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Bar of mine is always opened to you

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 Todoroki enjoys his company, surprisingly, despite being loud, overbearing and extremely clingy. He enjoys the green haired boy with freckles and a bright smile, accompanied with a flush on his cheeks due to the alcohol he consumes almost every night.

 Todoroki Shouto works in a quiet bar as a bartender, his hidden getaway from his father and the hero responsibilities he's forced to carry. While he loves to help people, he just can't handle the constant pressure, his friend's explosive outrages, the villains who always know how to get under his skin.

 No one else knows about this bar - tucked away, safely hidden from any public eye to the point that there is little to no customers.

 At the bar, it's much more quiet as he silently cleans crystal clear glasses, and most people don't come in as often - which is more then fine with the dual haired boy. It's his safe haven, a place where he didn't have to worry about things like that.

 And he had to worry about the adorable young looking boy, who's actually his age. He's the only constant person who comes in three times a week. And orders the most girly drink on the menu. And proceeds to get fucking plastered every time, as if it had any actual alcohol in it.

 The man was acting, he was playing around with Todoroki, and he didn't mind it a single bit. The green haired boy was nice, he was talkative, and always had a smile on his face. Todoroki didn't even know his name - so he affectionally calls him, "Green." while Green returns the favor by calling him, "Peppermint."

 Currently, Green was draped dramatically over the bar counter - taking most of the space, his knee up and his hand on his chest, as the other held onto the dark blue cocktail glass lazily - almost dropping it towards him. Todoroki stared passively at him, his hand mindlessly rubbing the dirty cloth over the clear cup.

 "Oh woe is me! For I have fallen to another one of prey of man!" Green cries out, his hand on his chest tightening as he reaches up to the ceiling with the glass, "I have seen two angels in my life time - along with a devil disguised as one!" He hiccuped, dropping his hand to settle the cup carefully onto the bar counter.

 "Two angels?" Todoroki inquires, walking to the other side of the bar to place the cup he was holding down, "And a devil?"

 "Yes!" He continues his fake dramatic act as he sits up, coving his freckled face with his hands, "My mother, sweet as ribbons bakes me the freshest cookies. You-" Todoroki's face flushed at Green's usual flirting antics, "-Have given me intoxicatingly sweet drinks!" That aren't alcohol, he'd like to add, there was no need for this whole dramatic display but he wasn't going to call him out. "And the devil who came in a flurry of explosions!"

 "Did he ruin your day again?" Todoroki asks, settling back near Green with a tentative smile to show what he was listening. He was well aware of the fact of the "Devil" who often ruined his day - but never completely.

 Green nodded, moving his hand from his side to his forehead, looking at Todoroki with half lidded green eyes, "What did he do this time?"

"He screamed at me, yelling at me to get down from the balcony and fight him like a man. But alas! I refused, for I had a child to give a cookie to." Green smiled mischievously, his left hand going to his mouth as he snickered, "I hopped off, and jumped before he could knock me out."

 "What were you doing on the balcony anyways?" Todoroki wonders, his two toned eyes peered curiously at the man he had come to know as a mutual friend, "What exactly do you do as a living?"

 Green grins softly, "Curious of a street cat? What an honor from you! Haha! But a cat never reveals a mystery!" He raises his foot, hauling himself up as he stands, barely standing a foot above the counter, "If you'd like to know more about me, please see where you see trees!"

 Then there was his weird wording and his mischief nature as he bows and walks out, tossing a few extra bucks onto the counter. Green waves from the door, making a heart with both of his hands before he heads out.

 Despite being a bit weird, Todoroki enjoyed his company.



 "Bastard fucking got away again! Every time I have that fucking villain in my hands - he gets away every. SINGLE. TIME!" Todoroki can hear his roommate from outside the house, he is amazed and tired at the same time. Regretfully, he unlocks the door and walks in, spotting the angry adult pacing in a constant circle, his hands steaming from the subtle usage of his quirk.

 "Little shit won't even bother taking to me, am I not fucking good enough for him to talk to me!? How fucking dare he underestimated me!" Todoroki raises his hand in greeting before rushing into his room and falling face first into his pillow.

 He is not doing this today.



 "Good Evening Peppermint." Green hiccuped, falling over the bar, edging closer to the bartender who was leaning back on his shelves, "D-do you like cats?" He questions randomly, and Todoroki blinks, looking at him, nodding sharply.

 "G-good." Green hiccuped again, covering his mouth, "My roommate brought in a few cats from the streets. And I love them - but it's too much. Would you like one? I'll bring-" Green took a sip of his drink, staring up at him, "-one tomorrow... if you want one."

 "I want one."



 The cat is a light grey with dark grey spots spreading around the fur. It's a baby kitten, with the widest green eyes that remind Todoroki of Green in his happiest moments. Calm and peaceful is what he gets when he looks into those pools.

 He names the cat, "Serene."



 Green comes in bleeding from the left leg one day.

 "I-it's nothing. A mistake happened." Green protested as Todoroki hauled him up like a doll to the bar counter the moment he smelled blood, "Peppermint, seriously! It's fine! I just came in to get a drink!"

 "It went clean through - no, nevermind. Did you go to the police yet?" Todoroki questions as he ducks under the table, grabbing the kit. Green nods and Todoroki doesn't have time to check his expression to see if he's lying as he pulls out medical supplies. Immediately, he begins working on cleaning the wound, "Green, did you get jumped by a villain?"

 "Well..." Green chuckles, rubbing his hand behind his neck, "Kinda? I um... may have pissed them off? Haha?"

 Todoroki presses the swab of alcohol onto his bullet wound, a sharp hiss emits from his patient as he tugs out the tweezers, "How so? What have you been doing out there?"

 "I may or may have not accidentally eavesdropped into a conversation I happened to hear as I walked past them...?" Green says with a hint of guilt, smiling nervously at Todoroki with wide innocent eyes, "U-um... I dreamed about the day you got under me but not li-"

 Todoroki smacked his good leg before slowly pressing the tweezers in the wound to pull out the bloodied copper bullet, "Shut up Green, stop flirting with me." He says plainly, while the shorter male pouts childishly. "Why did you listen in?"

 Green shrugged, "Accident. I won't make a silly mistake like that again, haha." He smiles as Todoroki sighs tiredly, grabbing the gauze, "Peppermint? Why such a long face? A face like that doesn't suit you, you look cuter with that blank look, not one of worry."

 "..." Todoroki begins dressing the wound, careful to not hurt it as he shakes his head sadly, "Please be more careful, Green." He says, glancing up, "I have a spare bed in the bar. You can heal up for the night if you can't make it home, alright?"

 Green blinked in surprise, his eyes were mixed with confusion, awe and admiration as he tilted his head thirty degrees, "Really? You'd offer a stranger a place to stay to heal?"

 Todoroki cracks a smile, as he closed his eyes in a calm manner, "Of course. I don't like my cat being harmed after all."

 This time, it's Green who blushed madly, and begins to babble nonsense, burying his face with his hands.



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 Izuku Midoriya rubbed his eyes once.




 Yep, there was no doubt about it, a Pro Hero was working behind the bar, rubbing a crystal clear glass with a intense stare, as if he wanted to melt it with his eyes alone. He was cute, adorable as he huffed and placed it down - only to pick up the next one and do the same thing again. Even if he had a bit of concealer on his usual trademark eye, Izuku could notice him a mile away if he just peeked at him. It was something alluring in him that drew Izuku to him - like a walk in the park, mild weather with the softest of winds brushing through his dark green hair. He was the nice one - of all Pro Heroes.


 Talking to him would only cause trouble. His inner voice warned him.


 Yet, his feet moved on his own and he sat on the bar counter, and folded his legs as he looked down at his dual colored eyes with a small tentative smile, "Hey, cutie, come here often?"




  "Your annoying childhood friend called the office again." Izuku's eye twitched as he breathed under the pile of white paper Shinsou had carefully piled onto him,


 "He yelled at the decoy on the phone, "HEY, FUCKING TELL ME YOUR FUCKING ADDRESS SO THAT I CAN CHECK THAT YOU'RE STILL BREATHING YOU LITTLE SHIT, THIS IS THE FIFTH TIME YOU MOVED APARTMENTS AND YOUR MOTHER IS WORRIED AND I HAVE TO CARE FOR YOUR SORRY ASS."" Shinsou yelled in mockery of his angry childhood friend and Izuku groaned, burying himself deeper into the endless pile of work.


 "What did the decoy say this time?" Izuku mumbles, peeping out the pile, his green eyes glowing slightly as he looked up at his partner in crime. Shinsou's tired eyes swipe down to him, he leans over his desk, practically laying on it, "Shinsou - kun, please tell me he didn't do anything stupid again while I was away..."


 "He didn't do anything." Shinsou replies steadily with a grin and Izuku nearly sighs in rel-


 "I did."


 "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa." Izuku moans sinking deeper into the blank papers he had to sign.




 His phone won't stop blowing up, his former bully keeps yelling/texting at him:


[49 missed call(s) by XXX-XXXX]

ARE YOU IGNORING ME!? [Sent at 11:20 PM]

ANSWER ME [Sent at 11:20 PM]








[7 Missed call(s) by XXX-XXXX]



 Why does he have it all in caps? Izuku sighs sadly, shaking his head in disappointment as he turns on his computers.


 Izuku takes a deep breath, turning on silent mode on his phone and plugging in his headphones, "Section Forty Two, are you four in position?" He asks lowly into his voice modifier as his eyes flicker to the many monitors as he begins typing. His hands move quickly and swift as he types in numbers and codes. He warily watches the cameras where he could see four figures approach the villain carefully, quietly waiting.


 "Yes boss!" One of them cheer happily, and he lets a gentle smile grace him as the blue light illuminates his room.


 "Good." He says delicately, "Go."





 "Green." A hand softly grips his shoulder, shaking it lightly as Izuku grumbles quietly, staying under his light green jacket that he tucked over his head. "Green, are you actually drunk?"


 "N-no." He hiccups, tucking the jacket tighter around his head, but his face is flushed and he's already too intoxicated. He had got a bottle of sake earlier as a winning prize after the mission well done, but he promised Shouto that he was going to come today. He always comes on every odd day of each week - he's not going to ruin it because he celebrated too early. "Mmm... Not a-at all, Peppermint." His green eyes hazily looked over to his concerned friend, who seemed a bit more on edge as of late. "P-peppermint, sweet as the yummiest candy..." He mumbled, shrinking as he covered his eyes from the annoying yellow light.


 A headache was already forming and Izuku didn't want to see the light, he wanted to spend some quality time with the Pro Hero - the only one that didn't seem actively interested into destroying his organization he had built for everyone. Everyone who was labeled as useless over the fact that they had no quirks but had a dream to be a hero - only to be told no. He wanted a safe place where people who considered certain quirks were too 'villainous' to have a welcomed home. It was illegal, it was wrong. It was vigilante work, but with his brains running the place, anything was possible...


 He just wants to prove that anyone could do anything if they tried. He wants to prove everyone wrong.


 A hand presses on the top of his head, rubbing in a circular pattern and Izuku unconsciously finds himself purring softly at the movements. It was gentle, warm, welcoming as Shouto patted him. And for now, the headache was gone. And the endless texts on his phone have finally stopped buzzing.


 Here, he feels no burdens, he can see why Shouto likes this place.




  "Hello, this is reporter Zen on the case!" The reporter makes a dramatic move with his hands as she smiles forcefully into the camera, "Here, we have former members of VOER, a suspected vigilante organization that daily go on missions like our beloved Pro Heroes! Vigilantes Of Everyone in Right! Tell me - er, beary girl..." The reporter trails off as she pushes the microphone into the pink haired bear quirk user, "How was it like breaking the law?"


 "Winnie."  The bear quirk user corrected, "That's a very biased question, miss Zen. It's very rude, to us, it didn't seem like we were breaking the law." Izuku smiles as his former student looks nervously around with with her long pink hair, "It felt like home honestly. We were always told that we can't be heroes - because of the potential harm we may cause. But I knew it was wrong - so I left."


 "Yes, I see. I'm sorry about that biased question." Her tone was so fake, Shinsou fake gagged beside him, even his former student looked disgusted, "Do you know who is the boss of this organization?" Her eyes brighten up with anticipation, while the pinkette shakes her head, smiling softly in knowing, "Really now? They're that hidden?"


 "A new person fills the bosses chair each and every day. No one could keep track - so we didn't bother looking into it. I think, MC, was the one who hired and trained us. He took care of most things and talked to the actual boss. A lot of us called him Papa, while the boss was Mama. It was like a family..."  Beside Izuku, Shinsou let out a cocky smile, shoveling some popcorn in his mouth, "Though we never saw her, she was very sweet and kept everything in secret because of our families."


 "I think what they're doing is good. They just want us to feel welcomed." Winnie waves into the camera, "I know you two are watching, thank you so much for changing my view on things! I actually have something to look forward to now! Even if I'm not apart of VOER."


 "Look Mama, we're loved." Izuku scowls briefly, facing the purple haired male with that relaxed face, "You look like a mouse."


 "Papa, maybe we should change your name to Daddy." Izuku coyly smiled as he rose up, stretching his limbs and sticking out his tongue out.


 "Get out."





 Izuku likes to stay hidden, to prevent the possibility of a mole leaking his information. His mother was important, he'd be damned if he let a innocent mistake of a slip of a tongue give away his relations to her. That's why his name isn't anywhere on VOER, and his trusted friend, Shinsou, was the main face of the organization he created. In a way - he wasn't the boss, no way. The name belonged to Shinsou Hitoshi, he owned the place, he trained everyone to look forward of being a hero in their own little way. Shinsou felt strongly for his cause, trusting Izuku with his heart and his life, yet he could never find out why.


 "They'll look at me as a villain regardless." Shinsou shared a sad smile with his friend, "They can call me whatever they want - at least I know that I can be a hero for my friend, who never looks at me like that. So. I trust you, boss."


 But it was Izuku who called the shots, who made the vigilante group attack or save any heroes that needed saving. In a way, he was his own hero. Heroes didn't always go into battle, heroes came big and small. They came in with an explosion or in the gentlest wave. They came smart and or dumb. Ironically, it was funny. The face of the whole VOER was actually kinda like a glorified bodyguard, who was his best friend/Roommate. So, Izuku barely had to really go into the field of combat. Sometimes, it was needed to throw off speculation of him being the actual boss - because he's a lover, not a fighter. He's a hidden voice, not a fighter. 


 I'm not a fighter! Izuku internally screamed as he scrambled hastily away from another one of Ground Zero's explosions. He covered his head with both of his hands, his mask securely on his head as he stared frighteningly at his childhood friend who was PISSED. He can't speak in fear that Bakugou would recognize his voice, in fear that the blond was going to kill him. Instead, he stood shakily on his own legs, and stared up at him with determined green eyes.


 "You can't fucking run away now, Pipsqueak!" Ground Zero roared out his vigilante name as he charged again with his right hook. Izuku swiped his head to the left, using his small height to his advantage as he ducks below his swing and headbutts his chin violently. The hero howls angrily in pain, fumbling back as Izuku ducks past him, his hand springing up to catch the slippery black ladder escape. He heaves himself up and quickly makes his way in before Bakugou could gather his senses and see where he ran off too.






  When he returns home, his house is raided with cats. Big or small, different colors they roam the halls and cover Shinsou's body that lied on the bed completely. He takes a step out, locks the door and walks to his favorite bar.


 He is not dealing with that today.




 It's fun to watch Shouto blush madly, it's fun to tease him with his small quips and jokes. It's adorable how he tries to look away when he flushes at the random stuff that comes out of his mouth. Even if it's nothing, he could somehow always make him laugh and Izuku loved that about him. He was the complete opposite of who his father was when they were children. Endeavor was a cruel and sick man - oh Izuku hated him with a passion. And he thought he couldn't hate anyone!

 Yet, Shouto was so soft, so nice - Izuku thinks that he likes him, "Peppermint..." He calls out softly, smiling as the male turned to him, his eyes lighting up with wonder of what his friend wanted.


 "I l-like your eyes." He says and it has it's desired blush as he turns his head away from Izuku, "Two different world lie in them, each and everyone unique to it. They're really pretty..." Shouto smiles back at him, walking towards him, placing a hand on his head. It's a grounding effect and Izuku sighs in relief as he ruffles and messes up his hair, he leans his head into the table to hide his own flush.


 "I could go on about your eyes as well." Shouto starts and Izuku peers up with droopy eyes.


 "Hm? Go on, my prince..." Izuku compliments easily, shifting to look up with his fingers laced together and his chin resting on it as he leans forward eagerly, a playful smile playing a tune on his face. 


 "You always look like you look forward to every day, your eyes remind me of stars that shine in the night, except that they stand out and sparkle the brightest this world has ever been." Shouto leans against the counter, reaching to press his finger on Izuku's nose, "You look so happy and adorable." He nearly whispers and Izuku's heart won't stop pounding in his chest. He does what his instincts tell him, he launches forward and buries his face into Shouto's vest, efficiently hiding his face and making the hero freeze in the possibility of him teasing him completely.


 The greatest thing about pretending to be drunk was that his actions were irrational, he acted out purely out of what he wanted to do. Even though he's pretty sure that Shouto knows that he's faking, he could always use it as a cover to hide his own feelings of glee and awkwardness. If he wanted to sleep in his company, he could say it was alcohol instead of him purely trusting him. Izuku feels a warm fluffy feeling in his heart that never goes away, it makes him smile and he loves every second of it.


 He doesn't have to worry about the real world in here, he could just be himself in Shouto's presence, in his bar. Where it's safe, and no one knows about it.


 "That's the nicest thing anyone has ever told me..." He mutters softly in his vest and Shouto smiles, stroking his hair,


 "No problem, Green."



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 He likes his company. Really, Todoroki loves talking to him.

 But there is the overwhelming urge to bury this green broccoli into the ground because he keeps showing up with bruises and bruises with little to no explaination! Seriously, Todoroki was starting to panic on the amount of injured Greens walk into the bar nonchalantly, as if he's not winching at every step he takes with a sprained leg or that time when he walked in with a black eye! Flinching violently when he blinks or when he peers angrily at his phone screen in the dark lighting of the bar.

 He couldn't help but baby him a bit when he has bad days, when he comes in despite being in a bad mood and just sits with Todoroki, keeping him company for the day out of his own will.

 But this draws the line.

 Green lets out a kitten like sneeze, covering his mouth with both hands as he reflexively closes his eyes. He sniffs a bit before smiling at Todoroki with half lidded eyes, "Mmm... you know what's good for you?"

"You're sick."

"A side of me." Green sniffs again, rubbing his nose cutely with his light tan sweater. "I think we'd look good toget-" He cuts himself off by sneezing again in his elbow, then falling into an intense coughing fit that resulted in gagging at the end.

 "You're sick."

 "S-sick for you. Lovesick that is..." Green smiles shakily at him, his elbows falling and he collapses into his arms. He peers up at Todoroki with one eye with a tentative smile, " 'm not sick...I swear..."

 "I can hear you sneezing a mile away." Todoroki says, shaking his head and placing a hand on his friend's head, "I can't tell - fuck, Green. Take better care of yourself...!"

 "It's just... overwork and lack of nutrients. I...I don't have time for small things." Green mumbles as he watches Todoroki slide over to the right, rumbling through cabneits, "Pepermint... it's not that bad... I'm fineee! You should worry about yourself."

 "Not that bad? You're collapsing into coughing fits, I counted exactly twenty five times that you sneezed in the thirty minutes you been here - and the fifty times you tried to flirt with me. Deny it all you want, you are sick and I'm taking you in for the rest of the night."

 Green visibly threw his head back and whined childishly, "Trust meee! I had wo- wait what di-"

 Five minutes later, Todoroki returns to Green lying on the spare bed, the fluffy red blancket reaches to his chin. His forest eyes were hazy, tired as he hugged the pillow, staring at Todoroki.

"Huh... you don't have the 'kiss the doctor' apron... I should get you one... so I can have a matching one... you look awesome by the way..." Yep, he's completely out of it.

 Todoroki was currently holding a bowl of rice porridge, which was steaming hot. It was on a yellow tray while he wore a pastel pink apron with polka dots. Granted, it was his sisters which he liked to steal when she wasn't looking.

 Carefully, he picked up a spoon and gently blew on it.

"Hmmm... blow me down and call me sally. Cause... you look like a housewife..." Todoroki elbowed him to keep him from dozing off, his eyes flutter tiredly.

He brings the spoon to his lips, and he notices that Green flushes red before opening his mouth and accepting his food. He completely avoids his gaze, looking down as he's red. Is he overheated? Did the porridge make it worse? Because it was so hot?

"Wow... almost as hot as you..." Green grins at him, winking and giggling like a high school girl, "Not that the porridge is hot, it's just..."

"Green. Why did you say you were overworked?" Todoroki asks off the bat, this time using his quirk to make it a bit colder for him. Green's eyes flicker to the right - and if Todoroki didn't take those psychology classes for the hero course, he might of not noticed the fact that he also bit his lower lip.

"I needed to focus. So I put more work on myself."

"Hm." Todoroki brings the spoon back to his mouth, making a whooshing sound randomly and placing it into his mouth, "Liar."

"...I don't wanna tell you." Green mumbles, shaking his head and looking away, "I'm already imposing on you, I rather not burden you with more."

"But... we're friends...?" Todoroki bats his eyes, pouting at him as he slips the spoon back into the bowl, "Aww Green, you can never burden me."

"That sounds so fake it's not even funny." Despite the sentence, Green does giggle a bit at it, even if he's delirious, it's adorable. But he bites down on his lower lip before turning away. He doesn't want to talk about it.

Sadly, Todoroki can't take no as an answer.

"How about I tell you something about me?" Todoroki suggests, smiling softly at him as he cups his hands, "One from me, and one from you. A fair trade, hm?"

"No, you don-" But Todoroki's already sucking in a deep breath as he starts to talk.

"The truth is... my brother keeps contacting me. And... while it's great hearing from him, it's kinda sad too..." Todoroki's smile deflates into something lost as he looks down at his closed hands, "My old man, he kicked him out because he was the only one who sought out a way to hang out with me. My old man was a strict guy, no fun guy. It might be the reason why I like your jokes."

"Now... he's someone that chose the wrong path. He still wants to hang out, because we're family, you know? But... I can't. And it's... so overwhelming." His hand goes through his hair before laughing almost breathlessly, "It sucks having a burden like that, so I wanna help you Green. What's bothering you that you overworked yourself?"

"...that's not fair Peppermint... you're not fair.." Green huffs, sinking lower into the blanket but not shying away. "I'm sorry... I don't know what that's like and I'm sorry."

Todoroki smiles again, dragging his hand through his hair, "It's fine Green. It's fine." Because he already had to stop him physically and up close. He already resolved that issue but Green doesn't have to know about that, "So?"

Green takes a deep breath.

" bully keeps trying to get in contact with me and it's exhausting because he screams all the time even in texting and I can't deal with his bullshit while I'm working so I work twice as hard to try to get some extra sleep and it's so-" Todoroki places a hand on his head.

"That. Is the fastest I ever heard you talk. Calm down." Todoroki scolds, wagging his finger playfully as Green stares at him.

"Okay..." Green pouts, hugging his pillow tighter, "My childhood friend who also bullied me, keeps calling me, so I work extra hard to get more work done and get some sleep before he calls me at exactly at 7PM to 10PM. Like doesn't he have better things to do?" Green deflates, dropping his arms from the pillow and relaxing, "I mean... it's great... you wanna rekindle our relationship that we never had... because why not? I dunno... it's tiring. And I can't get a new number because he's famous and he knows sources to keep track of the number at least..."

"...'m purposely trying to avoid him to find my workplace because it's so annoying to have him there too..." Green finishes, his hand carefully reaches out for Todoroki's hand, "Can you lay next to me?"

"That sounds exhausting." Todoroki says as he stands up and lays on the bed, not even hesitating to wrap his arms around the green boy, "Well, you ended up here now. So you can't escape until you get some rest, so no worries, okay?"

"Why don't I get this treatment when I got shot that time?" Green pouts, curling up closer to Todoroki's tall frame, sighing in relief.

"I'm hoping that bad cats don't get in trouble by getting shot and rewarding the more mundane problems so maybe you'd follow the more boring path more often." Todoroki replies, squeezing tighter.

"...'mmm....not gonna happen."

"That's fine too."

- a week later -


Todoroki sneezed at the bar, and he glares at the glass he just got cleaned.


The smaller boy hummed, glancing up from his notebook.

"You were contaminated. But I still love you."


Chapter Text




 Izuku puffs up happily, pulling his notebook down so that his green eyes peered questionally over to the dual haired boy, "Yes?" A miscevious smile plays on his lip as Todoroki stares dumbly at him.


 "Are... You wearing lipstick?"


 The shit - eating grin Izuku has on his face is absolutely infectious, he pulls his notebook down, presenting his lips proudly. It was true, his usual small pink lips were now covered in lipstick. His upper lip was a scarlet red while his bottom lip was a pale icy blue. It was the latest Shouto merchandise, and considering how Izuku was still and always will be a fan for the proheroes, he bought it out of impulse.


 To be perfectly honest, this was the first time in a long while that Izuku bought hero stuff aster All Might's disappearance. And Izuku was pretty sure that Shinsou side glanced him questionably as he got his daughter ready for a meeting - he was lucky that he didn't ask any questions.


 "...Maybe...?" Izuku lets out a giggle, placing both of his hands up so that he could level his gaze with Todoroki, who was trying to be discreet about looking at them, "Were you staring at them?"


 "No." Izuku could clearly see the dark blush under the yellow light on his usually unreadable poker face as he deliberately casted to his eyes away, "Just... curious is all."


 "Uh huh. Sure. You aren't blushing right now." Izuku's heart does flip flops when Todoroki nearly drops his glass due to the flustered noise he makes, his hand covers his face as he stares to right, "Peppermint~, you were totally looking, huh?"


 "..." The urge to tease him gets stronger every time he is rendered speechless, Izuku leans in closer, his hand reaches out, grabbing a small part of his bartender outfit. He tugs it weakly, trying to coax his Crush Friend to notice him, "Oh Peppermint...?"


 Faster than Izuku could blink, his dark green shirt was bunched up, and he was lifted up, nearly toppling over the counter. Something soft presses against his freckled cheek and Izuku goes ridged, stilling as he slowly sinks down. Todoroki gives him a coy smile, "Were you hoping that I'd notice?" His tone was teasing as he levels his diffrent colored eyes to Izuku's schocked ones.


 Izuku's finger feathered over his cheek and now he's the one staring at Todoroki with shock.


 "W-when did you get so bold!?"




 "VOER Sightings are found more and more often these days! It's shocking how they still work and no one has even gotten a glimpse of the true boss the the organization! It's shocking! Speaking of shocking, we have a very special guest, here is the electrifying hero, known as Chargebolt!"


 The camera switches to the right, where a young man was seated on one of the red armrests, his hair was a startling yellow with black streaks of thunder, a goofy smile is on his lips as he waves into the camera, a gold band shines brightly on his ringinger.


 "Hello Chargebolt!" The host greeted warmly, "First off, how's the wife? You recently got engaged, to a highschool sweetheart, I heard?" Kaminari Denki flushes red, shaking his head rapidly.


 "H-husband actually, yeah me and Red Riot got e-engaged." He smiles, gaining his composure. The host frowns, squinting into the cards before scoffing loudly. She knocks her hand into her head.


 "Of course! I'm so sorry! Stupid cards!" She tosses them into the air, they fell down fluttering around Kaminari as he blinks in shock, but still remains his composure, "So! Let's just jump right into it! What's your opinion on VOER? Many proheroes have a negative view on it, due to the thought of them stealing their jobs, what's your take into it?"


 Kaminari nods professionally, "I don't necessarily have a bad impression on it, as my bo-husband says, "It's manly to defend your dreams!" It's just...." He trails off, dropping his gaze with the host to the floor. He takes in a deep breath, "It's not safe out there, you know? You have villains and Proheroes against you -- you don't have protection other than yourselves. Even then the LOV, League Of Villains, could use VOER as breeding grounds for fresh villains. Whoever the leaders are, I hope you know what your doing..."


 The host nods in agreement, "Speaking of leaders, you met MC before, yes? There were rumors that he used to go to U.A, is it true?"


 Kaminari swallows, shaking his head, "I'm afraid that it's classified..." The large screen flickers to life, revealing a sketch of a male in a purple hoodie, wearing a cat mask. The cat mask completely covered his face, the ears were mini speakers, "MC's... a bit tricky. He's one of the two true leaders, and the most talkative and known as the face of VOER; he's pretty cold unless he's talking about the main boss."


 "The host hums in acknowledgement, leaning closer as she places a finger to her chin, "Do you know who the main boss is?"


 Kaminari shakes his head, chuckling misberly, "All we know that he's around the same age as MC - and that he's short, according to the nicknames that MC gives him; ShortsMcGee, Stronk, Screw, and Shortie." A smile threatens to break out of his professional mask as he lists the nicknames out, "And that MC is extremely protective over him."


 "Him." The host ecoes, tilting her head, "You know the main boss's gender?"


 Kaminark stares blankly before nodding, a grin breaks through as he tried to recount the day, "Yeah! Funny story actually!" A nervous laugh breaks through his throat, "When we first encountered him, he was at our agency's hidden HQ, asking to borrow some extra staff, it was weird and bizzare, Eijirou and I didn't know what to make of it. Apparently, the main boss was kidnapped by someone that MC thought he could trust, and the main boss called the shots. MC just had the troops but not the command. He relied on instincts rather than judgement -- those two were a like a pact. Like they couldn't work apart... When we got to the bar, where MC said it was, MC told us he was grateful for our assistance -- then everything was hazy..." Kaminari swallows, shaking his head as he dug his hands through his hair.


 "By the time we came back to our senses, we were in the same alley. Except that the bar was nothing more than a crisp, and there were baskets of cookies at our desks for the next week."


 "Really? If you were face to face with MC, what would you say to him?"


 Kaminari glances at the camera, "Dude, we weren't gonna turn you anything, we just wanted to talk. There was no need for you to do what you did. Whatever you did. We could have gotten some noodles together man."


"Oh? Sweetie, you were watching TV?" The white haired child jumps at the sound of her adoptive father, and she turns around to see the purple haired male stroll over to her, holding out a plate of apples, cut into rabbit ears. He plops beside her and places the plate down, "You okay, Eri?"


 A cat snakes around her, and she stares at it, "A...are we bad people, dad?" She asks softly, brushing her white hair to the right side of her face, "The LOV... That's where you guys found me, but were you bad?" She asks, pressing her finger together, glancing up at him with her red eyes, that were unusually dim for a child her age.


 Shinsou smiles, carefully reaching forward, making sure that his hand remains in her line of sight and nuzzles her hair gently, "Eri, do we seem bad? You can look at us at anyway possible. It's how you view it. Not us, I have no say on what you think." Eri blinks as Shinsou hugs her tenderly, "Your mother and I promise to keep you safe, but you can have your own opinion. You make your choices."


 "Then... I don't think your bad." Eri mutters, stiff in her embrace, her eyes directed to her bandages, "You saved me from two monsters... You two are my heroes..." Shinsou hums, pulling away as Izuku enters the room, who gives her a soft smile.


 "Hey hey, Unicorn, what's up?" He warmly greets, walking over to her and picking up Eri's cat and placing it on top of her head. "Cat Unicorn lady."




 "Hey, Izuku, later, you need to watch Eri while I go on a meeting. On wednesday, Bring her to that secret bar that apparently you can't tell me about."






 "Green, I can hear three cats meowing from the moment you walked in, you are not sneaky."


 Izuku grins, pulling his backpack open and pulling out three cats, placing them around Todoroki. Todoroki stares at them before placing down the glass he loves shining and grabs Izuku by the shirt over the counter so that they could play with the cats together. Todoroki pulls Izuku into his lap as he pulls out a cat toy from behind the counter. Hugging Izuku from behind, he plays with the cats as if Izuku wasn't dying of a red face. He was in his lap!


 "W-what's with this position? W-what? Peppermint, what you can't - this is embarrassing, you cannot do this!" Izuku squirms, frowning as he tried to wiggle out, but Todoroki only hums. If anything, Todoroki tugs him in closer, resting his head on Izuku's shoulder. He scoots back, resting onto the back of the counter, "Peppermin-"


 "I had a long week... Let me rest a bit." Todoroki mutters lowly, hugging Izuku tightly, "That night you got sick and we slept under the covers was the best sleep I gotten all month, so... Just... for a..." Todoroki dozes off, his head was was heavy against Izuku's shoulder. The cats meowed, glancing at the two before leaving - except for one, who simply crawls up to Izuku, running it's head under his hand as it curls up in his lap. It rolls into a ball and relaxes as Izuku stares at the dark wood.


 "What am I? Chopped liver?" Izuku grumbles, patting Todoroki's knee before leaning back. He... could hear his heartbeat...


 Izuku closes his eyes as well.



Chapter Text


 From a young age, Eri was taught that she was a monster, that her quirk caused nothing but destruction no matter where she went. Sir told her often that she was a curse, a tool meant for a new age and that she deserved it, because what she had did to her father. And she agrees. She's a child, but it doesn't excuse her on anything because she was the one doing it. Eri was a curse.


 It didn't make her less afraid of Sir and his work. She didn't want to be the reason why everyone was sad. He towers over her, hurting her and hurting her. It makes no sense, why people are irrationally mean to be rash. She just wants to be loved, like how mom used to. But - mom gave her up, didn't she? Now she was here, in this cold lab, shivering and hurting as she waited in darkness.


 Then the lights flickered on, and the heater finally came on, Eri carefully peered over to the door to see it sliding open. Sir walks in, his mask is off as he touches another person hidden behind the doorway with no gloves on. In a person walks in with a green mouse mask on his face, sharp eyes land instantly on her. He was about her height, but he held himself away, shying away from Sir's unusual touching in a disgusted manner.


Eri was seven when she meets the green mouse man, who was no taller than her. With wide frightened red eyes, she stared at him as Sir gestures to her, "This is the helper, Eri. She helps make Quirkless serums with her blood. Ignore her. She's only a tool. Do what you want with her, I'll be back in a little bit."


Sir walks out, closing his plague mask back on and walking out, leaving the two in the empty lab. Cold emotionless mint green eyes stare down at her, "Eri. My name is Izuku Midoriya, but please, call me Pip."



 "Let's count to one hundred together, alright?" Pip says, his voice was muffled by the mask as he brought up his fingers, "1... 2...3..."


 There's sticks of chocolate from the box he brought as he feeds her, there's pats on the head as he praises her for a job well done. There's a hum of happiness when Eri first hugs him in delight, there's attention for her and she drinks it up because she's so happy that someone is actually paying attention to her for once. Someone cares for her, even just for a little bit, even if she's just being used, she's happy with Pip.


 Pip was so nice, he was kind, he was fluffy and he was a happy memory. And Eri adored happy memories with anyone, like the time mom cared for her when she was sick and gave her porridge when she was sick. When father walked her to school, when she last went to school. Pip was nice.


 But Pip was... strange. Instead of using her, like she thought he was going to, it seemed as if he just... wanted to talk? As if he had a lot of things on his mind as he talked for ages and ages. Not that she minded! She loved talking to him! Pip was talkative and attentive as he smiles behind the mask


 "Eri, let's talk about the renaissance and the reasonings for it. Hm?" He was her teacher, for a year.


 Until he burned the whole place down and walked away with her cradled against his chest, reassuring her of a happy life.



 Eventually, one day, in their shared apartment, Eri watched him completely break down after a phone call with someone. She expected anger pouring from him when he completely froze while putting on shoes, holding onto his phone before he chucking it heavily over the fridge where it shattered into a thousand pieces. Pip crumbled to the floor, and instantly started to cry.


 Eri was at a loss on what to do, but she slowly walked over and hugged him, waiting for the fluffy feeling to infect him so that he'd stop. But Pip just wraps his arms around squeezing her snuggly as he whispers apologies. For what? She wonders silently. She had no idea, but she patted her hero's back and tried to make him happy again.


 After a while, he bought her ice cream, and tearfully wiped his eyes as she tried shoving the ice cream into his mouth. Maybe some sweets might make him happier?



 "The truth is that I've been using you." Pip says suddenly, the mask never leaves his face, but she can't read that expression he has on. She wishes she knew what kind of face he was making behind the mask. She wishes she knew more about her mysterious hero who could do everything. She wasn't even mad, she just tilts her head and stares up at him with questioning red eyes. 


 "For what?" Eri asks, as Pip sighs heavily, as if he's really tired. As if he's really exhausted.


 "The truth is that I used you to make myself feel good. I feel happy that someone is paying me attention, and you should hate me." Pip says, shrugging, a sharp snort flares from his nose as he backs away from her. "And you aren't special. I've used multiple people and I don't feel anything. I'm a monster, Eri. Are you scared of me now?" He breaks off, laughing almost hysterically as he tries to distance himself away from the couch - from her.


 "I do that too." Eri says suddenly, taking a hold of her drink as she sips it, she keeps her eyes on the drink, "I use you to be happy, you make me happy, do you hate me now?"


 "No, Eri, that's - that's different."


 "No it's not." Eri pouts, placing down her drink and crossing her arms as she frowns at him, "Don't be hypocritical, you're very nice and you shouldn't think that way." She stands, approaching him as she hugs him around his midsection tightly so that he could never wiggle out of this hug, "You're my hero. I know what true monsters are like, and you're nowhere near one, not even the mysterious guys in films you show me, so you know that I rea-"


 His mask comes off with a click, and she finally sees a freckled face with glossy eyes. Before she knows it, Pip squishes her into a tight embrace back as he sobs.


 Eri ran out of tears long ago, but if she could make him run out and finally smile like how he did to her, then it'll be all worth it. Because Pip was her hero, and she was going to be his.


 "Mama." Eri blurts out, snagging Pip's sleeve as she points to the claw machine, "Can we try that? Mama, can we try that?" She asks again, looking at him with pleading eyes as he laughs and rubs the top of her head. He allows himself to be dragged away as Eri buzzes in excitement.


 "Of course, Unicorn."



 I don't trust this man. Eri recoils back violently as she quickly runs to Mama's legs, glaring up at the tall purple haired male. Her arms hug onto his legs, and tries to pull him back away from him, "Uni - Unicorn, Eri, this is - stop pulling me i'm about to fall! - Shinsou Hitoshi, the guy - Unicorn, grabbing my arms doesn't help - On the Tv, on the sport's festival." Mama tries to introduce the male but Eri refuses to look at him.


 He's scary looking, he's really tall, why are you friends with such giants? Eri frowns, pulling continuously on the green haired boy. Mama was only a little taller than her, so he was already considered short - imagine a six foot something giant towering over the two of them. "Hi there, my name's Shinsou, nice to meet you." 


 He's so tall.



 He's not that bad actually.


 Eri comes to that conclusion as she rubs her eyes as she scrambles after Shinsou, holding a bloody Mama, leaving behind the bar that was roaring with blue flames.



 "He saved me too. So. I wanted to save him and you."


 Eri can't help but think the same.



 It's her duty! Eri determines as she stuffs her notebooks into the small cloud blue backpack her dad, Shinsou, gave her and grabs a few spare gel pens as she gets ready for her mission.


 "Okay, Eri. You've noticed that Midoriya goes out every odd night, right? It's weird and strange, as far as I know, he doesn't do that. Especially after that incident in fear of running into her. But..." Shinsou breaks off, frowning as he rubbed his chin, "He's happier when he comes back, but I can't take any risks. So, here's my plan."


 "I'm going to go to a 'meeting' and leave you with him so you can find out where's he going. When you get home, tell me the bar and tell me of it's safe, alright?" Shinsou asks and Eri salutes, nodding sharply in understanding.


 She staggers up, her eyes flashing with determination as she follows Mama, who smiles reassuringly at her. Mama, who saved her from that cold lab, from Sir. Pip, who gave her hugs and taught her things. Midoriya Izuku, who loved her when no one else would and keeps on saving others no matter what.


 "This is for your own good, mama." Eri whispers under her breath as she trails after her hero, hoping to be just like him one day.



Chapter Text


 "I appreciate you."


 Todoroki glanced away from across the table, his hands tightly wounded together as he sucked in a deep breath. He blinks slowly as he feels peering eyes almost dissecting him apart, "I... I'm glad I'm here with you. It's really amazing how yo-"




 Bakugou Katsuki yawned, waving his hand in front of his face as he stares at Todoroki with a passive bored expression, "What the fuck is that gay shit? Put some more heart in it, damn it!" 


 The blond pro hero was currently at a restaurant with the dual haired male. Surprisingly the blond was the one that invited him, and Todoroki just went with it. It was rare enough that the explosive short-tempered male was home, even more rare when he said that he was willing to listen to his speech he had to do for the Gala that his father was throwing - mainly to celebrate the day he became the number one hero. As much as he hates it, his father's forcing him.


 Todoroki rolled his eyes, placin down his notecard as he sighed, taking a hold of his fork and stabbing it into the spaghetti, "I'm not taking it seriously - I could care less." He mumbles, eating the italian food, "Would you take this seriously?"


Bakugou cocked his head to the right, "Haaaah!? You saying that I don't give it my damn best!? You got something to say, second place!?"


 "Plenty, third place." Todoroki hummed, shrugging as Bakugou snarled at that practically. The blond huffed before leaning back, as Todoroki smiled briefly at him, but the smile faded as soon as it came, and he was still stuck with that stoic expression.


 "You nervous, big guy?" Bakugou asks, folding his arms as he glares into Todoroki, "Don't give me that pansy shit, "Oh no I'm fine." Or "I'm fine."" He mocks with jazz hands, leaning forward as if he was challenging him. Todoroki blinks, placing down his fork and looking down at his lap. It's a habit he kept as a kid, looking down when he felt like he was in trouble. He was sure that Bakugou didn't mean to do it, but he can't help it.


 "I'm... a bit overwhelmed." He starts off truthfully, "I don't like it when the spotlight's on me. Makes me feel weird. I like it when it's peaceful." His mind flashes to Green smiling at him, "I like it when it's quiet."


 "Yet your friends with me." Bakugou snatches his drink from the table and takes a sip, "You're a fucking pro hero, an inspiration, you dumb fuck. Dimmer than me, but your still a fucking hero. Little brats always parade your merch, half n' half." He leans back again, "You need more fucking pride."


 Like you? Todoroki thinks but doesn't before he shrugs visabily, "I don't like being viewed as the second Endeavor." He says, "They just like the family I came from. It's not like they see me."


 "If that fucker thinks you'll be a second one of him, I'll punch the fuck out of that hellfuck." Bakugou promises, "Say, why don't you invite me to that fancy Gala, huh? I have a few choice words I want to say to the best of the best." He adds emphasis on the last word as he sneers at it.


 Todoroki lifted up his fork, taking another mouthful of spaghetti as he shrugged, "You're banned from the Todoroki household because of the last time you went-" He cuts himself off and points a fork at him, "You threw a water balloon in his face, during the speech he was going to say."


 He remembers that moment fondly, as his father used his flames to make it seem like he stood out as he prepared to read the bullshit speech he made, then a green water balloon splattered over him - efficiently silencing him and cutting him off from his dramatic display. Todoroki remembers snorting as Bakugou stood proudly with his hands on his hips and sticking his tongue out at the number one hero.


 "You laughed." Bakugou pointed out, smirking as he raised his eyebrows in amusement, "That was fucking hilarious and you know it."


 Todoroki's lips cracked a smile, "I suppose I do."


 They fall into a comfortable silence, as Bakugou sips his red wine as Todoroki hummed as he ate his food.


 "I was thinking about inviting Green." Todoroki says suddenly on impulse, and Bakugou's eyebrows raise in question, "Yeah."


 "The fucker you got at your fancy bar thing?" Bakugou asks, leaning back, "Then do it." Bakugou's advice was usually helpful, but not one of these days. There's no way he can ask Green to go, how? How can he format it so that he can ask the male out to a dance? How awkward would it be? What if he said no?




 "I fucking knew i-"


 "But, I realize something." Todoroki starts, sighing deeply as he places down his fork. It makes a soft clink sound as he looks away, "I don't know him." He doesn't, god, he knows that he doesn't. Where did Green work? Why was he keeping it a secret? Was it that he didn't trust him? 


 "You don't know him? Then get to know him, damn it." Bakugou grumbles, "Had a fucker like that, he shut himself out - and even his mom couldn't talk to him. I'm trying to get into contact with him, and I'm not giving up." He downs the whole wine and flags a waiter, "I know he wouldn't give up on me if I did that stupid shit. I remember the fucker sleeping outside my room until I opened up. You have to make an effort to get to know them. So get to know him."


 "Bakugou, it's not that simple..."


 Red eyes snapped to his, "Trust me, it fucking is. If you want to know someone, you know them. You make it a point to fucking know them. Play twenty questions or anything - make it fun or some shit. Whenever Mina drags me over to a sleepover, as if we're not fucking adults already, they always play that game to catch up." Despite the hostile tone, Bakugou was genuinely trying to give him good advice.


 That was the thing with Bakugou, even if the prideful boy would never admit it, he gives good advice to those who he considers equals. Todoroki smiles, "Thank you Bakugou." If anything, Todoroki admired how Bakugou gave it his all in anything at all. Even if he was rash, even if he prefered to use violence rather than reasoning, it was admirable how loyal and kind. Although he would never admit it.


 The male grunts in response, taking the check and slipping his card into it. The waiter takes it and leaves the two.


 "How's your job with VOER? Any luck?" Todoroki asks, tilting his head as he pushes away his plate and looks at his phone. Bakugou's head snapped to attention quickly and he slammed his fist into the table.


 "About as much as you would expect!" He snarls, shoving his hand into his pocket and yanking out his phone out. He opens it and shows Todoroki a male behind a mouse mask with one ear on the left - the other ear seemed like it was ripped off. Although the rest of the photo was lost into the shadow of the alleyway, the thing that stood out was his mint green eyes and a black dog like collar on his throat, "Fucker's name is Pipsqueak - and he's slippery as fucking butter. A lot of people on my team speculate that he's either the True mastermind of VOER since he's always near that other fucker, MC."


 "He never talks to me - or anyone. Must be serious about hiding his identity or something. He sends us Emails when he's trying to warn us of something. He saved the whole police building once from pipe bombs." Bakugou sighs, dragging his hand down his face, "Pipsqueak's tricky though, we can't trace his emails or anything. We got him once by using a trail finder on my phone. I think he has some cleaner on government owned computers or some shit. Not personal items."


 "Oh." Todoroki blinks before raising his hand, "I can join the team if yo-"


 "I can do this my fucking self!" Bakugou hisses, clicking his phone off, "Plus... I have a feeling..." He trails off before scoffing, shaking his head, "No, there's no way that fucker did that. No way, not that loser." Todoroki briefly wonders for a second who he's talking about, but it's none of his business really.


 Todoroki nods, "I'm only a call away, okay?" Because like how Bakugou was always there for any of them, he'll be there for him.






 There's a child that walks carefully behind Green when he walks in on Wednesday. She has big red eyes with snow white choppy hair with a horn from her left side of her head. She's dressed in a red coverup and a yellow long sleeve shirt. She hid behind Green's body, staring at Todoroki with a passive stance. Green chuckled, patting the top of her head, "Peppermint, this is Eri, my daughter. This is Peppermint, my uh... Favorite person."


 Eri's eyes narrowed at him, and Todoroki felt a shiver crawl up his spine, but he still tries to smile, "Hello, it's nice to meet you." He looks behind her, noticing her red school backpack, "That's a nice bag."


 Her hands go to her red backpack and she hugs it tightly, "...It's a gift from Mr. Yagi..." She mutters lowly, looking to the ground and looking at her shoes.


 "Sorry, she's a bit shy." Green smiles, laughing nervously as he rubs the back of his neck. The two walk up to the counter and he helps Eri crawl into the chair next to him, "She's a real sweetheart though."


 They talk for a bit, before Eri tugs on Green's sleeve and grabs his attention, "Hm? Yes, Unicorn?"


 "Mama..." Her voice was soft, scared as she kept glancing back at Todoroki with cautious eyes, "I... I forgot my crayons. I can't color." She says sadly, shaking her head. Alarm flashes through Green's eyes and he shoots off his seat.


 "Don't worry, Unicorn. I'll run to the store and get you some, okay? Don't be sad, alright?" Green reassures her, patting her hand gently, "I'll be back, Peppermint, please watch her!" Without another second, Green sprints out the bar. Eri looks at the door for a long time before she sighs in a defeated tone.


 "...Mama's too kind..." Eri whispers under her breath, "That's why..."


 Eri tugs her backpack onto the table, pulling out a college ruled notebook and a pack of crayons. Todoroki's eyebrows rise in question, but it freezes when Eri glares at him with a cold expression, "Peppermint...? Is that what Mama called you?" Her tone that she had with Green disappeared and turned into ice, nearly shocking Todoroki.


 A kid shouldn't have an expression like that. He notices right away.


 "Look, Peppermint. If you want to use Mama for something, do it already." She spits out Peppermint with venom, but she's shaking as she reaches forward and opens a page of her notebook to a picture of three people, in different colors, "Mama has a lot of friends, a lot of friends that would help him if he's hurt." Under her yellow sleeves, Todoroki can spot the white bandages on her skin, she's not looking at him, although she keeps the cold tone.


 She looks scared.


 "Do you even know who Mama is?" She asks, glancing up once at him before turning her gaze away, "I bet you don't even know his name." She bites off, looking away from him.


 Todoroki blinks before shaking his head, "No... I do not."


 Something in her eyes soften when she meets his gaze again, "...I'm not good at this. I can't face strangers in the eyes. I can't do a proper interrogation but - " She straightens suddenly, taking out her red crayon and pointing it at him, "I won't forgive you if you hurt Mama." She whispers in the silent bar, her hand close the notebook gently, "Mama may not seem like it, but he's been hurt by heroes like you before."


 "-heroes like you-"


  So he does know.


 He can sense it in her voice as she shivers, as she avoids his gaze. He knows it when children are scared, and that are like this. He remembers shielding his sister from his father with his body, trying to act brave for her. He can see it in her eyes.


 "I won't hurt him." He raises his hand and smiles at her, "I promise to watch over him, okay?"


 Eri sighs in relief, slumping back in her seat, "I thought you would say that... Thank god. I'm glad that your just like the hero on the TV. I know your a good person." She places her fingers together, "I'm sorry I was mean. I know you're one of the good heroes, Mama really likes you, I know that. I just... I want to protect Mama, no matter what. Not to the extent of Hitty - chan, but Mama saved me." She pauses before sucking in another big breath.


 "...He saved me from a monster. So. I have to protect him."


 Eri grabs his hand, tugging it to her heart, "I'm glad to make another ally." She looks at him with hopeful eyes and he understands.


 "Of course." He hums, patting her hand in a gentle manner, "I promise to watch over him."




 It's about a month after Eri visited when he proposes the question, "Let's play five questions."


 Green looks up from his phone with wide mint green eyes and blinks comically, "Why five questions?" He asks and Todoroki shrugs, reaching behind him to get a bottle of liquor.


 "Because why not? If you don't want to answer, then you have to take a swig of Alcohol." Todoroki says, walking over to Green and taking a seat near him. He purposely brushed his shoulder against Green's and he watched as his face flushed, "My turn."


 "W-wait ho-"


 "What's your name?" Todoroki asks, and Green stiffens, glancing at him, "I always call you Green, but... I don't really know you." Todoroki tacks on, looking down at his green eyes. There's conflict in them, before Green gives in, closing his eyes.


 "...Midoriya Izuku." He mutters, "...It's long overdue and I didn't know how to bring it up." Finally, Todoroki had a name. After three months, he was closer than ever to know him. A part of him spiked with excitement, he wants to know more about the person who always makes him smile.


 "Todoroki Shouto." Todoroki thrusts his hand out, and the two shake hands, "It's nice to finally meet you properly."


 Midoriya's eyes light up when he finally reaches a question, "How's the cat I gave you? What did you name her?" He smiles brightly, as Todoroki hums, smiling again. He always seems to break through his stoic expression when he's near the green haired boy.


 "I named her Serene, and she's doing well. She's taken a liking to my roommate, she keeps sleeping on his face." Todoroki chuckles, bringing a hand to his mouth, "It's funny when he has a face full of fluff." Green snickers at that thought.


 "... What's your family like?" Todoroki asks his second question, and Green's eyes immediately go down to his lap, "You don't have to answer if it makes you uncomfortable."


 "I have my Mom and my dad. Although, he's just coming in after being sick a long while. It's nice to um... See them... I... Don't really talk to them." Green stuttered, shaking his head, "I still love them, I know I do. It's just... dangerous."


 Todoroki's eyes narrow, "Dangerous? I can handle i-"


 "No, you can't." Green shakes his head, "No one can, but I know that they're safe."


 "Safe ho-"


 "What's your opinion on Ground Zero?" Midoriya interrupts, asking him as he stared up at Todoroki. Begging to drop the subject. Todoroki sighs tiredly, he'll ask again properly as he looks around his bar.


 "He's loyal and a good team player. He's a bit rash but he's good." Todoroki answers shortly, before he turns his attention back to Midoriya, "You know Ground Zero?"


 Midoriya's hand shoots out, swiping the drink and taking a large swig, "Can we not with the personal questions?" He asks, as he tilts the bottle back onto the countertop. His face was scrunched up from the liquor, "Blek." He gags before taking another swing.


 So, he doesn't like personal questions, alright, he can work with that, "How long have you known I was a hero?"


 Midoriya shrugs, "I took one look and my gay meter went up, I just... knew." He answers simply as he takes a glance at the bottle, "I'll just buy this bottle, how much is it?" Todoroki frowns at his choice to actually get drunk the moment he brings up Bakugou. It makes him think that they have a close connection at one point. Maybe he should ask about it some other time.


 "...You can have it. Consider it payment when you spend time with me. You make me happy." Todoroki says bluntly, and his face flushes again, as he reaches for the bottle.


 "...Peppermint, you're too much... Do... Do you know how cute you are?" Midoriya takes another drink, cradling the bottle as he slumps forward, nearly dropping into his lap.


 "As cute as you, I'm sure. Although, I'm sure that your much cuter honestly." Todoroki places a finger on the tip of Green's nose and flicks it lightly, "I know you said no more personal questions, but I want to be prepared if it comes. What's your biggest fear?" He asks, as Green lays on his lap, halfway out his seat.


 "... Knives." Green mumbles, "I freeze up when I see a knife. I hate it. Someone stabbed me a few years ago and I couldn't get it out my head. Bullet wounds are better than knives." He curls closer to Todoroki's stomach, the bottle was forgotten on the counter, "That's why I'm glad your a hero, you save people, just like Bakugou - san does." Todoroki's heart swells at the thought and warmth rushes to his cheeks. He snorts lightly before humming in happiness and enjoying the silence that followed.


 "Hey..." Green eyes peer up, "I have a final question for you."


 Todoroki hums in acknowledgement, his hand strokes through his green curls, "Yes? Anything?"


 "What if I told you that I was a villain?"


 Todoroki's hand freezes suddenly, and he looks down at Green, who was avoiding his gaze. Avoiding talking about his job, avoiding his parents, knowing that he was a hero, "Are you?" He asks gently, cupping his jaw carefully.


 Green shrugs, pulling back, "I can't tell the difference anymore. I don't know. It feels like I'm one." He admits in a soft tone, he curls up on himself, shrinking away from Todoroki, "I made it awkward, oh no why did I say that? I'm sorry. I'll l-"


 A sharp ring comes from his phone, rendering both of them to silence. Midoriya blinks, digging into his pocket and pulling his green Iphone. He slides it open and puts it to his ear, "Hitty - chan. What? I'm about to go h-" He cuts himself off, a look of excitement crosses his face, "The L.O.V is in town? Really? And how did you know what town I was in?" His eyes flicker with annoyance as he steps away from Todoroki, though he keeps his voice at the same volume.


 A beat passes for a second before Green snarls angrily on the phone,"It's funny how you try to get her out of the business and into mine. I thought we were going to raise her together as a happy family? I wasn't aware that you were going to use her as some spy. Hitty - chan, I expected better from you. I'm going to go see them. You can't stop me this time." Todoroki could hear the other person on the phone scream, "Don't you dar-" Green closes it with a slow click without a second thought. A look of happiness dances in his eyes,


 "Goodbye Peppermint, I have to see someone. Bye bye!" He waves, smiling at him with a sense of pride. He looks different.


 There's something wrong with those usually warm eyes, because Todoroki can't read them anymore.


 Green sprints out, as Todoroki replays the conversation back into his head. What went wrong? What was wrong with Green, who usually smiled? Why did it seem like he was a completely different person? The moment the L.O.V was mentioned?




 League of Villains...?


 But... Weren't they inactive after All Might's battle? After his disappearence...!?


 Todoroki's eyes widened as he reaches over the bar and snags his hoodie. If Midoriya was going to L.O.V then he's in danger, so he has to hurry! He yanks it on before following after Green without hesitation.


 Green was reckless, he also learns that day


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