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Digimon Re: Tamers

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A long walk from work, is what Jiang-yu had to deal with. Everything seems quiet; a little too peaceful, and awfully not a lot of people on his way home. Across the street beyond the horizon is a vast body of water, of what kind, it couldn't be seen at the moment.

A massive fog had filled the air for quite some time, and Jiang-yu seemed to not to care about its presence. Something is not right; Jiang-yu's eyes are dull, empty one might say. He didn't seem to acknowledge a dangerous entity is nearby.

Stopping where he stands at a crosswalk, the sign on the other side of the street signal to stop walking and wait. Jiang-yu, sighing, quietly, moves to pull out his wallet as he opens it to reveal some old photographs inside.

In a good portion of the photographs, a younger Jiang-yu can be seen alongside a woman, his wife, and two children, an older boy and a younger girl, all gathered around each other as a small, cute looking infant is being cradled in the arms of his older brother.

"I still don't understand, Jianliang… I don't understand why you toss me aside like I'm nothing to you… why?" Jiang-yu asks himself, as he pulls out his phone, scrolling through a contact's list as he pulls up a photograph taken of his youngest son after curfew out far away, with another man his own age, both holding each other and kissing each other on the lips. Jiang-yu's message history doesn't list the man's name as Hirokazu, but Jiang-yu can recognize the spiky hair of the man in question right away.

"I had arranged everything for you in a neat and tidy fashion, so that you would never have the burden of being a lone bachelor for so long. A nice income, a loving wife, and a nice home. With all of that, you reject me and treat me like I mean nothing to you anymore… I don't understand why this is a big deal..." Jiang-yu mumbles, as he listens as he hears someone walk up to him along the street.

"So you still don't get it, do you?" Henry asks of Jiang-yu, as he walks up beside him; Jiang-yu doesn't need to look at him to know Henry is glaring at him with contempt. Jiang-yu, sighing a bit, slowly looks towards Henry, but instead of the glare he had anticipated, he was greeted with a relative tranquil looking gaze.

"I'm afraid after all that has happened, it's like I don't even know what to expect anymore, Jiangliang… Am I just that out of touch with modern society?" Jiang-yu asks, as Henry maintains his gaze with him.

"… Dad? Do you happen to remember what month it is?" Henry asks, as Jiang-yu's expression turns to confusion, as he looks around at his surroundings, finally noticing the fog in the area.

"… February…?" Jiang-yu answers, as Henry's eyes partly widen, before narrowing a bit as he maintains an air of calmness.

"I had only heard gossip from my older siblings about what had been happening at home without me… I didn't expect it to be this bad." Henry points out, as Jiang-yu looks towards Henry with confusion.

"… Who are you, again…?" Jiang-yu asks, as Henry moves to place a hand on Jiang-yu's shoulders, as he looks around carefully in the area.

"I'm your friend; it's not safe here, we need to get you home." Henry really didn't wish he didn't have to lie about who he was, but he feared had he been upfront about saying he's Jiang-yu's son, he only feared further confirmation of something he is suspecting.

"Why am I not safe?" Jiang-yu asks, as Henry looks at him. Unfolding a sheet of paper from his pocket, shows it to Jiang-yu, and on the paper appears to be an old map of a large, insectoid entity with six legs and a massive tail.

"You had told me many years ago that you had drawn this as a little kid about a project you and your colleagues had created called "Monster Makers". Does any of this sound familiar?" Henry asks, as Jiang-yu tries to think about it.

"Monster Makers… Ah, right, I remember." Jiang-yu states, as he looks out towards the sea in the horizon. "We made monsters by hunting out in the field as kids, seeking out creatures of myth that were hidden from the real world. I can't seem to recall who this particular creature is, though." Jiang-yu elaborates, as Henry's eyes widen.

"Mom was right…" Henry states aloud, as Jiang-yu looks at him weirdly.

"What did my wife say about me?" Jiang-yu asks, as Henry looks around, a few visible drops of sweat on his face; he looks rather tense, but his father can't seem to realize this sense of urgency.

"I'm not a doctor, so I can't self-diagnose for you. Right now I need to get you out of here and back at home safe or else none of us will live to see the next day." Henry states, as Jiang-yu's eyes widen.

"Wait, you're Jiangliang! I thought I had meant nothing to you!" Jiang-yu states, as Henry grabs his father by the arm to hold him in place, as his father tries to struggle out of his son's grasp.

"Dad, listen to me! That doesn't matter anymore! I don't care what was going on with us in the past even though you behaved with homophobic intents!" Henry states, as tears begin to form from his eyes, before dropping the big bombshell to his confused dad, "I don't want you to die so young due to such a painful illness!" Henry states to his dad, as Jiang-yu doesn't process the information right.

"I'm sick? How so?"

"… Lee Jiang-yu, I have to inform you of what our family had told me an hour ago. A parasite had invaded your body, and with that, you only have 34 hours left to live as of this moment." Henry states, as Jiang-yu's gaze hollows out into an empty expression.

"… I'm dying…? Already? I'm not even 50… and this is how it's going to end… Will I at least die knowing you'll hate me forever, for trying to mold you into a life much like my own?" Jiang-yu asks, as Henry closes his eyes as he takes a while to think about this.

"I'm not going to disgrace your memory with lies or sugarcoating the details of your person. You are a homophobic man who tried way too hard to shape my entire life to be nearly identical to your own, and have killed many of my Digimon friends I knew due to your work on the Juggernaut program while lying to me to my face about it." Henry points out, as Henry closes his eyes as a few tears shed from his eyes.

"You're right, but I don't understand… if you hate me that much for what I had done… why are you crying? Won't you be glad I'll be dead soon?" Jiang-yu asks, as Henry's eyes open wide as his expression snaps; a powerful, glowing green aura of ones and zeros manifesting around him.

"Dad, no! I don't want you to die, I don't want you think for a moment I'll be glad when you're gone! I'm sad, I'm hurt, that you would dare try and be a coward trying to make amends and not take your own imminent death seriously! Even after I had just admitted, I am going to miss you because you are my dad, Jiang-yu, I love you!" Henry yells as he tries to make his point clear, as a powerful explosive force is heard in front of him; Henry's eyes widen as he realizes something large is heading his way, about to crash into the two of them. Henry moves to push his dad to the ground to have him avoid getting hit. Henry looks up at the source of the impact, and notices Gargomon moving to get up after being heavily injured.

"Well now that I'm far enough away to where the prick can't interrupt me this time… Gargomon, Digivolve to…!" Gargomon speaks, with an array of light shining a sparkling green as he emerges from the light as his Ultimate Level form.

"Rapidmon!" Rapidmon calls, as Henry and Jiang-yu notice the crystalline glow on Rapidmon, as Jiang-yu likewise notices it on Henry as well. A massive foot of some kind stomps onto the shore of the sidewalk, followed by another foot, both in the form of a pillar-like insectoid leg. Staring down at the trio is a gigantic, devil-shaped head, with cross eyed green eyes with white pupils, and a maul of tiny, numerous upon numerous teeth with no lips keeping them covered.

"Armageddemon, Ultra Level, unequaled, supreme reflexes observed in the entire Diablomon digivolution line allows it to destroy targets mid-digivolution which is unseen elsewhere in other Digimon." Henry points out as he scans the imposing and gargantuan Armageddemon with his Digivice, but soon something pops up on his digivice.

"Soul Link Gauge at Overflow…? What does that mean?" Henry questions, as he notices his own body glowing the crystalline green color as Rapidmon himself also glows.

"… Soul Link…?" Jiang-yu speaks, before quickly gasping as his eyes go wide with the realization, as he looks at Henry, "Henry, you're not going to get another chance if this Digimon before us can attack mid-digivolution! Digivolve Rapidmon to Mega while you have the chance!" Jiang-yu tells Henry, as Henry looks over towards Rapidmon, as Rapidmon gives Henry a nod.

"It's the only way we're all getting out of this alive at this rate, so let's do this!" Rapidmon calls, as Henry himself nods in agreement at the same time as Rapidmon nodding as well.

"Alright! Bring it on!"

"Rapidmon, Mega Digivolve to…!" Rapidmon calls, as Henry merges with Rapidmon as a massive sphere encases Rapidmon in a glowing array of green lights, as the shield grows significantly larger in small bursts a few times, as from within the barrier emerges a very tall, very massive canine Digimon loaded from head to toe with various fire based weaponry and being predominantly mechanical in nature.

"MegaGargomon!" MegaGargomon calls, as his voice echoes with a powerful shockwave that causes Armageddemon to flinch a bit from the power emanating through MegaGargomon's voice. A roar of its own escapes Armageddemon's mouth, as MegaGargomon simply responds the only one plausible in this situation. Numerous upon numerous weapon pores on MegaGargomon's body open up one by one, as rocket engines charge up in his massive shoulders.

Massive, gargantuan missiles fire from MegaGargomon's shoulders towards Armageddemon's open mouth, as various lasers fire from MegaGargomon's wrists in the same direction. Armageddemon is struck with the twin, gigantic warheads at once, as well as the firepower from MegaGargomon's wrists. However, when the smoke clears, Armageddemon is still perfectly alive and well even in spite of the intense firepower used by MegaGargomon against it.

That all begins to change with a sudden, loud crack manifesting on Armageddemon's forehead. Though before MegaGargomon can attack again, Armageddemon takes a sudden leap backwards out into the bay, as Armageddemon slides back and anchors itself to the water below. A massive, black energy projectile fires up from its spinal region as it launches sky high, as numerous upon numerous waves of rain-like missile projectiles land against MegaGargomon. MegaGargomon, though, simply responds by manifesting a massive energy shield to protect everything in range in front of him or directly behind him. MegaGargomon storms forwards to approach Armageddemon out at sea, as Armageddemon lets loose a powerful roar as his mouth opens up with a glowing orange sphere charging up from within it.

Folding his hands together into a fist, and forging an immense blade of green energy out of thin air, MegaGargomon moves to counter whatever Armageddemon has in store next. Moving to spin the gigantic blade of energy in place like a turbine, MegaGargomon summons a gale force, destructive wind before himself, as the manifestation of Craniummon appears directly behind him in a solid green, crystalline form. "Waltz's End!"

With that spoken, hurricane level winds blast at Armageddemon's body, as its front-most set of limbs are vaporized on the spot, as Armageddemon lets loose a fiery, immense blast of flame out towards MegaGargomon in several massive sun-like spheres fired from its maul towards him. MegaGargomon, slamming his fists together as the Craniummon behind him pulls it's shield forward, manifests a massive energy shield in front of him as well as the whole radius of Armageddemon's impact radius.

"Breath of the Gods!" MegaGargomon calls, as he completely blocks and nullifies the incoming, asteroid sized projectiles and dissipates them instantly. The spectral form of Craniummon makes a stance to prepare to throw its weapon at the same time as MegaGargomon manifesting an array of lights in the form of a gargantuan energy spear that's bigger than Armageddemon's entire head.

"This is it! Claíomh Solais!" MegaGargomon calls, as Armageddemon stumbles a bit with trying to dodge out of the way of the incoming projectile; as MegaGargomon continues to charge the spear, the green Craniummon moves to utilize Waltz's End against Armageddemon, obliterating the remainder of Armageddemon's legs in a single shot that causes the water to part between where Armagedddemon and MegaGargomon stands. Armageddemon, grounded on the floor of the bay, tries in vein to attack with its fire projectiles, but none of them even so much as scratch MegaGargomon upon impact.

For if the universe had dictated that by all logical accounts, MegaGargomon should lose, MegaGargomon does not care as to what the universe dictates should happen and proceeds to finish the fight the only way he can. With a single, powerful slice of the Claíomh Solais, MegaGargomon slices Armageddemon clean in two, as Armageddemon's data begins to tremble and quake as they expel outwards into the skies above. Jettisoning the data with his own will into the sky and out of the way, Armageddemon's data explodes upon exiting the atmosphere of the planet as a bright flash is visible across the entire sky as a result.

With Armageddemon slain, and the battle won, MegaGargomon moves back towards the shore, with his leg nearly giving in just as all seems fine. Even after stumbling for a moment, MegaGargomon walks back towards land as the water and air return to normal in their surroundings. Once he returns to the street where he had left Jiang-yu, however, something is not right. Jiang-yu is gone, without a trace, as something is left behind in his place. MegaGargomon degenerates as Henry separates from him as Rapidmon scans their surroundings for any trace of Jiang-yu.

"Jiangliang I have a bad feeling about this; I didn't just feel your father watching me as we took on Armageddemon, something else was and still is here." Rapidmon tells Henry, actually referring to him by his real name for once, as Henry doesn't even seem to make any negative remark against being called that.

"Oh how I wish you were wrong for once, Rapidmon..." Henry points out, as something is lurking in plain sight; the entirety of the fog had yet to vanish, but whereas the fog that called Armageddemon was massive, this fog was only very small; something had manifested, but it wasn't enough fog to surround the whole area. Only enough fog, it appears, was summoned simply to obscure the newly summoned Digimon.

A small, white rabbit-like Digimon pops out of the field, with sparkling violet eyes, and a weird symbol on its forehead with black markings surrounding a red triangular crystal, its ears extending and being used like wings.

"Hello everyone, my name is Enigma. I am a Calumon!"