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Love in Your Touch

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Jin was used to breaking through the haze of sleep to the soft touch of Yoongi running his hand gently through his hair. It was domestic in a way that Jin didn't think about often. Mainly to avoid the thunderous traitorous furious beating of his heart when he thinks about how Yoongi expresses love through touch,and what that must mean when he never stops touching him. If he really thought about it, really thought about it, as he opens his eyes to see the soft silhouette of Yoongi next to him,smiling warmly down at him, he doesn't think he can handle how much he loves him back.


“Morning, hyung.” Yoongi smiled, still combing his fingers through Jin’s hair. “You're looking philosophical this morning. Don't think to hard. It's bad for your poor brain this early.” He doesn't bother avoiding the weak smack Jin gives.


“Ya, I can't believe even you are a bratty dongsaeng. Where's my respect?” Yoongi lets out a small laugh, and moves away.


“Come on, hyung. Day has started. We should get ready.” Jin sighed and didn't think about the tingling sensation on his scalp,missing the man’s touch instantly.


They both end up in the bathroom brushing their teeth. Jin thought the younger had been awake longer, but he guessed not. Yoongi liked to get things over with and get ready first thing he woke up. If Jin had a say, well let's just say he wouldn't be out of bed let alone dressed.


“Hyung,”Yoongi groaned exasperated.”Are you a dog? Keep your slober in your mouth.” Jin glared and spit into the sink. Yoongi sighed, long-suffering. Jin continues, but he can't help spare glances at his boy, his scrunched up nose as he looks distastefully at Jin. He can't help the smile at that. He hooks his chin on Yoongi's shoulder and wraps his free arm around his waist. Yoongi met his gaze in the mirror and glared, but didn't pull away.


They stood like that until they both finished. Jin locked both his arms tight around Yoongi’s waist. He pressed soft kisses along his neck, and Yoongi nuzzled back.


“Love you, Yoongi-ya.” Yoongi’s soft warm smile made Jin’s heart race like it always did.


“Me too,hyung. More than you know.” He fiddles with Jin’s fingers around his waist. A slight blush spreads across his face. If the world stopped spinning, Jin thought he'd be happiest like this.

“Hyungs! Are you ready? You're the last ones!” Jin cursed and stepped back. Yoongi laughed.


“Hurry it up old man. We're late.” Yoongi pressed one last kiss to the corner of his mouth. Jin fought off his indignation.


“Old man! I'm four months older than you, asshole.” Jin followed him to get ready. Yoongi’s giggles were all he needed in the morning, not that he'd tell that asshole that.