to ear, like the Cheshire cat, chin back to resting on his palm. “You have these adorable little front teeth and huge eyes.” He explains, leaning his body as far across the bar as the space allows.

Jungkook’s mouth twists into a pout. “I think I preferred triple threat.”

“You’re so cute, bunny boy.”

“Shut up.”

“Make me.” It’s a teasing threat, but Jungkook has never wanted to act on anything more in his life. There’s a burning need surging through his veins, to just launch himself across the bar and silence Taehyung with a bruising kiss.

But instead he cocks an eyebrow and reaches for the bottle of whiskey. “Be careful what you wish for.” He winks before turning to place the whiskey back on the top shelf.

“Fuck, you have a really good ass, did you know that?” Taehyung asks and it has Jungkook smirking again, a burning fire of want flaring in his stomach.

“It might have been brought to my attention.” He turns back on his heels to find Taehyung sipping casually at his drink, clearly enjoying the view. Jungkook rests his hands on the edge of the bar and leans just a little bit closer to Taehyung, wanting nothing more then to silence the horrible nightmare of a club he works in, and drown himself in all things Taehyung.

Taehyung lowers the glass back to the bar, eyes running down from Jungkook’s face and along his bare forearms. His long fingers walk themselves up Jungkook’s arm and leave a hot tingling sensation across his skin as they go.

“You’ve got good arms too.” He comments off handedly, working his fingers up to Jungkook’s biceps. “They’re veiny, I like veiny arms.”

Jungkook is trying really hard to suppress his shivers, and direct his thoughts away from all things dirty, save popping a boner in one of the worst clubs in Seoul. “Oh yeah?” He asks as cool and calmly as he can muster. “What else you like, baby?”

Taehyung gasps again at the pet name and bites down into his plush bottom lip. He takes a few moments to steady his erratic breath and Jungkook contentedly watches the dazzling man before him. Taehyung’s eyes track back up to Jungkook’s face, tongue darting out across his bottom lip. “You got a nice face too. I want to cut myself on your jaw.”

Jungkook wonders whether Taehyung would so willingly be offering his body all these compliments if he knew why he looked the way he did. Would he still ogle at Jungkook if he knew that his face is so thin because he barely eats? If he knew that his muscles are only there because he asked one of Kang’s underlings to teach him basic self-defense, so he doesn’t die too early in this horrible life he has, would Taehyung still happily shower Jungkook with compliments?

Usually, Jungkook wouldn’t care, he’s not here to take peoples pity. But for some reason, some strange reason that has butterflies dancing through his stomach – he really cares what Taehyung thinks.

Taehyung’s fingers press feather lightly along Jungkook’s jaw, then up to push his bangs away from his face. “You look young.” He adds and it has Jungkook flinching. “How young are you?” He’s not supposed to tell people how old he is, for obvious legal reasons – but he really can’t find it in himself to lie to this incredibly alluring man before him.

“That all depends.” Jungkook replies.

Taehyung smirks. “On what?”

“On whether you can keep a secret.”

“Try me.”

Jungkook holds his stare for a few minutes, so incredibly wrapped up in the honest and straightforward look he receives that he’s immune to everything else around him. “I’m 19.”

Taehyung’s head is cocked to the side, no ounce of judgment anywhere on his face. “What’s a 19 year old doing, working in a place like this?” He asks and his voice is so gentle and so tender that it hurts Jungkook. Burns him like an open flame and he isn’t sure whether he wants to be hearing such kind words from Taehyung. “You in trouble?”

Jungkook scoffs, stepping out of Taehyung’s grip. “Baby, I am the trouble.” Taehyung is smirking, supportively but a little pityingly and Jungkook can’t look at him. He can’t handle pity from anyone, but for some reason he especially cannot handle it from Taehyung – it makes him feel so disgusting.

“Oh, I don't doubt it.” Taehyung hums.

Jungkook absentmindedly starts cleaning the stack of glasses by the small sink – fiddling just for something to do. “So, what’s the reason for drowning your sorrows tonight?” He asks as casually as he can, eyes trained on what he’s doing.

Taehyung lets out a long frustrated sigh and flops his upper body against the bar. “I’ve been sexiled.” He explains with a cute little wine in his voice.

Jungkook spares him a quick look, body craving anything and everything Taehyung has to offer. His pretty face is smushed into the bar top, cheek squishing his lips into the cutest pout Jungkook has ever seen on a person. God, what kind of a sap is he? Anyone would think he’s falling in love with this beautiful stranger he’s known for all of 15 minutes. But Jungkook knows better than that, this is just pure sexual tension – that’s all he knows to hope for anyway.

“Sexiled, huh?” He asks, hands mechanically wiping the water stains of one of the glass tumblers.

Taehyung nods, large eyes looking glassy and childlike up at Jungkook. “I recently got back to Seoul and I don’t have a place to stay yet, so I’m crashing at a friends.”

“Let me guess, their significant other came round and kicked you out?” Jungkook finishes.

Taehyung nods. “It’s more like my best friend in the entire world decided getting fucked by his husband is of a higher priority than me.” He sounds outraged by the thought and Jungkook is smirking. “Can you believe that?”

Jungkook shrugs, a teasing tone to his voice. “I dunno, sounds like you were the one making the fatal mistake of choosing to crash at a married couples place.”

Taehyung wines, wriggling in his seat and Jungkook wants to wind him up more. “Hey, I want sympathy.”

Taehyung sounds so fucking beautiful when he wines. “Sorry you got screwed.” He offers with a chuckle in his voice.

Taehyung licks his lips. “I haven’t been screwed, yet.” He answers and there’s a pleading edge to his tone that Jungkook can’t ignore even if he wanted to.

He hums; he’s been cleaning the same glass now for far too long, but he just can’t seem to stop himself. It’s keeping his head level. “Maybe someone here can help you with that.” He really wants to high five himself for his stellar flirting, he’s on fire tonight.

“Oh?” Taehyung purrs, voice so velvety smooth that Jungkook can’t even suppress the prickling shivers across his skin. The flaring heat of arousal in his stomach is so hot now that his cheeks are brilliantly warm. “And what would I have to do, in order for someone to help me?”

Jungkook almost drops the glass he’s cleaning in his haste to get closer to Taehyung. It’s like his body is gravitating towards the man, pulled in like the earth to the sun and there’s more than heated want coursing through his veins. It’s mixed with a desperation to be utterly consumed by Taehyung, to drown in him, and it’s both overwhelming and terrifying.

“Well, a good pick up line is always essential.” Jungkook smirks, arms crossed on the bar top, face intimately close to Taehyung’s. Up this close he can see a small mole on the man’s nose and one by his lip. He can see the way his long eyelashes kiss his cheeks every time he blinks and Jungkook is so incredibly bewitched.

“A pick up line, huh?” Taehyung muses.

“The best you got.” Jungkook adds. “The better the pick up line, the better the sex.”

“That a fact or a promise?”

“Well that all depends now, doesn’t it?” Jungkook drops his voice a whole octave and bites his lip.

Taehyung shivers full body, eyes fluttering closed as if relishing in the moment. Jungkook’s eyes follow the bob of his Adam’s apple as he swallows, his neck is long and too perfectly golden, Jungkook wants to mar it up in purples and reds. He positive Taehyung looks good covered in blossoming bites and bruising kisses, especially if Jungkook is the one who gave them too him.

Taehyung’s eyes snap open, pupils dilated as they lock with Jungkook’s heavy gaze. He takes another steading breath, quivering as he exhales, before running his fingers along Jungkook’s biceps again. “Hey hot stuff,” He begins, and Jungkook tries really hard not to snort. “Let me buy you a glass of water, and later I’ll turn that shit into wine, cos you’ll be seeing Jesus with me, baby.”

There’s a beat of a silence between them. Taehyung waiting expectantly at Jungkook, and Jungkook trying really hard to process what the beautiful man before him just said.

And then Jungkook’s laughing; he’s laughing so loud and so hard that he can feel it pulling painfully tight across his stomach. His head lolls to rest on Taehyung’s shoulder as he tries to muffle his laughter. Because really? That was the lamest pick up line Jungkook has ever heard in his life, but by god had he just fallen even more for the wonder that is Taehyung.

Taehyung whines and Jungkook can feel the whine vibrate through Taehyung’s body from where his forehead is resting on his shoulder. “Hey! Don’t laugh! That’s a good one!”

“Really?” Jungkook wheezes between chuckles. “I don’t even know where to begin in telling you how it isn’t.” He supplies.

Taehyung nudges his shoulder and Jungkook pulls his head up. “C’mon, it’s not that bad!” He complains.

There are tears clinging in the corners of Jungkook’s eyes that he scrubs away carefully so as not to smudge his makeup. “Firstly, water is free so thanks for being such a cheapskate.”


“Secondly, implying your dick game is so strong that you can perform one of Jesus’ miracles inflates your ego to a size that cannot be contained on this earth.” Jungkook chuckles.

Taehyung’s tongue darts out to wet his lips. “I read it online, I thought it was pretty unique.”

“It’s terrible.”

Taehyung rolls his eyes, “Then let me try again.” Jungkook has a witty response on the tip of his tongue, something about how he’s lucky he’s so hot seeing as his pick up game is weak. But all witty snapbacks and playful banter dies short on his tongue when Taehyung reaches across the bar and pulls Jungkook closer to him by the neck of his T.

There’s a devilish looking smirk playing on Taehyung’s glossy lips, his eyes so dark and so hooded that Jungkook feels heat flooding out from the pit of his stomach to wash over his skin and consume his very senses. But before Jungkook can even question what’s happening, or attempt to gain control over the situation, Taehyung is licking up Jungkook’s neck. He stops once or twice to leave all too brief and all to hot open mouthed kissed near his jaw, and Jungkook is quivering in his hold, all coherent thoughts suddenly flying right out the window.

Taehyung plants one last chaste kiss to the skin just bellow Jungkook’s ear and whispers against his lobe; “Fuck me, bunny boy.” And shit, it takes every ounce of self-control Jungkook has not to pull Tae across the bar and do just that.

But he can’t do that, not here in the middle of a club for all to see, and especially not in this particular club. Not when he knows Kang is upstairs and Choi could make his way back at any minute. There’s a cold dread running down the back of his neck, singeing out all heat and need that had previously been overwhelming Jungkook.

Jungkook’s never been okay with doing this, with partaking in the selling of people right out of the club he’s forced to bartend in. But there is no way for him to say no and no way for him to get out of doing this, lest he wants to be seriously hurt. But now, now he’s adamant that he’s not going to do anything. He doesn't care what the repercussions could be; he’s totally willing to take it if it means he doesn’t have to give Taehyung over to the likes of Kang and Choi.

For the first time in his entire life, Jungkook has found himself completely wrapped up in another human being. More than just a little enamored by Taehyung, and it’s throwing everything he’s come to know out of whack. He’s falling from the tightrope that he’s been forced to walk, and even though it’s hopeless to believe someone will catch him, for some reason he’s willing to risk it all in the hopes that maybe Taehyung will.

“T-Taehyung, …” Jungkook begins, unable to edge the fear in his voice. It’s clearly the wrong move, as he can see a flash of disappointment in Taehyung’s blue eyes that has him feeling so incredibly guilty. “Look, I…”

Taehyung is pulling away like he’s just been electrocuted, hands raised in surrender and Jungkook has never felt so crushingly disappointed. There’s a reason he doesn’t get his hopes up, why he doesn’t keep trying over and over again for someone to catch him.

“I get it, it’s okay.” Taehyung replies in a voice that sounds far from being okay. His smile is smaller, weaker and it looks so wrong on his beautiful face. Jungkook just can’t put his finger on why it affects him so much, seeing Taehyung looking so sad, and yet here he is – heart kind of aching in the wake of that small smile.

Taehyung reaches into the pocket of his pants, pulls a wad of notes out and places them on the bar top. “Thanks for listening to my pathetic whining.”

But it’s not pathetic; Jungkook thinks it was far from pathetic. He’d gladly listen to Taehyung ranting about tomatoes for the rest of his life if it meant he got to hear his wonderfully deep baritone.

“Taehyung- “ Jungkook tries again, hands weakly flailing around him and he looks more like a drowning man than anything. He needs to say something, anything in order to make Taehyung smile happily again.

Taehyung shrugs. “Have a good night, Kookie.” And then he’s gone. Sauntering off into the small throngs of the club, never once glancing back in Jungkook’s direction and Jungkook feels like Taehyung has taken a piece of him with him.

He runs a hand through his chestnut locks, it’s shaking and his breath is coming out rough and raw – like he’s gasping for it. Why in the fuck is he so worked up? Why is he so affected by 15 minutes of casual flirting? Why is it when he closes his eyes to try and calm himself down, all he can see is Taehyung’s weak little dejected smile that makes Jungkook want to claw his heart out of his chest.

“Wow.” His fellow bartender comments, slipping up alongside Jungkook with a whistle in his voice. “He was more than a little easy on the eyes.”

Jungkook can feel a low growl falling past his lips before he can even realize he’s doing it. “Don’t talk about him.” He snaps, a fierce need to protect flaring through his blood and making it boil. He doesn’t like the subject of Taehyung being on the lips of someone so disgusting.

The guy looks a little flustered, but schools his expression quickly. “What? Ain’t I allowed to admire the view? Or do I gotta be working here longer than 3 months?” He quips sarcastically.

Jungkook snaps, pushing the guy with all his newfound strength and it sends him clattering to the floor. “I’m gonna say this once so listen the fuck up.” Jungkook’s voice sounds so dark, so unlike him that it feels as though he’s been possessed. “You’re not to ever mention that guy ever again, you understand me?”

The guy on the floor is nodding, a fear in his eyes that Jungkook never knew he had the ability to inflict on a person before. “Y-yeah, I get it kid. You saw him first.”

Jungkook grinds his teeth, takes three steadying breaths to stop himself throwing a punch at the guy and affectively putting one of their bartenders out of work. “I’m gonna gather the empty glasses.” He grumbles, grabbing up one of the trays and stalking his way out into the main room of the club.

He doesn’t get far, however, before a large grubby hand is grabbing at the back of his T and pulling him towards the stairs. He doesn’t have to look to know it’s Kang, he can smell the stench of stale cigarettes and mothballs that usually clings to the very air around the man.

Jungkook goes limp in his grasp, all fire and fight in him doused by the horrifying prospect of what’s to come. Because if Kang has left the cushy confines of the grubby office, then it means only one thing; he’s done Jungkook’s job for him.




It’s been a long time since Jungkook actually felt the throb of a punch or the sting of a slap. He’s numbed to it, like an addict is numbed to the initial pinch of a needle. He can’t remember how long ago it was that his father first smashed that bottle into his face and felt pain inflicted by another for the first time. It feels like eons ago, like another life-time ago and yet he knows it’s not been that long. Maybe a couple years? Maybe more? Honestly he doesn’t really care, he’s lost count.

Just like he’s lost count on the number of punches he had rip across his cheeks and dig into his stomach. Or the number of slaps he’d felt echo through his head and sting his jaw. Pain is just a constant factor in his life, as common as breathing and dealt to him more often than food nowadays.

But now, he really wishes he wasn’t so desensitized to the pain.

Kang has smacked him across the face so many times; he knows his cheek is a vibrant red even through his make-up. He wants to feel the pain, deep in his soul and ache through his body like he knows he deserves. Anything that will make the guilt lessen.

There are tears clinging to the corners of Jungkook’s eyes that he’s trying with all his might not to shed. They’re zoned in on the body of a girl who looks just barely legal to be in this place, passed out on the couch. Her hair is disheveled; make-up smudged across her pretty face and her clothing is so debunked it’s ripped in certain places. There are small scratch marks on Kang’s face under his eye, deep enough to show the girl at least tried to put up a struggle.

But from the way she’s positioned on the couch, Jungkook just knows that Kang got what he wanted out of her. The guilt churns his stomach and he swallows down the urge to be sick. His brain torments him at the knowledge that Kang had his way with this girl regardless of her cries to stop. Watched the light leave her eyes as he took everything from her, only then to spit on her further by knocking her out in order to sell her off like she’s nothing.

And what makes everything that much worse, is that Jungkook is apart of this. Everything Kang and Choi do, he does by association so it could have just as easily been Jungkook taking that girl’s everything. Yet Jungkook doesn't even have the decency to feel the pain being delivered to him, only sickening swirling guilt of which is nothing in comparison to what this girl must have gone through, and what she will go through.

“You’re so fucking worthless.” Kang spits.

“I know.” Jungkook agrees easily. He’s never let himself believe those words before. He’s tried so hard to block out the stabbing pain they leave in his chest every time someone flings them his way. Yet for the first time in his life, he can’t find it anywhere in himself to rise up against the thought of being worthless. Because he is, he really, really fucking is.

Kang slams Jungkook’s head against the wall and Jungkook can feel that headache throbbing louder at his temples. His legs collapse beneath him, and he finds himself sinking to the floor, eyes unfocused and head dizzying.

“This is honest to god, your last warning, Jeon.” Kang explains as he stalks over the spare couch in which he flung his jacket over. “Because do you know what I think about people who slack about?”

Jungkook doesn’t respond, he’s conditioned not to and besides his head is spinning so much he’s not sure if he’ll be able to get out a coherent sentence.

“I’m gonna deal with her.” Kang explains, slipping an arm through his old black jacket. “Put her in my car while I lock up upstairs. You can lock up the club later.” He explains storming his way across the room without even one look in Jungkook’s way.

His breath is falling raggedly through his teeth, and he rests his back and head against the wall to try and calm himself down. He pushes his palms against his temples and shuts his, as if doing so will make everything disappear and he’ll wake up and this will all be a horrible dream.

But when he opens his eyes once more, he’s greeted by the eerily quiet, banged up office and the girl knocked out on the couch before him. A sob fights its way up and past his lips, the tears he’d been trying to hard to fight back slip unbidden down his cheeks. Jungkook’s breath is labored and rough as his whole body shakes with tears. He hasn’t cried in so long he feels like he could do so for the rest of time. He feels so much gathered up in him, emotions consuming him that have been threatening to let loose for so long now, Jungkook has been struggling more and more at keeping them at bay.

If Taehyung could see him now, he’d be more than thankful that he dodged this bullet. He’d be repulsed by the life in which Jungkook really leads, and he go running for the hills, screaming as he does. It’s what anybody would do, Jungkook included.

Yet there’s a kind smile and gentle eyes burning into his retinas whenever Jungkook blinks, and that ridiculous notion of hope he had allowed himself to feel is strangling him. Hope that maybe, just maybe, if he were to confess all his sins to Taehyung, the man would shoulder them willingly- Would take Jungkook’s hand and promise to never let go.

But that’s fruitless thinking.

He scrubs at his eyes, not giving two fucks as to whether the kohl has been smudged, before pushing himself to his feet. His legs wobble like jelly, and he has to steady himself with one shaking hand against the wall for a good few minutes. He’d slap himself on his cheeks to help get his shit together if they weren’t already red raw from Kang’s backhands.

On steadier, albeit still shaky, legs, Jungkook makes his way over to the couch. The sight is even more sickening up close. The girl’s white blouse is open, cream lace bra ripped to the point the garment has become useless in fulfilling its purpose. There are blossoming blue hickies all over her milky pale skin, trailing across her boobs, her chest and her neck like a hungry animal has attached her.

Her silk grey skirt is ripped up the side, panties probably flung somewhere else in the room and her black tights have been bunched around her left angle ankles. Fuck, fuck, Kang’s never gotten this handsy with anyone Jungkook’s brought up here before.

“I’m sorry.” Jungkook whimpers, tears falling down his face again. With stiff and shaking fingers, he begins fixing the girl’s disheveled clothes as best he can. Buttoning up her shirt and tucking it back into her skirt. He scours the room until he finds her panties, but they’re also ripped to all recognition. Her tights seam to be intact, and with quick trembling movements he slides them back up her legs eyes purposefully resting on her face.

The tears she cried have streaked down her cheeks, leaving trails through her make up and smudging a mixture of black and pinks under her eyes. Her pink lipstick is smudged around her lips, up her cheeks like someone’s painted a smile on her face. Her hair is a freshly dyed lavender, shortly cropped around her heart shaped face, with a few strands clinging to her face from sweat.

He uses his fingers to clean up the mess of make-up across her face as best he can, pushes her hair gently away from her face and neck and uses the hem of his T to dab away at her wet cheeks.

“I’m so sorry.”




Jungkook watches Kang drive away from the club and it feels like he’s taking some of his sanity with him. The keys to the club feel heavy in his pocket and he’s very tempted to shut the whole place down early just so he can drown away his guilt in a bottle of vodka.

But he can’t let himself become like his father and a heartless mobster all in the space of one night. He’d like to cling to what little of himself he still has left.

As he locks the door to the back exit behind him, Jungkook can feel the cold spring air still clinging to his skin despite the overbearing heat of the club’s insides. He can smell the fresh falling rain lingering on his clothes, a few droplets of it falling through his hair and he takes a few moments to wallow in the calming effect it has on him.

But there’s only so long he can hide away from reality, and soon the loud blaring of the music is consuming his ears once more, and he’s making his way back to the main clubroom.

He grabs up the tray he’d dumped at the side of the bar, not giving his fellow bartenders a second glance, before pushing his way through the small throng of people. For the little crowed they’ve drawn in tonight, there are just as many empty glasses littering the tables as if it were a Friday night. Most of them drunk greedily down to the last drop, even the ice has been consumed, but Jungkook’s not really surprised. Throughout all the places in the world, he’s come to find that a club has the highest mixture of the seven deadly sins.

In one night, Jungkook could watch a person walk into the place looking like they own it, to then drool over every ridiculously hot person that walks by them. Before moving onto the bar to down six shots and a bottle of beer, before confronting one of the hot patrons. Of which results in them raging over the fact someone has the audacity to turn down their advances and ultimately seeing them end the night passed out in the back of a cab.

Jungkook’s on his third round of glass collecting, tray almost half full once more, when his eyes land on a scene in the center of the dance floor that has both his blood boiling and heart aching at the same time.

Taehyung is dancing sinfully under the flashing lights, lithe body swaying his hips practically hypnotically in time to the heavy bass. Jungkook hadn’t had the opportunity to admire how fucking long his legs were whilst Taehyung was sat at the bar. They look as if they go on for days, wrapped in skinny grey jeans, that pull so tight across his ass that it has Jungkook’s mouth watering.

What Jungkook initially thought was a shirt buttoned across the upper half of Taehyung’s body, is in fact a midnight blue crop with a shirt collar and a few fake buttons. It’s tight and long in the sleeves, but cutting off just bellow his ribs to reveal a plane of golden skin that Jungkook wants to run his lips over.

Taehyung’s hands are in his hair, mussing it up as he moves, lips hanging open and eyes shut as he looses himself to the music. It would have his heart panging in desperate need, in unwavering want, if only he wasn’t feeling so irritated by the fact Taehyung isn’t alone. There are hands running down his body, fingers dipping below the hem of his jeans and a pair of lips hot against his neck.

Jungkook doesn’t like it.

His two conflicting emotions are running hot through his veins and ringing in his ears and before he can calm himself down he’s acting on them. Jungkook abandons the tray at one of the tables, eyes locked onto Taehyung’s face as if it’s his saving grace. There’s a happier smile across his lips as opposed to the one he had worn as he walked away from Jungkook. Taehyung is licking his lips delectably at the touch of the stranger behind him, squirming a little as one of the man’s unworthy hands moves it’s way up Taehyung’s chest towards his neck…

Jungkook comes to a startling stop, anger sobered by the fact that maybe Taehyung wants this. He’d pushed Taehyung away for a reason, after all. Crushed his advances when the guy had literally offered himself on a silver platter to Jungkook. It’s only right that Taehyung would search out what he’s looking for in someone else. Someone that’s clearly not Jungkook.

What in the hell is he doing? Storming his way over like a hotheaded child who’s caught someone playing with his new favorite toy. He runs a hand through his hair, counting backwards from ten to try and curb this new feeling that’s coursing through his veins. He’s never been possessive of anything in his life; he’s never had the privilege to be able too.

He’s about ready to turn his back on the sight, swallow what he thinks can only be described as jealousy and hope that Taehyung gets exactly what he’s been looking for in the likes of the guy behind him. When his eyes finally land on the face of the man that’s got himself wrapped around Taehyung.

Jungkook has been introduced to so many different faces ever since he’s come to be owned by Kang and Choi. Names flung at him left right and center, but never being able to stick in his head. He struggles to put a face to a name countless times over, and is more than thankful that in this world people want him to be seen and not heard. But there’s no way he would ever forget the face of any gangster he’s had the misfortune of meeting.

So there’s no way in hell, he’s going to let the likes of one of Choi’s lapdogs steal away the very person Jungkook has ever felt anything towards. There’s no way he’s going to let this dark world he’s falling ever deeper into, take away the only hope he’s ever reached out for. Not when he has the ability to stop it.

He feels possessed again, body moving as if animated by another, angrier being, as he storms his way through the crowed once more. He’s harsher as he shoves his way through, not even sparing a glance at those that complain to him, because his eyes are focused purely on the disgusting gangster that’s tainting an angel in human form.

Neither of them see Jungkook coming, not until it’s too late and Jungkook’s ripped the gangster’s hands so harshly away from Taehyung’s body, it has the guy stumbling backwards.

“What the fuck?” He shouts, voice so loud it pitches above the loud volume of the music and has nosy heads turning their way.

Jungkook can feel hot, angry breath pushing it’s way out of his lungs and his face pulling into a stony expression. “Get outta here.” He barks back, pushing the gangster further away from Taehyung.

“Kookie?” Taehyung asked, voice wrung with surprise.

The gangster cocks an eyebrow at him, confused but not entirely threatened. “Do I know you?”

Jungkook scoffs. “I don’t associate myself with the likes of you.” He grabs Taehyung’s wrist, pulling the man quickly behind him. “Fuck off now, before I make you fuck off.” He adds and it has Jungkook squaring his shoulders in as much of an intimidating posture he can muster.

The gangster smirks, eyes flicking to Taehyung before back to him. “I see, he your bitch?”

Jungkook has never seen red so quickly in all his life. His hands are moving as if he’s a puppet on a string and one minute he’s staring at the gangster on equal footing, and the next the guy is sprawled out on the floor, clutching at his nose. He can see scarlet blood trickle through the gaps in the gangster’s fingers, and there’s a lump forming in Jungkook’s throat.

Did he just do that?

He’s not sure if he’s impressed or terrified with himself. But before he can come to a conclusion, he can feel something sharply tugging at his wrist.

“Move your perfect ass, tough guy.” Taehyung quips, yanking so forcefully on Jungkook’s arm it could potentially be pulled out of its socket.

Jungkook tears his eyes away the bloody nosed gangster, right into the large glassy blue orbs that are shimmering excitedly in his direction. There’s a wild look in Taehyung’s eyes that promise something deliciously taboo to Jungkook that he wants nothing more than to indulge in it.

Jungkook gives a stiff nod before allowing himself to be lead through the crowed by the blonde, whose grip is so tight around his wrist now that it could probably bruise. Taehyung’s shoulders are broad in the midnight blue crop, there’s glistening sweat collecting at the nape of hi neck and Jungkook and there’s an urgency in the way he’s moving that Jungkook just wants to get caught up in.

His head feels foggy in the aftermath of what’s just happened, he can feel a slight chill in the air of the club, and awkward silence over the ever loudly thumping music – but Jungkook doesn't care. He allows himself to be dragged along by Taehyung; wanting nothing more to entangle their fingers properly and never let go.

His head finally clears when he realizes where they’re going, faces stripping past them as Taehyung makes a beeline for the male toilets. Jungkook twists his hand in Taehyung’s hold; stopping the man in his tracks and spinning him round to face him.

God he looks just as beautiful, if not more so, with the think layer of glistening sweat across his skin from his dancing indulgence. Jungkook would love nothing more than to lick it up, and run his tongue across Taehyung’s clavicles – but right now he needs to stay focused.

Because everyone working directly under Kang and Choi have been tasked with the same job.

“Did he give you anything?” Jungkook demands, grip tight on Taehyung’s wrist.

Taehyung cocks his head to one side. “No? I haven’t drunk anything since I was at the bar…”

Jungkook pushes himself close into Taehyung’s personal space, eyes searching past the blue contacts to double check. “Are you sure? He didn’t offer you a sip of his own drink or…”

Taehyung’s hands manage to slip their way out of Jungkook’s grasp to find purchase at the side of Jungkook’s face. “I’m fine, Kookie.”

And it’s like Jungkook’s finally taking in a breath of fresh air after being stuck underground for so long. He can feel his shoulders slump and muscles relax under Taehyung’s reassurance and all his anger melts away in the wake of the warmth flooding his chest.

“Thank fuck.” He practically whispers on an exhale. He can feel himself nuzzle closer to Taehyung’s palms, and he knows he should be berating himself for it – but fuck does the tactile comfort feel so good.

Taehyung looks worried, teeth gnawing into his bottom lip. “What’s got you so rattled?”

“Nothing.” Jungkook spits quickly, but it doesn’t even convince himself.

Taehyung’s fingers dance lightly over Jungkook’s raw cheek and it has Jungkook holding his breath. “This wasn’t here earlier.”

“Told you I was trouble, baby.” Jungkook replies, and it has just the desired affect he wanted.

Taehyung flutters his eyelashes, taking in a deep steadying breath. “You can’t do that to me, bunny boy.”

Jungkook is smirking, living for the way in which Taehyung’s warm palms are pressed gently to his face. “Do what?”

Taehyung shoots him a hooded look, tongue darting out to lick at his dry lips. “You know exactly what.”

Jungkook wants to argue that no; he doesn’t know what he’s doing in the slightest. Because he’s following a strange new emotion so blindly you’d think he was insane.

“Do I?” Jungkook mutters, eyes lost in Taehyung’s intense stare and body melting under his feather light touch.

Taehyung’s fingers dance down from the apples of Jungkook’s cheeks, dusting cautiously over his lips as if asking for permission for something that Jungkook would be more than willing to give him.

Jungkook is leaning into the touch, face inching closer and closer to Taehyung’s that soon his spicy floral scent is consuming his senses. There’s only Taehyung’s fingers separating their lips, and it’s maddeningly too far apart for Jungkook’s liking.

“Just fuck me, bunny boy.” Taehyung breathes into the space between them and this time it leaves no coherent thoughts for Jungkook to argue against.

He knows better than to get himself involved with someone who he holds more emotion for than just lust. Knows that he’s walking a dangerous path that could potentially push him over the edge – right off the tightrope he’s been struggling to balance on, not even knowing how far he’ll fall.

But if it means he gets to drown himself in Taehyung, bask in his warmth and take advantage of his kindness, then Jungkook is willing to fall.

“Not here.” Jungkook replies, before he’s slowly pulling away from their close proximity and tangling their hands together.



“Is this a closet?” Taehyung asks, eyes darting quickly round the room before landing back on Jungkook.

All confidence that had been flooding through Jungkook is suddenly melting away to leave nothing but self-conscious worry. “Y-yeah, is it okay?” Jungkook’s pretty certain that this room used to be a storage room before it was turned into the employee closet.

There’s silver racks lining the sides of the rooms, with barely any coats on them considering the employee count is so small, and there’s one grey couch that looks as though it’s really on it’s last legs. The walls are painted an off-white, tinged slightly yellow from years of harsh fluorescents shining on them and there are no windows. It’s actually a pretty depressing room, with the only thing decent about it being the fluffy navy carpet that was fitted only a few days ago.

Taehyung chuckles. “You really are cute.”

Jungkook can feel the blush spreading across his cheeks. “M’not cute.”

Taehyung is stepping closer to him, a playful smirk tugging at his beautiful lips. “Yeah you are.” He counters. “Look even cuter with a blush to your cheeks.”

Jungkook turns his head away from Taehyung’s pinning gaze, feeling his blush spread down his neck. “I told you, there’s nothing cute about me.”

“Prove it.” Taehyung challenges.

Suddenly everything is moving all too fast and yet not fast enough. Jungkook has Taehyung pinned up against the wall, arms caging him in as their lips lock together. Their kiss is far too passionate and brash to hold any finesse, all tongue and teeth, but Jungkook thinks it’s the most perfect thing in the world.

Taehyung is so pliant, so giving, mouth opening easily and willingly for Jungkook as he swipes his tongue across the elder’s lip. He tastes like whisky and grapes, sweet and sour all at the same time and Jungkook thinks it’s the most delicious thing he’s ever tasted. There are breathily little whines leaving Taehyung’s mouth in between kisses, his hands clinging tightly in Jungkook’s hair and pulling the younger closer to him.

Jungkook is the first to break away, the need to taste more of Taehyung overwhelming all his common sense. His lips trail away from Taehyung’s lips and across his jaw, sucking and licking as he goes. Taehyung sounds amazing, deep voice whimpering through ragged breaths as he pushes his body closer to Jungkook’s.

“Kookie….Kookie…” Taehyung whispers, over and over like prayer.

Jungkook grins into the skin at the base of Taehyung’s neck. “Still think I’m cute, baby?” He asks, before sinking his teeth into the pretty golden skin. Taehyung lets out a loud gasp, hands tightening in Jungkook’s chestnut locks. He continues to suck the mark into Taehyung’s skin, soothing the sting away with his tongue when he’s done. He pulls back to admire the beautifully blossoming mark, the dark red contrasting so well against the golden skin that Jungkook just wants to mark the man up more. “Beautiful.” He comments smugly.

“Kookie.” Taehyung whines, body wriggling in Jungkook’s confinement and mouth pulling into a cute pout.

“What do you want baby?” Jungkook asks against his skin, moving to the other side of his neck. “Tell me.” He demands, voice so low he can feel it echoing in his chest.

“I-I told you…” Taehyung begins, voice hitching on a sharp inhale as Jungkook goes about marking the other side of Taehyung’s neck.

“Well, I just can’t remember.” Jungkook teases, before licking over the second hickey. Fuck, Taehyung really looks good with Jungkook’s marks marring up his flawless skin.

Taehyung batters Jungkook’s shoulder lightly. “T-tease.” He complains, voice coming out so hard and harsh it sounds like he’s run a marathon.

Jungkook pulls away from Taehyung’s skin to look the man in the eye. He looks so wrecked already, pupils blown wide and lips swollen and red raw from where his teeth are worrying at them. Taehyung’s hands find purchase on Jungkook’s shoulders, squeezing just ever so lightly.

Jungkook pulls Taehyung’s teeth out of his lip with a thumb on the man’s jaw. He probably looks almost as wrecked as the man before him does, but he can’t find it anywhere in himself to care. “You’re so sensitive, baby.”

“Then why don’t you fucking do something about it?” Taehyung asks somewhere between a wine and a demand.

Jungkook chuckles, hand cupping Taehyung’s jaw. “But you haven’t told me what you want.” Taehyung has another whine on his lips, but Jungkook is silencing him – meshing their lips together once more in a heated kiss that brings a beautiful flush to the apples of Taehyung’s cheeks. “I wanna hear you say it again.” Jungkook adds pulling away to let Taehyung catch his breath.

“I want – need you to fuck me, Jungkookie. Right now. Fuck me, please.” Taehyung demands, a desperate plea in his voice that Jungkook is so incredibly weak for.

“Anything you want, Baby.” Jungkook agrees, hands flying out to deftly unbutton Taehyung’s crop top. He can see Taehyung’s hand’s reaching for buttons Jungkook hasn’t gotten to yet, the desperation and urge flooding through both of them so completely.

Jungkook’s mouth finds itself against Taehyung’s skin again once the offending fabric of his crop top is removed. He’s trailing open mouthed kissed across the gold planes of his chest, hands smoothing across skin his lips have yet to touch. Taehyung feels so warm, tastes so sweet and the noises he’s making sound so fucking heavenly. Jungkook can feel himself drowning the last of his sanity in Taehyung – but fuck he’s glad to do so.

Taehyung’s fingers are working at the button of his grey jeans, shaking as he does but Jungkook doesn’t seem to mind. He takes one of Taehyung’s nipples into his mouth, sucking on the bud and making Taehyung arch into the touch.

“Fuck, Kookie.” Taehyung whines, hands flopping to his side unable to concentrate on the task he had once been trying to do.

“Take your pants off.” Jungkook orders – his voice so unlike its usual pitch as it rasps out deep and domineering. Taehyung full body shivers as he brings unsteady fingers back to the button of his jeans. Jungkook hums a “Good boy.” Before his mouth closes around Taehyung’s other nipple.

Taehyung tries his hardest to shimmy out of the offensively tightly jeans whilst Jungkook has his mouth suckled to his chest. He’s whining and wriggling impatiently in Jungkook’s hold and eventually Jungkook takes pity on him. In a swift move, he has Taehyung’s jeans and underwear pooling around his ankles, finally freeing Taehyung’s hard dick from it’s tight confinements.

Jungkook takes a moment to appreciate the image of a nude Taehyung, flushed golden and red against the wall. With every second Jungkook finds himself swooning more and more under the beauty that Taehyung holds. He’s enchanted by Taehyung’s flawless golden skin, his bleached blonde hair as it falls disheveled around his face, and his large glassy eyes that glitter with a fiery need that Jungkook can feel in his very soul.

“Fuck, you’re so beautiful.” Jungkook praises in pure awe.

Taehyung smirks, running his hands teasingly slow down his chest, thumbs brushing daintily over his nipples and making him shudder. “Why don’t you get over here and appreciate me, then?”

Jungkook would never be able to deny Taehyung that.

Jungkook drops to his knees hands running up Taehyung’s long legs and fingertips pushing into the flesh of the man’s thighs. “I’d love nothing more than to appreciate you for days.” Jungkook explains, lips pressing chastely at Taehyung’s hips. “Fuck, you’re the most gorgeous creature I’ve ever laid eyes on.”

Taehyung scoffs, “Must not have seen many people.”

Jungkook shoots him a quick glare and pushes just a little rougher into the meat of Taehyung’s thighs. “You’re beautiful and you know it.”

Taehyung is smirking coyly. “Hmmm, what makes you think that?”

“Because you managed to get me on my knees for you with very little persuasion.” Jungkook comments.

Taehyung’s lips are as red as his cheeks as he pulls them into a cheeky smirk. “Touché.” He agrees, fingers pushing Jungkook’s chocolate brown locks away from his face. “But now that I have you on your knees, what are you gonna do?”

“Whatever you want me to.”

“Then wrap those pretty little lips around my dick, and stop being such a goddamn tease.”

“What a bossy baby.”

Taehyung’s fingers grip tightly in Jungkook’s hair and pull ever so demandingly. “I’m a go getter.” He corrects with a dark glint in his eye that has Jungkook shivering this time. “Now show me what else your sassy little mouth can do.”

Jungkook chuckles before he brings one of his hands to wrap at the base of Taehyung’s dick. He swirls his fingers around it feather light, breath ghosting hot over the tip of Taehyung’s dick in such a way, that it has the elder pulling harder on Jungkook’s hair. His grip stings, but it’s a sting that has hot arousal pooling in his gut and a need sizzling under his skin. Who knew he’d be so fucking turned on by hair pulling?

He licks a fat strip up the underside of Taehyung’s dick before taking the tip into his mouth and suckling on it. The noises that accompany his ministrations are like music to his ears – he’s never been more turned than he has in the wake of such a vocal partner. Especially when said partner’s voice sounds so fucking sinful.

He removes the tip from his mouth, tongue darting out to kittenishly lick at Taehyung’s slit, lapping up the precum that’s gathered there. Taehyung’s knees are shaking and Jungkook’s hands find purchase on his hips in a tight hold to keep him steady.

He can tell Taehyung has a complaint on his tongue, hands tugging Jungkook’s face closer and closer to his dick by his hair, and Jungkook can’t find it in himself to tease the man anymore. He suckles on the tip once more, then ever so slowly sinks lower and lower on Taehyung’s dick. Jungkook can hear a chocked moan on Taehyung’s tongue as his mouth finally hits the base of the elder’s dick. Taehyung’s long, longer than Jungkook anticipated as he swallows around the length that’s nudging the back of his throat.

He’s pinning Taehyung’s hips against the wall to stop the man from bucking into his mouth and Taehyung has both hands clinging desperately into his hair. “K-kook-“ Taehyung practically sobs.

Jungkook pulls back halfway, enjoying the way Taehyung’s dick feels heavy on his tongue, and starts bobbing his head. He wants to taste him, wants to know whether Taehyung’s cum is just as sweet as everything else about him. In fact, he’s pretty adamant on finding out as he swirls his tongue around the tip and then takes Taehyung wholly back into his mouth again.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck.” Taehyung chants, and Jungkook feels a flare of pride in his chest that he’s the one making Taehyung feel so good. Fuck, he’s never been so fucking turned on in all his life. He swallows around the length once more, nose buried in Taehyung’s neatly trimmed pubic hair and relishes in the long deep moan the elder lets echo round the room.

“Stop, Kookie, stop.” Taehyung pants, practically pulling the younger off him like he’s just been burnt. There’s a deep pout on Jungkook’s lips as he looks up at Taehyung, irritated that he didn’t get to finish of what he’d started. “Don’t look at me like that, I’d have cum straight down your throat if you’d carried on.”

Jungkook licks his lips, tasting precum and spit. “Maybe that’s what I wanted.”

Taehyung groans, wiggling against the wall and Jungkook smirks as he stands to his feet. Taehyung grabs at the neck of Jungkook’s T and pulls him in for another heated kiss. Fuck, Taehyung’s lips are so soft, tongue warm as it licks into Jungkook’s mouth. They pull away, Jungkook biting gently into Taehyung’s swollen bottom lip.

“Stay right here, while I get the necessities.” Jungkook orders, as he slowly pulls himself away from Taehyung’s warmth.

Taehyung wines petulantly. “What necessities?” He complains.

Jungkook throws a smirk over his shoulder as he locates where he had slung his backpack earlier. He finds it hiding behind the couch and is quick to dig around for what he’s looking for. He wants nothing more than to rile Taehyung up more, leave him whining and writhing against the wall to make him even more needy. But there’s that strong magnetic tug in his gut that is pulling Jungkook towards Taehyung like the man is his very source of life.

He waves the bottle of lube and a condom packet in the air triumphantly before he hurries back over to a not so patiently waiting Taehyung. Jungkook chuckles before he leans in and kisses the pout off his lips.

“Be a good boy now.” Jungkook teases, pulling away from Taehyung just to place the condom packet between his lips. Taehyung doesn’t need to be told twice as he holds the condom securely in his mouth and takes the bottle of lube from Jungkook’s hand.

Jungkook quickly pops open the button of his black jeans before clasping the hem of his black T in his hands and pulling it over his head. He hisses as he does, there’s something stabbing into the side of his chest that feels an awful lot like the makings of a dark bruise.

He throws the T to the ground, shaking off his pained expression, only to lock eyes with a wide eyed and worried looking Taehyung.

“Tae…” Jungkook begins, but Taehyung’s hands are already ghosting gently over Jungkook’s chest and abs and it cuts his comment off snappily.

Jungkook spares a glance down at his torso to see that the skin is covered with large purple and red bruises. A look that’s not entirely new to him, his skin has never been, and will never be, as flawlessly untouched as Taehyung’s and it’s never bothered him before. But in the light of the current situation, Jungkook can’t feel anything other than disgust towards his own skin.

The condom packet falls from Taehyung’s mouth and the bottle of lube drops haphazardly to the floor as Taehyung’s gentle fingers caresses over the bruises. “Oh, Jungkookie…” He whispers, lips pressing feather light against his purpling skin. “Jungkookie…” He repeats between every gentle kiss and every soothing touch. The kindness makes Jungkook’s stomach curl, disgusted in the way that someone so pure and so wonderful as Taehyung would be so saddened by someone as worthless as Jungkook.

“Stop.” Jungkook asks, but it sounds more like a plea than a request.

Taehyung is quick to pull his hands away, eyes worryingly snapping up to Jungkook. “Does it hurt?”

“Not in the way you think.”

Taehyung looks like he wants to push the topic just a little further, but he clearly thinks better of it. He pinches Jungkook’s hips lightly and says; “Go sit on the couch.”

Jungkook does as he’s told, slipping his jeans and boxers to his ankles and stepping out of them as he goes.

“Fuck, you really do have such a great ass.” Taehyung comments from behind him.

Jungkook smirks over his shoulder before he plops himself down on the couch. “How do you want this?” Taehyung is smirking devilishly and it has the hairs on the back of Jungkook’s neck stand on end. There’s a heady bubbling of anticipation running through him and he darts his tongue out to wet his lips. He saunters over to the couch, eyes hungrily eyeing up Jungkook’s crotch as he does and Jungkook instinctively wraps a hand around his own dick.

“You’re going to sit there, all nice and pretty for me and watch as I fuck myself open for you.” He explains once he comes to stand between Jungkook’s open legs. “And then I’m gonna ride you.”

Jungkook lets a little moan out of his own, head thrown back on the couch as he watched Taehyung through hooded eyes. “Fuck, yes. Yes, lets do that.”

Taehyung runs his hands down Jungkook’s thighs, humming appreciatively. His touch feels scorching hot against Jungkook’s skin, fingers dancing dangerously close to where Jungkook needs them to be, but staying at a safe distance. “These thighs.” Taehyung comments, digging his finger tips into the flesh.

“What about them?”

“I think I love them more than your arms, and your face.”

“That sounds like a thigh kink, Tae baby.”

Taehyung cocks an eyebrow. “Thigh enthusiast.” He corrects before he’s straddling himself across Jungkook’s lap. He wiggles a little to get comfortable before dropping the condom packet on the couch next to them. He pushes the bottle of lube against Jungkook’s chest and holds his fingers out for him. “If you would, kind sir.” He winks.

Jungkook sniggers, shaking his head as he pours ample amounts of lube on Taehyung’s fingers. “Make it quick.” He complains as Taehyung reaches behind himself

“Can’t rush perfection.” Taehyung quips before sinking his teeth into his bottom lip.

Jungkook really wishes that he could see the way in which Taehyung fucks himself open. He can only imagine just how deep that man’s longer fingers can get, and is letting out a little moan at the image of Taehyung’s fingers being swallowed up by his whole.

Taehyung is a whimpering mess, fingers of his free hand digging in a vice like grip into Jungkook’s shoulders. “That’s one.” He stutters between breathy in hails.

Jungkook runs his hands up and down Taehyung’s arms encouragingly. “Think you can add another?”

“O-of course.” Taehyung moans. “This isn’t my first rodeo.”

Jungkook smirks, “Even with fingers up your ass, you’re mouth is still witty.”

Taehyung huffs. “I’m nothing if not witty, honey.” The quip is finished with a long moan before Taehyung’s dropping his head to rest on Jungkook’s shoulder. Clearly, the man’s at two fingers now and Jungkook’s dick twitches in anticipation.

Jungkook can’t sit idle much longer, the overwhelming need to touch and taste this ethereal in front of him is controlling all of his thoughts and senses. He tangles a hand in Taehyung’s hair, yanking his head at a better angle before he’s attaching his lips against golden sick.

“W-what are you, a-a vampire?” Taehyung moans. Jungkook just hums against his skin before liking his way up to his ear.

He takes Taehyung’s lobe in his mouth and nibbles on it. “I’m only hungry for you.” He whispers in Taehyung’s ear, and it results in a full body shiver running through the man. “Add a third.”

“N-now who’s bossy?”

Jungkook’s hand leaves Taehyung’s hair, gliding down soft, smooth skin until it finds purchase on a globe of Taehyung’s ass. “Someone who’s dick is in serious need of attention.” Jungkook remarks before digging his fingers into Taehyung’s soft ass and needing it.

Taehyung nods, clearly complying if the chocked moan that escapes his mouth is anything to go by. “C’mon, baby, fuck yourself for me.” Jungkook whispers into his ear again, free hand slipping down to the other side of Taehyung’s ass and spreading it wide.

“Fuck.” Taehyung pants, fingers picking up their rhythm and whines falling unbidden past his lips. “Get ready.” He warns, pulling himself up to a seated position, teeth back to worrying his ridiculously swollen lips.

Jungkook reaches for the lube he’d discarded next to the condom and wastes no time slicking himself up. He hisses at the touch, dick twitching happily at the attention it’s been so sorely lacking. He could easily just jerk himself off to the wonderful sight of Taehyung fucking himself and the heavenly noises that come with it. But the prospect of getting to be inside this man over rides all his other urges and has him rolling on the condom as quick as a flash.

He places his hands on either side of Taehyung’s hips, grip bruising as he does. “Ready, baby?”

“God, yes.” Taehyung whines, removing his fingers on a whimper and placing his knees more securely on either side of Jungkook’s thighs.

Taehyung raises his hips, one hand resting on Jungkook’s shoulder, the other reaching for the younger’s dick to line up with his hole, and Jungkook finds himself holding his breath.

Taehyung slips down agonizingly slowly with a small smirk playing on his lips that’s clearly payback for all Jungkook’s teasing. Jungkook can’t find it in himself to complain though – because Taehyung is so tight and so warm and it’s sending a wave of euphoric pleasure crashing through his body. His head is thrown back against the couch once more; mouth open in a silent ‘O’ as he takes everything that Taehyung gives him.

“Y-you good, b-bunny boy?” Taehyung asks on a hiccup as he bottoms out.

Jungkook nods through gritted teeth, using all his restraint to stop himself from just bucking up into Taehyung’s warm heat and taking him for all he’s worth.

“You good baby?”

Taehyung leans down and plants a messy kiss to Jungkook’s lips. It poses as a good distraction in keeping Jungkook’s hips at bay, but his hands are tightening even harder around Taehyung’s hips.

“So, so good.” Taehyung moans as he pulls away, resting his forehead against Jungkook’s. For emphasis, Taehyung teasingly circles his hips and it has Jungkook choking on a whimper of his own.

Taehyung raises his hips slowly until Jungkook’s dick is only half sheathed before he’s lowering his hips back down again. The pace is agonizingly slow, throwing Jungkook’s mind into a frenzy and there’s a thin layer of sweat coating his forehead as he tries to keep himself in check.

“Faster.” Jungkook begs.

Taehyung groans. “Anything you want, Kookie.” He responds before slamming his hips back down to meet Jungkook’s.

Jungkook chokes on a moan, head thrown back again as the pace is all so suddenly, yet all so wonderfully, sped up. Taehyung keeps a good rhythm, hands smoothing down the planes of Jungkook’s arms to steady himself.

“So tight.” Jungkook moans.

“So big.” Taehyung whimpers.

Jungkook’s head feels so fogged, so clouded that he’s not sure what the hell he’s supposed to do. There’s only the need to fuck and to be utterly consumed by all things Taehyung that’s ringing in his mind. He feels like he’s drowning, gasping for air that only Taehyung can give him and it’s both completely overwhelming and utterly terrifying at the same time.

He can feel Taehyung’s legs quivering around him; the man clearly over exerted, and it has Jungkook letting out a low growl. He’s not sure where he seems to find the strength to do so, or where he even finds the courage. But the next thing Jungkook knows, his hands have slipped from Taehyung waist, wrapped themselves around his thighs and he’s hoisted the two of them up off the couch.

“Kookie!” Taehyung chokes a the sensation the new, deeper angle brings.

Jungkook pushes Taehyung’s back against the wall, pinning him tightly in place and sets a new brutal pace that reduces Taehyung into a quivering, whimpering mess. Taehyung’s hole clenches around Jungkook on a particularity deep and hard thrust, the man’s finger nails scrapping across Jungkook’s back and a high pitched wail spilling from his red lips.

“There, there!” Taehyung pleads.

Jungkook smirks, angle his hips in the same fashion again. “There?”

Taehyung lets out another high whine, fingernails digging so tight into Jungkook’s skin now they’re probably drawing blood. “Yes, yes! Please, Kookie, please…” He sobs, head lolling onto Jungkook’s shoulder.

Jungkook is nothing if not giving, and he pistons his hips harder and faster, aiming for that little bundle of nerves that’s reducing Taehyung into such a filthy mess in his arms. Everything about the situation is filthy, from the sound of skin slapping against skin, heavy breaths and high whines and the incoherent blabbering and pleas tumbling their way out of Taehyung’s mouth. But Jungkook is intoxicated by every second of it.

He feels hot, everything is too much and too close and yet he feels distant at the same time. The heat that’s been pooling in his stomach is winding tight like a coil and he knows he’s not going to last much longer. But he wants nothing more than for this moment to last forever. He wants to stay linked to this extraordinary person for as long as he can be allowed. The prospect of losing the connection they’ve made weighs heavily on him and Jungkook really doesn’t like it.

“C-close…” Taehyung chokes, throwing his head back against the wall. His body feels limp in Jungkook’s bruising grip; jelly like as he’s bounced on Jungkook’s dick. His eyes are pinched in pleasure and there’s a slack smirk playing at his lips. “M’close…”

Jungkook grunts. “Yeah? Gonna come for me pretty baby?”

Taehyung whines, body clearly wound too tight and the pet name pushes him over the edge. His body goes ridged in Jungkook’s hold, fingers digging tight into Jungkook’s shoulders and legs wrapping tightly around Jungkook’s waist. There’s a silent cry on his pretty red lips, eyes slammed shut and blonde hair ruffled up against the wall. His cum paints the small space between them, strings of it landing on the golden planes of Taehyung’s skin the white cum practically shimmering against the golden skin.

He looks so beautiful and it twists something painful and foreign in Jungkook’s gut.

Taehyung’s hole tightens around Jungkook, the wonderful new tightness all too much for the younger to bare and he finds himself chasing his own climaxing moments after Taehyung. In three more sharp thrusts, he’s spilling into the condom – Taehyung limp like a ragdoll in his arms as Jungkook milks his high for all it’s worth.

He can hear Taehyung whimpering as he does, clearly over sensitive, but the elder is too exhausted to do much about it. His head is flopped against Jungkook’s shoulder once more, lips lazily pressing into the skin there as Jungkook comes down from his high.

“A-amazing.” Taehyung comments once they’re both trying to catch their breathes after their highs. “10/10, would bang again.”

Jungkook feels like his knees could give out at any second, his mind is flooding with so many thoughts and emotions that it’s draining him for all energy he has left. His head is buried in the nape of Taehyung’s neck and he can smell strawberries hidden under the floral, spicy fragrance of his cologne.

Taehyung pats his chest gently, “As much as I love you dick, Kookie, you’re gonna have to pull out eventually and let me down.”

Jungkook nuzzles his head against Taehyung’s neck further, his weak arms wrapping just a little tighter as both his body and his mind refuse to let the man go. He’ll fall if he does – right off the tightrope into the endless black hole under him.

“H-hey, you okay?” Taehyung asks, voice clearly laced with concern. It settles harshly in his stomach, makes his skin crawl and his eyes itch. He’s known Taehyung for all of a couple hours, yet here he is on the verge of crying over losing touch with a one-night stand.

Taehyung pushes kisses into the skin of his shoulder once more, hands running soothingly down his arms. “If you let me down, we can cuddle?”

Jungkook scoffs, what kind of causal fuck even is this? “Cuddling, really?”

“I like cuddling.”

“I don’t.”

“That’s because you haven’t cuddled with me.” Taehyung places one last kiss to the juncture of Jungkook’s neck and shoulder. “Let me down, Kook. We can’t stay like this forever.”

The words hurt more spoken aloud then they do flittering through his mind.



Taehyung doesn’t even give them time to get dressed. As soon as he’s placed back on his wobbling knees, he grabs Jungkook by the hand and pulls him into a koala tight hug on the couch.

“You’re covered in cum.” Jungkook grouses as Taehyung curls up on his side next to Jungkook. Jungkook can feel the sticky drying cum against his side as he lies on his back, but really he doesn’t mind all that much.

Taehyung grins against his neck, arms looped around his torso. “Thanks for that, by the way.”

Jungkook’s cheeks feel flushed and he wants to kick himself. What’s he getting all embarrassed about now? “Your welcome.” He mumbles.

Silence falls between them then, their breathing still labored and Jungkook tries his hardest to detach himself. He’s gotten too close to all this, too close to Taehyung and it’s not healthy for him. Not when he knew from the start all he was going to get from this was a quick fuck before they part ways.

Taehyung’s fingers are tracing patterns on the skin of his chest and it leaves the skin tingling as he does. “You wanna talk about it?”

“About what?” Jungkook snaps back a little too quickly and a little too harshly.

Taehyung doesn’t seem to mind, or if he does he doesn’t react to it. “Whatever’s eating away at you.”

Jungkook shrugs. “Nope.”

“I didn’t take your virginity did I?” Taehyung asks.

Jungkook’s eyes are wide in mortification; neck craning down to shoot Taehyung an astonished look. “Where the fuck did you get that notion?”

Taehyung wriggles, whining like a child. “You can’t blame me for thinking so. You’re young, and you seem to upset and I just…”

Jungkook scoffs. “I’ve had plenty of one night stands thanks.”

Taehyung scoffs this time. “Plenty?”

Jungkook can feel his cheeks redden. “Enough, at least.” He mumbles before bringing his hand down to slap against Taehyung’s thigh. “Stop that.”

“Stop what?”

“Being so un-awkward.”

Taehyung chuckles. “Un-awkward? You’re saying I should be awkward right now?”

“That’s how one night stands usually go.” Jungkook justifies.

Taehyung stills his hands. “You think this is a one night stand?”


Taehyung sighs, wriggling on the couch until he’s lying face to face with Jungkook. “That’s not how I work.”

Jungkook’s eyebrows furrow. “What do you mean?”

“I’m not a one-night kinda boy.” Taehyung wriggles his eyebrows.

Jungkook rolls his eyes. “Sure you’re not. You fucking every bartender in the city then?”

“Aish!” Taehyung exclaims whacking Jungkook’s shoulder. “Rude.”

Jungkook smirks. “To be honest, if I looked as hot as you, I’d be fucking my way through as many free drinks as I’m worth.” Taehyung smacks him again and Jungkook is giggling into his hand.

“You know,” Taehyung begins, leaning up to rest his head on his palm. “You should smile more.” Jungkook tenses. “Sometimes it’s hard to smile, life is a bitch after all. But to be able to find something to smile about something, even though the bad times, shows you have true strength.”

“Y-you sound like my teacher.” Jungkook whispers, mouth dry. He’s never liked it when someone’s told him to smile more, not even overly kind and caring Min-seonsaengnim. Because what the hell has he got to smile over? What in this unfair, fucked up life he’s been thrown into, does he have to smile about?

“Your teacher sounds like a good egg.” Taehyung winks.

“I don’t have anything to smile about.” Jungkook’s voice feels small.

Taehyung pushes Jungkook’s sweaty chocolate bangs from his forehead. “Then, I wanna make you smile.”

And there it is, a hand that Jungkook was certain would never extend his way.

“Y-you do?” He croaks, trying so hard to keep all his newfound emotions at bay.

Taehyung nods. “You’re really cute when you smile after all.”

Jungkook wriggles round to lie on his side, arms encasing around Taehyung and practically squeezing the life out of him. Jungkook nuzzles his face against Taehyung’s warm bare chest, and Taehyung giggles at the action. He runs his fingers through Jungkook’s chocolate locks and it sparks something in him that he’s never felt before in his life.

Or maybe he has felt like this before, a long, long time ago when he used to wake up early to watch the pastel vanilla sky chase away the dark confines of the night.

Peaceful, he feels peaceful.

“Give me your number?” Taehyung asks hopefully.

Jungkook sighs contently. “I don't have a phone.”

“Then I’ll give you mine.” Taehyung replies, hands still carding soothingly through his hair. “You can call me whenever you want, I always have my phone on me.”

“You promise you wont lose it?” Jungkook asks in such a small voice.

Taehyung chuckles. “If I do, I know where you work, bunny boy.”

Jungkook chuckles, the teasing nickname doing nothing more than filling his chest with more warmth, and he reaches out to lace his fingers with Taehyung’s spare hand.

He’s learnt by now, that he shouldn’t hold so much hope that someone will save him from the hell he’s in. He should know that people like him aren’t even worth saving.

But maybe, just maybe, he’ll let himself have hope that Taehyung will be different. Maybe Taehyung will be that someone to catch him as he falls.

He squeezes Taehyung’s hand, pulling it closer to his chest. The angle is awkward and a little painful – but Jungkook feels so calm. “Don’t let go.” He whispers.

“I wont.” Taehyung whispers back, and Jungkook thinks it sounds almost like a promise.