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A Hard Day's Night

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Woong-cheol slept too much, Jung-moon decided.

Jung-moon sat tall and straight in the pew two rows behind Woong-cheol and silently judged him. It was true that they had spent a busy day chasing leads in their newest case and that Woong-cheol had been involved in at least three fistfights but Jung-moon still thought he was taking too many opportunities to nap. They could sleep in prison. This time was finite and theirs.

Jung-moon waited until Oh and Yu left for the day and then even longer for Tae-soo to casually slip out the back to go spy on that woman he kept spying on. Only once he was certain that they were alone did Jung-moon move out of his pew and make his way to the front of the church.

Woong-cheol was sleeping sitting up, making cute little snuffling noises that Jung-moon would appreciate when he was convinced that he had earned his sleep.

Jung-moon dropped down onto Woong-cheol’s lap, slamming his hands onto the pew behind Woong-cheol when he woke up with a start, nearly bucking him to the ground. This put them even closer than Jung-moon had planned but he didn’t hesitate to reevaluate. He leaned down and kissed Woong-cheol thoroughly, riding the twist of his surprised body.

He pulled away and waited for his response. He never had to wait long.

“Hey, hey, come on now, hey,” Woong-cheol muttered, blinking hard and shifting around under him. He yawned fiercely and narrowed his eyes at him. “You woke me up, you know? That’s so rude. Why can’t you--”

Jung-moon broke off his rambling with another kiss. This wasn’t antisocial behavior. He was behaving in a completely rational and normal manner. Woong-cheol was the one who had shown him how valuable good, frequent sex could be. It wasn’t his fault that Woong-cheol spent too much time sleeping and not enough time satisfying the urges he had encouraged in him.

“I’m too tired, okay, it’s been a long day,” Woong-cheol complained but his wide hands were reaching around his hips.

Jung-moon leaned back and analyzed this information. He could do all the work, he supposed, but then it wouldn’t be as good. He still didn’t quite know how to do it as well as Woong-cheol. He wondered if it was inexperience or his general lack of functioning empathy that made it so difficult.

“You’ve got a problem, I think. Yeah, we just did it this morning, remember? In the shower.” Woong-cheol narrowed his eyes more at his words and shifted again under him, clearly becoming aroused from his own reminder.

That was true but Jung-moon didn’t see the connection. A person needed to practice as frequently as possible to become truly accomplished at something. He’d been naturally excellent at his studies in school but that didn’t mean he still hadn’t spent hours every day studying and practicing.

If he was a killer, he had undoubtedly spent many forgotten hours practicing his terrible craft to have become so prolific in it.

A new thought came to Jung-moon, a truly inspired idea. He slipped back off of Woong-cheol’s lap and held his hand down towards him.

Woong-cheol scrunched up his face like a grumpy monkey but reached up, enveloping Jung-moon’s long, accomplished fingers in his thick gangster hand.

“Okay, okay, but quick, right? I need some sleep already.”

Jung-moon led him silently to the surveillance room and pushed at his thick shoulders until Woong-cheol sat down in the high-backed chair. He looked up at him expectantly. “Why back here?”

“I needed the chair,” Jung-moon said simply because it was all the explanation he should need. He pulled off his belt and circled around behind the chair. “Put your hands back here.”

“You’re into that kind of stuff, Psycho?” Woong-cheol looked back at him, curious and hesitant.

“Do you trust me?” Jung-moon asked quietly. If he didn’t now, there was no point to any of this.

“Ah, come on, don’t be like that. Don’t make that weird face at me. Here.” Woong-cheol shoved his arms back behind the chair with force and Jung-moon carefully tied his wrists together with the belt.

Once he’d determined that it was tight enough to hold but not so tight as to leave marks, Jung-moon came back around and slid down to his knees slowly. Woong-cheol didn’t look away for an instant; his expression still more grumpy than anything but his breath was catching in the way that meant he was getting pretty turned on by the whole situation.

Jung-moon unzipped Woong-cheol’s jeans and gently pulled his half-hard cock out. He licked his lips in preparation, setting one of his hands on Woong-cheol’s knee and leaving the other wrapped around the base of his cock. He leaned his face forward into his lap.

He wasn’t the best at this; he knew that despite Woong-cheol’s effusive praise whenever he did it. Still even a prodigy wasn’t an expert at everything and once again the only thing to do when you weren’t good at something you wanted to be good at was to practice, practice, practice.

“Hey, wow, that’s great, that’s really good,” Woong-cheol said in a low rambling way as Jung-moon licked at the head of his cock before taking him in his mouth. He couldn’t get the whole thing in, not yet, but that was what hands were for and Woong-cheol seemed to like his long fingers working around the base of his thick shaft as Jung-moon sucked him down as far as he could go.

He worked for what seemed like an adequate amount of practice time, until Woong-cheol’s thick erection was twitching in his hand and his own arousal began to distract him.

He pulled back despite Woong-cheol’s protests and stood up, calmly removing his clothes. Woong-cheol watched him with a more animated face and Jung-moon could hear the creak of leather as he shifted his arms behind the chair.

“Maybe we don’t need this anymore?” Woong-cheol suggested, banging his fists against the back of the chair hard.

Jung-moon took a container of lube from his hoodie and set it on the table before putting his clothes in a neat pile on a nearby couch. He came back and sat down on the table, flipping open the container and squeezing out a bit onto his fingers.

Woong-cheol usually did this part and Jung-moon emphatically enjoyed the way he did it but he’d payed close enough attention to know that he liked the slow tease of fingers around his hole, the promise of penetration long before it actually happened. It was easier to know and harder to do, he found, as he pressed his long fingers to his own body. Woong-cheol watching him do this was a complicated new variable to the equation and it made him overeager. When he pressed several of his fingers into his body, he stifled a gasp at the sensation.

“You gotta go slower than that,” Woong-cheol scolded and the leather belt creaked again. “You know you have to work up to this.”

This, of course, being Woong-cheol’s thick cock. Jung-moon knew. He knew very, very well. He kept his attention on it as he thrust his fingers inside, remembering how good it felt to have Woong-cheol inside of him, how it seemed like a piece to the puzzle the doctors said he would never get to complete because he was lacking inside where it mattered.

Once he’d prepared himself all he could stand, he rose on suddenly shaky legs and slipped back onto Woong-cheol’s broad lap. It was difficult to fit in the chair, given how tall he was and how broad Woong-cheol was but he managed to find places to put his knees while he rose up over his cock.

Woog-cheol breathed out and then smiled suddenly, a goofy thing that tugged on the corners of Jung-moon’s own lips. Instead of smiling back though he reached down and back, getting a firm grip on Woong-cheol’s cock and lining it up where it needed to be.

The angle was odd and the first few seconds of penetration were uncomfortable but Jung-moon adjusted his hips and kept going, pressing down and down until he went as far as he could with the awkward position they were in.

“Oh,” Woong-cheol murmured with a harsh exhalation, “goodness, you’re tight.”

Jung-moon shuddered, folding his back in an awkward contortion to press his forehead to Woong-cheol’s shoulder. Woong-cheol always felt big but right now he felt huge, so huge that his body clung to him too tightly for him to move. He lifted up a bit and went shuddering back down, smothering a cry against Woong-cheol’s shirt.

Woong-cheol moaned out once, low and a little frustrated, and suddenly the leather creaked until it snapped as he broke the belt around his wrists. His big hands came around and cupped Jung-moon’s hips, squeezing tenderly before one came caressing up his back.

“I told you, you should have gone slower,” Woong-cheol chided. “You never listen, Psycho, you just keep thinking all day long, acting like you know everything.”

Woong-cheol lifted him up off of his cock with a slow, dragging slide. Jung-moon did cry out then, digging his fingers into Woong-cheol’s shirt even as he let him press his back down onto the table. Woong-cheol pulled away long enough to yank his shirt off and toss it carelessly to the ground. Then he was back over him, pressing his thick forearms down around him as he leaned up to kiss him.

“You think too much about this. It’s easy.” Woong-cheol reached down and wrapped his hand around Jung-moon’s neglected cock, stroking him once and then bringing his hand up to spit in it before returning to those slow strokes. Jung-moon made a slight face at that but choked out a moan through his teeth at the easy, wet slide. “See, that’s good, right? Now, let’s see what we have down here.”

Woong-cheol continued stroking him as he moved his other hand down to his hole. He clicked his teeth in disapproval and reached for the lube, awkwardly popping open the container without letting go of Jung-moon’s cock. Jung-moon couldn’t see but he was fairly certain lube went everywhere on its way to Woong-cheol’s fingers. He was definitely going to have to clean the room before morning or else Yu’s numerous, faceless helpers would get an upsetting surprise.

Then Woong-cheol’s thick, gentle fingers were caressing against sensitive flesh and he didn’t care so much about the mess.

“You just needed more of this,” Woong-cheol said patiently. “You have to be real, real wet for my dick, you know, it’s a monster. I mean, it’s something else. I’m not bragging or anything.”

“Yes, you are,” Jung-moon said but he didn’t disagree, especially not when both of Woong-cheol’s hands were doing such amazing things.

“Well, okay, but you got this tight hole, real small, probably because you’re so damn skinny--”

“I’m not,” Jung-moon said between quiet sighs of pleasure. He was, he knew, well-above average in height but not significantly disproportional in weight. He’d looked at the charts.

“You’re pretty skinny, I mean, look at this.” Woong-cheol had the gall to take his hand off of Jung-moon’s cock and squeeze it around his thigh, showing how much he could cover with one hand.

“You just have big hands,” Jung-moon said logically and Woong-cheol grinned like he’d won something.

“Yeah, big hands and a big dick, like I said. See, you agree with me.”

Jung-moon rolled his eyes and then kept rolling them because that was when Woong-cheol chose to replace his working fingers with the thick head of his cock, pressing in so smoothly and slickly that it felt like he’d been doing it all day.

“Oh, that’s better, right? That’s much, much better.” Woong-cheol cracked his neck and snorted out hard like a bull about to charge before pulling out slightly and pushing in again, still so smooth and easy.

Jung-moon didn’t respond because Woong-cheol liked it when he talked back to him but he was also perfectly content to ramble all on his own and he needed all of his wherewithal to keep himself under control, to not fall apart immediately as Woong-cheol moved in him and stroked him just right.

It was hard, he’d rarely encountered something that was so hard for him to do, but it felt so good when Woong-cheol did this, the sweet, tingling drag of his cock, popping out and then back in while a firm hand caressed him, thick fingers moving down to slide wetly against his aching balls. It was so hard not to explode into pieces immediately; he honestly didn’t know how Woong-cheol managed to keep calm for so long, especially given how fiercely he did everything else.

“Just like that, yeah. Just enjoy that a little.” Woong-cheol snorted again and laughed, gazing down at him with an expression of fondness that Jung-moon thought he might also feel if such a thing was actually possible for him. “You think too damn much. You need to relax, take a nap or something.”

“Move faster,” Jung-moon told him. He furrowed his brow, pursed his lips, and shifted one of his legs until his heel was digging into Woong-cheol’s back. Woong-cheol promptly let go of his cock in order to wrangle Jung-moon’s other leg over his elbow, clasping down over his thigh as a grip so that he could pick up the pace a bit.

“Don’t be so bossy, yeesh, I don’t work for you.” But Woong-cheol did fuck into him harder and faster, even as Jung-moon’s cock bounced neglected through the thrusts. Jung-moon reached down his stomach to take himself in hand, awkwardly stroking as he pushed his hips back to meet Woong-cheol’s thrusts.

Jung-moon enjoyed the razor-wire line right before an orgasm, the sensation of too-much, too-much, more right before it flipped over. He had read too many horrific reports of other people like him (allegedly) who felt the same thrill when they killed but he couldn’t even imagine something like that hitting him as sweetly as the rush he felt when Woong-cheol let out another exasperated snort and knocked his hand away from his cock, stroking him to a clenching climax. Only then did Woong-cheol seem to lose his casual demeanor, moaning fiercely as he came in him, thrusting in hard and then stilling. Jung-moon curled his fingers up around the top of the table at the sensation, closing his eyes in pleasure.

Then he did feel tired, very tired in fact, so tired that he barely reacted when Woong-cheol pulled out of him, saying a bunch of things that Jung-moon didn’t feel the need to attend to at the moment because he was taking his advice and relaxing.

Woong-cheol tapped him on his forehead with one heavy finger. “Hey, you can’t sleep here, that’s no good. Inspector Yu’ll have my balls if she finds you here tomorrow.”

“You did good work today,” Jung-moon said drowsily, letting himself be pulled off the table and docilely putting his clothes on when Woong-cheol handed them to him. He yawned and Woong-cheol rolled his eyes, reaching over to straighten the top of his hoodie.

“Goodness, you’re such a lot of trouble. I should get extra years taken off just for taking care of you.” But despite his words Woong-cheol put his hand on the small of Jung-moon’s back when he led them back out and he didn’t take it off, even when they settled back onto the pews and Jung-moon sleepily put his head on Woong-cheol’s shoulder.

Woong-cheol did sleep too much, Jung-moon decided, but he still got all his work done so he supposed he could afford to be generous towards him.

That was one of things he was trying to learn if he could do here, after all. He’d have to practice at it.