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Jeongguk can barely keep his eyes open when he finishes the paper, half-assing the conclusion like he always does. He lets out a sigh, leaning forward to rest his forehead on the table.

There’s probably a fuck ton of spelling mistakes, but Jeongguk doesn’t care anymore. At least he’s done. And besides, Jeongguk learned the art of half-assing from none other than resident genius Min Yoongi himself, who half-assed his entire way through college (“That’s because you only have half of an ass, hyung.” “Guk, do you want to fucking die?”). So Jeongguk probably won’t fail. Hopefully.

Jeongguk doesn’t even bother reading it over before turning it in. Once it’s done, he shuts his laptop and flops on his bed, ready for a nice long nap of preferably more than ten hours. It’s Sunday evening, and he doesn’t have morning classes tomorrow. He can afford to sleep for that long.

The moment he’s burrowed under the covers, there’s three knocks from the door. Jeongguk whines sleepily, confused. Yugyeom won’t be back until ten tonight, so who the hell—

“Gukie! Open the door!”

His eyes snap open. He sits up.

Oh, shit. It’s Sunday evening.

Jeongguk slips out of bed, missing the warmth of his blanket, and opens the goddamn door.

“You okay?” Jimin asks when he walks in. Taehyung follows him, giving Jeongguk a smile. “You look like shit.”

“Tired,” Jeongguk mumbles, rubbing his eyes. “Sorry, Jimin-hyung, I almost forgot that today’s Sunday.”

Right. Sunday evening. Movie night at Seokjin and Yoongi’s flat, eight o’clock sharp. Taehyung and Jimin always walk to Jeongguk’s apartment first, since it’s on the way, and Hoseok and Namjoon arrive together later. It’s routine for the seven of them. They take turns picking the movie, Seokjin lays out sleeping bags in case any of them fall asleep there (most of them do, or decide to stay even if they don’t), and Yoongi supplies snacks. It’s their thing. Jeongguk can’t believe he almost forgot.

“Aww,” Taehyung coos. He pats Jeongguk’s messy hair. “Sleepy baby.”

Jeongguk bats his hand away, feeling his ears burn. Taehyung just grins at him knowingly.

“Where’s Yugyeomie?” Jimin asks, peering around.

“He went out with Bambam and their five hyungs from…” Jeongguk pauses to think. “Actually, I don’t know where. Bambam introduced Gyeomie to them, I think, a while ago. Jackson, Jaebum, Mark, Youngjae, and Jinyoung. They’re always hanging out together now.”

“Hmm, I see,” Taehyung says slyly, inexplicably, before shaking his head and nudging Jeongguk’s shoulder. “Hurry up, we’re gonna be late, and I don’t want to be locked out by Jin-hyung like Hobi-hyung was.”

Jeongguk laughs at the memory. Seokjin always leaves his door unlocked on Sunday nights to let them in, but he always locks the door at eight o’clock sharp and doesn’t answer it after that. If you’re not there by then, tough luck. Hoseok was the only unfortunate one who has experienced that, the one time he and Namjoon didn’t arrive together. It took a lot of begging on Namjoon’s behalf for Seokjin to let him in.

“Right,” Jimin says. He crosses the room and flings a jacket at Jeongguk. “If we’re late, I’m blaming Tae for getting distracted by that puppy we saw on the way here.”

“Hey,” Taehyung protests. “She was a cute dog.”

“Not as cute as you,” Jimin replies immediately, his tone casual.

“Um, excuse you,” Taehyung says indignantly, “nothing’s cuter than a puppy. Not even me.”

Jimin laughs, the corners of his eyes crinkling as he smiles. Jeongguk can’t help but stare as he slips his jacket on—Jimin always has that charm to him, whether he’s dancing on stage or simply just existing like right now.

“Let’s go,” Taehyung says briskly, grabbing Jimin’s hand. His smile is wider now. “No matter what, we’ll arrive before Namjoon-hyung and Hobi-hyung anyway, they’re always almost late.”

“I wouldn’t be surprised if Jin-hyung locks the door early out of spite,” Jeongguk says, grabbing his phone and keys.

The three of them leave the apartment. Jeongguk glances at his phone—it’s seven-forty. They’ll make it on time.

The sidewalk is only wide enough for two people to walk side-by-side. Taehyung and Jimin walk next to each other, Jeongguk a step ahead of them. He doesn’t feel like an outcast, though—it’s hard to, with them, because Jeongguk always feels so comfortable around Taehyung and Jimin and all of his hyungs.

They reach Seokjin and Yoongi’s flat in ten minutes. Jimin darts ahead to reach for the door, shoving Jeongguk aside.

“Hey, ” Jeongguk protests. Jimin just laughs and opens the door.

“We’re here,” Jimin announces. Jeongguk shakes his head and follows him inside.

Jimin stops when he steps into the living room. Jeongguk nearly stumbles over him, but Taehyung pulls him back and pats his shoulder. Peering over Jimin’s head—not a hard feat, since Jimin is so short—Jeongguk looks into the room.

Seokjin and Yoongi are on the couch. Yoongi is lying across the cushions, his head in Seokjin’s lap. Seokjin is combing his hair gently—which Yoongi bleached blond for the umpteenth time—and the smile on his face is impossibly soft as he gazes down at Yoongi.

Jeongguk’s heart does that thing, fluttering in his chest, and he stops breathing for a second.

Fuck, that’s cute.

Behind him, Taehyung makes a gagging noise. Without missing a beat, Yoongi gives him the finger.

It ruins the atmosphere.

“Yoongi,” Seokjin says sternly, but Jeongguk can tell he’s struggling not to laugh. “Jiminie, Gukie, Taetae, nice to see you three. We’re watching Baby Driver tonight, Namjoon recommended it.”

Jeongguk perks up. “The one with the cool car chase opening?”

Seokjin shrugs. “I don’t know anything about it, so I can’t say.”

“Joon’s still not here, though,” Yoongi grumbles, sitting up. Seokjin touches his back briefly before resting a hand on his shoulder. Cute. “He and Hobi are such workaholics, staying at their studios until the last minute—”

Seokjin’s brow furrows. “Sweetheart—” Taehyung gags again at the nickname, and Yoongi shoots him a glare. “—if I didn’t drag you out of your studio an hour ago, you would’ve stayed there until three in the morning.”

Yoongi curls against Seokjin’s chest. “They learned from me, I guess.”

Seokjin frowns worriedly. He’s always looking after them—Jeongguk likes that about him. “Well, Hoseok and Namjoon should unlearn it, and so should you.”

As if on cue, the door opens, and Namjoon and Hoseok walk in. Hoseok’s hair is wet as if he just took a shower—he was probably at the dance studio before. Namjoon looks a bit sleepy. Jeongguk can relate.

“Hey, guys.” Hoseok smiles brightly, taking his coat off. Behind him, Namjoon’s locking the door. “Missed me?”

“No,” Jeongguk and Jimin say simultaneously. Hoseok pretends to look hurt.

“Not surprised,” Namjoon says, coming up to him. But the look on his face when he glances at Hoseok—as usual, he can’t be any more obvious. Jeongguk exchanges glances with Jimin and Taehyung.

Whipped, Jimin mouths. Jeongguk snorts.

“Of course we missed you, Hoseokie. Come on, sit.” Seokjin gestures at the couch. “Yoongi-yah, get the snacks and turn the lights off. Namjoon, you’re the one who recommended this movie, you start it up.”

Yoongi sighs, getting up and heading into the kitchen. Taehyung and Jimin sit next to Seokjin, Jimin propping his feet on Taehyung’s legs. Jeongguk seats himself on the floor in front of them, leaving Hoseok and Namjoon on the loveseat to the right of the couch.

Hoseok sits first. Namjoon grabs the remote. Taehyung, gravitating to the nearest source of bodily warmth, automatically leans against Namjoon’s arm.

Yoongi returns with the popcorn. He puts it on the coffee table and flops down next to Jeongguk, leaning his head against Seokjin’s thigh and pulling his hand down to intertwine their fingers.

“Gross,” Taehyung comments, even as he reaches for Yoongi’s other hand and clasps it in his. Yoongi rolls his eyes but lets him. Seokjin laughs quietly.

Namjoon gets the movie up on the screen. He sits next to Hoseok, a bit gingerly, but Hoseok, oblivious, throws his arm around Namjoon’s shoulder and pulls him closer. Even in the dark, Jeongguk can see the blush on Namjoon’s face.

They settle down as the opening scene of the movie plays, and Jeongguk is immediately hooked as soon as he sees the sleek red car barrel down the street.

Throughout the movie, Namjoon points out various symbolic aspects of the film, like he usually does. Seokjin and Yoongi have stopped telling him to shut up—they probably don’t mind, though, because Namjoon gets this shine to his eyes and well, it’s sort of endearing, in Jeongguk’s opinion.

Taehyung slides from his place on the couch to the floor in front of the loveseat, listening to Namjoon eagerly and whispering back—Namjoon’s really rubbed off on him. Jeongguk tunes the two of them out and focuses on the screen.

Halfway through the film, Yoongi goes back onto the couch to sit in Seokjin’s lap. Namjoon is leaning against Hoseok, apparently over his initial awkwardness. Taehyung and Jimin are sprawled on the floor in front of the loveseat, holding hands. Jeongguk sits alone—well, Seokjin and Yoongi are sitting on the couch behind him, so not really alone—and keeps his eyes on the screen.

It’s nice, watching a movie with them. The seven of them in Seokjin and Yoongi’s living room, together.

Once the movie has ended and the popcorn is long gone and they’re all emotional because of the ending (Jeongguk swears he hears someone sniffling), Seokjin gets up to flick the light switch.

“Namjoon-hyung picked a good movie, for once,” Jimin comments. Namjoon makes a noise of protest but doesn’t argue. “That was a really good ending.”

“It’s kinda strange they called him Baby until the end, though,” Taehyung muses. “I don’t think I can call Jeongguk that anymore, I’ll just envision Ansel Elgort in a badass car chase. Time for a new nickname, Gukie.”

“Wow, I see.”

“It’s okay, Guk, you’re still the superior baby in our hearts,” Namjoon jokes. He yawns, and it sets Seokjin into parent-mode.

Seokjin starts shooing them off to sleep. “Namjoon, Hoseok, Yoongi, too—I know you’re all not sleeping properly. Go wash up in the bathroom, then off to sleep immediately. Jeongguk, you look tired too, I think they’re rubbing off on you.”

Yoongi stretches and curls up where he is on the couch. Jeongguk just lies on the floor next to him. He hears Seokjin huff.

“Jiminie and I have to go,” Taehyung says apologetically. “Sorry, Jin-hyung.”

Seokjin frowns. “It’s fine. Make sure you sleep well—”

“Of course,” Jimin says. “You’re such a worrywart.”

“Excuse you?”

Taehyung tugs Jimin back before Seokjin can go on a ranting spree. “Bye, hyung. See you around.” He blows a kiss and grins before heading out the door.

Seokjin laughs, “Hey, that’s my thing, Tae!”, shaking his head. Hoseok’s chuckling. Jeongguk smiles.

After two years, Jeongguk knows all of his hyungs. He likes all their idiosyncrasies, the way their friendships work.

“Yoongi, come to bed,” Seokjin says. Yoongi sits up almost immediately. Jeongguk resists the urge to reach out and pull him back.

Jeongguk yawns, getting up to move from the carpet. “Night, hyungs.”

He gets four warm replies of, “Night, Jeongguk.” Seokjin and Yoongi leave to their bedroom, Hoseok heads to the bathroom first, and Jeongguk just lies down in his sleeping bag, eyes already drooping. He’s too tired to brush his teeth and shit like that—call him unhygienic, but Seokjin was right. Jeongguk is really tired.

He checks his phone briefly. Two new messages, from Jimin and Taehyung.



night, gukie!



gn baby, catch up on all the sleep youve been missing


Jeongguk puts his phone away and curls up in the sleeping bag, tired and warm but also confused by his own disoriented thoughts.

It’s a strange mix of feelings. He seems to be experiencing it a lot lately.

He closes his eyes and falls asleep almost immediately.




The thing is, the seven of them have been good friends for a long time, and Jeongguk finds hanging out with them nice. Comforting.

Seokjin and Yoongi are the grossly-in-love married couple, Taehyung and Jimin are the two best friends/soulmates/boyfriends (no one is quite sure, maybe even all three), and Namjoon and Hoseok are pining so obviously that anyone except the two of them can see it from outer space.

Jeongguk feels like he can be himself around his hyungs. He likes that. It’s normal.

The fluttering in his heart is not.

And the warmth he’s always felt around them is turning into... feelings and thoughts he has no idea how to identify or deal with.

So he doesn’t identify nor deal with it. Jeongguk does what he does best—denial and repression. He shoves those stupid feelings and thoughts to the very back of his mind, and life goes on.

It dawns on him slowly, so slowly he feels like a hypocrite for calling out Hoseok and Namjoon on their obliviousness towards each other.

When Jeongguk wakes up the next day, he hears soft voices from the kitchen. Seokjin and Yoongi, probably making breakfast.

“Tired,” Yoongi whines.

Seokjin chuckles. “Of course you are, sweetheart, it’s too early for someone like you. Go back to bed.”

“Don’t wanna sleep alone,” Yoongi grumbles. Cute. A far cry from the hardcore rapper he’s become online, releasing tracks under the name Suga. Jeongguk smiles.

He must’ve fallen asleep again, because when he opens his eyes again there’s more light streaming from the windows, and five separate voices float from the kitchen, much louder.

Jeongguk sits up, rubbing his eyes and looking around. Hoseok is still sleeping peacefully. Jeongguk reaches out and pets his hair softly before standing up and padding into the kitchen.

Taehyung and Jimin are sitting at the dining table, eating breakfast—they must’ve come back to the flat earlier, for some reason—along with Yoongi, Seokjin, and Namjoon. Namjoon looks kind of flustered, his cheeks red, and Taehyung and Jimin look very smug.

They all look up at him when Jeongguk walks in.

“Hi, baby,” Taehyung says, waving. Namjoon looks relieved. “Jiminie forgot his coat here last night so we came back to get it and bless you with our lovely faces.” Jimin laughs.

“Hey, Guk,” Namjoon greets. “Is Hobi still asleep?”

Yoongi snorts. Namjoon turns to glare at him.

“Yeah.” Jeongguk takes a seat next to Seokjin. “When are you going to ask him out, hyung?”

Namjoon chokes, flushing a deeper red. Jeongguk feels proud.

“Gukie, you’re amazing,” Seokjin coos. He puts a plate of pancakes in front of him as if offering a prize. Jeongguk grins and starts digging in. “Namjoon, when are you going to ask him out?”

“He doesn’t even—”

“If you say he doesn’t like you back, I will smack you,” Seokjin threatens. “Kim Namjoon, you cannot be this oblivious—”


Yoongi leans against Seokjin’s shoulder. “Jin, be quieter. Don’t wake Hobi up.” Seokjin calms down slightly, still frowning even as he puts an arm around Yoongi and pulls him closer. “Joon, come on. Ask Hobi out. You two have been friends for a long time, he’s not going to hate you if you tell him.”

Taehyung whistles. “Wow, Yoongi-hyung, I didn’t know you were so invested in their romance.”

“Go away,” Yoongi mumbles, burying his face into Seokjin’s shoulder. Taehyung grins at him.

“I don’t know,” Namjoon says, his voice uncertain. “I just don’t want to—”

Seokjin reaches over the table and clasps Namjoon’s hand in his. “Namjoon-ah, listen to me. Hoseok would never, ever , hate you, or be disgusted by you, or whatever. So for god’s sake, please listen to Yoongi.”

“You’re only saying that because Yoongi-hyung’s your boyfriend.”

“Yoongi-hyung isn't my boyfriend but I think you should listen to him too,” Jeongguk says. Yoongi rolls his eyes. Seokjin smiles and reaches out his free hand to ruffle Jeongguk’s hair. Taehyung and Jimin are bobbing their heads in agreement.

“You’re hopeless,” Jimin sighs dramatically.

Seokjin pats Namjoon’s shoulder. “It’s okay. You’re smart and educated, and educated people are hot—” He grins, the kind of smile he only gets when he’s about to tell a bad joke. “—because they have more degrees.”

It takes Jeongguk a second to understand. Jimin is laughing, probably hard enough to wake Hoseok. Taehyung is smiling, amused. Namjoon is covering his face with his hands. Yoongi rolls his eyes but says nothing.

“I love you, Jiminie,” Seokjin sighs. “You’re the only one who appreciates my humor. Not even Yoongi—”

“Jin, I know you’re my boyfriend but I need to tell you the truth: that was horrible.”

Soft footsteps come from the doorway. They all shut up as Hoseok shuffles into the kitchen, eyes clouded with sleep.

Taehyung and Jimin wiggle their eyebrows at Namjoon. Namjoon shoots them a glare before returning his eyes to Hoseok, gaze softening. Jeongguk chuckles quietly.

“Hi, guys,” Hoseok mumbles, walking towards the table. “Tae, Jiminie, you guys are back?”

“I left my coat here,” Jimin says. “And we decided to stay for food. Sorry, my laugh probably woke you up.”

“It’s fine,” Hoseok sighs. He looks adorably drowsy.

“Hey, Hoseokie,” Seokjin greets. He reaches out and combs his fingers gently through Hoseok’s hair. Hoseok closes his eyes and smiles, leaning into his hand. It’s cute. Jeongguk’s heart feels warm.

Seokjin glances at Namjoon and mouths, You could be doing this, too. Jeongguk stifles a laugh at Namjoon’s blush. The corners of Yoongi’s mouth are twitching, and Jimin and Taehyung wear matching devilish grins on their faces.

Hoseok, blissfully ignorant, opens his eyes and plops down in the seat next to Jeongguk. Seokjin pushes a plate of pancakes towards him, and he starts eating after a sleepily mumbled, “Thanks.”

Now that both of the oblivious couple are present, the conversation topic changes. Jeongguk finishes his pancakes and listens to Jimin and Seokjin bicker over some anime.

After a while, Hoseok leans against Jeongguk’s shoulder. Jeongguk pets his hair, smiling as Hoseok relaxes against him.

Jeongguk sneaks a look at Namjoon. He’s staring at them with such open affection on his face—it makes Jeongguk’s heart skip a beat.

He must really be in love with Hobi-hyung, Jeongguk thinks, amused. He can’t take his eyes off him.

“I’m afraid I have to go now,” Taehyung says after twenty minutes, standing. At one point, the conversation had changed from Assassination Classroom to one of the annoying professors Seokjin had in sophomore year. “Bye, hyungs and Guk, our resident baby. See you all here next week.”

Jeongguk doesn’t know if he should feel offended. He rolls his eyes and buries his face in his hands, missing the six soft smiles sent his way. “Bye, Tae-hyung.”

Taehyung’s laughing as he shuts the door on the way out.

They all disperse after that. Namjoon leaves for his studio (Seokjin frowns disapprovingly and says, “Don’t stay there too long, Namjoon-ah.”), and Hoseok and Jimin leave to teach dance class for the little kids.

Jeongguk is the last one to leave the flat, at around ten in the morning. He would’ve stayed longer, but he sees Yoongi settling on Seokjin’s lap, burying his face in the crook of his neck, and decides now would be a good time to head back to his apartment.

He bids Seokjin and Yoongi goodbye. Yoongi doesn’t lift his head from Seokjin’s neck as he mumbles a barely-coherent farewell. Seokjin laughs quietly, stroking his back, and makes a shooing gesture at Jeongguk.

Jeongguk pretends to look hurt, but grins at Seokjin right before he exits the flat. Seokjin makes a face at him.

When Jeongguk arrives back at his apartment, Yugyeom is sitting on the couch with his phone in hand, texting, not even aware that Jeongguk returned. There’s a huge smile on his face, and Jeongguk raises an eyebrow at it.

“Hey, Gyeomie,” Jeongguk says. Yugyeom looks up.

“Oh, hey Guk, didn’t see you there.”

“Because you were too busy smiling at your phone screen.” Jeongguk narrows his eyes, pretending to be suspicious. “What kind of evil things are you planning—”

“Hey, I can be happy for good reasons,” Yugyeom complains. “You’ve seen me happy for good reasons, we’ve known each other since we were twelve—”

“Yeah, and I’ve known you were a little shit for the past eight years.”

Yugyeom flips him off. “How do your hyungs put up with you?”

“How do your hyungs put up with you?”

“Excuse you, they love me,” Yugyeom says indignantly. He glances back down at his phone, smiling with tenderness Jeongguk didn’t know he was capable of.

“Hard to believe,” Jeongguk mutters.

Without looking up, Yugyeom retorts, “Shut up, you just want love from your hyungs, too.”

Jeongguk’s heart flutters. But he just snorts in response and heads to his room, shutting the door behind him.

It takes him a ridiculously long time to realize how true Yugyeom’s words are.




Everyone knows not to disturb Yoongi when he’s in his studio. Naturally, that’s what Jeongguk does—disturb Yoongi in his studio.

He prefers not to describe it as disturb— maybe visit is a better word.

Yoongi’s Genius Lab is near Jeongguk’s new Golden Closet (Taehyung laughed really hard when he first heard the name of Jeongguk’s studio. “Closet? Really, Guk? So when you leave the studio are you ‘coming out of the closet’?”), so after Jeongguk leaves his studio on Monday evening, he knocks on Yoongi’s door, waiting patiently.

He’s kind of expecting no response—maybe Yoongi has his headphones on and can’t hear him, or maybe he just refuses to answer—but after a moment, the door swings open.

Yoongi frowns slightly upon seeing him, but lets him in nonetheless. “Hey, Guk. What are you doing here?” He sits back down in his chair and turns to the computer screen.

“I was at my new studio earlier, wanted to drop by and visit,” Jeongguk says, peering at the software Yoongi has open. “How long have you been in here, hyung?”

Yoongi spares him a brief glance. “What time is it now?”

“Seven in the evening.”

Yoongi thinks for a moment, propping his elbow on the desk and leaning against his hand. “...fourteen hours, then.”

Jeongguk frowns. “Aren’t you tired?”

“Aren’t I always,” Yoongi drawls. He seems a little stressed. Jeongguk feels worried, but only Seokjin can really drag Yoongi out of the studio. Yoongi puts his headphones back on and starts working again.

Jeongguk watches Yoongi work for a while. Yoongi has a look of intense concentration, frowning slightly at the screen.

Jeongguk taps Yoongi’s shoulder to get his attention. “Hyung?”

Yoongi takes his headphones off, looking a bit annoyed. “Yeah, Guk?”

“Can I listen to the song?” Jeongguk asks. Yoongi opens his mouth, probably to say no, but Jeongguk tries his best to be cute and smiles angelically.

Yoongi snorts, the corners of his lips twitching up into a smile. Jeongguk feels relieved—Yoongi looks a lot more relaxed that way.

“You’re such an annoying brat,” he says, but still unplugs his headphones and presses play.

Jeongguk listens. It’s beautiful, as Yoongi’s music always is. He closes his eyes and bobs his head to the beat, completely missing the way Yoongi fondly smiles at him enjoying the music.

“This is amazing, hyung,” Jeongguk says, opening his eyes. “Are you gonna make lyrics for it?”

“I don’t know yet,” Yoongi responds. He stares at the computer screen. “I’ll think about it more when I actually fix this goddamn last part.”

Jeongguk looks it over and replays that section. It sounds fine to him. “Maybe ask Namjoon-hyung for help?”

“...I want to do this on my own,” Yoongi says after a moment. “Don’t want to bother Joon-ah, he has his own assignments to be working on.”

Jeongguk frowns, but before he can say anything Yoongi’s phone starts ringing. He glances at the screen, spotting Seokjin’s caller ID flashing on the top.

Jeongguk picks up the call and puts it on speaker. Yoongi gives him a look. Jeongguk just smiles back cheekily.

Yoongi reaches for the phone. “Jin?”

“Min Yoongi,” Seokjin scolds. “You’ve been at the studio for way too long. Come home, I made dinner for you and if it gets cold, that’s entirely your fault—”

Yoongi pouts. It’s cute, and Jeongguk has to hold in laughter watching him try to argue back. “But—”

“No excuses.” Seokjin’s voice softens. “ You need to eat, sweetheart.”

Yoongi huffs fondly, leaning back against his chair. He’s smiling. Jeongguk smiles, too. “Fine, fine. I’ll be home in ten minutes.”

“Good,” Seokjin says. “Love you.”

“Love you too,” Yoongi says, with an ease Jeongguk envies. He lowers the phone.

“Can I come, too?” Jeongguk asks hopefully.

He expects Yoongi to say no, but to his surprise Yoongi just shrugs. “Sure, kid, Jin won’t mind. He loves having you and the others over.”

Jeongguk cheers. “Let’s go, then.”

Yoongi stares at the computer screen longingly before saving the track. His lips are still curved into a small pout. Jeongguk laughs quietly.

“I wasn’t here that long,” Yoongi sighs. He stands and stretches, blinking blearily.

“You were, Yoongi-hyung. Fourteen hours is a long time.”

Yoongi huffs, turning to the door. “Come on, let’s go.”

He still seems a little reluctant to leave. Jeongguk nudges him through the doorway. Yoongi shoots him a glare but doesn’t move away.

When they reach the flat, Yoongi rings the doorbell. Seokjin answers almost immediately.

“Yoongi.” Seokjin steps forward. He slips an arm around Yoongi’s waist, leaning down and pressing a kiss to his lips so nonchalantly it makes Jeongguk’s heart skip a beat. “Come in, sweetheart.” Yoongi smiles as Seokjin pulls him inside, his pout gone and his gaze ridiculously soft.

Jeongguk steps inside behind them. “Hi, Jin-hyung.”

Seokjin beams at him from over the top of Yoongi’s head. “Gukie, you’re here, too?” He glances at Yoongi accusingly. “Why didn't you tell me?”

“Thought you wouldn’t mind,” Yoongi grumbles. He moves away to take his jacket off, but immediately tucks himself back into Seokjin’s arms after.

“I don’t, but I need to prepare,” Seokjin scolds light-heartedly. He turns to Jeongguk and smiles. “Wait in the dining room, baby. The food will be out in a moment.”

Yoongi follows Seokjin into the kitchen. Jeongguk sits at the table. He looks around—their place is always so nice and clean. Like they’re some married couple that has been living together for years. Jeongguk laughs quietly.

After a few minutes Seokjin and Yoongi come out of the kitchen. Seokjin smiles at him, setting the food on the table. The two of them take a seat across from Jeongguk.

Jeongguk mumbles a thanks and starts digging in. It’s delicious, like anything and everything Seokjin makes. Jeongguk isn’t that bad of a cook but Seokjin is so good at making actual substantial meals that it makes Jeongguk look bad.

The three of them talk about random topics. Jeongguk complains about his professors and Seokjin supplies him with stories about his that are ten times more wild (“He’s exaggerating, Guk, his professor did not actually say that.” “How would you know, Yoongi, you weren’t in that class!”). Jeongguk listens to their married-couple-esque bickering, laughing at Yoongi’s exaggerated pout.

Yoongi peers at him, glaring half-heartedly. Jeongguk smiles back cheekily, and the corners of Yoongi’s lips twitch up slightly.

It makes Jeongguk feel proud.

They fall into a comfortable silence as Jeongguk finishes his food. When he glances up, he sees Seokjin murmur something into Yoongi’s ear that Jeongguk doesn’t catch. Yoongi snorts, shaking his head and giving Seokjin an exasperated but fond look.

“Your pick-up lines are terrible, Jin,” Yoongi says. Jeongguk laughs at Seokjin’s offended expression.

“I should’ve dated someone who actually appreciates my humor,” Seokjin grumbles.

Yoongi tries to shove him away. Seokjin takes his hand and intertwines their fingers. Yoongi immediately squeezes his hand and smiles shyly.

They’re grossly in love. Yoongi softens around Seokjin—he does soften around all six of them, but the way Seokjin makes him relax is something that Jeongguk marvels at. Jeongguk wants a relationship like that.

He rolls his eyes anyway, teasingly, hiding his smile. “Hyungs, I’m right here.”

“Hey, don’t complain like Tae always does!” Seokjin protests, making no move to lean away from Yoongi. “Though, Tae isn’t even really complaining, he always complies when Yoongi wants to hold his hand.”

Yoongi grumbles something under his breath, probably not a denial. Jeongguk laughs.

Seeing them together is—nice. Really nice. Jeongguk swallows that warm feeling—purses his lips, looks away, confusion stirring in his stomach.

He pushes it away as Seokjin clears the table, humming as he heads to the kitchen.

“You’re both helping with chores,” Seokjin calls over his shoulder. “Especially you, Jeonggukie, since you’re here anyway.”

Jeongguk pouts, but Seokjin isn’t even looking in his direction and can’t be persuaded by his puppy-eyes. Yoongi chuckles and ruffles his hair before following Seokjin into the kitchen.

Jeongguk stares after them and reluctantly gets up from the table, but he finds it hard to keep his exaggerated pout on his lips as his mouth twitches up into a smile.




“Good work today, Gukie,” Hoseok says to Jeongguk after dance practice. He’s beaming brightly despite how sweaty and tired he looks.

“Thanks, hyung.” Jeongguk smiles back and leaves the practice room, wandering down the hallway.

He doesn’t want to go home and face his chem assignment just yet, so he makes small talk with some of the other students he sees milling around.

Since Jeongguk’s here anyway, he should probably be practicing the steps of his own choreography. But as he walks past the other practice rooms, he hears a familiar melody from inside one of them.

Ah. Jimin always practices here after class. Jeongguk’s never seen the choreography for this particular song before. He’s curious.

Without knocking, he pushes the door open and slips inside. Jimin is so immersed in the music that he doesn’t even notice him.

Jeongguk watches him dance, mesmerized. His movements are fluid and smooth and elegant, and with his beautiful vocals in the background, Jeongguk can’t look away.

“Perfect,” is the first thing Jeongguk says when the song ends. “That was amazing, Jimin.”

“That’s hyung to you, brat,” Jimin scolds lightly before turning around. He’s covered in sweat, breathing hard, but the smile he gives Jeongguk is still bright as ever.

Fuck, Jeongguk’s mind helpfully supplies.

“Jiminie-hyung,” Jeongguk corrects himself, grinning.

“Who gave you permission to just barge in like that?” Jimin scolds, shaking his head. “How long were you there?

“Maybe a minute or two,” Jeongguk says. He shuts the door behind him and sits on the floor next to Jimin’s phone. He grins. “I’m serious, hyung, that was perfect.”

“Ah—thanks, Gukie.” Jimin runs a hand through his hair, cheeks red from the exertion. He sits down next to Jeongguk. “But...I don’t know. I don’t feel like my dancing is good enough. Definitely not perfect. You’re naturally talented at memorizing choreography, and Hoseok-hyung already mastered his despite how complex it is, but me? I don’t think I’ll be able to improve my dance enough—”

Concerned, Jeongguk reaches out and puts a hand on his shoulder. “It’s good, hyung. And there’s plenty of time left. Don’t stress too much. You should rest more, too.”

Jimin blinks at him, then tips his head back and laughs. “You’re learning from Jin-hyung, aren’t you? But thank you.”

There’s a knock on the door. Before either of them can stand to get it, Taehyung walks in, grinning widely when he sees them. “Ah, Jiminie, knew you would be here! And Gukie, what’s up?” He holds up the plastic bag in his hands. “I brought snacks.”

“You’re the only source of light in this darkness,” Jimin says reverently, reaching out towards Taehyung. “Kim Taehyung, you are truly my soulmate.”

“My pleasure.” Taehyung winks. He shoots Jeongguk a smile, sitting down in front of them. “But take care of yourself, Jiminie. Hoseok-hyung gets worried.”

Jimin rolls his eyes. “Guk just said the same thing to me. I’m fine, Taetae.”

“Oh?” Taehyung raises an eyebrow at Jeongguk. “Look at the baby, all grown-up and caring—”

Jeongguk scowls. “Shut up.”

Taehyung laughs and hands out the snacks. “Eat, both of you,” he says firmly. “Especially Jiminie.”

Jeongguk reaches for a bag of chips. Taehyung scoots over so that he’s sitting to Jimin’s right. Jimin props his feet up on Taehyung's lap. Taehyung pats his thigh and starts eating some cookies.

“When’s your next dance showcase?” Taehyung asks curiously.

Jeongguk thinks. “Not for a while. It’s May now so...two or three months, I think?” Jimin nods in confirmation.

Taehyung smiles. “I’m sure you’ll both do great. And Hobi-hyung, too. Remember last year’s performance?

“Oh God,” Jimin sighs. “He was amazing. The whole audience loved him.”

Taehyung nods eagerly. “Right, I remember that. All three of you were beautiful.”

Jimin swats his shoulder. “Not me, though—”

“You were,” Taehyung and Jeongguk say in unison. Taehyung grins at him and continues, “Jiminie, love of my life, apple of my eye—”

“Shut up.”

“You shut up!” Taehyung protests. He wraps his arms around Jimin and holds him tightly. “You’re awesome. Jeongguk, tell him—”

“You’re amazing,” Jeongguk says sincerely. Jimin squints at him.

“Where’s the ‘hyung’?”

Jeongguk rolls his eyes and says in the sweetest voice he can muster, “You’re amazing, hyung.”

Jimin wrinkles his nose and looks away.

Taehyung laughs, leaning his head against Jimin’s shoulder, not minding how sweaty Jimin is. Jimin ruffles his hair, chuckling.

The three of them end up talking for a while before Hoseok pokes his head in and shoos them out of the practice room, telling them to go home and rest.

“Taetae, take good care of these two dancers, alright?” Hoseok says teasingly. He places a hand on Jimin’s shoulder and one on Jeongguk’s. “I’m entrusting them to you.”

Taehyung beams. “Of course, hyung.”

As they walk back, Taehyung insists on holding both of their hands, clearly taking Hoseok very seriously. Jeongguk laughs it off, and they joke around as they squeeze together on the sidewalk, barely able to fit across.

When they drop Jeongguk off at his apartment, Jeongguk finds himself missing the warmth of the hands in his.





hey guk

i know youre in class rn but

joonie and i are gonna grab lunch at the cafe, yknow the one tae almost got kicked out of?

we’re going at one

wanna come with?



i dunno

dont want to intrude on your date



its not a date



...sure hyung




arent you still in class rn?



its okay the professors busy yelling at some other kid lmao

but when WILL it be a date, hyung?



...are you coming or not?




sure ill be there at one




“Guk, over here!”

Jeongguk turns to the voice. Hoseok and Namjoon are sitting at a table towards the back. He heads over and slides into the empty seat next to Namjoon.

“I’ll pay for both of you,” Hoseok says as he stands to head to the counter. “What do you want, Guk?”

Jeongguk tells him, and Hoseok gives him a thumbs-up before walking away to order.

Namjoon smiles. “Hey, Jeonggukie.”

“Hope I’m not intruding on your date,” Jeongguk says, smiling cheekily. Namjoon turns bright red.

“It’s not—”

“Whatever you say, hyung.”

“It won’t ever—”

Jeongguk gives him a look. Namjoon snaps his mouth shut, and Jeongguk enjoys how awkward and flustered he looks.

Hoseok comes back with the delicious food, wonderfully oblivious as usual. He sits down and grins smugly at Jeongguk. “Guk, I’m your favorite hyung, right?”

“No, Namjoon-hyung is,” Jeongguk says. Namjoon looks up and offers him a grateful smile. Hoseok gasps, making a face, but he actually doesn’t seem too irked by that, instead smiling a little as well. Whipped. “Buy me lamb skewers after this and maybe that will change.”

Hoseok frowns. “But we’re eating right now, why would you want lamb skewers after—”

“Did I fucking stutter?”

Hoseok gasps dramatically. He reaches over and cuffs Jeongguk’s head. “Don’t be fucking rude, I’m your hyung, you brat—”

“You’ll love me no matter what,” Jeongguk says cockily, smiling.

“Of course,” Namjoon says immediately, chewing as he speaks. Kind of gross.

Jeongguk turns to Hoseok, expecting a snarky response, but Hoseok just looks at him strangely and reaches over the table again, ruffling his hair. “Yeah, what Joonie said. Of course.”

Jeongguk ducks his head and takes a bite of his food. His cheeks feel a bit warm. Maybe because the food is still kind of hot.

“Lamb skewers, then?”

“...fine, but you better pay me back for this.” Hoseok shakes his head. “Why does Yoongi-hyung even bother to buy you food?”

“Because I’m cute and he likes cute things.”

“...that’s very true,” Namjoon admits. Hoseok makes a disgusted face.

Jeongguk laughs, leaning back. Hoseok drops the act and starts laughing with him.

Hoseok ends up paying for the lamb skewers later. “Because you’re cute,” he mocks, throwing an arm around his shoulders and poking his cheek. His mouth is close to Jeongguk’s ear. “Even if you’re a brat.”

Jeongguk smiles, even as he tries to wiggle out of Hoseok’s grasp. His heart rate does pick up from the proximity, but he ignores it in favor of plucking the lamb skewers out of Hoseok’s hand.

“Do I get some lamb skewers, too?” Hoseok asks, holding out his hand. “C’mon, Guk, I paid for you—”

Jeongguk reaches out and clasps Hoseok’s hand, smiling cheekily as he shoves him back a few steps. “Nope, they’re rightfully mine. And Namjoon-hyung’s still my favorite, by the way.”

Hoseok gasps. “I’m offended by this betrayal, Guk.” He looks imploringly at Namjoon. “Joonie, can I have the title?”

Namjoon, to his credit, does not melt under Hoseok’s gaze. “No.”

Jeongguk takes a bite of the lamb skewer and listens to them bicker like little kids. And they say he’s the baby of the group.

But his two hyungs are cute, especially when they resolve their conflict and go back to their awkward adorable pining.

Jeongguk smiles to himself, trailing behind them as they walk down the sidewalk. He takes out his phone and shoots a quick text to Seokjin.



jin-hyung, when are hobi-hyung and namjoon-hyung going to get together?

we’re all waiting



a very good question

don’t worry too much jeonggukie, i’ll try to devise a plan :) they’ll be boyfriends soon enough


Jeongguk raises an eyebrow at that, feeling the corners of his lips quirk up into a smile. Interesting.

He glances at Namjoon and Hoseok. They’re walking side-by-side, arms brushing, and...the romantic tension can be felt from miles away, with the way they send not-so-subtle glances at each other.

Jeongguk snorts quietly, watching them, and his heart may have fluttered when he sees their hands touch.




Weeks pass before Seokjin mentions his “plan” again. Jeongguk notices him watching Namjoon and Hoseok a lot more, his expression soft but observant.

It’s Sunday again, and all of them, sans Hoseok, are sitting in Seokjin and Yoongi’s living room. Hoseok isn’t here, since he has to discuss his choreography with one of the dance teachers. He said he might drop by in the morning after.

Jimin has some Pokémon movie picked out (“Prepare to cry your fucking eyes out over Celebi and Suicune, bitches.”), but before he can put it on, Seokjin snatches the remote and declares everyone’s attention.

“We have something very important to discuss before,” Seokjin announces.

Jimin looks offended. “But the movie—”

Seokjin pats his shoulder. “That can wait till later. Sorry, Jimin-ah. But! We need to discuss something very vital to our friendship.”

Yoongi looks resigned. Taehyung and Namjoon are confused, and Jeongguk’s slowly beginning to realize what this is about.

Seokjin can be very dramatic about these things.

Namjoon’s brow creases. “Shouldn’t we have Hobi here too, then?”

Yoongi nudges him. “Just humor him, Joon.”

Taehyung begins to smirk, the expression mirrored on Jimin’s no-longer-offended face. God, their minds really are connected like soulmates.

“You!” Seokjin exclaims suddenly, jabbing a finger in Namjoon’s direction.

Namjoon jumps, eyes wide with surprise from the sudden dramatic gesture. “...what?”

“You and your hopeless crush on Hoseok-ah,” Seokjin laments, and Namjoon immediately turns bright red.

“It’s not—”

“Are you still trying to deny it?” Jeongguk pipes up. “Really, hyung?”

“I—” Namjoon deflates. Jimin pats him on the back. “Okay, fine. What about it is so important that we have to interrupt movie night?”

“The horrible pining we’ve had to deal with for years,” Taehyung says.

“Your dense head not knowing he likes you back,” Jimin adds.

“The fact that we all want to see our friends happy and together,” Yoongi deadpans.

Seokjin beams. “I love you all. And they’re all right, Namjoon-ah—so it’s about time we do something to get you that boyfriend.”

“But Hobi doesn’t—”

“I have an idea,” Seokjin insists. “Come on, Namjoon. Just listen.”

How can he think Hoseok-hyung doesn’t like him back? Jeongguk thinks. Truly oblivious.

Namjoon frowns nervously. “But—”

“No buts,” Seokjin interrupts. He grabs Namjoon’s hands, holding them still. “Ask him to meet you somewhere, like a cafe, and then confess to him. Bring flowers or something—”

“I can pick out the flowers,” Taehyung offers suddenly. Seokjin shoots him a grateful smile.

“But…” Namjoon looks lost, and somewhat scared. Jeongguk squeezes his shoulder sympathetically. “I don’t know if he—”

“Just try, Namjoon-hyung,” Jimin cuts in. “It won’t hurt your friendship.”

Namjoon doesn’t look convinced. He bites his lip.

“Joon.” Yoongi places his hands on top of Seokjin’s. “I know Hobi well. You do too. And we all know that Hobi wouldn’t let anything wreck his friendships. Especially not something like this, especially not with someone like you. If you tell him, he definitely won’t hate you.”

Namjoon stares down at their hands, and Jeongguk sees a faint blush on his cheeks. “I guess…Jin-hyung, is this really your idea?”

“What, were you expecting an extravagant plan?” Seokjin jokes. “No, I just think a simple approach like this would be better.” He pauses. “The alternative can be a pick-up line, if you want.”

Yoongi gives him a look. “Your pick-up lines are—”

Seokjin waves a hand dismissively at him and glances at Namjoon, smiling flirtatiously. “Are your eyes IKEA? Because I get lost in them.”

Namjoon turns red, coughing. Jimin cracks up. Yoongi rolls his eyes and sighs loudly.

“Come on, they work,” Seokjin protests. “The one I used on Yoongi to ask him out—”

Jeongguk laughs despite himself. “You asked out Yoongi-hyung with a pick-up line? And it worked?”

“Oh, fuck off,” Yoongi mutters, but without bite.

Seokjin winks at Jeongguk. “I told him, ‘I was feeling a bit off today, but a date with you would definitely turn me on.’”

Jimin’s dying of laughter. Taehyung’s smirking proudly. Namjoon still looks kind of flustered.

Jeongguk’s cheeks warm. He rolls his eyes to cover up the feeling. “Yoongi-hyung, why did you say yes? To that?”

Yoongi scowls, but he’s also blushing slightly. Goddamnit, it’s cute. “I mean, I don’t regret it?”

“Disgusting,” Taehyung coos. Yoongi rolls his eyes at him.

“Aw, I love you too, Yoongi,” Seokjin singsongs. “But anyway, back to Namjoon and Hoseok’s soon-to-exist love life.”

“Love Live?” Taehyung stage-whispers.

“No, maybe another time though,” Seokjin jokes. “Namjoon-ah, ask Hoseok to meet you at a cafe. You guys do those friend-dates a lot, right?”


“Good! So tell him to go with you, then confess your undying love to his unsuspecting and oblivious ass,” Seokjin chirps. “And give him the flowers that Taehyung will pick out. Make it romantic.”


“You can do it, Namjoon-hyung,” Taehyung encourages, leaning against Namjoon’s shoulder. “Take the gross married couple’s advice.”

“Hey, show some respect!” Seokjin protests, swatting Taehyung lightly.

Namjoon shifts nervously. “I’ll...try? I guess.”

“Great!” Seokjin claps his hands. “No one say a word to Hoseok-ah, alright? Don’t ruin it or I’ll be very angry.”

“You can never be angry at Yoongi-hyung,” Jeongguk says cheekily.

Seokjin frowns. “Well, I can withhold se—”

“Okay, time to shut up,” Jimin yelps suddenly. He grabs the remote. “Can we watch the goddamn movie now?”

Yoongi and Namjoon both look relieved. Taehyung’s snickering quietly.

Seokjin shrugs. “Okay, sure.”

Jeongguk laughs. They settle down on the couch as the movie starts playing.

(Jimin really wasn’t kidding earlier when he said that the movie would make them cry their eyes out.)




The next day, Jeongguk notices a new group chat in his messages—Seokjin made one without Hoseok to offer advice to Namjoon. Not much progress is made until next Saturday—“D-day”, as Seokjin calls it.


< helping joon get that bf >




namjoon-ah, status?






yoongi i love you but dont come for me :((




i’m at the cafe rn

and hoseok said he’s coming soon









that’s good!

you’re doing great namjoon :D



namjoon-hyung do you have my bouquet??




thanks tae you’re a godsend






i’m really nervous hnngh

what if he says no??

there’s nothing to really like about me?? i’m not good enough for him?
















youre amazing, joon

dont put yourself down like that



and hyung, youre his best friend

of course he at least likes you

almost definitely more than that



we’re rooting for you!!




thanks guys you’re the best

hobi’s here now

i’m doing it



go get that boyfriend!



and now...we wait



(He’s probably predicted the outcome already. Jeongguk, too, knows what to expect.)




< six hyungs and one baby >









hobi and i




we’re dating!









took you two long enough



shut up we’re still your hyungs



congrats, namjoonie and hoseokie!!

but i really agree with guk

it took you two waaaayyy too long to get yourselves together






joon they’re 100% right and you know it



stop siding with your bf and favorite dongsaeng all the time smh



yes thats me

yoongi-hyung’s favorite dongsaeng :D



yoongi-hyung?? what about me??



youre all my favorites ig



hobi-hyung, namjoon-hyung, did you kiss yet???










...ok yes

i think i died



me too??

joonie was so flustered and cute and how is he the tallest person in this gc hes so s o f t






i’m expecting a full recap of the date from start to finish from both of you

you two are already so c u t e

yoongi, what if they become cuter than us?



im in my room why are you texting me

and what, is this a competition?



of course it is sweetheart



you two are disgustingly cute

i dont think anyone can outdo you with that tbh



im offended

are you saying joonie and i arent cute??



nooooo hoseok-hyung!!

both couples are really really cute!!



very true



we love both


“What’s got you so smiley?” Yugyeom asks. Jeongguk looks up. Yugyeom is standing at the doorway, head tilted. “Are you planning some evil shit this time?”

Jeongguk snorts. “Namjoon-hyung and Hobi-hyung finally got together, all according to Jin-hyung’s plans.”

“Really?” Yugyeom raises an eyebrow. His phone dings and he glances down at it. “Oh, wait, never mind—Jackson-hyung’s spamming our group chat with the news already.”

Jeongguk laughs. “Namjoon-hyung told him?”

“Well, to be specific, Jackson pried it out of him,” Yugyeom clarifies, still looking down at the screen. “Oh, and—” He breaks into a wide smile, typing a response.

Well, who’s the smiley one now? Jeongguk thinks. He frowns suspiciously. “And…?”

“Nothing,” Yugyeom says, too quickly. He backs out of the room, probably to his own bedroom. Jeongguk narrows his eyes. Huh.

He’s distracted from Yugyeom’s abrupt retreat as his phone buzzes with messages again.


< six hyungs and one baby >



we should celebrate!!



jinie no

i mean i love namjoon and hoseok but no



no need

i want some alone time cuddling w my new bf anyway






cuteee :((

yoongi i’m in the mood for cuteness come cuddle meeee



im running






shut up





a kiss for guk too so he doesn’t feel lonely



what about the rest of us???


Jeongguk laughs, feeling his cheeks warm. He covers his smile with his hand.

Hoseok and Namjoon are finally together. He’s happy for them, happy that they figured out their shit. Still, there’s something lingering in his heart, even as he tries to push it away. Like he’s missing something. Like it’s not enough.




Things die down for a while. Jeongguk’s professor decides to hit them with an exam (worth half of their semester grade, what the fuck?) on a short notice. Jeongguk spends his time attempting to study, totally confused by everything.

His hyungs stop texting in the group chat as much. Which, Jeongguk knows, is to help him. He needs to focus, and the texts would distract him. But he’s not dense (or, so he thinks). He’s definitely noticed that his hyungs have gotten a bit closer ever since...Namjoon and Hoseok got together. Jeongguk’s happy for them, too, but there’s a part of him that feels left out, and a part of him that berates himself for being so selfish. And then he wonders why he’s being so selfish.

He pulls countless all-nighters, barely grasping any of the information.

Seokjin reminds gently him to look after himself. Yoongi gives him some advice on study habits and not stressing out too much. Hoseok encourages him to do his best, wishing him good luck. Namjoon explains some of the concepts to him in ways that sort of make sense. Jimin and Taehyung show up at his apartment with coffee.

“You’re my saviors, hyungs,” Jeongguk sighs. Jimin rubs his shoulder soothingly.

“No problem, Guk,” Taehyung says with a smile. “Good luck. If you don’t make it out alive, we’ll tell the other hyungs that you loved them.”

Jeongguk laughs, his heart feeling lighter.

On the day of the exam, he somehow manages to limp through it, answering all the questions and sort of understanding. He practically leaps out of his chair once he’s done, anxious to get away from the classroom.

Finally, for fuck’s sake.

He checks the ‘97 line group chat, where Woojin and Jinsoul are lamenting about failing. Jeongguk decides to add to their conversation later, first texting the group chat with his hyungs.


< six hyungs and one baby >



im done

mightve failed



you probably did well! have faith!




jimin and tae are graduating in a year

the rest of yall already finished college

meanwhile i have to suffer a few more years of this what the fuck



lol babyyyyyyy

it’s okay we’ll still be here for you


Jeongguk smiles at that.

Later, when he’s back at his apartment, Yoongi shows up, telling him to look after himself, “Jin’s orders”. Seokjin comes by separately and gives him a whole lecture before cooking him the first proper meal he’s eaten for the whole week. Jeongguk goes out to eat with Jimin and Taehyung to celebrate getting the exam over with. Namjoon and Hoseok give him their congratulations, Hoseok lamenting about how he nearly failed an exam once and Namjoon asking if his tutoring was any help (it was—Jeongguk wouldn’t have known anything if it weren’t for him).

Jeongguk feels like he can finally fucking take a breather. He hates exams. It’s more bearable with his hyungs there, though, like Taehyung said. He wouldn’t have gotten this far without them.

He’s grateful for them. They’re good friends to him, and that’s what Jeongguk chalks it all up to. The warmth in his chest. The flutters in his heart.

He thinks and thinks about it, but draws a blank each time.

God, he’s a fucking idiot.




It doesn’t actually dawn upon him slowly—Jeongguk feels like that description doesn’t do justice to his obliviousness. Rather, it hits him like a fucking truck. Which, Jeongguk supposes, he deserves—it takes him way too long to figure it out.

It’s the Sunday after that damn exam, and they’re watching Your Name (Jimin picked it, even though Jeongguk knows it’s his sixth time watching it), and Jeongguk is huddled on the floor “alone”. To his right, Yoongi is lying down with his head pillowed on Seokjin’s thigh. To his left, Namjoon and Hoseok are holding hands and whispering to each other. Taehyung and Jimin are cuddling in the loveseat together.

Usually, Jeongguk wouldn’t mind this arrangement. But it’s been irking him lately, how he’s kind of alone. How he, too, wants affection from his hyungs.

If he had to put a name to that feeling, it would be...jealousy? Jealous of all of them. It makes him feel guilty. He tries to ignore it.

Jeongguk’s seen this movie four times already (each time was Jimin forcing him to watch with him), so he’s falling asleep trying to catch up on the rest he’s been missing out on for the past day or so.

He leans back on the couch and closes his eyes, tuning out the voices from the TV and trying to doze off.

He doesn’t know how long he naps for, but the next thing he remembers is Hoseok’s soft voice, piercing through the haze of sleepiness. “ adorable when he sleeps. Just look at him.”

“It’s annoying,” Yoongi grumbles. “He can make anyone do anything with that face.”

Jimin sighs. “He’s so cute that I almost forgive him for falling asleep during such a beautiful movie.”

“Let him rest, Jiminie,” Namjoon says softly. A gentle hand brushes Jeongguk’s bangs from his forehead.

“A baby,” Seokjin says fondly, and there are five murmurs of agreement.

“Our baby,” Taehyung says, his tone so warm it sends shivers down Jeongguk’s spine (ha, ironic).

Jeongguk doesn’t dare open his eyes, keeping his breathing steady even as butterflies move restlessly in his heart.

His exhaustion takes over again, and the rest of their conversation slips from his mind.

When he finally wakes up for real, it’s around midnight. Jeongguk’s lying on a sleeping bag—he doesn’t remember being moved—and stares up into the darkness and tries to figure out what the fuck his heart is doing.

The first thing he thinks is, Is this how Namjoon-hyung and Hoseok-hyung felt about each other before, but six times more intense?

It takes an embarrassing three seconds before his mind catches up to his heart and—

Jeongguk’s had crushes before, on both guys and girls. They usually change in the blink of an eye, never lasting long enough for him to develop actual feelings. Just a brief attraction that fades away after a week or two.


He loves all of his hyungs, individually. There’s Seokjin’s tenderness, Yoongi’s sarcasm, Hoseok’s brightness, Namjoon’s awkwardness, Jimin’s charm, Taehyung’s playfulness. And he loves all of them together, when they’re hanging out watching movies, joking around, laughing with one another.

It’s the little things, really. How his hyungs take care of him, comfort him, tease him. Jeongguk’s heart flutters every time and it’s a nice but scary feeling. Emphasis on scary.

His cheeks warm the more he thinks about them. His heart rate is speeding up.

And holy fucking shit Jeongguk thinks he’s in love with his six hyungs, his six closest friends, Seokjin and Yoongi and Hoseok and Namjoon and Jimin and Taehyung— all of them, is that even possible?

Jeongguk buries his head in his pillow and quietly screams, glad that no one is awake at the moment.

He really, genuinely has never dealt with this kind of thing before.

And he has no fucking idea what to do.




It’s hard. Really hard. Now that he’s had his epiphany (long overdue, to be honest), whenever Jeongguk’s around his hyungs, his mind goes into overdrive. He can’t help but stare and feel and think, and he’s always acutely aware of his racing heartbeat.

Everything is affecting him now. When any of his hyungs smile at him, or touch him, it’s so fucking difficult to not jump out of his skin. And even if they’re not doing anything to him directly, he feels his heart rate picking up—how Yoongi is almost always touching Seokjin in some way, how the brightness of Hoseok’s smile increases tenfold whenever he sees Namjoon, how Taehyung and Jimin can practically read each other’s thoughts.

Jeongguk didn’t really mind being the third (seventh?) wheel. He still doesn’t—at least, not in the normal way. He loves being with them. He loves seeing them together, he loves being coddled by them. Jealous of all of them, yeah, because he’s in love with all of them.

Jeongguk thinks he’s going to go crazy.

The first thing Jeongguk promises himself after his late, late realization— his hyungs can never know. There are already three couples among them. Well, maybe Jimin and Taehyung aren’t a couple, but no one knows for sure. With the way they’re always together, they might as well be. His hyungs are already in relationships and they’re perfect.

Plus, Yoongi and Seokjin, despite not being born in the same year, are only a few months apart in age. Namjoon and Hoseok were born in the same year; so were Taehyung and Jimin. Jeongguk’s the youngest by two years. It’s not that much, but it’s...enough. Enough for Jeongguk to tell himself that there is always something to set him apart from the six others, and that the best option is to wait until his feelings crumble into dust.

Except it’s really fucking hard when he’s around his hyungs 24/7. Namjoon sometimes walks him to his early morning lectures. Hoseok and Jimin are with him during dance practice. Yoongi drops by his studio to help him produce his first few tracks. Taehyung and Seokjin sometimes visit him at his apartment to check up on him. And of course, watching movies with all six of them on Sunday nights—he realizes that he’s begun to stare more at his hyungs than the TV screen, tracing their faces with his eyes and completely tuning out the movie.

At this rate his feelings are only growing stronger, which is the exact opposite of what Jeongguk wants.

So when Sunday comes around again, Jeongguk opts to stay home and work on a paper that isn’t due until a few weeks from now. He sends a quick text to the group chat. His hyungs are understanding, wishing him luck on the paper. Jeongguk stares at the messages and the warm feeling in his heart is unnerving.

Namjoon and Hoseok may have been oblivious but Jeongguk is honestly ten times worse. How did he only realize his feelings a week ago?

He’s a goddamn hypocrite, for fuck’s sake.

Jeongguk knows he’s bisexual, has known since he was thirteen. He never experienced this strong of an attraction to anyone until... now, especially not with people this close to him. And now it’s six people.

(Well, Yugyeom may or may not have been Jeongguk’s gay awakening, but there’s no way in hell he’ll ever tell him that. He’d rather confess to his hyungs/crushes than admit that, which is quite a statement given his current predicament.)

Yugyeom is home, too, that evening. When Jeongguk tells him of his plans to stay at the apartment, Yugyeom looks so shocked it’s almost comical. “What? You never skip out on that. And besides, the stupid paper isn’t due until—”

“Get out of my room,” Jeongguk sighs. He’s lying on his bed on his stomach, burrowed under the covers with his laptop. He wants to focus, damnit. “I’m trying to concentrate.”

“Guk, you have five words written and you’ve been in your room for nearly an hour.” Yugyeom shakes his head. “What’s up with you? You’ve been freaking out more than usual lately even though we got the exam over with—”

Jeongguk scowls. He doesn’t like that Yugyeom’s picked up on that. “I have not.”

Yugyeom ignores him. “—and now you stay home and work on that fucking paper instead of spending time with your hyungs. What’s up with that? You love them, you would never—”

He definitely doesn’t mean it like that, but nonetheless Jeongguk ends up coughing so hard he chokes.

Yugyeom, like the good friend he is, laughs at him instead of helping. Jeongguk gives him the finger, and Yugyeom just laughs harder.

Once the coughing fit is over, Jeongguk straightens and clears his throat. He can tell that his cheeks are getting redder.

“Of course…” he mumbles, hating how obviously his embarrassment must be showing. “I love...spending time with my hyungs. But, it’s awkward, because I think I like them a lot more than…”

“Wait,” Yugyeom says, blinking, and Jeongguk immediately regrets saying any of that. “Wait—”

“Not a fucking word, Gyeom—”

“You—your hyungs—”


“No, let me speak,” Yugyeom insists. He snatches Jeongguk’s laptop away and puts it on the desk, staring at Jeongguk seriously. “You’ve never had a crush last more than two weeks...well, except for that girl who was four years older than you, what was her name again, Lee Jieun? Yeah, you crushed on her for a whole entire month.” Jeongguk feels his ears burn, throwing a pillow in Yugyeom’s general direction. He regrets telling him anything. Yugyeom dodges, his smile widening into a shit-eating grin. “And now you’re in love? With six of your only friends besides me?”

“I didn’t say that,” Jeongguk mumbles, feeling his cheeks heat up even more. Where the fuck did Yugyeom get that conclusion from? Even though it’s true— fuck. “And they’re better friends to me than you’ll ever be, I hate you.”

“Shut up, you love me.” Yugyeom flings the pillow back. Jeongguk, too tired to move, lets it smack him in the face. “You always get that huge smile when they text you, or talk to you, or do anything, really, it’s disgustingly soft and—don’t fucking hide under the blanket, Jeon Jeongguk, I’m onto you, I know you save every picture they post on Instagram and look at them when you feel sad—”


“I know your phone password, fucker, it’s 0613, the day you met your six hyungs and became friends with them, which is gross but also really fucking cute—”

“Fine!” Jeongguk whines, rolling over. “I might be in love. With Jin-hyung. And Yoongi-hyung. And Joonie-hyung, Hobi-hyung, Jiminie-hyung, and Tae-hyung.” As soon as the words leave his mouth, Jeongguk feels like his cheeks are literally on fire —realizing it in his head is one thing, saying it out loud is a whole new level of fuck I’m a hopeless idiot. He wants to crawl into a hole and hide. “Fuck you, Yugyeom.”

“Knew it!” Yugyeom crows. Jeongguk can hear the smirk in his voice. “Now, as your best friend and roommate, it’s my duty to make sure you stop pining and start dating before you become a withered old man, which means getting those boyfriends—”

“Wha—? You don’t even have a boyfriend!”

Yugyeom frowns. “Um, what are you talking about, I do! Six boyfriends, did I not mention that to you?”

Jeongguk chokes, sitting up so quickly he almost gives himself whiplash. “What?”

“Huh. Guess I didn’t, then,” Yugyeom says nonchalantly, as if this isn’t a big fucking revelation. “I started dating Bambam a few days ago. And Youngjae, Jackson, Jaebum, Jinyoung, and Mark. It’s great, I love them, couldn’t be any happier in life.”

“What?” Jeongguk sputters again. “How did that—”

Yugyeom shrugs. He seems to be enjoying this too much. “Long story, involving Mark’s dad, Youngjae’s dog, and a closet. An actual closet, with clothes and shit like that, but a metaphorical one too, kind of. But anyway, the lesson is, if I can get six people to love me, so can you.”

That’s oddly inspirational, coming from Yugyeom. But even so, it doesn’t really cheer Jeongguk up.

“But they already love each other,” Jeongguk points out. “Jin-hyung and Yoongi-hyung are practically married, they’ve been dating for so long. Namjoon-hyung and Hobi-hyung are finally together after years of pining. Tae and Jiminie are best friends and soulmates and possibly also boyfriends and they just fit together and—”

“Shush, I’m sure they have some room in their hearts for you,” Yugyeom dismisses, and Jeongguk frowns at the reassuring tone.

“Who are you and what have you done to Yugyeom?”

“I can be nice, Guk, fuck you.”

“You shouldn't do that, you have six boyfriends.”

“And if you stop being so chicken, you’ll have six boyfriends too, Jeonggukie.” Yugyeom sounds too smug for Jeongguk’s liking.

Jeongguk groans, ducking under the covers again. “Wait—so you’re dating six people.”

“Yes, I mentioned that. Literally two seconds ago.”

“Fuck you, I know that.” Jeongguk hopes he’s not blushing. “And they’re all dating each other too?”

“Yeah.” Yugyeom’s voice turns a bit cautious. “Are you—”

“I’m fine with that,” Jeongguk mumbles, “but what if my hyungs aren’t? What if they—”

Yugyeom clears his throat. “Well, according to Bambam and Jinyoung, Namjoon may still be pining even though he’s dating Hoseok now, and the way Jimin talks about you and the others during dance class is disgustingly fond, and—” He cuts himself off. “Basically, my boyfriends know all. They’re probably right.”

Jeongguk’s definitely blushing. His cheeks feel hot. He burrows deeper under the covers. “What if he isn’t?”

Yugyeom shrugs. “Then at least you tried.”

“Can I...not try?”


“If you interfere I swear—”

“Damnit, there goes my plans.”


“Jeongguk,” Yugyeom mimics. He marches over and pulls the blankets off of him. “Stop being a wimp and do something. As your best friend, I will not let you die without letting the world know that you’re whipped for your six hyungs—”

“I’m not—”

“You’re blushing like a middle schooler, oh my God that’s kind of cute—”

“Yugyeom,” Jeongguk whines. Yugyeom throws the blankets over him and pats his head.

“You’re hopeless,” he sighs dramatically. “This calls for the aid of the other ‘97 liners—”

“Please don’t.”

“Already texting the chat,” Yugyeom says. Jeongguk shrugs the blanket off. Yugyeom has his phone in his hand, typing furiously as he backs out of the room.

Jeongguk lunges. “You fucking—”

Yugyeom runs out the door, probably heading to the safety of Yerin’s apartment down the hall. Too tired to pursue, Jeonguk resigns to his fate and waits for Yugyeom to send the inevitable message to their group chat.


< 97 the year of glory >



hey guys

guk has massive gay crushes on his six hyungs



i fucking hate you so much yugyeom



oh sorry

i meant guk is massively gay-ly in love with his six hyungs**



w t f



wait really??




everything makes so much more sense now






,,,,,is this supposed to be news? smh

ive known that for months

the romantic tension in dance class,,,,,,its stifling







sorry guk but you’re not exactly subtle with your staring









omg GUK













exhibit a of why yall should help out w getting guk his six bfs

at this rate hes gonna die alone

without me

bc i have six bfs now and cant deal w this oblivious fucker for much longer



*is one of said bfs* :D



i genuinely hate all of you

except chan and sooyoung

you two are nice


bang bang bang chan

...hate to burst your bubble but...yeah you need to get those bfs asap



^ !!!



i feel B E T R A Y E D



sorry jeongguk but like

youve been pining for a long time even if you didnt know till now

you gotta confess





me guys know its useless right? they dont think of me me in that way



?? the way hoseok-ssi and jimin-ssi look at you during dance class


cute but disgusting







i just dont wanna get my hopes up

tae and jimin are actual soulmates

yoongi-hyung and jin-hyung are already dating

and so are hobi-hyung and namjoon-hyung!




mark and jackson were already dating before we all got together



lots of people have more than one crush



so what if jimin and taehyung are soulmates? you can be their soulmate too



im talking to jackson rn and he says hes 99% sure that hoseok has a crush on seokjin and taehyung

and that yoongi has been in love with jimin for the past two years

and hes 100% sure that namjoon likes all of you lmao






and dont your hyungs call you baby sometimes??

which is gross but cute why are you guys not all dating yet






look at all this EVIDENCE guk

piece it together and stop being a coward





(Jeongguk plans on doing no such thing.)







Jeongguk really does no such thing. Not even close.

He tries his hardest not to avoid his hyungs—he loves their company, he loves hanging out with them. It’s just that he loves it too much. He’s terrified of slipping up. He’s painfully aware of everything, now, and the sirens are always going off in his head even with just a mere glance from them: They know, they know, they know how weak and stupid you are with these feelings—

They really, really can’t know. Jeongguk doesn’t want to make them uncomfortable, doesn’t want to ruin their friendship.

Except, with his other friends encouraging (read: pestering) him, he is starting to consider it a little. Maybe his feelings aren’t one-sided. Maybe he will get six boyfriends.

But better safe than sorry, or in this case, better dying without confessing his love than fucking up his whole friendship with his hyungs. So he keeps his mouth shut.

Yugyeom isn’t helpful. He’s always with his boyfriends, almost as if taunting Jeongguk for not having any, and when he’s not he’s teasing Jeongguk mercilessly. Jeongguk wonders how he missed all of Yugyeom’s pining before he started dating them.

“I wasn’t subtle,” Yugyeom laughs, “but you were probably so oblivious and wrapped up in your own feelings for your hyungs that you didn’t notice at all.”

“Oh, fuck off.”

Thankfully, with the dance showcase around the corner—three weeks—Jeongguk has something to distract himself with. He vigorously throws himself into practicing the choreography, drilling the movements into his brain.

“You’re working too hard,” Hoseok tells him during dance practice, nudging him gently. There’s concern in his voice. The brief contact makes Jeongguk’s skin tingle. “Take care of yourself, Gukie.”

“Of course, hyung,” Jeongguk says, trying to smile. Hoseok squeezes his shoulder and turns to talk to Taemin.

Jimin and Hoseok both shoot him concerned looks throughout practice. It’s hard to focus. Jeongguk stumbles a lot more, blaming it on fatigue when the others look at him strangely.

After practice, Jimin comes up to him, tilting his head. His eyes bore into Jeongguk’s. It’s unnerving. “Hobi-hyung is right, you know. You need to relax and rest more. You always tell me to do that, so don’t be a hypocrite. Take care of yourself, okay?”

“I will,” Jeongguk promises. Jimin peers up at him, eyes softening.

“Jin-hyung will kick your ass if you don’t—”

“I will, hyung.”

“I’ll kick your ass,” Jimin threatens, and Jeongguk can’t help but laugh. It easies the nervousness in his chest. Jimin laughs, too, eyes curving into crescents as he smiles.

Jeongguk’s heart skips a beat. He looks away, accidentally meeting Yugyeom’s gaze across the room. Yugyeom smirks at him knowingly. Yoohyeon and Minghao both look at him like, Well, what are you waiting for?

Honestly, fuck all three of you, Jeongguk mouths. Yugyeom snorts and starts tapping furiously at his phone, probably complaining to all their other meddling friends about him.

Jimin pats Jeongguk’s shoulder. His hand brushes against his neck and Jeongguk feels sparks on his skin. He steps back as casually as he can and smiles.

Later, after he’s left the practice room, he checks his phone. Sure enough, Yugyeom is talking about how stupid he is.


< 97 the year of glory >



update on guk’s development


lack of, really



i could feel the tension across the room

definitely not one-sided thats for sure



its confirmed: jeon jeongguk is a fucking idiot



*sips tea* this is good shit







but then you’ll never get those bfs :0



either way i wont so stfu




definitely a fucking idiot




this is bullying



its us trying to talk some sense into you



this calls for an intervention







can you?



...n o


bang bang bang chan

wait wait

lets make this clear: do you want to date them?

these specific six people

seokjin, yoongi, namjoon, hoseok, taehyung, jimin



of course he does? hes in love with them?


bang bang bang chan

shush im just making sure





i wanna date them

hold hands w them and kiss them and be loved :(( pls help

dont actually help tho yall gonna fuck it up




if you wanna date them that badly (which you REALLY DO WTF YOUR PINING IS SO SAPPY) why dont you confess then?



because that’ll fuck up our friendship and i really dont want that to happen




jeongguk it can’t be that bad

tell them something




“hey hyungs i know yall dating each other but date me too even though im a mess pls thanks xoxo”



i mean…

that could work









all in favor of helping guk say aye




if any of you say anything ill murder you

its fine! ill get over it




i can sense the internal crying and fake laughter even through text










okay, how about: we don’t intervene

(looking at you yugyeom & bambam)



haseul i love you with the tiny bit of my heart thats not gay for my hyungs



no thanks im lesbian

but anyway

we’re not going to make plans or shit to get you guys together, but. at least consider telling them?

follow your heart and all that inspirational shit

yugyeom? bambam?




fine i wont do anything



me neither

tho i bet 15 thousand won that guk won’t be able to confess before his bday



no betting p l s

haseul youre the best



but please for the love of gays

confess to them and get it over with one day

i dont want to deal with your moping and pining for the rest of my life


Jeongguk feels his face turn red. Thankfully no one’s around to see it. He shuts his phone off and heads out of the dance studio, thanking the receptionist as he passes by.

He should be practicing for the dance showcase, but Jimin and Hoseok may be there in the practice rooms, too.

Fuck, he really hopes it won’t impact his performance.




The three weeks pass by awfully quick. Jeongguk practices and practices and practices some more, letting the moves and melody engrain themselves into his brain. The showcase gives him an excuse to spend time alone in the dance studio. His hyungs don’t get suspicious, even if they worry about him not getting enough rest. Yugyeom just gives him a look and says, “That’s not going to work forever, Gukie.”

Whatever. When the showcase is done, Jeongguk will just have to bear through it. He can manage that. Probably. Hopefully.

At least Yugyeom’s also practicing a lot, and doesn’t have time to pester him too much.

Jeongguk feels Hoseok watching him during practice, giving him tips and encouragement. He’s grateful for it—but at the same time he wishes he would stop. That all his hyungs would stop coddling him all the time—it would be so much easier on his poor gay heart.

Alas, they won't stop. He’s the “baby” of the group or whatever. And Jeongguk, as much as he hates how his heart races and how his cheeks warm, loves their attention.

Jeongguk practices alone, and just tries his best to focus on the choreography. Tries to distract himself from his feelings and his heart.

Now that he’s realized what he feels, it doesn’t make it any easier to deal with.




It’s the day of the showcase.

Despite all the hours of practice leading up to today, Jeongguk is fucking terrified. As he watches the people before him go on stage and perform, he feels more and more nauseous.

Everyone’s performing amazingly. What if he fucks up?

Hoseok goes fourth, and he performs beautifully. Jimin’s turn is a few performances later, and he’s just as gorgeous. Jeongguk watches them, slack-jawed, and prays his blush is hidden by the darkness of backstage.

With every minute that passes by, his heart pounds louder and louder.

And then, too soon, it’s Jeongguk’s time to shine.

He’s so nervous he feels like he’s going to throw up. It doesn’t help that Jimin and Hoseok are giving him reassuring glances that send tingling sensations down his spine.

“You’ll do amazing, baby,” Jimin murmurs in his ear, nudging him forward. Hoseok shoots him a smile more blinding than the stage lights, and Jeongguk nearly forgets the entire dance right then and there.

But then he steps out onto the stage, and the music begins to play, and Jeongguk falls into the same routine of steps he’s practiced for months—it comes easily to him, following the beat with his movements.

The dance is familiar. Jeongguk closes his eyes and lets himself flow along to the melody. He goes through the footwork, the body rolls, and eases himself into the song, enjoying the thrill and forgetting for a moment all of his confusion and worries.

It’s a sort of calm that washes over him, even with the fast movements and the sweat dripping down his face.

Too soon, the last notes of the song are fading, and Jeongguk is breathing hard as he stands in his final position. The crowd claps and cheers, but among all the people, Jeongguk only focuses on his four hyungs in the audience.

They look so proud, and even from the distance, their smiles are huge. Jeongguk swears he can pick out Taehyung’s cheering among all the noise.

Jeongguk glances to the side. Jimin and Hoseok are looking at him, wonderstruck and beaming.

His heart pounds in his chest, so loudly he’s afraid everyone can hear it. He barely remembers to bow before leaving the stage, feeling stupidly light-headed. More so from his ridiculous feelings rather than from the actual performance.

“You were beautiful, Jeonggukie!” Hoseok whisper-yells, pulling him into a hug. Jeongguk nearly flinches away. His heart races. “I loved it.”

“Th—thank you…” Jeongguk stutters. He’s pretty sure his face is an even brighter shade of red than before.

“Told you, Gukie,” Jimin chirps, smiling at him. “Your performance was way better than mine.”

“Oh, be quiet,” Hoseok scolds, reaching out with his arm and looping it around Jimin’s shoulder. “You were amazing, too.”

Jeongguk hums in agreement. Hoseok lets go of them, shooting them smiles that makes Jeongguk feel jittery.

Jeongguk watches the other performers go, slightly more relaxed now that his performance is over. He cheers extra loud for Yugyeom, laughing at the glare Yugyeom shoots him.

Once the last performer leaves the stage, Hoseok grabs Jimin and Jeongguk’s hands, pulling them towards the stairs. “Let’s go, the others are waiting.”

Jeongguk chews his lip, heart fluttering. He wonders what they thought of him. Hopes they’re impressed, and maybe a part of him hopes, too, that they felt as wonderstruck and stunned and in love as he felt when he saw Jimin and Hoseok perform.

He quickly represses that thought.

“Oh my God,” is the first thing Taehyung says when he comes up to them. He wraps the three of them into a huge hug, ignoring how sweaty they are. “I love you guys. You were all gorgeous and amazing, like the entire audience was completely blown away.”

Suddenly Jeongguk finds it hard to breathe—being pulled close to Taehyung and Hoseok and Jimin makes his heart pound. Seokjin and Namjoon and Yoongi watch them fondly a few paces away, and Jeongguk’s heart half-plummets, half-soars.

Hoseok laughs at Taehyung’s excitement, petting his hair. “Thanks, Tae.”

“He’s right,” Yoongi says, offering them a smile. “You guys killed it.”

Taehyung pulls away, beaming at them. Jeongguk’s stomach flips.

“I’m so proud of you three,” Seokjin says. He smiles at all of them. “You did so well.”

Jeongguk looks at the ground, hoping he isn’t blushing obviously. But fuck Seokjin’s praise makes his heart warm.

Namjoon pecks Hoseok on the lips, smiling shyly but proudly. Jeongguk glances at Taehyung, expecting an expression of mock disgust, but Taehyung is still beaming at all of them, gaze soft.

Seokjin envelopes Jeongguk in a hug, the movement so sudden that Jeongguk nearly yelps and jumps away. He manages not to, though, and his traitorous heart goes into overdrive.

“You guys are amazing,” Seokjin says, his words sincere. He glances at Jeongguk and smiles affectionately.

Jeongguk turns away to hide his furiously red face, hating the way his heart pounds in his chest.




“If you think you’re subtle with how much you blush around your hyungs,” Yugyeom informs him when they return to their apartment, “you’re dead fucking wrong.”

Jeongguk chokes. His face flushes, proving Yugyeom’s point correct. “What the fuck?”

“I’m pretty sure they’ve noticed.” Yugyeom chuckles. “You’re fucking whipped.”

“I—” Jeongguk deflates. There’s no way to fight against Yugyeom, and Yugyeom knows it. “I hate you.”

“Good, save the love for your crushes,” Yugyeom teases. Jeongguk hits him.

“You’re being an idiot and denying the obvious, y’know,” Yugyeom sighs, not even flinching. “But oh well, you do you, go fuck yourself. Even though your hyungs could—”

Kim Yugyeom shut the fuck up.”

Yugyeom cackles, backing into his room. Jeongguk collapses on the couch and yells into the cushions.

Now that the dance showcase is done, he suffers. From how often he sees his hyungs, how often his heart flutters. From how his fucking “friends” send him eye-rolls and devilish grins whenever they see him, mocking him in the group chat.

Jeongguk wants to kill them. Haseul, less so, but still. They’re embarrassing him.

A few days later Namjoon invites him to grab breakfast at the cafe (the same one Namjoon confessed to Hoseok in, but Jeongguk tries to push that thought as far away as possible). Jeongguk agrees, preparing for his impending doom.

“You’re so overdramatic,” Yugyeom tells him.

“No one asked for your opinion.”

When Jeongguk gets there, Namjoon’s already seated with the coffee. To Jeongguk’s surprise, Yoongi is lounging next to him, sitting close enough so that their arms brush. Jeongguk hesitates for a moment—they look like they’re talking about something important and secretive, but that thought is quickly banished when Namjoon looks up and sees him.

He beckons him over with a dimpled smile, and Jeongguk nearly dies.

“Hi, Guk. Hope you don’t mind that I invited Yoongi-hyung, too,” Namjoon says sheepishly.

Of course not, Jeongguk thinks, but his pounding heart disagrees.

“You better not mind,” Yoongi grumbles, even as he smiles at Jeongguk in greeting. He slides a cup of coffee over to him. “Here.”

“Thanks, hyungs,” Jeongguk murmurs. He takes the cup, careful not to touch Yoongi’s hand with his.

“I drank some of it already,” Yoongi says. “Don’t look at me like that, kid, I paid for it.”

Jeongguk stops pouting, lifting the cup to his lips. As soon as he takes the first sip, it hits him—

If Yoongi also drank from it, that meant his lips touched the same spot, which means this is sort-of an indirect kiss and—?

Jeongguk coughs, nearly choking on the coffee. He manages not to spit everywhere, quickly setting the cup down and covering his mouth with his sleeve.

His cheeks are on fire. He curses himself for his stupid over-reaction.

“Jeongguk?” Namjoon’s voice is concerned. Jeongguk waves him off before Namjoon’s stupidly endearing worry can make it worse.

“You okay, kid?” Yoongi asks, but unlike Namjoon, he sounds like he’s trying to hold back a laugh.

Jeongguk suddenly doesn’t need coffee to keep him awake for the morning. Stop thinking. Right now.

“Uh,” he says eloquently. “Hyung—”

“Here,” Namjoon says, and then he’s leaning over with a napkin in his hand, gently wiping his mouth. He meets Jeongguk’s gaze steadily. “Don’t drink it so fast, it’s still too hot.”

Jeongguk is now very wide awake, and very aware of his heart going crazy at the proximity.

“Well,” Yoongi interjects. He smirks at Namjoon. “What were we going to say before Jeongguk’s coughing fit?”

Jeongguk’s cheeks burn. “Shut up.”

“Excuse you?”

“Shut up, hyung.”

“That’s better.” Yoongi laughs, and Jeongguk’s entranced by the sound. “Joon-ah?”

Namjoon blinks. He leans away from Jeongguk, and Jeongguk finally can sort-of breathe. “Oh, right. Guk, are you getting used to your new studio?”

Jeongguk nods, trying to calm his heart. “Yeah. Still don’t really know what I’m doing, though.”

“We can always help,” Yoongi offers. Jeongguk shakes his head—the last thing he needs is alone time with one of them in a small cluttered room. No fucking thank you, he would spontaneously combust.

“I’m good,” Jeongguk says. “I’ll figure it out myself.” Namjoon gives him a small proud smile.

They talk about other things. Jeongguk doesn’t touch his coffee again, sliding the cup back towards Yoongi. Yoongi rolls his eyes but drinks from it anyway. Jeongguk tries not to stare.

“I need to get to class,” Jeongguk says after a while, standing. He’s actually a bit early, but they don’t have to know that. “Uh—?”

Namjoon nods, understanding. He smiles a little, dimples showing. Jeongguk feels his face flush, recalling what Yugyeom said about his being obvious.

Fuck, he really really hopes Yugyeom was kidding. Jeongguk doesn’t want them to know. Oh God, they’d hate him if they did.

“See you around, then, Guk,” Yoongi says amusedly. Jeongguk nods, turning and leaving the cafe.

As soon as he’s out of their sight, he buries his face in his hands and mentally berates himself.

It seems like he’s never getting over it.




Jeongguk’s alone when Taehyung and Seokjin show up at his apartment—thankfully there’s no Yugyeom around to tease him. When Jeongguk opens the door, he’s surprised to see the two—Taehyung beams at him, and Seokjin gives him a warm smile. Jeongguk lets them in even as his heartbeat quickens.

“What are you doing here?” he asks.

“Can’t we just visit our favorite dongsaeng?” Taehyung whines. He wraps Jeongguk in a hug, and Jeongguk almost flinches from the sparks shooting through his skin. Seokjin laughs, holding up the plastic bag in his hands.

“I brought food.”

Jeongguk immediately perks up, shoving Taehyung off. “Your cooking?”

Seokjin nods, smiling, and heads to the table.

Jeongguk eats happily, sharing some with Taehyung. Seokjin says he’s eaten already, and tells them college stories while they eat. Jeongguk listens intently.

He looks up midbite and sees Taehyung looking at Seokjin so endearingly and softly Jeongguk’s heart skips a beat.

He looks down and continues chewing, wondering if they’ll ever look at him like that.

Will he ever go a moment without having a gay thought around his hyungs? Not anymore.

“Where’s Yoongi-hyung and Jiminie-hyung?” Jeongguk asks, curious.

“Yoongi-yah’s at the studio,” Seokjin says. He frowns a little. “He says he’s almost done with a track, so hopefully I can get him to rest tomorrow.”

“Jiminie’s with Hobi-hyung and Namjoonie-hyung,” Taehyung says. He pats Jeongguk’s shoulder. “But you get to be with us!”

“I’d rather be with all six of you.” The words are out of his mouth before Jeongguk realizes what he said. He flushes red, looking away as Taehyung and Seokjin laugh.

They don’t realize how much he means that.

“Aw, you’re so cute,” Seokjin coos. “It really is better when it’s the seven of us.”

“Don’t worry, baby, movie night’s tomorrow and we’ll all be there.” Taehyung grins.

It’s unfair. They have no idea what their words and actions and simply their presence are doing to Jeongguk’s heart. There’s an ache of longing in his chest—the wistful thought that Jeongguk can actually be with them. Date them, hold their hands, kiss them.

He blinks, pushing the idea out of his head. He’s being selfish, jealous, greedy.

His six hyungs are together, and Jeongguk’s, well, Jeongguk. The “baby” they love but will never fall in love with.

Jeongguk blinks. While he zoned out, Taehyung finished the food—not that Jeongguk really has an appetite anymore.

He hates how nervous he gets around them—he loves them. They’re good friends, and Jeongguk doesn’t want to lose that because of stupid crushes.

He tries to engage in the conversation, laughing with Taehyung at the silly jokes Seokjin tells. It’s—nice, almost normal.

But Jeongguk knows it will never be the same as before he realized his feelings. And he isn’t sure if the change is for better or worse.

Currently it seems like the latter.




Jeongguk almost doesn’t go tomorrow.

He’s scared, but Yugyeom refuses to let him back out.

“They love you,” he insists, and Jeongguk isn’t sure whether he means it romantically or platonically. Both, maybe. “You have to go and stop angsting by yourself like the gay mess you are.”

Fine, he has a valid point.

Jimin and Taehyung come to pick him up, and they walk to the Seokjin and Yoongi’s flat together. It’s casual and lighthearted. Jeongguk only blushes a few times. Just a few.

When they arrive, their hyungs are gathered there already. Hoseok’s standing in front of the TV, clicking away at the remote. Namjoon’s arms are wrapped around him, head resting on his shoulder. Seokjin and Yoongi are curled on the couch together, Yoongi sitting in Seokjin’s lap. The four of them are laughing. But their conversation cuts short as soon as they notice the younger three in the doorway.

“Took you guys long enough,” Yoongi says in greeting. Seokjin swats him gently. Namjoon smiles at them.

Taehyung and Jimin waste no time heading to the loveseat and sitting together, hand in hand. Jeongguk bites his lip, ignoring the jealous pang in his heart. He sits gingerly in his spot in front of the couch, hugging himself and feeling pathetically lonely.

He smiles at Hoseok nonetheless, trying to maintain an unbothered demeanor. As if looking like that will make him feel like that.

“We’re watching Spiderman: Homecoming,” Hoseok says. “It’s a good movie, Yoongi-hyung, don’t look at me like that—”

Yoongi snorts but doesn’t say anything else. Jeongguk laughs. He’s already watched this movie multiple times, but he doesn’t mind watching it again.

They settle down as the movie begins. Namjoon and Hoseok cuddle on the other side of the couch, opposite of Yoongi and Seokjin. Jeongguk tries to ignore their giggling and whispering, focusing on Peter Parker and all the stupid shit he’s doing.  

Jeongguk really does try not to look back and notice his hyungs around him, pretending he’s in a movie theater. Then he thinks about movie dates, and the idea of going on a date with—

Nope. He shouldn’t be thinking about that. Or at all.

Still, Jeongguk can’t help it when his eyes drift over to Hoseok watching the screen with rapture, to Yoongi half-asleep in Seokjin’s lap, to Jimin laughing into his hand at some points of the movie.

Jeongguk’s heart is weak.

Once the credits are rolling, Jeongguk stands. Taehyung and Hoseok are enthusiastically chatting away about the movie, eyes lighting up as they talk. Jimin crosses the room and sits next to Yoongi, leaning against his shoulder with an exaggerated yawn. Seokjin shakes Namjoon’s shoulder, pulling him up to help get the sleeping bags.

Jeongguk feels that pang of forbidden jealousy again.

“I have to go back home,” he says. He doesn’t have to, but he feels lonely here. And he’s rather feel lonely alone than feel lonely around his hyungs.

Seokjin pauses in the doorway. Namjoon bumps into him, smiling in a way so endearingly sheepish that Jeongguk’s heart skips a beat. Seokjin steadies Namjoon with a hand and looks back at Jeongguk, nodding.

“Okay. Get a good night’s sleep.” He smiles gently, then nudges Namjoon out of the room.

“Jiminie and I can walk you back, Gukie,” Taehyung offers, standing.

Jeongguk shakes his head. “You don't have to—” Please don’t…

“Just let us, Guk,” Jimin scolds, standing as well. “We’re not staying either.”

“You’re not?” Hoseok frowns slightly, disappointed. Yoongi peers at them, a little scowl in his lips.

“Next time, hyung,” Jimin says, smiling. That seems to make them happy.

Jeongguk’s heart skips a beat. He looks away, wondering how he’s going to survive.

He resigns himself to his fate as Taehyung leads him out the door, Jimin following them.

“See you later, hyungs,” Taehyung calls out. Jeongguk catches a glimpse of Seokjin and Namjoon returning before the door shuts.

Taehyung and Jimin hold hands in front of him as they walk. Jeongguk bites his lip, forcing down the longing.

The walk back home has never taken longer.

They insist on seeing him to his apartment door, refusing to stop outside the building. Defeated, Jeongguk lets them.

When they reach his apartment he unlocks the door and steps inside, turning to say a quick goodbye. Taehyung lingers in the doorway, and Jeongguk almost, almost leans forward to kiss him, but he steps back, silently cursing himself.

“Bye, hyungs. See you around.”

He closes the door too quickly, sighing and leaning against the wall. He hopes he doesn’t seem too abrupt. He shuts his eyes and enjoys the momentary peace.

Which lasts for about two seconds until he hears Yugyeom walk over and say, “Oh look, our resident idiot is back. How’d it go?”

“I’m so gay,” Jeongguk says without opening his eyes. “Fucking hell.”

“What else is new?” Yugyeom jokes. “They’re gay, too, you know—”

“Fuck off,” Jeongguk snaps, and Yugyeom walks away cackling.




Jeongguk wants to believe that Yugyeom’s right. That his hyungs do love him like that, but Jeongguk refuses to get his hopes up. What does Yugyeom know, anyway?

But then, a week later, there’s an exchange with his hyungs in the group chat that leaves him so fucking confused. And maybe hopeful. Just a little bit.


< six hyungs and one baby >



hello loves




who are you and what have you done to our yoongi-hyung



lol it’s jin

i stole yoongi’s phone

(but shh yoongi is totally capable of saying that too, just saying)

i know tomorrow’s movie night but

is everyone free tomorrow after 6:30?

namjoon and hobi, studio work is no excuse



…yeah i’m free



i have to teach a dance class and it ends at five-thirty, is that okay?



sure! you’ll still be able to make it



jiminie and i are free too



yeah me too, why though?



i’ll let yoongi explain

okay so since everyone can make it we’re going out to eat together tomorrow

i’ll make a reservation at this one restaurant

wear something really nice, its hella fancy and expensive

be grateful that i’ll pay for you guys

be there at seven



nice!! free food!!






thats all you two care about huh



back to my own phone

but yeah don’t be late yoongi-yah is being a sweetheart and offering to go broke for you guys

seven o’clock, sunday evening tomorrow. don’t forget!



so itll be like date night, but with all seven of us?



well who says those two things are mutually exclusive?

and if any of you are late tomorrow there will be No Mercy


Jeongguk makes some sort of dying squeak noise, feeling his face flush. Fuck fuck fuck why did Taehyung have to word it like that what the fuck—

Yugyeom glances at him from across the room, raising an eyebrow.

“Wow, your face is really red,” Yugyeom comments. He walks over and snatches Jeongguk’s phone out of his hand before Jeongguk can deny. “Oh wow, I can see why.”

“Fuck you—”

“Why don’t you believe us, Gukie?” Yugyeom complains, tossing the phone back at him. “They love you! Ask them all out already! You’re practically going on a date with them tomorrow, so when the time comes you better square up and wear something nice and tell them your goddamn feelings.”

Jeongguk doesn’t want to get his hopes up. “But—”

“For fuck’s sake, Jeongguk, you already agreed to go.” Yugyeom shoves him towards his room. “Now go get an outfit together for tomorrow. If you don’t have anything fancy because you never go out, you can borrow from me.”

“Thanks,” Jeongguk says sarcastically.

Yugyeom grins at him. “You’re welcome, my dearest friend. And I’m definitely expecting you to get some tomorrow.”

Jeongguk shoos him out of the room, swearing loud enough to piss off their neighbours.

He really needs new friends.




Tomorrow comes too quickly.

Jeongguk is nervous. He’s dressed in attire that he hopes isn’t too over-the-top, his hair neatly combed. Yugyeom says he looks “decent”, which Jeongguk figures means good enough.

Yugyeom has decided to stay home and see Jeongguk off, since Jimin and Taehyung are picking him up. His smug smirk is permanently glued to his face, and he keeps on fucking talking like Jeongguk’s going on an actual date.

He’s not. He’s not.

Don’t get your hopes up, he tells himself. It’s just a friendly outing.

“You’re ridiculous,” Yugyeom says, as if reading his thoughts.

“Thanks! I hate you.”

Yugyeom smirks, patting his shoulder. “Look at Jeonggukie, all grown up and going on his first date ever—”

“Why am I your friend.”

Before Yugyeom can retort, the doorbell rings. Jeongguk opens the door, refusing to look back at Yugyeom’s condescending face.

Taehyung and Jimin look so good, even with the shitty lighting of the hallway, and Jeongguk forgets how to fucking breathe.

He doesn’t even think to greet them. Luckily, they don’t seem to notice nor care.

“Hey, Yugyeom,” Jimin says, smiling. He lays a hand on Jeongguk’s shoulder. “We’re just gonna steal our Jeonggukie for the night, is that okay?”

“Please do,” Yugyeom says. Jeongguk turns around to glare at him. “Keep him, actually. I don’t have a use for him anymore.”

“Fuck you, Yugyeom.”

Yugyeom wiggles his eyebrows, not-so-subtly glancing at Jimin and Taehyung.

Jeongguk wants to die of embarrassment.

Unaware of Yugyeom and his evil schemes, Taehyung takes Jeongguk’s arm and pulls him towards the door. “Don’t worry, Yugyeomie, we’ll take care of him.”

Jeongguk resists the urge to bury his face in his hands.

“Oh?” Yugyeom’s smirk becomes even more wicked, if possible. “Have fun, then.”

I despise you, Jeongguk mouths at him as Taehyung leads him out through the doorway. The door shuts before Jeongguk can see Yugyeom’s expression, but he can still hear his laughter through the closed door.

“Let’s go.” Jimin takes Jeongguk’s hand, his other one interlaced with Taehyung’s. Jeongguk has a mini heart attack.

The three of them walk the whole way to the restaurant holding hands. Jeongguk flips back and forth between thanks, I hate it and unfortunately, I love it.

He’s a fucking mess.

When they reach the restaurant, the rest of his hyungs are already in the waiting area. Jimin lets go of Jeongguk’s hand to hug Seokjin.

“Nice to see you guys,” Seokjin says, smiling at them. He returns Jimin’s embrace. “Yoongi was just saying how much he missed you.”

Yoongi rolls his eyes, but he still offers them small smiles. “I wasn’t.”

Jeongguk looks away, trying to relax and not have a gay crisis in the middle of a fancy restaurant, but that plan is immediately botched when Hoseok slides an arm around Jeongguk, pulling him into a half-hug.

“Ah, Jeonggukie,” Hoseok chirps, grinning and unaware of the effect he has on him. “You look handsome tonight.”

Jeongguk stutters a reply, trying and failing to say thank you. He glances around at his hyungs, and well. Fuck.

It doesn’t help that Hoseok has an arm around his waist in the same way he has his arm around Namjoon’s. It doesn’t help that Yoongi and Seokjin are shooting smiles at him. It doesn’t help that Taehyung and Jimin are holding hands and Jeongguk feels a longing to hold them, too.

He swallows, trying and failing to push that feeling away. But they all look so good, and he’s pretty sure he won’t survive this dinner—and they haven’t even got their table yet.

Hoseok says Jeongguk’s the handsome one? Hoseok’s physique looks so good in that outfit, Yoongi’s necklace draws attention to his throat and collarbone, Taehyung looks like an actual model in his suit, Seokjin has a touch of makeup on that makes him look like a god, Jimin unconsciously keeps on pushing his hair back in that frustratingly gorgeous way, Namjoon’s dimpled smile is ten times more charming tonight. Jeongguk’s the handsome one? When his hyungs are the ones that look so fucking attractive, how dare they?

Jeongguk takes that back: he definitely won’t survive this dinner. Not if all of them keep on being this hot.

Calm down, he tells himself.

Jeongguk lets his eyes trail up and down all six of his hyungs, and his heart races.


“You okay?” Hoseok murmurs in his ear, and Jeongguk nearly jumps out of his skin. “You look nervous.”

Jeongguk tries to smile. “I’m fine, hyung. It’s just that—this place looks so fancy and rich.”

“Ah.” Hoseok nods. “Can’t believe Yoongi-hyung is offering to pay. He’ll be broke by tomorrow.”

Jeongguk laughs, anxiousness briefly disappearing. “True.”

Yoongi talks to the host, who leads them to a table towards the back. He gestures for them to take a seat.

“A gentleman,” Hoseok teases. Yoongi shrugs.

Jeongguk sits between Hoseok and Jimin, trying not to act too jumpy. Jimin and Taehyung are sitting so closely together that their thighs are touching. Hoseok and Namjoon are holding hands under the table. Across from him Seokjin and Yoongi have their intertwined hands above the table, heads together as they look at the menu.

They’re paying attention to each other, not him, and that lets Jeongguk calm down a bit. Even as jealousy worms its way into his heart.

Yugyeom’s words pop into his head. Tell them your goddamn feelings. Jeongguk takes a menu and props it up to hide the blush creeping into his face.

No way is Jeongguk going to do that. He looks through the long list of fancy foods with fancy names, barely processing the words as he scans through the long list of food.

“Can’t decide?” Jimin asks. His lips are suddenly close, too close to Jeongguk’s ear, and Jeongguk jumps, nearly knocking over a glass. Jimin laughs, smiling at him. It doesn’t help calm his nerves. “Give me the menu, Jeonggukie, I’ll order something for you.”

“I—I’m good, thanks.” Jeongguk tries not to shy away too obviously.

“Okay.” Jimin smiles at him, touching his hand briefly before returning to his conversation with Taehyung. Jeongguk’s skin tingles.

He’s majorly fucked.

When the waitress comes, Jeongguk stutters saying his order. She shoots him a sympathetic smile before walking away, and Jeongguk feels his whole face flush.

“She’s cute,” Taehyung says, wiggling his eyebrows at Jeongguk in a manner so similar to Yugyeom that it unnerves him.

Jeongguk blinks, trying to tone down his blush. He misses his chance at a comeback as the conversation steers elsewhere.

After his realization of how hopeless he is, the idea of even having a casual crush on anyone else besides his hyungs...he can’t fathom it. Besides, he’s pretty sure he’s giving off enough gay angsty vibes to make it clear that he’s very gay for these six hot guys he’s eating dinner with now .

Jeongguk looks away and wills his mind and heart to shut the fuck up.

“Earth to Guk,” Namjoon says. He reaches over and shakes his shoulder a little. “You with us?”

“Sorry, I’m a bit tired,” Jeongguk replies, proud that he doesn’t stutter. Not so proud that Namjoon’s dimpled smile is doing things to his heart.

“I told you to sleep more,” Seokjin scolds lightly. He smiles a little, reassuringly. “Do it for me, Jeonggukie, okay?”


Jeongguk swallows. “Okay, hyung.”

Thankfully, the first dish arrives, and Jeongguk is spared from further continuation of that conversation.

The food is delicious. Jeongguk eats quietly, looking down at his food but trying not to isolate himself too obviously.

He listens to them talk, and the sound of their laughter, of their voices—it makes him wish this was actually a date. It sort of feels like it, to Jeongguk—but that’s just wistful thinking.

He glances up, accidentally making eye contact with Yoongi. Yoongi doesn’t look away, just tilts his head quizzically in a cute way that makes Jeongguk want to yell.

Jeongguk breaks eye contact, looking around at his hyungs. Jimin’s laughing at a story Hoseok’s telling. Namjoon and Taehyung are talking animatedly about some sort of novel. Seokjin eats his food lavishly, contentment in his gaze with every bite. Yoongi is still looking at Jeongguk, and Jeongguk offers him what he hopes is a genuine-looking smile before going back to his food. He can feel his cheeks burn.

Fuck. Jeongguk wants to kiss all of them. Fuck. He should not be having these thoughts.

And yet he keeps thinking about all their interactions, Yugyeom’s words, and—

He’s gone for them.

He’s so caught up in his own thoughts that he almost doesn’t notice Jimin and Taehyung stand from their seats and excuse themselves, whispering to each other as they hustle to the bathroom. Jeongguk frowns, pushing away the jealous pang in his chest.

He tries to focus on his food, but ten minutes pass and they still don’t return. Against his better judgement, Jeongguk stands, too, mumbling an excuse and heading to the bathroom as well.

He doesn’t know what he’s doing, feels kind of stupid for following them. His body moves on its own accord, stepping inside, looking for the two—

Taehyung and Jimin are kissing.

Jeongguk falters at the doorway, stunned. They’re kissing, in a public bathroom, as if no one can see. As if Jeongguk can’t walk in at any moment and have his heart—

The way they push against each other, the way Taehyung’s hand is curled delicately around the back of Jimin’s neck, the way Jimin sighs into the kiss—Jeongguk can’t look away.

He doesn’t even realize he dropped his phone onto the bathroom tiles until the thud makes the two of them leap apart and notice Jeongguk standing there.

They must’ve seen the want in his gaze, the jealousy and shock mixed with longing to be a part of them.

With Yoongi and Seokjin, they were already together when Jeongguk first met them. Namjoon and Hoseok were already obviously pining. But Taehyung and Jimin—probably the two Jeongguk feels the closest to—were a mystery. No one knew what they were. No one really cared, because they were happy.

It hits Jeongguk so hard he can barely breathe, and he finally fucking realizes he just intruded on a very private, intimate moment.

“I—sorry—” Jeongguk stammers, unable to form a sentence. His face is burning. “I’ll just—”

“Baby—” Jimin and Taehyung say, almost simultaneously, and the nickname sounds so wrong now, because Jeongguk isn’t their baby, he’s no one’s, and—

He’s always suspected, in the back of his mind, that Jimin and Taehyung are in love and boyfriends. It doesn’t make this easier to handle, especially with the suppressed feelings building up in his mind and heart over the past few months.

Jeongguk snatches his phone off the floor and runs out of the bathroom. Darts straight pass the table that Seokjin, Yoongi, Namjoon, and Hoseok are seated at. Do they even see him go? Are they too caught up in each other to notice him run out of the restaurant and back home without even a goodbye?

Jeongguk reaches his apartment in record time, but there’s no one there. Yugyeom must’ve left with his boyfriends again.

Jeongguk storms to his room and shuts the door, crawling into bed and curling up into a ball and trying not to fucking cry. He doesn’t need to feel any more pathetic than he already does

What the fuck is wrong with him? Why is he so jealous? These goddamn feelings are fucking with his head and he hates it. Hates how he wears his heart so obviously on his sleeve.

They’re already in relationships, his six hyungs—happy, beautiful relationships. If there were no legal limitations, Yoongi and Seokjin would be getting married right now. Namjoon and Hoseok pined for so long before they finally started dating, years of friendship and feelings between them. Taehyung and Jimin—they’re best friends, have known each other since they were kids, are the definition of soulmates. God, Jeongguk is such an idiot for not anticipating the kiss earlier.

He’s being irrational, having this reaction to a kiss he should’ve seen coming. He’s been bearing through these feelings for months—this should change nothing.

But it does.

Why did he believe Yugyeom and the others? Why did he allow his hopes to get so high?

Jeongguk doesn’t belong. No, he does belong, but only as a friend. A friend. He can’t let his feelings fuck up their friendship. He doesn’t want to become a homewrecker. He’s just a friend. He has no right to intrude on their romantic and sappy and boyfriend-y moments.

But he knows his feelings won’t go away easily. He sees them so often, and every time he feels his heart beat faster, his cheeks grow warmer.

The amount of love he has for his hyungs is crushing. Jeongguk doesn’t think he can ever get rid of it.

He squeezes his eyes shut and burrows deeper under the covers, as if he could just sink into the mattress and disappear from all the feelings lingering in his mind.




Jeongguk doesn’t talk to his hyungs for a whole week.

After that night, he puts his phone on silent, runs away from them when he sees them on campus, and doesn't go to his studio or dance class.

He’s such a fucking idiot, a coward, but he can’t bear to see them with their warmth and concern and love because the ache and longing building up in his heart is way too fucking much, and he’s terrified that the dam is going to break and he’ll tell them and they’ll despise him.

The messages they send him don’t help at all. He opens the notifications but doesn't answer them, knowing they’ll see the read receipt and wonder why Jeongguk isn’t responding.



jeonggukie, please reply, we just want to make sure you’re okay



guk, is everything alright?



hey, guk, you werent at dance class? if theres something bothering you we can help



kid, youve been avoiding us like a plague. whats up?



baby...please message me back. i want to explain


jiminie-hyung sorry if tae and i kissing weirded you out or something. can we talk about it? we miss you


Taehyung and Jimin probably told them. Jeongguk feels panicky—what do they think of him now? Do they hate him? Think he hates them, even though Jeongguk could never?

Jeongguk misses them. Misses Seokjin’s terrible jokes, Yoongi’s gruff compassion, Hoseok’s optimistic warmth, Namjoon’s endearing awkwardness, Jimin’s bright charisma, Taehyung’s silly antics.

But he’s so fucking scared of messing up. Of ruining their friendship.

“You’re a fucking idiot,” Yugyeom tells him, as if Jeongguk doesn’t know that already. “I don’t know what the hell happened, but avoiding them won’t do shit. I got ten messages from each of them today asking what’s up with you. Come on, Jeon Jeongguk. You’re just hurting them and yourself by doing this.”

Jeongguk knows. He knows yet he still runs away and ignores them and he feels like the worst person in the world.

He would’ve avoided them for much longer than a week if it were not for Yugyeom’s meddling.

It’s Sunday again—a whole week later and Jeongguk still can’t bear to look at them, much less talk to them. He has absolutely zero plans on leaving the apartment. He doesn’t want to see their faces, as much as he misses them.

Yugyeom is fucking pissed. He literally drags Jeongguk out of his bed, somehow strengthened by rage or whatever, and yells at his face in the living room.

Oh God, their neighbors must hate them.

“What! The fuck! Are you doing!” Yugyeom snaps. “Jeongguk, you’ve been avoiding them for too fucking long—”

“Let go of me!” Jeongguk protests—Yugyeom’s grip on his arm is starting to hurt.

“Don’t change the topic!” Yugyeom shakes him. “You need to talk to them, Guk—”

“I don’t want to!” Jeongguk feels guilty, regretful, miserable—a whole cocktail of nasty emotions. But he isn’t going to let Yugyeom know that. “Fucking leave me alone, Yugyeom.”

Yugyeom frowns. He lets go of Jeongguk’s arm, and for a second, Jeongguk feels like he’s won.

That feeling promptly vanishes when Yugyeom shoves him, hard, towards the doorway.

“That’s it,” Yugyeom hisses, looming over him. “I’m not letting you back into the apartment until you’ve told them.”

What the fuck.

Jeongguk gapes at his traitorous “best friend”. “You can’t—”

“I can.”

“But what Haseul said—”

“That was months ago. And considering this fucking situation, she’ll make this exception.” Yugyeom opens their front door, shoving Jeongguk into the hallway. “The door will stay locked until you confess to them. Now go to their flat and do exactly that.”

Jeongguk feels panic and dread rise in his throat. “But—they don’t—”

“Jeon Jeongguk,” Yugyeom says sternly. He places a hand on Jeongguk’s shoulder and leans close, frowning down at him. “Trust me when I say this—your hyungs love you. They’re not going to hate you at all. What you’re doing right now? All this avoiding and shit? That’s going to hurt you more than you telling them and being rejected— and you're not going to fucking be rejected. You can do this, Guk. Now go.” Yugyeom steps back, giving him one last meaningful stare before slamming the door in his face.

In the silence of the hallway, Jeongguk feels panic rising in his gut. He contemplates alternatives. Staying at Seungkwan’s apartment for the night. Taking the train back to Busan. Anything but confessing.

Jeongguk’s phone buzzes with messages. He slips it out of his pocket and glances at the screen.


< 97 the year of glory >



now hurry up and get urself those bfs, guk


























bang bang bang chan










hnnngh i c a nt



cmon, guk, just tell them!


bang bang bang chan

we’re rooting for you


Jeongguk stares at the messages. Yugyeom is right, he realizes—avoiding his hyungs won’t work in the long run. He misses them. He wants that comfortable normalcy back.

It’s not like he has much of a choice now, anyway.

Jeongguk takes a deep breath, giving the door of his apartment and Yugyeom one last middle finger for good measure. Then he turns and heads to their Sunday movie night, his heart threatening to beat out of his chest with every step he takes.




Standing in front of the door of Seokjin and Yoongi’s flat, Jeongguk feels ten times more nauseated than he felt before the dance showcase.

He doesn’t think he’s ready to face them. After a week of avoiding them, they must be mad at him. And Jeongguk doesn’t blame them. Evading them just because of his stupid unrequited feelings —he’s such a fucking idiot.

But what if it’s not unrequited? he thinks to himself.

Jeongguk screws his eyes shut and squashes the hope in his chest. No, he’s getting ahead of himself. First he needs to figure out if they’ll forgive him for all the stupid avoiding. Then he needs to figure out if they’ll forgive him for all the stupid feelings.

He glances at his phone. It’s not eight o’clock yet—the door should still be unlocked. He wonders which would be worse—ringing the doorbell and waiting agonizingly for his hyungs to open the door, or barging in on his own and potentially being an unwanted guest.

He takes a deep breath, collecting his thoughts as best as he can, and rings the doorbell.

Dread pools in his stomach as he waits. The longer he stands there, the more he thinks, They don’t want you here. They’re going to ignore you, or be pissed at you, or—

The door opens. Jeongguk jumps, barely resisting the urge to bolt all the way back to his own apartment. Yoongi is standing in the doorway, arms crossed. His eyes are unreadable. Jeongguk panics.

“I—” he stammers, unable to form a coherent thought. “Hyung—”

Yoongi reaches out and closes his hand around Jeongguk’s wrist, surprisingly gentle. He wordlessly tugs Jeongguk inside, closing the door behind them.

And oh God, Jeongguk is definitely not ready when he sees them together in the living room, waiting for—for him. They're all looking at him, and when Yoongi lets go of his wrist, it takes all of Jeongguk’s willpower to stay rooted in place.

There’s a moment of silence. Jeongguk feels the tension choking him.

“Sit,” Namjoon finally says. His tone is gentle, but doesn’t calm Jeongguk down the slightest.

Jeongguk shuffles forward and slides to the ground in front of the couch—the place he sat alone whenever they watched movies together. He really wants to curl up into a ball and hide. He brings his knees up to his chest and stares at the wall behind his hyungs.

“I thought you weren’t going to come,” Jimin says, his voice accusatory.

Jeongguk winces. He feels lesser than dirt. “Sorry.”

“You haven’t talked to us in a while,” Seokjin says quietly. “Is something wrong?”

Nothing, it’s just me, I’m sorry— “I love you,” Jeongguk blurts out, and his cheeks immediately feel like they’re on fire.

Fucking hell, Jeon Jeongguk.

Seokjin frowns, bemused. “That’s what’s wrong?”

“No!” Jeongguk yelps, wincing at how involuntarily loud his voice gets. “No, not that way, just...Jin-hyung, let me speak.” His tone gets snappy, and Jeongguk wants to slap himself. What the fuck is with him today?

Seokjin raises an eyebrow. Jeongguk expects a scolding of respect your elders, but instead Seokjin just tilts his head, eyes expectant.

Jeongguk looks down. Avoids the gazes directed at him. He has no choice but to say it now. He takes a deep breath and the dam breaks and the words just rush out of him. “I’m in love with you. All six of you. I think? It’s definitely more than a crush. I really want to be with all of you. I don’t know, I’ve just been really stupid lately, I realized like a few months ago and...I’m sorry, hyungs, you’re already in relationships and I understand that, I don't want to get in the way. I promise I’ll get over it—”

“Is that why you’ve been avoiding us?” Taehyung asks quietly.

“I—I was scared,” Jeongguk admits. His ears burn—it sounds so stupid. He lifts his head slightly. “Of fucking up our friendship...I’m sorry…”

He trails off. They’re all staring at him. Jeongguk can’t read their expressions. He feels panic rising in his throat— fuck I shouldn’t have told them, now they’ll hate me, why did I even—

“Baby,” Taehyung says slowly, and Jeongguk’s train of thought comes to a screeching halt. “You’re even more oblivious than Namjoon-hyung and Hobi-hyung were, oh my God—”

Jeongguk blinks, terrified, bewildered. “What do you mean—”

“Shh.” Taehyung bends down and places a finger on Jeongguk’s lips. Reflexively, Jeongguk flinches away. Taehyung’s hand falls to his side and he takes a step back. The brief flash of hurt on his face doesn’t go unnoticed. Jeongguk feels a pang of guilt. “Let your hyungs talk now, okay? We have a lot to explain.”

Talk about what? Explain what? Jeongguk wants to ask. But he’s afraid of the answer, so he just nods slightly instead. He tries not to look at any of them in the eye, but Hoseok’s gaze locks onto his and they stare at each other for a moment. Hoseok looks nervous and a little crestfallen.

Jeongguk glances away, his stomach churning. He braces himself for rejection. For— heartbreak.

“Taetae and I,” Jimin says after a long, long moment. “We’re dating.”

Jeongguk blinks. He isn’t really—surprised, but he feels a stab of anger and jealousy, quickly followed by a stab of guilt because he has no right to be pissed. “Oh.”

“They kept it a secret from the rest of us until Namjoon and Hoseok got together,” Seokjin says, as if reading Jeongguk’s thoughts. “That’s when we first sat down and talked. The six of us.”

Six, not seven, not Jeongguk— “Oh.”

Taehyung clears his throat. His expression is unreadable. “I form attachments easily. I fall in love easily. It’s just how I am. I like physical affection a lot, and I becomes feelings after a while.” He shrugs. “We—Jiminie and I aren’t really...exclusive. We both had a lot of feelings. I brought it up to the others—”

“Why not me?” Jeongguk asks. He winces— God, he sounds like a whiny child.

“Because you’ve never had a boyfriend or girlfriend,” Taehyung says, not unkindly. “You’ve never dated, never kissed anyone. And we weren’t sure how well you would take this.”

Jeongguk frowns. “Take what?”

His six hyungs exchange glances. Jeongguk hates how excluded, how out of the loop he feels right now.

“...multiple lovers, with consent from all,” Namjoon says cautiously. “Polyamory, is what it’s called. That’s what Tae brought up to us.”

Jeongguk suddenly can’t breathe.

Brought it up to them, a part of him thinks, not quite accepting the information being dumped on him. Not to you, Jeon Jeongguk.

“We were all okay with it,” Hoseok says. The corners of his lips are quirking up into a small smile. “At first, I thought I was crazy for loving more than one person, but they all proved me wrong.” Namjoon nods.

“So we decided to wait on just you,” Seokjin says softly. “To see if you were okay with us. If you would catch on. Because we—wanted you with us, Jeonggukie. And we didn’t want to make it the six of us until you gave an answer, because we loved you too much to leave you out.”

Jeongguk’s heart flips in his chest. “Why didn’t you just tell me directly?”

“Because there are very few people who are okay with this kind of relationship, and fewer who are open to one,” Namjoon says. “And we thought that if the possibility didn’t cross your mind on its own, maybe it was best for us to not bring it up at all.”

It stings. Jeonguk struggles to keep his face blank, sudden tears burning in the back of his eyes.

“Jeonggukie,” Namjoon says softly, reassuringly. “It was stupid. We waited when we could’ve asked. And maybe we could’ve had this talk sooner, under less serious circumstances. It’s our fault, not yours.”

“I’m sorry,” Yoongi continues. His face is carefully blank, but there’s something tender in his gaze. “We’re sorry. For doing all this, the waiting, the...distrust. But we love you. The six of us. We love each other and you.”

“We want to be with you,” Jimin says, his tone tentative even as he smiles slightly at him. “All of us. And you. The seven of us together. And just us.”

Jeongguk’s heart races. It seems too good to be true, and yet—they just said it. So simply, so outright.

“Did that never cross your mind?” Taehyung asks, tilting his head.

“Me loving all of you?” So many times, too many. “Or all of you loving me?”

Seokjin laughs a little. “Well, we’ve established that both are very true, haven’t we?”

Jeongguk’s heart flutters. Warmth and hope bloom in his chest. “Yeah.”

His hyungs all sit down around him. Taehyung kneels in front of him and looks him in the eye.

“We’re sorry,” Taehyung says genuinely.

“It’s okay.” Jeongguk shifts. “Well, maybe not totally okay, but...I’m sorry, too—”

“No, Jeonggukie,” Seokjin scolds. “Don’t you dare apologize again.”

Jeongguk lets out a surprised laugh. The weight on his chest lessens, and his heart feels so light that it seems to soar. “As long as you don’t apologize anymore, either. I forgive you, hyungs. I love—” His voice catches, and he feels himself blush.

His hyungs smile softly at him. Jeongguk’s mouth refuses to work, so he completes the sentence in his head: You. I love you. All of you.

“Can I kiss you?” Taehyung asks, tilting his head. His eyes are fixated on Jeongguk’s lips.

Jeongguk’s heart is pounding. He nods slightly.

Taehyung moves forward. He cups Jeongguk’s face in his hands, his gaze tender, and kisses him.

Jeongguk melts. Taehyung’s hands on his cheek are so warm, fingers gently tracing his jaw, lips pressed against his. Jeongguk can stay like this forever.

He whines when Taehyung leans back, feeling heat rush to his cheeks at the way his hyungs look at him—affection so open that Jeongguk thinks, How didn’t I see this earlier?

He feels dazed. He wants to kiss all of them. He wonders how they would kiss, how it would feel. A tingling sensation runs down his spine at the thought.

He only has a brief moment to wonder before Jimin’s lips are against his, just as warm, but the way he bites at Jeongguk’s bottom lip sends a hot shiver through him, lingering even as Jimin pulls away with a knowing smile.

And then Seokjin tilts Jeongguk’s chin towards him and kisses him, too, firmly but gently and running his other hand through Jeongguk’s hair. When he moves back, he continues to comb through Jeongguk’s hair with his fingers in that soothing rhythm.

Namjoon is hesitant, a bit awkward, but Jeongguk, feeling slightly braver now, curls his hand around the back of Namjoon’s neck and pulls him closer to bring their lips together. Namjoon relaxes and kisses him back, stroking his jaw with his fingers. The small, shy smile he offers when they pull away makes Jeongguk’s heart flutter.

Hoseok pulls Jeongguk closer by the waist, sliding their lips together. He swipes his tongue over the bottom of Jeongguk’s lip, where Jimin bit him, and Jeongguk can’t help but gasp from the motion, feeling his skin tingle. Hoseok leans back with a satisfied little smirk. Jeongguk feels his face flush.

And Yoongi kisses Jeongguk chastely, sweetly, mindful of Jeongguk’s already kiss-swollen lips. There’s something impossibly soft about his hands, the way they glide over his skin. Jeongguk shivers at the touch.

By the time Yoongi leans back, Jeongguk is breathless, his cheeks flushed, and his body feels so weak that if he wasn’t already sitting, he would’ve fallen over. But his heart is bursting with warmth and affection and it makes him feel so, so loved.

His six hyungs smile at him, tenderly, lovingly, intimately. Yoongi’s thumb traces his lip, and Jeongguk almost completely forgets how to breath.

As if a unanimous agreement had been reached, as if a secret message had been exchanged, they all curl around him. Jimin and Yoongi lean against his shoulders. Namjoon and Seokjin reach over them to hold his hands, intertwining their fingers together. Hoseok lays down across their laps, smiling lazily up at Jeongguk, and Taehyung wraps his arms around Jeongguk’s waist from behind, nuzzling his neck.

It’s so fucking warm, gentler than the kissing but just as intimate, that Jeongguk can feel his blush reach his toes.

“We’ll talk more in the morning,” Namjoon says softly, squeezing his hand. “We should sleep now.”

“” Jeongguk asks. They’re still on the floor, and it probably won’t be comfortable waking up tomorrow, but Jeongguk has no plans on moving from the warmth that currently envelops him.

“Hobi’s already asleep, so we don’t really have a choice,” Yoongi drawls, gesturing. Jeongguk laughs quietly—Hoseok’s dozed off already, his head resting on Seokjin’s thigh.

Seokjin huffs, even as he smiles and starts combing his fingers through Hoseok’s hair with his free hand. “Okay, fine. Talk tomorrow?”

Jeongguk hums in agreement, leaning back against Taehyung. He feels Taehyung smile against his skin, and it makes his heart skip a beat.

“We love you, baby,” Jimin whispers quietly into Jeongguk’s ear. There are five sleepy mumbles of agreement. Jeongguk blushes, closing his eyes.

It feels like a dream. The confessions, the kisses. But Jeongguk knows that when he wakes up in the morning, he’ll still be here.

The seven of them fall asleep there, on the floor in front of the couch. Jeongguk knows it’s not a very comfortable place, but being surrounded by all the contentedness and warmth and love he’s wanted for months—it offers all the comfort he ever needed, and more.




< 97 the year of glory >



so, gukie...did you confess yet?

can i let you back in or not?



did you tell everyone else the plan or



actually it was haseul’s idea




haseul i thought you said you werent gonna intervene????




but desperate times call for desperate measures






i despise all of you

but gyeomie you were right

i talked to them

last night and this morning

...and now i have six bfs






congrats, guk!


bang bang bang chan


we’re proud of you



see? they loved you all along!!



fuck i owe gyeomie 15 thousand won now



:D pay up babe






...what did you expect tbh



sigh youre right

still fuck you bambam and gyeom



if only you confessed sooner tho smh




easier said than done



but you finally did it! after months!



lmao yeah

my neck fucking hurts tho hnngh






o h ?








hmm sure

dont forget us ‘97 liners when you and your bfs get married




its been less than 24 hours??

besides we cant even legally do that



who the fuck cares about legality?

i know that i wont hesitate to propose to all my bfs when the time comes

and our weddings gonna be lit



love u babe <333

and guk you can come back to the apartment now

doors unlocked



no thanks

im still staying at jin-hyung and yoongi-hyungs flat

dont wanna live with a snake like you anymore  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯



wtf i HELPED you guk

if i didnt kick you out you wouldve never confessed





lmao hes gone



im cuddling with my boyfriends rn dont bother me



ok w o w

lbr youre the true snake here



less than 24 hours and hes already turned back into a little shit

what a legend




Before Jeongguk leaves the flat, Seokjin kisses them all, laughing when Namjoon flushes bright red, when Jimin eagerly leans into him. Taehyung back-hugs Yoongi and refuses to let go, and Yoongi obviously loves it despite his cutely wrinkled nose. Hoseok beams at them with such a soft look in his eyes, holding Jeongguk’s hand and pressing a kiss to his palm.

Then all his six hyungs— boyfriends— kiss him goodbye, slowly, deeply. Jeongguk honestly feels like he can melt into them.

The whole ordeal takes twenty minutes, and when Jeongguk arrives at his apartment his lips are redder and more kiss-swollen than they’d been last night.

Upon opening the door, Yugyeom laughs at him, wiggling his eyebrows suggestively. Jeongguk gives him the middle finger and hides in his room, light-headed and hardly believing what transpired last night and this morning.

They’re all dating now. The seven of them, together.

Jeongguk touches his lips and smiles against his fingers, feeling that lingering warmth. His heart flutters in his chest.

Even as he heads to class later that day, he feels like he’s on top of the world.




Jeongguk, having no experience with actual dates (no, that dinner does not count, no matter what Yugyeom says), has no idea what to expect with first dates. He’s still coming to terms with it—the whole dating thing. Dating six people. Dating the six people he’s wanted to kiss for months.

He’s hopelessly unprepared for their first actual date.

(“Shut up, Yugyeom, that doesn’t count!”)


< seven colors of the rainbow >


suga-hyung <3

...who renamed the chat


taetae-hyung <3

tis i


hobi-hyung <3

its gay

i like it


taetae-hyung <3


admit it, yoongi-hyung, you think its cute


suga-hyung <3

...i think its cute

anyway, is everyone free on sunday at twelve?


taetae-hyung <3

for you? always





hobi-hyung <3



jiminie-hyung <3



joonie-hyung <3



jin-hyung <3


(guys he’s blushing and it’s so cute)


suga-hyung <3

i am not

anyway we’re going out to eat lunch together, new restaurant opened a few days ago

jins paying


jin-hyung <3

because i’m the better boyfriend!


suga-hyung <3

mmhmm tell yourself that


hobi-hyung <3

youre both wonderful and i love you





hobi-hyung <3

*we love you


suga-hyung <3

yeah yeah

love you guys too


jiminie-hyung <3

sooo its a date?


suga-hyung <3

i didnt say that


jin-hyung <3

yes it’s a date


suga-hyung <3

why am i being pushed around like this

...but yes its a date


Jeongguk covers his face, very aware of how much he’s blushing.

His hyungs— boyfriends are so cute. And now apparently they’re going on a fucking date, and—

Jeongguk’s freaking out. He can’t stop thinking about it, about them. The night before, he can’t sleep a wink, his heart racing like the stupidly whipped idiot he is.

He (very reluctantly) enlists the help of Yugyeom, who, of course, isn’t very helpful. He just laughs at Jeongguk’s nervousness, that fucker. What did Jeongguk expect, though?

“What do I wear?” Jeongguk asks for the tenth time, and Yugyeom finally stops laughing to give him feedback.

“I think this flannel is good enough,” Yugyeom decides, flinging it into his face. “It complements your white shirt.” He also throws a black beanie at his hair. “Wear this, too. It’ll make you look cuter for your boyfriends.”

Jeongguk hits him, but yeah, okay, he has no sense of fashion, so he just goes along with what Yugyeom said. He slips the flannel on and tugs the beanie over his hair, staring at his reflection. His heart flutters in excitement.

“Look at Jeonggukie, all grown up and going on his first actual date ever with his six boyfriends,” Yugyeom coos, and Jeongguk’s hit with a strong sense of déjà vu. Yugyeom’s repeating the same monologue he said for the dinner “date”, what the fuck. “Seems like it was just yesterday when you were a whiny thirteen-year-old with a sexuality crisis—”

“We’re the same age. You were also a whiny thirteen-year-old with a sexuality crisis.” Jeongguk pauses. “Actually, I’m older than you by a couple of months. I was a thirteen-year-old with a sexuality crisis before you were. So shut the fuck up.”

Yugyeom makes a face at him. “I got my boyfriends before you did. So you shut the fuck up.”

Jeongguk scoffs, looking at his reflection again. He feels—apprehensive, scared. Excited, yeah, but not sure what to expect.

“I hope I don’t fuck up,” he mumbles under his breath. “I’m probably gonna do something stupid and they’ll—”

“Oh my God I will hit you,” Yugyeom threatens, cutting him off. “You confessed for undying love for them. They confessed their undying love for you. You’re not going to fuck this up. Just pretend it’s like that dinner you had with them a week ago—”

“That wasn’t a date though—”

“Fine, whatever, it was a pre-dating date, now this is your actual date with them, lighten up!” Yugyeom shakes his head. “You worry too much. Your hyungs love you.”

Jeongguk squints at him. “How was your first date with your boyfriends?”

Yugyeom reddens. “...long story. I’ll tell you some other time. But it’s okay, I’m sure your date will go a lot smoother than mine.”


Yugyeom hits him like he threatened to. “I think it’s time for you to go, Jeon Jeongguk.”

Jeongguk laughs, pleased that he, for once, is the one teasing Yugyeom instead of vice versa. He makes a mental note to pester Yugyeom later and never let him live down whatever happened.

He leaves the apartment with a smile on his face. Taehyung and Jimin aren’t walking with him this time. He’s become used to it, so it’s strange to go alone.

But he won’t be alone soon. He’ll be on a date, with his six boyfriends…

He still feels lightheaded, stunned.

He reaches the restaurant after a five minute walk, his heart pounding in his chest, fluttering with nervousness and anticipation. He takes a deep breath, telling himself, We’re dating now. Nothing will go wrong. They love me.

Thinking that with certainty instead of definitely something Jeongguk could get used to.

Jeongguk steps inside the restaurant, spotting his six boyfriends at a table near the back. Hoseok spots him first, immediately grinning brightly. He waves at him, beckoning him closer.

All six of them turn to smile at Jeongguk, and Jeongguk feels his heart flutter beautifully.

Namjoon scooches over to give Jeongguk room, greeting him with a chaste kiss. Jeongguk blushes as Seokjin coos at them.

“Cute,” Taehyung sighs. “We’re so cute, it’s disgusting—”

Jimin laughs. “You literally thrive on affection, Taetae.”

“I do not!”

Yoongi rolls his eyes and takes his hand gently, and Taehyung immediately falls silent, turning a little red. Jeongguk can’t help but laugh.

Jeongguk feels his agitation dissipate as they start joking around with each other. For the first time in—a while, he can breathe around them. Even if they still make him breathless.

“Ah, this is Jeonggukie’s first actual date ever, isn’t it?” Jimin teases, poking Jeongguk’s cheek. Jeongguk nods, feeling his face flush. “You’ve never dated anyone before us, hmm?”

“I mean, the seven of us technically went on an unofficial date before—the really fancy place, remember?” Hoseok glances wryly at Jeongguk, smiling. “Tae literally said the word date and our Jeonggukie still didn’t catch on.”

Jeongguk feels his face burn. “Shut up.”

“That restaurant would’ve been a really nice first date place,” Seokjin sighs. “But Yoongi didn’t want to go broke, so we couldn’t go back there again for our actual first date. Maybe we can go back there down the road.”

“This place is nice, too,” Yoongi objects.

Seokjin chuckles. “Of course, Yoongi, you didn’t spend nearly two hours looking for nice first date places to choose a bad place.”

Yoongi turns red, just like Jeongguk had moments before. “Shut up.”

Namjoon laughs. “He really did that?”

Seokjin squeezes Yoongi’s hand. “He’s the softest, sweetest boyfriend ever, trust me. Let him plan all the dates.”

“Aww,” Taehyung coos, and Yoongi scowls at him, even as his blush darkens.

The waitress comes to take their orders. After she leaves, the conversation resumes. Yoongi‘s flustered scowl turns into a gummy smile from a few comments by Jimin. Seokjin tells more stories about the cute, sappy things Yoongi has done for me and will do for all of you, right Yoongi?

It’s comforting, nice, and Jeongguk still has a hard time believing that this date is real. That after months of his stupid pining, they’re finally dating. He finally doesn’t have to walk on eggshells around them.

Jeongguk glances around. Hoseok is leaning against Taehyung’s shoulder, and Seokjin has an arm around Taehyung, petting Hoseok’s hair. Yoongi is holding Jimin’s hand under the table, shyer than Jeongguk’s ever seen him. Namjoon is snuggly pressed against Jimin’s side, looking at all of them with a soft smile on his face.

Jeongguk catches his gaze and smiles back. Namjoon chuckles, leaning in to kiss the corner of his mouth.

Their other boyfriends coo at them. Namjoon leans away shyly, face flushing. Jeongguk smiles and reaches for his hand, and the warmth that lingers on his lips is a wonderful sensation.




“I can’t believe Gukie’s first relationship ever is actually a sevensome.”

“Yugyeom, for fuck’s sake—”

“At least I had a girlfriend for a month during high school before my boyfriends—”

“Shut. Up.”




Surprisingly—or not, Jeongguk doesn’t really know what he expected—the dynamic between the seven of them doesn’t change that much when they all start dating. Seokjin and Yoongi are still grossly cute, Namjoon and Hoseok still lovingly gaze at each other all the time, Jimin and Taehyung are still practically joint at the hip.

But now—Jeongguk’s a part of them. He can hold their hands, kiss them, and not as feel confused or guilty or lost about it.

He still feels like that sometimes, of course. A normal part of being in a relationship. Moments when jealousy and self-doubt worm their way into his mind, when he still feels like the odd one out in the seven of them. But his boyfriends are trying their best, Jeongguk knows, and he is too. And he thinks that as long as they do that, they’ll be okay. Better than okay.

Jeongguk doesn’t flaunt their relationship—the other ‘97 liners are the only people he explicitly tells (and they always pester him for details, Jeongguk really needs new friends). As for his family...well, that’s an obstacle he’ll overcome another day. He doesn’t want to give his parents a heart attack when he brings over six boyfriends instead of one girlfriend like they expect him to.

He doesn’t hide it though—he kisses Namjoon and Yoongi goodbye whenever they walk him to class, he lets Jimin and Hoseok drape themselves over him during dance practice no matter how sweaty they are, he holds Taehyung’s hand when they walk through campus together, he leans into Seokjin’s embrace regardless of who’s around them. There are whispers, rumors going around, but Jeongguk doesn’t care. Let them speculate. He knows his hyungs love him and that’s all that matters.

They still do Sunday movie nights, but it’s a lot more cuddling and making out instead of actually watching the movie. Jeongguk feels so warm under their lips and hands, melting into their touch.

He really, really loves his hyungs. His boyfriends. He loves the way Seokjin dotes on them lovingly, the way Yoongi grumbles cutely even when he’s blushing, the way Hoseok’s entire face lights up when he’s happy, the way Namjoon gets flustered at anything remotely adorable they do, the way Jimin’s eyes crinkle when he smiles and laughs, the way Taehyung is always hugging one or two or all of them whenever he can. Jeongguk loves them so, so much and he knows they love him, too, with the way they smile and touch and kiss him. And he knows they love each other just as much.

The seven of them are cuddling two beds they pushed together and yeah, that may be a little bit unconventional, but Jeongguk couldn’t care less. Lying next to his six boyfriends, their warmth enveloping him—to his right, Taehyung and Jimin are both lying practically on top of Seokjin, legs tangled together; to his left, Namjoon and Hoseok and Yoongi are curled together, with Yoongi in the middle and Namjoon’s arms around his shoulders, Hoseok’s around his waist.

Namjoon’s back is pressed against Jeongguk’s. Seokjin’s fingers are intertwined with his. The seven of them are tangled together, and it makes Jeongguk feel so wonderful and happy.

Jeongguk sits up and leans over to press a chaste kiss to Hoseok’s lips. Then Yoongi’s, then Namjoon’s, then Seokjin’s, then Taehyung’s, then Jimin’s.

They all smile softly at him, and Jeongguk’s heart flutters, just like it first did months ago. The butterflies stir and he feels so content.

“I love you, hyungs,” Jeongguk mumbles. “Love you so much.”

The six murmurs of love you too tug at Jeongguk’s heartstrings. Their voices are sleepy but fond, and Jeongguk feels heat rise to his cheeks.

His six hyungs are so warm, so loving. The seven of them still tease each other and joke around but the way they love each other makes it so much better.

He glances around. Looks at his boyfriends. The seven of them, together. Bodies and hearts intertwined beautifully, fitting together seamlessly.

Jeongguk lets his eyes trace each of their sleepy, content faces, the softness in their expressions bringing a fondness to his heart that he loves more than anything in the world.

With them, he feels like he’s in heaven.





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