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Welcome to Déjà Brew

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Déjà Brew isn’t as packed as Jimin expected it to be on a Thursday night, but there’s still a few people milling about. Taehyung did mention that Fridays and Saturdays are their best days, but it still makes Jimin feel nervous to walk into a place he doesn’t know that well.


The place itself is charming, though, and through the windows he can see that the interior is reminiscent of an antique pub. There are a few touches of retro accents that Jimin finds refreshing, like the neon signs and the multiple framed photos and newspaper clippings adorning one wall. He’s not yet used to life in Seoul—hell, he really only knows Taehyung and Jungkook—so he’s anxious as he pushes the door open.


The first thing that he notices is the music. It’s Taehyung’s mellow baritone ringing over the speakers, and the familiarity calms him down slightly. The second thing he notices is, of course, the bar with a multitude of alcohol bottles lining the back shelf. Specifically, though, his eyes hone in on the man standing behind the bar counter wiping a clear glass carefully, sleeves rolled up to his elbows to reveal the ink on his arm.


Jimin isn’t blind, and damn—that bartender is a sight for sore eyes, indeed. His hair is a black and tousled mess on his head, and his face is something Jimin would very much like to look at for a longer period of time if given the chance. His lips are pink, pouty and naturally upturned at the corners, while his fox-like eyes are dark and intense in the way they take in everything inside the bar.


Jimin notices the man’s gaze is intently settled on him, and he feels the blood rush up to his cheeks from the attention. He quickly ducks his head down, shuffling further into the bar while still keeping an eye out for his tall best friend. He’s not new to attention, of course, seeing as he was—and still is—the best witch in Busan, but something about the bartender just makes him feel a little hotter than normal. There’s something about his dark gaze, his black button up under that black waistcoat, and his unreadable expression that just has Jimin feeling things.


He takes another step further into the bar, slightly aware of the eyes on him, when a voice booms out over the speakers. He winces slightly, but he looks up anyway to see Taehyung beaming at him from the raised platform.




He watches as his tall gangly friend power walks down the platform, and soon enough, he’s laughing into Taehyung’s shoulder, the other having completely engulfed him in a bone crushing hug. Most days, Jimin would complain, but he realizes he misses the boy just as much as Taehyung misses him, so he melts into the hug.


“Taehyungie, I missed you!” Jimin’s voice is muffled, but Taehyung understands anyway.


Taehyung pulls away, a boxy grin on his face as he holds Jimin at an arm’s length. “You made it, Jiminnie.”


“I’m not a baby,” Jimin whines, scrunching his nose when Taehyung pinches his cheek softly, “I can make it to Seoul just fine.”


“No evil road spirits?” Taehyung asks, steering him away back to the direction of the bar.


“No, I went on a train, and I can protect myself. You haven’t forgotten who I am and what I’m capable of, have you?” Jimin laughs, following Taehyung along. Around them, the bar’s customers have gone back to their own thing, and Jimin is thankful for the faux sense of privacy.


“Touche,” Taehyung mumbles, glancing at Jimin briefly, “Jungkookie and I are excited to finally have you at the manor, by the way. God knows how long we’ve begged you to leave your crusty old shack in Busan and just stay with us instead.”


Jimin smiles, fiddling with his fingers wordlessly. They reach the bar just then, and he looks up to see the handsome bartender from earlier. He’s watching them with wide eyes, and standing beside him with a cheeky and toothy grin is another handsome guy. Damn, with Taehyung and Jungkook working there, too, he’s starting to think the bar only takes in pretty boys as employees.


“Jiminnie, let me introduce you to my boss who, of course, will be your boss, too,” Taehyung suddenly says, and Jimin looks up at him quickly.




Taehyung nods before looking at the handsome bartender happily. “Hyung, I mentioned before my best friend from Busan, remember? The one who needs a job while he’s here in Seoul? This cutie pie is that best friend,” he says easily, jerking one thumb over his shoulder to point out Jimin, “hyung, this is Park Jimin, best damn witch in Busan.”


Jimin glances at the boss—at Yoongi, and he feels his cheeks grow warm at the way the older man is staring at him. Taehyung continues easily, aware of the slight tension between the two as he looks back at Jimin with a teasing grin.


“Jiminnie, this is Min Yoongi, badass owner of Déjà Brew, and the best bartender in town.”