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Wet Clothes

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Izuku had never seen a dragon before, most people hadn’t. Most people believed they were just a legend, himself included. So when his party had encountered Katsuki and the huge dragon he controlled, it was incredible. While the blond man sitting atop the beast went on about how he needed to fight Izuku, his eyes kept drifting downwards to study the beautiful red scales covering his steed. Keratin plating shifted and flowed over top one another as the dragon moved slightly with Katsuki’s angry ranting. Matching red horns curved backwards from its head and sharp claws pierced the dirt below its feet.

Large fangs were revealed when the creature yawned, probably just from being tired but to Izuku it kind of made the situation seem like the dragon was bored of his master’s angry speech. Apparently Katsuki thought so too as he stopped for a second to glare at the dragon whose head he was standing on and ineffectively smashed his foot against the reptile’s snout.

Yellow slitted eyes turned towards the adventurer suddenly and Izuku only had a moment to process why before Katsuki’s voice somehow grew louder.

“Hey! Deku! Quit the fucking mumbling I’m trying to be cool and challenge your dumb ass over here!”

“Oh I uh- “ He glanced over to the other members of his adventuring party just to confirm that he was indeed mumbling, a habit they had all grown used to at this point. “-Sorry.”


In the end, Izuku was defeated by the dragon tamer. Apparently to Katsuki, defeating someone somehow meant they would become your servant, like a child who never grew out of their ‘mine’ phase. Thankfully the mention of the dangerous mission their group was on and the promise of more challenging battles to come was enough to distract him. He relented on his excited claim towards Izuku and informed them he would be tagging along regardless if they wanted him or not, he had won so of course he would decide what would happen… right?

They were able to make much quicker progress this way so no one complained much about Katsuki’s inability to hold a normal conversation with someone without yelling at them. With the dragon he had brought along with him, whom Izuku had learned was named Eijirou, Katsuki was an unbeatable force. Just having the dragon in their party fended off most lower ranked monsters and bandits they would encounter, only the dumb ones would see a monster of that size and think to engage in a fight. Without having to stop as frequently to fight or to heal from wounds, their speed had nearly tripled.

It was exciting to have Eijirou in the party, aside from his abilities in battle he was also an incredible specimen. Many times Izuku would have to remember that he was a dangerous beast as he got too close.

One night, the party stopped for the night while making their way through the woods. It was dark and would still be a long time before they made it to the next town. It was either continue on through the night recklessly or to make camp and switch turns keeping watch and stoking the fire for warmth. The decision was obvious. Tenya had offered the first watch, and after a few hours, at about 1 am, he had lightly jostled Izuku awake for him to start his watch.

So there he sat, a small bonfire crackling in front of him as he used a found stick to turn over one of the logs in the center of the fire to help it burn evenly. A few yards away, at his back, lay the dragon Eijirou asleep, his front feet stacked atop each other and his giant head rested on top of them. He’d noticed whenever they had a fire, even during the day to cook, that the dragon was always closer to it even if it was still. He’d made several notes of this in one of his journals, how he believed despite the fact that creature could breathe fire that he was probably still cold blooded and craved as much warmth as he could find.

Eijirou moved his tail slightly and Izuku realized he was mumbling again. The way his chest still rose and fell slowly told the adventurer he was still asleep though. Could he…? Should he?… He paused for a moment and stood up, wrapping a blanket around his shoulders as he stepped away from the fire and towards Eijirou. Biting his lip, he slowly reached out and ran a hand across the scales of the dragon’s side. His fingers ran over every crease in the chain-mail like skin and he nearly forgot why he was doing it as he got wrapped up in the tactile feel. He remembered though as he realized it was warm, warmer than his own skin even.

Moving around the sleeping creature, he walked over to the other side facing away from the fire. He put his hand against the scales there but yanked his fingers back quickly as it was cold. Not like ice but far colder than he had expected after touching the hotter side.

It could only mean that he was correct then. The dragon’s skin was absorbing the heat from the fire while the parts that were blocked from its warmth were just as chilly as the night air around them. It would be on par with most cold blooded animals whose bodies couldn’t make their own source of heat.

A gust of wind blew through the camp from the woods behind Eijirou and towards the center of camp, it was surprisingly strong and he wondered how it could have started so suddenly. When he took shelter closer to the fire again he realized he could no longer feel it. The wind had probably been going the whole night, Eijirou’s large body shielding the camp and the fire from the chilling wind. Katsuki had gone to bed before it had gotten too cold and he wondered if the beast tamer had told his dragon to sleep like this or if the creature was kind and smart enough to do it himself.

A smile on his face, Izuku reached out again and pet the dragon’s warmer side, thinking about how if his body were more similar to that of common reptiles than he could have a higher IQ than what one might assume from an animal that looked to be nothing but pure brute power and muscle. Before he knew it, the scales under his hand shifted and a large snout was pushing into his stomach. He quickly retracted the offending hand and tried to take a step backwards but the giant head just followed each step. A puff of air escaped Eijirou’s nostrils and after a few seconds he made a very quiet whine.

“Huh?” Izuku asked himself, the dragon’s yellow eyes staring into his own. Reaching down, he placed his right hand against the top of his scaley head.

The eyes closed and the beast let out a quiet chirping noise. He had heard a much louder version when Katsuki would talk to the dragon during the day and the fact that he was doing it again but quieter just proved that he was smart enough to tell that a louder version would wake the camp up.

Izuku smiled again, the momentary fear he had felt about Eijirou being angry to be touched or disturbed dissipitating. He was startled though when the head moved forward again, his tail moving behind Izuku’s legs to trip him and send him laying back against the dragon’s side. At this point Eijirou was laying more like a cat, resting his tired head in Izuku’s lap and stopping him from trying to pick himself up. He tried to wiggle free but Eijirou wasn’t having it and in another minute was asleep, trapping Izuku there.


The next night they had to make camp again, an argument over which fork in the path was correct and subsequently picking the wrong one had led them into getting lost and losing several hours of the day. They’d stopped earlier this night than last though, a stream had been found and it hadn’t been since the last inn a week before that any of them had had a proper bath and it was starting to become extremely noticeable.

They set up camp a little more upriver, further down was a small waterfall only about 10 feet tall or so and would be perfect for a shower. They all took turns in it, Izuku had volunteered to let the other go before him. He had been the final vote for going right when they should have gone left and felt guilty about it even though he wasn’t the only one to choose that path. There was also the fact that the night before he had ended up falling asleep trapped beneath Eijirou’s head. Thankfully Ochako had been woken up by the declining warmth of the dying fire before it went fully out and was able to start her own shift early. She’d told Izuku in the morning and even though she laughed he was mortified and had been apologizing to her all day and begging her not to tell anyone.

After everyone but him had had their turn in the water and dried off, Izuku took his and headed down the river to the spot, far enough away that he’d have complete privacy.

Shedding out of his clothes, he folded them and set them down on a dry rock in sight of the water. Stepping into the lightly moving stream was hard as it was colder than the fire-heated baths he was accustomed to. He got used to it quick enough and dunked his head underneath the fall of the water.

Running the brick of soap across his wetted hair, head down and eyes closed as water still poured over him, he heard something. It was faint but it was loud enough that it was still audible over the rushing water.

Pulling his head out quickly, he used the back of his hand to try and clear water out of his eyes as fast as possible. He looked to the right and there was nothing, his view sweeped over to the left before he caught sight of the dragon Eijirou sitting next to his clothes at the side of the river, watching him with wide eyes.

He shrieked and the dragon bristled, looking around for a second to try and find the source of Izuku’s panic as if he didn’t realize he was the cause. Izuku’s face went red and he immediately covered his crotch with the hand holding onto the soap before he realized that was stupid. It was just Eijirou, he wasn’t a human and showing this kind of modesty wasn’t needed as he probably didn’t even understand nudity.

His heart beat calming down, he let out a small laugh at the situation.

“Eijirou, don’t sneak up on me like that!” He jokingly scolded the beast before turning back around to rinse the soap from his hair.

When he turned back around though, the dragon was still there, eyes wide and focused in on Izuku. It was… kind of unsettling actually. Izuku even moved over a little in the water and the eyes followed.

“Okay, Buddy. You can go now.”

He didn’t though. It became incredibly awkward and the initial embarrassment Izuku felt was back. Was there something wrong with Izuku? It’s not like the dragon had never seen a naked human before, Katsuki had taken him with him when it was his turn to bathe. He’s never seen Izuku this way, granted, but there could only be so much possible difference.

He turned away from the dragon and faced the sheet of water falling down from the bluff above him, just focusing on cleaning as fast as possible instead of getting some sort of relaxation out of it as he had before. After a few moments though, a ripple of water hit his bare thighs and he turned his head to see the giant dragon with his two front feet in the stream.

“Wha—Hey! It’s my turn not yours, Kacchan already washed you off didn’t he?”

This didn’t seem to stop the reptile as he kept walking in until he was sitting fully in the water. The river’s depth was a good 2 or so feet but in comparison to the large dragon it looked like a puddle. He suddenly wondered how Katsuki was able to wash the beast off so quickly. There was the waterfall of course but it only fell about a foot from the dirt and stone bluff.

He was caught up in wondering again when suddenly he was startled out of it, a large red tongue dragging up from where the water hit the back of Izuku’s legs, past his ass and back and through the wet hair on the back of his head. He shrieked again but this time the dragon didn’t seem to be confused as to why. Instead he just made a series of clicking noises at the frazzled, red faced Izuku, the edges of his mouth turned up in what looked like a laugh.

“That’s not funny!” He yelled back, no real malice in his voice as he was mostly just trying to scoot away from the dragon.

Eijirou got the point though and trudged away and out of the stream, dripping water on the shore. He shook himself like a dog to dry off and gave one last look back at Izuku before walking back into the woods towards camp.

Once he was gone, Izuku huffed and finished rinsing himself off, letting cool water run over his flushed face. Walking back to the shore where he sat his clothes down, he let himself drip dry before reaching for them. He let out a groan however when he saw they had been almost completely soaked by Eijirou’s messy drying technique. He’d have to wait for them to dry.

It was still pretty light out so he hung them up on a low branch of a tree and sat down on the rock he had initially placed them on to wait. His mind had an awful habit of wandering though, and without a goal to focus on as he waited it started to do just that.

He thought about today, mentally reprimanding himself for not noticing they had gone the wrong way earlier. If he had he probably wouldn’t have to worry about his clothes drying now as he’d have a nice private bathroom to wash himself in instead. He also wouldn’t have to worry about a certain dragon walking in on him.

His thoughts wandered again though and he thought about the way the dragon stared at him, that was so embarrassing but he couldn’t really place why. He was naked but Eijirou was just an animal who didn’t understand how uncomfortable it was, it must have just been a knee-jerk response to feel embarrassed.

Inevitably that train of thought led to the lick. He must have been trying to help, he didn’t really know whether or not dragons would clean each other like that but maybe he was just trying to be affectionate or even just smelling him? The feel of the tongue is what his mind kept getting stuck on however. It was smooth and much warmer than the chilly water. Just thinking about it sent a shiver up his back where he swore he could still feel a phantom tickle of it against him. If he was being honest, it actually kind of felt pretty good. Maybe even really good.

His breathing rate picked up before he even realizes it, his face hot again and at first he attributes it from being embarrassed by his own thoughts but then he glances down and notices his half hard cock pressed against his thigh.

Originally he had planned to ‘relieve some tension’ so to speak when he had first come out here. It had been a week since the last time he’s had enough privacy to do so but after Eijirou surprised him he’d been a little too freaked for that kind of thing. Now though, the dragon is gone and he has at least another thirty minutes of waiting for his clothing to dry.

He does one last look around himself before trailing his fingers down between his legs and wrapping around his dick, now almost fully hard. He gives a few strokes along the length, his fingers curling tighter as he pulls up the shaft and towards the head.

Closing his eyes, he tries to think of something hot. Naked women, men, he swung either way so that kind of difference didn’t really matter. His damned head though kept drifting back. He thought of the tongue against him, it was soft and warm and before he realizes it he’s thinking about what it would feel like against his cock. Precome bubbles against the tip and he uses it to smooth the glide of skin on skin. The slick noise of jerking himself off is covered up by the sound of falling water nearby.

Scooting backwards, Izuku leans against the tree he had hung his clothes in, head tilting down to suck two of his fingers into his mouth and feel his own tongue, comparing it to the feeling of Eijirou’s, telling himself it’s just for his own curiosity of the matter. When he pulls his fingers out though he has the perfect use for them. Swallowing roughly, he spreads his legs on the rock and pauses stroking for a few seconds as he pushes one of the spit-wet fingers into his ass. One finger is fine, he’s done this before but as he pushes in a second, things get tighter and he’s hit with a familiar burn.

He has to start stroking himself again to power through it as he stretches himself. He’s panting at this point, head tilted back against the tree and eyes closed as he pulls his fingers out of himself and pushes back in slowly. He does it again and his breath hitches for a second. He wonders what the tongue would feel like here as well. It was so large it could probably rub against his cock and press against his hole at the same time.

His speed increases and the feeling of hot pleasure around his cock sparks up as he can feel himself getting closer. He needs more, correction he wants more, he could finish like this but he wants desperately to be filled fully. He pulls his fingers out and opens his eyes to reslick the two and add a third to the mix when all of a sudden the world seems to stop.

He’s staring up into two yellow eyes, Eijirou’s slit pupils dilated like a cat’s in the dark.

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Izuku’s heart may have stopped, he’s pretty sure he’s dying. Actually in fact he’s sure his soul just left his body and all he hopes for right now is that his body will be sent back home along with his shattered pride.

His legs close immediately as the dragon stares at him and he yanks his hands away as though his own skin had burned them. It doesn’t help he was so close and his body seems to yell at him for stopping when he was almost at release.

He scoots backwards and away, standing up on shaky legs and turning quickly to try and grab his still wet clothes. At this point Izuku doesn’t care that they’re wet, they’re at least something he can cover himself with and pretend like he didn’t just get caught getting off by a dragon with space issues.

Izuku’s breath catches.

He sees something as he reaches for the damp shirt.

Something he didn’t expect.

The dragon’s dick is out.

Okay this was way too weird, it must be some extra sense of smell dragons have. Pheremones and stuff right? There was no way the dragon would know what he was doing, much less get turned on by it.

Izuku wouldn’t have known Eijirou was male if it wasn’t for Katsuki referring to the dragon as he or him. He had no visible genitalia to tell otherwise, that’s a pretty common thing for other species though, just a slit that could house either option.

There isn’t a question about what sex Eijirou could be now though. Izuku, despite his embarrassment, can’t help but stare for a few seconds before yanking his head away when he realizes what he was doing. The whole thing is red just like the dragon’s scales, a little over a foot long too. His dick starts wide before tapering off at the tip but It’s not smooth, ridges line the top and underbelly and at the base where it connects back into his body is a slightly swollen knot.

Izuku vaguely wonders how long he’s been hard for as he cups a hand over the side of his face to keep him from looking. How long had Eijirou been sitting there? The water is loud but not loud enough to completely drown out the sound of his normally heavy footsteps. Had he been being quiet on purpose? Maybe the human had been more caught up in himself to notice?

Izuku still doesn’t have his clothes, he’d have to look to grab them but they’re in the same direction as Eijirou and he isn’t certain whether or not he could avoid getting another eyeful if he tried. He is tempted though, partially from a studious point of view but also, despite his situation, he’s still incredibly aroused. Part of his head, a much more perverse side than he’d ever admit to having, wants him to look again.

The human doesn’t have to stand with his indecision for long though as the familiar bestial tongue is pressed against him again, this time licking up from his knees, across the hand he’s using to cover his erection, up against his chest and stopping at his jawline. His whole body shivers as the warmth is there and gone in a flash, he can feel his cock twitch against his hand. Izuku realizes very quickly his mouth is open and he’s breathing loudly.

Opening his eyes, he looks at the dragon, his head now incredibly closer and Izuku tries to will himself from looking at the absolute beast hanging from between his legs.

Should he say something? He’s kind of afraid of pushing the giant beast’s close head away, especially knowing from battle how sharp his teeth are and strong his jaw is. What would him saying anything even accomplish though? He’s still not sure if Eijirou would even be able to understand. He seems to respond to things Katsuki tells him to do but it isn’t clear if that behavior is just trained commands.

His wondering is interrupted as the dragon shoves his snout under Izuku’s hand and darts his tongue out to lick against the human’s neglected erection. His legs nearly give out as a jolt goes through his body at the feeling and he squeals. Eijirou pushes his head forwards more to lick again.

“W-Wait!!” He gasps, not sure what else to say as the dragon nearly knocks him off his feet to try and lick again. Izuku has to lean against his head to keep from falling on his ass. He seems to stop though, at least for a moment as his large eyes roll up to look at the human, expecting another command aside from just ‘wait’.

What does he say though? He should say no, or tell the dragon that he doesn’t want this, but at this point he’s so desperate and the feeling of the strong tongue against him is just as good as he thought it would be, if not better.

He does want it.

He’s going to lose his mind if he doesn’t feel it again.

Eijirou seems to understand when he doesn’t say anything and suddenly Izuku has to grab onto the dragon’s horns to keep from collapsing as the tip of his tongue drags up against his cock again.

“Oh... Fuck...”

It comes out as a moaned whisper and seems to give the giant dragon all the encouragement he needs as he enthusiastically puts his tongue to use again.

After just a few more seconds Izuku is right back where he was and is about to come. He feels the tongue push lower though, rubbing under his balls and then the pointed tip of his tongue is pressed against his still wet hole.

The slight push inwards is all he needs and he’s moaning Eijirou’s name as he comes. The dragon doesn’t seem to mind though and when he’s done he just lets Izuku lay against his forehead and breath heavily.

The human gets his strength back after a moment, too high on the bliss to feel a sense of guilt or embarrassment back yet. It’s like a drug, the feeling of his afterglow. He stumbles back, getting a small hold of himself but still almost tripping. The dragon in front of him gives a concerned chirp for Izuku’s welfare and it gets the human’s attention.

He looks back over to the dragon, his tongue darting back up to lick a spot of the human’s come from his nose. His eyes drift downwards some more and sees Eijirou’s cock again, still just as hard but this time a thin line of pre drips from the tip to the ground. It’s obvious the dragon must have known what he was doing if that’s any indication.

It’s wrong but… Izuku isn’t impolite and the dragon had helped him. He doubts the dragon could help himself out with this situation... and even if he could it’s just common courtesy to return the favor.

That’s his excuse at least for why he’s walking along Eijirou’s side while the dragon stares at him. His belly is just high enough that he has to duck down to get under it and once he is, his nervousness is back, the strange cock pointing right at him. He just came but the idea of being on the receiving end of this bad boy sends a rush of heat down past his stomach.

Reaching up, one hand cups the middle of his huge length and feels the weight while the other touches against the tip. Another spurt of pre slides out and drips down his fingers.

He pauses, despite the fact that he’s figured out Eijirou is cold blooded it still feels so warm dripping down past his knuckles. He brings his fingers up to his mouth and takes a small lick. Its... not bad. Not any worse than human’s that is and he is quick to clean the rest off himself.

The cock in his hand twitches and he looks back to see Eijirou, craning his long neck to the side to stare at him, apparently finding the display enjoyable.

Oh gods what is he doing? He runs the rest of the pre gathering at the head down against Eijirou’s shaft, spreading it on it so that he can run his hands against the skin easily. Izuku realizes though that even without the lubricant, its slick by itself and he can run his hand up and down without any trouble.

This new discovery makes him think again about how that would feel like inside of him, its own natural lube, and suddenly his cock is getting hard again.

Izuku shakes his head and goes back to helping his dragon friend get off, that’s why he’s here dammit! Not to get fucked- he has too much self-respect for that. He pulls his hands up and down the length, the cock sized perfectly enough that he can hold the entire width if he uses both hands. It’s so big though he can’t tell if he’s making an actual difference.

After a few more strokes he hesitantly lowers his head some, bringing the tip up to his lips. He takes a small lick before opening wider and taking the first inch or two in. He hears another series of chirps from Eijirou so it must be appreciated. It starts out thin before getting wider but even so, there’s no way he’d be able to get his mouth past the first ridge 3 inches down. He ends up getting almost there before his jaw screams at him that it can’t open any more.

Izuku pulls his mouth back after giving a few hard sucks and as soon as his lips pop off Eijirou thrusts his hips forward to try and get the feeling of Izuku’s mouth back. All the dragon achieves though is smashing his dick against Izuku’s cheek and leaving a wet streak of pre against his freckles. He does try it again and maybe Izuku is just high off the adrenaline of doing something so forbidden, but he starts to crack up at it, earning a whine from Eijirou as he laughs.

“Sorry- sorry!” He smothers his laughs and wiped the wetness off his cheek.

Eijirou huffed and sat down, forcing Izuku to back up a few steps. Eijirou rolls over onto his side, watching Izuku as he walks back. He ran his hand back over it again, fingers slipping over the ridges as he brought his hand down the length to the root. As he neared the base, he fingers found the swelling knot there, larger than when he first saw it.

He has to get down on his knees, one hand against Eijirou’s belly scales and the other licking sideways across from his tip down to the much wider base. His own dick was fully hard again and the hand he wasn’t steadying against the dragon reached down his body to stroke himself instead. Ghosting his lips over the side of Eijirou’s cock, he pressed a kiss to the knot and started to suck at it while moving his mouth the hard sphere.

He was supposed to be focusing on Eijirou but his attention was quickly pulled back to himself as he stroked himself. His mouth wasn’t getting no response though, a deeply rumbling coming from the dragon and when he opens his eyes he sees more pre gathering at the tip. He took his hand off the dragon’s stomach, wrapping it right under the thinner tip of his cock and dragging it up to collect the clear white substance on his fingers, never pulling his mouth away from his cock.

Reaching down behind himself, he used the slick substance to press his two fingers back into his hole, the entrance still semi-stretched and wet from when he was playing with it before. Fucking himself with one hand and stroking with the other only leaves his mouth for the poor dragon.

Izuku realizes his small mouth is only going to be able to give so much. Like being forced to clean the floors with a toothbrush, there’s just too much area to cover with such a piffling tool. His concern has dwindled now, he’s too turned on and is getting more and more desperate as his hands pick up pace and he slips his ring finger inside himself alongside with his index and middle.

Moans tumble out of his mouth and against the slick flesh he’s slowly giving up on pleasuring. At some point he realizes he’s no longer even touching Eijirou, just breathing hot breaths onto his member as he gets absorbed in trying to get to his second climax of the evening. He looks to the side where Eijirou is patiently watching him, cheek pressing up against the forgotten dick.

He isn’t complaining about his own lack of involvement thought and instead is just watching Izuku go to town, like it’s just as pleasant than the blowjob he was receiving before. They make eye contact though and suddenly it seems Eijirou has had enough. One of his front clawed feet come down and press Izuku towards his stomach until he’s pressed against the scales, the dragon’s cock pressed up against his bare chest. He assumes it’s just the dragon’s way of telling him to give him more attention. So he pulls his fingers out of himself and stops stroking his own cock to instead try and hurriedly finish his friend off so he can get back to himself.

This isn’t the case though, Eijirou rolls over more and onto his back, dragging Izuku up so that he’s laying down on dragon’s belly. The human nearly falls as the dragon’s front foot falls away and he has to try and balance by himself. He ends up with one leg on either side of the dragon, facing the dragon’s front and the huge cock standing up straight against Izuku’s stomach.

The tips of his toes don’t even reach the ground, instead hanging at least a foot from the grass and dirt below. If he fell off it probably wouldn’t be enough to hurt him but it’s also not something he wants to try. He looks back to Eijirou with a huff, the dragon craning his neck forward to watch what Izuku will do. The human quickly realizes with the smoothness of his scales and the way the other keeps moving ever so slightly that staying balanced without holding on with both hands is incredibly difficult. He shoots a small glare at Eijirou, about to mouth off to the creature he assumes can’t even understand him about how he’s not going to be able to do much.

Suddenly though, Eijirou jerks his hips up in the air a few times as though humping upwards and the pieces click into place and realization dawns on the human.

The dragon wants to fuck him.

A jolt of fear strikes through him. Could he even take something this huge? It’s not like he’s secretly been fantasizing about it almost this entire time. The top would be easy- maybe even half with how slick it is but Eijirou is a nearly wild animal right? What if he started to take it and the beast just thrust him all the way down. The position definitely gives Izuku more power but even with that there’s no way he could out muscle this behemoth of a creature. Still, Eijirou does seem pretty tame and well behaved.

“Alright.. I mean, not alright… Just stay still okay?” He’s very nervous and it reads pretty easily on his voice but to the dragon’s credit he stops his humping motions immediately and continues to stare at the human. Even his tail, which had been flicking around on the ground freezes mid swing.

He thinks over his options, he could come up with a thousand excuses but in all honesty he really does want to try it. His cock looks like it would feel amazing and how many people could say they fucked a dragon? If it’s more than like three humans than he’s calling bullshit.

He pulls himself up shakily, legs trying to balance himself as he removes one hand to position the tip of the dragon’s cock against his ass. Eijirou’s tail has resumed swinging back and forth in excitement but the second Izuku gives a jolt that he might fall over the dragon seems to remember why he had stopped it in the first place and pauses it once more.

Once he’s overtop it, his legs sink down just the tiniest bit, pushing in the first inch so that he can use both hands to hold onto Eijirou once more. It’s not too bad yet but as he releases his legs a bit more and sinks down another inch the burning stretch makes itself very apparent.

He has to stop himself and wait, a few seconds into it though and he loses his grip slightly. He falls another half an inch, letting out a sharp squeak. He’s almost at the first ridge and after a few minutes of waiting he lets himself sink down past it. The area below it is just the tiniest amount thinner and it makes it easier to slip down another inch to where the second closer ridge is.

There’s six of them in total, an inch apart while the first three inches of his cock and the knotted base are smooth without any. He slips down past the second ridge, and in a few more minutes is past the third too.

He’s officially halfway and he’s never felt like celebrating more.

Eijirou’s head is tipped back onto the ground below him, his huge tongue hanging out. Just that response from Eijirou fuels him with a need to take the whole thing and make his scaly friend feel incredible. At least not the knot that is, that’s craziness.

Then again he did have the same reaction to taking any part of this dick like twenty minutes ago so who knows?

His hips grind down more the cock, he’s got some pretty strong legs but his thighs are starting to yell at him for being in this position. He’s starting to worry if he doesn’t get the whole thing inside him soon they’ll give out and force to rest in anyway.

Izuku’s over the fourth and is slowly slipping down to number five. Eijirou’s tail is swinging again and he’s pretty sure the rumbling coming off the dragon is some sort of draconic purr. It’s pretty funny though how such a scary dragon can actually be so cute. He’s also having sex with him though so maybe ‘cute’ isn’t the way to describe the giant cock over halfway inside him.

Ridge number five is in and he has just one more before the knot. The base is so much wider, he’s pretty sure at this point he could just sit on it and it wouldn’t go in. He’s already stretched to the max so there’s no way even gravity and his weight could force it in at this point.

Inside of him feels so incredibly full, he could stop right here and he’d still be proud of himself but still he wants that last inch. He’s stopped sinking down by his own weight and has to lift himself up a little just to drop himself back down. As soon as the last one is in and his ass makes contact with the knot his legs give out and he’s seated fully on it.

Izuku lets out a long sigh of relief, the noise echoed in his partner and he can feel the dragon’s pulse in the knot pressed firmly against his ass.

Looking down at his stomach, his eyes go wide at the visible bump the giant cock has put in his normally flat stomach. His neglected dick twitches at the sight and that perverse part of his brain that has taken over his better judgement is joyous about how hot it is to see. A thought crosses his mind with shame: when had he turned into such a slut?

He’s panting now, his legs still ache from having held himself up and despite the burn in his ass, he also has to admit it feels fantastic. He’s never been this full in his life but it starts to worry him that nothing will even be big enough for him again after this.

He’s just been sitting still for a full minute and evidently the dragon below him has grown antsy. Despite what Izuku told him, the behemoth gives a small thrust upwards, momentum pulling himself slightly out of his human just to ram it back in when Izuku sits back down. His breath hitches and he would be angry but oh gods that felt incredible. He’s still not used to it but even through the burn the twinge of pleasure that shot through him leaves him a moaning mess. Izuku grinds down as the small taste of what’s to come gets him excited, and his words come out as breathless whispers.

“A-Again. Eijirou, please, do it again. Do it again.”

He is rewarded with exactly what he asked for. Izuku lifts himself up slightly at the same time the dragon draws his hips back to pull out several inches and slam them back in. Izuku actually gasps, his breathing pausing for a second as he lets out a long moan and pulls himself up again to drop back down. He feels like he’s going to lose his mind, the pain is fading with each thrust despite what he would think would happen. He knows he’s going to be sore when they get to the inn tomorrow but at this point he doesn’t care as the dragon under him thrusts into him again and he moans out hoarsely.

“Fuck! Again! Please give me more!” If anyone heard him talking like this he’d die from embarrassment for a second time today but thank goodness the only other soul in sight is the dragon. Eijirou won’t be telling his secret to anyone.

He’s pulled almost completely off the cock he worked so hard to get inside him. When he comes back down he realizes its slicker than it was before- the ridiculous amount of pre Eijirou had been producing has all been getting trapped inside of him. When he pulls himself up it leaks out from the tight pressure inside of him. He does it again and again, more leaking out until Eijirou’s cock is just a slick mess.

He presses down again, his ass quickly used to the giant size. Unfortunately, he’s too caught up in chasing the incredible feeling and his finish closing in on him that he doesn’t realize what this means. He’s incredibly close and Eijirou is just as ready, a particularly hard thrust from both parties sends his cock even deeper in. Izuku suddenly feels like he’s going to break and the slick scales against his thighs are the only hint for him to realize with horror that in his euphoria he just took everything. The giant knot included.

He tries quickly to pull himself up and off but he’s thoroughly stuck, it’s a much sharper drop off after the bulb than before it- he can’t get the leverage to pull himself up with enough strength. He’s stuck and before he can even try to tell Eijirou to calm down and help him off of it, the dragon is letting out a delighted roar and suddenly Izuku can feel him pulse inside of him. A new heat fills his stomach as he realizes the dragon is coming.

He should be scared, he’s stuck securely and it doesn’t seem like any of the dragon’s come is leaking out, all of it trapped in him. But he’s already so close and with a few more seconds feeling the dragon unloading into him and he tips over the edge with a long, sharp moan.
The human almost falls over after the mind-blowing orgasm, but the still hard cock resting inside of him only lets him slouch forward slightly.

Finally, Eijirou seems to take pity on him and the growing come in his body starts to leak out past the knot and relieve some of the pressure. He pulls his head up enough to look over at Eijirou, the dragon blissed out of his mind as his head tilts back again and an endless series of chirps leak from his between his fangs.

It feels like an eternity before the dragon’s cock shrinks enough for Izuku to pull himself off of it, laying down on Eijirou’s stomach in exhaustion as come leaks out of his well-fucked ass and pools up on the dragon’s scales.

He’s definitely going to have to take another bath after this.

At least his clothes will be dry by now.


The next day was consisted entirely of hours walking, after only about twenty minutes though his poor tired legs can’t take anymore. Shouto is kind enough to let him ride on the back of his horse after he lies about having sprained his ankle while bathing to avoid admitting to the truth. At least it’s also an excuse the party will accept as to why it took him so long to bathe and why when he returned he was leaning entirely again the dragon.

He’s reprimanded by Tenya, their knight, about not telling the party earlier about his injury and how it could have gotten worse had he waited even longer.

The horse isn’t very graceful unfortunately and every bump is a nightmare on his sore ass. It took him a full ten minutes after his time with Eijrou the night before to fully clean the come out of him, so he knows first-hand just how badly he had been stretched.

He keeps glancing over at said dragon as they make their way out of the woods, Katsuki is riding on Eijirou’s head again and after having experience of trying to balance on the dragon, he realizes it’s a lot more impressive than the blond lets on. Apparently the glances don’t go unnoticed though as Katsuki calls him out for all the wrong reasons.

“Stop staring at me already, Deku! If you want to get with this-“ He gestures to his bare torso
“-you should just say something instead of gawking like an idiot!”

He smirks proudly and expects Izuku to recoil in embarrassment but the human just starts to laugh. It’s the irony of Katsuki not realizes he’s the one in that situation who Izuku ‘got with’. Katsuki doesn’t understand that though and immediately thinks he’s being laughed at. The entire rest of the trip is the party trying to tell Katsuki to stop screaming at Izuku or else they’ll attract every monster in the forest.


It’s afternoon when they can finally see the town, all of them are more than ready to hand over a few silver pieces to lay down in an actual bed and the idea of an inn sounds like heaven on eath. This is the first town they’ve been to with Katsuki and Eijirou, the last one they past was right before they met the two. As it comes into sight the fact that they won’t be able to bring Eijirou past the town limits without making a panic dawns on the green haired adventurer.

“Wait, Kacchan- Stop yelling- What are we going to do about Eijirou?”

At the mention of his name, the dragon looks over at Izuku in excitement.

“What do you mean?”

“It’s not like we can bring him into town, I’m pretty sure we’ll be run out by everyone with pitchforks.”

At the realization, Ochako, Tenya, and Shouto all look back, stopping their movement.

“What are you an idiot Deku? Wait I already know you are so don’t answer that. He’ll just change. Duh.” Katsuki adds.

“Change? As in clothes? I don’t think we have any that will fit him.” Ochako chimes in.

Katsuki just gives her a weird look like as if he doesn’t understand some joke the rest of them do.

He hops off the dragon and snaps his fingers. In a flash, the dragon morphs and changes, shrinking down until his silhouette resembles that of a human’s with small alterations. There’s a pair of horns sticking from his head and small traces of scaling on his body still remain. He even has sharp claws like the dragon he once was and a small pair of wings flutter behind him before tucking themselves in against his back. He’s also very naked and Katsuki yanks his cape off his shoulders, shoving it at the now human dragon, the red color matching his hair.

“Where’d you come from?!” The witch gasps, her cheeks red but not bothering to cover her wide eyes as Eijirou ties the cape around his waist. The same can’t be said for Tenya who has quickly averted his to stare at an interesting rock in the path. Even Shouto glances away while the man gets dressed.

“What do you mean?” The man asks, the cape tied around his waist like a kilt. “I’m Eijirou.”

“The dragon?” Shouto adds, as though there were a second Eijirou who was not in fact a dragon.

“Oh, I’m only half dragon don’t worry!” He flashes them all a toothy smile before looking over to Izuku who has just been staring at him with wide eyes.

Eijirou’s face grows a little pink and his wide smile turns into a smaller, more sincere, one as he looks at the gawking human whom he’s had a crush on for the first time with his human eyes.

“Hey, Izuku, it’s nice to finally get to talk to-“ He starts, getting cut off by said man.

“You’re a WHAT?!”

Chapter Text

The Inn was almost completely full. The town they had finally made it to was small, relying on travelers and other adventuring parties that wandered through on their way for a main source of revenue. It was a surprisingly small building when taken into account the amount of people who came through expecting to stay the night. By the time the party got in, they only had four small unoccupied rooms and the six travelers rented out all they had left.

It was decided that Ochako, the only girl accompanying them, would get one of the rooms to herself. That left three rooms to split between five people. One more person would get their own room while the other four would pair off and share the remaining.

They ended up with the decision that Katsuki and Eijirou would share one, along with Tenya and Shouto sharing another. The last one was left to the incredibly distressed Izuku who was still reeling over the knowledge of Eijirou’s second form.


Izuku collapsed onto the full-sized bed, the old wooden frame creaking under the sudden weight of his small stature. His hands grabbed for one of the well-worn pillows on top of the quilt and pressed his flushed face into it to muffle a scream.

It had only been twenty minutes since he found out Eijirou wasn’t just some beast. An actual real person, with the ability to understand what the two of them had done the night before.

More importantly with the ability to actually tell someone.

He was two doors over in another room with Kacchan right now, what if he was telling him about their night together at this very second? He could never live it down, he’d be mocked by his childhood friend forever about how perverse he actually was.

The handle of his door rattled as someone tried to open it. They were stopped by the bolt locking it shut though.

His head turned to look at the board of wood guarding the room from whoever wanted to talk to him. What if it was Katsuki here to rub it in his face that he was secretly a huge pervert?

What if it was Eijirou, wanting to talk to him about what happened? He wished so badly the now not-dragon would just miraculously forget about what had happened. That was just hopeful thinking though.

A much higher pitched voice came from the other side of the door however.

“Izuku?” Ochako called, knocking against the door. “I found out there’s a doctor down the street, come on let’s go get your ankle looked at.”

“Actually, I’m good here- I think rest is probably just the best thing for me right now.”

To be fair that excuse wasn’t actually a lie.

“What? This isn’t like a cold you can sleep off you know.” She jiggled the handle again. “Come on, open up! If we don’t go soon he’ll close up. We’ll have to stay another night if you have to see him tomorrow instead.”

“Really, no, I think its feeling better actually it doesn’t hurt as much now.“

He watched as the lock turned and the door swung open. With her right hand, the witch held the door knob and in her left, her staff glowed lightly before the magic dissipated.

She’d use magical energy on something so trivial? Now she was just showing off.

“Doctor time!” She exclaimed, leaning the staff against the wall.

“I don’t want to.”

“Well I don’t care.” She strode over to the bed, intent on making sure her friend was at peak wellness. “Now get up, lazy-butt.”

To get her point through, she gave him a swat on the ass.

An incredibly loud yelp of pain came from Izuku immediately after her hand made contact.

It caused her to pull her hand back fast, a mix of concern and confusion written all over her face. He was much too loud to just be surprised or indignant. Besides, in the short amount of time the two had known each other they had become pretty close friends, meaning she had jokingly done it several times before.

She stared down at the man on the bed, his own eyes staring back, then to his ass, and then her own hand as she tried to piece together the mystery. Her eyes shot back up to stare at Izuku, his face having grown a deep red in embarrassment. Ochako’s eyes went wide and her mouth stretched a wide smile across her round cheeks.

“Izuku, You didn’t!

“I didn’t do anything!! I swear!”

“You little liar you totally did. You got some! I’m so proud!”

“I didn’t get anything!”

“Who was it?” She said with an incredulous look. “It wasn’t Tenya was it? You know I’m working on cracking his hard exterior and if I find out you messed up all my hard work I will be heartbroken. Heart. Broken, Izuku.”

“What? No no no, it wasn’t him-“

“Aha! So you admit it! Tell me, I need details!”

“Okay fine- just—“ He shot a look over to the door, still cracked open from when she had invited herself in.

Ochako nearly jumped over the bed to slam it closed, pushing Izuku over to sit next to him on the bed when she was sure it was secure.

“Okay who was it? When did you even find the time? I can’t even find enough time alone to—“

She looked over to the door as it knocked.

It was just party central in his room now and he hadn’t even been given an invitation. Having the only other solo room should mean he didn’t have to deal with this stuff.

“Izuku?” His blood ran cold as he heard the still unfamiliar voice of Eijirou. “I heard someone scream? I just wanted to make sure you were alright.”

“I’m fine!” He shot back quickly, voice cracking. Ochako shot him a look and his head ducked down at her powers of observation. Maybe it was just a witch skill to have unusually high intuition about your best friend’s sex life.

“Alright well… just wanted to make sure… So… Yeah.”

Out in the hallway Eijirou rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly. He’d gotten a new set of clothes for himself so he wasn’t just walking around almost completely naked.

Was it just his imagination or did it seem like Izuku was avoiding him? Just a few nights ago he seemed so affectionate. It had surprised the half-dragon actually, when he was woken up from being petted by the other man. A good kind of surprise though, the kind that made him think he was dreaming when he first realized what was happening.

Now though, it seemed like Izuku didn’t want anything to do with him, like just his presence was an inconvenience. It had to be the sex right? He knew sex was supposed to complicate things but he didn’t think it would be like this. Eijirou hadn’t thought it was something to regret but now he just wished he could go back to snuggling up with Izuku and having his scales rubbed.

Footsteps echoed down the hall as Ochako and Izuku both sat quietly, waiting a long moment until they were sure he was gone. She turned back to Izuku, a shit-eating grin on her face.

“Don’t say anything.”

“So you sprained your ankle at the river huh?”

“Please, I’m already upset enough.”

“Why though? He’s cute! Don’t you think?”

“Well yeah but that’s not the point.“

“Of course you do, I mean, you two did… you know…” She makes a pretty lewd hand gesture at her friend who groans at the immaturity. “Why were you so surprised when he transformed though? Did he ask you not to tell anyone?”

“Why do you ask so many questions! Oh my god!”

“Because I’m your friend and I care. A little secret between the two of you though, that’s pretty romantic you little Casanova.” The witch teases.

Izuku gives a long sigh, finally sitting up, his pillow relocated for him to sit on instead. “Its not that- It’s just…”

“Go on?”

“It’s... Promise me you won’t tell anyone?” He asks, Ochako responding by sticking a pinky out at him, to which Izuku grabs it with his own.

“I actually didn’t know he was half human.”

“What? What do you mean? How’s that even possible unless you- oh. OH.

He buries his face in his hands in shame.

“Damn boy, you’re kinky as hell.”

“Shut it!”

Chapter Text

“What am I supposed to do?”

“Why are you asking me?”

Eijirou sits cross-legged on the floor in his Katsuki’s shared room. Katsuki meanwhile is on the bed, leaning against the headboard with his arms crossed and legs laid across the mattress.

“Because I want some words of comfort.”


“Okay so maaaaybe you’re not the best person to come to but it’s not like I know anyone else here well enough to talk to them.”

“Wow. Thanks.”

Eijirou frowns, leaning over and resting his chin on the bed from where he sits beside it.

“This is about your stupid crush on Deku isn’t it?” Katsuki asks.

The half-dragon nods.

“I thought you said you were fine with it not going anywhere?”

“I am… I mean, I was, I mean… You used to complain about him all the time. About how this weak crybaby kid, I always had this image of what I thought he looked like from that… I wasn’t expecting him to be like this. And to fight like he does, how whenever we’re attacked he’s the first to rush in no matter how scary the opponent is! And the way he looks, cute cheeks, big eyes, freckles…” Eijirou stares into space, a tint of blush on his face.

“That bad huh?”

“I don’t know what to do, bro. You gotta help me here.”

“Just talk to him, dumbass.”

“How? I tried to go over there but I think he was like angry with me?”

“It’s all in your head. I don’t think that wimp can even get angry without sobbing. Was he crying?”

“No? I don’t know, the door was closed.”

“You didn’t even go in there?!”

“Was I supposed to?? He sounded like he wanted space! Should I go back?”

Katsuki didn’t respond, instead just pointing to the door with one hand while the other covered his face.


In the hallway Eijirou knocked on Izuku’s door again.

“Izuku? I really need to talk to you… Izuku?” He knocked again, no answer coming either time.

“Him and Ochako just left.” Eijirou turned to see Shouto in the doorframe of the room between Izuku’s and his own. “She took him to doctor.”

“The doctor?! Did something happen to him?”

“He hurt his ankle, remember?”

“Oh right. Yeah, his ankle.”


There really wasn’t any need to go to the doctor’s now, but if Izuku and Ochako wanted the secret to get out they had to go with the lie.

So they had just told people they’d be at the town hospital and instead walked around, stopping in shops and merchants’ booths when things caught their eyes. The had stopped in a small potions and apothecary shop

“What about this?” Ochako asked, holding a sealed jar from one of the shop’s littered shelves.

“A bottle?”

“No, it’s an ointment. Says it’s supposed to turn anything it touches invisible. Plus, its only 2 gold pieces.”

“Kind of sounds like a scam, Ochako. There isn’t even a tester to see if it works.”

“Maybe there was one but it turned invisible too!”

The two laughed, the bottle placed back on the shelf with the dozens of other small vials and jars.

“What about this one then?” Ochako holds up another different jar.

“What is it?”

“Just some scented oil.”

“And? What are you supposed to do with it?”

“You make sure you have it if you’re ever alone with Eijirou again—Izuku wait don’t leave! Come back I’m sooooorry!!”


By the time the two of them return to the inn its almost dinnertime. Ochako says goodbye to Izuku go get ready and put her stuff away.

Izuku goes to his room as well to rest. When he opens the door he sees Eijirou sitting on his bed, elbows on his knees and face in his hands, looking down at the old wooden boards of the floor. His head jerks up as Izuku enters, making eye contact.

“Oh sorry I must have forgotten which room I was in.” Izuku goes to leave.

“No, no, wait, this is the right one.” Eijirou stands. “I just really wanted to talk to you.”

“So you’ve just been waiting in here?”

“Well I knew you probably weren’t at the doctor’s so I didn’t know where else I’d see you.”

Izuku closes the door. “What did you want to talk about?” He leans against the door, a certain warping in one of the floorboards suddenly very interesting.

“Why are you avoiding me?”

“I’m not avoiding you.”

“You’re not even looking at me, Izuku.”

“Okay so maybe I am.” He turns his eyes back to Eijirou.

“If last night was just like a one-time fling I get it, I just don’t want us to be like how it is now.”

“Eijirou… that’s not it. I didn’t know you were a person.”

“I kind of got that part from your reaction. I swear if I had known you didn’t I would have said something!”

“That’s some pretty important information.”

“I just thought it was like… a pretty common thing? At least for dragons but I’m just now realizing you’ve never seen one of us have you…?”


“Oh gods, I’m sorry.”

“Last night was just supposed to be a secret I had. Something I could be ashamed of and feel guilty about in the morning. No one was supposed to know about it. But you do. I wouldn’t have done anything if I knew.”

Eijirou goes quiet for several seconds. His head ducks down. “So… You regret it?”

“Don’t you?”

“What? No.” He looks back up, grabbing onto Izuku’s wrists while being careful of the long claws. “Last night was incredible. I really like you, Izuku, I’m sorry if I did something you didn’t want. It’s just that when I saw you… And what you were uh…” He pulls his hands back slowly, awkwardly clearing his throat. “-Doing. I couldn’t help myself. I couldn’t leave.”

“No- you didn’t- I mean. Everything we did I wanted. But if I knew who you were, I guess… I guess I would have taken things slower?”


“Sex isn’t usually the first thing you do In a relationship.”

“Relationship?” Eijirou’s eyes go wide.

“That’s usually when people have sex isn’t it?”

“So do you want to?”

“…Have sex?”

“No, A relationship.”


Izuku told him he still needed time to think. At the very least though, the uncomfortable air around them was slightly less awkward now that they had a chance to talk.

Instead of awkward glances at each other, whenever one looked at the other they’d smile.

Eijirou is back in his dragon form once they leave the town and get back on the road. His new clothes are folded in a canvas bag Katsuki is carrying for him. It’s the least he can do since Eijirou is carrying Katsuki himself.

A few hours into the journey and they’re faced with a challenge.

A river sits in front of the party, the water is almost stagnant. The water moves so slow one would think it was still if it weren’t for the occasional leaf or twig being carried on top. It can’t be less than a tenth of a mile wide and it keeps going in either direction, no visible place where it narrows.

The water is dark. Along the shore its clear enough to see but as it stretches away from land it looks opaque, almost unnaturally black.

This kind of thing has happened once before but they had come up with a fool proof plan, much better than trying to ford it like a doomed game of Oregon Trail.

Shouto dismounts his horse and walks closer to the water, the animal too spooked to get near it. Reaching out with his right hand, it glows with blue energy. A moment later and the water grows a thin sheet of ice. It thickens and spreads forward across the river, a strip a few yards wide and a few inches above the water line.

“You’re not going to be able to make it across like that.” The prince says, the magic fading from his palm. “Eijirou. You’re too big to cross without cracking it.”

He’s quick to transform, the air is chilly from the residual use of ice magic and suddenly Eijirou is happy to have the bag of clothes Katsuki throws at him.

Shouto steps onto the ice first, the reigns of his horse gripped tightly in hand. His steed tries to pull away, possibly scared of the ice despite the fact that it had done the same several times. Finally, it seems Shouto is able to placate the animal and it steps onto the slippery service carefully.

The prince turns back to the group, gesturing for them to come on and they follow.

The ice is slippery but it could be worse. It has frozen completely and the water runs underneath the thick sheet. This causes the water to dip below instead of over and prevents lake water from covering the ice. As long as it stays dry they shouldn’t have too bad of a problem staying upright.

They walk single file, Shouto at the front and the end picked up by Tenya. Ochako is second in line with Izuku behind her and Katsuki behind him. Eijirou fills in for the fifth spot, he’d be a little nervous at the fact that the knight is behind him if he didn’t already trust the man. They tend to have a habit of dragon-slaying.

The dragon leans forward as he walks, hooking his chin past Katsuki’s shoulder and the fluffy feathers of his cape. “Hi again, Izuku.” It his first words spoken in Common since leaving the town and he’s decided to use them greeting his friend.

“Hey.” The adventurer responds, a genuine smile on his face.

He’s known Eijirou longer now, if only for the time they spent talking around dinner and the breakfast in the reception room of the Inn.

He’s learned Eijirou is the same in both of his forms. He looks scary with his sharp teeth, horns, and an air of intimidation due to his strength. But he doesn’t even try to hide the fact that he’s a huge sweetheart; he had almost started crying with joy when he saw they had bacon at breakfast. A big softie in a monstrous shell.

Katsuki raises an eyebrow at the dragon, a small smile slipping onto his mouth. It’s not one of the sarcastic smirks he always has when talking down to someone. No, this is a genuine one. It’s there for only a second before disappearing and he shoves Eijirou’s head off his shoulder.

Ochako cranes her neck back a little, a big smile on her face but much different than the one Katsuki has. This one is almost evil as she discreetly reaches behind herself. She grabs one of Izuku’s gloved hands and presses the small jar from the night before into his hands.

Good luck.” She whispers.

This better be the invisible stuff or so help me.” He whispers back in a hiss.

She really is a witch.


It’s only a few minutes later, they’re halfway across the ice bridge and so far they haven’t had any slips.

But then. It comes suddenly.

A force charges at the bridge several yards behind them. The thick ice cracks and a huge chunk is dislodged to float freely in the water.

“AH YEAH.” Katsuki screams over the sound of the disturbed water splashing. “FINALLY SOMETHING WHOSE ASS I CAN KICK!”

A wave of water comes across, the flick of an incredibly large fin visible.

“Run. NOW.” Izuku says in as calm a voice as he can muster.

They hightail it into gear, Ochako spins her staff, the end glowing as she readies to attack. Shouto and Katsuki’s hands both glow while Tenya and Izuku draw their swords.

Eijirou is considerably weakened in this form, he’s unable to transform and without doing so he can’t breathe his fire. All he has is his horns and claws as defense.

Another force shakes them, a chunk of the bridge where they had been standing seconds before disappearing under the water.

Izuku hits a slippery patch, legs flailing as he tips over. His eyes close as he prepares to hit the surface of the water, but the impact never comes.

“FUCKING BE CAREFUL!” Katsuki yells at him, the blond holding him up by the back of his vest. He places him back on his feet and gives him a push to get going.


“Yeah, yeah, just get going!”

The monster is back, a flash of giant blue and grey scales shimmer under the top of the water and the bridge shakes again.


Izuku’s heart sinks as he hears Tenya yell out. Turning, he can see a part of the bridge directly behind them has come loose and Tenya is crouched on top of it. His sword is slid into the ice, the only thing he has to steady himself as the ice rocks back and forth.

Shouto is already working on refreezing the ice to connect the bridge back to its lost comrade.

“Where’s Eijirou?!” Izuku yells back.

“He fell in!” Tenya provides, unsheathing his sword from the ice as it is reconnected. His eyes scan the water as well as the rest of the party.

There’s nothing in sight, the dark water is like a black hole; It doesn’t let any light through and it seems like anything that enters it doesn’t reappear.

He stares at the water, His entire body feels like it’s gone cold and for once his mind can’t think of anything. No options, no alternatives.

He hears Katsuki scream at him, Ochako yells in horror, both reacting to him as he dives into the water.


Izuku opens his eyes under the surface of the river, they sting from the water against them.

He looks for signs of red, either hair or blood could match that profile but he prays it won’t be the latter.

Nothing can be seen, under the water it’s like night and he can’t even tell which direction is up.

A current of water rushes past him and suddenly something sharp pierces into his arm and he yells out under the water.

His left arm tries to pull his sword free and swing it but the water slows its speed and makes it impossible to hit anything with enough force.

The human has lost too much air, his lungs start to burn and he tries to wedge the sword into what he has deduced must be the monster biting him.

The end of the blade digs into scales and he presses on the hilt to try and drive it in. It pulls the teeth against him and he fights the instinct to yell out with his remaining air. Finally, the scales give and his sword plunges into the softer flesh underneath.

The teeth vanish but he is dangerously low on oxygen, it feels like his chest is going to collapse in on itself. His legs kick in the water; towards what he assumes is sky but no matter how much he kicks there’s no sign of light.


He blacks out.


Miraculously, his eyes open to see light, a sight he’s lucky to see again.

All he can remember is darkness and his skin freezing while his throat burned.

Maybe this is heaven.

Izuku sees treetops above him, light shining through the gaps in the leaves and shading his eyes.

“You awake?”

Huh that’s funny. He swears he can hear Eijirou’s voice.


He looks over, staring into the worried eyes of the dragon.

“So this really is heaven then…” Izuku mumbles.

He smiles widely, grabbing onto Izuku and pulling him into a tight hug.

“I’m so glad you’re alright, I was so scared.” Eijirou says, rubbing his cheek against Izuku’s wet hair.

“You were scared? You fell in- I dived in to get you!”

“…And I resurfaced a few seconds later.”

“So… I didn’t need to jump in?”

“Well it’s the thought that counts.”

Izuku groans, the dull throbbing in his arm getting through to his head. He looks down to see his right arm wrapped in bandages, the sleeve pulled up past his elbow.

“Where’s everyone else?” Izuku looks back up to Eijirou.

“They made it across the river just fine, don’t worry. We drifted downstream quite a bit though so we’ll have to make our way back up.”

“Then… did you save me?”

“Yeah. You lost a lot of blood and I wasn’t sure how long you were unconscious for when I found you finally. I really started to get scared you wouldn’t wake up. When I heard you had jumped in for me… Guess I just had to return the favor.” Eijirou smiles, small tears of relief bubbled up in the corners of his eyes.

Izuku reaches forward, grabbing the back of Eijirou’s neck and pulling him in close. His lips press against the other’s and they just stay like that for a long moment. A tender first kiss to convey more than words ever could.

Izuku lets go and Eijirou pulls back, the dopiest smile on his face.

“W-wow. That was a hell of a lot better than mouth to mouth.”

Izuku groans.

“Sorry. Bad joke?”

“No it’s not that, it’s just...”


“I just realized my clothes are all wet again.”