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Never Was His, Was Always Yours

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The lighting in the tiny run down dressing room was dull and dimmed low. Everything smelled of dust and old pipes, and the walls were thin which allowed the blaring sounds of the strip club to easily seep inside but the lone figure sitting at an old chipped vanity appeared unbothered.

Indeed, after his four years of experience, Park Jimin learned to block out the outside world of the night life from merging with his. He savored his solitude that comes each time he goes on break, effortlessly tuning out all obnoxious distractions and basking in the freedom of not having to keep his undivided attention on grabby handed customers. And god knows he dealt with too many of them tonight but his shift wouldn't be over until Serendipity closed since he had to go and be nice and cover Seokjin's shift on his off day. It wasn't like Jimin had plans or anything, especially not for Valentine's Day so he figured why the hell not. It wasn't like he had someone waiting for him when he got off- actually, he did in fact but Jeongguk wasn't his boyfriend, they were roommates and best friends. It still wasn't the same though, not like Seokjin who had a whole boyfriend to go home to while Jeongguk had a whole boyfriend himself. And maybe Jimin resented that, maybe he overworked himself because there's no one for him to climb in bed with after a long night but whatever, Valentine's Day was a stupid holiday anyway. Couples were a gross species and Jimin was glad he was single (maybe that was resented a little as well).  At least now Jin owed him one which would come in handy in the near future.

Jimin was too invested in his phone as he read through his text messages, head resting lazily on his elbow that was sprawled over the surface, fingers brushing the mirror, and did not hear the knock on his door. He skimmed through the last texts between him and Jeongguk and gazed dully at the last message he had sent three hours ago which was basically a 'good luck' with an array of Emoji's. Jeongguk left him on read but it was to be expected considering he was going out with his beau and it would be their first Valentine's date together. Still...Jimin narrowed his eyes at his screen and sucked in his cheeks as he glared at all the fire and pumped fist Emoji he had send. He even threw in the flexing arm and fucking hell, this was blatant disrespect that he'd been left on read. Here he was being moral support despite resenting it a little and he and his efforts get left on read. Groaning deep, Jimin closed his eyes and let his phone go slack in his palm, trying not to imagine how Jeongguk was celebrating an icky lovey holiday with his icky loving beau. All week, Jeongguk had been raving about the surprise Mingyu had planned for them and Jimin would bet the one hundred dollar bill that had been tucked in his tight booty shorts that Mingyu made reservations for two at an expensive rooftop restaurant. He was the perfect definition of 'rich playboy' and looked it too with his long legs and toned body. Jeongguk was smitten. And Jimin submitted for he had nothing to offer Jeongguk like Mingyu did.

Jimin released another groan. He had no chance. Which was why sticking with the pole life was his best option.


The room was suddenly filled with music from the speakers in the main room making Jimin jump and whip his head towards the door, mouth open ready to drag whoever barged in without knocking. That was his biggest pet peeve and everyone here staff wise knew. Jaebum stood in the doorway, broad frame filling out the space. His stoic face remained passive even after Jimin had bundled up a pair of his booty shorts that were laying on the ground and chucked it at the bartender's chest.

"Do not 'oi' me. You know I hate when you guys don't knock and I swear half of you do it on purpose anyway."

"Hey Feisty, I did knock. Too many times to count. Anyway, do you know this blubbering kid?" Jaebum asked conversationally as he reached behind him and tugged Jeongguk into Jimin's view. Mocha eyes widened. Jeongguk looked a mess. "He was at the bar wrecking havoc for Mark and Jackson and demanded to be taken to his 'Mochi Moo' and then broke out in sobs. I thought he was high or fucked up on something but he's just an idiot."

"What happened, Bun?" Jimin stood up and managed one step before Jeongguk broke free from Jaebum's hold and darted to him. Jimin got the wind knocked out of him when Jungkook straight barreled into him and stumbled back. "Jeongguk?" hitched breathing was his only answer. "Thanks for bringing him to me hyung, he's mine so you can leave." Jimin spoke over Jeongguk's shoulder at Jaebum who had tensed up by Jeongguk's actions. But now he nodded warily before closing the door behind him shutting out the loudness.

Jimin's dressing room was run down and tiny but he tried to make it 'Jimin' as much as he could with decorations, and that meant sweet talking his boss into letting him have a love seat against the back wall. Jimin guided them over to it, arms wrapped securely around Jungkook's body and lowered them on the soft cushions. Sometimes Jimin slept on here during his breaks. He had it tucked in the corner furthest away from the noise and even stashed ear plugs in between the cushions. Now he had his best friend on his arm and a wet face pressed into his neck, and a hot breath hiccuping into his skin.

"Shhh." Jimin soothed gently as he stroked Jeongguk's hair with one hand, the soft raven locks falling between his fingertips like silk, and had the other around a trim waist. "Hyung is here and ready to snap whoever's neck you him to."

Jeongguk made some incoherent noise and melted further against Jimin who shuffled to adjust their position so that his back was comfortably against the inside arm of the love seat with one bare leg extended across the cushions while the other dangled towards the ground, and Jungkook had access to the space between Jimin's legs. Despite his larger size, Jeongguk curled in on himself and fit snugly against Jimin's chest with his face tucked in the older's neck, nose bumping against a prominent collarbone. He inhaled softly through shuddering breaths and breathed vanilla mint through his stuffy nose. Jimin always smelled so good, so clean and never exuded an overbearing scent for Jeongguk's sensitive nose. The comfort of the hand in his hair and the vibrations from the music, Jeongguk's puffy doe eyes slipped shut even as the tears streamed down his blotchy cheeks. However, they shot back open after a heavy knock sounded on the door before it slammed open with a bang. Both young men jump from the sudden intrusion and when Jeongguk made to lift his head, the fingers there gently pushed him back down.

"I don't recall your paycheck was from babysitting but you stripping your cute ass off."

Jeongguk was surprised to hear a woman's voice, husky and honey toned with a teasing lilt behind each word. Heels clicked on the ground and stopped directly beside them, and Jimin shifted slightly, letting out a whine.

"But I'm on break."

"Break ended ten minutes ago. Your regular is here and the only reason why I let slip that you're also here is 'cause he brought some friends along which means new faces and new bank. Which means change and get your ass out there." the mystery woman shot back and Jimin puffed out an irritated breath. Oh. That's right. Jeongguk blinked slowly as his best friend's job registered with him again. Jimin was a stripper at night who was someone's favorite and a student slash Jeongguk's roommate by day. He rushed here with nothing but his broken heart leading the way and now his blinded actions were coming around to kick him in the ass. He should've just gone home.

But Jimin relaxed and his hold on him tightened. "First of all, that was a bitch move even from the bitch queen like you. Second of all, my priority is right here so you guys can either have Hobi's cute ass or you can wait. I'll be out when I'm done." Doe eyes widened and Jeongguk tried to sit up but Jimin restrained him once more.

The woman let out an amused chuckle. "Is this him?" A moment of silence passed, Jeongguk missing the conversation between two pair of eyes before the sound of heels clicking echoed away from them. "Alright, they can wait but only because I like your cute ass and you fuck well." the teasing honey tone left one warning as noise drifted in the room again. "Ten minutes." and the door slammed shut.

Jimin sighed. "She's a pain. Anyway, are you feeling better now to talk? I've never seen you like that before and I'm worried."

"Who was she? Your manager?" Jeongguk asked instead, voice thick and scratchy.

"Yeah, Hwasa's my boss. Bun, tell me what happened." Jimin cupped the younger's face, tilting it up until red rimmed doe reflected off his own eyes. There was an evident pout on Jeongguk's lips and Jimin poked the distracting bottom lip.

"Mingyu dumped me. You said she's your boss but she said 'you fuck well'. What the hell is that supposed to mean?" Jeongguk pushed off of Jimin and sat at the end of the love seat.

Jimin's pretty eyebrows furrowed. "Um, well, we've fucked a few times. That doesn't matter right now, what the fuck do you mean he dumped you, where's Mingyu, I'll slash his tires and then drag his ass with his slashed tires."

"I was never his to begin with. He had me as his side piece for the entire time and is probably with his actual boyfriend..I don't care anymore, fuck it." Jeongguk looked away from Jimin and rubbed his face. It felt raw and dry from so many tears. Tears that asshole didn't deserve. He startled when an arm slid over his shoulder and a warm weight pressed into his side.

Jimin wanted nothing more than to issue his own man hunt on the worst possible scum of a douchebag and beat him down with a crowbar but all he wanted now was to be comfort for possibly the sweetest bun who did not deserve the night he had. Even if Valentine's Day sucked to Jimin it had been a day Jeongguk was looking forward to and now it was completely ruined, no less by the undeserving asshole who asked him out in the first place. "I'm so sorry, Jeongguk. I wish I could reverse this somehow but to be honest, I never really liked you with him in the first place." Jeongguk finally returned his focus on Jimin who was now the one avoiding eye contact. "Don't get me wrong, I was so happy for you because you were happy and that's all that mattered. And I know someone else is out there for you, someone who will bring you genuine happiness for the rest of your life but I'm.. I'm selfish. With you, I've tried really hard not to be but after what's happened..I don't want you to go looking for them. I don't want to watch you slip into someone else's hands again. I can't. I want you to stay with me." Jimin lifted his eyes and turned in slightly towards Jeongguk, mocha eyes getting sucked into doe. "I want you to be mine. I know I'm selfish but-"

The door slammed open and a woman stood in the doorway. Even though she was short, everything about her screamed power, her aura exuded dominance. Her fiery blood orange hair only amplified her presence and she was busty to boot with thick, creamy thighs on display. Her curvy body was tucked nice and neat, so damn sexy in her black and white sleeveless turtleneck and high waisted skin tight black shorts. Thigh high velvet black heel boots completed her look. Jeongguk takes that back. Her piercing caramel eyes were the real killer. One manicured hand rested on a slanted hip and Hwasa sauntered into the room and stopped once again before them. The only thing different was her boldly dropping down on Jimin's lap. Slipping slender fingers beneath Jimin's chin, she tipped him up close to her face. "Two songs. Give them two songs and some private lap dances and then you can leave. Deal?"

"That wasn't ten minutes." Jimin quipped.

"Deal?" Hwasa purred sweetly, swiftly reaching down and Jeongguk squeaked at the small hand cupping him through his jeans.

Jimin nearly threw her off his lap very much resembling a wolf protecting its mate and replaced her hand with his own, not hearing Jeongguk emit an ever weaker squeak sounding suspiciously like 'hyung'. "Deal you shameless woman." he hissed and Hwasa merely swayed away, tossing an amused look over her shoulder, eyes glinting darkly as she purposely lowered her gaze to where Jimin's hand was still resting over.

"Like you can talk. I want you out in 30 seconds."


"Jeongguk, I'm so fucking sorry-"

"How many times do I have to tell you it's okay. You're fine, I'm fine."

Jimin leaned against the paint peeling wall outside their apartment and continued to distress as Jeongguk worked on unlocking the door. "No it's not! I didn't even fucking touch your dick, I was gripping it like- like some molesting sleaze, holy fuck I'm so sorry."

Jeongguk paused and glanced at the older from the corner of his eyes. "Was it that bad grabbing my dick."

"No- I mean y- well not particularly but considering the time and place, and what all I said before made it seem like I was jumping you." Jimin stammered. He put down his sports bag and ushered Jeongguk to the side. "Why can't you ever get this damn door open."

"You completely went feral after she grabbed it." why the fuck did Jeongguk sound so damn smudge? Jeongguk didn't know himself. Ever since hearing that Jimin and Hwasa fucked, the bad feeling in the pit of his gut kept clenching. His mind had unhelpfully supplied him with images of them both, naked and thick bodies coated in sweat as they rocked together, and it drove Jeongguk uncharacteristically up the wall with white jealousy. Which was ridiculous because Jimin was never his in the first place. Jimin was grown, he could fuck and stick his dick into whatever he wanted. Jeongguk had no say. He couldn't be mad. He shouldn't be upset. But he was.

"I did not." Jimin snapped. He twisted the key in the lock, coaxing it to open and let him in so he could take a hot shower and hide under his covers for the rest of his life. Not only had he grabbed Jeongguk's dick but the younger had watched him strip, watched him glide down the pole and grind, and get money thrown at him, dropped in his baby pink booty shorts-

"You totally acted like this dick was yours."

-Jimin pretended not to listen. The rest of the night had been eventful enough. Jeongguk watched him each time he tugged one of the men behind him to the back rooms where he gave them lap dances. On top of that, Hwasa decided to give Jimin's regular and his guests a bonus for their patience and had him give her a lap dance. On stage. Under fluorescent lights with the song Motivation by Kelly Rowland set as his background music. Sure it was a bonus on his paycheck but still. Jeongguk. Jimin gritted his teeth and finally got the lock to click out of place. There was a reason why he never allowed the younger to come inside whenever he dropped Jimin off, didn't let Jeongguk venture in, not while he was on the clock. Jimin was confident and oozed sex, making him wanted by many and why wouldn't they when he was built soft and thick, firm and toned, but that was a side he always wanted to keep from Jeongguk despite the younger already knowing he worked a pole for a living. But now Jeongguk's seen him. He watched him. Witnessed everything. Probably even saw that the flush that had covered Jimin's nearly naked body was the same shade as his pink cotton candy hair. And the tent in his-

Jimin groaned and pushed the door open, though he wished the ground would open up and swallow him down instead. The only one to blame for this entire situation was Hwasa and he would get his revenge by tattling to the only one able to handle the tigress, which was Moonbyul. "Let's just ignore the rest of tonight's unfortunate events and um, call it a night with a movie and popcorn. I would totally go out looking for that fucking prick but my feet hurt and I'm tired, and we don't have bond money so." leaning down, Jimin intended to retrieve his fallen bag but a hand caught his wrist before he could and he found himself pinned against the wall. Jeongguk stared down at him, arms caged lazily above Jimin's head. "..Kookie?"

"Earlier when I first saw you with that Jaebum guy, I had been shattered. Finding out the guy I've been dating for the past 7 months was never mine..I was hurt and I wasn't thinking when I rushed to you. I just needed you, wanted you near to comfort me because that's what you've always done for me whenever I'm down or upset. I ran blindly, only thinking of you, of your face and gentle smile. I needed it so bad. And when I finally saw you, everything stopped for a moment. The pain, the tears, they all stopped. don't understand how beautiful you looked, Jimin. Just seeing you sitting there in your big white shirt with your legs..your thighs out and your hair messy but brushed back, I was suddenly feeling much better. And when you looked over, everything started back up again. That's when Jaebum pulled me out and I just snapped after hearing your voice. And then you confessed to me, told me 'I want you to be mine'-"

Jimin blushed and looked away from Jeongguk's dark, heady stare but he was brought back by long fingers curled under his chin. "Kook-" he whined softly.

"-You were right when you said someone will bring me genuine happiness. I think I've had it all along right under the same roof as me and now that I know, I don't want you going out either trying to find the one for you. Let it be me." Jeongguk traced the outline of Jimin's full lips with a gentle finger, the skin supple beneath his pad. "I'll be yours, hyung. And I want you as mine." Jeongguk leaned down, eyes closed into slits and Jimin fluttered his closed completely, feeling warm breath heat up his parted, awaiting lips. "You'll be mine, right?"

Jimin nodded, heart pounding and body growing weak. " 's what I've wanted for so long now. But are you sure? You just broke up-" Jimin was cut off by Jeongguk closing off the distance and sealing their lips together in a pleasure blinding kiss.

"And now I'm making up."


"Fuck." the bed frame rattled against the wall for the last time before Jimin released himself over the sheets and the heavy, slick weight on his bare back forced him straight down into his warm mess. A hot mouth sucked onto the back of his sweaty neck and trim hips grinded with slow precision into him, and the feeling of a blazing thickness dragging against his inner soaked walls caused his toes to curl into the bed sheets. "Y-you're a fucking monster."


"A goddamn sex beast." Jimin complained, voice beyond repair at the moment. He was sticky, stinky, and completely wiped the fuck out faced down on the bed. Jeongguk was in no better shape next to him, appearance wise, with his black hair a blind bird's nest and marks all over his naked body. "Of course you are. Lower your damn stamina or I'm never letting you near this ass again."

" 's not my fault."

"It is! Take responsibility." Jimin blindly reached out and slapped Jeongguk's pectorals.

"For what? You liked having your ass split. And I liked doing it so I'm claiming this right. So I don't wanna see or hear anything about you fucking someone. The only ones doing the fucking are us two."

Jimin popped his head up for Jeongguk sounded like a petulant bun and a shit eating grin spread over his swollen lips. "Were you jealous? We only fucked twice Bun, no strings attached. Actually I bribed her to buy me the love seat the first time and the second time she said it was only fair if she christened it up. It was business if you really think about it, nothing to be jealous over."

"Fuck off, she was hot. I'd fuck her too."

The shit eating grin dropped so fast... Jimin smacked Jeongguk again and winced when the movement caused needles of pain to flare up his spine from his ass. "I'm your only option to fuck or get fucked from, got it? Anyway, between the both of you I fear for the bed springs." Jimin muttered tiredly.

"Who's jealous now." Jeongguk shot back and Jimin would've kicked him this time but he found himself getting rolled over gently before his thighs were nudged apart and Jeongguk slipped between his legs. "I admit seeing you give her a lap dance triggered me. Definitely hearing that you fucked her made me mad even when I didn't have the right to be but all I wanted was to be in her place. Still do, but when I watched you saddle up on her it was like something snapped. I wanted nothing more right there and then than to be in her spot. I feel like I've got it now. I'm not giving it up." Jeongguk murmured and leaned down, suckling Jimin's plump bottom lip between his teeth.

Jimin smiled and brought his legs up to wrap over Jeongguk's lower back. "Of course you do. As if I'd be the second dumb ass person on Valentine's Day to let you go."