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The spice needed for life

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The demon under your eyes



"Oh, want a candy? Satoru exclaimed to his Sensei as he opened the glove compartment. 2 things fell out that made the boy's blue eyes widen, partly in surprise but the emotion changed when Yashiro uttered three sentences that completely made the boy's blood run completely cold.


"Thanks, Satoru. But I'm afraid there's no candy. After all, this isn't my car."


Satoru looked up from the floor and slowly turned its attention to the demon right beside him, he didn't want the items on the plastic carpet to fulfill his fears. A bottle of lube and a package of laxatives.


"What d-do you mean this isn't your car?" The terrified boy stuttered out with a sheepish look all over his face.


"Don't you think one's happiest moment in life never stays the same? He looked at Saturo with the eyes of a wolf, ready to kill its prey. His eyes had a strong red color, the gaze of a maniac.


Nothing beats that moment when you fill that void in your heart." The tunnel lights flickered everytime the car moved past them. The rest of the predator's words went in a blur for the panicked Satoru, all he could hear was his heart beating in 200km/h. He could feel the powerful muscle pump out cold blood through the veins. "Because you know, I have a new one now. 


The car stopped beside a lake, not a single sound could be heard except the terrified boy's rapid breaths. Yashiro looked amused at the boy, his red irises gleaming with the unspeakable desire that burned in his chest. He saw the trembling boy's hands reach and pull hysterically at the seatbelt.


"Spice, it's game over for you... and me."


Tears welled up in the boy's blue eyes as Yashiro reached for his thigh. The boy tried to claw and his sensei's hands, trying to escape the man he used to trust. His sensei's hands gripped Satoru's hands and pinned them above his head. He inched closer to his victim, his hot breath came closer and closer until he had connected their lips. He was harsh, biting and sucking at the swollen lips, showing his tongue inside during the process. Saturo tried to bite Yashiro but he only chuckled at him.


"So cute...," he thought as he pushed the seat down.


"S-sss-top... I'm begging you!" Satoru sobbed out as Yashiro pushed his fingers roughly through the rim muscle. He added a 4th finger, Satoru felt lightheaded, weak and about to vomit. The violent intrusion suddenly stopped as it left a horrendous pain behind. Satoru tried to breathe, scream in hope of someone would save him. Then he felt it.

"Ah, ~~... Spice...~~~"

"P-plea--se don't!" Satoru screamed with all the voice he had left.

He pulled out roughly, a string of semen connecting them as blood and the white substance left dripped out of Satoru. He smiled at the boy who had no more tears to shed, no more screams to be heard. Nothing.
He tucked himself in, putting on his discarded coat to cover the blood and disgusting substance. He climbed away from the seat and out in the cold, weaved down the windows. Reached down for a duffel bag where a basketball rested, unzipped it picked it up and put it on the gas pedal, closed the car door.

"Game over, Satoru." He whispered under his breath as the car crashed down into the river.

"So this is what it feels like to die... slowly going numb until, white spots covering your vision. Mom... Kenya, Kayo, Hiromi, Kazu, and Usamo..."