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The Major and The Medic.

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Professor Campbell soon settled into his teaching role, with him very occasionally doing complex heart surgeries,his peers looking on in awe of a very well respected, world renowned heart surgeon, who even at the age of nearly 45years of age, could and would still give more experienced heart/cardio surgeons a run for their money.

Adrienne Campbell also settled in her role as a senior lecturer at Harvard university, as her reputation grew more and more students were begging her to take on a more senior role, she had the respect of the most senior mathematician at Harvard, who actively encouraged her to take her teaching to another level, she should follow her heart and study for what she wanted to study for a Phd in pure mathsthen hopefully a professorship.

Her husband actively encouraged her, so sge applied for her phd, which would also enable her to work part time, and spend quality time with the couples daughter Serena, who although she had made friends, was still painfully shy.