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Max and Ruby Write Fanfiction

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On a rainy night, Max was playing with his toy fire truck in the middle of the living room floor.

"Now, Max," he looked up to see his older sister, Ruby, just getting off of the phone, "Mom and Dad asked me to go get bread and a few other things, since they won't be home in time for dinner. I'll only be gone a half hour. Can I trust you alone?"

"Yep!" Max replied enthusiastically.

"Remember, no messes, or-"

"Or I'm in big trouble, I know, I know. But I'm older and more mature now. I'm even in school, and, thanks to the creators of our show, am allowed to speak full sentences. Trust me, if I can do all that, I can handle a few minutes alone while you're at the store." Despite his promise, she glared at him suspiciously.

"...Well, alright then."

Donning her raincoat and boots, she left.

Sighing, Max found himself growing bored with the firetruck he had. Discarding it on the middle of the floor, he decided to move to his room to see what other toys there were to play with.

On the way up, he noticed Ruby had the computer in her room on. He noticed she had been spending an awful lot of time on it, lately. Cocking his head in curiosity, he wondered what it was she was doing on it so much. Luckily for him, it seemed she forgot to put it into sleep mode.


for a rabbit who's my best friend

she likes to have fun and throw parties

she has a little cousin morris

friends with lttile max

we do everything together

i love her shes my bff (best friend forever)

the end.

Max blinked at the words. Laughing at the lack of quality, (and really, how long it took her to type just that little bit) he wondered: did Ruby write this? Most likely.

Scrolling up to find a logo of sorts, he found himself on a site called FictionFansUnite. He had heard of it, but never visited it. It was a site for not only their fans to write about fanfictions for the shows they watched, but for characters in the shows themselves to write fanfictions about each other. Ruby's username was "rubygem466", but it appeared she hadn't posted anything yet. This would be her first fanfic.

Shaking his head, he looked for the tab to publish the short story, but before he could type in a title, a frown came upon his face. He couldn't really embarrass her like that, could he? Sure, he loved to cause trouble and drive her crazy, but embarrassing her over the internet was too much. Even for him. After all, if poor Ruby really was trying her best, it would just be downright cruel to subject her to potential cyberbullying.

For many years before the final season of their show, Max was limited to speaking one or two words per episode, something that applied to their personal lives as well, so he had to choose carefully just what it was he could say. Thankfully, that gave him the ability to choose his wording and sentences carefully. Given the format she began with, perhaps this would be best converted into a poem.

Taking a deep breath, Max sat up straight, fingers poised over the keyboard, and let the words flow onto the screen:


With fur of an auburn-tan,

I've known her since my memories began.

Her loyalty is second-to-none,

We like to have fun in the sun,

And with her, she often brings her little cousin.

His name is Morris,

(Couldn't find a rhyme in the thesaurus.)

Though when he plays with Max

Through all their schemes she helps me relax.

She wears a green tartan dress

And just like me, never been a fan of a mess.

Louise is a rabbit who's my best friend,

And I hope we stay that way until the end.

Finding the option to publish the fanfic, he went through all the details of categorizing it, rating it, writing a summary, and titling it. He had decided to call it Louise: A Poem by rubygem466.

With the new poem out there in the archives, he felt the satisfaction of doing something beneficial for his sister.

"Max! I'm home!" speaking of sisters, he nearly jumped out of his seat at the sound of her voice.

"I'm upstairs, Ruby!" he hurriedly exited out of the window, hoping to cover his tracks.

"Would you come down and help me make dinner, please?"


Anxiety building up inside of him, he realized he hadn't thought about what Ruby might do had she found out what he did to her fanfic. Silently praying to whatever higher powers may or may not exist that if she had made that discovery, he wouldn't pay dearly for it.