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Demons of the Apocalypse: The Eternal Cycle

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8:30 P.M

The sun was setting on another beautiful Summer day at Camp Daybreak, looking absolutely stunning over the magnificent Crystal Lake. 

11 and 12 year old best friends- Yuichirou (Yuu) Amane Hyakuya and Mikaela (Mika) Shindo Hyakuya were watching the sunset together against a tree overlooking the majestic body of water. With their shoulders touching, arms brushing against one another, fingers intertwined with other’s, Yuu’s head comfortably resting on Mika’s shoulders, the two boys were content as they blissfully watched the sunset for the evening

“Mika, the sunset is soo pretty today! Look how beautiful it looks over the lake and the trees!” The young raven haired boy exclaimed excitedly as he took in the gorgeous sight in front of him.

“You say that every night Yuu-chan!” The blonde snickered at his over-dramatic friend, since he and Yuu have been coming out to the lake every evening to watch the sunset.

“Do not!” The younger boy whined, turning his head to scowl at his best friend.

“Do too!” The older boy argued, flashing the other boy a teasing smile.

“Do not!” The raven haired child pouted, he slammed his hands onto his lap ever so dramatically.

“You’re such a child, Yuu-chan!” Mika smiled at his best friend and flicked his forehead.

“OUCH! OI! What was that for?!” Yuu frowned as he curled his hands into fists.

OI!” The blonde imitated his childhood friend as best as he could as he loved teasing the ravenette much to the younger boy’s chagrin. Mika found him to be so adorable and too precious, it’s hard not to want to tease Yuu when he reacts by making cute faces and his over the top expressions.

“Mi-Mi!!!” Yuu raised his voice, exclaiming loudly.

“Yu-Yu!!!” The blonde boy mocked the younger boy by imitating his voice again. The two stared at each other for a good minute before busting out in laughter. 

“Hahahahaha! You’re so adorable, Yuu!” Mika chuckled and pinched his friend’s cheeks.

“Haha, hey, knock it off! Haha, Mika!” Yuu couldn’t stop laughing as his best friend teased him. He loved it when Mika acted so affectionate towards him, as it made him feel warm and loved inside

Yuu and Mika have known each other since Yuu was born, and have been best friends ever since. The two have always been extremely close, even when they were babies

The first time Mika talked, was when his mom brought him over to Yuu’s house for a play date. He didn’t say mom, he didn’t say dad, the first word that came out of his mouth was“mine”, which he said when he first saw Yuu that day. Likewise, the first word Yuu said was “Mi-Mi”. 

The blonde and the ravenette are inseparable and have done everything together. Sports, playing video games, watching movies, pulling pranks on old people, going on family vacations with each other, riding bikes, etc. Everything a ten and eleven year old could do, they've done together

Besides the good times Mika and Yuu shared with each other, they’ve also endured some hardships as well. They’ve been through a lot together, even becoming each other’s pillar of strength after tragedy struck the two of them.

When their parents died in “freak accidents” 4 years ago, Mika and Yuu were taken to the Hyakuya orphanage to live. Instead of feeling sorry for themselves, the pair decided to make the best of their terrible situation. With each other as their support, Mika and Yuu were able to make it through the worst of it. They accepted what happened, and were able to move on. And they couldn’t have done it without each other.

During their time at the orphanage, the boys became even closer than they were before and became more reliant on each other. They learned to trust each other implicitly, and found comfort in each other. Mika and Yuu became so close, that the other kids in the orphanage thought they were dating.

Since then, Mika and Yuu have been adopted by two different families, but were still as close (probably even closer) as they were when they lived in the orphanage together. They even took the Hyakuya last name, as a remainder of everything they’ve been through together.

Mika and Yuu shared a bond that went beyond being best friends. Since the day Yuu was born, he and Mika have been attached by the hip. They didn't know what life would be like without the other, because they were always together. And that is something both boys hope will never change.

Yuu and Mika continued to horse around with each other until one of their cabin leaders- Akinori arrived to tell them to return to their cabin for the night.

“Mika! Yuu! It’s time to head back to the cabin for the night!” 

“Coming, senpai!” Mika replied back. The blonde boy has a habit of adding Japanese honorifics to people’s names. It makes sense, since he is part Japanese (his mother was Japanese, while his father was Russian).

“Yeah, yeah, we’re coming old man!” Yuu shouted rudely. While Mika is polite and curt (most of the time), Yuu is rude and brash.

“HEY! I told you that I’m only 16! I’m still a teenager, how can you call me an old man?” Their counselor lamely replied.

“Because you’re almost twice our age, sensei.” The blonde gave him an innocent smile and fist bumped his friend who was waiting to give him one. Even though Mika is polite and well mannered most of the time, he can be really snarky and sarcastic at times.

“Mikaela! You’re supposed to be on my side!” The red headed counselor whined, the poor teen was infamous for acting like a baby when things or conversations didn’t go his way.

“Sorry to break it to you, but I’ll always be on Yuu-chan’s side.”  Mika grinned. He intimately wrapped his arms around his best friend’s shoulders and rested his head right next to Yuu’s, causing the younger boy to blush. Yuu didn’t do anything to remove his best friend, since he enjoyed the physical contact with him.

“Whoa, TMI, my little buddies! Anyways, get your butts back to the cabin ASAP!” Akinori said hurriedly and ran off ahead of them. 

“Can you get off, now?” The younger boy shouted. He pushed the taller boy off of him, and just as the blonde was going to land butt first on the ground, he pulled Yuu down with him. The ravenette ended up in his lap, and scowled at him for making him fall too. The onyx haired boy got off his friend’s lap and the two helped each other to get back on their feet. They slowly strolled down the path together to their cabin, talking about the scavenger hunt they had today.

The camp held it’s monthly scavenger hunt today. Yuu, Mika, and their two other close friends- Akane and Daichi formed a team to compete against the others in a camp wide scavenger hunt. They were up against 10 other teams of 4 in their age division. They managed to win the grand prize, which is a rafting trip down the nearby river on Friday. 

“I still can’t believe that Akane stole the other team’s fishing rod!” Yuu grinned, as he thought how badass it was of his friend to take another team’s scavenger hunt item and get away with it!

“I know, right? Akane has a little devil inside her.” The blonde grinned mischievously.

“Don’t all girls have a little devil inside them?” The raven haired boy smirked, he didn’t know that much about girls (nor was he interested in learning more about them), but he did know that they can cause trouble.

“Haha! You’re right about that, Yuu-chan!” Mika chuckled. The two boys continued to talk about the scavenger hunt for the entire way until they reached the cabin.

“It’s about time you nerdzillas got back!” A young boy with light brown hair said irritatedly, he put his hands on his hips as he glared at his cabin mates.

“Nerdzilla? Is that a new one, Taichi? Did your baby sister come up with that one?” Yuu asked sarcastically, keeping a straight face as he mocked his cabin mate.

“She’s not a baby! She’s two years old… And umm, please don’t hurt me, Yuu-sama!” Taichi retreated back to his room with his head hung low, leaving Yuu and Mika by themselves. The pair knocked on Akinori’s and Toyotomi’s room to let them know they were back. Afterwards, they returned to their shared room, changed into their pajamas, washed up, and collapsed onto their respective beds.

“Hey Mika? Mi-Mi? Are you awake?” Yuu looked over to his best friend’s bed and called out to him.

“……………………..” Yuu received no response from the other boy who seemed to be fast asleep.

“Mikster, Mi-Mi, Mik-AAHHH!” Yuu was cut off when Mika suddenly leapt out of his bed and pounced on him, he started tickling his friend mercilessly.

“Hahahahaha! Mikahahahahahaha……. Stopahahahaha!!!!!” The raven haired boy giggled uncontrollably as his best friend tickled his sides. 

“Not a chance, you're so cute when you're like this!” The older boy grinned and continued tickling his beloved friend.

Eventually, the older boy pulled back and returned to his bed.

“Hey, can we sleep together tonight?” The younger boy asked. Whenever he and Mika roomed together, they always slept together in the same bed. It was something they have done since they were babies, and something they still do. 

“Yuu-chan, we do every night! What would make tonight any different?” The older boy grinned, and moved over to the right side of his bed to give Yuu some room to get in. The black haired boy joined his friend and pulled the covers over them once they were both settled in. The blonde wrapped himself around his best friend, pulling him to his chest. The blonde nuzzled the back of his best’s friend’s head, while the ravenette relaxed comfortably in his precious friend’s arms.

“G’night Mi-Mi.” The younger boy mumbled as he drifted off to sleep.

“Night Yuu…” The older boy whispered as he dozed off as well.







12:07 A.M


Mika woke up to the sound of his phone alarm going off. He quickly silenced it, and carefully climbed out of bed. He grabbed his lantern and got dressed, before quietly tiptoeing out of his room. 

The blonde managed to sneak out of the cabin without being caught. He swiftly trotted up the trail until he reached the large parade field and Dining Hall. 

Waiting for him on the deck of the dining hall was a tall, skinny man with pale skin, long silver hair that reached his hips, blood red eyes, and razor sharp fangs. He wore a suit, a long coat, thigh high boots and a cape. He was dressed like royalty

“Oh, there you are Mikaela! I was getting worried that you weren’t going to show up!” The fancy dressed man smiled at the young boy.

“Hello Ferid-san. I just overslept a little.” The blonde replied groggily, letting out a yawn after he finished speaking.

“Ahaha, it happens to even the best of us! So, have you thought about what we discussed?”

“Yes, I just have a couple of questions to ask you before I agree to anything.” The twelve year old stated, he eyed the silver haired man very cautiously as he spoke.

“Shoot. I’m all ears!”

“First, are you really from a different world?” Mika asked curiously, he was very skeptical of the pale man and his claims to be from the outside world. 

Mika and Yuu have always dreamed about exploring the vast universe with the rest of their friends. The pair used to always talk about traveling to all sorts of different worlds when they were younger. Though they haven’t spoken about it in years, Mika still yearns to go to the outside world. He knows that Yuu probably feels the same way as well, so he is determined to make their childhood dream become a reality.

What are the chances that he encounters someone from the outside world at summer camp of all places? It all seemed very suspicious for this weird man to show up out of nowhere, claim to be from a different world, and offer him his help to get to the outside world. It all seemed too good to be true.

“Why, yes, I am! I’m from one of the many worlds that lie in the cosmos! This universe is home to billions of different worlds. Yours and mine are just two pieces of an enormous puzzle.”

“I see… Now, can you answer me this? Are you a vampire? The fact that you can only meet at night, you have blood red eyes, and have pointy fangs makes me think you are.” The blonde asked bravely. He knows that he shouldn’t be asking someone he just met a few day ago such a blunt and personal question, but he was really curious to know.

Mika was fascinated with anything that had to do with the supernatural and fantasy. He’s read stories of vampires, but never did he thought in a million years that he would actually have the chance to meet one. He thought they only existed in fiction, never did he imagine encountering one for himself! 

The moment he first saw Ferid, he knew right away that he was a vampire. His abnormally pale skin, blood red eyes, and sharp teeth were all dead giveaways that he was a bloodsucker. He didn’t ask him if he was a vampire then, because they just met and it would be rude for him to ask a question like that to a stranger. Now after meeting with the pale man a couple of times, he felt like he couldn’t resist any longer and had to ask him.

“My, my, you sure have guts to be asking a question like that! And you’re smart too! I like that~! Yes, I am a vampire! And don’t believe in everything you hear from fairy tails! Vampires can roam freely in the daylight. I just prefer to meet you at night, when no one can bother us!”

“Okay then… Moving on, the crystal you want me to bring you to, will it really give my friends and I the power to travel to other worlds?”

“Yes, it will! You are so smart, Mikaela! That crystal, or Orbis Crystallus will allow you to traverse the universe as you please. I just need you to take me there so I can show you how to use it! You see, I can’t go there by myself and bring the crystal to you, since only a resident of this world is able to open the door to the crystal.” The silver haired man explained.

“OK, but why are you helping me? What do you hope to gain by helping a kid like me?” The blonde raised his right eyebrow suspiciously at the vampire.

Nothing. I don’t want anything at all. All I want is to to help you, my dear Mikaela!” Ferid replied as he reached out to caress the blonde’s face. Mika swallowed his pride and begrudgingly allowed the vampire to touch his face to appease him.

“O-Ok… I have one last question. You said that my friends can come with me, right?” The blonde asked, he wanted nothing more than to be able to travel the universe with his precious Yuu-chan and his other friends. If they couldn’t come with him, he rather not go at all.

“Yes, of course they can go with you! You can explore the entire universe with your friends to your little hearts’ contents, if you bring me to the crystal. The entire universe, will be your playground to do whatever you want!” Ferid grinned. Mika still didn't trust him, but at this point he was their key to getting to the outside world and he was going to take it.

“Fine…” Mika agreed to help the vampire, he reluctantly shook the pale man’s hand which was unsurprisingly cold.

“Excellent! On Saturday, meet me at the northern most side of the lake at midnight. And remember, you can’t tell anyone about what we discussed, the Crystals, me, everything stays a secret between us!” Ferid winked at the young boy, causing Mika to roll his eyes again.

“Alright. I’ll be going now. Goodnight, Ferid-san.” Mika bid the silver haired man goodbye and turned around to return to his cabin.

“Goodnight, my sweet Mikaela! I can hardly wait for our little rendezvous~!” The mysterious man said enthusiastically before vanishing into thin air.

Mika didn’t know what to think about Ferid. A part of him wanted to believe that the pale man was telling the truth, and was going to help him and his friends get to the outside world. However, the blonde’s gut was telling him that the vampire was bad news and should be avoided all together.

Luckily, Mika had a couple of days to think things through before his “rendezvous” with Ferid. He was going to have to decide whether or not he should even trust what the vampire told him. As much as he longed to see other worlds, his friends’ safety came first. And if he believed that Ferid was tricking them and luring them into danger, he would rather throw away the opportunity then risk the lives of his friends.

Mika made it back to his room without being caught and crept back into his bed without an issue. He quietly got under the covers and wrapped himself around his childhood friend. The younger boy didn’t move from before, so it was easy for Mika to reposition himself back around his friend.

“Goodnight Yuu-chan… I can’t wait until we can travel through the entire universe with each other.” The blonde whispered as he fell asleep for the rest of the night.





7:02 A.M

“Yuu-chan! Hey, it’s time to wake up, you log!” Mika said as he shook his best friend to wake him.

“Mika, five more minutes.” Yuu muttered tiredly, he clung onto the blanket and refused to move.

“No can do Yuu, we have to be at the dining at 7:30 and it’s already 7:02! You take forever to get ready, so get your butt up now! You don’t want to be late for breakfast!” Mika continued to shake his best friend, who absolutely refused to get up.

“I don’t care. Let me sleep.” The younger boy murmured, not making an effort to move at all. The blonde sighed and took things into his own hands, literally. His fingers attacked his best friend’s sides, gently tickling the sleepy boy. When Yuu doesn’t want to do something, the best way you can convince him to do it is to tickle him into submission. Mika, having known Yuu for his entire life, knows the ravenette’s weakness and will exploit it when necessary, or when he wants to see Yuu’s cute smile and laugh, because they always brightened Mika’s day.

“Mikahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!! Stopahahahahahahaha!!!!!!” The ravenette laughed hysterically as he tried to squirm out of his best friend’s tickle attack. Mika continued to tickle him, not letting up until he was out of bed.

“Not until you get your butt up and out of bed!” The blonde grinned and continued to tickle his friend mercilessly.

“Ok, hahahahaha, you haha win, I’ll haha get haha up!” Yuu said while still laughing uncontrollably. Mika finally stopped his tickle attack on his best friend, giving the raven haired boy the opportunity to retaliate and tickle him back. The dark haired boy sat up and began attacking his friend’s sides.

“Yu-Yu, stopahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!” Now it was Mika’s turn to laugh hysterically as Yuu tickled him.

“Not a chance!” The raven haired boy smiled wildly at his best friend, his fingers tickled the blonde’s sides, turning him into a laughing mess. Soon, Mika broke free of Yuu’s tickle assault and pulled him off the bed with him. He pushed him into their bathroom and closed the door.

“OI! LET ME OUT!” Yuu shouted obnoxiously while banging his fists against the door.

“Not until you wash up and get dressed! You also need to be out in ten minutes! If you’re not, I’ll sick Akane-san on you!” The blonde “threatened” him with getting Akane to bother him.

“Grr… You’re so mean, Mika! I thought you were always on my side!” The younger boy pouted, even though his friend couldn’t see him sulking.

“I am always by your side, and that’s why I’m sticking around to make sure you’re not late for breakfast!” Mika replied, adamant about Yuu washing up in time so they can make it to breakfast on time.

“Fine!” Yuu relented and began to wash up. After finishing up, he rejoined Mika who threw his clothes at him.

“OI! WHAT THE HECK WAS THAT FOR?!?!?!” Yuu exclaimed as his clothes collided with his face and fell on the floor.

“I picked out your clothes so you don’t have to take a million years to decide what you’re going to wear. Now get changed! I’ll be waiting for you outside!” Mika grabbed his day pack and exited the room. Yuu sighed and put on the clothes Mika chose for him. He was happy that he chose an outfit that he actually wanted to wear that day- a plain red t-shirt with a pair of dark blue tight fitting denim shorts. 

“Thanks Mika…” The ravenette muttered quietly, despite his protests earlier, he was happy that he has Mika there to wake him up and make sure he isn’t late. The older boy has always been there to make sure that Yuu was on time for things, and had everything he needed to tackle the day. He was so grateful to have someone amazing as Mika in his life. He would be lost without the older boy.

After changing into his clothes and grabbing his day pack, Yuu met up with Mika outside the cabin, and the two headed off to the dining hall. Luckily for them, they were able to make it on time. Akane and Daichi were waiting for them at their usual table with food.

“What’s up losers?” Yuu smirked as he greeted Akane and Daichi who were busy devouring their breakfast.

“Hey.” Mika exchanged morning greetings with his friends.

“Good morning Yuu-kun, good morning Mika-kun.” Daichi waved at his friends whom took their usual seats across from the other two.

“Morning, sleepyheads! We got a lot of French toast today, so eat up!” Akane pointed to the large stacks of French toasts on their table, causing Yuu’s eyes to bulge and mouth water.

“Awesome!” Yuu hurried to the table and dug right in. Mika sat next to him, waiting for his best friend to finish getting his food so he could get his. The boys munched on their food, and while they were eating, the four friends discussed their plans for the day.

“So, does anybody know the agenda for the day?” Yuu asked his friends while chewing on a piece of French toast.

“Akane?” The brunette boy looked at the only girl in their tight knit group as he stuck another piece of French toast in his mouth.

“I don’t know, ask Mika-san.” The brown haired girl shrugged as she took a sip of orange juice.

“Mika?” Yuu turned his head to his best friend who was cutting his French toast into bite size pieces with a knife. Mika seemed to ignore his friends, as he popped a piece of toast in his mouth and chewed on it before looking up to find all eyes on him.

“What?” The blonde blinked, looking at his friends like a deer in headlights.

“Do you know what's on the agenda for the day?” The raven haired boy repeated, staring at the platinum blonde with his forest green eyes.

“Nope.” Mika replied, putting another piece of French toast in his mouth and chewing on it.

“But Mika, weren’t you the one who was going on and on about memorizing the entire camp schedule?” Akane pointed out, becoming irritated at her friend’s indifferent attitude.

“I don’t recall.” The older boy said dismissively, he continued to eat his food until Akane reached across the table and smacked his arm.

“Can I help you?” The older boy asked, completely unfazed.

“Mika-san, quit fooling around!” Akane slapped his wrist which caused him to drop his fork on the ground.

“Alright! Nothing is going on today. It’s a free day, now can you let a guy eat in peace?” Mika exclaimed irritatedly, he reached down to pick up his fork, only to be greeted by Akane's foot, as the brunette kicked him in the cheek.

“Argh!” Mika groaned in pain, luckily it was only a “gentle” kick to the face so he wasn’t seriously injured. But he wasn’t going to let Akane get away with kicking him in the face.

The blonde retrieved his fork, and retaliated by stealing one of the brunette’s pieces of French toast. He reached over the table and stabbed his fork into Akane's last piece of french toast.

“Mika! That's mine!” The brunette tried stop her friend, but was too slow as the blonde quickly withdrew his fork and popped the large piece of French toast into his mouth.

“Mmm! This is the best piece of French toast I've ever had!” Mika said with his mouth full in an highly exaggerated tone, he quickly washed it down with a glass of water. Yuu snickered at his best friend’s antics, he wanted to give him a high five, but was afraid that Akane would kick him in the balls if he did.

“MIKAELA HYAKUYA!!!!! YOU BETTER START RUNNING, BECAUSE I’M GOING TO MAKE YOU SORRY FOR EATING MY LAST PIECE OF FRENCH TOAST!!!” Akane grabbed the bottle of maple syrup that was on their table, and went after the blonde.

“I’ll think I’m going to go for a walk outside. I’ll catch you guys later!” Mika sprung out of his seat, but before he started running, he leaned in close to Yuu and whispered in his ear. “Meet me at the usual spot in 20 minutes.” The blonde spoke hurriedly before sprinting out of the dining hall as fast as he can.

“YOU GET BACK HERE THIS INSTANT, HYAKUYA!!!” Akane shouted and chased the Mika out of the building, leaving Yuu and Daichi behind.

“Well that was certainly interesting.” Daichi remarked as he finished the last piece of French toast on his plate.

“Tell me about it, dude. So, you got any plans for the day?” The raven haired boy asked curiously. Usually on free days, Akane and Daichi would do their own things while Yuu and Mika would spend them together.

“Yup. I’m going fishing since there's nothing better to do.” The brunette shrugged, he enjoyed fishing as it was a nice way to kill some time on free days like these. Plus, he could use some peace and quiet after having to put up with his three rambunctious best friends all summer long.

“That sounds like fun!” Yuu flashed the older boy a wide grin, even though it really didn't sound fun to him. He found fishing to be boring, he rather spend his day doing something productive and fun than standing on a dock all day waiting for fish to bite.

Not really, but it’s a good way to kill some time. What about you?” The brunette inquired back, he understands that fishing isn't for everyone, especially for a bundle full of energy like Yuu.

“Ah, I dunno. Whatever Mi-Mi decides to do, I guess.” Yuu shrugged, he usually let's Mika choose what they did on free days unless there's something he really wants to do. And if there is, he then pesters his best friend relentlessly until he gives in.

“You and Mika really do everything together, don’t you?”

“Yeah, I guess we do! Why, is there something wrong with that?” 

“No, it’s just you guys act like a couple.” Daichi replied, with a teasing smile on his face.

“SHUTUP!!! WE DO NOT!!!” The ravenette shouted and blushed furiously at the thought of him and Mika being a couple.

“Haha, I'm only kidding!” The brown haired boy chuckled, it was really easy to rile Yuu up, and all of his friends enjoyed doing so unfortunately for him.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, whatever…” Yuu grumbled, hoping that Daichi would not continue this topic of discussion.

“Yuu, can I ask you something?” Daichi asked with a more serious expression on his face.

“Ugh, I guess so…” The dark haired boy replied reluctantly, he hoped this wasn't going in the direction he feared it was going in.

“Do you like Mika?” The brunette asked, looking right into Yuu's eyes as he spoke.

“What kind of stupid question is that?! Of course I do! He's my bestest friend! No offense!” Yuu replied, misinterpreting the question.

“None taken.”

“Why?” The ravenette cocked his head to the side as his green orbs met Daichi’s brown ones.

“Silly Yuu! I know you like him as a friend, we all do! I meant, like like him.” Daichi clarified. The blush on Yuu's face returned, answering Daichi’s question without even having to say anything. 

Yuu couldn't hide or deny it, he did have feelings for Mika that went beyond just being friends. He doesn't remember when he started feeling this way about his best friend, it just came naturally. He always feels warm and tingly inside every-time he is around Mika, the feeling someone gets when they're around the person that he or she likes. He realized that he he wanted to do things with Mika that regular friends don’t do with one another such as kiss him and go on dates with him. He didn't just love Mika as a friend, he was in love with him and wanted to be by his side for the rest of his life. 

At the tender age of ten, Yuichirou Amane has come to the realization that he is in love with his childhood best friend- Mikaela Hyakuya who is also a boy. Not that it really matters, Yuu doesn't have a preference when it comes to guys or girls, as he only has eyes for Mika. He hasn't confessed his feelings for him to him yet, as he was afraid of being rejected, no he was terrified. He was terrified of being rejected and possibly losing his best friend forever. Mika meant the universe to him, Yuu didn't want to lose Mika as a friend if he didn't feel the same way and felt disgusted with him, it would break his heart.

“EHH?!? U-Uh no, of course n-not! What makes you think I do?” Yuu attempted to deny his friend’s accusations, but the brunette was not convinced.

“Yuu-kun, your nose just grew a couple of inches longer.” The brunette pointed at his friend's nose while keeping a straight face.

“HUH?!?!?!?!” Yuu’s eyes widened as he frantically felt for his nose. Luckily for him, the brunette was only teasing him.

“Haha, I didn't think you would actually fall for that one!” Daichi chuckled at his gullible friend.

“S-Shut up!” Yuu covered his face with his hands in embarrassment for falling for such an old trick.

“Haha, you’re so silly Yuu!” The chest nut haired boy laughed at the poor boy.

“Be quiet! What’s with the stupid question anyways?!” Yuu shouted, the blush on his face was still clearly visible.

“I was just wondering. Haha, your reactions made it all worth it!” Daichi giggled, causing Yuu to pout. Before Yuu could say anything, the chestnut haired boy finished laughing and continued speaking. “But all joking aside, I think that Mika feels the same about you.” The brunette said in a more sincere and serious tone. 

Daichi wasn’t trying to make his friend feel bad, in fact, he actually wanted his best friends to realize their feelings for each other. The brunette could tell how much they loved each other, it was so obvious! So, he was willing to help nudge them in the right direction, to get them to realize that they both feel the same about each other.

“……… Is it wrong that I feel this way about him?” Yuu asked in a low voice, not making eye contact with his friend. 

Yuu didn’t know what his friend was getting at. He had no idea why he was asking him if he liked Mika in that way, was it possible that Daichi didn’t approve of him liking Mika since they are both boys? Normally, Yuu could care less about what people thought about him, but when it comes to friends and family, it’s a different story. Yuu was afraid of losing Daichi as a friend because for liking Mika who happens to be a boy. He was even more terrified of losing Mika as a friend, if he confessed to him and it turns out that Mika doesn’t feel the same way and is disgusted with him for liking him in that way.

“Absolutely not. It doesn’t matter what anyone else says or thinks, there’s nothing wrong with you liking Mika. And if people do say something, they’re idiots who don’t know what they’re talking about! Anyone can see that you and Mika are made for each other regardless of the fact that you’re both boys!” Daichi tried his best to reassure his friend that it was okay for him to like Mika.

Daichi also wanted to give Yuu the confidence he needed to confess his feelings to Mika who he knows likes likes Yuu back. Mika had admitted his feelings for Yuu to the brunette not too long ago, needing someone to confide to since he couldn’t obviously talk to Yuu about it. At this point, the brunette was an “expert” at giving relationship advice to his friends.

Yuu sighed in relief, not only did Daichi approve of him and Mika being in a relationship, but he even told him that they were made for each other! Hearing that makes him feel a whole lot better about his situation.

“Thanks, Dai. You’re totally right! I mean, who cares if we’re both boys?! I like like Mika and that’s that’s!” The young ravenette said proudly, his voice brimming with confidence and conviction.

“That’s more like it!” Daichi grinned at his friend and nodded his head approvingly.

“Heheheh! Hey dude, were you serious about Mika liking me back?” Yuu asked, he hoped that Daichi wasn't kidding when he mentioned that Mika liked him back.

“Are you blind?! Anyone could tell that Mika has feelings for you! After all, you are his beloved Yuu-chan!” The brunette grinned mischievously, teasing him about the pet name Mika has given to the younger boy.

“Shutup!!” Yuu shouted as his face turned into a dark shade of red for the third time in this conversation.

“Haha! Anyways, we better start cleaning up the mess that Mika and Akane left.” Daichi switched topics, turning his and Yuu’s attention to the table full of dirty dishes. In addition to the dishes, they also had to clean up the silverware that fell on the ground during Mika’s and Akane's little spectacle.

“Ugh, I can’t believe those idiots have the nerve to leave us to clean up after their crap!” Yuu complained as he picked up the forks covered in maple syrup off the ground.

The boys cleaned up quickly and parted ways. Daichi headed to the fishing hole for the rest of the day, while Yuu went to his and Mika’s usual spot on the other side of the lake to meet up with his best friend (who he hopes is still in one piece after his skirmish with the brunette.)

When he arrived at their secluded spot, Mika was nowhere to be seen. Yuu hoped his best friend was able to escape Akane’s wrath. He knew the brunette was just playing around and wasn’t going to actually hurt Mika, so he wasn’t worried about his best friend getting physical harmed. The worst thing she could do is pour maple syrup on his head, but she would need to catch him first in order to do it. 

Feeling confident that Mika could easily outrun Akane, the ravenette decided he could relax now since Mika is most likely safe and is on his way here. Yuu plopped into the hammock where he and the blonde haired boy usually cuddled in and lazily waited for him. He put his hands behind his head and got comfortable in the large hammock.

“Mmm, Mi-Mi wouldn’t mind if I closed my eyes for just a little bit…” Yuu mumbled as he let out a big yawn before closing his eyes. His nap would be short lived though, a couple of minutes after he dozed off he was awoken by loud noises coming from the lake. He opened his eyes to see his best friend completely soaked from head to toe.

“H-Hey Yu-Yu! S-Sorry I’m late!” Mika apologized to his childhood friend as water dripped from his entire body. He was out of breath, soaking wet, and completely spent from running away and hiding in the lake to escape Akane. Yuu stumbled out of the hammock, falling on to the ground, but quickly got up on his feet to run to his best friend’s side.

“Mika! Are you okay?! You’re completely soaked!” The younger boy exclaimed, he grabbed his best friend’s shoulders and gazed at him with concern.

“Are you worried about me Yuu-chan? You’re so cute! Don’t worry, I’m fine!” Mika said reassuringly and gave his worried friend a smile and a thumbs up.

“No you’re not! You’re completely drenched, man! What the heck happened?! Did Akane push you into the lake?!” Yuu asked frantically, he was really worried about his drenched friend who was acting like nothing happened.

“Calm down Yuu-chan, I’m fine. Do you really think that I would let Akane-san push me into the lake? Silly Yuu-chan, I jumped into the lake to hide from that mad girl. She chased me around the entire freaking camp, and the only place I knew she wouldn’t look for me is in the lake, so I hid in the water until the coast was clear. I then swam across the lake so I can make it in time for you.” Mika explained how he was able to escape Akane’s wrath, although he did end up getting complete soaked, but by water instead of maple syrup.

“IDIOT! Why didn’t you go back to the cabin to change before coming here?!?! GAH! I’m taking you back there right now so you can change out of those clothes!” Yuu announced, and before Mika could protest, the ravenette grabbed him by the wrist and dragged him back to their cabin. The blonde didn’t put up a fight and allowed his best friend take him back to their resting quarters.

Mika had to admit that he found Yuu to be incredibly adorable when it was his turn to be the responsible one. The blonde was usually the mature and level-headed one of the pair, being the one who often had to get his best friend out of sticky situations, or hold him back from getting into fights. Mika thought it was so cute when Yuu worried about him or showed concern for him, it made the older boy feel warm and fuzzy inside.

Yuu dragged Mika by the arm and didn’t let go until they were inside their shared room in the cabin. Once inside, the younger boy let go of his best friend and pushed him into the bathroom just like the blonde did to him this morning.

“Hey, Yuu-chan!!! What are you doing?!” Mika shouted from the bathroom, banging his fists on the bathroom door.

“I’m not letting you out until you’re washed up and clean!” Yuu sat in front of the door to the bathroom, preventing Mika from leaving.

“What the heck, Yu-Yu?! Let me out! I need to grab a change of clothes!” Mika replied irritatedly, he tried opening the door, but it wouldn't budge.

“No can do, dude! I’ll pick out some clothes for you to wear, you just worry about taking a shower!” Yuu said stubbornly, his butt firmly planted on the ground to block the blonde from leaving.

Mika sighed in resignation, he really didn’t like the idea of Yuu picking out his outfit because of the “Great wardrobe malfunction of 2011” (where Yuu picked out his own outfit for the first time for school which consisted of an ugly yellow-brown blonde t-shirt, bright red gym shorts, and purple sneakers), but went against his better judgement and decided to allow Yuu to choose his clothes this time. Mika’s wardrobe consisted of blue and white shirts that matched his khaki shorts, so there was no way that Yuu could screw it up.

Mika discarded his wet clothes into the hamper and hopped into the shower. Usually he enjoyed taking long showers in the mornings and nights, but Mika wanted to be done washing himself as soon as possible, since he has better things to do like hang out with his adorkable best friend. 

After taking a quick shower, Mika wrapped his towel around his body and opened the door to retrieve his clothes. He saw that Yuu had moved from the floor to his bed, where he was tossing a football into the air and catching it when it was about to clonk him in the face. The ravenette heard the bathroom door open and sat up to see his best friend wearing only a towel to cover his lower regions.

“What the heck?! What are you doing out here?!” The younger boy shouted, blushing at the sight of his half naked best friend. Even though Yuu is used to seeing Mika without a shirt, he still gets flustered everytime he sees him with his upper body exposed. He had to confess that he thought Mika looked really handsome, he had small muscles in his arms and a really fit body (for an eleven year old). The younger boy could feel the heat rising in his cheeks, blushing furiously at the sight of his handsome best friend.

“Umm, getting my clothes? What else would I be doing?” Mika stared at his friend and noticed how he was blushing, immediately connecting the dots together. He decided to tease his friend for getting so flustered over him. “Oh Yu-Yu, I get it! Is your face red because I have no shirt on?” The blonde smirked as he teased his beloved friend.

“WHAT?! N-No! M-My face is red cuz it’s really hot in here! Boy, am I sweating!” Yuu tried to play it off as his face being hot because of how hot it is in the room. Unfortunately for him, the AC in the room was telling a different story.

“The AC is on full blast.” Mika deadpanned and folded his arms across his chest. The dark haired boy was speechless, feeling incredibly embarrassed that he backed himself into a corner. He opened his mouth to respond, but no words came out. Instead, he ended up gaping like a fish out of water gasping for air. 

The older boy chuckled and went over to his bed to grab the clothes Yuu had picked out for him. Thankfully, the younger boy was able to pick out an outfit that matched this time. Mika threw the clothes over his shoulder and headed back to the bathroom to change. Before shutting the door, he turned his head to his best friend and grinned.

“Thanks for the clothes, Yuu-chan! And by the way, you look so cute when you blush like that~!” Mika winked at Yuu and closed the door to change. Yuu stood sat on his bed completely flustered and frozen in place. 

First Mika comes out half naked, then he teases Yuu about being flustered because of him, and finally he tells him the blonde he thinks he looks cute when he’s blushing like that!   

Yuu could feel his heart pounding, was Mika actually flirting with him?! Based on the way he spoke to him, it seemed like he was, or he hoped he was. And if he was flirting with him, then that meant that he liked him back! 

Does Mika really like me back?” Yuu asked himself, he thought back to all of the times when Mika could have been flirting with him, but he just didn’t realize it. He remembered how Mika always complimented him on his looks, and how the blonde is always so touchy feeling with him and only him. 

As Yuu was lost in thought, Mika re-emerged from the bathroom, fully dressed. His outfit consisted of a plain baby blue t-shirt, and a pair of brow khaki shorts that reached down to his knees. 

The blonde ran across the room to Yuu’s bed, and tackled the ravenette while he was still lost in thought. Mika landed on top of Yuu and buried his face into the younger boy’s hair. 

“OOPH!!! Mi-Mi!” The younger boy exclaimed while the blonde was nuzzling his soft hair. Despite his initial reaction, Yuu allowed his best friend to keep nuzzling him, and even encouraged it by gently running his fingers through Mika’s golden locks. The older boy let out little hums of pleasure, enjoying being so close to his beloved friend. The younger boy in turn was secretly enjoying himself as well, as he loved any physical contact with Mika. 

Some of Yuu’s most fondest memories are of him and Mika relaxing against a large tree in their local park, sitting shoulder to shoulder, fingers intertwined, and leaning their heads together while watching the sunset. He loved and cherished moments like those that he had with his best friend, his partner in crime, the love of his life. The younger boy’s trip down memory lane was interrupted when the sound of his best friend’s voice brought him back to reality.

“Mmm, Yuu, you smell really nice today. Honey shampoo?” Mika asked as he indulged in the sweet scent of the ravenette’s messy hair.

 “Y-Yeah, the one that you gave me.” Yuu replied, he could feel the heat returning to his cheeks thanks to his best friend. The pair stayed comfortably like that for a couple of minutes before pulling away. Mika walked over to the shoe rack to put on his pair of sneakers while Yuu reached over his bed to grab his day pack.

“Hey, do you wanna hang out at the usual place today? Or do you wanna do something else?” The blonde boy asked as he slipped on his sneakers.

“Anything you want to do, I’m fine with.” The dark haired boy replied as he grabbed a bottle of water from his bag and started to chug it.

“Okay then, how about we just relax at the usual spot today? I-I have a lot of things I want to talk to you about anyways…” Mika muttered the last part quietly, but was loud enough for Yuu to hear him.

“Sure, dude! Let’s go!” Yuu flashed Mika a wide grin and grabbed him by the hand, causing the blonde boy to blush and become flustered. Mika isn’t one to get flustered so easily, the only one who could make him that way is Yuu, and only Yuu. 

Even though Yuu has known Mika his entire life, the poor boy still couldn’t figure out that his best friend reciprocated his feelings for him, and was head over heels for him as well. However unlike the ravenette, Mika has always known that he loved Yuu as more than a friend. 

All of the times when he and Yuu teased each other about getting married and having a family together when they were younger weren’t jokes to him. He really did want to have a future with Yuu, and even someday wanted to get married to him and raise children of their own with him. He loved Yuu more than anything and anyone, it bewildered him that his best friend hasn’t picked up on his feelings yet. 

Mika just recently found out that Yuu reciprocated his feelings. He has noticed some changes in Yuu in the past couple of months, such as how he’s even more touchy feely with him then before, or how the younger boy always blushes when he compliments him or initiates physical contact with him. His suspicions were confirmed when he confessed to Daichi about how he is in love with Yuu and asked for his advice. His friend told him that he thinks that Yuu likes him back and he should tell him how he feels. Ever since then, Mika has been determined to find the perfect time to confess his love for and to his childhood best friend. However, he is still nervous about screwing it up or being wrong about Yuu’s feelings towards him and he finds out that Yuu only sees him as a best friend or brother. That would be his worst nightmare.

The two childhood friends gathered their day packs and headed out to their favorite spot by the lake. Once there, they set down their bags on the ground and climbed into the hammock together. Yuu comfortably rested his head on the older boy’s shoulder, while Mika wrapped his arm around the younger boy’s body, holding him close to him. Once they were settled in, the duo started chatting away. Mika had a lot he wanted to discuss with his best friend, so he was getting straight to it.

“Hey, do you remember when we were younger how we always used to talk about the outside world?” Mika turned his head to face his beloved friend.

“Of course I do, dude! We would spend hours imagining about what other worlds would be like! I remember this one time, we thought up of a world that was entirely made up of cake and other sweets!” Yuu’s eyes sparkled as he smiled brightly at his best friend.

“Haha, of course that would be the one world you remember!” The blonde chuckled and flashed the other boy a cocky smirk.

“HEY! I remember more then just one!” The ravenette shouted, which was unfortunate for Mika since the younger boy was right next to his ear.

“Do you really have to shout? I’m right next to you.” The blonde deadpanned and rubbed his poor ear that his best friend screamed in.

“Of course I do, stupid! That’s what you get for questioning my amazing memory!” Yuu closed his eyes and grinned smugly.

“Oh yeah? Then name some of the other worlds that we came up with!” Mika challenged the younger boy to recall some of the other worlds they thought of together.

“I will! Let’s see… Umm, there was this one world that we came up with… And, uh it was very big. And… OWW!!! Mi-Mi! WHAT THE HECK WAS THAT FOR?!” Yuu flinched when Mika interrupted his thinking by flicking his forehead.

“Volume, Yuu-chan! Jeezes! You’re going to make my ears bleed! And that was to stop you from hurting your brain any more.” The blonde boy said as he put his arm up to block the predicted punch from his overly dramatic friend.

“WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY, OWW!!! MIKA!!!” Yuu winced in pain when Mika flicked his forehead again.

“Never mind Yu-Yu, you probably wouldn’t understand even if I explained it to you.” Mika sighed and was about to wrap his arm back around his best friend when the younger boy smacked his arm away. Yuu sat up and glared at his best friend who looked unamused.

“MIKA! STOP TREATING ME LIKE I’M SOME DUMB IDIOT!!!” Yuu continued to yell loudly into the older boy’s poor ears on purpose. Mika sat up so he could face the black haired boy and got into a very “heated” back and forth with him.

“MAYBE I WILL WHEN YOU STOP SCREAMING IN MY EARS!!!” Mika argued back, raising his own voice to match the loudness of the blonde’s. 











“DROP IT!!!”





NO-AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!! Mi-Mi!!!!! S-STOPAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!” The boys’ argument was cut short when Mika started tickling Yuu again. Mika pushed the younger boy back onto his back and started tickling his relentlessly. Mika spread the ravenette’s legs apart and settled in between him so he couldn’t kick him. He then grabbed his best friend’s arms and quickly moved them above his head before moving his hands back down to Yuu’s sides.

“Not until you admit that I was right and you’re a big dumb idiot!” The blonde grinned as he continued tickling his best friend’s sides, turning the younger boy into laughing mess.


“No. Okay, be that way! Then let the tickling continue!” The blonde exclaimed as he continued to tickle the blonde. The younger boy writhed and flailed his arms, but no matter what he tried, he couldn’t break free. 

“MIKAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE STOPAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Yuu continued to laugh uncontrollably, he’s given up on trying to break free of Mika’s hold at this point.

“So are you going to admit it yet? Admit that you’re a big dumb idiot?” Mika looked at the ravenette as if he won, with a victorious grin on his face. 

“I-In yourahahahahahahaha dreams!!!!!!” The younger boy was determined to make it through one of their tickle sessions without giving in and begging the other to stop. He did not want to give in and admit that he is a big dumb idiot, and would rather suffer through an entire tickling session then to do so.

“Alright then, I guess I’m going to have to keep tickling you then!” The blonde boy didn’t let up on his tickle attack on his best friend and continued tickling him relentlessly.

“ALRIGHTAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!! FINE!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!” The raven haired boy finally decided to give in, tired of being tickled.

“What did you say? Speak up?” Mika asked with a knowing look, while he was still tickling his friend.


“You’re a what?”


“I’m sorry, can you repeat what you just said?” The older boy asked with a mischievous grin on his face.

“I’M A BIG DUMB IDIOT AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Yuu shouted one last time before Mika finally withdrew his fingers and instead pulled him into a warm embrace. The younger boy let out a tired sigh and allowed his best friend to hug him even though he was still upset at him for putting him through that tickle torture. Yuu leaned back into Mika’s touch as the older boy wrapped his arms around the ravenette’s body and held him close. He nuzzled his best friend’s black locks as he held the younger boy close to his chest.

“You are a big dumb idiot! I’m so proud of you for finally admitting it!” Mika spoke teasingly as he continued nuzzling his best friend.

“You’re so mean, Mika! I thought you’re supposed to be my best friend! But all you’re doing is making fun of me and calling me names!” Yuu said breathlessly, out of breath from laughing so hard. He felt up his best friend until he reached his forehead and flicked him like his best friend did to him before.

“Ow, Yu-Yu! I’m only teasing you!” Mika put his left hand on top of the Yuu’s head and ruffled his hair.

“I don’t care! You’re still a big meanie!” Yuu pouted and flicked the blonde again.

“Hey quit it Yuu-chan! Or do I have to tickle you again?” Mika was ready to start tickling his best friend again until he felt something wet touch his hands. He looked over and felt awful when he saw that Yuu was crying.

“Yu-Yu, what’s wrong?! Are you okay, buddy?” Mika asked his precious friend worriedly, he didn’t think that Yuu would start crying. They’ve always joked and goofed around like this, so why is he crying all of a sudden? Did he go too far this time?

“M-Mi-Mi… Y-You’re being so mean to me… C-Calling me a big dumb idiot and telling me how dumb I am… I-I thought you’re supposed to be my best friend… A-Are you not?” Yuu sobbed large crocodile tears, he wanted to make Mika feel bad for calling him names and for teasing him so much. 

“Yuu… I was only teasing you… I’m sorry that I made you feel bad, please don’t cry… Yuu-chan, you know how much I lo-err-care about you… You’re my best friend, you mean the world to me… I wouldn’t know what to do without you…” Mika spoke in a calm, and soothing voice, he moved his head to look at his best friend who had a huge grin on his face. The tears seemed to have stopped as the younger boy was beaming a cheery smile.

“Yuu-chan, what the-” Before blonde boy could finish his sentence, Yuu interrupted him with his laughter.

“Hahahaha!!!!! Dude, I can’t believe you fell for the oldest trick in the book! Now who’s the big dumb idiot?!” Yuu wiped the fake tears from his eyes and relished in his “victory”. However, his celebration was cut short when the blonde started tickling him again.

“NOHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA NOTAHAHAHAHAHA AGAIN AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!” The younger boy exclaimed as once again he was turned into a hysterical mess. 

You’re still the big dumb idiot, right?” Mika asked, this time not pulling any punches and tickling his best friend’s sensitive sides mercilessly.

“NOHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, YOU AREAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!” The ravenette laughed, as he tried to squirm and wiggle free of his best friend’s grasp. He flailed his arms and kicked the air to try to break free, and instead he ended up flipping the hammock over, dropping them onto the grass below them.

“OOPH!!!!!!” Both boys groaned as they landed on the soft grass that covered the ground. Mika landed on top of Yuu, causing the younger boy to wail out in pain.

“OWW, MIKA!!!!!!” Yuu shouted when his best friend landed right on top of him. They stared at each other for a couple of seconds before bursting into laughter. They were laughing at how ridiculous they were being, first they were arguing over being a stupid poopy head, next they were engaged in a one sided tickle fight, and now they’re on the ground.

“Hahahahaha! Hey Yuu-chan, I think we should call a truce!” The blonde laughed as he got off his best friend. He stood up and stuck out his hand for the younger boy to grab to help him get back up on his feet.

“Heheheheh! Yeah, you’re right. I guess I have to agree with you just this once, dude!” The younger boy laughed as he brushed the dirt off his shorts. Mika put Yuu into a friendly headlock and playfully noogied him, grinding his fist into Yuu’s messy black hair. The younger boy didn’t try to break free of his best friend’s hold, instead he held onto the blonde’s arm and encouraged him to keep on messing with his hair. 

Yuu really liked it when his best friend was touchy feeling with him, so he allowed Mika to rough him up. Mika also loved any physical contact with Yuu and went out of his way to find opportunities to initiate it with him as often as possible. The two boys laughed and hollered, enjoying each other’s presence while they were goofing around. They soon got into a wrestling contest that was short lived when the older boy pinned the ravenette down for the third consecutive time in a row.

Mika has always been the stronger of the two, nine times out of ten, he would easily beat Yuu in any physical activities despite being less athletic than the blonde. Whether it was arm wrestling, soccer, tennis, or any other physical activity, the blonde almost always emerged victorious. The only times he didn’t, were when he let Yuu win (or so he claims.)

After rolling on the ground together for a while, the two dirty friends were tired and decided to retire back to the hammock for the rest of the morning. With their arms brushed against each other, and their heads touching one another, the duo picked up their conversation about other worlds right where they left off.

“So, have you really forgotten about all of the other worlds that we’ve came up with together besides Choco-Choco-Mountain?” The blonde looked at his best friend curiously, they used to come up with all sorts of ideas for all of the different worlds in the universe. Mika isn’t too surprised that his best friend could only remember the dessert world, the younger boy has a really bad sweet tooth, so it’s only natural for him to remember the world that was literally made out of sweets!

“We already went over this, dude! Yes, I’ve forgotten pretty much everything! So go on ahead and make fun of my terrible memory again!” The younger boy complained childishly, causing the other boy to laugh. “OI! Now, what’s so funny?!” 

“Haha, oh Yuu-chan~! I wasn’t going to make fun of you, well this time. I was just curious to see if you remembered all of the crazy and amazing worlds that we thought of together.” Mika chuckled, he snaked his arm around the younger boy’s waist and held him close to him.

“Well for your information man, I do remember coming up with ideas for worlds with you, I’ve uh just forgotten the exact details…” Yuu said lamely, he looked at his best friend who had the biggest grin on his face.

“Remember the world where all little kids would grow up to be wizards and witches?” Mika asked Yuu with a glimmer of excitement in his sapphire colored eyes.

“Do I? Heck yeah I do, well now I do! That’s the magical world with all of those cool creatures we drew pictures of! That world is one of my favorites that we’ve came up with together!” Yuu beamed with enthusiasm, he smiled brightly at his best friend who was grinning back.

“Yeah, it’s one of my favorites too! Remember the sketch of the three headed dog you drew?” The older boy asked with excitement in his eyes. 

“You mean Trog? Of course I do! Do you remember that sick snake monster you drew? It was eating it’s own tail, I think you called it a ourobot, ouroruras, ouroboris?” The younger boy was having troubling remembering the name of they mythical creature his best friend drew. Luckily for him, the older boy spared him the trouble of remembering the name of his creation by remembering for him.

Ouroboros? Haha, I do!” Mika said cheerfully as he recalled the serpent like creature he drew several years ago. 

“Yeah, that was it! Ouro-whatever! It had a really weird name but looked really awesome!” Yuu spoke excitedly, he may be terrible when it comes to remembering names, but he does actually remember actually coming up with ideas for the worlds and drawing the magical creatures they thought of together. 

“Thanks and Trog looked pretty cool too!” Mika flashed his best friend a wide grin. Yuu blushed at the compliment, becoming flustered by Mika's praise. He quickly turned his face away from the older boy to hide his beet-red face from him.

T-Thanks, i-it was nothing.” Yuu shrugged his shoulders and pretended to brush off the compliment like it was nothing even though he became extremely flustered by it. “Hey Mika, what’s with all of the sudden questions about the outside world? We haven’t talked about it, why bring it up now?” Yuu asked curiously and totally not as a way to distract his best friend from his cherry-red face. 

“……. To tell you the truth, I’ve never stopped thinking about the outside world. In fact, my interest in seeing other worlds has only grown since we were little kids. How about you? Are you still interested in seeing other worlds?” Mika asked, arching his right eyebrow. Yuu turned back around to face his best friend who had a much more serious expression on his face, anxiously waiting for his answer.

Yuu didn’t even have to think about an answer, as he already knew it. Yuu would take the opportunity to see other worlds in a heartbeat, well as long as Mika was with him. As long as he has Mika by his side, he feels like there’s nothing he can’t do.

“Yeah, dude! I know we haven’t talked about it recently, but not a day has gone by where I haven’t thought about the outside world! I would do anything to see other worlds, and I mean anything! But I would only want to see them if you’re by my side, I wouldn’t want to travel to other worlds without you, Mi-Mi… You’re the most important person in my life, and I want to experience everything with you, Mika…” The ravenette admitted, he could feel the heat rushing back to his face again. Upon realizing what he just said, Yuu mentally cursed at himself for basically confessing his feelings to Mika when he isn’t ready to actually tell him yet.

“Me too, Yuu-chan.” Mika gave his best friend a warm smile before continuing to talk. “You know, I don’t care what I do, just as long as it’s with you… As long as you’re by my side, I have everything that need…” The blonde haired boy spoke sincerely, his own cheeks were starting to turn red as well. He turned to his side and brought his hand to Yuu’s face and caressed his cheek, causing the younger boy’s face to turn into an even darker shade of red than before. He then pressed his forehead against Yuu’s, taking the ravenette by surprise and causing the flustered boy to let out a yelp.

Yuu’s heart was racing a mile a minute, their foreheads were pressed together, his nose was brushing against Mika’s and their lips were dangerously close. He wanted to kiss him so badly, but couldn’t muster the courage to do it. Mika also wanted to experience his first kiss with the boy he loved, but was also afraid of being rejected. Instead, the two boys stayed in their position with their foreheads pressed together for a couple of minutes before Mika pulled away. The flustered raven haired boy opened his mouth to speak, but couldn’t find the words to do so, resulting in him gaping like a fish again. Mika let out a hearty laugh before opening his mouth to continue their conversation. 

“Hahaha! You’re so cute, Yuu-chan!” The blonde ruffled the blushing boy’s hair, causing him to frown.

“Mika!!! Stop it! I’m not cute, take that back!” Yuu said with a scowl on his face.

“Haha, fine. I’ll stop calling you cute, for now!” Mika grinned and pulled Yuu into a tight hug, taking him by surprise. It’s not like he didn’t like the physical contact with his best friend (he did, very much), he was just surprised by how extra touchy feely and dare he say clingy Mika was acting with him. After indulging in and enjoying the hug, the ravenette pulled away first and looked at the blonde with a concerned expression on his face.

“Hey, M-Mi-Mi? What’s wrong? You’ve been acting really weird lately, is everything okay? ” Yuu asked, he was concerned by Mika’s unusual behavior. First he brought up the topic of the outside world, something that they haven’t spoken about for years, then he was also acting really touchy feely with him (more than usual) and finally, the older boy has been flirting with him non stop. Yuu couldn’t tell if he was actually flirting with him or just teasing him, although he secretly hoped that it was the former and not the latter.

“Of course! Why wouldn’t I be okay?” The older boy flashed his best friend a wide grin.

“It’s just that, you’ve been really touchy feely for the past couple of days. Not to mention that you suddenly bring up the topic of the outside world, something that we haven’t talked about in ages! Are you sure that you’re okay? You’re not sick or anything, are you?” The younger boy asked worriedly, concerned of his best’s friend’s wellbeing. 

“Yuu-chan, I told you that I’m okay. I’m as healthy as an twelve year old boy can be!” Mika said proudly, although he could tell that the younger boy was not buying it.

“Are you sure?”

“I’m sure, Yuu. But now that you mentioned it, I am sick.” Mika replied with a playful smile on his face, Yuu stared at him with a confused look on his face.

“What?! But you just said that you were okay!” Yuu was worried and confused by Mika's strange behavior. How could he be feeling great when he's sick?! Yuu was so perplexed at this point, he didn't know what to do with him.

“Haha, I don’t mean sick as in having a cold or not feeling well, I mean sick as in love sick.” The blonde clarified, his cheeks turning red as he spoke. 

Love sick?!? Mika, don't tell me, that you're in love?! You're only twelve, how can you already be in love?!” The younger boy nearly pissed his pants at the revelation that his best friend whom he is in love with, is in love himself!

“I am Yuu-chan. I might be young, but I'm already head over heels for someone. I-I’ve been in love with this person since the day we’ve met, and I've always known that they’re the only one for me…” Mika spoke passionately, he looked straight into Yuu’s eyes as he said those words.

“WHAT?! AND YOU’VE NEVER TOLD ME?!?!” The dark haired boy screamed so loud, that his voice scared some birds that were perched on nearby trees away. He got out of the hammock to stand up, Mika followed suit and got out of the hammock to stand up as well.

“Yu-Yu, it's not a big deal-” 

“It is a big deal, Mika!!! You're in love with someone, and you never told me- you're best friend!!! I thought we were supposed to tell each other everything!!!” The younger boy shouted angrily, he was hurt that his best friend has never told him that he's in love with somebody. What hurt even more was that the person he loves is probably not him, as Mika said that he's been in love with this person since the moment they've met. How could he be in love with Yuu at age 1, when he didn't even understand the concept of love let alone anything else! Yuu could feel his heart breaking as it dawned on him that Mika is most likely in love with someone else.

Mika grabbed Yuu’s shoulders and shook him.

“Yuu!!! Calm down!!!” The blonde boy raised his voice so the younger boy would listen to him, but Yuu wasn't having any of it and brushed the older boy's hands off him.

“I WILL NOT CALM DOWN!!!!!” Yuu yelled, he could feel tears threatening to fall from his eyes. “YOU'RE IN LOVE WITH SOMEBODY, AND YOU NEVER EVEN BOTHERED TO TELL ME?!?!?!??” Yuu cried, he was hurting, he was hurting badly at the conclusion that he had reached. Mika took a deep breath and smacked his best friend across the cheek. “OWW, what the hell?!?!?!” Yuu yelled before the blonde smacked him again. “Dude, what the-” Before the blonde could finish, he was cut off when he felt Mika’s arms around him.

“Mika?!” Yuu was really confused, first he smacked him and now he’s hugging him? What the heck is going on with his best friend?!

“Shh, just go with it.” The blonde haired boy shushed the younger boy and hugged him tightly. Yuu sighed and hugged him back. Now he really had no idea what was going on in the blonde’s head, he says that he’s lovesick, but was that really the case? Or is it something else? The younger boy wondered what his best friend was thinking as they embraced.

“Yuu, I’m not sure why you freaked out like that, but I hope that this helps calm you down…” The older boy spoke calmly, he ran his fingers through Yuu’s hair, gently stroking his raven locks. Soon, the boys pulled away, but not before Yuu punched Mika’s arm.

“OWW, Yuu!!! What the heck was that for?!” Mika shouted, glaring at Yuu who was glaring back at him.

“That’s for acting really weird! Dude, what is going on with you?!” Yuu screamed, he wanted to know what was really going on with his best friend.

“I told you, nothing is going on with me! I’m fine!” The blonde insisted, he was taken aback when the younger boy tried to take another shot at him. Mika managed to avoid the ravenette’s fist by ducking, and when Yuu swung at him again, he grabbed his fist and pushed him to the ground. 

“What the hell is going on with you?! Why are you freaking out all of a sudden?!” Mika shouted, he was getting irritated by Yuu’s erratic behavior. Why did he freak out after he told him that he was lovesick? Mika wanted to get to the bottom of his best friend’s sudden outburst and figure out why he’s acting so crazy. He was dumbfounded when Yuu started crying again, but this time the tears were real.

Something about what Mika just said to Yuu made the younger boy snap. It was the tip of the iceberg for Yuu as he let the tears come flooding out. The realization that the person he loves is in love with someone else along with Mika getting angry has brought him to his breaking point.

“Yu-Yu, don’t think that your crocodile tears will work this time. I know what you’re trying to do, and it won’t work-“ Mika stopped mid sentence when he realized that they weren’t crocodile tears, and that he was actually crying.

“Yuu-chan, I’m-” The blonde stepped closer to the ravenette, he tried to put his hand on his best friend’s shoulder, but the distraught boy immediately swatted it away

“LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!!!” Yuu cried and without any thought, started running. Mika muttered some obscenities under his breath as he threw his and Yuu’s daypacks over his shoulders and took off after him.

Yuu ran as fast as his legs would take him away from his best friend. The poor boy was under the impression that Mika was in love with someone else, which broke his heart. What hurt even more was that Mika has been in love with this person ever since the day they met, and he didn’t tell Yuu until today! Did Mika not trust him anymore? He and Mika shared everything with each other, there are no secrets between them. To find out that Mika has been keeping a secret from him, and a pretty big one is devastating to the younger boy as he and Mika made a promise to not keep secrets from each other. But what hurt the most was the realization that Mika is in fact in love with somebody else and not him. Yuu didn’t know how to handle the emotions he was feeling so he acted on impulse and ran away from his best friend.

Yuu soon found himself at his cabin. He quickly opened the front door and made a beeline for his room. Once inside, he closed and locked the door. Seconds later, he heard someone banging on the door. It was Mika of course.

Yuichirou Amane, unlock this door right now!!!” The blonde screamed, banging his fists against the wooden door.

“NO, LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!!!!!” The ravenette cried, he kicked off his shoes and dived onto his bed, he buried his head into his now tear stained pillow and started to cry harder. Mika took a deep breath and took a moment to think this situation over. He knows that Yuu is very stubborn, so there’s no way he was going to convince him to open the door in the state of mind he is in. He also knows that Yuu will need time to calm down before he can have a civil conversation with him, and he also needs time to think about why Yuu was acting so erratic and being so emotional. Mika takes Yuu’s pack off his shoulder and places it in front of their door so the ravenette could get it when he is ready to.

“Hey, your bag’s in front of the door when you wanna grab it. I’m heading out… I-I’m sorry, Yuu-chan…” Mika spoke quietly, he was really upset at himself for not understanding why his best friend was acting the way he was acting. This was a first for the two boys, as he and Yuu have never gotten into a serious argument like this before. Sure they would argue over who was better at sports or video games, or bicker about petty things, but it was usually good natured and never really escalated to this level. This was the first time the two boys actually got angry and upset at each other and it showed. Yuu didn’t know what to do with his emotions, so he resorted to locking himself in his room and crying himself to sleep. Mika, at a lost, thought that it would be best to let Yuu have some alone time and went for a walk to think things out.

Everything was a blur to Yuu, one minute he and Mika were snuggling in the hammock, and now he’s crying himself to sleep. The younger boy was devastated to find out that the older boy was in love with someone else, and was hurt even more when Mika acted like it wasn’t a big deal when it was. He felt that Mika wasn’t being sensitive to his feelings and was just brushing them off like they didn’t matter. Yuu didn’t know what to do as he never felt such strong emotions before so he tried to clobber Mika, and when that plan failed, he ran away. All Yuu wanted was for Mika to be his, that was all he could think of as he drifted off to sleep.






Mika left the cabin with his head hung low, feeling utterly defeated for not being able to understand his best friend. Why was Yuu so upset? Why did he freak out after he told him that he was in love with someone? Could it be that Yuu was jealous of Mika liking somebody else? All of those questions raced through Mika’s mind as he walked followed the path to the fishing hole. 

It didn’t take long for Mika to put the pieces together and figure out why Yuu was so upset. Yuu became really distraught when he told him that he was love sick and that he’s been in love with this person ever since they’ve met. The younger boy probably thought that it would be impossible for a 10 month old baby to be in love, something that he didn’t take in account when he spoke those words. He was just speaking the truth, Mika had really loved Yuu ever since the younger boy was born, as impossible it might seem. 

When Mika first saw Yuu in his crib for the first time from his stroller, he felt strange butterflies in his stomach. He immediately stuck his arms out towards the newborn as if he wanted to hold him and tugged on his mother’s arms to bring him to the baby. After getting approval from Mrs. Amane, Mika’s mom placed the young blonde in the ravenette’s crib with him. Mika cautiously crawled to the newly born’s side and stared at him. He was memorized by his large and beautiful emerald eyes and the huge smile on his face. Yuu cooed and put his arms out as if he wanted to hug the older baby. Very carefully, Mika pulled the younger baby on top of him and embraced him in a tight hug. The infant tried to hug him back, but wasn’t able to fully wrap his arms around the blonde’s body, since his arms were too short. The two actually ended up falling asleep together, with Yuu resting his head on top of the blonde’s chest. Mika wouldn’t realize it until he was much older, but that was the moment when he fell for Yuichirou Amane. It was a moment that Mika would never forget, even if Yuu doesn’t remember it. 

Mika thought that Yuu would get the hint that he is the one that he’s in love with by how touchy feely he’s been with him lately, and he almost did! If only Mika hadn’t opened his mouth, they wouldn’t be in the situation they were currently in.

Dammit, I should have known that Yuu wouldn’t get the hint that it’s him who I love! Now he probably thinks I like someone else and is probably devastated… I’m such an idiot!!! If I would have just told him straight up that I love him, we could have avoided this entire fiasco! But no, I had to be a coward! Damn, I’m so stupid!!!” Mika cursed to himself, as he was really frustrated with himself for not just telling Yuu how he felt about him. As Mika was on his way to the fishing hole to talk to Daichi (he usually has helpful advice), he heard a familiar voice call out to him.

“There you are, Mikaela!!! Now I have you right where I want you!!! There’s no escaping this time!!!” Mika turned his head toward the sound of the voice, and to his horror, Akane was running straight at him with the bottle of syrup still in her hand. Mika waited until she was right in front of him, and skillfully dodged her. She attempted to blast him with the maple syrup, but she instead covered the floor with the sticky goop. Akane turned around to face the blonde who wore a solemn expression on his face. He had large bags under his eyes, and looked utterly miserable. The brunette’s “anger” vanished instantly and she tossed the bottle of syrup on to the ground to show that she came in peace. 

“Mika, what’s wrong? Are you okay?” Akane asked worriedly, she approached her friend and put one of her hands on the older boy’s shoulders to comfort him.

“I-It’s nothing Akane-san…” Mika lied through his teeth, he put his hands behind the head and avoided his friend’s gaze by looking at the sky.

“Mika-san, don’t lie to me. You look really upset, what happened?” The brunette put both of her hands on the blonde’s shoulders, causing him to turn his head to meet her gaze.

“It’s nothing, really.” Mika tried to shrug it off as it was nothing, but his friend wasn’t buying it.

“Really?” Akane was, not convinced, she could tell when her friends were lying to her, and it was obvious by the way Mika was behaving that he was lying straight through his teeth.



“Yuu and I got into a fight.” Mika finally revealed, looking at Akane with sad eyes. 

“You and Yuu always fight.” The brunette stated matter of factly, not knowing the severity of the fight they got into.

“Yeah, but not like this. We got into a real argument. A-And I-I messed up, I messed up really bad…” Mika replied sadly, he was really beating himself up for making his best friend cry.

“What happened?” Akane asked, concerned for her friend.

“Yuu got really upset when I told him that I-I like someone…” Mika said hesitantly, he was reluctant in telling Akane that he likes Yuu, but decides to tell her against his better judgement.

“You like someone? As in like like?” Akane asked with curious eyes, now she was really interested in hearing what her friend was going to say.

“Y-Yeah, yeah I do… And, I think Yuu became upset because I told him that I’m in love with someone… H-He probably got the wrong impression that I like someone else when it’s h-him that I like…” The older boy spoke honestly, the brown haired girl could feel her heart breaking at the revelation that Mika likes Yuu since she likes Mika.

“Oh… Why didn’t you tell him?” The younger girl asked with a frown on her face, trying her best to hide her own inner turmoil.

“B-Because, I was afraid of being r-rejected. I-I was a coward and I messed everything up! I should of told him the truth, but instead I was trying to make him confess to me first! Damn I’m such an idiot!” Mika continued to chastised himself, he kicked the dirt like it would help him solve his problem.

“What happened next?”

“Well, Yuu freaked out, so I tried to calm him down. It didn’t work, and he left in tears… Akane, I feel like such a jerk. I-I made Yuu-chan cry, I made him cry…” Mika choked, he could feel tears threatening to pour out. He felt immense guilt for hurting Yuu and making him cry, he wanted nothing more than to be able to have the opportunity to go back to the cabin, pull his best friend into a tight embrace, and kiss him until he understands that he is the one person whom he loves. Akane could feel her heart breaking for her friend and pulled him into a warm hug.

“Mika, it’s okay. I’m sure you didn’t mean to make him cry. You’re the sweetest guy I know, you would never hurt anyone on purpose…” Akane tried her best to calm her dear friend down, rubbing circles on his back to soothe him. 

“B-But I did! I hurt him, and I hurt him badly!!!” The older boy sobbed, he tried to pull away from the brunette, but Akane didn’t let go and kept a tight grip on her friend.

“Mika, get a hold of yourself! You and Yuu have known each other since you were babies, he’ll forgive you, just give him some time…” Akane let go of her friend to look at him, his face was tear stained but he had stopped crying.

“I know… I think that we both overreacted, it’s just that we’ve never got into an argument like that before, and it’s an experience that I never want to go through again…” Mika spoke truthfully, he never wanted to get into an argument like that with his best friend ever again. The blonde took a deep breath and started speaking again. “Akane, thank you… You’ve been a big help, I’m so lucky to have a friend like you…” Mika gave his friend a warm smile, causing the her to blush.

“It was nothing Mika, you know that I’m always here for you…” The younger girl shrugged it off as it was nothing and turned around to hide her flustered face from her crush. 

“I know, thank you… I hope that you know that I’ll always be here for you as well.” Mika spoke sincerely, he was, is, and always will be loyal to his friends. Yuu, Akane, and Daichi are very important to him, and he will always be there for them. Akane turned around to look at her friend who was wearing a big old smile on his face.

“Thank you Mika, that means a lot to me coming from you…” Akane flashed a huge grin of her own at her friend, the blush on her face becoming even more apparent.

“Don’t mention it. Hey, I think that I’m going to head back now.”

“Already? Weren’t you going to the Fishing pier?”

“I was going to drop by to get advice from Daichi-kun, but I don’t need to anymore since I had you to talk to.” The blonde smiled brightly at his friend, oblivious to the flustered state of the brunette. “I think I’ll go patch things up with Yu-Yu now, I think enough time has passed for him to have calmed down enough to at least allow me back into our room.” 

“Oh, well I hope you and Yuu-kun make up. Do you want me to come with you?”

“Thanks, but I think I’ll go alone.” Mika replied, he started to walk away from the Akane when he realized that he forgot to thank her properly. He turned back around and grabbed her hands, needless to say Akane’s face turned redder than a tomato once again.

“Hey, thank you Akane… Thank you being such a great friend… I don't know what I would do without you, Daichi-kun, and Yuu-chan… You guys mean everything to me…” The blonde boy spoke sincerely, he was really grateful for having Akane as a friend. Although her temper sometimes get’s the best of her, she really comes through when he needs her. Mika really needed someone to vent to, and Akane was here to listen. He felt so blessed that he had her, Daichi, and Yuu in his life. He felt like he would be lost without them.

“Aww, is our little Mika getting mushy with me? How sweet… I'm happy that I have you in my life…” The brunette replied, her face was burning from the older boy’s kind words. 

“Me too… Thanks Akane-san… Well, I should be going now. Later.” Mika let go of his friend’s hands and  headed back to his and Yuu’s cabin. 

Akane stood there, gazing longingly at her crush until he was out of sight. Akane let out a sigh, as much as she wanted Mika to like her back, she knew that his heart belongs to Yuu. The two are always together, and she sees how happy the blonde is when he is with the ravenette, she couldn’t deny that they were made for each other. 

Akane had come to terms a long time ago that Mika was never going to love her the way he loves Yuu, and as much as it hurts, she has come to accept it. All she could do is support her two friends from the sidelines. Akane cried to herself until she was able to gain enough composure to return to the arts and crafts cabin to finish the bead necklace she was making. The only thing she could think about while making the necklace was the platinum blonde haired boy who had unknowingly stolen her heart.

Mika ran back to the cabin as fast as he could, he was exhausted by the time he made it back and could really use a nap. When he reached his and Yuu’s room, he noticed that Yuu had taken the bag. He slowly turned the doorknob and let out a sigh of relief when he was able to turn the door knob fully to open the door. 

Inside, he saw that his best friend was fast asleep. Mika chuckled at the sight of the younger boy, whenever he was in a bad mood, he would take a nap to feel better. The blonde boy approached the ravenette’s bed and pulled his covers over him, as he knows that Yuu likes being covered when sleeping. Mika gently caressed his best friend’s cheek, he loved him so much, he wished that he could confess his feeling to him right now. He kicked off his sneakers and crawled into his own bed. He got himself comfortable before pulling the covers over his head to block out the sun light. Mika rested his head comfortably on his pillow, thinking about how he will apologize to Yuu before drifting off to the world of dreams.

“Mika, WAKE UP!!!!!!!” Mika jolted straight up as the loud voice of his beloved Yuu-chan woke him from his slumber. The blonde quickly wiped his eyes to see that his best friend is glaring at him.

“Yuu-chan, what time is it?” The older boy asked groggily, wiping the boogers out of his eyes.

“It’s time for you to get up! It’s 5:30, and we only have a half an hour before we have to be at the dining hall for dinner!” The younger boy exclaimed impatiently, his arms were crossed and he looked irritated.

“Wow, I’ve been out for 5 hours?”

“I dunno stupid, I just woke up a half hour ago, so I wouldn’t know.” Yuu replied irritatedly, occupied with making his bed.

“Oh, ok… Hey Yu-Yu?” Mika looked at his friend who was pulling the corners of the blanket to the corners of his bed.

“What?” Yuu spat, avoiding eye contact with his best friend.

“I’m sorry… I’m sorry for hurting you and-” Before Mika could finish, he was cut off when Yuu darted across the room to hug him. The younger boy buried his face into his best friend’s shoulder, while Mika very soothingly ran his fingers through Yuu’s black locks.

“I’m sorry too, Mi-Mi… I over reacted and was acting like a baby… I was an idiot, can you forgive me?” The blonde asked with tears in his eyes, he felt awful for acting the way he did before.

“Of course Yu-Yu, as long as you can forgive me…” Mika spoke sincerely and held onto his best friend like he was never going to let go. “Yuu-chan, I shouldn’t have been so vague about the person I love, I should have just told you the truth…”

“What do you mean?” The younger boy pulled away and looked at his best friend anxiously. It was Yuu’s turn to be caught off guard as Mika intertwined their fingers together, he could feel the heat rushing back to his face. Mika took a deep breath, this was it, he was going to do it. He was finally going to confess his feelings to Yuu.

“Yuu, the person that I’m in love with- is you, it’s always been you…” The blonde looked at the ravenette with a fire burning in his eyes. Yuu’s jaw dropped and he felt like his heart could burst at any minute. Was this for real? Mika, the person he was madly in love with, felt the same way about him? 

“M-Mika… Are you serious?”

“Of course I am, my beloved Yu-Yu… You are my everything… You’re my sun, my moon, my stars, there’s no one I would rather spend the rest of my life with besides you. I love you Yuu, since the day we’ve met and I always will…” Mika spoke passionately, his own cheeks were on fire as he confessed his feelings to his best friend.

“M-Mika… I-I love you too… T-The reason I got so upset before, was because I thought that you were in love with someone else. I-I thought that you didn’t love me, w-which made me sad because I love you so much… I-I’m so happy that you feel the same, Mika…” The younger boy gazed into his best friend’s eyes lovingly.



The two boys placed their hands on each other’s face and pressed their foreheads together. They closed their eyes and brushed their nose against the other’s, enjoying the comforting presence of the other. They then opened and gazed into each other’s eyes. Yuu was entranced by loving sapphire colored eyes, while Mika was lost in the ravenette’s beautiful forest green orbs. Yuu and Mika stayed like that for a couple of minutes before finally pulling away, they kept their fingers intertwined as they continued to gaze into each other’s eyes. 

“So, what now?” The younger boy asked anxiously.


“I-If you love me, and I love you, does that make us boyfriends?” Yuu asked, his face could not turn any redder than it already was.

“I guess, but aren’t we a little too young to be boyfriends?” The blonde boy pointed out, they were only eleven and twelve after all. People usually don’t start dating until they’re at least in middle school.

“Are we? Well I guess we are, but who cares if we’re still young? I love you and you love me, and that’s all that matters!” Yuu spoke passionately, he couldn’t care less if they were considered too young to be dating, he wants to be with Mika and he wants to be with him now.

“You’re right, but even I think that we’re a little too young to be dating.” Mika said sadly, as much as he would love to be in a relationship with Yuu, he realizes that they really are too young to be dating. Plus, how would they explain it to their parents?

“Maybe… So are you saying, that you don’t want to be boyfriends?” The younger boy looked at his best friend with sad eyes, he hoped that wasn’t the case.

“I’m not saying that at all. There’s nothing more I want than to be your boyfriend, but I think we should wait until we’re a little older and more mature before we start seeing each other in that way. Right now we’re both really young, I think it would be best to wait until we’ve at least hit puberty before we start becoming involved with each other in that way.” Mika clarified, he loved Yuu so much, but he understands that it would be best for them to wait until they’re older before they start a romantic relationship with each other.

“But what if something bad happens to you or me?” Yuu asked worriedly, he feared that something might happen to one of them that will prevent them from getting together.

“Don’t worry, nothing bad will happen to either of us.” The blonde said reassuringly, he wanted to believe that everything will be okay and they would eventually be together.

“You don’t know that, Mi-Mi!!! What happens if a giant monster comes and takes one of us away!? What happens if one of us has to move away!? A-And worst of all, w-what happens if one of us falls in love with someone else?!” The younger boy panicked, now that he and Mika had finally confessed their feelings to each other, the worst thing that could happen if they wait a couple of years before they start dating each other would be if one of them fell in love with someone else. That was Yuu’s worst fear, that Mika could possibly fall out of love with him and in love with someone else.

The older boy squeezed the younger boy’s hands to calm him down.

“Yuu-chan, don’t worry. I won’t let any of that happen! And like I said, you’re the only one for me. No matter what, that will never change…” Mika spoke sincerely, he was so head over heels for Yuu that he couldn’t even imagine being with anyone else.


“I love you so much, Yuichirou. I’ll wait as long as we have to until we can be together…” Mika let go of Yuu’s left hand and gently caressed his cheek.

“Mika… Me too… I love you Mikaela Hyakuya, and I always will…” Yuu did the same thing, he brought his hand to the older boy’s face and lovingly ran his finger across Mika’s soft skin.

“Then let’s make a promise. Let’s promise that no matter what happens to us, that we will always wait for each other…” The blonde put his other hand on top of the ravenette’s hand on his face, the younger boy followed suit and put his lonely hand on top of Mika’s.

“No matter how long it takes, no matter what happens, no matter who enters my life, I promise that I will always be yours…” Yuu spoke from his heart, no matter what the future had in store for them, he wanted his best friend to know that he will always be the one for him.

“And I promise that I will always be yours…” Mika leaned in closer until their lips were only a few inches apart. The younger boy took a deep breath and moved until only a small gap separated the two best friends. Mika waited until he received a nod of approval from Yuu, and once he did, he closed the gap and crashed his lips against the ravenette’s. Mika took control and pushed Yuu against the wall where he began attacking the younger boy’s sensitive lips. He gently sucked on and nibbled on them, causing the younger boy to let out a moan. The younger boy kissed back, he didn’t know what he was doing (as this is his first kiss), but managed to keep up with the older boy. The kiss was short, but sweet and full of love and passion. Mika pulled away first, gasping for air. Yuu was also in need of air, but couldn’t care less because he was enjoying the kiss too much to stop.

“T-That was amazing, Mika…” Yuu gasped as he tried to catch his breath.

“You’re the amazing one, Yuu-chan… Now just imagine what it’ll be like in a couple of years, when we’re both older and much more mature.” Mika panted, out of breath from the kiss even though it didn’t last that long.

“I-I can’t wait, but if it’s you then I’ll wait as long as I have to…” Yuu said passionately, he was still catching his breath from his amazing first kiss.

“Me too…” Mika smiled warmly at his precious friend and future lover, as much as he would love to be in a relationship with Yuu right now, he thought it would be best if they waited until they were older. Than they could fully enjoy each other once they’ve grown and matured. “Say, we should start heading over to the dining hall, it’s almost six.” The blonde said, both boys turned their heads to the clock which read 5:50.

“Crap, we better get going now, dude!” The younger boy exclaimed, both boys quickly slipped on their sneakers and headed out to the dining hall. On the way there, the two best friends continued to talk about their future together.

“Hey Mika, how does 4 years sound? I’ll be 15, and you’ll be 16! We’re be in high school by then, that’s old enough, isn’t it?” The younger boy asked with his large puppy dog eyes.

“Eager, aren’t you, Yuu-chan? I don’t blame you! I can hardly wait either!” The older boy chuckled, he and Yuu held hands the whole way to the dining hall. 

“Hey, is it alright that we hold hands like this then?” The ravenette asked, his grip on the blonde’s hand tightened.

“Of course, just because we aren’t boyfriends now doesn’t mean that we’re not in love with each other! We can still be in love and hold hands even though we aren’t dating yet! Besides, we’ve always held hands in the past, what’s stopping us now?” Mika smiled warmly at his best friend and soulmate, Yuu returned the gesture by flashing him a wide grin.

“Yay!!! Hey, umm do you think we can kiss again?” Yuu asked eagerly, his face became bright red once again.

“Of course, but we should really wait until we’re dating. We don’t want other people to become suspicious if we’re sucking each other’s faces off all the time, do we?” The blonde grinned mischievously, god he couldn’t wait until they were old enough, he would be all over Yuu.

“You got a point there, well alright! I guess we’ll just have to wait-” Yuu was cut off when Mika stole a quick peck on his lips. The younger boy’s face flared up even more as he processed what just happened.

“Mika! I thought that you said-”

“I know what I said, but I couldn’t help myself. It’s ok if we kiss once in a while if nobody’s around, well if its okay with you.” Mika gave his future boyfriend a wink flashed him a seductive smile.

“Heck yeah it is!” Yuu beamed enthusiastically at the thought of feeling Mika’s lips against his again. The two boys continued chatting about kissing until they reached the Dining Hall. They agreed that they wouldn’t tell their friends or family until they were both ready.

“It’s six o clock on the dot, right on time!” Mika remarked as he opened the door for him and his friend. The two boys raced each other to their table where Akane and Daichi were waiting for them. Mika won of course, causing the younger boy to throw a fit.

“No fair! You cheated!”

“How did I cheat, Yuu-chan?”

“You pushed me!”

“I nudged you to the side because you were in my way!”

“No I wasn’t!”

“Yeah you were!”

“NO I WASN’T!!!”


The pair glared at each other for a moment before bursting into laughter. Yuu smacked his knee while Mika pulled the younger boy into a headlock and noogied his head. They laughed and hollered, not caring about the bypassers who were giving them looks. Daichi turned to Akane who just shrugged, she was surprised at how quickly her two friends made up, given how distressed Mika was before.

“Umm Akane, didn’t you tell me that Mika and Yuu got into a huge argument before?” Daichi asked the other brunette.

“They did, I guess they made up?” Akane answered, although her response sounded more like a question than an answer. She was happy that Mika was able to mend fences with Yuu, but she couldn’t help to feel a little jealous of the raven haired boy as she watched the two boys interact. Since she still has feelings for Mika, it hurt a little seeing him interact so intimately with someone else (and that someone else happens to have feelings for him as well.) She forced herself to put a smile on her face in order to mask her true feelings.

“I guess they did! Those two could never stay mad at each other for more than a couple of hours!” Daichi commented, he gave the pair a warm smile before turning his attention back to Akane. “I think we should call them over before they cause a scene.” Daichi suggested, Akane nodded in approval and the two brunettes went over to retrieve their two friends and bring them over to the table. Akane dragged Mika to the seat next to her, leaving Yuu to sit next to Daichi.

“No fair, I want to sit next to Mika!!!” Yuu pouted and crossed his arms over his chest.

“You always sit next to him, let someone else sit next to him for a change!!!” Akane retorted, she grabbed the blonde’s arm and looked at him to back her up.

“I don’t min-OWW!!! Akane!!!!!” The blonde groaned in pain, as the brunette girl punched him in the gut.

“Well I mind okay?! Besides, I’m tired of sitting next to Daichi, he always so noisy when he’s eating! You try sitting next to him for two months straight!” Akane complained, she glared at the poor brunette who looked like a deer in headlights.

“Hey, don’t be mean to Dai!” Yuu stood up for the brunette and gave him a goofy grin before continuing. “Besides, Mika’s my bestest friend, so I should get to sit next to him!!!” The ravenette argued, he looked at Mika to back him up.

“Uh, Yuu-chan, I think you should just sit next to Daichi-kun for this meal.” The blonde boy reluctantly replied, he only sided with Akane in fear that she was going to kick or punch him again.

“But, Mika!!!!” Yuu whined, he gave Mika his puppy dog eyes which unfortunately didn’t work for him this time. 

“Yuu-chan, it’s only for a half hour!” Mika tried to reason with his best friend who did not look happy at all.

“Ugh fine! Move over, Dai! I wanna sit across from Mika!!!” The ravenette pushed the poor brunette over and sat in the seat across from his best friend. The four discussed how their days went until their section of the dining hall was called to get food. 

Yuu and Mika went up to grab what they were serving for the night- hamburgers, fries, and coleslaw! The two boys jumped in joy were given a tray of burgers, fries, and a family sized bowl of coleslaw. They returned to the table and placed the large tray of food next to the pitcher of water.

“Burgers, fries, and slaw, dig in your guys!” Yuu exclaimed happily as he grabbed a handful of fries and placed them on his plate. Mika grabbed a burger for and scooped himself some coleslaw, he didn’t want any fries as he is trying to eat “healthy”. The kids happily chowed down on their meal and chatted. Akane, being curious about how her friends made up so quickly asked both boys what happened.

“So Mika-san, I see that you and Yuu-kun made up rather quickly!” The brown headed girl gave her friend an innocent smile, she was curious to find out how they were able to mend fences so quickly.

“Yeah, we did!” The blonde replied, he looked at Yuu who was nodding his head in approval.

“It wasn’t a big deal, I mean we always fight!” The ravenette dismissed their fight as it was nothing.

“Oh, really?” Akane cocked her head and looked at Mika knowingly, she knew that wasn’t the case.

“Really! Everything’s fine, now can we talk about something else?” The younger boy attempted to change the subject as he didn’t want to dwell on his and Mika’s argument any longer.

“How about we talk about our rafting trip tomorrow?” The brunette boy suggested, understanding that Mika and Yuu didn’t want to talk about their fight anymore.

“Fine…” Akane relented, she was going to have to get the full story out of them another time.

The group of friends discussed their plans for the rafting trip, going into detail about the agenda and who’s going to bring what. By the end of dinner, the four left the dining hall more excited than ever for their trip tomorrow.

Akane and Daichi retired to their respective cabins for the night, while Mika and Yuu made their way to the arts and crafts center. Mika told Yuu that he had a surprise waiting for him there, and the ravenette went with him without a question. 

The duo entered the arts and crafts center and was greeted by the camp counselor in charge of the center. She asked them to sign in before returning to the front entrance to greet visitors. The older boy dragged Yuu to the the crafts area and sat him down at the table. He reached into his bag and pulled out a box that read “Friendship Bracelets” on it.

“Tada! This is the surprise!” Mika exclaimed enthusiastically, he had wanted to make Promise Bracelets with Yuu ever since he found out that he liked him, and now is the perfect time to make them since they both have confessed their feelings to each other.

“Friendship bracelets?”

“Well they say friendship bracelets, but we’re going to be making Promise bracelets!” Mika spoke excitedly, he was really proud of himself for coming up with this idea. 

“Promise Bracelets?” Yuu’s face turned bright red yet again, he had a feeling where this was going and he liked it.

“Yeah, I make a bracelet for you, and you make one for me. These bracelets will symbolize the promise we made to each other…” The blonde gazed right into the ravenette’s eyes as he spoke.


”Sounds good?” The blonde smiled at his beloved, eager to make Yuu the most beautiful handmade promise bracelet ever.

“Heck yeah! Let’s make them!” Yuu said excitedly, he took a couple of threads and went straight to work. The younger boy had a little bit of trouble in the beginning, struggling with the threads. Thanks to Mika, he was able to overcome his rough start and managed to finish the bracelet within 1 hour (30 minutes after Mika finished his.)

“So whatcha think?!” Yuu handed Mika his completed work, a beautiful array of dark green and black stripes dominated the handmade bracelet. The threads were sloppily tied together, but that was Yuu for you and Mika loved it. The colors were Yuu’s favorite, and it reminded the blonde of his dear friend. On the center of the bracelet is a metal tag with the following words etched in, “I am forever yours, Yuu Shindo Hyakuya”. Mika felt his heart skip a beat when he saw what Yuu etched in the metal tag, he absolutely loved it.

“Yu-Yu, I love it, it’s so beautiful, just like you…” Mika spoke from his heart, he gave his best friend a big hug before giving him his bracelet.

“I hope you like it, it’s something to remind you of me when we’re apart.” The blonde handed Yuu his Promise bracelet. The bracelet was covered in blue and white stripes- Mika’s favorite colors. It was crafted perfectly, just as expected from a perfectionist like Mika. Yuu could tell that Mika put in a lot of work to make sure it was nothing short of perfection. On the metal tag, the following words were etched in, “Our love will triumph over anything. Love, your Mi-Mi.”

“Mika… I don’t know what to say, I love it… Just like I love you…” The ravenette embraced his best friend in a tight hug, as tears threatened to fall from his eyes. The two stayed in each other’s arms until they heard the door to the crafts room open, pulling away then. They put on their extra large bracelets, cleaned up, and left the arts and crafts center. After signing out, the two decided to head back to the cabin for the night. They had a long day ahead tomorrow, so it would be best for them to go to bed earlier than usual.

Yuu and Mika kicked off their shoes and immediately collapsed on their own beds as soon as they made it inside their room. Mika soon got up to lock the door and grab his pajamas to change into for the night. He headed into the bathroom to wash-up and change. As soon as he was done, Yuu did the same and quickly washed up. When he finished, he saw that Mika had made room for him in his bed and happily got in bed with him. Mika tucked them both in and turned the light on the night stand off. The two got comfortable, Yuu rested his head on the older boy’s chest, as Mika wrapped his arms around the younger boy.

“Night Mi-Mi, love you…” The ravenette mumbled as he dozed off to sleep.

“Good night Yuu-chan, I love you too…” The blonde boy whispered as he too joined his best friend in the land of dreams. Tomorrow is a big day for them, albeit for entirely different reasons. For Yuu, he is going on a rafting trip with his close friends and his soulmate, for Mika, he will finally be able to see the outside world with his best friend and soulmate by his side. Tomorrow is a day that will be etched into both boys’ memories for the rest of their lives.





6:53 A.M

Mika awoken to the sound of his phone’s alarm going off. The blonde carefully maneuvered around his best friend to shut off his phone. He then shook the ravenette to wake him.

“Hey Yuu-chan, it’s the big day, time to get up!” Mika spoke softly, not wanting to raise his voice since it was still early and other people in the cabin were still sleeping. The younger boy groaned and stretched out his arms before getting out of his bed.

“What time is it?” Yuu asked, groggy as ever.

“6:54. Wash up, get dressed, and we’re out!” Mika replied, he tossed Yuu his clothing for the day before grabbing his own and entering the bathroom to wash up. Yuu let out an obnoxious yawn as he blinked the eye boogers out of his eyelids. He was really excited for the rafting trip, he just needed a nice cool shower to wake him up.

After both boys showered and got dressed, they put on their day packs on their backs and headed for the dining hall. The boys were dressed in bathing suits since they were going straight to the rafting trip after breakfast. Yuu wore a dark green muscle shirt, a black bathing suit, and black water shoes. Mika had on a white t-shirt, a baby blue bathing suit, and black water shoes.

Mika and Yuu met up with Daichi and Akane at the Dining Hall. They sat down to eat breakfast and shared their enthusiasm for the white water rafting trip. 

After breakfast, the group of friends met with the counselors going on the trip with them- Chitako and Ayase, and got in the minivan that would take them to their starting point.

After half an hour of camp songs, the group arrived at their destination. The counselors brought the group over to the equipment shack to put on their life preservers, helmets, and get their paddles. The two adult chaperones carried the raft to the water while the kids and teens carried the paddles and their own gear. Yuu and Mika sat next to each other in the raft, eager to get on the river. As the two adults were pulling the raft to the deeper end of the river, Mika looked over at his best friend and soulmate who flashed him a huge grin.

“Are you ready, Yuu-chan?” Mika asked Yuu, he was ready for some white water rafting fun!

“That’s a stupid question! Of course I am! I’m ready as I’ll ever be! Let’s do this!” The ravenette replied, he was excited to spend the day with his closest friends on the river.

With one final push, the raft was on the move and the voices of children laughing could be heard all throughout the day. It was going to be a great day for the group of four.




3:45 P.M

After a fun filled, wet and wild day down Crystal Rapids River, the four friends were completely and utterly spent. Mika, Yuu, Akane, and Daichi all crashed as soon as they buckled themselves in the car. Their counselors were also exhausted, as they fell asleep shortly after the younger ones did.

The kids were all awake by the time they returned to camp. Very sluggishly, the kids and the two teen counselors exited the mini van and once they all said their goodbyes, retired to the cabins for the time being. Mika and Yuu decide to head back to the cabin to wash-up and change, and afterwards, they would go to their usual hangout spot to relax and chill for the rest of the day.

After being refreshed and woken up by their showers, the duo made their way to their favorite spot overlooking the lake. The pair hopped into the hammock and got into their usual positions. Once they were comfortable, they began discussing the outside world again. However it was Yuu this time, who brought up the topic of other worlds.

“Hey Mi-Mi, if you were able to travel to any world, which one would you go to?” Yuu asked curiously, his interest in the outside world showing.

“Oh, so now you’re interested in talking about the outside world?” Mika smirked, knowing that he relit his best friend’s passion of wanting to explore other worlds.

“I’ve always been interested in talking about the outside world! I-I err, just haven’t thought about it as often as you have! So, are you going to answer my question, or not?!” Yuu asked, anxious to hear his best friend’s answer.

“I am, don’t get your panties in a bunch! Now let’s see, what world would I want to travel to? Well that’s easy, I would go where you are.” Mika spoke from his heart as he gazed into Yuu’s eyes, causing the ravenette to become flustered again.

“Mi-Mi, me too… I want to go, wherever you’ll be…” Yuu replied, intertwining his fingers with Mika’s.

“Yu-Yu… If-If we were able to leave tomorrow, would you go?” Mika asked, hoping that Yuu would say yes, since that is the plan for tomorrow.

“Yeah, yeah I would… Would you?” The younger boy returned the question to Mika, even though he had a feeling that he knew what his answer was going to be.

“Duh. I mean, do you really have to ask?” The ravenette rolled his eyes, causing him to be punched in the arm.

“I was only asking to be polite, sheesh!” Yuu huffed, puffing out his cheeks. Mika didn’t immediately respond, giving the younger boy the opportunity to ask him another question. “Hey, Mika?”

“Yeah?” Mika replied, looking at the blonde with curious eyes.

“Aren’t you afraid of what’s out there?” Yuu asked, wondering if his best friend was scared of what’s waiting for them beyond their world like he is. Even though he wants to travel to other worlds, he would be lying to himself if he said that he wasn’t afraid of what could be lurking out there. 


“I mean, the universe is so freaking enormous! Space creatures, aliens, monsters, and who knows what could be lurking out there!!!” Yuu exclaimed dramatically, even though he sounded ridiculous, he was being completely serious. The dark haired boy really did believe that monsters and aliens could be out there, and he wasn’t going to have any of that. He rather stay on Earth where there are no scary monsters or crazy aliens then go to a different world where monsters lurked or aliens ruled over.

“Don’t worry Yuu-chan, whatever is out there, is no match for the Great Mikaela! Leave it to me, I’ll protect you from the evils of the outside world!!! ” The older boy spoke in a over exaggerated tone, teasing his best friend for being so melodramatic.

“More like the great Dorkaela!” Yuu snorted, rolling his eyes before continuing. “I’m being serious Mika, stop teasing me!”

“I’m being serious too, Yu-Yu! Everything is going to be okay.  As long as I’m around, I’ll make sure that no harm comes your way… I will protect you with my life, my Yuu…” Mika spoke passionately, he was determined to protect his dear friend at whatever the cost, even his own life. He would die for Yuu, if it came to it to ensure that the younger boy survived.

“Mi-Mi…” Yuu whispered, squeezing Mika’s hand tight. Yuu knows that he can always count on Mika to protect him, but he doesn’t want him to put his own life in danger just to save him. He rather get hurt than Mika suffer because of him. Yuu was also willing to die for Mika, just like the older boy was willing to do for him. They both love each other so much, that they were wiling to sacrifice themselves if it came to it to ensure the other one’s safety and survival.

“Yuu, I promised you when we were little kids that I would always be there to protect you, and I intend on keeping that promise until the day I die. I will do anything and everything in my power to protect you, even if it’s at the expense of my own life… I love you so much, I would rather die than let anything bad happen to you, my precious Yuu-chan…”

“Idiot! I won’t let you! I won’t let you throw your life away just to save my butt! The space monsters, aliens, and bad guys can do whatever they want to me as long as they leave you alone! I won’t let anyone or anything hurt you!!! I-I can’t live without you!!!!!” Yuu shouted, tears threatening to fall from his eyes. Yuu didn’t even want to think about what life would be like without Mika, without his soulmate. He became really upset because he doesn’t what to hear that Mika would give up his life for him, because if he died, he would have no purpose to live anymore. Mikaela is his everything, without him, he would be nothing.

Mika, seeing the distressed state Yuu was in, wrapped his arms around the younger boy and pulled him into a hug. Yuu buried his head in the Mika’s chest, while the blonde gently caressed his best friend’s dark locks and held him close. Yuu clung on to the older boy’s back, not letting go anytime soon. 

“Yu-Yu… I can’t live without you either… You are my light… You are my everything… I love you so much…” The blonde boy spoke sincerely, he moved his face closer to Yuu’s and planted a quick peck on his cheek. Yuu returned the gesture, kissing Mika on his cheek before moving his face so their noses brushed against each other’s. They remained like that for a couple of minutes, enjoying each other’s touch. 

Soon, Mika sat up and decided to lighten the mood by bringing up their rafting trip. Mika and Yuu had a lot of fun on the river, so much fun that they already started making plans to go rafting during the last weekend of August before school starts. Though Mika knew that won’t be happening, since they were leaving this world tonight.

“Yuu-chan, how about Striehl river? It’s only a half an hour away from where we live, and I heard that the rapids there are wicked!” Mika spoke enthusiastically, excitement glowing in his blue eyes.

“That sounds totally rad! Do you know if tickets are still be sold for that weekend?” Yuu cocked his head as he relaxed with his hands behind his head.

“I’ll have to check when we get back home since there’s no internet out here.” The blonde deadpanned, camp Daybreak was well known for its outdoor activities and lack of internet access. Even if you would bring a smart phone, you would be out of luck as the cellphone service is terrible. Mika only brought his to use as an alarm clock.

“Oh! I totally forgot, heheheh…….” Yuu gave his friend a sheepish grin, feeling embarrassed that he forgot something as obvious as that.

“Oh, Yuu… Never change!” Mika laughed, he pulled the younger boy into a headlock and started to noogie his head again. The two boy laughed and roared, and with all of the commotion, they didn’t notice a certain brown haired girl sneaking up behind them.

“HEY TWIDDLE DEE AND TWIDDLE DUMB!!!!!! IT’S TIME FOR DINNER!!!!!!!!!!!” Akane shouted, startling the two boys and causing them to fall out of the hammock. Akane giggled at the pair, who were glaring daggers at her. Yuu sprung up and immediately picked a fight with the younger girl for scaring him like that. They bickered back and forth, until Mika intervened, dragging Yuu away with him. Akane ran after them, knowing to keep her distance or suffer the wrath of the raven haired boy. The trio made their way to the dining hall, inside they met up with Daichi who was waiting for them. He had already brought dinner back to their table, so they can start eating right away.

After dinner, the four kids were completely exhausted after a long day of rafting, so they decided to return to their cabins for the night. Even though it was early, they were exhausted and ready for bed. Mika and Yuu walked Daichi and Akane back to their cabins before returning to their own. Once inside their room, they kicked off their sneakers and quickly changed into their pajamas before settling in Mika’s bed. Instead of assuming their usual sleeping positions, they decided to face each other tonight. Mika and Yuu wrapped their arms around each other’s bodies and gazed into each other’s eyes. Once comfortable, they sighed in content, wanting to stay like this forever. Yuu soon broke the comfortable silence, wanting to ask his beloved friend one last thing before he falls asleep.

“Mika?” Yuu asked groggily, he felt like he could fall asleep at any moment.

“Yeah, Yuu-chan?”

“Do you think that we’ll really be able to go to other worlds?” 

“….. Y-Yeah, I do…” Mika replied hesitantly, he didn’t want to outright tell Yuu that they’re leaving tonight because of his deal with Ferid, but he didn’t want to crush his dreams and lie to him by saying no. So he decided to be honest, while giving as little information away as possible.

“Good… I can’t wait until that day comes, Mika…”

“Me either, Yu-Yu…”

“G’night, Mi-Mi, love you…” Yuu mumbled as he closed his eyes, falling asleep right away.

“Night, I love you too, Yuu-chan.” Mika leaned in to plant a kiss on Yuu’s forehead before returning to his previous position. 

Unlike Yuu, he wasn’t tired at all. In fact, he was busy thinking about the deal he made with Ferid. The more he thought about it, the worst he felt about the mysterious man. He had a bad feeling about the vampire, he could be walking right into Ferid’s trap if he does what he wants and brings him to the crystal. However, he still wants to believe that the crystal will be able to get them to the outside world. What was he going to do?

Hours passed, and Mika had finally made up his mind. He carefully climbed out of bed and changed into the clothes he planned to wear for the next day. He quietly snuck out of the cabin and made his way to the Ranger’s office. Mika had a plan, and he needed to move quickly in order to execute it. He planned on getting to the outside world without Ferid’s “help”. He and Yuu were getting to the outside world tonight, and he was going to do everything he could to make it possible.


10:27 P.M

“Yuu-chan, wake up!” Mika spoke softly, once again making sure his voice was loud enough to wake Yuu, but low enough to not disturb the others in the cabin. It took some time and patience on Mika’s end, but eventually Yuu woke up.

“Mika? What time is-”

“No time for questions, we gotta get moving.” Mika interrupted the younger boy, he grabbed his arm and pulled him to his feet. Yuu looked dumbfounded, he was half asleep and had no idea what was going on.

“Whoa! Mika, what the heck is going on?” Yuu asked, trying to balance himself on the ground after being yanked out of bed. He noticed that Mika was fully dressed and had his bag on his back like he was getting ready to go somewhere.

“I’ll explain on the way.” The blonde replied, he threw the ravenette his sneakers before putting his own on.

“Mi-Mi, what-”

“Just trust me Yuu-chan.” Mika interrupted Yuu again, he looked right into the younger boy’s eyes, telling him to just follow his lead without having to actually say anything.

“Alright, fine!” Yuu sighed, he put on his sneakers, grabbed his bag (which looked liked it had been packed), and followed Mika out the door. On the way out, they were stopped by Taichi who was lurking around by the entrance.

“Where are you two headed off to?” The younger boy asked with his hands on his hips, eyeing them suspiciously.

“We were just going outside to look at the stars.” Mika lied, however Taichi wasn’t buying it. 


“Yeah! What about it? What are you doing?” Yuu asked, throwing Taichi’s question right back at him.

“I couldn't sleep, so I decided to take a short stroll around the cabin. Why does Mika have a backpack on his back if you're just going outside?” Taichi asked, he knew that the boys were up to something, and he wasn’t going to leave them alone until they told him.

“Why don’t you mind your own business?” Yuu snapped, becoming irritated by Taichi’s nosiness. He was already cranky from being yanked out of bed, the last thing he needed was for Taichi to annoy him with his endless questions.

“C’mon Yuu-chan, let’s not even bother with him. Let’s go. Mika wasn’t in the mood to deal with Taichi either, so he dragged Yuu by the arm out of the cabin, ignoring the orange haired boy’s protests. 

Once the brunette was out of sight, Mika let go of his friend and decided to fill him in on his plan as they made their way to Daichi’s cabin.

“Yuu, tonight we’re leaving for the outside world." Mika revealed, causing Yuu to gasp in shock.

“HUH? Are you serious, Mika?!” Yuu asked, surprised at his best friend’s sudden declaration. 

“Yeah, I’ll tell you more about it after we get Daichi and Akane.” The blonde boy replied, pleading to Yuu with his eyes to just go along with him.

“Fine… Where are we going?” The ravenette asked.

“First we’re going to get Daichi, then we’ll get Akane. Afterwards, we’ll stop by the dining hall since its on the way to the lake. I’ll explain everything when we get there.” Mika explained, hoping that will satisfy his friend until then.

“Ok…” Yuu grumbled, he was too tired to argue with Mika, so he just went along with his plan. Though, he had to admit that he was very curious and anxious about what his friend was planning to do. Could they actually find a way to get to the outside world tonight? He had no idea how Mika was going to get them to other worlds, but he believed that if anyone could pull off something this crazy, it would be him. He knows how badly his best friend wants to see other worlds, and he also knows that once Mika has set his mind on something, there was no turning back. He knew that Mika was going to see his plan through and do everything he possibly could to get to the outside world, and Yuu was going to do everything in his power to help him.

It took the pair only a couple of minutes to arrive at Daichi’s cabin. Yuu waited outside while Mika went in to get their friend. It took the platinum blonde haired boy longer to wake Daichi up (he’s a much heavier sleeper than Yuu is), but eventually they rejoined Yuu who was waiting for them by the cabin’s front door.

“Yuu, what is going on?” Daichi mumbled sleepily, he was even less awake than Yuu was!

“Don’t look at me, I’m just as clueless as you are!” Yuu replied, even though Mika told him the gist of what was going on, he still feels like he doesn’t have a good enough grasp of the situation to be able to explain it to Daichi.

“I’ll explain everything to you guys once we’re at the dining hall. For now, let’s get moving. Onward to Akane’s cabin!” Mika declared and went ahead to their friend’s cabin, leaving Yuu and Daichi behind. While the two friends were walking along the path to Akane’s cabin, Yuu told Daichi the good news about Mika and him.

“HOLY CRAP, YOU TWO SHARED YOUR FIRST KISS ALREADY?!?!?!” Daichi exclaimed, he was happy yet surprised that Yuu and Mika had already shared their first kiss.

“Daichi, not so loud! And, yeah we did! It was amazing, his lips were so soft and smooth, I wished it lasted forever!” Yuu remembered his and Mika’s kiss fondly, he craved for Mika’s plump lips to be pressed against his once again.

“Wow, I’m so happy for you two! It’s about time that you finally confessed to each other!” Daichi spoke with a smile on his face, he was truly happy for his two friends. However, he couldn’t help but feel bad for Akane, who he knows has a crush on Mika as well.

“I know, right?! I’m so glad that we finally did though. Hey, thanks for all of your help, dude! I don't think we would have confessed so soon if it weren't for you, so thanks!” Yuu flashed his friend a toothy grin.

“That’s what friends are for, right?” Daichi smiled.

“Yeah… Oh, look! Here comes Mika and Akane!” Yuu pointed at his two friends who were walking towards them.

“Hey, Akane!” Yuu greeted his friend.

“Yuu, Daichi, can either one of you explain to me what’s going on?! Mika won’t tell me anything!” Akane scowled.

“Don’t look at me, neither of us has any idea of what’s going on!” Yuu shook his head and shrugged his shoulders. 

“I told you guys that I will tell you when we reach the Dining Hall! Now, let’s not waste anymore time and get a move on!” Mika said exasperatedly, he grabbed Yuu and Akane by their arms and dragged them to the dining hall, despite their protests. Daichi followed them, being cooperative unlike the other two. 

Once the group of friends were inside the Dining Hall, Mika shut the door behind them. All eyes fell on him, as his friends were expecting an explanation for being woken up so abruptly and dragged out of their beds.

“So, I gathered all of you here to tell you guys that tonight, we are going to the outside world.” Mika declared with determined look on his face.

“What do you mean by the outside world?! Do you mean outer space?!” Akane asked, surprised by her crush’s sudden declaration.

“Kind of, I mean other worlds in this universe! Wherever you guys want to go, lets go. As long as we have the Orbis Crystallus, we’ll be able to go anywhere we want!”

Orbis, what us?” Yuu asked dumbly.

“Orbis Crystallus, it is the source of a world’s power.” Daichi corrected Yuu’s mispronunciation of the word and explained to him what an Orbis Crystallus is.

“Dai, how the heck did you know that?!” Yuu asked, surprised that Daichi knew about the crystal but he didn’t.

“Because, I read.” The brunette replied.

“It’s in our science books.” Akane added.

You knew about it too?!” Yuu felt dumb for being apparently the only one out of his friends to not know about the Orbis Crystallus.

“Duh, everyone knows about the crystals!” Akane said with a huff.

“Not me!!! What the hell?! Why didn’t I know about them?!” Yuu freaked out, flailing his arms in the air dramatically.

“Because you don’t pay attention or read.” Mika deadpanned.

“Shutup!!!” Yuu growled, however Mika ignored him and attempted to steer the conversation back on track.

“Now as I was saying, we are going to use the crystal’s powers to open a portal to other worlds.” Mika stated.

“Wait Mika-kun, before you go on, can I ask you something?” Daichi asked. Mika nodded, allowing the brunette boy to ask his question. “Is the Orbis Crystallus here? In camp?” Daichi asked, he couldn’t believe that the source of Earth’s power was located right here in camp. They’ve been camping here every summer ever since they started elementary school, not in a million years would he have thought that the source of Earth’s power was hidden here in camp!

“Yes, the Orbis Crystallus is hidden underneath Crystal Lake.” Mika answered.

“How the heck do you know this, Mika?” Yuu asked, he was surprised at how much Mika knew about the crystal.

“It’s a long story…” Mika began, he explained everything to his friends; from his first encounter with Ferid, to the deal he made with the vampire, he filled them in on everything. He told them how he had a bad feeling about the mysterious man, so he planned on sneaking into the crystal’s hiding place, and use the crystal’s powers to open a portal to another world before he was supposed to meet with him. More specifically, Mika had planned for the four of them to go there. He explained how Ferid wasn’t able to enter the crystal’s hiding place without the help of a inhabitant of this world, which is why he asked Mika to take him there. 

As to Ferid’s reasons for wanting to get to the crystal, he didn’t even know himself (but he assumes that vampire wants the crystal for his own selfish purposes), so he told his friends that he wasn’t sure what Ferid was planning but reasserted that he had a bad feeling about him. The only reason he went along with the vampire’s plan in the first place, was because of the opportunity to see other worlds. But now he regrets making the deal with him, since he has no idea what Ferid is planning to do with the crystal once he gets to it. He’s worried that Ferid plans to double cross him, once he brings him to the crystal.

“Mika-san, why didn’t you tell us before?” Akane asked, feeling a little bit frustrated at her friend for not telling her and the others about Ferid or his plan before. She wished she had a little more time to think about whether or not she wanted to go to other worlds, instead of being forced to make a decision right now.

“I have my reasons, just trust me, I know what I’m doing. Now, we really should get going now so we can get there before Ferid does. So, follow me.” Mika turned around to walk towards the northern exit, he only stopped when he realized that his friends weren’t following him.

“Hold on just a second! Why do we want to go to other worlds in the first place?” Akane asked, she couldn’t understand why Mika was so fixated on the outside world. She always knew that he was interested in other worlds, but she never knew why.

“Akane, haven’t you ever wanted to see other worlds besides ours?” Mika posed a question for brunette.

“Maybe when I was like 5, but not anymore!” Akane answered.

“Well then, think about it this way, we’ll be able to spend more time with each other if we go to other worlds. We won’t have anyone to boss us around or tell us what to do, we can do whatever we want! C’mon, don’t you want to spend even more time with Daichi, Yu-Yu, and me?” Mika asked, knowing that Akane wouldn’t pass up the opportunity to spend more time with her friends. He doesn’t know that the person she really wants to spend more time with is him.

“Fine… I’ll go…” Akane caved in, she couldn’t care less about seeing other worlds, the only reason she agreed to Mika’s plan was so she could spend more time with him.

“Awesome. How about you Daichi? Would you like to join us on this once in a lifetime opportunity?” Mika turned his attention to the brown haired boy.

“I’ve always been interested in studying worlds outside our solar system, so count me in!” Daichi eagerly agreed to Mika’s plan.

“Well that settles it! Looks like we're going to see other worlds! Now, let’s go over the plan-”

“HEY!!! Why didn’t you ask me if I wanted to go?!” Yuu asked, upset that Mika didn’t ask him if he wanted to go but asked everyone else. 

“Oh Yuu-chan! Don’t worry, I didn’t forget about you! I didn’t ask you, because I know that you’ll go wherever I go! After all, you are my Yuu-chan!” Mika teased the younger boy.

“EHH?!?!!? What the heck is that supposed to mean?!!” Yuu blushed and acted like he didn’t know what Mika was talking about, when in fact he knew exactly what he meant.

Exactly what it means, Yuu! Now, we don’t have that much time left, so can you guys be quiet so I can tell you guys my plan?” Mika asked impatiently. They needed to get to the crystal before Ferid did, so they needed to get moving. The three other kids decided to hear Mika out and let him explain his plan to them. Mika told them how they needed to get to the crystal before midnight, so they can avoid the vampire completely.

After listening to everything Mika had to say, the other three decided to go along with their friend’s plan and all agreed that it would be in their best interest to avoid Ferid, as he was probably up to no good.

“Alright then, lets get going. We have an hour before I’m supposed to meet with Ferid, so if we leave now, we can avoid that shady creep all together, and be in another world by midnight. Anyone have any objections?” Mika asked and to his relief, none of his friends had anything else to say and were good with the plan he made. The group of friends were about to leave the Dining Hall, when they were stopped by their “favorite” seven year old.

“And where do you think you guys think you’re going?!” Taichi’s obnoxious voice echoed throughout the dining hall. 

“Taichi?!?!?! What the fuck are you doing here, you nosey brat?! Show yourself this instance!!!” Yuu demanded, and sure enough, the younger boy emerged from underneath a nearby table. He hastily made his way to the dining hall’s exit, and stuck his arms out to prevent the four friends from leaving.

“What the hell, Taichi?! You’re supposed to be sleeping in your room, why are you here?!”

“Mika, be nice!”

“Akane, please. Taichi, why the hell are you here?!” The blonde boy snapped, he had no time to deal with Taichi right now. 

“I'm here because I overheard your plans to get to the outside world! You think you guys can sneak off this planet without anyone else finding out? Well, I don’t think so! I’m coming too!” The seven year old said obnoxiously. Mika and Yuu groaned in unison, they were sick of Taichi sticking his nose into their business at every chance he gets, why can't he just leave them alone for a change?

“No you’re not! If we wanted you to come, then we would have asked you!! We didn’t, so that obviously means that we don’t want you to come!!!” Mika shouted, ignoring Akane’s protests for him to stop. Once Mika was finished, it was Yuu’s turn to take a shot at the poor boy.

“What the fuck is your problem?!?! Are you stupid or something?!?! Can't you mind your own business just this once?! Why do you always have to bother Mika and me?! You’re so annoying!!! You’re like a pest, you know that?! We don’t want you, why don’t you get it?! Just leave us alone!!!” Yuu screamed at the other boy, who looked like he was about to cry at this point.

“………….” Taichi was speechless, he was surprised and hurt by Mika's and Yuu's anger and hostility towards him. He didn't mean to be annoying or nosey, all he wanted is to be included in their plans instead of being left out all of the time. He looked up to Mika and Yuu, the last thing he wanted is for them to dislike him. Taichi felt defeated, he could feel tears forming in his eyes.

Mikaela! Yuichirou! How can you two be so mean?! Apologize to Taichi right now!” Akane berated her friends for saying such cruel things to their fellow camper.

“Why should we?! He’s the one who should apologize for always butting in when he’s not wanted!!!” Yuu huffed, crossing his arms over his chest.

“That may be true, but-”

“F-Forget it, I’m leaving… I-I hope you have fun without me…” Taichi spoke softly with his head hung low. He was about to leave when Daichi grabbed him by the arm to stop him.

“Daichi, what the heck are you doing?! He was leaving, why did you stop him?!” Yuu asked irritatedly.

“Because, I want him to come with us.” Daichi gave the younger boy a warm smile and put his arm around his shoulder. He felt bad for Taichi, knowing that he looked up to Mika and Yuu and was really hurt by what they said to him. Even though he was probably going to regret it later, Daichi felt like it was only right to let Taichi come with them.

“Me too, he is our friend after all, what's the harm in bringing one more?” Akane forced her way between Daichi and Taichi and linked her arms with theirs.

“Daichi, Akane, thanks…” Taichi said quietly, Daichi nodded his head and Akane flashed him a bright smile in response.

“WHOA, WHOA, WHOA!!! It was Mika’s idea to go to other worlds in the first place, so he should be the one who gets to decide who comes or not!!!” The raven haired boy argued. All eyes turned to the blonde, who simply shook his head and sighed in exasperation.

“He can come.” Mika said reluctantly.

“Really?!” Taichi exclaimed, looking at Mika like he won the lottery.

“Yes really. Now, can we go already?! We really need to get going before-”

“Whoa, hang on just a second!!! You're letting him come with us just like that?!? Why?!” Yuu asked.

“Because, we don't have time to argue! We need to get to the lake before Ferid does, and we don’t have anymore time to waste! So let’s get going!”

“Fine…” Yuu grumbled, he wasn’t happy at all that Taichi was coming with them, but was too tired to keep arguing.

“Thanks everyone. Now, do you mind if more people joined us?” Taichi asked. The four friends looked at each other in confusion before Taichi gave his friends the signal. “Come on out everyone!”

Suddenly, seven more children Taichi’s age emerged from underneath the tables. The kids surrounded their senior campers and begged them if they can go with them.

“We want to go to other worlds too!” 

“Please senpais, can we come?”

“We promise we won’t be trouble!”

“Pretty please?”

Mika and Yuu were both pissed, feeling stupid for falling for Taichi’s trap. Akane and Daichi immediately regretted their decision to let Taichi come with them. Not only did they have to put up with Taichi, now they have to deal with 7 more kids his age as well!

“Where the fuck did they come from?! Taichi!!!” Yuu shouted. He stomped over to the younger boy, and had to be restrained by Mika from hitting him.

“Taichi, please explain yourself.” Mika spoke ever so calmly, even though he was livid inside.

“Well it’s kind of a funny story. I was on my way to the dining hall, when I bumped into Chihiro and the others. They asked me if they can tag along, and who am I to say no. Heheheh...” Taichi laughed awkwardly and sheepishly scratched the back of his head. The four friends were not amused, and were regretting their decision to let Taichi come with them.

“What the fuck?! There’s no way they’re coming with us! No fucking way!” Yuu cursed and stomped like a little child throwing a tantrum.

“They can come…” Mika said reluctantly and sighed in resignation.

“MIKA!! WHY?!”

“We’ve wasted too much time as it already stands, and we can’t afford to waste anymore. It’ll be much easier to let them come with us, than to argue for another 30 minutes.” Mika stated, he walked out of the dining hall and motioned for the others to follow him.

“Grr… Stupid Taichi…” Yuu grumbled and reluctantly followed the rest of the kids outside.

The kids filed out into the parade field, where Mika went over the plan one last time. Once he was finished, the kids quickly and quietly made their way to the northern side of the lake.

It took them around while, but they managed to arrive at their destination before midnight. They came across a suspicious dirt patch that seemed out of place. Mika took out the shovel Ferid told him to bring, and began digging. Sure enough, he was able to uncover the entrance to the hidden passageway that went deep underground within minutes.

“Follow me, everyone.” Mika ordered. The kids lined up in a single file line, and began to descend into the dark passage. 

Mika took out his lantern from his bag, and led the way into the dark and narrow passageway. The lamp’s bright light was able to illuminate the dark corridor, allowing the kids to see where they were going.

After walking through the narrow path for what seemed like ages, the group finally reached the end of the passageway, where a large white door awaited them. Mika abruptly stopped in front of the door, causing the other kids to bump into each other.

“Mika, why did you stop?” Yuu asked.

“I hate to say this but, I-I think we should turn back…” Mika replied quietly. Yuu grabbed the blonde by the shoulders, and turned around to face him.

“WHAT?! Are you kidding me?! We can’t turn back now! After we’ve come so far?! MIKA!!!” Yuu shouted, shaking the blonde as he spoke.

“I’m sorry, Yuu. But, I have a really bad feeling that something terrible is going to happen the moment we step through the door.” Mika grabbed both of Yuu’s hands and removed them from his shoulders.

“Oh don’t be such a worrywart! Weren’t you the one who said that everything will be ok? Well?” Yuu asked with his hand on his hip, his large green orbs looking expectingly into Mika’s blue ones.

“I did, but that was then and this is now. I can’t help but feel like we’re walking straight into Ferid’s trap.”

“Mika, are you really going to give up on your dream to see the outside world, just because you’re afraid of some weirdo who claims to be a vampire?”

“No, not at all…”

“Then what are we waiting for?! Let’s go! We may never get another opportunity like this, so we can’t pass this one up! C’mon, Mi-Mi!”


“Mika… I promise you, that whatever lies beyond this door, we’ll face it together. As long as we have each other, there’s nothing that’s going to get in our way from getting to the outside world!” Yuu spoke sincerely, he grabbed both of Mika’s hands and gripped them tightly.

“Yuu… You’re right.”

“I know I am!”

“Let’s go.”

“Alright!” Yuu exclaimed and raised his fist into the air victoriously. He took Mika’s hand in his again and pulled him towards the double doors.

The pair approached the large double doors, and pushed it open. They were blinded by the light coming from the room, and had to cover their eyes. Once they could see, the group walked in, anxious to see what was waiting for them beyond the door.

Inside, was a humungous room supported by pillars and columns. Sitting in the center of the room floating on top of a large pedestal, was the Orbis Crystallus. It was a gigantic crystal that nearly reached the ceiling. The crystal was transparent, energy could be seen swelling in it. The children gathered around the it, taken in by it’s beauty and radiance.




“Holy shit… It’s real! The crystal is real! No fucking way!” Yuu’s eyes sparkled with amazement as he took in the sight of the source of the world’s power.

“Well, I guess our history teachers are wrong. The Orbis Crystallus really does exist!” Daichi commented.

“I can’t believe it. After all these years, I thought the crystals were just a part of fairy tails parents told to their children… Never did I have imagine to be standing in front of the real thing…” Akane said in astonishment.

“It’s so big and shiny! Can I touch it?” Taichi asked.

No!” The other kids all said in unison.

Party poopers…” The brown haired boy sulked and crossed his arms over his chest.

“So, Ferid was telling the truth after all…” Mika muttered. He started walking towards the crystal in a daze, ignoring his friends’ cries to come back. “I need the crystal… It’s powers should open up a way to other worlds…” He thought to himself as he approached the pedestal. 

“Mika, what are you doing?! Stop, get away from it! You don’t what will happen if you get too close to it! Dammit! MIKA!!!” Yuu shouted, and sprinted across the room to stop his best friend from touching the crystal.

Mika drowned out all the voices calling out to him, moving towards the crystal like he was in a trance. He stretched his arm out and was about to touch it, when one particular voice froze him in his tracks. And it was a voice he never expected or wanted to hear again. 

“Of course Ferid was telling the truth. After all, would I ever lie to you, my sweet Mikaela?” Ferid said mockingly with a malicious smile plastered on his face, as he emerged from behind one of the pillars. Mika withdrew his hand, and snapped his head to face the vampire. 

“Ferid?! What are you doing here? I thought you couldn’t get here without my help!” Mika asked, eyeing the silver haired man suspiciously as he spoke. While he was talking with Ferid, he hadn’t noticed that Yuu had joined him at the pedestal.

“So he’s Ferid…” Yuu muttered as he stared down the pale man. He thought Mika was kidding when he told him Ferid was a vampire, he didn’t think he was actually serious. Now seeing Ferid, he knew that Mika wasn’t joking.

“Oh, did I say that? I may have told a little white lie then, my sincere apologies!” Ferid bowed apologetically to Mika.

“Why did you lie about that? Why did you tell me you needed someone to bring you here, when you obviously didn’t?”

“Simple, because I enjoy toying with you, Mikaela. That’s all.” Ferid replied with an evil grin. 

“….. What do you want then? If you were able to come here all this time, why haven’t you stolen the crystal yet?”

“Who said that I even wanted the crystal?”

“Then, why are you here? You really don’t expect us to believe that you came here to just to help us get to another world, right?”

“Your words wound me, Mikaela! The main reason I came here in the first place, was to help you.”

I highly doubt it…” Mika muttered under his breath however, Ferid was able to hear him thanks to his enhanced hearing.

“You can doubt me all you want, but that’s the truth…” Ferid started walking toward the two boys, causing them to back away. Mika and Yuu rejoined the others, who were clueless to what was going on.

“Now then, I’m sure you’re all eager to get going so, let’s go.”

“What? You don’t mean-”

“Oh, I mean exactly what you think! I said that I was going to help you get to other worlds, I am a man of my word.” Ferid approached the crystal and placed one of his hands on it. Suddenly, the crystal began glowing brilliantly and soon a portal made out of darkness manifested right in front of the crystal. 




No fucking way…” Yuu thought to himself in astonishment as he was too dumbfounded to say anything.

“He did it… He actually did it… He actually created a portal to another world…” Mika whispered.

“Tada~! Do you still doubt my intentions, Mikaela?”


“You can thank me later! Now, let’s get going! Come along, kiddies!” Ferid motioned for the children to go to him. The younger kids swarmed around the vampire and bombarded him with questions, while Yuu, Mika, Daichi, and Akane stayed in place. Mika turned to Yuu who wore the same expression of disbelief on his face he did. With Ferid’s attention being preoccupied by the other children, Yuu and Mika took this time to decide what they should do.

“Mika, I have a really bad feeling about this…”

“I agree…  Ferid is definitely up to something, but what?”

“I dunno, but I do know we have to do something. So, what should we do?”

“We need to get out of here.”

Obviously. But how? Ferid will probably use his vampire powers to try to stop us from leaving!”

“And that’s why I brought this just in case!” Mika reached into his pockets and halfway pulled out a golden pistol. He concealed it so only Yuu could see it. He showed it to him for a couple of seconds before shoving it back into his pocket.

“Whoa! Where did you get that?”

“Ranger’s office. I took it with me just in case.” 

“Smart thinking.”

“Thanks. Now, I’ll go distract Ferid, while you take the others to safety.”

“But what about you?”

“Don’t worry about me. It’s my fault that we’re in this mess in the first place, so it’s my responsibility to make sure you guys get out of here safely.”

“Mika, I’m not letting you do this by yourself. I’ll help you create a diversion. Akane and Daichi can help get the other kids out of here.”

“Yuu-chan, stop being so stubborn and just do-”

No. I’m not letting you do this alone. Your problems are my problems. We’ll deal with Ferid, together.


“C’mon, Mika. Let’s get the others out of here, and then let’s go back to bed once we deal with this bastard.” Yuu held out his hand and smiled at the blonde. Mika returned his smile and took the ravenette’s hand in his own.

“Alright, let’s do this…” While Ferid was still busy answering the younger kids’ questions, Mika and Yuu took the opportunity to fill Akane and Daichi in on their plan. The brunettes were unwilling to leave Mika and Yuu behind, but agreed that they needed to get the younger kids out, so they reluctantly went along with their plan.

Akane and Daichi went to round up the children, while Mika and Yuu got into their positions. Once everyone was in place, Yuu started shouting obnoxiously at Ferid.

“OI! Vampire guy! Over here!”

Ferid turned around to face Yuu, who was glaring daggers at him.

“Oh, aren’t you a cutie! And what’s your name?”

“None of your business, you creep!”

“My, you’re a feisty one! I like that~!”

“Well, how do you like this?!” Yuu turned around and dropped his shorts. He pulled down his underwear and bent over to moon the vampire.

“How do you like that?!” Yuu shouted and shook his tan tush at the pale man.

“You’re quite an interesting one… Now, why don’t you put your pants back on and join your friends so we can get going?”

“No! I don’t take orders from you, you filthy bloodsucker!” Yuu took off his shirt and began to streak across the room, making sure that Ferid was looking at him  and not his friends behind them who were rounding the younger kids up so they can escape. He twirled his shirt in the air, as he continued to shamelessly run around the room naked.

“That’s quite enough now. Please stop this. Your friends are waiting for you, you don’t want to keep them waiting.”

“Nah nah nah nah nah! You can’t catch me!!!” The ravenette taunted the silver haired man and continued to run around in his naked glory. Ferid sighed and was about to turn around when he saw Mikaela walking towards him from the corner of his eye.

“Oh, there you are Mikaela! Can you please tell your friend to stop fooling around and to put his clothes back on?”

“Oh my god, I’m so sorry for my friend’s rude behavior. I’ll try to talk some sense into him.” Mika said over exaggeratedly. He ran over to his best friend who looked liked he was having the time of his life, while keeping an eye on Ferid to make sure he was still looking at them. 

Mika had no idea that Yuu was going to get naked and run around the room like a lunatic. If he did, he wouldn’t have let him help him in the first place. The blonde’s face turned beet red and he could feel the heat rising in his cheeks as he approached his nude friend.


“Hey Mika, come join me!”

“Yuu, why are you naked?”

“Why not? Why aren’t you naked?”

“What?! Yuu-chan, are you-”

Just play along.” Yuu whispered hurriedly in Mika’s ear before going back into character.

“C’mon, Mika! Take off your shirt!”

“Yuu-chan, you’re such a naughty boy! Aren’t you?” Mika purred and took off his shirt and threw it on the ground. He then placed his hands on Yuu’s shoulders and pressed their bodies together, causing Yuu to blush.

“Mika-kun, I thought you wanted to go to other worlds?”

“I do.”

“Then put your shirt back on and let’s get going.”

“Come join us, Bathory-san!”


“As much as I would love to, shouldn’t you two be joining your friends who are leaving?” Ferid replied with an evil grin. He knew. He knew what they were trying to do this whole time.

“What?! How did you-” Before Yuu could finish, Ferid vanished into thin air. A couple of seconds later, a blood curdling shriek filled the room.


Mika and Yuu turned around, and what they saw was their worst nightmare come true. Ferid was standing behind one of the girls, biting her neck, and drinking her blood. The kids watched in horror as the vampire sucked their fellow camper dry, and when he was finished, he tossed her to the side like a rag doll. She was dead.

“FUMIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Taichi cried for his dead friend. He ran over to her corpse, and mourned for his deceased friend.

“You monster!!! You killed Fumie, I’ll kill you!!!!!!!” Taichi stood up and charged at the vampire. Ferid didn’t flinched, and stood his ground. Right as the brunette was about to punch him square in the face, the pale man cut off the poor boy’s arm using just his hand. The brunette let out a horrifying scream before he was put out of his misery. Ferid sliced Taichi’s head off, killing him instantly. Taichi’s body collapsed onto the ground, while his head landed next to Akane. The poor girl shrieked in horror and nearly fainted at the sight of Taichi’s decapitated head. 

Daichi ran over to her to support and console her. He let her cry in his arms, holding her closely to comfort her. 

The younger campers screamed bloody murder, deeply traumatized by what they just witnessed. Their friend was slaughtered in the most vicious and cruel way possible. They all stood still, frozen in fear. They were terrified that the vampire would kill them if they tried to do anything, so they all stayed in place.

“TAICHI, NOOOOOO!!!!!” Yuu screamed, he and Mika scrambled to get their clothes on and rushed over to the remaining kids.

Ferid picked up Taichi’s corpse, and began drinking the blood that was gushing out of his neck. He drank it like he was an animal deprived of water. He was savoring the flavor of young blood, when he suddenly felt a sudden pain in his arms and legs. He tossed the boy’s corpse aside to see Mika pointing a gun at him. 

“Mikaela, what are you doing with that gun? Put it down now, and nobody else will get hurt.”

Avenging my friends.” Mika pulled the trigger and shot another bullet at Ferid. The bullet pierced through the vampire’s heart, causing him to collapse instantly. The kids looked at each other and sighed in relief, but their celebration was short lived. Moments after being shot, Ferid stood right back up. His wounds were completely healed.

“Tsk, tsk, tsk. Did you really think that would kill me? Did you forget that I’m a vampire? A shot to the heart does nothing to me!” The vampire smirked maliciously and began walking towards the group of children.

“GUYS, RUN!!!!!!!!!” Mika shouted and fired a bullet into the air. The kids began running towards the exit, but unfortunately for them, met the same fate as Taichi. One by one, Mika and Yuu watched in absolute horror as Ferid slaughtered their fellow campers. Mika tried shooting Ferid again, but the vampire proved to be too fast as he easily evaded all of the bullets fired at him.

“Mika, Yuu, HELP!!!!!!!” Yuu and Mika turned their heads and saw Ferid chasing Akane and Daichi.

“Leave them alone, you bastard!” Yuu shouted and started charging recklessly at the vampire.

“YUU, NO!!!” Mika ran over and managed to grab Yuu by his shirt to hold him back. He wrapped his arms around the younger boy’s body to restrain him.

“Let me go, Mika! Dammit!!!” Yuu desperately tried to break free of there blonde’s grasp, but couldn’t. All he could do was watch his friends get chased by this fiend.

“Yuu, you’ll get yourself killed if you rush in so recklessly!!!”

“But what about our friends?! Are you telling me that we should just stand here and watch as this bastard tries to kill our friends?!”

“No, but-”

“MIKA!!! YUU!!! HELP-” Daichi was cut short when Ferid sliced his body in half. Mika and Yuu were petrified as they watched their close friend get murdered right in front of them.

“NOOOOO!!!!!!! DAICHI!!!!!!!!!!” Yuu cried, still struggling to break free of Mika’s hold.

“Daichi…” Mika spoke softly, fighting to hold back the tears that threatened to fall.

“MIKA, HELP ME!!!!!” Akane shouted while running for dear life, Ferid was on her tail and out for blood, he pursued the brunette as she tried to escape from this nightmare

Mika closed his eyes and gritted his teeth, feeling awful and guilty that he couldn’t do anything to rescue his friend. As much as he wanted to save her, he knew there was nothing he could do at this point as already Ferid has his eyes set on her. The only person he can still save at this point is Yuu, and he is going to do everything in his power to do so.

“I’m so sorry, Akane…” The blonde whispered, as he hugged Yuu tightly to prevent him from breaking free of his hold on him.

“Mika, we have to do something! Otherwise Akane will-”

“AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!” Akane shrieked before collapsing on to the ground. Ferid decapitated her, just like he did to Taichi.

“A-AKANE!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOD DAMMIT!!!!!!!!!!!!” Yuu bawled, he finally stopped trying to break free of Mika’s hold as he sobbed and mourned for his dead friends.

“Yuu-chan…” Mika held his best friend close, as the younger boy cried for his deceased friends.

“Ah, that was fun. But now it’s time to get back to business. If you want to live, just follow me. Not only will your life be spared, but you will be able to see other worlds as well! Just like you wanted to, Mikaela!”

“There’s no way in hell that we’re going with you, after what you’ve done to our friends!”

“Don’t be like that! You were the ones who betrayed me first by trying to escape! If you two didn’t pulled your little stunt, your friends would still be alive!”

“Be quiet! You still killed them!!! You had no reason to kill them, but you still did!!!”

“Well you tried killing me, but I don’t hold that against you!” Ferid said with a devilish grin plastered on his pale face.

”You monster… How do you expect us to trust you anyways? Not only did you kill our friends, you could be leading us back to the world of the vampires for all I know!”

“Oh, have you finally figured it out? That’s exactly what I plan on doing! The queen has ordered me to take you two back to the capital of the vampires, where you will live out the rest of your lives as livestock!!!”

“So you were lying after all… I knew I couldn’t trust you…”

“I wasn’t lying! I meant it when I said I would help you get to other worlds, I just didn’t say which world you would be going to! My sincere apologies!”


“Now, if you two would so kindly follow me, we can finally get going to your new home!” Ferid exclaimed and walked across the room towards the portal. Mika ignored Ferid, and removed himself from Yuu. He turned the ravenette around so he was facing him, and gave him a gentle kiss on the lips.

“I love you, Yuu… Never forget that… And never forget me…” Mika spoke softly and caressed Yuu’s cheeks. “Now, go. Get to safety… GO!!!” The blonde pulled away from his beloved and took off after the vampire. 

“Mika, what are you- MIKA!!!” Yuu screamed frantically as he realized what Mika was doing. He was sacrificing himself to give him the opportunity to escape. Yuu broke into a sprint to get to Mika to stop him from throwing away his life for him. 

“Take this, you monster!!!!!” Mika fired three bullets at Ferid’s head. The vampire swiftly turned around and was able to dodge each one, he then suddenly appeared in front of Mika and pinned him down to the ground by his neck. He took the pistol away from him and tossed it behind them.

“Oh Mikaela… What will I ever do with you? Maybe if I drink some of your blood, you will be so lightheaded that you’ll act more cooperative and come with me through the portal. Yes, I like that idea! I’ve been dying to taste your blood anyways, so I think that’s what I’ll do!

“N-No… J-Just kill me, already…” Mika wheezed, as he struggled to breathe with Ferid pinning him down like this.

“Why would I ever do that? You two children are very important to us vampires. If the queen finds out that I even laid a finger on you, she’ll have my-”

“GET AWAY FROM HIM, YOU MOTHERFUCKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Yuu came charging at the vampire, flailing his arms wildly.

“YUU, STOP!!! RUN AWAY WHILE YOU CAN!!!!!” Mika cried. However, his pleas fell on deaf ears as Yuu didn’t stop. Ferid let out a chuckle before letting go of Mika and launching himself at Yuu. He grabbed Yuu by his neck and lifted him into the air. 

“L-Let me go, you bastard!!!”

“Yuu-chan!!!!!!!” Mika shouted. He got back on his feet, retrieved the pistol on the ground, and ran to Yuu’s aid.

“Ohohoho! I think I’m going to have a taste of your friend’s blood first, if you don’t mind!” The vampire gave the blonde a taunting smile as he pulled the ravenette down to bite his neck. Ferid sunk his sharp fangs deep into Yuu’s neck. 

“M-Mika, help me!!!!!!!!!!”

Yuu’s screams of anguish set something off in Mika. He felt anger, no, rage as he saw Ferid drinking the blood out of his best friend. Mika took aim at the vampire, and fired three bullets at Ferid’s arm. The bullets connected, and the pale man dropped Yuu as his arm writhed in pain.

Yuu fell onto the ground, feeling a little bit dizzy after having his blood sucked out of him. He stood up and hobbled over to his best friend. Mika started running to his best friend to meet him halfway, but was caught by surprise when Ferid appeared right in from of him and sliced his right arm off.

“GAH!!!!!!!!” The blonde screamed in agony as he collapsed onto the ground. Blood was gushing out of his socket where his arm was once located.

“MIKA, NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!” Yuu cried for his best friend and ran to him. He picked up the pistol, and aimed it at Ferid’s head.

“DIE, YOU BASTARD!!!” With tears in his eyes, Yuu fired three bullets into Ferid’s skull, causing him to collapse onto the ground. He then returned his attention to Mika, who was bleeding out. He grabbed wrapped his arms around Mika’s stomach, and tried dragging him towards the door.

“C-C’mon dude, we have to go!!!!!” Yuu pleaded to his best friend as he struggled with dragging him to the exit. The younger boy continued to drag his friend until he was suddenly shoved away.

“M-Mika?!” The raven haired boy gasped when his friend used his arm to push him away.

“Yuu-chan, g-go without me…….. I-I’m not going to m-make it………” The blonde said weakly and coughed up blood. Yuu cradled Mika in his arms and refused to give up on him.

“D-don’t s-say that!!! I-I’m getting u-us both out of h-here.” The younger child stuttered while holding his friend close to his chest. He could feel the tears swelling up in his eyes.

“I-It's too late for me…… You need to go, now. That monster isn't dead…. He’s a vampire, he's practically immortal……. You need to go, before he gets you……” Mika stated firmly.

“N-No…….. I'm not leaving without you!!!!!!!!! Mi-Mi… C-C’mon!” The raven haired boy placed his friend on the ground, stood up, and draped his friend onto his back. He only made it a few steps before he collapsed, still feeling weak from having his blood sucked out of him.

“Ugh!” Both boys groaned. The older boy rolled off of his friend. Yuu, got up back on his feet and tried to pull Mika onto his back again, but he didn't budge. Instead, he slapped Yuu's hands away from him.

“Mika, let's go!!!!!!! P-Please!!!!! I-I’m not leaving without you!!!!!” Tears were streaming down the ravenette’s face as he came to the realization his best friend had given up.

“Y-Yuu… I-I l-love you… N-Never forget that…….. L-Live, for the b-both of us…..” The blonde gave his friend a warm smile, even though the pain he was suffering was unbearable.

“I-I love you too!!! I-I’m not leaving without you, you I-idiot! I-I’m not.” Yuu sobbed and continued to try to get Mika to come with him.

“Y-Yuu…” Mika whispered weakly. Suddenly Ferid started stirring, causing both boys to panic. “Y-You need to leave, now… Before, that monster gets you…”

“I-I already told you, that I’m not leaving without you…”

“You have to…”

“No, I refuse!!!” Yuu was adamant about staying by Mika’s side. He was not going to abandon the person he loves, and the most important person in his life, he refuses to. 

“Y-Yuu-chan, you have to. Otherwise Ferid will- YUU!!!!!!”

Out of the blue, a monstrous black arm emerged from the portal and snatched Yuu. The ravenette struggled to get out, but couldn’t.

“ARGH! LET ME GO, YOU BASTARD!!!!!! MIKA!!!!!!” Yuu screamed and reached out to grab Mika’s hand. Mika laid there content. He didn’t bother to grab Yuu’s hand as it was pointless. He was just happy that his best friend will be getting out of here alive.

“Goodbye, Yuu… I love you… Live for the both of us…” 

“M-MIKA!!!!!!!!!!” Yuu screamed in anguish before being pulled into and disappearing into the portal.

Goodbye, my love…” 





July 17th, 2016 is a day that will continue to haunt me for the rest of my life. That summer was supposed to be filled with fun and laughter, instead it ended in tragedy. That night I not only lost my home, but my friends, my family, and most importantly- the one person who I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. My best friend- Mikaela Hyakuya sacrificed his own life that night so I could make it out alive.

I was found in an unfamiliar world by a young man named Guren Ichinose, who took me in and raised me like I was his own. Thanks to his connections, I immediately enrolled into the Galactic Peace Federation’s Military Training Academy. I wanted to get stronger, strong enough so one day I can to get my revenge on the bastard that took everything away from me and to avenge the ones I love.

Four years later, I’m graduating and will soon be a member of the Moon Demon Company- a special OPS division within the GPF Military that specialize in exterminating vampires. After years of training, I'm finally ready. I'm finally ready to get my revenge on the fiends that ruined my life. I'm going to avenge those who I've lost. I will cut down every vampire and demon that stands in my way until they're all purged from this universe. Mika, this is all for you… You are my reason to keep on fighting, you are my reason to continue on living. You are my everything, my love…

My name is Yuichirou Amane Hyakuya, and this is my story.





Yuu: Next time on Demons of the Apocalypse. It’s been four years since I’ve lost my home, my friends, my family, and most importantly- Mika. Since then I’ve been training hard to become a soldier in the Galactic Peace Federation’s Moon Demon Company, aka the vampire extermination unit. Will my training pay off as I finally take my graduation exam? Will I finally be able to join the Moon Demon Company so I can exact my revenge on the bastards who took everything away that was important to me?

Find out in the next chapter, next time on Demons of the Apocalypse- New Beginnings.




Chapter Text






4 years later


5:55 P.M

In a city covered in shadows, a lone teenager was in the middle of the battle of his life. He was fighting a horde of one eyed winged beasts known as Floateyes, who were chasing him relentlessly. 



The monsters greatly outnumbered him and were pursuing him through the streets of the abandoned metropolis.

The boy had smooth tan skin, and medium long jet black hair. He wore a black jacket-uniform with golden buttons and green details, a black cap with green horizontal stripes, white gloves with black symbols etched on the front, a black cloak with green details, and a pair of thigh high black combat boots. He wielded a katana that could cut through any object as if it was made out of butter. Underneath his right sleeve he wore a handcrafted blue and white bracelet, with some words etched on the metal tag in the center of it.

The teen ran from street to street, while dodging the laser beams the creatures were shooting at him as they continued to stalk him. He hated that he was running away from these monsters and not fighting them like he wanted to; however, he knew he couldn’t take them on all at once since there were simply too many of them. He would be signing his own death warrant if he turned around and tried to take them head on.

Fuck… There’s just too many of them! If only I can catch these freaks while they’re off guard… But how? What would Mi-Mi do? Hmm….. OH, I GOT IT!” 

The ravenette managed to out-run the beasts, leaving them in the dust. He darted across the city streets and made a sharp turn into an alleyway. He quickly surveyed the narrow area and found a place to hide.

Perfect! Now, I just need to wait for those bastards to come, then I’ll strike when they least expect it! Those fuckeyes won’t know what hit them!” The onyx haired boy dove into the dumpster located at the end of the alleyway and hid in the sea of trash.

By the time the floateyes arrived in the alley, the teen was nowhere to be seen. They searched the entire area for the boy, but couldn’t find him anywhere. The fiends looked at each other in confusion, baffled to where their prey disappeared to. With all of their backs turned towards the dumpster, the ravenette used the opportunity to strike.

“Take this, you stupid ass motherfuckers!” Yuu screamed as he emerged from the container of crap he was hiding in. He leapt into the air and ran his blade through the hearts of several Floateyes, killing them almost instantaneously. The winged monsters shrieked in agony before disintegrating into nothingness. The remaining floateyes all scattered, fearing for their lives. However, the raven haired teen was just getting started and wasn’t going to let them get away that easily.

“Hey, where do you think you’re going?” Yuu asked with a cocky grin on his face as he suddenly appeared in front of one of the cowardly beasts. The Floateye let out a terrified screech before turning around to flee, but was killed before it managed to get away. 

The ravenette raced from one fiend to another, obliterating them before they had a chance to escape. He hacked and slashed until there was only one left, and of course it was trying to get away. 

“I don’t think so, take this!” The dark haired teen took aim and launched his weapon at the monster. The poor creature didn’t get a chance to even blink as the katana pierced it’s heart and vanquished it instantly.

“That’s what happens when you mess with me, Yuichirou Hyakuya!” The ravenette gloated shamelessly. He was proud of himself for not only killing all the monsters within the allotted amount of time he had, but for doing it in a way that would make Mika proud. 

During his encounter with the monsters, Yuu had to think outside of the box like his best friend always did in order to come out victorious. Normally, he would rush in and try to take the beasts head on. This time, he knew he couldn’t get away with doing that since they greatly outnumbered him.

Mika would be happy and proud of him for using his brain for once instead of acting on sheer impulse like he usually does.

This is for you, Mikaela… Now I’m one step closer to avenging you and the others…” 

The only reason Yuu is taking this exam in the first place is so he can join the vampires extermination unit and finally get his revenge on the bloodsuckers who killed his friends and turned his life upside down.

A week after Yuu was found by Guren, he found out that the vampires took his world’s Orbis Crystallus. Once a crystal is taken from it’s world, the world vanishes. Yuu was devastated when he learned this, but his resolve to kill all of the vampires grew stronger.

Nothing is going stop him from vanquishing the bloodsuckers and any other bastards that stand in his way from avenging his friends. Passing the graduation exam puts him one step closer to achieving his goal.

“Don’t get cocky just yet, Mr. Hyakuya. Your exam is far from over. Look sharp, because the worse is yet to come.” A commanding voice echoed throughout the city.

“Oi! What the fuck are you talking about?! I just killed all of those one eyed freaks like I was supposed to! What else do I have to do?!” Yuu shouted into the air but received no response.


A gigantic red Floateye emerged from the body of water surrounding the city and let out a menacing roar. 

“GRAAR!!!!!” The monster roared. It searched the entire city using it’s monstrous eye until it located and locked on to it’s target. With it’s sight set on the ravenette, the fiend rose high up into the air and attempted to dive-bomb the boy.

Yuu drew his katana and stood his ground as the beast approached him at mach speed. The ravenette planted his feet firm on to the ground and showed no signs of backing down. 

As the fiend closed in on him, Yuu bent his knees and braced himself for what he was going to do. He took a deep breath and closed his eyes to prepare himself for he was going to attempt. Just as the floateye was about to collide into him, his eyes shot open and he jumped into the air and onto the winged beast’s back. 

The monster cried in astonishment and began to fly erratically to get the boy off of it. Yuu hung on to the beast’s back like his life depended on it (because it did). The floateye tried flying up, down, and even upside down, but no matter what it tried, it couldn’t get the teen off of it. It even tried drowning him by submerging them into the water, but that plan failed miserably as the fiend was gasping for air in mere seconds.

Despite being soaking wet and exhausted, Yuu continued to persevere and hold on to the monster’s back. He hasn’t budged since he first mounted the fiend, and he wasn’t planning to move anytime soon.

Eventually, the floateye began slowing down and stopped attempting crazy stunts to get Yuu off it’s back. The ravenette took note of the shift in the beast’s behavior, and knew that his plan was working.

If I can just hang on for a little longer, then I can hopefully get it to the point where it’s so tired it won’t put up that much of a fight.” Yuu thought to himself as clung on for dear life.

The onyx haired teen waited patiently, letting the creature tire itself out before making his move. It took a lot out of him (since he isn’t very patient to begin with), but he managed to hang in there and stuck it out until the monster finally worn itself out.

“Graahh…” The winged beast moaned tiredly. After several minutes of flying like a maniac, the fiend had grown weary and began to descend to the ground. Yuu waited until they were a couple of feet off the ground before striking.

The dark haired boy raised his katana above his head and thrusted it right into the middle of the monster’s back. The floateye let out a blood curdling screech before plummeting to the ground. Yuu took this opportunity to repeatedly stab it in it’s back until the fiend was finally able to shake the boy off of it.

Yuu landed on his back with a groan, but was able to get back on his feet. The beast turned around and roared. Like it’s brethren, it began shooting lasers out of it’s eye. Yuu was easily able to dodge the beams of energy, quickly jumping from side to side to evade the fiend’s onslaught of attacks.

“I’ve had enough of your shit. It’s time to end this!!! YAH!!!!!!!” With his weapon in both of his hands, Yuu charged his foe. The monster tried flapping its wings to create strong gusts of winds to blow him away, so Yuu decided to take this opportunity to show off one of his many tricks up his sleeves. He put his katana back into its sheathe and cracked his knuckles before clapping his hands together.

“You think you can blow me away, don’t you? Well, try to blow this away!” Yuu shouted and slammed the palms of his hands onto the ground. Suddenly, the symbols on his gloves began to glow and the area around him was covered in a blue light as well. Yuu raised his hands into the air and suddenly a wall made out of concrete emerged from the ground where he put his hands on. The ravenette used the concrete wall to prevent the fiend from blowing him away. 

Tried as it might, the floateye was unable to send it’s adversary flying. It kept on flapping and flapping until it tired itself out even more. Seeing that nothing was working and it’s days were numbered, the floateye turned around and began hobbling away in a last ditch to save itself. 

“Run all you want, but you’re not getting away!” Yuu chased after the pitiful creature and quickly caught up with it.

“TAKE THIS, YOU ONE-EYED SON OF A BITCH!!!!!!!!!!” With a single swing of his blade, the ravenette sliced the creature in half. The fiend didn’t get the chance to react and disintegrated into nothingness.

“Haa… Haa… Is it over?” Yuu panted, bending over with his hands on his knees. Beads of sweat fell from his forehead as he tried to catch his breath.

“Yes.” The voice from before answered. Suddenly, everything went dark and before Yuu knew it, he was back in the simulation room. The room was gray, rectangular, and dim. It was one of the many rooms that the Galactic Peace Federation (GPF for short) used for training and to conduct their graduation exams.



The door to the room slid open and the President of the GPF himself entered the room along with the head of the special operations branch of the military- General Giselle Oslo, and the supervising officer of the Moon Demon Army- Lt. Colonel Guren Ichinose. Yuu ignored Guren’s harsh glares and looked at the president expectingly.



The President was a very distinguished looking man. He was in his late fifties, yet was in fantastic shape and looked liked he was in his forties instead. He had a full head of short black hair, a thick black mustache, and a black eye patch that covered his left eye. He wore a black, full length military issue coat and slacks with black dress shoes. He wore five stars on his golden shoulder insignias, signifying his position as the leader of the military and the entire federation. 

“That was an impressive use of alchemy back there. Using the concrete to create a wall to block the monster’s attacks. Very smart thinking. Your skills in combat are also top notch. Well done.”

“So, did I pass?” The dark haired teen asked anxiously.

“With flying colors. Congratulations, Private Hyakuya. Welcome to the Moon Demon Company.” The President replied with a smile. 

I did it, I’m finally a part of the vampire extermination unit! Now, all I need to do is get my cursed gear so I can start killing those bloodsucking bastards! Mika, I hope you’re proud of me… I swear, I’ll kill every last one of them… For your sake, Mi-Mi…” The dark haired teen thought to himself as he could feel his emotions swelling.

Yuu couldn’t believe it, but he finally did it. Four long years of rigorous training have finally payed off as he is now a member of the Moon Demon Company! 

The Moon Demon Company is a special operations unit in the military that specializes in using alchemy and wielding powerful equipment called Cursed Gear to exterminate monsters and vampires. 

This sub-division in the GPF is extremely exclusive and very difficult to get in to. Typically, one must have high grades and be proficient at combat and alchemy to be accepted into the regiment. However, that was not the case for Yuichirou. Yuu’s skills on the battle field were far superior compared to his grades in the classroom. In fact, it was solely because of his expertise on the battlefield that allowed him to be even considered for the special operations unit. 

His grades in class were laughable and honestly pathetic. He was incredibly fortunate that he was skilled in combat, otherwise he wouldn’t have made the cut. The President made an exception and overlooked Yuu’s grades, giving him the opportunity to prove himself in the practicals. It all panned out since Yuu managed to impress the President and General Oslo with his prowess in the battlefield.

The dark haired teen was overcome with emotion. Now that he’s a member of the Moon Demon Company, he can finally get his revenge on the bloodsuckers that ruined his life.

Yuu wanted to obtain his cursed gear so he can kill all of the vampires. That's what he wanted- revenge. Revenge on the bastards who killed the ones he loved.

Fuck yeah!!! I did it!!! I passed!!! Woo!!! Now I can finally kick some bloodsucker ass!” Yuu exclaimed and cheered, he threw his fist up into the air victoriously as he basked in his accomplishment. He turned to Guren and began gloating.

“In your face, stupid Guren! You said that I wouldn’t pass, well look who has the last laugh now! I passed, in your face!!! Oh yeah! I rock, you suck!” Yuu gloated as he continued to taunt his guardian/supervising officer. 

Guren gritted his teeth and clenched his fists as he tried to maintain his composure in front of the President. He stormed over to the new recruit and muttered under his breath so only Yuu could hear him.

“Grr… You little brat… Your lucky that the President is here, otherwise I would kick your smug ass!”

“I like to see you try, asshole!”

“Why you little-”

“Hehe… General Oslo, will you do the honors?” The President interrupted the pair and turned things over to the blonde officer.

“It would be my pleasure, sir.” The four star general approached the new recruit and formally inducted him into the military.

“Yuichirou Hyakuya, from this day onward you are now a soldier of the Galactic Peace Federation’s Intergalactic Military. Specifically, you are now a member of the Vampire and Monster Extermination Unit also known as the Moon Demon Company. As a member of the Moon Demon Company, you have very specific duties and responsibilities. First I would like to-” General Oslo began her lengthy lecture which would drag on for half an hour.

After the general’s long winded speech, Yuu’s enthusiasm had vanished and he just wanted to return to his room to take a nap.

“Mr. President, Ms. Oslo, stupid Guren, as much as I would love to stay and chat, I must be going now.” Yuu excused himself and hightailed it out of the exam room. He bowed to his superior officers and walked towards the door.

“Oi! Don’t forget to show up to class tomorrow for your squad assignments!” Guren shouted at the teen.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know!” Yuu waved his hand dismissively at the Lt Colonel as he left the room in a hurry.

“That Hyakuya kid sure is something else.” The President chuckled.

“He’s something all right…” Guren grumbled to himself before he called in the next potential recruit.



Yuu hurried back to his room ready to pass out, feeling exhausted and completely spent after  a long day of practicals and the general’s long winded speech. He took out his keycard and inserted it into the card reader. The door unlocked and he entered his room.



“Hey.” A teenager the same age as Yuu greeted him. The boy was a good looking guy with fair skin tone who had medium length dirty blonde hair, light blue eyes, and was thin and lanky in build. He was wearing a oversized green jacket and a pair of dark gray skinny jeans that hugged his legs tightly.

“What are you doing here?” Yuu asked irritatedly and pointed his finger at the other boy.

“I live here?”

“I mean what are you doing here right now? I thought you were going out with some friends?!”

“I was, but I changed my mind.”


“Because, I wanted to wait for you! How did your exams go? Did you pass?”

“It’s none of your fucking business! …… But yes, of course I passed!”

“That's awesome! I'm so proud of you, bud!” The blonde got up from his bed and walked over to his roommate to glomp him.

“OI! Get off of me, stupid Michael!” Yuu shouted and pushed the skinny teen off of him.

“Oh Yuu-chan, you're so silly!” The blonde smiled teasingly and attempted to ruffle the shorter boy’s hair.

“Shut-up! How many times do I have to tell you to never call me that!” Yuu smacked his roommate’s hand away from him and shoved him away in a huff.

“Ow! What was that for?!”

“That was for being a idiot! Now can you stop bothering me?! I would really like to get some sleep if you don’t mind!” Yuu stomped over to his bed and suddenly stripped down to his underwear, causing Michael to blush. The ravenette put on a plain black t-shirt and collapsed onto his bed. He grabbed one of his pillows and hugged it to his chest tightly.

“Aww, don’t be like that! I was thinking we could go out and hit up a club or something to celebrate us passing our exams! What do you say, buddy?”

“How many times do I have to tell you, that I’m not your buddy! I’m not your friend! You’re not and will never be my friend! I don’t need you or anyone else!”

“You don’t mean that…”

“Yes I do! Stop pretending you know me when you don’t know me at all!”

“Yuu… I-I-”

“Just leave me alone…” Yuu said as he pulled his blanket over his head.

“….. Alright. I’m leaving, do you want me to pickup anything to eat while I’m out?”

“No. Just go already.”

“..… I’ll see you later.” Michael grabbed his bag, turned off the lights, and left his and Yuu’s shared room, closing the door behind him.

Yuu, I wish you would let me in… I wish I could help you, buddy…” Michael whispered as he closed the door behind him. 

Michael Honomi has been roommates with Yuu for four years now, however he still hardly knows anything about the other teen. Yuu simply refuses to tell him anything and let him into his life. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t get the other teen to open up to him.

The blonde knows bits and pieces of the ravenette’s past, such as how a vampire killed all of his friends, and how Guren found him and took him in. He also knows that his best friend- Mika sacrificed his own life so Yuu could survive. Other than those few tidbits and some of his interests, the blonde knows next to nothing about the raven haired teen.

Michael wants to be friends with Yuu, he wants to be there for him and help him with the pain and suffering he is enduring, but he can’t as long as the ravenette keeps pushing him away. 

During his walk to the common room, Michael pondered over how he could help Yuu and get him to open up a little more. He was determined to find a way to Yuu’s heart and finally start a real relationship with his roommate.





As the door shut, Yuu let out a sigh of relief knowing that he won’t be bothered by his roommate for at least the next couple of hours.

“Friends, huh? Hmph, the only friends I have are dead. I don’t need friends… I don’t need anyone…” The dark haired teen grumbled to himself. He closed his eyes and tried to fall asleep, but Michael’s words kept on echoing in his head over and over again. He opened his eyes and threw his pillow against the wall out of frustration.

“Stupid Michael… I don’t need him or anyone else… The only person I need is gone…” Yuu thought to himself as he got up from bed to retrieve the pillow. He flopped back on to his bed and was about to close his eyes, when he heard a familiar voice call out to him.

Do you honestly believe that?”

“Whoa! Who the fuck is there?!” The ravenette rolled off his bed and walked over to turn the lights on. When he could see, he saw no one. “Where the fuck are you hiding?! Show yourself, you bastard!”

It doesn’t matter. What matters is that you're pushing everyone who wants to be your friend away.

“What’s it to you?! Why do you care if I have friends or not?! And who are you?!” The black haired teen shouted at the voice.

I’m worried about you. After all, best friends have the right to worry about each other. Isn’t that right, Yuu-chan?

Yuu-chan, no fucking way…” Yuu’s eyes bulged and he could feel tears forming as he finally realized who the voice belonged to.

“M-Mika?! I-Is that you?!” The ravenette asked desperately, trying to hold back his tears.

Duh, of course it is silly! Is there anyone else who calls you by that name?” Mika answered back. Yuu could imagine Mika smirking at him.

“M-Mika…. How?! I thought y-you were dead!!! Where a-are you?! I can hear you, but I don’t see you! I’m not going crazy, am I?!” The black haired teen thought he was going crazy at this point. Was he really talking to his best friend, or was he just imagining it?

You’re not going crazy. I’m right here, where I’ve always been. In your heart.

“M-My heart?!” Yuu stuttered.

I might not be there with you physically, but I’ll always be with you in your heart.

“I-I still don’t know if I’m d-dreaming, or hallucinating, or what! I-I hope that stupid Guren didn’t slip any drugs into my water or something, cuz that’s something he would totally do!” Yuu sniffled while he ranted.

Yuu-chan! Snap out of it! You’re not hallucinating, this is real. I’m really talking to you and you’re really talking to me!

“M-Mika… B-But how?!… I thought you were d-de… you know!” The black haired teen asked as tears ran down his face..

“Yuu, listen to me… You need to stop pushing people away and start letting them in. You don’t want to be lonely for the rest of your life, do you?”

“I don’t care if I’m alone or miserable for the rest of my life… You know that without you, I’ll always be lonely and unhappy…”

Yuu, I know you're hurting, but you have to let it go…..”

“L-Let it go!? Mi-Mi, you know I-I can’t do that!!! T-The whole reason I’m putting myself through this hell is for you! It’s to avenge you and all of our friends who were killed by that blood sucking fucker!” The raven haired teen cried.

I mean you have to let go of your fear. Your fear of letting people in and losing them…

“What are you talking about? I’m not afraid of-”

Yuu-chan, it’s okay… I know how difficult the last couple of years have been for you. But, you need to surround yourself with people who support and care about you- a new family… Otherwise, you’ll continue being lonely and miserable, and it breaks my heart to see you like this… Where is the energetic, brash, spunky, loving kid I knew when we were young?

He died, when you died……” The black haired teen looked down, his eyes were all red and swollen from crying nonstop.


“M-Mika…Mika….” Yuu became hysterical and buried his head into his pillow and held onto it with a death grip.

Shh…… Yuu-chan it's okay…… Like I said, I'm always going to be here with you, my love….. I hate seeing you like this. I just want you to be happy.

“How can I be h-happy without y-you?!!? M-My best friend, my o-other half!?” The ravenette cried and slammed his fists against the bed.

Yuu, like I said I'm always going to be with you. That's never going to change. Not even death can separate us… I always have and always will be here with you, cheering you on from the sidelines…

“M-Mika….. I miss you so much…..”

I miss you too… But please listen to me… You're going to need to learn how to trust people and they're going to have to trust you if you all want to survive… I know you're afraid of losing the people you care for, but if you and your comrades can work together as a team, then you won't have to be worried about losing anyone ever again.

“M-Mika…….” The dark boy whispered sadly.

I believe in you Yuu… I believe in the strength of your heart… I believe in your kindness… You don't have to worry about losing anyone again if you believe in your own strengths and in others…


I have to go now….. I love you, Yuu…Never forget that…  I'll see you soon…

“W-Wait, don’t go!!! I love you t-too!!! P-Please don’t leave me!!! MIKA!!!” Yuu cried but received no response.

“Please don’t leave me, M-Mi-Mi…….” The ravenette whispered hoarsely. He hugged his pillow tightly and cried himself to sleep. 

Mika…” Yuu whimpered in his sleep. As he slumbered, all he could dream about was Mika. He would do anything to have the opportunity to see or talk to Mika again. Unfortunately, that could never happen, because Mika was dead. Right? 



It was a quarter to ten and Michael was on his way back to his room after celebrating with some of his classmates. In his hand was a basket full of chicken nuggets, one of Yuu’s favorite foods. He thought he’d bring something back for his roommate just in case the other boy hadn’t eaten yet.

The blonde inserted his room key into the card reader and walked into his and Yuu’s shared room. 

Sitting at their desk with a book in his face was Yuu. The ravenette was too busy reading to notice the blonde, so Michael was able to sneak in without getting yelled at. 

The title of Yuu’s book read: “Human Transmutation: The Dark Side of Alchemy by Laureen Featherstone Vudimir ”. Michael frowned at this, since human transmutation has been outlawed from being used for centuries. Despite knowing this, Yuu continued to research this forbidden branch of alchemy.

Ever since Guren found him and brought him to Central Command, the black haired teen has dedicated the rest of his life to defeating the vampires and finding a way to resurrect his deceased friends. While he was searching for a book on advanced alchemy techniques in the library, he stumbled upon one that contained information about a forbidden form of the science- human transmutation.

Human transmutation is a type of alchemy that supposedly was able to bring the dead back to life. Using the composition of the human body and the remains of the deceased (it could be bones, a strand of hair, or any part of the fallen), it is said people could be resurrected by using this illegal technique.

However, all recorded endeavors have ended in failure. The first known attempt at human transmutation was hundreds of years ago, when a young woman tried to resurrect her wife. It ended in total disaster, resulting in the woman going in a coma. Other attempts have ended the same, with the person who attempted it ending up in a vegetative state.

Nevertheless, Yuu has spent the last four years studying this forbidden art. He was determined to find a way to bring his loved ones back, and this seemed to be the only way. He was going to do whatever it takes to resurrect his friends and bring Mika back to life.

Yuu was deeply engrossed in the book, even though he has read it before. He wanted to make sure he had gotten all of the relevant information out of it before moving to the next one.

Though there were a lot of things he didn’t understand, he felt like he had a good grasp on how Human Transmutation worked. He’s been researching this outlawed art ever since he first discovered it, and now he feels like he finally has a good understanding of it.

More specifically, he finally knows what he needs in order to perform a successful human transmutation.

“The Philosopher’s Stone is a powerful transmutation amplifier that enables its holder to override the laws of equivalent exchange. Equivalent exchange states: ‘In order to obtain or create something, something of equal value must be destroyed or lost.’ The Philosopher’s Stone has the power to bypass the law of equivalent exchange as long as the stone retain its powers.” Yuu re-read to himself for the hundredth or so time.

While reading one of the books about human transmutation he borrowed from the library, he stumbled upon the Philosopher’s Stone- a legendary alchemic amplifier that has the power to override the law of Equivalent Exchange.

During the final part of his exam, Yuu transmuted the concrete on the ground into a concrete wall. He could only make the wall out of concrete because that was the material he had to use- the concrete surface. In order to create the concrete wall, he had to use the concrete surface as material for the transmutation. If he wanted to create a larger wall, he would have needed to use more concrete. It’s because of equivalent exchange, alchemists are unable to obtain or create anything without using materials that are equal or greater value than the thing they desire, which is why Yuu was dead set on finding the Philosopher’s Stone. 

Using the stone’s powers, he could bypass the law of equivalent exchange and do what many others tried before him and failed- perform a successful human transmutation. The ravenette has read several books about the subject, and has come to the conclusion that the only reason people have failed in the past was because nothing they had to offer was equal to the value of a life. By using the Philosopher’s Stone, Yuu could the bypass equivalent exchange and bring back his loved ones without any ramifications.

The only problem Yuu faced was he had no idea where he could find one. He’s tried asking Guren and his teachers, but they shut him down as soon as they heard the words- Philosopher’s Stone. However, that didn’t stop him. Once he gets his cursed gear and his license to travel to different worlds, he plans on searching for the stone by himself. He doesn’t care how much time it takes or how many worlds he has to travel to, he’ll do it if it means that he’ll be able to revive his dead friends. And he is willing to do whatever it takes to bring them back. He’ll do anything to see Mika and the others again again, and that is what motivates him everyday. The thought of seeing his beloved Mikaela and his other friends again.

Yuu was lost in thought, consumed by thoughts of human transmutation, the Philosopher’s Stone, and Mika. However, he was suddenly brought back to reality when he felt someone tapping his shoulders.

“Hey Yuu, I’m back and I brought you something to eat.”

“Ugh! I thought I told you not to! Wait, are those chicken nuggets?!” Yuu’s tone changed when he saw the basket full of chicken nuggets and his eyes bulged.

“They sure are!”

“Gimme!” Yuu put the book down on the table and snatched the basket of chicken nuggets from the blonde’s hands.

“They’re all yours!” Michael smiled as Yuu shoved the chicken nuggets into his mouth with a wide grin on his face.

“These are so fucking good! I’ll never get tired of good ole chicken nuggets!” Yuu stated happily as he chewed with his mouth open. He made quick work of his food and was done within three minutes!

“That sure hit the spot! Thanks… Even though I told you not to get me anything!”

“Don’t sweat it, man! I had a feeling you would be hungry after your nap!”

“Hmph… Whatever… Now if you don’t mind, I have to get back to reading this book.” Yuu got up to throw away the empty basket before sitting back down in his chair. He picked up the book and resumed where he left off, or at least he tried to.

“I see you’re still studying human transmutation.”

“Yeah, so? What’s it to you?”

“You know, all recorded attempts at human transmutation have ended in failure.”

“So?! What’s your point?!”

“I want you to be careful. Human transmutation is illegal for a reason! People have ended up in comas because of it! I just don’t want you to end up hurting yourself.”

“I’ll be just fine. Now if you don’t mind, I would like to read in peace.”

“Yuu, I don’t think you understand how dangerous it-”

Lalalalalalala! I can’t hear you, Michael!” Yuu put his hands over his ears and started shouting obnoxiously over the blonde teen.

“Yuu, listen to me dammit! If you continue to pursue this- hey, where are you going?”

“Anywhere but here! I’m going to someplace quiet where I can read without any interruptions.” Yuu declared as he put on his sneakers.

“Wait, don’t go! I promise I’ll leave you alone if you would just listen to what I have to say first!”

“I don’t have to listen to anyone! Keep your nose out of my business, and just leave me alone!” Yuu shouted as he ran out of his room and into the hallway, leaving Michael all by himself.





Yuu stormed down the hallways of Central, fuming and ranting about his roommate.

Stupid Michael, why can’t he learn to take a hint and just leave me alone and let me do what I want?! God! He’s so fucking annoying sometimes!!! Argh!!!” Yuu complained loudly as he made his way to the library. 

It was ten o’clock at night, so he had an hour until curfew, which meant he had less than an hour to read his book before he was kicked out of the library and forced to return to his room for the night.

Once the ravenette arrived at his destination, he made his way to his usual spot on the second floor. The only other person in the library was the librarian, so Yuu didn’t have to worry about anyone bothering him.

Yuu slumped in a chair and continued where he left off. He was determined to get through the rest of the book by the end of the week so he can finally begin reading another one. Yuu wasn’t the best at reading, so he had to read things several times before he fully grasped the contents of it.

The hour passed quickly and before he knew it, Yuu was reluctantly on his way back to his room. He didn’t want to argue with Michael when he got back, all he wanted to do was go to sleep.

When the door opened, he was relieved to find that the lights were off and Michael was fast asleep. He tiptoed to his bed and collapsed onto it. He passed out as soon as his head hit his pillow.

M-Mika…” Yuu muttered in his sleep as he dreamt of his beloved friend.




10:50 A.M

After a restless night, Yuu was up and getting ready to meet the Lt. Colonel for squad assignments. 

Yuu was wearing his school uniform- a gray gakuran with a standing collar that was black with teal trim. The collar and the top buttons of the jacket were unbuttoned, revealing a white shirt t-shirt underneath. He also put on his gloves just in case he needed to perform alchemy. Those gloves (issued by the Moon Demon Company) allowed the wearers to perform alchemy without having to draw transmutation circles since the gloves had transmutations circles printed on them. 

On his right wrist he wore the bracelet Mika made for him at summer camp all those years ago. He wore it everyday, as it reminded him of his beloved partner. It was one of the only things he had left to remind him of Mika, so he never took it off. 

The raven haired teen was combing his hair when Michael came out of the bathroom. The blonde was all washed up, dressed, and ready to go.

“Hey, are you almost done? We’re supposed to be meeting with Guren to get our squad assignments in 10, and I don’t want to be late!” Michael asked, looking eager to go.

“Then go ahead without me then! God! I never asked you to wait for me, stupid Michael!” The black haired boy snapped at his roommate. Michael sighed and shrugged.

“Fine, suit yourself!” The blonde quickly put on his sneakers and left their room. 

Michael tried so hard to be patient and friendly to his roommate, but nothing worked. Every time he tries to get him to open up, the other boy pushes him away and shuts down. 

Maybe if Yuu and I get assigned to the same squad, he’ll be more willing to open up to me…” The blonde mused as he walked to the classroom they were meeting in.

Fucking Michael! He’s so fucking annoying! Hmph! I don’t need him in my life! Hell, I don’t need anyone! Once I get my cursed gear, I can finally get my revenge on those bloodsucking bastards!” The black haired teen thought to himself while putting his sneakers on. He tied his shoelaces and made his way to the door. He opened it, slammed it shut, and locked it with his keycard. He then headed towards the classroom.

10:55, fuck! I have 5 minutes to get to there or Lt. Colonel fuck face will kill me! I better start running!” Yuu sprinted down the hallways of the enormous spacecraft, bumping into some recruits and getting yelled at by some soldiers along the way. He made his way to the ship’s academic sector and turned the corner to get to the classroom he’s supposed to be at.

It took him 8 minutes to arrive, but he got there. And he was only three minutes late this time!

I’ll just sneak in when Guren’s not looking.” The black haired teen plotted to himself. The door was open, so all he had to do was make sure that Guren wasn’t paying attention, sneak into the back, and sit down like nothing happened. He crept to the side of the door, and slowly poked his head out to see if Guren was watching. His plan was immediately thwarted when he saw that Guren was staring straight at him with a scowl and an annoyed look on his face.

“Oi! Idiot Yuu, are you just going to stand there with that stupid look on your face all day?! Get your lazy ass in here, you fucking moron!” Guren shouted at him, causing the other recruits to snicker at him. 

The black haired teen cursed to himself, muttering some obscenities at the lieutenant colonel. He walked in the room and looked around for an empty seat. Fortunately for him, he found one in the way back (the only seat left). As he was heading to the empty desk, he spotted Michael who was predictably sitting in the front row and saw the grin on his face. He rolled his eyes at him, walked to the back, and took the corner seat next to a girl. She had lilac colored hair, brown eyes, and a purple ribbon in her hair.



Yuu slumped into his chair with his arms crossed and wore an irritated look on his face.

“As I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted, I will now be handing out the squad assignments. Once I have finished handing them all out, you are to meet with your squad members immediately and report to your division supervisor. Remember that not everybody in this room will be in your squad, so you’ll actually have to get up and go look for them. You will also be finding out if you have been selected to be a sergeant. Only sergeants will have a full roster of their squad members, while everybody else will just have their personal information, and their sergeant’s name. Any questions before I hand out your assignments? Too bad.” The Lt. Colonel said and began handing out the squad assignments.

Yuu could hear cheers of excitement and sighs of disappointment coming from the recruits who had received their assignments. He heard Michael cheer and whoop, which could only mean that he was a sergeant.

Of course he’s a sergeant. That fucking suck-up, I bet he had to do a lot of ass kissing to get that position.” The black haired teen thought to himself. He then noticed that Michael was looking at him with a frown on his face. Yuu ignored him and gazed out the window. 

The ravenette couldn’t care less if he was a sergeant or not. He actually would prefer not to be so he didn’t have to worry about his teammates, he can just worry about himself

As he was staring into outer space, Guren arrived in front of him and slammed his squad assignment paper on his desk, startling him. The older man smirked at him before moving on to the girl sitting in the desk next to him. 

Stupid Guren, that bastard! One day I’ll show him, that stupid old fucktard!” The dark haired boy lifted up his paper to look at his squad assignment. To his relief, he wasn’t made a sergeant. He read the information on the paper quietly to himself. 

Recruit: Yuichirou Hyakuya | Rank: Special Private | Organization: Galactic Peace Federation’s Intergalactic Military | Military Branch: Galactic Peace Federation’s Special Operations Forces | Branch Head: General Giselle Oslo | Division: Moon Demon Company | Division Supervisor: Lt. Colonel Guren Ichinose | Sergeant: Shinoa Hiiragi.

“Who the fuck is Shinoa Hiiragi?!” Yuu stood up and shouted out loud. The recruits stared at him for a moment before returning to their own business. Yuu didn’t notice the girl sitting in the desk next to him was looking at him now. Guren marched over to the ravenette and smashed his fist into his head.

“WATCH YOUR FUCKING LANGUAGE, YOU FUCKING BRAT!!!” The dark haired man cursed and walked back to the teacher’s desk since he was finished handing out squad assignments.

Stupid fucking Guren, that piece of shit! He can curse like a sailor but we can’t?! Fucking hypocrite!” While he was mentally cursing out his guardian, he didn’t notice that the lavender haired girl had left her desk and was standing next to him. It was only when he felt someone tapping his shoulders he turned and noticed the short girl standing there.

“What the hell do you want?!” Yuu asked angrily.

“My, you sure are a feisty one~! I’m the one and only Shinoa Hiiragi, your sergeant! And you must be either Yoichi Saotome, Shiho Kimizuki, or Yuichirou Hyakuya!” The lilac haired girl introduced herself.  

This chick is my sergeant? This puny little midget?! What the fuck?!” The ravenette thought to himself. At this point he thought Michael would be a better sergeant then this shrimpy girl!

“Yuichirou Hyakuya, but you can call me Yuu.”

“It's nice to meet you Yuu-san.” The ashen haired girl stuck her hand out for a hand shake, but the ravenette quickly swatted it away. 

“I don’t do handshakes. Look, I’m not here to make any friends or do any of this kumbaya team horse shit! I’m just here to kick some bloodsucker ass! I don’t care about making friends or-” Before he could finish his anti-friendship tirade, he was cut off by another fist to the head.

Idiot Yuu! Shut up already! God! Stop poisoning the other recruits with your emo bullshit and find the rest of your squad members before I decide to kick you out of my division!” Guren scolded the black haired boy.

Fuck you, stupid Guren! Let's go shortie! We're getting the fuck out of here!” He grabbed his sergeant by the arm and dragged her out of the classroom with him despite Guren's protests.

“Dumbass, I feel sorry for anyone who has to be in the same squad as that brat.” The older man muttered to himself before returning to his paperwork on the desk. 

Michael quickly stood up and ran after the pair. He was disappointed that Yuu wasn't in his squad as he really wanted him to be so they would have no choice but to spend time with each other.

Yuu let go of the his sergeant’s arm once they were outside the classroom. He turned around to ask her about their other teammates when he was interrupted by Michael who emerged from their classroom and ran towards them.

“Hey, Yuu!” Michael called out to his roommate. Yuu groaned in exasperation before answering him back.

“What is it Michael?! Don't you have your own squad to find?”

“I do, I just wanted to wish you good luck. I'm sure you'll get along with your teammates!” Michael smiled at the other boy. Yuu sighed.

“I told you, I don't care about getting along with others and I don’t give a shit about making friends! All I care about is killing those bloodsucking sons of bitches! Friendships are meaningless to me!” The black haired teen ranted. He's told Michael this several hundred times and he still won't listen to him!

Is he deaf or something?! I keep telling him over and over again that I don’t need anyone!!! God damnit!!!!!” Yuu fumed to himself. Michael gave him a sympathetic smile before leaving them to look for his squad.

“Is he a friend of yours, Yuu-san?” The ashen haired girl asked curiously.

“No! I told you that, I don’t have any friends! He’s just my annoying, clingy roommate!” The ravenette reiterated while tugging on his hair like he was trying to pull it out. The lilac haired girl stared at him in amusement.

“My, you really are something else~! But, you can tell me more about your relationship problems later. We have 3 other teammates to find.” The purple haired girl showed the black haired boy the list that contained the names of the other squad members.

“Yoichi Saotome, Shiho Kimizuki, and Mitsuba Sangu. We have to find these losers?”

“That’s right. I know Mitsuba so that'll make finding her a little bit easier for us. Unfortunately, I don’t know Shiho or Yoichi, so we’re going to have to ask the other recruits if they know them or are them.

“Just Fan-fucking-tastic! This sounds like it’ll be so much fucking fun.” The ravenette exclaimed sarcastically. The lilac haired girl ignored her teammate’s comments and began asking around if they know or are Yoichi or Shiho. 

Yuu trailed behind her with his arms behind his head, looking like he doesn't give a fuck about anything (he doesn't). While Shinoa did all the work and asked every recruit they encountered, Yuu just stood there looking bored out of his mind. 

Occasionally, he would make snarky comments about the other new soldiers they passed by in the hallways. The ashen haired girl remained focused on finding the rest of her squad, while listening to the ravenette’s complaining and bitching.

Yuu really hates people. He’s so hostile towards everyone, including me. I wonder what made him like that?” The short girl asked himself. She’s heard some things about Yuu from Guren like how he refuses to make friends and how he acts like an asshole to everyone

The lilac haired sergeant couldn’t help but find the ravenette to be intriguing, and someone to keep an eye on. She’s interested in getting to know him an better and finding out why he acts the way he does.

After asking a few dozen recruits, the pair finally found a lead on what Yoichi looks like.

“Yoichi Saotome? Oh, he’s a mousy looking kid with shaggy brown hair, and big cat green eyes.” One of Yoichi’s classmates informed them. Shinoa politely curtsied to the boy before the pair left to find a someone who matched the description they were given.

As they reached a dead-end with nothing but lockers, they heard some shouting coming from behind a row or two of lockers.

“So, the pipsqueak actually graduated and got accepted into the Moon Demon Company! I wonder who he had to bribe to get in!” 

“I bet he had to sleep with the entire faculty to get in!”

“So which is it? Did you pay them off, or sleep with all of them?! Tell us, you worthless little runt!”

Bullying.” Shinoa whispered darkly. Before she could react, Yuu took off towards the bullies. The short girl followed closely behind.

“HEY!!!” The black haired boy turned the corner to find 3 large teenagers surrounding a petite boy with shaggy chestnut colored hair, and dark green eyes.



The poor guy looked absolutely terrified and was shaking in his sneakers. The bullies turned their heads to see who had the audacity to bother them.

“What do you want? Can’t you see we’re busy?!” The bully with shoulder length brown hair snarled.

“Yeah, I can see that you’re busy, busy being assholes!!! You’re picking on this scrawny little mouse when he obviously can’t defend himself! Not cool, dudes. It’s actually pretty pathetic if you asked me.” The ravenette said provokingly and flashed them a cocky grin.

“Why you little stuck up brat!!! I’m gonna knock your cocky ass back to the planet you came from!” The brown haired bully charged the ravenette with his fist raised and ready to punch the smaller teen. 

Yuu stood in place until the very last second, when he swiftly moved out of the way to dodge his attacker’s fist. He then grabbed the bully’s arm, and clocked him right in the face. He followed that up with a kick to the stomach which made the taller teen crumble down on to the ground. 

The other bullies left the timid boy to help their friend. While they were distracted, Yuu and Shinoa grabbed the brunette by both arms and quickly got out of there as fast as they could. They ran until they reached a random classroom with other recruits chatting in there. 

“W-We should be safe here.” The ashen haired girl panted.

“Y-Yeah…” Yuu agreed as he tried to catch his breath. The mousy looking boy looked at the pair and smiled.

“T-Thank you for saving me from those jerks…” The petite boy bowed out of politeness to his saviors.

“W-Whatever, it’s not like I did it for you. I just think that bullying is stupid and those assholes needed to be put in their place!” The ravenette spoke smugly as he shrugged his shoulders like it was nothing.

“Ignore Yuu-san, he’s kind of an idiot. We’re happy to have helped.” Shinoa smiled at the brown haired teen. 

“T-Thank you!” The brunette glomped the girl, who responded by awkwardly patting him on the back. He turned to Yuu and gave him a big hug.

“Ugh, whatever! Now can you get off?!” The black haired teen shoved the smaller boy off of him.

“Thanks again. Umm, what are your names?” The brown haired boy asked.

“Oh, we never properly introduced ourselves! My name is Shinoa Hiiragi, and this bucket full of sunshine is Yuichirou Hyakuya.” Shinoa introduced herself and her teammate. Yuu rolled his eyes and snorted at her comment about him.

“Shinoa Hiiragi? Wow, talk about a coincidence! I’m Yoichi Saotome, and I guess I’m part of your squad!” Yoichi smiled brightly. Shinoa looked at Yuu before she turned to their new teammate and smiled.

“Welcome to our squad, Yoichi-san!” The ashen haired girl warmly welcomed the brunette into their team.

“Yeah, what she said.” The black haired boy spoke in a bored and irritated tone.

God, what fucking terrible luck I have!!! First, I get this puny little midget girl as my sergeant, and now I have this wimpy weakling as my teammate?! Unfuckimgbelievable!!! Grr… Guren, you piece of shit! Setting me up with the worst team possible!!! The next time I see him, I'm going to kill him!!!” Yuu was absolutely livid. He had not one, but two shrimps as teammates! He's so going to let Guren have it for putting him in a squad with weak people!

“Thank you!” Yoichi thanked them and bowed again.

“Ugh, enough with the stupid pleasantries! Can we just look for the other two and be done with this shit!?” The ravenette snapped as he headed towards the door. Shinoa and Yoichi stared at him before looking at each other.

“Shinoa-san, is he okay? Why is he so angry?” The brunette whispered.

“Your guess is as good as mine! The two of us just met shortly before bumping into you! He must have a huge dildo up his butt though!” The lilac haired girl giggled.

“You know I can hear everything you fucktards are saying! And no, I don't have a giant dildo up my ass!!!” Yuu exclaimed loud enough that some other recruits started to stare at him.

“What are you fuckers looking at?! Mind your own damn business!!!” The ravenette yelled at the nosy recruits. They quickly returned to their own conversations.

“C’mon, let's find this zucchini guy.” The black haired teen stormed out of the room. Yoichi and Shinoa sighed and followed him.

The group of three had better luck finding information about Shiho Kimizuki than with Yoichi. Almost immediately, they found someone who had classes with him.

“Shiho Kimizuki- he's tall, has spiked pink hair, and rectangular glasses, you can't miss him!” The recruit informed them. The crew thanked her and began searching for the tall teen. Yoichi and Shinoa walked next to each other while Yuu lagged behind with his hands still behind his head, looking unamused as usual. While they were looking for their fourth squad member, Shinoa asked Yoichi about the bullies.

“Yoichi-san, do those guys always pick on you?” The lilac haired sergeant asked curiously.

“Way to be subtle, serg!” The black haired boy snarked.

“Y-Yes….. But I've been bullied my entire life so I'm used to it… Even at my school back in my home world, I was always picked on by other kids…” The brunette said quietly.

“That’s horrible. I’m sorry…” The lilac she haired girl said sympathetically.

“It's okay. I’m used to it by now, so it’s no big deal…” Yoichi replied with a sad smile.

“So, have you done anything about them?” Yuu asked.

“N-No… I was, no, I am still afraid to do anything about it… I'm hoping that they'll eventually forget about me…” The petite boy spoke honestly.

Dumbass!!! No wonder you always get picked on, you coward! Maybe if you actually tried fighting back, people would stop picking on you!” The ravenette shouted.

“Yuu! Don't be a jerk! It's not his fault he gets bullied!” The short girl defended the mousy boy.

Yes, it is! If he had a backbone, he would fight back and show those bullies who's boss! Then, those goons would never pick on him ever again and he can live happily ever after, the end.” The black haired teen said in a mocking tone.

“Stop acting like a-”

“It's alright Shinoa-san, Yuu-kun is right. If only I was stronger, I would be able to stand up to those thugs. But, I have no idea how I can get stronger. I've tried working out, but it's just not for me… Yuu-kun, how did you become so strong?” Yoichi asked his comrade with pleading eyes. The black haired boy paused for a minute and took a deep breath before speaking.

“Hey, trust me when I say this but, I'm not strong… You're asking the wrong person…” Yuu spoke softly and truthfully. He really believed that he wasn't strong. If he was, he would have been able to save his world, his friends, his family, and Mika.

“But Yuu-kun, you kicked Shishido’s butt! You were incredible. You were really strong!” The brown haired teen complimented his teammate.

“I have to agree with Yoichi-san. You're attitude is shitty, but your fighting skills are pretty impressive.” The ashen haired girl added.

“Shut-up, you guys have no idea what you're talking about… Look, just remember to never give up and always keep on fighting. No matter how many people put you down, or how often they do, don't give up and keep on getting back up.” The ravenette spoke sincerely.

“Thank you Yuu-kun, that's some really good advice!” The brunette smiled brightly at the other boy.

“Who knew you could say something useful for a change!” The lilac haired girl smirked.

“Whatever, are we going to keep on yapping, or are we going to find this Shito bastard?!” Yuu threw his arms up in exasperation. He was getting tired of this small talk and just wanted to find his other two squad members and be done with this crap. The other two ignored him and continued talking while searching for Shiho Kimizuki.

“Shinoa-san, Yuu-kun, have you two been bullied before?” The brown haired boy asked.

“I was homeschooled before I came here. So I never had to worry about others judging me or picking on me. Even here, I had private tutors so I didn't actually go to class.” The lavender haired sergeant revealed.

“What the fuck?! You had private tutors here?! That's so fucking unfair! I begged Lt. colonel asshole to get private tutors for me, but he just laughed in my face! That shit head!” Yuu complained loudly.

“It's not like I wanted to be tutored. My father is the Chairman of the GPF’S High Council. He was the one who hired private tutors for me so I could learn without any distractions.” Shinoa admitted.

“Wait! Don't tell me, are you Tenri Hiiragi’s daughter?!” The ravenette asked, surprised at the revelation that Shinoa Hiiragi was related to Tenri Hiiragi

“Way to go, genius. It took you long enough to figure it out. I'm the youngest child of Tenri Hiiragi.” The ashen haired girl stated.

“Hmph! No wonder you got private tutors! You're the daughter of the High Council's Chairman! That's some pretty blatant favoritism, if you asked me.” The black haired boy huffed.

“Like I've said, I didn't want to be homeschooled. To be honest it was quite lonely, being by myself for most of the time without anyone my age to keep me company…” Shinoa spoke quietly, avoiding her comrades’ gazes as she spoke.

“Shinoa-san…” The brunette placed his hand on his sergeant’s shoulder to comfort her.

“It's fine… Anyways I steered us off topic, so to answer your question- no I wasn't bullied. How about you Yuu-san?” The short girl asked.

“No.” The ravenette stated firmly.

“Were you a bully?” Shinoa asked.

“Fuck no! I had better things to do then pick on other people! Besides, the only reason I wasn't bullied was because of him…” The black haired teen muttered the last part.

Him?” Yoichi asked curiously.

“Yeah, my best friend. I knew I was always safe as long as he was around…” Yuu mused.

“I thought you said you didn't have any friends, Yuu-san?” The lilac haired girl asked.

“I said I don't have any friends now! Back then was a different story… Why are we even talking about this again?! Let's just find this zucchini asshole before the sun goes down!” The ravenette exclaimed and stormed off ahead of his teammates.

“Yuu-kun said he doesn't have any friends?” The brunette asked his sergeant.

“Oh, I forgot you weren't here for that little spectacle! Yuu-san has declared on several different occasions that he doesn't have any friends and refuses to make any.” The lavender haired girl explained.

“That's strange… According to him, he did have a best friend.” Yoichi replied.

“Hmm… I wonder.” Shinoa was very curious about her teammate’s past. She wondered what could make him so against making friends. Maybe he and his best friend got into a big fight and he could never get over it? Or maybe something bad happened to his best friend? Whatever it was, she was quite interested in finding out.

Yuu marched up and down the corridors looking for this “zucchini bastard”. 

Those stupid fuckwits! Why are they so fucking obsessed with becoming my friend?! I don’t want them, I don't need them, I don't need anyone! The only person I need is gone!!! Why won't people just leave me alone!?” The ravenette was too busy fuming to notice that he was about to bump into someone. He walked into a tall boy, causing him to flinch and the tall boy to turn around.

“Hey! Watch where you're going, asshole!!!” The tall teen roared. He had short pink hair, and rectangular glasses. He was wearing a plain gray jacket over his uniform.



“Dude, chill the fuck out! Maybe you should watch where you're going, you oversized telephone pole!!!” The black haired teen insulted the pinkette back.

“Telephone pole! Ha, that's rich, moron!

“Well at least I'm not a stupid cotton candy head!!!”

“Tough guy are we? We'll see how tough you are when I wreck your pretty boy face!!!”

“Oh yeah? Well this pretty boy face is about to kick your stupid ass!!!”

The two teens started throwing punches at each other. The taller boy swung at the ravenette and missed. Yuu rolled on the ground to dodge the pinkette’s attack, and retaliated by jumping on his back. The smaller boy got in a couple of punches to the pink haired boy’s head before he was shaken off, hitting his ass hard against the floor. 

The black haired teen didn’t let that deter him as he got right back up, leapt into the air, and launched a jump kick straight towards the taller boy. The pinkette moved out of the way, and watched the ravenette stub his toes against the ground. He used the opportunity to run up behind him kick him hard in the ass, causing Yuu to fall forward and collapse on to his stomach.

“Serves you right, moron.” The tall boy sneered as he turned around to walk away from the smaller boy. Yuu quietly got up on his feet, and suckered punched the tall teen right in his jaw. The impact caused the boy to fall to the ground.

“That’s what you get, you turd basket!!! Woo!!! Oh yeah! Not so tough, are you, you stupid lamp post?!” The black haired boy basked in his victory and began to walk away when he felt a tap on his shoulder. He turned around to see who it was and saw Shinoa and Yoichi glaring at him.

“Yuu-san, I think you have some explaining to do.” The lilac haired girl said unamused and gestured to the tall boy on the ground. Yoichi rushed to the pink haired teen’s side and helped him stand up.

“That asshole started it! He bumped into me and wanted to fight, so I kicked his ass!” The ravenette proudly stated.

“I don’t care who started it! You can’t go beating up your squad mates like that!” The ashen haired girl exclaimed.

“Squad mates!? Oh fuck no! Please don’t tell me that…” Yuu became pale when he realized that the lamp post was a member of their squad.

“That guy you fought with is Shiho Kimizuki and he’s a member of our squad! Now go apologize to him!” Shinoa commanded. The black haired boy looked over at the pinkette to see Yoichi giving him the same speech as Shinoa gave him. The ravenette reluctantly trudged towards the pinkette and with a deep breath started to speak.

“Sorry.” The black haired boy grumbled, avoiding eye contact with Kimizuki.

“Yeah, you better be, asshole! Err- I'm sorry too.” The taller boy was about to lash out at his new teammate when he saw Shinoa and Yoichi glaring at him, he swallowed his pride and apologized to the ravenette.

“Well now that you two have made up, let's go get our last teammate, shall we?” The ashen haired girl suggested. 

The boys followed Shinoa to find the fifth and final member of their squad. Shinoa walked ahead, Shiho and Yoichi walked next to each other in the middle, while Yuu stayed far in the back as usual. Shiho informed his teammates that he preferred being called by his last name, Kimizuki instead of his first name. The squad obliged and called him by his last name (except for Yuu who still insults him).

“Shinoa-san, who are we looking for now?” The petite boy inquired.

“Mitsuba Sangu. She has yellow blonde hair, wears her hair in pigtails, and has huge boobs the size of watermelons!” The lilac haired girl exclaimed loudly. The three boys ignored their sergeant’s comments about the blonde girl and kept on moving.

The squad continued walking until Shinoa stopped in front of a girl's bedroom.

“Why the hell did we stop here?!” Kimizuki asked impatiently.

“Because, this is her room! And this is where she is right now!” The short girl jumped up and down in excitement.

“Hey, how the fuck do you know this?! Are you some kind of stalker?!” The black haired teen asked accusingly.

“Heehee, maybe~! Trust me, I know she's here. So, if you boys would kindly wait out here, I'll go in and get her!” Shinoa pulled out a card key from her pocket and used it to unlock the door. The lights were out so the room was pitch black. The sergeant flashed her comrades a mischievous grin before entering the room. The door shut as soon as she was in. 

“That chick is terrifying. How the fuck did she get Mitsuba’s card key!? I swear to fuck, if she has card keys to all of our rooms, I'm fucking out of this squad! I don't want some weird ass midget snooping around in my room, looking through my stuff and shit! I think I’m going to make a break for it and hightail it out of here before she returns! Maybe if I ask that idiot Guren really nicely, he'll let me change squads so I’ll never have to see this crazy midget again!!!”

“Then go, you moron! No one's stopping you! Nobody wants to see your stupid face anyways!” 

“What the fuck is your problem?! Does everything have to be a fight with you?! Oh wait a minute, I forgot. Telephone poles don’t have brains, so they can't think! All they can do is fall over when someone knocks them down, like I did to you!” Yuu smirked.

Idiot Yuu! You really are dumb, aren't you?!” Kimizuki continued to berate his teammate.

Fuck you, dude! You’re such an angry piece of shit!!! I can’t wait until I get my cursed gear so I can beat your ass with it!”

Moron, I bet you won’t even pass the Cursed Gear Trial! You’re probably going to end up getting possessed by your demon!!!”

“I hate you…”

“You’re not even worth hating!”

The two teens continued to bicker back and forth. Yoichi finally mustered up the courage to intervene before another fight broke out.

“Guys! Please stop this! Yuu-kun, Kimizuki-kun, please stop fighting! We’re a team now! We’re supposed to get along! So please stop this pointless bickering!!!” The brunette pleaded to both boys. The two combative teens looked at each other and sighed.

“Hmph! Then tell the moron to stop talking to me!”  The pinkette demanded.

“As if I would want to talk to you! You can go to hell for all I care!” The ravenette hissed. They finally stopped arguing and moved far away from each other. The petite boy let out a sigh of relief before taking a seat next to Yuu.

“The nerve of that guy! He’s such an unbearable asshole! I’m really considering going to stupid Guren and demand to switch teams because of that jerkoff!” The black haired boy vented out his frustrations to the brunette, who listened carefully.

“Calm down, Yuu-kun… Let it go, please…” Yoichi tried his best to get his comrade to calm down and relax.

“I can’t! Just the thought of that fucktard pisses me off! If I have to spend even one more second with that raging asshole, I swear I’ll kill him!” Yuu snarled.

“Yuu-kun, please calm down and listen to me! I know you and Kimizuki-kun don’t get along. But we are a team. You’re going to have to learn how to work together, or else the entire team will fall apart. Please. You don’t have be friends with him or even like him, but just tolerate him.” The Chestnut haired boy tried to reason with his teammate.

“Fine….. But someone’s going to have to keep that pink piece of shit in check!” The ravenette replied reluctantly. “I should really just switch squads, but knowing Guren he probably wouldn’t let me…” He thought to himself. 

“Don’t worry, Yuu-kun! I’ll have a talk with Kimizuki-kun and make sure that we're all on the same page!” Yoichi said reassuringly.

“Yeah, whatever.” The black haired teen shrugged.

“Yuu-kun, I know you probably don’t want to hear this but, you’re actually a really nice guy.”

 “Hmph… Am I?”

“Yes, I mean you did save me from those bullies! I know Shinoa-san helped too, but you’re the one who stood up to them and even fought one of them! You didn’t have to help me, but you did, and for that I’m grateful. You may put on the front of a tough guy who doesn’t care about anyone but himself, but deep down you’re really just a big teddy bear!” The petite boy smiled warmly at his teammate.

“….. Whatever.” Yuu snorted and rolled his eyes at his teammate’s comment about him.

“It’s true!” Yoichi beamed brightly at the other boy.

“*Sigh* Whatever you say…”

The two sat in comfortable silence until they heard screaming. The headache inducing shrieking startled the teens, causing them to jolt up.

“What the hell was that?!” The tall teen shouted.

“I think it came from Mitsuba’s room!” The ravenette pointed at their newest squad member’s room.

“Then why the fuck are we still here? Let’s go!” The pinkette yelled. The three boys ran to Mitsuba’s room. As they were approaching the entrance, the door suddenly flew open and  two girls came running out. 



The first was a girl with yellow-blonde hair (normally styled in pigtails), purple eyes, and a large bust. She was only wearing a towel that covered her chest down to her knees. She was also soaking wet, and had water dripping from her. She did not look happy at all. The other girl was none other then Shinoa, who got her hair and parts of her clothes wet. She wore a huge shit eating grin on her face. The blonde girl immediately saw the three guys standing in front of her room, causing her to scream.

“WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU THREE PERVERTS AND WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING IN FRONT OF MY ROOM!?!??!?!?!??!?!” The pigtailed haired teen shrieked. The lilac haired girl ran to her side and began introducing the rest of the squad to her.

“The tall angry guy with pink hair and glasses is Shiho Kimizuki. This precious cinnamon roll in the middle is Yoichi Saotome, and the hot guy with the bad attitude over here is the lovable Yuichirou Hyakuya. They are your new teammates. Boys, this lovely girl with balloon tits is Mitsuba Sangu! Welcome to the squad, Mii-chan!” The ashen haired girl grinned wickedly at the blonde girl.

OH HELL NO!!! I can’t believe that dick Guren actually stuck me in the same squad as you! And you’re the sergeant!? What the actual fuck!?” Mitsuba screamed.

“Yes, I am! I am the sergeant of this lovely crew!! I can already tell that we have a very special group of individuals in this squad!” The short girl grinned.

“What’s that supposed to mean?!” Yuu, Mitsuba, and Kimizuki shouted in unison. The sergeant giggled at her teammates.

“Mii-chan get dressed, because afterwards we’re going to meet with the Lt. Colonel for our first briefing as a squad!” Shinoa ordered.

“Now?” Mitsuba asked.

“Yes, unless you wanna meet Ichinose-sama with your tits sticking out like that~!” The ashen haired girl grinned.

“UGH!!! Fine! Give me 5 minutes!” Mitsuba stomped back to her room, slamming the door behind her. 

“And that, is our final teammate! Let's give her a hand! The short girl mocked her comrade and clapped for her, though no one else joined in.

While the group of teens were waiting for the blonde girl, Shinoa decided to break the ice with her squad mates. 

“While we’re waiting for Mii-chan, why don’t we get to know each other better by sharing a little bit about ourselves? State your name, age, favorite color, favorite food, and some things you like to do. I’ll go first! So as you boys already know, I am the one and only Shinoa Hiiragi and I’m 15 years old! Red is my favorite color, I love eating anything with cheese, and I enjoy: blogging, watching romantic comedies, reading romantic novels, ice skating, and looking for cute guys online! Who wants to go next?”

“I guess I’ll go! Umm, my name is Yoichi Saotome and I’m 16. My favorite color is brown, my favorite thing to eat is naporitan although I have taken a liking to spaghetti, and my hobbies include: reading, playing chess, studying mathematics, watching horror films, and collecting really sharp knives!” Yoichi’s eyes sparkled as he spoke about his knife collection.

“Okay… Who’s next?” Shinoa asked. Kimizuki sighed and reluctantly volunteered to go.

“Name’s Shiho Kimizuki and I’m 16 years old.”

“Is there anything else you would like to share with us? Any interesting hobbies, stories, dates, any anything?”

“No.” Kimizuki stated firmly. Shinoa sighed and decided to leave it be. The group then turned their attention to Yuu, who just stared at them back.


“It’s your turn, Yuu-kun!”

“You guys already know my name.”

“Yes, and it would also be nice if you can tell us a little more about yourself, Yuu-san.”

“Why should I? Four eyes didn’t, so why should I?”

“Don’t be like-”

“Who fucking cares what the moron has to say anyways! I know I don’t!” Kimizuki interrupted Shinoa.

“What did you say you motherfucker?!” Yuu got into the taller teen’s face and started shouting at him, again.

“You heard what I said, dumbass!”



“This has certainly taken an interesting turn…” Shinoa remarked while Yoichi tried breaking them up, again.



“WHAT THE FUCK IS WITH ALL OF THIS SHOUTING?! Before Kimizuki could finish, Mitsuba emerged from her room fully dressed in her school uniform.

“Come join us Mii-chan! We’re having so much fun getting to know each other!”

“HELL NO!!! I don’t have the time or patience for this shit! Let’s just go to Lt. Colonel Jackass’s place and get this shit over with already!”

“My, someone’s in a hurry today! Do you have a date? Who is it? You can tell me~!”

“NO! NOW WOULD YOU SHUT UP?!?! GOD!!!” Mitsuba screamed before storming off to Guren’s office.

“Finally, someone who gets me!!!” Yuu exclaimed, causing Shinoa and Kimizuki to roll their eyes.

The newly formed Shinoa squad began their long trek to the Lt. Colonel’s office. Mitsuba walked ahead of the group, not wanting deal with any of her team’s “bullshit” as she so eloquently put it. Yuu stayed in the back like before, preferring to be alone as well. Unfortunately for the two of them, Shinoa alternated from bothering Yuu about his non existent love life to teasing Mitsuba about everything, much to both teens’ annoyance. Kimizuki and Yoichi walked side by side in the middle of the pack, conversing like normal human beings unlike their teammates.

Yoichi would be lying if he said he wasn’t interested in Kimizuki. There was something about the pink haired boy that piqued his interest. Though his first impressions of the tall teen weren’t great, he still wanted to see what Shiho Kimizuki was all about. He was curious to find out if there was a softer side to the “stupid pink flamingo”.

The brunette started the conversation by asking the pinkette his reason for joining the GPF.

“So Kimizuki-kun, what made you decide to join the military?”

“………………….. The money.” The tall teen answered after a long pause.

“Oh. Is that it?”

“That’s it. Got a problem with it?”

“No… It’s just err, never-mind…”

“Why did you join?” 

“I joined… because of my sister…”

“Your sister?”

“Yes… The only reason I’m here is so I can become strong enough so one day I can get revenge on the vampire who murdered my sister and avenge her death.”

“Your sister was killed by the vampires? That sucks.”

“Yeah… The worst part is I was right there when she was killed, yet I didn’t do anything… T-Tomoe told me to hide under the bed and I did. I wish I hadn’t though… I had to watch as the vampire killed her right in front of mr… I was too afraid to do anything… which is why I’m here. I want to become strong so I can protect the people I love… I don’t want to be that helpless crybaby who was bullied all of his life and hid under a bed while his sister was murdered in front of him anymore… I don’t want to be that weakling… I want to be someone who can protect others, like Tomoe protected me…”

“…….…. You’re a lot stronger than you give yourself credit for, kid.” 

“Huh? How am I strong?”

“Just applying to the intergalactic military takes guts. The fact that you realize your weakness and want to change shows how strong you really are.”

“I never thought of it that way…”

“Well, that’s why I’m telling you… Look, you seem like a nice guy. If you really want to become stronger, maybe I can help.”


“Why not? We can workout and train together if you would like.”

“I would love to! Thanks Kimizuki-kun!” Yoichi glomped his new friend, causing the tall teen to become flustered.

“D-Don’t mention it. And you can call me Shiho.” Kimizuki stuttered as he awkwardly patted the smaller teen’s back and readjusted his glasses.

“I-I can?” Now it was the brunette’s turn to blush. 

“Y-Yeah, just don’t call me it when the others are around. Especially in front of that Hyakuya twat! I can’t stand that fucking moron!”

Shiho, you should at least try to get along with him. Yuu-kun’s actually a very sweet guy.”

“What makes you say that?”

“He saved me from some bullies a couple of hours ago when we first met.”

“That dumbass saved you from some bullies?”


“…..  Hmph! Well, I still don’t like him…”

“And you don’t have to, but can you at least try to tolerate him? You don’t have to be friends with him, but you’re going to have to learn to work together.”

“Ugh… I guess I can try…”

“That’s all I ask! Say, are you free later?”

“I am. Why do you ask?”

“I was thinking we could go to the gym and you can get me started on some of your workout routines!”

“I guess I can show a thing or two, if you’re up for it.”

“Yay! And afterwards, we can go out for dinner! It’ll be so much fun!”

D-Dinner?!” The pink haired boy stuttered. Was this kid asking him out on a date when they just met? No, there was no way he was. Although, he wouldn’t be opposed to it as the brunette was cute and seemed like a genuinely nice person.

“Yes, unless you don’t want to… I-I understand…” Yoichi said quietly. His excitement died down and his smile turned into a frown.

“I want to! W-Well, if you want to…”

“I would love to!” The brown haired teen smiled brightly.

“How about we meet in the gym an hour after the Welcome Ceremony?”


While Kimizuki and Yoichi were hitting it off, Shinoa bounced from making sexual innuendos at Mitsuba in the front to pestering Yuu about his “love life” in the back. 

“So Yuu-san~, got any lucky girl in your life?” The ashen haired girl asked the raven haired boy teasingly.

“What's it to you? And why are you assuming that I'm even interested in girls?!” The black haired boy shouted irritatedly.

To be perfectly honest, Yuu hasn't thought about being in a romantic relationship with anyone lately. The only person he's been in love with is Mika. Mika is the only person he saw himself with as a romantic partner. 

Ever since he lost Mika, the ravenette hasn't given a single thought to getting involved with someone romantically or even dating. If Mikaela was alive, then it would be a different story. That’s one of the reasons why he was so desperate to find the Philosopher’s Stone, so he can perform a successful human transmutation and bring his beloved back. Then they could finally start a new life, together.

“Oh, so you swing that way! (Aww… That’s a shame… But I guess it can’t be helped.) I’m learning a lot about you, Yuu-san! I was also wondering if you were still a cherry boy!” The lilac haired girl continued to tease her teammate.

“WHAT!?” The ravenette sputtered. “That’s none of your fucking business! Besides, I'm not even interested in being in a romantic relationship or having sex!” Yuu revealed. It's true, if he can't be with Mika, he would rather die alone.

“What?! You can’t be serious!!! I’ll have you know that being a virgin is frowned upon in the society we live in! Every single day, the Galactic Peace Federation encourages teenagers of all ages to come together and procreate! The universe has already been through several catastrophic wars and we’re on the brink of another one. Monsters and vampires have all ruined the worlds we lived in and killed millions. Now, the population has been reduced to a mere fraction of what it once was. Worlds are vanishing, people are dropping like flies, and soon the entire human race as we know it will be extinct! This universe of ours… no longer welcomes humanity. That’s why, we of the Galactic Peace Federation are gathering the remnants of mankind together so we can reproduce and take back this universe! Breed for us, denizens of the cosmos! Make love! Have sex, sex, and more sex until you physically can’t anymore! Multiply! Make more babies for the sake of the Intergalactic Military! Long live premarital and forbidden relationships!”

“You have some serious fucking issues… Now if you’re finished spewing out your bullshit, can you leave me alone?! I really don’t want to talk about this anymore…” Yuu asked with a hint of desperation in his voice. Shinoa looked at him carefully before giving him an understanding nod.

“Fine, I'll just go bother Mii-chan some more!” The short girl exclaimed with a mischievous grin on her face and ran ahead to harass the blonde.

Yuu let out a long sigh, feeling relieved he didn't have to answer any more dumb questions about his love life. Now, he could just walk in peace and be left to his own thoughts. As he made his way through the hallways, the dark haired teen couldn’t help but think about what Mika said to him yesterday about making friends. Despite the blonde’s advice, Yuu still hasn’t changed his mind about not wanting friends.

I don’t need friends, I don’t need anyone! The only person I need is dead, for now. Once I get the Philosopher’s Stone, I can bring Mika and the others back! Mika… I miss you so much… I wish you were here… I wish you were by my side… I wish we were together again…

Missing his best friend dearly, the onyx haired boy pulled out his wallet and took out the picture of him and Mika that he carried with him everywhere.

The picture was taken when Mika was 10 and Yuu was only 9. Yuu was giving his friend a piggy back ride. The blonde had his arms wrapped around the ravenette's neck in an intimate way, he rested his head on his best friend's right shoulder and had his left cheek pressed against the other's right cheek. The two boys were both blushing madly. The pair looked incredibly happy together, both smiling brightly.

Yuu gazed at the picture of him and Mikaela longingly.

I miss you so much Mi-Mi… I wish you were here with me… I wish you were still alive…” The black haired teen whispered to himself as he tried his hardest to hide his emotions, since his teammates were nearby.

Before he knew it, the picture was snatched away. The ravenette immediately turned and spotted the culprit, and of course it was Shinoa.

“HEY!!! Give that back NOW!!!!!!” Yuu screamed at his sergeant. He lunged at her to take the picture back, but she avoided him and ran ahead. Kimizuki dragged Yoichi down another hallways, to avoid being caught in the middle of Shinoa and Yuu’s little conflict. Mitsuba took off ahead, not having any of their shit.

“Aww~! Is this little Yuu-san when he was a child?! How precious~! Oh? And who's this other cutie with beautiful blonde hair?” The ashen haired girl swooned over the photo.

“Give it back, you demon spawn!!!” The black haired private shouted and lunged at his leader again. Once again, she managed to dodge him and ran behind him. Not giving up, Yuu charged her. The ashen haired girl positioned her hands on the photo to make it look like she was going to rip it in half. The dark haired teen immediately froze and glared at her with eyes filled with rage.

“Shinoa, I swear to fucking God, if you do anything to that picture, I'll fucking murder you.” The ravenette spoke in a low and threatening tone.

“Oh really? Come any closer and I'll tear it to pieces.” The lilac haired girl grinned wickedly. Her words triggered Yuu, giving him the burst of adrenaline he needed to retrieve his precious photo back. 

Without thinking, the ravenette transmuted some floor tiles into a long metal whip. He took aim and smacked his sergeant’s wrists with it, causing her to drop the picture. Yuu rushed over to retrieve the photo, shoving the lilac haired teen out of his way to get to it. He picked up the picture and put some distance in between him and his sergeant.

The short teen was surprised at the lengths the ravenette would go to get his precious item back. She didn’t anticipate him to act so aggressively towards her and actually hit her. 

Yuu checked the picture for any rips or tears and kissed it when he saw there were none. He carefully put it back into his wallet and slipped it into his pocket. He stormed over to his sergeant, ready to let her have it.

You fucking cunt!!! How fucking dare you steal my picture and have the nerve to even think about ripping it up!!! I can't fucking believe you!!! That was a real bitch move, Shinoa!!!” The ravenette cursed out the purple haired girl, calling her the worst names in the book.

“Yuu-san, you’re breaking my heart! First you hit me with a whip, which I wouldn’t mind if it was in the bedroom. Then you pushed me, and now you’re calling me such terrible names! What have I ever done to you to be treated this way?!” The ashen haired teen spoke dramatically, hamming it up and treating the situation like it was a joke.

“You know what you did!!! You stole my photo and threatened to rip it!!!”

“Relax, it’s only a picture! There’s no need to get your panties in a bunch! Besides, you were avoiding my question, so I had to do something to get an answer out of you!” 

The ravenette closed his eyes and took a deep breath and calmed himself before he responded to his sergeant.

“……… Shinoa, what you did wasn’t cool. You don't understand how important that picture is to me. The boy in the picture, he’s the most important person in my life… And that picture is one of the only things I have left to remember him by…” Yuu said softly as he tried his best to contain his emotions.

“I’m sorry. I didn't know the picture meant that much to you… The boy, who is he?”

“……… He’s my best friend that I told you and Yoichi about earlier. He's the reason I joined the stupid Military in the first place. Everything I do is for him…” 

“I see… You two must have been very close…”

You have no idea.” The black haired boy whispered quietly. “Can you leave me alone now?” He asked with a hint of desperation in his voice. The lilac haired girl nodded and left without another word.

Shinoa felt guilty for making her teammate so upset. She was only teasing him, she had no idea that his picture meant so much to him. She feels as though she's beginning to understand why he acts the way he does to people, and why he refuses to make friends. He's hurting, and he's hurting badly. She hopes that he’ll open up to her and the others more as they spend more time with each other.

Yuu let out a long sigh, feeling relieved that he didn’t have to put up with Shinoa’s bullshit anymore. He quickly pushed his sergeant out of his mind and thought about his best friend instead.

Mika… I miss you so much…

The dark haired teen was brought back into reality when he spotted the rest of his teammates standing in front of Guren's office.

“It’s about time you got here, moron!” The pink haired teen greeted the ravenette the only way he knew how, by insulting him.

“Shut up douchebag! I thought you didn't want to talk to me, so stop fucking talking to me, you assfuck!!!” The black haired boy snapped at the tall teen, marching towards him to get in his face. He was so done with his shit, and he's only known him for an hour!

“WHAT DID YOU SAY, YOU LITTLE SHIT FOR BRAINS, I'LL-” Before Kimizuki could continue, Shinoa got in between the two and pinched their cheeks, which immediately stopped them.

“OWW!!! OI!!! WHAT THE FUCK?!” The black haired teen snarled at his leader as he rubbed his cheek in pain.

“WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT FOR, YOU SHRIMP?!!?!!!!!” The pinkette roared at the short girl. The lilac haired girl smirked at the pair as they glared at her.

“Ahaha~ You two are so easy to rile up! Now, if you would save your argument for the bedroom, we have a Lt. Colonel to meet!” The ashen haired girl said chipperly. Yuu and Kimizuki looked at each other and gagged. Shinoa knocked on their superior’s door and waited for him to answer. The teens waited a minute before they heard the older shout back to them.

“Oi! Get in here, you brats!” The dark haired man finally responded. The sergeant opened the door and the group filed in. 

The Lt. Colonel’s office was quite prestigious. It was large and filled with bookshelves and cabinets filled with paperwork. Golden trimming decorated the room. There were at least 8 different kinds of plotted plants that littered the area. A small, old tv sat on the corner of Guren's large wooden desk. 

Sitting in a large, black executive’s chair at his desk was the Lt .Colonel himself. The teens sat down in the chairs that were in front of Guren's desk.

Guren went over the agenda for the next two weeks. Like all new squads, Shinoa squad would under go group exercises and learn how to work together as a team. Once their training is over, they would receive their licenses to travel to other worlds and then go to Piarothan for their cursed gear trial. After obtaining their cursed gears, they would be given their first mission as a squad.

The dark haired man informed the teens that training begins the next day at 8:00AM sharp, much to the teens’ chagrin. He also reminded them about the Welcome Ceremony for new recruits at six and told them not to be late.

He continued rambling on for at least an hour before he kicked them out of his office. He told Shinoa to stay so she can sign some paperwork. The four other teens ran out of Guren's office as fast as their legs could move and slammed the door behind them. Once outside, Mitsuba began complaining about Guren and Shinoa.

“Hmph! That Lt. Colonel Jackass has some nerve! Kicking us out like we're trash and telling the midget to stay like she's important! That asshole!” Mitsuba growled and crossed her arms over her chest with a scowl.

“Would you like to spend another two hours with the Lt. Colonel?” The pink haired boy deadpanned.

Hell no! I'm just pissed that Guren made her sergeant over me!!! That cowardly, perverted witch over a tough chick like me!”

“Get over it!” Kimizuki shouted.

“Fuck you, you douchebag!!!” The pigtailed girl screamed at the tall boy. Yuu gave the girl a thumbs up and flipped Kimizuki off. The pinkette mumbled something under his breath before storming off. Yoichi chased after him, leaving Mitsuba and Yuu by themselves. 

“Hey, do you really want to be sergeant that badly?” Yuu asked Mitsuba curiously. 

“What kind of question is that?! Duh, of course I do! I mean who doesn't?!”

“Not me, I couldn’t care less if I was chosen to be a sergeant! In fact, I begged them not make me a sergeant!” The black haired boy told his teammate. 

“That's not surprising.”

“…… Whatever… Why do you want to be a sergeant anyways?”

“Why should I tell you?!” The blonde girl shouted.

“You don't have to. In fact I don't fucking care. I was just asking because it looked liked you needed someone to vent to.” The ravenette boy replied honestly. The blonde girl blushed and became flustered by the ravenette's response.

“Grr… Fine, I'll tell you! Shinoa and I, have known each other for a long time. Our families are friendly with each other, so we see each other during family gatherings and that kind of crap.” The pigtailed girl explained.

“So, is she your friend?” The black haired boy asked.

“Hell no! More like a nuisance. A very annoying, obnoxious, and perverted nuisance.” The blonde girl scowled.

“From the short amount of time I've spent with her, I can see why you would say that.” Yuu agreed with the yellow haired teen. He's not going to forget the incident with the picture anytime soon.

“Hmph, you haven't even seen the worst of it!”

“Trust me, I’ve seen enough Shinoa to last me a lifetime.” The black haired boy deadpanned.

“Fair point, she does leave that type of impression on people.” The blonde girl added.

“So, what does Shinoa have to do with you wanting to be a sergeant so bad?” 

“Oh now you're interested, Mr. “I don't give a fuck about anything!!” Well, it has everything to do with her.” The pigtailed girl replied honestly.


“……… There was a time we were friends, and let's just say something happened and we're not anymore...” Mitsuba said softly. She hesitated at first, deciding whether to tell him the full story or not, she decided not to. She wasn't about to spill her life story to some random boy she just met, especially after the I don't give a fuck speech he gave her.

“So? What does that have anything to do with you wanting to be a sergeant?! Stop telling me shit I don't need to know and get to the point! I don't fucking care if you and Shinoa used to be friends! I don't need to know about the petty drama between you two! Just tell me why you want to be sergeant already, you've already wasted enough of my time!”

“You know what, I'm done trying to talk to you, you self-righteous prick! It's not like you care anyways, hell I don't even know you! Why am I even talking to you!?” The blonde girl stormed off, leaving Yuu by himself.

“Fine, be that way! See if I care!” The ravenette shouted at the livid girl and returned to his room. He had to admit he was a little curious about why Mitsuba wanted to be a sergeant so bad, but didn't care that much to chase after her. 

Stupid girls, why are they always so over emotional!? Jeezes!” Yuu threw his arms up in frustration and sighed as he walked back to his room.

Hopefully Michael is still out looking for his squad so I have the room to myself.” 

After putting up with his obnoxious squad mates for the last couple of hours, the last thing he needs is for Michael to bother him. He plans on taking a nice long nap before heading over to the auditorium for the welcome ceremony. 

Yuu swiped his key card to open the door and was disappointed to see Michael at their desk filling out some paperwork. Yuu cursed under his breath and closed the door. He tried to make a beeline to the bathroom, but was stopped by Michael almost immediately. 

“Hey buddy, so how do you like your squad?” The blonde boy looked up from his papers and asked the ravenette curiously.

“I love them.” The black haired teen deadpanned.

“Really!? That's great man-”

“No you idiot! I hate them all! They're so fucking annoying, even more than you!” Yuu couldn't stand his teammates, he hated every single one of them. Except for Yoichi who he just barely tolerated, but he isn't going to admit that, especially in front of Michael.

He and Kimizuki hated each other's guts from the get go and he would like nothing more to kick his ass again in front of the entire squad. Shinoa annoyed the hell out of him and is definitely someone not to be trusted. He still hasn't forgiven her for stealing his picture and threatening to rip it. She also apparently did something awful to Mitsuba that Yuu will remember to keep in the back of his mind to remind him not to trust her. Then there's Mitsuba, who has a lot issues of her own that she is dealing with, or in other words she has a lot of baggage, which is an immediate red flag. He has no time to deal with a person with a lot of problems like her.

“Oh… Well at least you hate them more than you hate me.” Michael replied sarcastically.

“I never said I hated you, you're just annoying. They're unbearable and I hate them.” The black haired teen said nonchalantly. He doesn't hate Michael, in fact he's probably the closest thing he has to a friend here. He just finds him annoying for trying to be his friend, when he doesn't want any. 

“Really?” Michael’s eyes lit up at Yuu’s admission.

“Yeah……. But don’t let it get to your stupid head! That still doesn’t mean we’re friends!” Yuu replied, and was taken aback when the blonde glomped him.

“Oh Yuu!!!!! You don’t know how happy the makes me!” Michael smiled brightly as he hugged his roommate tightly.

“Oi! Get off!” The black haired boy exclaimed and tried to get the skinny boy off him but to no avail. Eventually he sighed and allowed himself to be hugged by the other teen.

“After all these years of being roommates together, I thought you hated me… But you don’t! Yuu, I’m so happy!” The fair haired teen continued to hug his unenthusiastic roommate.

“Enough! Fuck! I don’t know how much of this mushy gushy stuff I can take!” Yuu finally managed to break out of his friend’s grasp and retreated to the bathroom.

“Yuu! When you’re finished, get your butt out here. I have a surprise for you!”

“What do you want stupid Michael!? I’m a little busy if you couldn’t tell!”

“No, I couldn’t since we are in separate rooms.” Michael deadpanned.

“Fuck you. Whatever, I’m coming!” The dark haired teen washed his hands before he opened the door and stepped out of the bathroom. Outside, Michael was waving two tickets at him.

No fucking way.” Yuu’s eyes widened and his jaw dropped as he examined the tickets his roommate was holding.

“Guess who got us two tickets to see the Freedom Knights play next month?” The blonde boy flashed a wide grin at the other teen. For a second, Yuu thought he could go over to the other boy and give him a big fat kiss on his cheek. Galaxy Smash is a guilty pleasure of his and something he enjoys watching during his free time.

Galaxy Smash is like soccer, but instead of a soccer ball they use a ball made of energy. It plays just like soccer, with one exception. If the energy ball explodes before the team on offense can score, they would lose points. 

Yuu’s favorite team is the Freedom Knights which is the GPF’s own team. He and Michael would always watch their games on their flatscreen hang above their shared dresser. He never had the opportunity to see a match with his own eyes. Tickets costed a fortune and he wasn’t permitted to leave the world to watch his favorite sport live. Now, not only does Michael have tickets but he’ll also be receiving his license to travel to other worlds soon!

Seeing Michael with two tickets to the next Freedom Knights game was a dream come true. He had no idea how Michael was able to acquire two tickets nor did he care. 

“Dude, shut the fuck up! Are you serious!?” The raven haired boy asked excitedly.

“Dead serious!!!” The older teen replied with a huge grin on his face.

“Holy fucking shit!!!!! Michael!!!!!” Yuu ran over to his friend and gave him a big hug.

“Whoa, easy there buddy!” The blonde teen chuckled and hugged the other ravenette back. The hug was short lived as the younger boy soon pulled away and scowled at the other teen.

“Michael, you idiot! Why did you get a ticket for me?” The black haired teen glared at his roommate suspiciously. 

“Because, you’re my roommate.” Michael said nonchalantly and shrugged.

“But why?! I’m such an asshole to you!!!” Yuu argued.


“What do you mean so?! After all the crap I’ve given you, you still want to bring me with you?!”

“Yuu, like it or not, we’re friends. And friends do these kinds of things for each other!”

“Dude, how many times have I told you, I don’t have any-”

“Do friends watch sports and movies together?”

“It’s not like I wanted to watch those things with you! We live in the same fucking room! It’s not like I have a choice when you want to watch something and I don’t feel like leaving!”

“That may be true, but you still stayed.”

“That’s not the fucking-”

Do they eat together, study together, and comfort each other?” Michael continued. It was true, despite the dark haired boy’s best attempts at ignoring and avoiding the other boy, they have done all those things together. Even though Yuu would never admit it, he was glad that he met Michael.



It was the first night Yuu and Michael shared a room together, and the dark haired boy had a nightmare about his friends being slaughtered and losing Mika. His cries woke up the other boy who immediately ran to his side. Despite the younger boy’s cold attitude towards him during the entire day, Michael couldn’t help but rush to his roommate’s aid and try to comfort him.

“Hey, wake up buddy. It’s just a dream. Please wake up Yuu.” Michael spoke gently as he tried to wake his friend up from his nightmare. He gently shook him to wake him up. Soon the ravenette jolted up, with dried tears on his face and looking like a complete mess.

“Mika!!!!!!” The black haired boy screamed. He looked around at his surroundings to see his roommate looking at him with concern. The ravenette’s heart was pounding, he was out of breath, and sweat was dripping down onto his shirt.

“Yuu, are you okay!?” Michael asked worried for the other boy. Yuu looked at Michael who had his hand on his shoulder and frowned.

“W-What are y-you doing?! Get off me!”

“Yuu, you were tossing, turning, and crying in your sleep, I can’t leave you like that…” The blonde boy said in a whisper.

“S-Shut u-up! J-Just l-leave me alone!” The black haired boy shouted and glared at the other boy.

“I can’t do that. Look we’re roommates and-” Before the Michael could finish, Yuu abruptly pulled away and buried his head in his pillow. Soon, muffled sobs could be heard. The blonde put his hand on his roommate’s back and gently began to rub it.

“Hey, I’m sorry… Don’t cry…” Michael spoke softly. The dark haired boy looked up at him and suddenly lunged at him, causing the other boy’s back to hit his bed. He then buried his face into his chest. The blonde yelped in surprise, but wrapped his arms around his roommate and gently rubbed his back.

“It’s okay Yuu you’re not alone.” Michael whispered softly into his friend’s ear. 

“M-Mi-Mi……..” Yuu continued to cry his best friend’s name and sobbed into his roommate’s chest. The ravenette was deeply traumatized and grief stricken over the loss of his best friend. It’s been a month since he lost everything, and he’s been trying to keep it together and hide how he’s truly feeling. He cried when he first woke up in a hospital bed, but he tried to remain strong and tough since then. However he couldn’t contain his emotions anymore, as he let his tears flow freely.

“It’s okay….. Everything’s going to be all right…..” Michael spoke soothingly and continued to comfort his roommate. 

When Yuu calmed down, the blonde moved him back to his pillow and laid him down. He tucked him in and was about to get up to return to his own bed when Yuu grabbed him by the wrist to stop him.

“S-Stay with me……..” The black haired boy pleaded in a hoarse whisper. Michael nodded and got into the ravenette’s bed. He allowed Yuu to wrap his arms around him and bury his face into his messy blonde hair by the back of his neck. 

“T-Thanks……..” Yuu’s whispered in Michael’s ear so he could hear him. 

“That’s what friends are for, right?” Michael murmured before drifting off back to sleep. The dark haired boy followed suit and allowed sleep to consume him. Yuu didn’t have anymore nightmares for the rest of the night.




“…………… I don’t know…” The black haired teen lied.

“Look Yuu, I consider you my friend, so I'm giving you this ticket whether you like it or not!” Michael smiled and handed him a ticket.

“.…… Ugh! Fine, I'll go with you! But you better not tell anyone else or I'll end you.” Yuu sighed and was immediately glomped again by the other boy. 

“Sweet! I can’t wait!”

“Yeah, yeah, whatever, can you get off now!?” Yuu said loudly. His roommate let go of him and headed towards the door.

“Awesome! I have to give these papers to the Lt. Colonel, so I’ll be gone for a while. Need anything while I’m gone?” Michael asked as he opened the door.

“No, now can you go already?! I was going to take a nap before you bothered me.” The onyx haired teen spoke impatiently.

“Oh Yuu! You and your naps! Yeah, I’ll let you get your beauty sleep!” The skinny boy said with a mischievous grin.

“LEAVE!!!” Yuu shouted and threw his pillow at him.

“OOPH! Haha, alright no need to get your knickers in a twist. I’m going.” Just as Michael was about to leave, the dark haired boy called out to him.


The blonde teen turned around to look at him.

“Thanks…” The dark haired teen spoke quietly. Michael’s eyes widened and he gave his roommate a warm smile.

“No problem, that’s what friends are for!” The blonde replied cheerfully before closing the door.

Yuu plopped down onto his bed and sighed.

“Friends, huh?” The ravenette muttered to himself before closing his eyes.

As he drifted off to sleep, he heard a familiar voice speak to him.

Yuu-chan, I’m so happy that you finally made a friend… Remember to always cherish the people you have in your life, because you never know when you might lose them… I love you, Yuu…

Mika… Don’t go… Mika…” Yuu whispered before succumbing to his drowsiness.




Crap, we’re going to be late!” 

“No shit, Sherlock! That’s what happens when you decide to take a nap an hour before the ceremony starts, you idiot!”

“Hey, you’re no better! You slept for almost four hours! And I had to wake you up!”

“Give me a break! I only slept for that long because of my damn squad! They just sucked the energy out of me! After putting up with that stupid pink flamingo, the evil midget demon spawn, and the psycho chick with a lot of baggage, I’m surprised I even got up!”

“Whatever you say, Yuu.”

The two teens raced to the auditorium where all of the new recruits were gathering for the welcome ceremony. Luckily, they managed to make it on time with a couple of minutes to spare. 

Inside the enormous assembly room were thousands of new recruits who were all waiting for the ceremony to begin. Like Yuu and Michael, they were also fully dressed in their military uniforms.

The pair scoured the aisles for somewhere to sit. Most of the seats were already occupied, and the ones that weren’t were too far from the duo. By the time they reached the vacant seats, they were already taken, forcing the pair to keep on looking.

Yuu continued to wander hopelessly up and down the aisles with Michael until he heard two extremely annoying people call out to him.

“Over here, cherry-boy~!”

“Hmph! It’s about time the moron decided to show up!”

Yuu let out an exasperated groan and kept on walking, ignoring the obnoxious shouts of his teammates. 

“Is that your squad?” Michael asked curiously.

Unfortunately. I told you they were horrible.”

“You’ve only known them for a couple of hours! How bad can they really-”

“Hey, Mr. Gives no fucks!!! Will you sit your stupid ass down already and stop wandering around like a mindless zombie?!?!” Mitsuba screamed at Yuu bitterly, still angry at him for before.

“Shut-up! What’s your fucking problem?! Does everything has to be a fight with you too?! God! You’re just as bad as that stupid lamp post!” Yuu snapped back.

“You did not just compare me with that four eyed bastard!”

“Who are you calling a four eyed bastard, you bit-”

“Oh, yes I did! What are you gonna do about it, huh?!”

“I’ll show you what I’m going to do! We’ll see who’s tough once I beat your punk ass, you douchebag!” Mitsuba stood up and was getting ready to jump Yuu. Thankfully, Shinoa and Yoichi managed to restrain her and pulled her back down into her seat.

“Mitsuba-san, please calm down! There’s no reason to get so upset!”

“Ahaha, now let’s settle down Mii-chan. Take deep breaths. In and out, in and out, in and-”

“Oh fuck off! Hmph! I hate you all!” The pigtailed girl declared before sinking into her seat, sulking like a child.

“Wow, that was certainly interesting… You weren’t kidding when you said they were a handful.”

“I told you, they're a fucking nightmare!”

“Well I don't know if I'd call them-”

“Yuu-san~!” Shinoa got up from her seat to bother the pair.

“Ugh! What do you want, you midget?!”

“I just wanted to let you know that Yoichi-san saved you a seat.”

“Thanks, but no thanks. Michael and I are going to sit somewhere else.”

“Michael? Oh, you’re Yuu’s friend from before. I didn’t get to properly introduce myself, I’m Shinoa Hiiragi, Yuu-san’s sergeant. It’s a pleasure to meet you.” The ashen haired sergeant introduced herself and curtsied to her fellow sergeant.

“Likewise. My name’s Michael Honomi and I’m Yuu’s roommate.” The blonde sergeant replied back and bowed out of respect to the short teen.

“C’mon Michael, let’s go.” The ravenette grabbed the blonde’s hand and pulled him away from his sergeant. The lilac haired girl didn’t take the hint and followed them.

“So cherry-boy, is he your boyfriend?” The ashen haired teen asked with a mischievous smile plastered on her face.

Fuck off! I told you that I’m not interested in dating or-”

“He’s quite the cutie if I do say so myself! Hmm… I wonder who tops and who bottoms… You’re both really hot, so I guess it comes down to who has the bigger package if you catch my drift! So, who’s bigger? You can tell me~! I promise I won’t tell the others, maybe… Heehee!”

Yuu didn’t even bother to acknowledge his sergeant and proceeded to look for someplace to sit. The lilac haired teen eventually gave up trying to get a reaction out of the two boys and went back to her seat. Once she was gone, the ravenette turned to his roommate and gave him a look that screamed “I told you so”.

“I take it back. They’re awful. I’m sorry for ever doubting you.”

“I told you they were fucking unbearable! See what I have to put up with?!”

“I do dude.” Michael said sympathetically. They continued their quest for two seats until one of the teens heard his name being called. This time it was Michael who’s name was being called.

“Hey chief! Over here!”

“Michael! We’ve saved you a seat!”

“Oh! Thanks you guys! Yuu, that’s my squad calling me! Gotta go!”

“OI!!! Where the fuck do you think you’re going?!”

“I’m going to sit with my squad. Have fun sitting with yours!”

“What?! You can’t just leave me with those clowns!”

“I’m sorry buddy, but my comrades only saved one seat! You go sit with your teammates and I’ll catch up with you afterwards!”

“Michael… You bastard… Ditching me and leaving me to rot with those demons…” The dark haired teen growled.

“Sorry man, I’ll make it up to you later!”

“You better…”

The black haired teen stomped back to where his squad was seated, where he was immediately “greeted” by his favorite pink telephone pole.

“Sorry, but no morons allowed.” Kimizuki said as soon as Yuu stepped into the aisle.

“Shut the fuck up, zucchini!!! I’m not in the mood to deal with your bullshit right now, so just leave me the fuck alone!” Yuu shouted at the pinkette.

“Wow, someone’s in a really good mood. Do you still have that dildo up your ass?!” Mitsuba commented bitterly, still angry at Yuu for before.

“Well fuck you too!” Yuu flipped both Mitsuba and Kimizuki off.

“Guys, can we please not argue for once? We’re a team now, and-”

“Shh! It’s starting!” Shinoa shushed her teammates as the lights dimmed.

Yuu sat down next to Yoichi as General Oslo took the stage.

“Ugh! Not her! It’s General talkso! Fuck my life!” Yuu complained as he watched the blonde general take the podium. Mitsuba poked her head out from where she was sitting and scowled at the dark haired teen. 

“Hey, asshole! What do you have against General Oslo?!”

“What do I have against the General Talkso? Jeez, I dunno. Maybe, I can’t stand her because she doesn’t know when to shut the fuck up! The chick rants on and on and doesn’t know when to fucking stop!”

“Listen here, jackass! I’ll have you know that General Oslo is one of if not the most-”

“Mii-chan! Shh!”


Yuu rolled his eyes and turned his attention back to the stage. He crossed his arms over his chest and slumped into his chair, getting comfortable and readying himself for another nap.

On stage, General Oslo fiddled with the microphone for a little while before getting it to work. She cleared her throat and addressed the crowd of tired recruits.

“Ahem! Good evening!”

“Good evening, General Oslo…” The members of the audience replied wearily. The week of exams has taken it’s toll on the newbies, as they were all exhausted and worn out from their practicals.

“This will not do. I said, GOOD EVENING!!!”

“GOOD EVENING, GENERAL OSLO!!!” The enormous crowd of teenagers shouted back. Yuu didn’t bother replying and instead let out an exaggerated yawn as the others screamed at the top of their lungs.

“Much better. Now, before the President makes his speech, I have a couple of things I would like to go over with everyone.”

“Ugh…” The entire crowd (sans Mitsuba) groaned and complained. The blonde just sat there with her arms crossed and an exasperated look on her face.

Suck it up. Now as you all know-”






“What the heck was that?!”

“I don’t know, but it sounded like an explosion!”

“An explosion?!”

“Aah! Someone rigged Central with bombs! We’re all going to die!”

“Calm down!”

“Get ahold of yourself, Stupei!”

“What the fuck is going on?”

“How should I know?”

“Where did it come from?”

“Don’t ask me!”

“It sounded like it came from outside!”


“I’m going to take a look in the hallways, I’ll be right back!”

The recruits were all on edge, rattled and shook by the booming low-pitched sound. Yuu and several other teenagers tried leaving the auditorium to investigate the noise, but the security guards wouldn’t let them and escorted them back to their seats.

“Everyone stay where you are!!! Do not get up from your seats!!! Now, remain calm. I’m sure it was no-” 


General Oslo was interrupted by the alarm system going off. Sirens blared, causing everyone in the room to cover their ears. The lights dimmed and the red emergency lights turned on.


As soon as the announcement was made, the door flew open and a member of the security team came running in. He was out of breath and looked pale. General Oslo stepped off the stage and met him halfway.

“General Oslo!!!”

“What is the current situation, private?”

“The intruders are closing in on the vampire research facilities! They’re trying to free their comrades!”

“I see. Inform Lt. Colonel Ichinose and the rest of the Moon Demon Company immediately. Lieutenants Fawer, Engelmann, Vanich, and Porter, go with him. I’ll stay here and keep an eye on the new recruits. Go! ”

“Yes, ma’am!” The security guards gave their superior officer a salute and left the room in a hurry. The blonde took the stage and attempted to quell the unrest in the theater.

“Alright, settle down! As you heard, there are some vampires on the loose. However, there is no need to worry. Rest assured, we have everything under control. That being said, you are all to remain here until the situation has been taken cared of.” General Oslo stated firmly.

Fuck that!!! If there really are bloodsuckers out there, then I want to be the who kills them!!!”

“You can’t be serious!!!” Yoichi exclaimed, looking at Yuu disapprovingly.

I am.” Yuu stood up from his seat and started walking away, ignoring the shouts of his roommate, teammates, and General Oslo.

“Yuu, don't go!”

“Yuu-kun, stop!”

“Yuu-san, get back here!” 

“Private Hyakuya! Get back to your seat immediately or I’ll have you removed from my division!”

“Do whatever you want, I don’t fucking care! I’m going to kill every last one of those filthy bloodsuckers and no one is going to get in my way!” Yuu said before breaking out into a sprint and making a beeline for the exit. Oslo continued to scream at Yuu who ignored her. 

Yoichi and Shinoa looked at each other and nodded. They got up and were about to go after their comrade when they were stopped by Kimizuki.

“Where are you two going?”

“Take a wild guess.” 

“Don’t tell me you’re going after the moron?!” Kimizuki scowled at the pair.

Of course we are! Yuu-kun needs us! He’s our teammate and teammates are supposed to be there for each other no matter what!”

“Even if that teammate is a total piece of shit who only cares about himself?!” 

“Yes, Mii-chan. Whether you like it or not, Yuu is a part of our squad and as sergeant it is my responsibility to make sure none of you get killed.” 

“Hmph! What about you? Why do you want to help that prick?!”

“Because, Yuu-kun is my friend! And friends are there for each other in their time of need.”

Friends?! You’ve known each other for only a couple of hours! How can you already be friends?!

“It doesn’t matter how long we’ve known each other. I consider all of you guys my friends.” The brunette said sincerely.

“What the fuck?! Me friends with you guys?! Never!!!” The pigtailed girl exclaimed, the expression on her face was priceless.

Yes, Mii-chan. Now that we have explained our reasons for wanting to help our companion, will you so kindly step aside Kimizuki-san so we can get through?”

“Please, Shiho…” Yoichi pleaded and gave the pinkette large puppy dog eyes. Kimizuki sighed and stepped out of their way.

“Fine… Do whatever you want, I don’t care and I’m not coming.” The tall teen spat as he sank down into his seat.

“Yeah, what the lamp post said!”

“But guys-”

Let them be. They don’t have to come if they don’t want to. Now, let’s not waste anymore time. Yuu needs us.”

“Ok… Let’s go.”

Shinoa and Yoichi exchanged daggers with their two other teammates before going after their friend. They caught up with Michael, who was also concerned for Yuu’s well being. Together, the three teens went after the raven haired boy.

“Honomi! Hiiragi! Saotome! Get back to your seats and leave Hyakuya to me!” The general commanded. The three teens ignored her and continued to chase their comrade.

General Oslo leapt off the stage to stop the teens from leaving. However, she didn’t anticipate being stopped herself by hordes of youths who piled into the aisles. Following Yuu’s lead, hundreds of recruits decided they too wanted to take on the vampires, and flooded the walkways in a mad dash to get to the doors.

“I’m going to beat those bloodsucking monsters to a bloody pulp!

“In your dreams! I’m going to be the one who slays the sharp-toothed freaks!”

“Nope, it’ll be me!”

“No, me!”

“Let me at them!”

“Get out of my way!”

“Stop pushing me!”

“Okay, who farted?”


“Eww, gross!”

“Ow! You’re stepping on my toes!”

“My bad!”

“STOP! STOP! STOP! EVERYONE SIT BACK DOWN OTHERWISE I’LL WRITE YOU ALL UP!” Oslo’s shouts fell on deaf ears as the recruits continued to swarm the aisles. 

Desperate to reach the exit before any of the young soldiers did, the blonde general shoved her way through the sea of recruits. Unfortunately, by the time she reached the door, Yuu was already long gone and on his way to where the vampires were sighted. Michael, Shinoa, and Yoichi had also made it out without being caught.

“Dammit… Hopefully Guren will get to the vampires before those kids do…” Oslo muttered to herself. She moved in front of the doors to prevent any more people from leaving, and proceeded to shout at the top of her lungs.



Anything but that!”

“The inhumanity!”


Madness assumed as the mobs of young recruits scrambled to their seats, wanting to avoid being forced to spend even more time with the commanding officer. Once the aisles were completely cleared, General Oslo took a deep breath and let out a long sigh before she returned to the podium where she began lecturing the teenagers for their “childish” behavior. While she was yapping away, Mitsuba leaned over Shinoa’s seat to discuss the situation with Kimizuki.

“Did we do the right thing? Should we have gone after them?” The pigtailed teen asked in a hushed whisper, keeping her voice low so Oslo wouldn’t hear her.

Who fucking cares? If they want to walk right into the vamps’ trap, let them.” Kimizuki replied nonchalantly.


As the pair sat through Oslo’s long winded speech, they pondered whether they made the right decision by choosing not to go after Yuu with the others.

Mitsuba couldn’t help but feel like she made a mistake by not going after Yuu. She feels like she should be there with her teammates looking for the him. Despite their differences, he was still her comrade and she learned from the General herself that: “comrades are always there for each other no matter what”.

Kimizuki was worried about Yoichi. He knew that the poor boy didn’t stand a chance against the vampires and was concerned for his wellbeing and safety. He was worried that the brunette was going to be dragged into a battle he has no place to be in.

After a couple of minutes of thinking, Mitsuba and Kimizuki turned to each other knowing what must be done. They left their seats and darted to the exit. Oslo immediately noticed and called out Mitsuba for trying to leave.

MITSUBA SANGU!!! You better have a good reason for leaving your seat! Just because you’re my pupil, doesn’t mean that you’ll be given special treatment. In fact, I expect more out of you.” 

“I’m sorry teacher, but my teammate needs me! And you taught me that comrades should always be there for each other no matter what, even if he is a selfish-stupid-annoying asshole! I have to be there for him!”

“..… *Sigh* .….. It seems like I taught you well… Very well then, you may go! But bring them back as soon as you find them!”

“Yes ma’am!” Mitsuba gave her mentor a salute and turned around to catch up with Kimizuki who was already out the door. 

“I hope for your safe return, Sangu-chan…”




On the other side of Central, Yuu was on the hunt for vampires. Adrenaline rushed through his veins as the thought of killing those bloodsucking bastards occupied his mind. He sprinted as fast as he could to the vampire research facilities before the fiends could escape.

He miraculously made it there without being caught, and was ready to kick some bloodsucker butt! Well he would, if he brought his katana with him. He was about to run back to his room to retrieve his weapon when he remembered he was wearing the gloves with transmutation circles on them.

“Oh! I can just make a weapon by transmuting the floor!” 

The dark haired teen clapped his hands together and touched the ground. In a matter of seconds, the metal tile Yuu put his hands on was gone and in its place was a katana. He bent down and picked up the metal blade. He stared at the hole left behind since the tile he stood on is now in his hands in the form of a katana.

“Ehh… No one will notice…” Yuu whispered to himself before moving toward the research facilities.

The ravenette checked every lab, poking his head inside every room to see if a bloodsucker was hiding in there before moving on to the next one when he saw no one was there. 

He searched every room until there was only one left that he hadn’t investigated. As he approached the entrance, he heard some peculiar sounds coming from the room. He put his ear against the door and listened. 




Yuu’s eyes widened and he felt his heart skip a beat when he realized what the sound really was. It was slurping, but not just any slurping. It was a vampire slurping on someone’s blood. Yuu would never forget the horrific sound of that bastard drinking the blood of his friends. It was something that continues to haunt him in his dreams, the sound of a vampire sucking blood.

The ravenette felt a surge of anxiety rush through him as he listened to the grotesque noises. He couldn’t help but feel nervous about confronting the bloodsuckers. Even though this was his chance to finally get his revenge, he couldn’t help but feel apprehensive and scared. Scared for his life.

Yuu removed himself from the door and took three steps back. He closed his eyes and took deep breaths to calm himself down and get focused.

Okay Yuu, you can do this… Remember what you’re fighting for… Who you’re fighting for…

“Yuu-kun, look at the fish I caught today!”

“Hey, come help me with the curry!”

“I love you, Yuu… Never forget that… And never forget me…”

Memories of his dearest friends flashed before him, igniting a fire inside him. He was here to get revenge on the vampires and avenge his loved ones. If he chickened out now, he would be turning his back on his friends and most importantly Mika. And that was something he was not about to do. 

With his friends in his thoughts, Yuu was ready to face whatever was waiting for him inside the laboratory.

“Alright, let’s do this!” Yuu opened his eyes and with confidence, kicked the door open.

He entered the dark room and lingered near the entrance. Using the light from the hallway, he looked around the room and didn’t find anything suspicious. However, the sound was louder than it was outside, prompting Yuu to thoroughly explore the large research room.  

The dark haired teen noticed several empty pods in the far end of the room which were presumedly use to hold the captured vampires. Yuu carefully maneuvered around large test tubes, examination tables, and other crap as he searched the room for the bloodsucker.

C’mon, where is that bastard?” Yuu asked himself as he continued looking for the fiend.

The slurping noises became louder as he traversed to the opposite side of the room. When he reached the front, he saw a large table with scientific equipment stored underneath it. The slurping noises were coming from the other side of the table. Yuu gripped his katana tightly and walked around the table. There, he was greeted by his worst nightmare

Lying on the ground unconscious was a soldier, hovering above him with her fangs buried deep in his neck was a vampire

Oh my god… No… No… NO!!!!!! 

Images of Yuu’s friends having the blood sucked out of them and getting slaughtered by Ferid flashed through Yuu’s mind as he watched the vampire drain the life out of the poor soldier.

“MIKA!!! YUU!!! HELP-”



“G-GET AWAY FROM HIM, YOU BLOODSUCKING FREAK!!!” Yuu charged the bloodsucker with his katana, intending to kill the monster and save his fellow soldier.

The vampire removed herself from her prey and looked up to see who dared to interrupt her feeding. As he was about to slice her in half, the pink haired bloodsucker suddenly vanished into thin air and was nowhere to be seen.

Yuu stopped in his tracks and looked around the room for the bloodsucker. 

“Dammit, she got away…” Yuu grumbled to himself. He turned around to the young man lying on the ground and kneeled down.

“Hey! Are you okay?!” Yuu asked the unconscious soldier. He put two fingers on his neck to check if he had a pulse. 

“Thank god… He’s still alive…” The ravenette let out a sigh of relief. “Hey, wake up!” Yuu smacked the guy across his face, and after several slaps the young man woke up.



“Uggh… I feel like complete dogshit… W-What happened? Where am I? Who are you?” The soldier asked weakly, feeling dazed and light headed from having the blood sucked out of him.

“There’s no time for questions. C’mon, let’s get out of here.” Yuu offered the young man a hand and helped him on to his feet. The soldier was still out of it and couldn’t walk on his own, so Yuu let him leaned on his shoulder for support, and the pair made their way outside.

The soldiers were only able to take a couple of steps before being stopped by the pink haired vampire. The bloodsucker appeared in front of them, eyeing them down as they were prey.



Yuu quickly transmuted a floor tile into a cane and handed it to his comrade.

“Go. Leave the bloodsucker to me!” Yuu ordered.

“But what about you, you’re just a kid!”

“I’ll be just fine. After all, I am a member of the Moon Demon Company!” The ravenette boasted shamelessly.

“You are?! Well, if you say so…” The soldier began limping away only to be immediately attacked by the bloodsucker.

“You’re not getting away that easily, livestock!” Taking advantage of her superhuman speed, the vampire was able to intercept the fleeing soldier and grabbed him by his neck. She slammed him down onto the ground and was about to sink her fangs back into his neck, when she felt a sudden and sharp pain where her arm was once located. 

The black haired human had sliced her arm off. The female vampire removed her dismembered arm from the soldier’s neck and moved away to put some space in between her and the humans. She took her arm and stuck it back in place. In a matter of minutes, her wound was healed and her arm was fully functional. 

While the vampire was fixing her arm, Yuu was helping the soldier back up and walked him to the hallway’s intersection. The soldier thanked his comrade and left without another word. Once he was gone, Yuu turned his attention to the bloodsucker, who was absolutely livid

“You have some nerve for interrupting my feeding, little boy!”

“Shut-up you filthy bloodsucker! I’m going to kill you and the rest of your kind!”

“Really? I’d like to see you try!” The vampire launched herself at the ravenette, not giving him anytime to react. She pounced on him and knocked him on his back.

“Ugh!” Yuu groaned as he landed on the metal floor. The vampire landed on top of him and attempted to strangle him to death. She ripped his katana from his hands and tossed it aside.

“I’m going to enjoy sucking your blood!” The female vampire hissed. Thinking quickly, Yuu swiftly put his hands on the ground and transmuted the tile into another katana. He began swinging his blade wildly, forcing the bloodsucker off of him.

So the human knows alchemy… That makes things even more interesting!” The vampire thought to herself as she studied the onyx haired soldier.

Yuu quickly got back up on his feet and rushed his pink haired adversary. His foe was easily able to dodge his attack by moving out of the way right when the blade was about to make contact with her. She retaliated by kicking him in the stomach, sending him flying into the wall. The ravenette didn’t get the chance to recover as the vampire pushed him against the wall and started chocking him again. 

“Any last words, human trash?!”

“Y-Yeah… Go… Fuck… Yourself…Bitch…”

“What did you say, you insolent little bra-AAAACCCCCCKKKK!!!!!!!” A sudden searing pain swelled through her chest, causing the vampire to let out an ear piercing scream. She looked down to see that she was impaled in the heart with a spear. Her blood red eyes rolled to the back of her head and she crumpled to the ground, letting go of the dark haired teen. 

Yuu bent over and clutched his knees as he gasped for air. He heard footsteps so he looked up to see who was coming. It was none other than his roommate.

“Yuu! Are you okay?” Michael asked worriedly as he ran to Yuu’s side. He retrieved his spear from the vampire’s heart and kicked her limp body away from them.

“Michael? Y-Yeah… I’m fine… What are you doing here?”

Saving your stupid ass! Thank god I found you in time otherwise you would have been a goner!”

“Hmph… Well, I could have handled her myself…”

“Right, because you were doing such a great job before I got here.”

“Shut-up.” Yuu grumbled. Soon, more footsteps could be heard and in a matter of seconds, Shinoa and Yoichi arrived on scene.

“Yuu-kun! You’re ok!” The brunette said out of breath. He ran to Yuu and gave him a hug much to the ravenette’s annoyance.

“Yuu-san~! Did you get a chance to kick that ‘vampire son of a bitch’s’ ass like you wanted to?” The lilac haired teen asked teasingly with a shit eating grin plastered on her face.

“Of course I did!

Sure you did.”

“I did, you midget!! Look! You see she’s- HUH?! Where the fuck did her body go?! I swear it was here just a second ago, and now it’s suddenly gone?! What the fuck?!”

The teens searched up and down the hallway, but the vampire’s body was nowhere to be found. 

As they were trying to make sense of the situation, Shinoa looked around the room to find any clues that could tell them where the body could have gone. She noticed that Michael’s weapon was a regular steel spear and not a cursed weapon. It didn’t take her long to figure out why the vampire’s “corpse” was missing.

“Michael-san, did you use a cursed weapon to kill her?” The ashen haired sergeant asked urgently.

No, I don’t even have my cursed gear yet.”

“Then did you rip her heart out and destroy it?”

“What?! No!”


“Shinoa-san, wrong?” Yoichi asked.

“There are two ways to kill a vampire. One is to activate the your demon’s curse, and the second is to rip its heart out and destroy it.” The short girl explained.

Yuu and Michael looked at each other knowing they fucked up.

“That means that-”

“Well hello there, fresh meat!”

Yuu and the others turned their heads and saw not just one, but over a dozen vampires. The pink haired bloodsucker had brought back reinforcements. They were all wearing the same kind of prison uniform the pink haired vampire was.

“Did you miss me? I thought I’d bring back some friends who could use a nice drink after being deprived of human blood by you military scum for decades!”

“In your dreams, you nasty bloodsucker! Die!” Without thinking, Yuu recklessly charged the group of bloodsuckers. He swung aimlessly at his foes who all managed to avoid his thrusts and slashes. One of the vampires suddenly appeared in front of him and punched him hard in the gut, knocking him back onto the ground.

“Argh!” The dark haired teen groaned in agony, clutching his stomach in pain as he lied on the ground.

“Yuu!” The teens shouted. Michael, Shinoa, and Yoichi rushed to their comrade’s side and were immediately surrounded by the bloodsuckers.

“Fuck.” Yuu cursed to himself about the mess they were in as Michael helped him get back on his feet. Yuu and Michael got in their battle stances, ready to take on the vampires. They were ready to attack, when Shinoa stopped them.

“Do not do anything. Leave everything to moi!”

“What?! Are you insane?! What is a little runt like you going to do?!”

“I’ll show you! This little runt has a little trick up her sleeve!”

The vampires closed in on the young soldiers, forcing the teens to stand back to back and shoulder to shoulder. Shinoa waited until the vampires were a mere arms length away from them to make her move. 

“Come on out, Shi-chan!” The lilac haired sergeant raised her hand in the air to manifest her cursed weapon. Dark energy began to gather in her hand. The energy transformed into a large scythe that was larger than it’s wielder. 

“I don’t think so!” A vampire grabbed the sergeant by her neck and slammed her to the ground. He pinned her by her arms so she couldn’t use her weapon.

“Shinoa!” The three boys shouted, Yuu and Michael readied their weapons but were stopped by the bloodsuckers.

“Try anything and the girl dies.” One of the vampires said threateningly.

“Dammit, we have to do something! Otherwise Shinoa will-” Before the ravenette could finish, a bloodcurdling scream filled the hallway.




The vampire who pinned Shinoa down suddenly collapsed on top of her and disintegrated into ash. The short teen wiped the bloodsucker’s remains off of her before standing up and rejoining her comrades.

“Are you okay, Shinoa-san?” 

“I’m fine.” The ashen haired girl replied stoically, unfazed by the vampire’s attempt to kill her. 

Perplexed by what happened, one of the vampires got in Yuu’s face and started yelling at him.

“What did you do-HURGH!!!!!!!” 

Cries of agony filled the room and blood decorated the floor, as one by one the vampires had their hearts torn out of their bodies and stabbed to death until there was nothing left. Once their hearts were destroyed, the vampires turned into ash. The vampires scattered, desperate to escape whatever was killing their allies. Even with their superhuman speed, they couldn’t escape whatever was wiping them out as it was moving even faster than they were.


“Every vampire for themselves!”

“No! We need to stick together!”

“Screw that, I want to live- OOOARGH!!!!!”

The teenagers watched in bewilderment as the vampires fell one right after the other. They had no idea what was going on as they watched the bloodsuckers die horrific deaths. They couldn’t even see who or what was killing the fiends as it was moving too fast! All they saw was a blur moving from vampire to vampire.

“Umm guys, what is going on?!” Yoichi asked.

“I don’t know and I don’t think I want to find out.” Michael responded as he inched closer to his roommate.

“Those bloodsuckers are getting wrecked, that’s what’s going on!” Yuu pointed out the obvious, causing Shinoa and Michael to roll their eyes.

In the midst of all the chaos and confusion, the pink haired vampire managed to reach the end of the long hallway with some of her allies.

“I can’t believe it… This can’t be happening! We’ve waited so long to be free, how could it end like this?!” 

Noin, go! Take a ship and get out of here.” The other vampires stopped in place and formed a blockade in front of the pink haired vampire.

“What about the rest of you?”

“It doesn’t matter what happens to us. You need to escape so you can inform the queen of the military’s plans.”


“Leave now! Before- AURGH!!!!!!!!!!”

“ARTHUR!!!” Noin screamed as she watched her brethren get brutally murdered. Taking her fallen comrades’ advice, the pink haired vampire took off. Luckily for her, she was able to leave without being spotted by the thing that slaughtered the other vampires. As she sped through the hallways, she noticed her allies struggling against the military. Noin fought the urge to help her comrades and continued to the closest hangar.

Damn those military scum… They’ll pay for what they’ve done… They’ll all pay!!!

Back in front of the vampire research labs, only one vampire remained, and he wasn’t going down without a fight.

The bloodsucker tried everything he could; punching, kicking, slashing, but couldn’t land a hit. The agile figure avoided all of the fiend’s attacks and finally retaliated by tearing his heart out and putting him out of his misery. With all of the vampires taken cared of, the nimble individual slowed down, giving the teenagers a chance to get a glimpse of their savior.

“No fucking way…”

“You gotta be kidding me…”

“So the rumors are true

“Oh my god…”

“PRESIDENT BRADLEY?!” The recruits couldn’t believe it, standing in front of them with a long sword in his hand was none other than the President of the GPF- King Bradley himself.

“Are you soldiers alright? I hope those scoundrels didn’t cause you too much trouble.”

“We’ve been better, but at least we’re alive.” Michael answered.

“Thank you for saving us, sir.” Shinoa expressed her gratitude and bowed to the commander in chief.

“No need to thank me, Miss. Hiiragi. I was just doing my job. After I heard that a couple of new recruits went after the vampires, I dropped everything ran here as fast as I could. I apologize for not arriving any sooner.”

“Don’t be sorry sir, you saved us!” Yoichi replied with a bright smile.

“Hehe, I suppose I did.”

“Mr. President if I may ask, who told you about our umm circumstances? Is it someone we know?” The brunette asked curiously.

“Yes, in fact I believe you know them very well. Corporal Mitsu-”

Before the President could answer, he was interrupted by an overly eager Yuu who has been dying to ask him his question and couldn’t wait any longer.

“Holy shit, that was awesome!!! The way you exterminated those bloodsuckers at such a blinding speed was fucking incredible!!! How did you do it?!” Yuu asked enthusiastically, his big emerald eyes sparkling with excitement. Despite being disappointed that he wasn’t able to kill any vampires himself, he was amazed at the way the President was able to exterminate the vampires, and without cursed gear to top it all off!

“Hehe… It’s a secret, but let’s just say it took years of training for me to be able to do that.”

“If that’s the case, then would you train me-”


The teenagers turned around and to their horror saw a furious Guren running straight at them, swinging his metal sword like a madman. Michael, Shinoa, and Yoichi all had the common sense to run away, but Yuu on the other hand stood his ground and readied his weapon.

“Bring it on, stupid Guren! I’ve been looking forward to kicking your ass since the day we’ve met!!!” The ravenette said with a cocky smirk on his face, he assumed a offensive stance and charged his superior officer. As their blades were about to collide, another sword intercepted theirs.


With an upward thrust, Yuu’s and Guren’s blades were sent flying into the air. The weapons landed on the ground next to their wielders who looked dumbfounded. They turned to the side to see who dared to interrupt their long awaited battle and to no one’s surprise it was King Bradley.

“That’s quite enough. Its been a long day for all of us, so why don’t call it for a night?” The President suggested as he put his longsword back into its sheathe.

“But what about the welcome ceremony?” Yoichi asked.

“We’ll just have to postpone it until further notice. Right now, I think it would be best if we all get some rest. Now if you will excuse me, I must be going. I’ll inform the General of the current situation and let her know that you’re all safe.” The older man replied. Yoichi, Michael, and Shinoa thanked the President profusely before he left for the auditorium.

“Hmph! You’re lucky the President was here to save your ass again, otherwise you would be dead!” The Lt. Colonel snorted at the dark haired recruit.

“Fuck you! You’re the lucky one cuz I was going to make mince meat out of you!” Yuu fired back.

“In your dreams, moron! Now, where was I before I was derailed by your stupidity? I was going to lecture you four, that’s right! HIIRAGI! HONOMI! SAOTOME! GET YOUR ASSES BACK HERE!!!”

“What is it, Lt. Colonel? Aren’t you happy to see that we’re all alive and well?” The ashen haired sergeant asked.

No! You all should be dead! You four are so fucking lucky that the President arrived in time to save your sorry asses!”

“How did you know that the President saved us?!”

“Do you take me for an idiot or something?! I’m not you, Yuu!!! Do you really expect me to believe that the four of you took down a squadron of feral bloodsuckers?!”

“Umm, yeah?”

Idiot! How could you possibly think that I would believe that the four of you killed a shit ton of vamps when only one of you has a cursed weapon?!?!?!”

“Well, the President was able to kill those bloodsuckers without one!”

“That’s because the President knows what he’s doing unlike you, you moron! And why the fuck would you even go after them without one?!”

“You know why… I’ll kill those bloodsuckers with my bare hands if I have to… I’ll do whatever it takes to kill them all…”

“Are you stupid or something?! Not only did you put yourself in danger, but you jeopardized the lives of your comrades as well!!!”

“Hmph… It’s not like I asked them to come with me. They chose to follow me. It’s not my fault.”

“*Sigh* You really have a lot to learn…”

“Fight me.” The ravenette put his fists up to his face and assumed a fighting stance, he wanted nothing more than to beat the shit out of his guardian. The Lt. Colonel ignored him and turned to address the other recruits.

“As for the rest of you, I know that you only ran off for this idiot’s sake. However, maybe next time you should find someone who could actually help instead of throwing yourselves into harms way!”

“My sincere apologies, Lt. Colonel Guren-sama! I promise that it will never happen again! You have my word as a member of the Hiiragi family!”

“………. Anyone else want to reassure me?”

“Lt. Colonel, I swear that it won’t happen again. I’ll make sure of it.” 

“You better, Honomi. I’m counting on you now to make sure that idiot doesn’t get into anymore trouble.” 

“Yes sir!”

“Stupid Guren… Stupid Michael…”

“Lt. Colonel? Just out of curiosity, how did you know about everything that happened?” The brunette asked.

“Simple, it’s because I’m Jesus motherfu-” 

“Because we told him, dipshits!” A feminine voice interrupted Guren. The teenagers turned around to see Mitsuba and Kimizuki with scowls on their face.  

“Well, look who it is! It took you long enough to get here~!”

“Be quiet, you! We only just got here because we were chasing the bloodsucker that you bozos let get away!”

“Wait, a bloodsucker managed to escape?!” 

“No shit, moron!”

“I wasn’t talking to you, bubble gum head!”

“Yes, jackass! She passed us on our way here. We chased her to one of the hangars, but she was already long gone by the time we got there.”

“Dammit…” The ravenette muttered and kicked the ground. “What are you two assholes doing here anyways?!”

“Making sure you aren’t dead, fuckface!”

“Shut-up, you pink giraffe! Why do you guys care?”

“Ugh… It’s not like I want to care, it’s more like I have to care! Like Yoichi said earlier, we’re a team and teammates need to stick together. So the next time you decide to go off on your own like a fool, let us know beforehand so we can knock some sense into you!” Mitsuba yelled.

“No thanks, I’d rather risk dying than tell you clowns anything.” Yuu replied, earning him a fist to his head curtesy of Guren. “OWW!!! THAT HURT, YOU TURD BASKET!!!”

“Idiot Yuu!!! When will you learn that you won’t be able to accomplish anything without the help of your comrades?!”

“Fuck you! Once I get my cursed gear, I’ll be unstoppable! I won’t need anyone’s help, especially theirs!”

“I’ve heard enough. All of you can thank Private Hyakuya, because thanks to his actions today Shinoa’s Squad will have an extra hour of group training exercises for the next two weeks!

“WHAT?!” Shinoa’s Squad exclaimed in outrage.

“Oh, come-fucking-on! I have to spend even more time with these fuckers?! Fuck me!”

Really?! If you insist!”

I’ll be happy to~!

Michael and Shinoa said simultaneously. They looked at each other and giggled.

“What the actual hell?!? Are you two seriously attracted to this fucking numbskull?!” Kimizuki asked, his eye twitching in pure disgust.

“I can’t answer for Shinoa, but I might be…” Michael replied with a devious smile and winked at Yuu. He slung his arm around the dark haired teen’s waist and pulled him close, causing the ravenette to blush.

“I might be too~!” Shinoa responded and blew a kiss at Yuu. She grabbed his right arm and clung on to it tightly, squeezing his biceps.

“SHUT THE FUCK UP, ALL OF YOU!!!!!” The flustered teen shouted and shoved Michael and Shinoa off of him, he flailed his arms to make them stay away.

“You can’t do that! I have better things to do than to hangout with these jackasses!” Mitsuba complained while Michael and Shinoa teased Yuu.

“I can and I will. Tough.”

“Well that’s fan-fucking-tastic!!!”

“And it’s all your fault! Way to go, shit for brains!”

“Yeah, thanks a lot Yuushitirou!”

“HEY! Don’t blame me! It’s that asshole Guren’s fault, not mine!”

“Sure it is~!”

“It’s definitely your fault.”

“It is not!!!” Yuu scowled and puffed out his cheeks angrily.

“Enough with the bitching! God! You can all take out your anger and frustration with the moron tomorrow during training.”

“Or tonight in the bedroom.” Shinoa whispered to Michael who snickered in response.

“For now, why don’t you listen to your superior for once and get your asses to bed! I expect to see you all bright and early! With that, you are all dismissed! Now, get the fuck out of my sight! Or better yet, I’ll leave!!” With that Guren stormed off, muttering about how kids these days are just plain stupid.

The teenagers stood in awkward silence until someone’s stomach started growling.

“So, who’s hungry?” Michael asked.

“I am!” Yoichi replied chipperly.

“I’m so hungry I can eat Mii-chan~!” Shinoa announced and stared at the poor girl hungrily.

“GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM ME, YOU SICK BITCH!!! I WILL MURDER YOU IF YOU COME ANY CLOSER!!!” Mitsuba screamed and moved away from the lilac haired teen. Shinoa giggled and flashed the blonde an innocent smile.

“Hey, why don’t we go the cafeteria and get something to eat!” The blonde sergeant suggested.

“That sounds like a fantastic idea, Michael-san! And since I’m the sergeant of this delightful crew, it’ll be my treat!”

“We don’t have to pay for food, dumbass!”

“Relax Kimizuki-san! I was only kidding! Stop taking everything so seriously all the time and loosen up! Anyways, I think this will be an excellent way for us to bond as a team!”

“But Michael-kun isn’t even in our squad!”

“He’s an honorary member of our squad.”

“I am?”

“Sure! You’re Yuu’s friend, and a friend of Yuu is a friend of ours!” 

“Thanks… You know, for an evil midget demon spawn, you’re not half bad!”

“And for a annoying-clingy roommate, you’re not half-bad yourself!”

The two teens turned to Yuu and gave him a knowing look, causing him to roll his eyes in annoyance.

“Umm, if you guys are done talking, can we go now? I would really like to get to the cafeteria before they run out of spaghetti!” Yoichi asked.

“Yes, let’s go!” The lilac haired teen exclaimed.

“Do I have to come? I mean, you heard the President! He told us to get some rest, and I think I’m going to do just that! You clowns go on without me, I have a date with my bed!” The dark haired teen argued, trying to talk his way out of spending time with his squad mates.

“Since when did you start listening to other people?” Michael asked.

“Shut-up.” Yuu grumbled as he crossed his arms over his chest and puffed out his cheeks. 

“I have to agree with the moron for once, you guys can count me out!”

“But Kimizuki-kun!!!”

“Same goes for me. There’s no way in hell that I’m going! Especially if she’s going to be there!!!” The pigtailed girl pointed at her sergeant accusingly.

“Who, little ole me? Aww, don’t be like that! You and I haven’t hung out in ages! It’ll be nice to catch up with you after all these years!” Shinoa said teasingly. Mitsuba apparently didn’t like what she said and got in the other girl’s face.

“Listen you! Cut the bullshit and stop acting like we’re still friends when we aren’t!!!”

“What are you talking about? When did we ever stop being friends?”

“Don’t play dumb with me! You know when…”

“I know we haven’t spoken much ever since that incident, but I… Wait, is that what you’re so upset about? Are you still mad at me because of that?”

“That’s a really stupid question!!!!! Of course I am!!!!!”


“No! I don’t want to hear anything else you have to say! I’m so over you!”



“Mitsuba… I-I…I-” 

J-Just leave me the hell alone already!!!” Mitsuba screamed and stormed off. Tears of anger she was so desperately trying to hold back ran down her face as she sprinted back to her room.

“Mitsuba! Wait!” Shinoa called out to her comrade and went after her, leaving the boys behind.

“Well, that just happened.” Michael remarked.

“Should we go after them?” Yoichi asked worriedly.

“No. This has nothing to do with us. It’s their problem, not ours.”

“He has a point, we should give them some space and let them sort things out on their own.”

“Ok, if you say so.”

While the others were busy talking, Yuu was lost in his own thoughts.

“Shinoa left Mitsuba to die… Just like I left M-Mika… M-Mika… I’m so sorry… Mi-Mi…” Mitsuba’s words struck home with Yuu, as it made him think about how he left Mika to die four years ago. Even though he was taken by force, he still couldn’t help but feel guilty for leaving his dear Mikaela behind. 

Yuu’s face turned pale and his blood ran cold as images of Mika during the last moments of his life flashed through the dark haired teen’s mind. 


“Yuu… I-I l-love you… N-Never forget that…….. L-Live, for the b-both of us…..”


“Yuu-chan, you have to. Otherwise Ferid will- YUU!!!!!!”

“Goodbye, Yuu… I love you… Live for the both of us…” 

Yuu was overcome with guilt, feeling remorseful about leaving behind his best friend and the boy he loves behind to die. Mitsuba’s words struck a chord with him, and made him wonder if Mika felt the same way about him as he was dying. 

Michael turned to look at his roommate and noticed that he looked a little sickly.

“Hey, what’s wrong buddy? You don’t look so good, are you okay?”

“N-Not really… Do you mind if I head back to our room? I’m not really hungry, I just want to go to bed…”

“Of course I don’t, in fact I’ll go with you.”

“You don’t have to do that. Go get something to eat, I’ll be fine on my own.” Yuu said and started walking back to his room.

“I want to.” Michael replied and walked over to the others. “Hey, Yuu’s not feeling so great, so I think I’m going to take him back to our room and turn in for the night.”

“Is he okay?”

“Yeah, he just feeling a little under the weather and needs some rest.”

“That’s a relief. What about you?”

“I’m going back with him to make sure he’s okay.”

“That’s nice of you, Michael-kun. Do you want me to bring you back something to eat?”

“No thanks, but I appreciate the offer.”

“Anytime! Like Shinoa said, a friend of Yuu’s is a friend of ours!” Yoichi replied cheerily with a warm smile. The blonde returned the gesture with a smile of his own before parting ways with Yoichi and Kimizuki.

Michael caught up with Yuu, and together the two teens walked back to their room. Once inside, the blonde went to the bathroom to wash-up while the ravenette changed into his pajamas and got into bed. He pulled the covers over him and closed his eyes. 

Mika… I’m so sorry for leaving you… So sorry… M-Mika…



In a dimly lit room, a woman was observing all of the events that were unfolding in Central through her monitors on her desk. The female associate had medium length wavy blonde hair, wore a dull pink secretary uniform, and a green skirt. She was carefully watching everything that was happening, making notes of what she saw.

“You can’t do that! I have better things to do then to hangout with these jackasses!” 

“I can and I will. Tough.”

“Well that’s fan-fucking-tastic!!!”

“And it’s all your fault! Way to go, shit for brains!”

“Yeah, thanks a lot Yuushitirou!”

“HEY! Don’t blame me! It’s that asshole Guren’s fault, not mine!”

“Sure it is~!”

“It’s definitely your fault.”

“It is not!!!”


“You may enter.” The woman commanded stoically, her voice was devoid of any emotion. The double door opened and the soldier that Yuu had helped earlier limped into the room.

“Close the door.” She ordered. The blonde soldier complied and closed the door, once it was shut, he tossed the cane aside and approached the woman’s desk.

“Secretary Andrews! I have come with today’s incident report, ma’am!”

“…….. You can drop the act. It’s only the two of us. As you can see, the President has stepped out for the moment.” Secretary Andrews said, taking a sip of tea after she was finished speaking.

“Phew, that’s a relief! I was growing tired of this hideous soldier getup anyways!” A line of light went over the soldier’s body in a quick pace, and in less than a second the soldier had changed into a completely different person



The blonde transformed into a androgynous looking youth with a lean, muscular build. The individual had long, wispy dark green hair, slitted eyes with violet pupils, and wore a black, form-fitting bodysuit and a matching headband with a triangular symbol on it. On his left thigh was a tattoo of a ouroboros.

“Ahh! Much better! Now, what was it you wanted to discuss?” The green haired individual asked as he plopped onto one of the couches and made himself comfortable.

“I wanted to speak to you about the bloodsucker that managed to break free. Why did you let her escape? You had the opportunity to kill her, why didn’t you?”

“Whoa, you need to relax. So I let one measly vamp get away, what’s the big deal? It’s not like she can do anything!”

“You’re wrong. Do you recall what happened during the previous cycles when she escaped?” The blond secretary asked rhetorically.

“Hmm… The other cycles were so long ago that it must have slipped my mind. My bad.”

“Regardless, I expect you to find the creature and dispose of her immediately. The sooner that bloodsucker is dealt with, the better.”

“Gotcha. I’ll deal with the bloodsucker right away.”

“You better… And one more thing, kill all the remaining vampires we have in captivity. We can always capture more if we need to.”

“Damn, you’re so cold! Consider it done. I’ll just have ole fatso eat them all.”

“Do whatever you need to, just make sure it gets done… You are dismissed… Leave.”

“You’re kicking me out already?! Jeezes! I don’t get a break! Ugh! I have to turn back into that stupid soldier! I hate it!”

“You can always transform into your true form.”

“Haha, very funny.”

“It’s not much different from your current form.”

“You got me there. Well, I gotta run.” The green haired youth stated and turned back into the blonde soldier.

“Close the door on your way out.”

“Yes ma’am!” The “soldier” gave the secretary one last salute before leaving.

Secretary Andrews returned to looking at her monitors. She zoomed in on Yuu’s face and stared at him intently.

Yuichirou Amane Hyakuya… It’s been years since I last saw you… My dear Yuu-chan.”



Yuu: Next time on Demons of the Apocalypse. After two long weeks of squad “training”, it’s finally time for our Cursed Gear Trial. Little did we know, that it would mean facing our deepest fears and confronting them head on. Will we be able to conquer our fears, or will the demons inside the weapons conquer us? And what exactly is the deal between Mitsuba and Shinoa? Will they be able to repair their broken relationship?

All of that and more, next time on Demons of the Apocalypse- I’ll Face my Inner Demons.