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My Baby

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It’s a shame, Taehyung thinks, that a clan as long-standing as the Jeon’s fell victim to a purge. A group of rogue vampires had infiltrated the family mansion only a few days ago and Taehyung almost feels pity for them when he sees the damage that’s been done.  All the windows have been smashed in, doors just barely hanging on by their hinges, and there’s still a very distinct smell of gasoline permeating the compound – so the rogues he’s after are arsonists too.

Ducking beneath a collapsed beam, he heads upstairs, grimacing at the bodies littering the floor. Vampires could be such barbarians. He enters the master bedroom first, examining any marks left behind and rummaging through drawers for any useful information he could use as evidence. He’d been on the hunt for these vampires going around causing havoc amongst clans for several months now, but he could never keep up with the damn bastards.

When he finds nothing useful, he clicks his tongue in annoyance and moves onto the room next door. There has to be something. It’s when he’s bent over a chest and sifting through stacks of documents that he hears it.

A quiet sob.

He straightens up immediately, on alert now that he knows he’s not alone. The sound had been extremely quiet, so much so that he’d barely picked up on it, but he’s pretty sure that it came from the closet. Unsheathing the dagger he kept on him at all times, Taehyung strides towards the double doors and yanks them open, lips pulled back into a snarl.

However, the expression instantly drops from his face when he sees what’s inside.

A young boy sits cowering in the corner, small hands covering his head as he wraps his arms around himself. His body’s visibly shaking and Taehyung feels a violent tug in his chest. Although not the most compassionate of vampires, he still hates when children are involved in such violent matters.

The boy curls up into himself even more and Taehyung tentatively reaches out and strokes the top of his head. The child recoils as soon as his fingers graze the top strands of his hair and Taehyung’s throat tightens, heart hurting for the poor thing.

“P-please.” His voice is barely louder than a whisper and Taehyung doesn’t think he’s ever heard anyone sound more terrified, “please m-make it quick.”

He thinks I’m going to kill him?

The thought has Taehyung choking on a heartbroken cry because no child should have to endure this. Tucking away his weapon, Taehyung crouches and reaches out for him once more.

“Oh, you poor baby.” He coos, “I’m not going to hurt you.” And he really isn’t. Had it been an older vampire, he’d have killed them on the spot, but there’s no way such a young one could deserve to be in this position. He’d barely had a chance to live yet.

Cautiously patting the top of his head, Taehyung considers his options. He could either drop the kid off at the nearest orphanage or take him in as his own, but as he murmurs quiet words of encouragement and the boy’s figure eventually stops shaking, it’s already obvious which choice he’s going with. Besides, he could do with some company.

The boy slowly removes his hands from his face, two big round eyes peering up at Taehyung and the older vampire melts because those are the cutest eyes he’s ever seen. They’re bloodshot though, eyelashes damp from crying, and irises glowing a dark red.

He’s hungry.

Worry hits Taehyung then. How long has he been hiding in here?

“Who are you? Are you one of the bad men?” He’s louder this time, the waver in his voice gone and Taehyung’s gotta admit the boy bounces back fast.

“My name’s Taehyung.” He cracks a small smile, fingers still buried in the inky strands of the boy’s hair, “and I’m going to lock those bad men up.”

The wonder that lights up the kid’s face has Taehyung biting back yet another coo because he’s just so adorable.

“I’m Jeongguk.” He’s removed his makeshift shield now, arms having dropped to his sides and Taehyung can see just how young he is. His cheeks are chubby, rounded and he staves off the sudden urge to pinch them, and when he smiles, Taehyung spots two tiny canines that have yet to grow fully.

A gash running across his cheek catches Taehyung’s attention and he frowns. It’s pretty deep and he knows it’ll scar. What kind of sick bastard would do this?

“Hey Taehyung, have you– what are you doing?” A voice from the doorway has Taehyung standing and swivelling around quickly, body automatically angled to shield the child. Jeongguk whimpers, fisting the back of Taehyung’s coat.

Jimin’s eyebrows are furrowed, eyes zeroing in on the small body hiding behind Taehyung before he lets out a hiss.

“What the fuck? Kill him.”

The grip on his coat tightens and Taehyung grits his teeth, reaching one hand back for Jeongguk to hold. He squeezes it reassuringly.

“Taehyung.” Jimin advances, crimson eyes narrowed and Taehyung bares his teeth in warning.

“Don’t you dare.” He snaps, the sniffles from behind him triggering his instinct to protect, “he’s just a child.”

Looking unconvinced, Jimin takes another step towards them, but halts at what Taehyung says next.

“You lay one finger on him and I’ll denounce you. ”

Jimin freezes, mouth parting in disbelief, “he’s not even one of your own.”

Without saying a word, Taehyung turns around and gathers Jeongguk in his arms, the boy burrowing his head into the side of his neck. His body’s quivering again and Taehyung glares at Jimin for scaring him. Rubbing one hand up and down the boy’s back, he hushes him by pressing a light kiss to his head.

“He is now.” He says, ensuring Jimin understands how serious he is, “he’s alone, Min. I’m not going to leave him here nor kill him. As soon as we get home, I’ll get the papers sorted to have him transferred under my care.”

His tone is enough for Jimin to know there’s no room for argument and he sighs, shoulders falling in resignation. Whatever, it was just a kid. What harm could he do?


In the years following, Jimin comes to regret asking himself that question because Jeon Jeongguk is an absolute nightmare. He’d been seven years old when Taehyung had taken him in, all bright smiles and harmless curiosity. As soon as he’d stepped foot into the Kim’s manor, all of Taehyung’s staff and associates instantly fell for the charming young vampire. And Jimin admits he was a part of those who’d become absolutely smitten with the boy. He’d been the sweetest little thing.

At least, up until puberty hit and the bloodlust kicked in.

“Jeongguk, how many times have I told you to keep the humans you feed off of alive?” Seokjin runs a hand down his face, exasperated. The boy had gone on another feeding rampage through the city, draining poor humans that had fallen for his deceitfully innocent looking face and not even bothering to dispose of their bodies properly. Jimin had had to send in people to clean up after him and bribe witnesses not to utter a word.

Jeongguk doesn’t bat an eyelash at the vampire standing imposingly over him. In fact, he looks perfectly at ease, reclining back against the couch, long limbs draped casually over the cushions. Seokjin grits his teeth, mentally cursing the boy’s stubbornness and stupidity. He was going to get caught one day and it’d be one hell of a battle in court to let him off the hook.

“Are you even listening?” He snatches the phone Jeongguk had been fiddling with from his hands and bites back a triumphant grin when the boy finally looks up at him – he’s glaring, but paying him attention nonetheless. “You could get locked up for this, you know?”

Jeongguk scoffs, flipping his bangs out of his eyes – Seokjin makes a mental note to cut it soon.

“And? Taehyung’ll just get me out out of it.”

“Get you out of what?”

Jeongguk immediately flies off the couch, teenage angst momentarily forgotten, and flings himself onto an unsuspecting Taehyung, who opens his arms out just in time for the young vampire to throw himself into.

“You’re back.” He buries his nose in the side of Taehyung’s neck and inhales, a habit he’d developed over the years after coming to associate the elder’s scent with comfort. He relaxes into the embrace, a happy sigh escaping his lips and Seokjin’s head’s beginning to hurt from the abrupt one-eighty in the kid’s attitude.

Taehyung chuckles at the affectionate teen, pulling back a little to look him over.

“You’ve grown again.” He comments, chest filling with pride that his boy’s feeding well. Often away on business trips, Taehyung wouldn’t see Jeongguk for months at a time and each time he returned home, there’d always be significant changes that had taken place.

It was difficult at first with Jeongguk, being as attached as he was to him, refusing to let Taehyung go, but he’d learned to live with it. Taehyung remembers the first time he’d left, Jeongguk had thrown a tantrum and completely destroyed his room – Seokjin had given him a long lecture afterwards on how throwing beds through walls was extremely unnecessary.

It still surprises Taehyung, actually, that Jeongguk had managed to demolish half the walls when he was only a little older than nine at the time. Vampiric traits usually didn’t start presenting themselves until puberty, which is why vampiric children were close to harmless in most cases, but Jeongguk had been quick to become a little terror. There was an occurrence where the kid had learnt he could outrun the majority of the people who Taehyung had allocated to look after him, and Jimin and Hoseok had spent the better half of a day chasing down the eleven year old – they’d managed to get all the way to Gwangju on the South coast.

“Considering how much blood that’s been in his system the past few weeks,” Seokjin pipes up with a glare directed at the back of the boy’s head, “it’s not surprising.”

Humming in acknowledgement of this, Taehyung runs his fingers through Jeongguk’s hair. The strands had darkened over the years, now an even deeper shade of black than they had been the day Taehyung found him.

“I’m up to your eyebrows now.” Jeongguk’s in his face, palm hovering above where the top of his head reaches and Taehyung almost coos at how happy he is over it.

He bumps his nose with the younger’s, “so you are.”

The excitement in Jeongguk’s eyes simmers down then, giving way to something Taehyung doesn’t yet want to address. He can see the way Jeongguk subconsciously tilts his head and glances down at his mouth, feel the growing tension and abruptly steps back, pretending that he doesn’t catch the disappointment that etches it’s way onto the other’s face.

“Seokjin,” he turns away from the pair, “please make sure to keep an eye on Jeongguk when I’m away.”

He doesn’t want to take advantage of Jeongguk whilst his hormones are running amuck. Whatever the boy is feeling right now should be forgotten by the time his body acclimatizes to everything. Risking a glance over his shoulder, Taehyung curses at how downtrodden the young vampire looks. He’s never had the best of self restraint and it’s with a resigned sigh that he beckons him over.

“Come, Jeongguk.”


As it turns out, the only part of Jeongguk that remained constant throughout the maturation process of becoming an adult vampire was his adoration for Taehyung. He grew out of his rebellious stage, eventually reaching a point where he realized just how much trouble he’d caused, and had even treated those that looked after him with a vacation to wherever they wanted as an apology – not that they couldn’t already afford to and then some, but it was a cute gesture.

It wasn’t surprising that the boy turned out to be devilishly handsome, as were most vampires, now standing tall and broad – Taehyung had banned him from going to the gym more than twice a week, afraid he’d get too big (not that that had stopped Jeongguk from bench pressing the old camaro he’d found in one of the garages).

That said, the pair were as close as ever, especially now that Taehyung no longer went on his trips as often. He’d disappear for perhaps a week or two every few months, but otherwise worked from the comfort of his own home where Jeongguk could see him as much as he wanted. The younger vampire became increasingly more protective of his master the older he got and the more he was exposed to the activities vampires got up to in the dead of night.

He’d witnessed his fair share of crimes, seen how nefarious his kind could be and swore to keep Taehyung out of it all as much as he could. It wasn’t a realistic goal, he knows, considering the fact Taehyung hunted down rogue vampires for a living and, quite honestly, didn’t actually need protecting, but Jeongguk wanted to give back to the elder in some way.


“Fucking hell, man. Why’re you so–”

Jeongguk’s fist collides with the man’s jaw, bone white knuckles ramming right into the side of his face. His head whips to the side so hard he actually cries out and Jeongguk sends a hard kick to his chest, grimacing at the sound of bones breaking. It sends the sleaze flying, his body crashing against a wall and crumpling to the floor. Other vampires scurry past them, heads ducked in fear Jeongguk would turn his attention on them.

Jeon Jeongguk was not to mess with. Notorious for hunting down anyone who so much as looked at his master wrong, it had become second nature for vampires to avoid him in a bad mood. He’d been labelled Kim Taehyung’s guard dog as a joke at first, a weak attempt to poke fun at him, but it soon became a title he was more than proud of being known for.

“Your phone.” He says, voice a low baritone, neutral, but terrifying all the same. “Give it here.”

The man, despite his difficulty breathing and the worrying amount of blood dripping down the back of his head, has the nerve to sneer up at him.

“Why the hell would I listen to a– fuck!” A gurgled scream tears it’s way out his throat as Jeongguk grips his arm at an angle it really shouldn’t be capable of reaching. Tossing aside his pride in favour of not being torn to pieces, he slides his cell phone over to the younger man’s feet, “there. You… ah, you– shit, sick motherfucker.”

Face devoid of anything other than boredom, Jeongguk releases his wrist and picks up the phone, fingers tightening over the screen as he does so. It’s a photo of Taehyung. His Taehyung clad in nothing but a robe. His features are obscured slightly by the sheer curtains blocking his bedroom window, but Jeongguk would recognise those broad shoulders and that narrow curve of his waist anywhere.

His eyes snap back up to the offending vampire, a pathetic excuse of a man. He’s crying, cradling his arm.

Crushing the phone in his hand, Jeongguk rises to his feet and delivers one final kick to the guy’s ribs before turning on his heel. He needs to leave before he goes and murders the damned piece of shit.


The door to the house slams open and Jeongguk heads straight for his bedroom. There’s blood roaring in his ears, fists clenched so tightly his nails are beginning to draw blood and he wants for nothing more than to return to that squalid bar and finish the guy off. The disgusting pervert.

Blinded by rage, he doesn’t see the figure hastily striding towards him and almost lashes out when a pair of strong arms wrap around his waist.

“Guk, calm down.” The sound of Taehyung’s voice has Jeongguk calming down, the overwhelming feeling of bloodlust draining from his stiff body instantly, but he catches sight of Taehyung’s collarbones peeking out from his unbuttoned dress shirt and the dirtbag’s face comes to mind again. That son of a bitch got to see them, probably got off to them too.

Large hands encompass the sides of his head and then Taehyung’s face is all he sees. Taehyung with his beautiful eyes and beautiful lips.

“Baby,” the affectionate nickname has Jeongguk stilling and Taehyung smiles, leaning in to press a kiss to the side of his parted mouth. He knows what Jeongguk’s like, knows he’s running high on adrenaline right now and how to calm him down and, at times like this, there’s always one thing that does the trick.

Dropping another chaste kiss on the side of his neck, the skin right beneath his jaw, Taehyung says the words he knows will have Jeongguk forgetting.

“Let me take care of you.”


Jeongguk is beautiful.

Stretched out across the sheets with sweat coating his ivory skin and endless expanses of muscle pulled tight, Taehyung can’t help but gaze at him in awe. His head’s thrown back, inky black hair strewn across the pillows and the way his eyelashes flutter has Taehyung’s heart doing the same. Glassy eyes a bright shade of vermilion peer down at him as he trails his fingertips up and down his length, flushed a pretty shade of red and curving up against his stomach.

Wrapping his fingers firmly around him, Taehyung gives him a few slow strokes, thumbing at the head and feeling his own cock harden at the moan that tumbles out of Jeongguk’s lips. He loves having Jeongguk like this, a whiny mess stripped bare for only him to see. He loves the way the young vampire, as detached and icy as his exterior is in public, completely melts under his touch. He loves him.

“Taehyung.” Jeongguk inhales sharply, choking on a whine and Taehyung has to pin his hips down with his other hand. His grip on his cock is slippery now, having smeared Jeongguk’s pre-cum from his tip down to the thick base and Taehyung’s mouth waters at the sight.

“So pretty, Guk.” He murmurs, pressing his lips against the younger’s and Jeongguk mewls into his mouth, tongue tangling with his and arms slipping around his neck.

When they pull apart, they’re both breathing heavy and Taehyung’s rutting against his thigh. It’s something which Jeongguk notices and the boy, as gracious as ever, flexes for him, the muscle beneath his own drooling cock hardening deliciously.

“Fuck.” Taehyung drops his head on Jeongguk’s shoulder, hips stuttering as he grinds down against the sturdy leg beneath him, “love your thighs.”

Jeongguk hums, bending his knee to slot his thigh more firmly between Taehyung’s quivering ones and it isn’t long before Taehyung’s sloppily chasing after his release, the friction driving him insane. However, using the only remaining semblance of self-control he has, he halts his movements just before he can come. Wound up from how close he’d been, Taehyung nudges Jeongguk’s legs apart and impatiently grabs the bottle of lube on the dresser.

“Wait.” Fingers wind around his wrist just as he goes to squeeze some into his palm and he shoots Jeongguk a questioning look. The younger’s gnawing on his bottom lip, gaze drifting elsewhere and Taehyung snaps out of the lust induced haze that had been clouding his head, “do you… do you not want to?”

He tries not to sound hurt, the beginnings of embarrassment tinting the tips of his ears red, but it’s difficult when Jeongguk’s never rejected his advances before.

“I’m sorry,” he mutters, swallowing down the developing lump in his throat, “I didn’t mean to force you.”

Jeongguk’s quick to appease him though, calloused hands cupping Taehyung’s cheeks and peppering kisses all over his face, “no, it’s not that.” He nuzzles the side of his chin, leaving one more lingering kiss before pulling away.

“I just…” he looks to be struggling for words, his eyebrows knitting together, mouth opening and closing, so Taehyung takes his hands in his and gives them a reassuring squeeze. He hopes Jeongguk knows he can tell him anything.

What he blurts out next, however, has Taehyung’s mind going blank.

“I want to be inside you this time.”

There’s a beat of silence, the tension surrounding them palpable. Jeongguk’s afraid he’s messed things up and goes to apologise, but Taehyung surges forward and pulls him into a bruising kiss before he can.

“Yeah,” Taehyung’s pupils are blown wide, his irises nothing more than a scarlet ring surrounding the black pools, “fuck. Yeah, okay.”

They’d never ventured into this territory before since Jeongguk had always been compliant with Taehyung making love to him, but he can’t say he’s never fantasized about it.

Taking the lube once more, Taehyung slicks up his fingers, body thrumming in anticipation. He hasn’t had anyone inside him for so long and just the mere thought of his baby fucking into him is almost enough to have him coming right then and there.

“Just let me prepare myself first.” He says, getting to his knees and easing one finger inside. Jeongguk just nods, Adam’s apple bobbing as he watches Taehyung finger himself right in front of him. His cock twitches at the sight of the older vampire losing himself and, keeping his eyes on Taehyung, Jeongguk wraps a hand around his own length and pumps it in time with the other’s bouncing.

When Jeongguk starts fisting his cock, hooded eyes trained on him, Taehyung’s actually afraid he’ll come. He’s never had the other look at him like this before – like he wants to wreck him and he thinks he could get used to it.

Pulling his fingers out, Taehyung rolls onto his back and spreads his legs, loving the way Jeongguk’s eyes follow his every move.

“C’mere.” He breathes, cock leaking onto the sheets as Jeongguk positions himself between his legs and swipes a thumb up across his fluttering hole. Taehyung’s body jolts, not expecting the flitting stimulation. He catches sight of the wicked smirk that breaks out onto the younger’s face and shudders because he’s never had this Jeongguk in bed before.

Dragging his cock between Taehyung’s cheeks and teasingly over his hole, Jeongguk looks at him.

“You sure about this?” He asks and Taehyung doesn’t hesitate to shake his head furiously.

“Yes, just– please.”

Jeongguk stiffens, the heat that had been pooling in his lower stomach shooting straight to his cock because he’s never had Taehyung beg before .

He grits his teeth, tip precariously pressed up against the muscle of Taehyung’s clenching asshole, “say that again.”

Taehyung’s mouth goes dry at the look Jeongguk gives him. It’s hard, almost frightening, but sends a newfound thrill through his system because he knows Jeongguk is dangerous.

“Please.” He wraps his legs around Jeongguk’s narrow waist, hooking his ankles together behind him, and draws him closer, mewling as he pushes inside just the slightest bit, “please fuck me, Guk.”

And that’s all it takes to have him slamming his hips against his ass, burying his cock so deep Taehyung’s left breathless. It stings and he knew it would, seeing as it’d been a long time since he’d last been in this position, but Taehyung doesn’t want time to adjust. He wants the pain. Thrives off of it, which is why he tightens his legs around the other and hisses for him to go faster. Jeongguk is relentless, unwinding Taehyung’s legs only to hook them over his shoulders, practically bending the boy in half.

“So tight.” Jeongguk grunts, palms planted on either side of Taehyung’s head, veins angrily lining his forearms more prominent than usual.

Tears prick the corners of Taehyung’s eyes because it feels so good to be filled. He forgot how much he loved the stretch and the burn, the feeling of being completely torn apart. Jeongguk’s built up a brutal pace, the obscene sounds of their skin slapping and their moans almost drowned out by the head board’s violent slamming against the wall. Taehyung’s thoughts are a jumbled mess, punch drunk on the pleasure, so the words don’t register in his head before he’s babbling them mindlessly.

“Bite me.”

Jeongguk doesn’t react, still very much focused on driving his cock into his soft spot, so Taehyung assumes he either didn’t hear him or chose to ignore the request. He almost forgets he’d even said it as a familiar pressure builds up inside his belly, moans turning into loud cries, but just before he comes, right as he finds himself teetering on the peak of his climax, Jeongguk bites down on the side of his neck. Hard.

And Taehyung comes hard, shooting over their chests and clenching down on Jeongguk, who tumbles over the edge right after him with his blood running through his veins, loud moan muffled into his neck.

All Taehyung can see is white, head thrown back and mouth opened in a silent scream. He’s dizzy from the simultaneous hits of his orgasm and Jeongguk’s endorphins and can’t do much more than weakly run his fingers through the younger’s hair as he continues drinking from him.

When he finally does pull away, it’s with an exhausted smile and Taehyung returns it, swiping away the traces of his blood.

“You did amazing.” He murmurs, brushing Jeongguk’s sweat slicked hair back off his forehead and the boy nuzzles into his hand, dropping a kiss on his palm.

“Thank you.” He reaches for one of their shirts to wipe up the mess on their chests before collapsing next to Taehyung, throwing an arm over the older and sighing happily, “I love you.”

And it’s in that moment that Taehyung really realizes the gravity of his decision to take Jeongguk in all those years ago. Had he chosen not to, he wouldn’t have him like this. Hell, Jeongguk might not even be alive right now and the thought has his heart squeezing painfully. Wrapping his own arms around him, Taehyung wills away the tears stinging his eyes. Jeongguk’s here with him right now and that’s all that matters.

Running his fingers through his hair, Taehyung waits for Jeongguk’s breathing to even out and his body to relax before resting his forehead against his.

“I love you too.”