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The Death of a Hero

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The day was normal. Now everything’s changed and it’s for the worse. The sky was blue, not a single trace of a cloud anywhere for miles and miles. The sun was shining brightly throughout the clear sky for hours, the wind blowing gently, creating a breeze that was just right. Flowers bloomed brightly, which left a colorful hue outside, contrasting with the multicolored green grass that was mowed every two weeks. Families walked the park, enjoying the day and having fun.


Shouto received a call in the middle of their game, from Uraraka who was sobbing and stuttering so much that he could barely understand her. Fear instantly slammed into his head, making him believe the worst of every situation.


“Calm down! Slow down! I can’t understand what you’re saying.” His voice was deep, and everyone stopped their conversation and game to listen. He wasn’t one to talk much, and this was a surprise to them all.


Class 1-A could hear the sobbing and cries of the other speaker, instantly setting off red flags in their heads. They worriedly listened in, staying so silent that you could practically hear some breathing. The black phone drops out of his hand, a loud thud echoing throughout the basement. Hands shaking, tears brimming his eyes, he bolts out of the room.


Everyone rushed out, hearing the panic, fear and devastation in his voice. Nobody questioned it, they piled into the SUV and Shouto floored it to the hospital. They reached the hospital in record time, surprised at the lack of police tailing them for speeding. Shouto slammed the door open, almost tripping over his feet and falling. His eyes met with Uraraka, he rushed over and slammed his hands onto the smaller girl’s shaking shoulders.


“Where?!” His panic was evident, emotions showing clear as the day through his mismatched eyes. Uraraka’s trembling voice whispered, “Room 153.”


ICU. Shouto’s been at the hospital too many times with him, instantly knowing the path to the room. Nurses didn't stop him when he rushed into the dimly lit room, walls plain and grey. They already knew him and knew that he would stop at nothing to get to his lover, not caring about who was in his way. The grim faced nurse nudged her head to the left, where a simple white bed lay.

On said bed was the fluffy haired boy, tubes, machines and IV drips attached to him. Eyes closed and face paler than the snow, dark circles under his eyes, cuts and scrapes covering his cheeks and arms. Blood stained the top of his hero suit, bandages wrapped around his head and torso. A dimly lit lamp sat on the bedside table next to the bed, accompanied by a white vase of blue flowers and a glass of water.


He hovered at the end of his bed, staring at the injuries on his body. He’ll be okay. He’ll be okay. It’s not that bad. He’s okay. His head whispered this mantra to himself, trying to convince himself that nothing bad would happen to his darling Izuku.


But he already knew. He already knew that Izuku wouldn't survive the night. His eyes only could see the outer injuries, not the ones on the inside that have been slowly killing him for years. His heart sunk. He'd never be able to keep his promise. He won’t ever see Izuku walk down the aisle. They won’t grow old together.


His eyes fluttered open, emerald green brightening up the room. “H-hey,” He whispered, throat hoarse. Izuku coughed a bit after speaking, his hand showing blood when he pulled it away from his mouth.


Shouto didn't show any surprise, used to it from the many years of it happening. He chuckled and beckoned Shouto weakly over to him, tears slowly falling down his face.


“I love you, remember that okay?” Tears were now falling down both faces, he gently smoothed his hair down, cooing loved filled words to him softly.


“I love you too! Please don't leave me! You can’t. I’ll have no one left..” These words were repeated over and over, cries and whimpers leaving him every so often between each word.


The machines started beeping. His weak hands stained with blood, slowly falling limp onto the bed. His beautiful green eyes, fluttering shut again, like they were never opened in the first place. The eyes that Shouto loved so much.


“I-I… love.. you.” The words were barely heard over the beeping and panic of the doctors. Nurses pushed him away, doctors started CPR and defibrillation.


“CLEAR!” The doctor yelled, all hands moved away and the electricity filled pads landed on his chest. This happened a few times before the doctor upped the voltage, grim faced, still trying to revive the #1 Hero.


But everyone already knew. Izuku Midoriya was gone. Shouto slid his back down the wall, knees up against his chest and face in his hands catching his tears.


“Time of death, August 9th, 2018 14:57 pm.” Doctors walked out of the room, faces torn to tell the news. Nurses cried for the pro hero they loved. They were ashamed-- they couldn't save the man who’d save the world countless times.


Shouto sobbed his heart out, memories of the two of them rushing through his head. His eyes hurt, his body hurt, and his heart hurt. Izuku was gone. The love of his life was actually gone. A body slid down next to him, shoulders bumping and arms wrapping around the heartbroken boy. His shoulders shook, legs trembled and stomach twisted. Nothing would ever compare with this pain again. Nothing would ever be the same again. Nobody could love him like he did ever again.


He could barely feel the other person when they slid next to him, his emotions numbing into small cries and the feeling of emptiness.


Izuku Midoriya, The Symbol of Peace, All Might’s successor and lover of Todoroki Shouto, was dead.