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The spice needed for life

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The demon under your eyes



"Oh, want a candy? Satoru exclaimed to his Sensei as he opened the glove compartment. 2 things fell out that made the boy's blue eyes widen, partly in surprise but the emotion changed when Yashiro uttered three sentences that completely made the boy's blood run completely cold.


"Thanks, Satoru. But I'm afraid there's no candy. After all, this isn't my car."


Satoru looked up from the floor and slowly turned its attention to the demon right beside him, he didn't want the items on the plastic carpet to fulfill his fears. A bottle of lube and a package of laxatives.


"What d-do you mean this isn't your car?" The terrified boy stuttered out with a sheepish look all over his face.


"Don't you think one's happiest moment in life never stays the same? He looked at Saturo with the eyes of a wolf, ready to kill its prey. His eyes had a strong red color, the gaze of a maniac.


Nothing beats that moment when you fill that void in your heart." The tunnel lights flickered everytime the car moved past them. The rest of the predator's words went in a blur for the panicked Satoru, all he could hear was his heart beating in 200km/h. He could feel the powerful muscle pump out cold blood through the veins. "Because you know, I have a new one now. 


The car stopped beside a lake, not a single sound could be heard except the terrified boy's rapid breaths. Yashiro looked amused at the boy, his red irises gleaming with the unspeakable desire that burned in his chest. He saw the trembling boy's hands reach and pull hysterically at the seatbelt.


"Spice, it's game over for you... and me."


Tears welled up in the boy's blue eyes as Yashiro reached for his thigh. The boy tried to claw and his sensei's hands, trying to escape the man he used to trust. His sensei's hands gripped Satoru's hands and pinned them above his head. He inched closer to his victim, his hot breath came closer and closer until he had connected their lips. He was harsh, biting and sucking at the swollen lips, showing his tongue inside during the process. Saturo tried to bite Yashiro but he only chuckled at him.


"So cute...," he thought as he pushed the seat down.


"S-sss-top... I'm begging you!" Satoru sobbed out as Yashiro pushed his fingers roughly through the rim muscle. He added a 4th finger, Satoru felt lightheaded, weak and about to vomit. The violent intrusion suddenly stopped as it left a horrendous pain behind. Satoru tried to breathe, scream in hope of someone would save him. Then he felt it.

"Ah, ~~... Spice...~~~"

"P-plea--se don't!" Satoru screamed with all the voice he had left.

He pulled out roughly, a string of semen connecting them as blood and the white substance left dripped out of Satoru. He smiled at the boy who had no more tears to shed, no more screams to be heard. Nothing.
He tucked himself in, putting on his discarded coat to cover the blood and disgusting substance. He climbed away from the seat and out in the cold, weaved down the windows. Reached down for a duffel bag where a basketball rested, unzipped it picked it up and put it on the gas pedal, closed the car door.

"Game over, Satoru." He whispered under his breath as the car crashed down into the river.

"So this is what it feels like to die... slowly going numb until, white spots covering your vision. Mom... Kenya, Kayo, Hiromi, Kazu, and Usamo..."



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The child in the river


"He should be home by now..." Sachiko thought as she paced around in the kitchen, the wooden floor creaking under her. He told her he would be a bit late, but it was 9 in the evening. She could feel her stomach twist, something was very wrong. She just knew it, her maternal instincts kicked in as she went to grab the phone nearby. Beside the phone was a small leather brown notebook with all the numbers to Saturo's friends' houses' and many more. She picked it up with trembling hands, she hoped that someone would tell her Satoru was safe and okay playing with one of his friends. She flipped through the pages before the name "Kobayashi" turned up. The phone arose from its position as she carefully dialed the number.

"Hello, Kobayashi Akira speaking," a feminine voice answered.

"Hello, I'm really sorry for disturbing you in the evening. This is Fujinuma Sachiko, Satoru's mother. Is he at your house? He's been gone for a while and I'm worried."

"No, he's not here. Has he been gone for long? I can ask my son if he knows anything."

"Nearly 2 hours or more, than the said time," Sachiko said trying to swallow her tears.

"Kenya! Have you seen your friend Satoru recently? His mother is on the line and he hasn't come home yet."

"No I haven't, I last saw him after school finished. I think he was going to the hockey game."

"I'm sorry Fujinuma-san, he hasn't seen him since they finished school. He said Saturo was going to the hockey game if that's any help."

"I'm aware of the hockey game, thank you Kobayashi-san, thank you for the help. Goodbye." She said biting her lip almost drawing the red substance out of it or also known as blood.

"No problem, I hope you'll find him, goodbye." BEEEEEEEEEP, Kenya's mother had hung up, Sachiko raised her arm putting her thumb and the two closest finger on her lips, blinking with an empty expression on her face she dialed yet another number.

"Sugita Hajime, who am I speaking to?" A tired man answered, almost sounding annoyed to get a call so late in the evening.

"Hello, I'm Fujinuma Satoru's mother, Fujinuma Sachiko. I am so sorry for calling at this hour, but my son isn't home yet. He should have been home a bit more than 2 hours ago and I wonder if he is at your house or if your son Hiromi had seen him?" Hiromi's father could feel Sachiko's worry through the phone and his tone softened.

"It's okay, he isn't here. I can ask Hiromi if he knows anything."

"Thank you so much Sugita-san."

Sachiko got the same answer as before, devastated she called another and another until there was no one left. She had even called Yashiro, who had stated he hadn't seen him since after the hockey game. But little did the worried mother know, Gaku had smiled at the whole conversation, smirking while he touched the semen and blood stains on his pants. He knew he had to put them in the washer, but the feeling of wearing them was addicting. He had made Satoru his in them and he had also killed him. He still felt empty like his desire hadn't been completely filled.
Sachiko put on her gray coat, mittens, and boots as she hurried out through the door. She held a flashlight in her right hand. She ran and ran looking desperately after her son. Calling out his name but not an answer to it. The snow under her feet crackled, her breathing was unsteady after all the running. She had run to the arena where Satoru had last been seen. Everything deadly silent around her as tears stained her rosy cheeks, small drops of water fell from the sky at a slow pace before speeding up. It had started to rain rapidly, she could not care less right there and then. Head tipped up, glossy eyes looking at the smothering grey clouds.

"Sachiko!" A man called out for her honking with his car. Her body jumped at the sudden suprise, her eyes met the famillar face as a small smile crept up on her face.
"Kureo, there was something down there in the river!"

"Are you sure, what did it look like?"

"A car in the river! Stop the car we need to go down and see it!"

"Okay, okay." The man pulled over at the side of the road as his wife hurriedly plumped down the snow. She looked through the windows as a terrified scream broke out from her.

"Ai, what's wrong?!"


Her husband jumped down into the freezing river, pulling the door open with all the force he could manage. He saw the pale, purple-looking boy and his heart almost broke. The seatbelt wouldn't budge, he tried pulling the boy under it until he finally succeeded. He then realized the boy had large purple marks on his neck and were missing pants and underwear. Satoru's limp body was hurriedly thrown on the snowy ground as the woman searched for a sign of life.

"Put your coat on him!" The man yelled, pushing rapidly at the boy's small limp chest.
"Listen to me buddy, you're going to make it you hear me! Please..."
The woman hurriedly put her coat on the small child and ran up to the car.
"119, what's your emergency?"
"M-me and my husband found a child in the Ishikari river! Please send an ambulance!" The woman sobbed out.

"Do you need a ride?"

She nodded as she arose from the bench and walked in the direction of his car.

The car ride was quiet, small tears going gleaming on her cheeks.

Sachiko unlocked the apartment door as Sawada followed her into the cramped home.
"Sachiko, what did you do outside in the rain? Is something wrong?"
"Satoru's has been missing for almost 4 hours... Sawada-san I have a feeling that something is very wrong... Do you want any tea?"

A sudden sound echoed through the kitchen. RING RING RING...
"Hello, who am I speaking to?"
"This is Dr. Nakamura from Ishikari hospital, am I speaking to Fujinuma Sachiko?"
Sachiko could feel her heart stop.
"I'm afraid I have bad news, your son has been sexually assaulted and found in a river about an hour ago... Can you come to Ishikari hospital?
"Yes, is he alive?"
"Yes, but in a critical state Mrs. Fujinuma.
BEEP. The mother fell to her knees, blood running cold, tears dripping to the floor underneath her.
"satoru... SAtoru... SATORU!!!" She sobbed out clasping her hair in distress.
"My poor little angel...."

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The mother who broke



She dashed through the hospital doors, not giving a single fuck at the looks she got from people in the lobby. The nurses behind the desks looked at wide eyes at the blue haired woman stomping in their direction.


"I want to see my son." Sachiko looked at the nurse with eyes filled with sorrow, pain, anger, frustration, loss but at the same time, they were so empty.


"Who?" The nurse had seen a small boy being dashed through the emergency intake, apparently, he had been found in Ishikari river and in a comatose state. She silently wondered if this woman were his mother. She had not seen a lot of the features except a similar hair color. "Is she really his mother?"


"F-fujinuma Satoru, I'm his mother Fujinuma Sachiko." The color immediately drained from the female nurse's face, she saw the woman standing in front of her, shedding tears. The nurse took a deep breath as she stood up and excused herself before running to get Satoru's doctor. She ran, turning left, then turning right and left again.


"Nakamura-san, the boy's mother is here..." She said as her gaze met the floor underneath her.


"I'll go and meet her, the conversation should be private.  Could you guide her to my office, Jensen?"


"Yes, Nakamura-san."


 "Thank you." He said walking away, fading in the distance. Fading just like Satoru's memories did by the lack of oxygen.


Sachiko sat slumped in a red chair, tears dripping from her eyes. Her only son had been raped, touched, drenched and kidnapped. The man who had done this would pay, she was torn between sorrow anger. She wanted her precious little son to be okay and safe, hold him in her arms until he fell asleep. Hear him laugh, hear his silly apologies after playing with his friends too long. She wanted to wrap her hands around the man's neck and strangle him, stab him, until no screams could be heard. Not a single reaction from his body and she would be happy. Maybe she was a murderer herself for thinking like that but-




"Ye-yes." She said standing up.


"You can't see him but the doctor needs to have a word with you."


"I want to see my son." She sobbed out.


"I'm really so-"


"JUST SHUT THE FUCK UP, MY CHILD HAS BEEN FOUND IN A RIVER. A FUCKING RIVER, DON'T YOU UNDERSTAND I WANT TO SEE HIM?!" The waiting room quieted down at her sudden outburst. Their faces looked at them in shock.


"Fujinuma-san I don't have children myself but I can imagine how hard it must be for you. Please just follow me to the doctor's office." Sachiko's body untensed and more tears formed in her eyes.


"I'm really sorry... I should not have taken out my frustration on you."


"It's okay, I've heard worse." The nurse said with a sad smile forming on her western features. The nurse was quite tall in Japan, shoulder lengthed blond hair, ocean blue eyes, and extremely pale.


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His biggest mistake


The woman fiddled with her fingers as she followed the nurse to another room with the scent of death, sadness, hope, dread and much more. When they arrived at the doctor's office her gut twisted from the anticipated news, she never wanted to give up on her son but something was so wrong... He was in a comatose state, a state of nothingness, an empty void with only you in it. His mother hoped he would not feel any pain at the moment, her sweet, innocent, clean angel had been drowned in sins. Sins that hopefully would be a judgement of where the rapist would go after death. Sachiko hoped for hell, an eternity of pain, burning, and punishment. Lucifer ripping off his skin, making his insides burn of the fire who would represent her anger and hatred for him. A hope of him being sexually assaulted by demons, having their burning sexes' push in him unprepared for hours, years and a full eternity. Maybe she was losing herself, but who wouldn't want the person who had hurt your own Child to die and being wiped out from existence.

"Fujinuma-san, please have a seat. I'm Dr. Nakamura you had a conversation with on the phone. I would like to apologize for being so straightforward on the call, I should have taken more caution." He said bowing as he shook Sachiko's right hand. Nakamura had Deep wrinkles on his tanned forehead, Purple bags under his Eyes and a very slim figure, he was probably in his mid-50s' at the time at the look of a normal Eye. Sachiko shook his hand trying to look in his, trying to not break down in front of him.

"Nice to meet you..." She said as their hands untangled and feet moving over to chairs.

"First of all I would like to deplore for this incident, it's truly horrific." Sachiko stayed silent at his Words and slumped further back into the hospital chair. He sighed at the remark from her side but he chose to not argue due to the circumstances of the situation.

"He's in a comatose state for the moment, his brain seems to be damaged by the oxygen loss... But thanks to the cold temperature in the river his body froze down which means the body responds to oxygen intake and compatibility for a respirator. If it would have been warmer outside, maybe summer Satoru would not have made it and had died instantly." The mother gritted her teeth, she was so torn between sorrow and anger.

"The sexual assault...?" She whispered as a transparent fluid gleamed on her cheeks.

"Yes... I've myself taken a look at it, Deep Purple bruises were found on his neck, thighs, waist and around his anus. His anus has been stretched and penetrated, from what I saw, he also had Nail marks around his waist and shoulder. Everything implies it was a man but I guess you already had assumed it, am I correct?

"Yes, Nakamura-san..." Her body trembled at Everything she had Heard being spoken directly to her face.

"C-can I please see him?..." She pleaded with the elderly man. He took a Deep breath and sighed.

"Fujinuma-san, right now he is in intensive care... But I can see what I can do for you he said with a faint smile on his lips.

"Thank you so much, can I ask you a question?"


"How did you identify him so fast?"

"A nurse recognized him, her daughter is in your son's class."



Yashiro licked at the stains of his discarded pants, he could not get enough of the taste of Satoru's blood, so salty, flavorful and addicting. He knew it would be risky to keep the pair of pants, but he would be reckless and keep them. To be reminded of Satoru, even after having sex with him and killing him (or so he thought) he felt like something was missing, he had enjoyed their fun time more than drenching him. He realized he had probably made a huge mistake, he did not feel that thrill anymore which he had felt while fucking Satoru, connecting their lips. Feeling Satoru's body tremble under him screaming that it felt gross and hurt. Oh fuck, he had really made a mistake, he could feel the emptiness consuming him more than ever. He sat in the darkness of his bedroom, tapping at his naked left legs. Darkness was consuming him, surrounding him. Fuck... he needed Satoru right there and then. It was something special with the boy, at the age of 11 he had foiled Yashiro's plans multiple times and the thing he had screamed weakly at Yashiro really made him wonder "could Satoru really see the future?" Or had it been something he desperately said to get saved, Gaku was confused at this moment. Before he knew it the clock was 4 in the morning and he needed to be at work 6:30 AM and if he guessed right there would probably a meeting involving Satoru's death and a murderer lose. He rose up from his futon and looked at the mirror, the reflection of himself showed a tired teacher with the spider's thread atop of his head. He slowly made himself into the cramped kitchen making himself off to a cupboard. He lifted out a red plain cup, putting it down on the kitchen roll. He put on the coffee brewer and sat down on one of the chairs in the kitchen. He once again started to tap but this time on the table. His face scrunched up in distress every second had started to feel like an eternity, he felt so alone. 

He poured himself the coffee into his red large cup, it was steaming. The bitter smell hit his nostrils as he looked down into the liquid. It was almost black, a color often associated with the mysterious thing called death. He sighed as he picked it up with his right hand and lifted it up to his lips, blowing some air on it in a small attempt of cooling it down. His lips parted as the coffee went down his throat, he grimaced. The coffee was disgusting, way too strong for his liking. He put it down and sighed. Had he just committed the biggest mistake of his life? Gaku’s lips dropped into a small frown as his eyes closed. He had never cried in his whole life, not even when Spice had died but a tear forced itself out of his left eye and then another. His body started to violently shake as he broke down into small sobs. His hands reached for the black strands of hair located on his head and pulled in distress.  He sat like that for 1 and a half hour. It was like a trance, just sitting there crying, pulling at your hair and feeling helpless and empty.

A call woke Yashiro up from his state. He went over to the phone and expected what the call would contain. The woman on the other line was the principal telling him there would be an urgent emergency meeting in a half an hour during a grave incident regarding a student in his class. She then told him something that made his mind go blank.

"The mother stated that he was in a comatose state." Relief flew over Yashiro but just as it consumed his body he went back to the saddened to he had spoken in.

"Have you seen the news?" She asked.

"No M'am I haven't but I don't have time for it, half an hour? He repeated.

"Yes, be here as soon as possible, Goodbye."

"Goodbye." The call ended, he fell to his knees. Satoru his Satoru had survived.


"Spice, I'm coming for you. We'll be together, you'll be mine


"Please die" and the trigger went off


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Tears welled up in the boy's blue eyes as Yashiro reached for his thigh. The boy tried to claw at his sensei's hands, a try in vain to escape the man he once used to trust. His Sensei's hands gripped Satoru's arms and pinned them above his head. He inched closer to his victim, the hot breath came closer and closer until Yashiro had connected their lips. He was harsh, biting and sucking on the swollen lips, showing his tongue during the process. Satoru tried to bite Yashiro, his small try made Yahiro chuckle out in a dark tone.

"So cute..." Yahiro thought as he pushed the seat down to get better access to the body beneath him.

His gloved hands found their way under his student’s shirt. Roaming the small chest, teasing their way up to the small sensitive pink buds, also known as the nipples. 

He pushed his own body up to remove Satoru’s jacket. He hurriedly yanked the puffy jacket of Satoru. Leaving him in his shirt and pants.

Yashiro scanned the body underneath him. The red eyes gleamed in excitement when he met the horrified blue eyes which belonged to Satoru.

One of his hands caressed Satoru’s cheek as he leaned down and whispered: “Don’t worry, but if you keep struggling it will become less pleasant for you and me.”

Those words made Satoru shudder in fear, he knew what was about to come and it wasn't going to feel good at all, at least for him. Yashiro was another story because that sadistic man would feel incredibly good.

The Sensei felt an uncomfortable feeling building up in his southern regions as Satoru cried even more. He lowered himself even more until they were chest to chest. The former Mikohara's chest left Satoru almost unable to breathe in air. He rubbed his own body roughly against the younger in an attempt of pleasure.