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The Major and The Medic.

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Berenice Griselda Wolfe, one of the British army's most highly decorated female senior serving officer's, was born to Captain and Mrs.Charles Wolfe.
Captain Charles Wolfe was in the lifeguards regiment unit of the household cavalry,who due to a freak accident was forced to retire from active service, he was given an opportunity to teach at the world renowned military academy in Sandhurst, specifically in strategic planning and orienteering.
Mrs.Anna Wolfe, was a doctor who specialised in orthopedics, she studied medicine at Cambridge university and did also work at a military hospital.
They met when she was a junior doctor and he was a junior officer, he had taken a member of his regiment, to the hospital,as he had fallen heavily from his horse.
She was the doctor who, was on duty, when officer wolfe brought the injured soldier in, and she was instantly smitten with the junior officer.
He too was smitten by the junior doctor, when she had finished treating the soldier, the junior officer plucked up the courage to ask her out to dinner, she readily accepted.