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Ease The Burn

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     Everyone was piled together in the living room. Jimin laid across the rap lines laps, and Jin and Taehyung were sitting together with the later’s head on the elder’s shoulder. Jungkook was next to Hoseok, trying not to flinch whenever he brushed against his arm. His entire upper body was sore, the skin red and slightly swollen. He hadn't noticed the sunburn until they got into the van. It had started as a dull heat under his shirt, and seemed to grow hotter and more painful as the evening dragged on.

    As soon as they got back to the hotel, he raced to the bathroom. He splashed himself with cold water, trying to cool down his skin. Jungkook cringed with every movement. He pulled a loose, long sleeved shirt over his head, a fabric stretching the already delicate skin.

    Part of him was tempted to ask Jin for the aloe that he had seen the elder pack. But the larger, insecure part of him didn’t want to rely on his hyungs’ help. So he grit his teeth, taking the pain as it came in hopes that it would pass quickly. He’d had many sunburns before, but they’ve never been this painful.


    Jungkook quickly pulled away when Hoseok tried to lean on his side. His hyung gave him a confused look, and Jungkook mumbled a soft “sorry hyung”. He tried to ignore the burning, but he was quickly overheating being around 6 other bodies. He felt nauseous, and the pressure on his stomach from Hoseok’s head wasn’t helping. He tried to move away as inconspicuous as possible.

    “Hyung, I need to use the bathroom.” He spoke quietly, as to not draw attention to himself. Hoseok moved away, letting him escape before anyone could ask any questions. He locked the bathroom door behind him, sinking to the floor. His head was pounding, and he felt hot all over. He could feel how angry his skin was under his shirt, some spots on his shoulders beginning to blister. He hung his head over the side of the toilet, feeling the bile rising up his throat. Jungkook groaned, however he quickly quieted himself when he heard a knock at the door.

    “Kookie?” He sucked in a harsh breath when he heard his leaders voice. Namjoon knocked again. “Jungkookie, are you okay? You sounded like you were getting sick.”

    Jungkook said nothing, slumping down and wincing when his back his the side of the vanity. He watched the lock click, and the door opened to reveal all of his hyungs. Jin cooed, entering the bathroom and kneeling next to the youngest. He felt his forehead, brows creasing in concern at how hot and sticky his skin was under his hand. “Come on, up you go.”

     Jimin stepped in to help him stand, adjusting his grip when he felt Jungkook wince. Jin and Yoongi exchanged a look, the former lifting the hem of Jungkook’s shirt. Everyone gasped when they saw the angry burn on their maknae's skin. Yoongi was quick to bark out orders. Hoseok started a cold bath, Taehyung ran to the kitchen to get water bottles and some crackers, and Namjoon to one of the bedrooms to grab Jin’s aloe gel. Jimin and Jin undressed the youngest quickly, helping him step into the bath. Jungkook didn’t know whether he should try to escape the icy cold of the water or to sink into it. But the relief set almost instantly, and he sighed as he sank lower. Yoongi sat on the edge of the tub, brushing the hair from Jungkook’s eyes. “You couldn’t have gotten just a normal sunburn, could you kid? Had to go all out and get sun poisoning.”

      “Sun poisoning?!” Jungkook’s eyes snapped open, looking at his hyungs frantically. Hoseok crouched down, one hand resting on the knee that was sticking out from the water.

     “Relax, Jungkookie-ah. It’s just a really, really bad sunburn. You’re okay.” Taehyung returned with a pile of bottles and snacks in his arms. He dumped them on the floor, cracking one of the bottles open and pushing it to Jungkook’s lips. He drank the water greedily, not noticing the worried yet fond looks from his group mates.

    It’s Jimin who towels him down gently, lightly and carefully patting around the areas of his skin that were still agitated. Namjoon hands him a pair of boxers, a tee-shirt sitting on the dresser next to more water and snacks.

    Jungkook’s laid on his stomach on the bed, Jin rubbing the aloe gently onto his skin. He flinches every now and then, even the softest touches bringing spikes of pain. The other members coo apologetically, letting out little praises that has Jungkook swimming in affection. Taehyung drapes a cold cloth over his forehead once he’s dressed.     Everyone agrees to let Jungkook take the bed, his hyungs crowding along the edges, careful not to touch to youngest. Jungkook whines at this, but he knows that he won’t be able to get any cuddles until his sunburn starts to fade. He can only hope that it goes quickly so that he can be in the middle of his hyungs once again.

    Despite the aching heat of his skin, he feels comforted by the added warmth of his hyungs. Yoongi takes one of his hands, thumb moving in slow motions. Hoseok reaches up to play with his hair, and before he knows it, Jungkook’s drifting off to sleep.