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Paint It, Black

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Jinxx isn’t the slightest bit sure why he choose to do figure skating. But here he is, just moments from the opening ceremony and there’s no return. His partner, Alice Mogg, grabs his arm as the Parade of Nations starts, although they’re gonna go last, Olympics in Denver and all. Greece goes first and then all the others and finally the US. Jinxx and Alice rush out with everyone, CC with the rest of the hockey team with Jake and Ashley with the other snowboarders. Jinxx can’t concentrate, his head full of the routine he and Alice are going to perform tomorrow, Alice has to yell at him to get him to relax. He looks over at Jake and a rush of blood goes through him. Ignore it! He yells at himself. You saw how he looked at that Ukrainian skier! He’s not gay.

“Jinxx?” CC said, shouldering everyone aside. “Some reporter wants to talk to a figure skater and a hockey player together for some reason. Wanna come with?”

“Yeah, ok.”

They walk over, still moving with the crowd. The reporter seemed intimidated by their long hair but asked them a bunch of questions that CC mostly answered; the questions toward Jinxx, he answers with a couple words. After the ceremony, Ash and CC go out to drink with snowboarders Jack and Alex while Jinxx heads back, Andy with him.

“Are you scared about tomorrow?” Andy asks Jinxx. Ice dance starts tomorrow.

“More than you can imagine.” Andy lets out a short laugh.

“Oh, I can imagine.”


The next day, Jinxx went out to get breakfast with his friends. Along with the main 5, there was also Jack and Alex, the two snowboarders, Juliet who is a skier, Rian, a hockey player, and Jake’s Ukrainian: Inna Logvin. Jinxx hates her but Alice took an instant liking to her so Jinxx had to play nice. Just a few more hours.

“And now, the flag bearers of last night’s ceremony have entered!” Jinxx turns his head and sighed as the green-eyed, spiky black haired skier entered the restaurant.

“What do you want, Billie?” Juliet calls, throwing her hair back to look at him upside down.

“Tsk, tsk, tsk, Juliet. Why do you say that to your team captain?”

“One of them,” Mike Dirnt had entered.

“Hey Mike,” Ashley calls to the snowboarder.

“Hey, Ash. Your comp is tomorrow, right?”

“Yeah. And Jinxx and Alice’s first is today.”

Mike turned to face them. “Good luck you two.”

Jinxx bowed his head in thanks while Alice muttered a quick thank you. Talking to Mike Dirnt was rare; only Ashley had the courage to speak to him head-on. Besides, Jinxx has anxiety that only abates when he’s with friends or out on the ice. Mike Dirnt isn’t a friend. He is a captain, a coach, even a competitor but never a friend.

Jinxx’s phone rings, it’s his and Alice’s coach. “Yeah?”

“Come down to the arena, you guys should warm up.”

“Ok, coming.”

He hung up. “Sorry guys, Freddie wants me and Alice down to warm up.”

“Meet for lunch later?” CC asked.

“Sure, I’ll bring Vic,” Alex says, and Jack nods in agreement.

“Kellin’ll probably come with, you’ve seen how he hangs around Vic, even though they do different sports,” Andy adds.

Jinxx and Alice leave them to discuss random speed skaters and skiers(Andy was remarkably vocal about which were cute, much to Ashley’s chagrin.) On the way to the arena, they are stopped by a Russian skier who asks if they know where Inna is. Alice is glad to help Mikhail but Jinxx is a little wary of Russians and Putin, even though he knows it’s not the athletes’ fault. Also, his anxiety is flaring up again, he needs to get onto the ice. He grabs onto Alice’s arm as she excuses herself and Jinxx. As they change, Jinxx starts to regret eating breakfast, he’s afraid he’s going to throw up. He dresses in his competition dress, a mock tux with a short cape flowing out behind him. Alice has a black dress with a strip of white around the neck so Jinxx wears a thin white bowtie. All in all, it was a nice outfit, dark and mysterious. Add to it Jinxx’s long black hair and you’ve got him. As he heads out on the ice, to warm up and spots his friends out there. Alice glides over to him and grabs his hand. “You ready?”

“Yeah,” he breathes and they warm up. They warm up well, stretching their bodies and before long the competition actually starts. They’re last and they have to beat a Russian couple with a score of 78.80.
“And now, representing the United States of America, Jeremy Ferguson, and Alice Mogg.”

Jinxx sighs as he hears his name, but ignores it as he gets into position. The opening notes of Paint It, Black start to play and Jinxx’s mind is not on the skating, no, he can do that in his sleep, but wondering if CC and Jake are here. He and Alice start their twizzles, one, two, three, four, one, two, three, four, but his mind is not on making sure they’re as tight as can be(they are, and that’s what will get them to finals) it’s on if CC could do them. Probably not, buts it’s a funny thought, CC in full hockey gear spinning around on the ice. He and Alice are flying across the ice in the camel position, and he’s wondering how high Jake can jump. It is their last position, one more jump, they did it! Black flowers are falling down at their feet, damn social media, and he’s smiling, hands in the air, one last flourish of the cape, as Alice is kneeling at his feet, and he grabs a top hat from what’s fallen down, fans these days, and plops it on his head. The crowd goes wild as they take their bows, Alice, twirling around, bows more grandiose than his. They skate towards the team, Jinxx still wearing the top hat as the American team rises up to crush them in a hug. They get their scores and it isn’t bad, they’re fourth place and the last team to go so they made it to finals. They skate towards the team, Jinxx still wearing the top hat as the American team rises up to crush them in a hug. They get their scores and it isn’t bad, they’re fourth place and the last team to go so they made it to finals. Happiest day of his life! Next stop: Finals

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Jake isn’t sure why he came to see Jinxx, although he is his friend and friends support each other. He watches their near perfect skate, although the only thing he recognizes is the twizzles and a twinge of jealousy goes through him as he watches, watches Jinxx smile at Alice, watches Jinxx hold Alice’s leg up. CC gives him a sympathetic look; he knows what Jake is going through. A few weeks ago CC was going through the same thing.

Jake knows Jinxx and Alice aren’t aren’t together, Jinxx told him, and he knows Jinxx has to act like he’s in love with her if he wants to get gold. But it still wrinkles. CC understands he thinks as he leans into the hockey player. CC wants the same thing.

“Mmm, love you Ceece,” he whispers.

“Love you too.”

Ash spots them and starts to tease them. “Jakie and CC sitting in a seat, K-I-S-S—“

“Fuck you,” Jake replies. “Like we haven’t all seen how you look at Andy.”

Ashley gapes at Jake for a minute. “Fuck you!” is his smart reply. Jack smiles.

“Hey, idiots. We miss Jinxx?” Juliet comes in-Inna behind her-and finds a seat next to Jack.

“Nah, he’s on the ice now.”

“Good. How’s he doing?”


A hand touches his arm. “Who is Jinxx partner?” It was Inna, her long, wavy blonde hair up in a ponytail under a Team Russia hat.

“Her name’s Alice Mogg,” he says, somewhat curtly. Inna looks a bit startled so he mutters an apology.

They settle back to watch the rest of the performance. Someone hands them a black rose each and Ashley pulls a top hat from out of literally nowhere. The music ends and as they stand up to take their bows, Jake throws the flower, CC and Andy doing the same thing as Ash throws the hat.

“Come on,” CC hisses, grabbing Jake. “Let’s go congratulate him!”

Jake didn’t hesitate, climbing over shocked spectators who had come to see figure skating, not two men who look like wannabe rocker chicks-tattoos and all. He didn’t know if it’s illegal or not but CC shows security their IDs and made up a bullshit story, they are somehow waved through even though CC’s story is truly shit. They make it down to the boards and apparently they missed the scores but it doesn’t matter cause they see Jinxx and Jake never wants to forget the surprise and happiness on Jinxx’s face as he looks up, halfway through untying a skate. “Jake! CC! How the fuck did you get down here?”

“CC’s bullshit stories,” Jake answers, laughing as CC punches him in the arm.

“It got us down here, didn’t it?”

“Congratulations, Jinxx!” Jake changes the subject quickly, CC following suit. “You too, Alice,” he adds hurriedly.

“Yeah, fourth place, not bad. But we were behind some Russians so that might have been why.”

“But Larissa Andeson and Mars Bessolova are American.”

“Oh right. Whoops.”

“It’s not finals yet. I’m sure you’ll at least medal. Come on out for a drink?” CC offers, “Everyone will come,” his phone is out, him texting every one of his Olympic contacts already.

Jinxx looks at Jake. “I have no choice, do I?”

Jake chuckles. “Nope!”

Jinxx sighs. “You going?” He asks Alice.

“Yeah, probably.”

“Woah, Gerard Way tweeted a Congrats towards Jinxx and Alice! Gerard Way! And so did his brother,” CC cries.

“Really?” Gerard Way is known for being a little aloof.

“Yeah, he even tweeted ‘Beers on him’! Oh my god, you have to go!” CC gets a little excited.

Jinxx looks at Jake. “You going?”

“Alright, alright, I’ll do it. I need to change first though.”

“YAY!” Jake swears, CC is a toddler sometimes.

Jake’s phone rings. “Hello?”

“Jake, did you see what Gerard Way tweeted?!” Ashley’s excited voice reaches his ears.

“Uh, no?”


“Oh my god, really?”

“Yeah, he posted a picture of him kissing Frank Iero!”

“JAKE, GERARD WAY CAME OUT!” CC yells in Jake’s other ear. Jake sees Jinxx pop his head up and makes eye contact with him.

“Is that CC?”


Tell him to kiss you in public.”

Jake tries to laugh. “Nah, not right now.”

“I’m a little scared though; the Putinbots are going to be targeting him and Frank.”

“He’ll be fine; have you seen the amount of Frerard fanfic on the interwebs? Now, go kiss Andy.”

“Fuck you.” He hangs up.

“A drink is truly in order,” Alice announces.

“Yeah, meet at the bar in 3 hours? That’s when all the events end,” CC suggests and everyone agrees. “Great! I’ll tweet out everything.”

“Ok, see you!” Jinxx says, and they all get out. “CC, Jake, wait.” he waits until they stop and turn back. “I’m- oh, nevermind. It doesn’t matter. I’ll see you later.”

“Jinxxy, you sure?” Jake asks.

“Yes, yeah, I’m sure. See ya later!”

“Ok…” they watch as Jinxx rushes out of the arena.

CC looks at Jake with sympathy. “Come here, baby.” he pulls Jake into a hug.





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Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit. That’s the only thing going through CC’s head as he’s scrolling through Twitter while sitting in his hotel room. I need a drink.

Jake had texted CC about an hour ago with a link to a tweet; CC opened it and swore for 5 minutes straight, startling his roommate, a hockey player named Maxx Danziger.

“You ok?” Maxx had asked.

“Nope. I need a drink. Fare thee well, Maxx-with-two-x’s!” He had walked away to find the bar, leaving Maxx to twiddle with his phone. A little later when he actually checks Twitter, he finds Maxx’s tweet: “Roommate just walked out of the room not drunk at all and said goodbye in old English #arewesureccsnotdrunk @ceecespieces #codycomehelpme @CodySIO”. CC doesn’t know what SIO means, it’s a weird acronym that Cody, Maxx, and two other Olympians, Zach DeWall and Dan Clermont, have on the end of all their social media accounts. It doesn’t make sense but he definitely ships Maxx and Cody. Must be an inside joke. Now, where’s that beer?

A little while later, he finds himself at the bar, a whiskey in his hand.


“I think Maxx thinks I’m drunk. I’m not.”

“I saw the tweet,” he pulls out his phone. “I bet Cody and him are gonna be together by the closing ceremony.”


A pause.

“Hey,” Jinxx had slid in next to Jake. “I saw the tweet. You guys are cute.” he sounded a little hurt.


A text lights up his phone. It’s Ash. I sent Jinxx to the bar. Fucking ask him out already!!

Yeah, no.

‘Sorry,’ he texts back, ‘Not now.’

Come on you idiot!


Then I’ll do it myself.

‘Ashley Abrocket Purdy!’

Just kidding :)

He puts his phone away as he sees Hayley Williams and Juliet enter the bar.

“Hey, Jake, Jinxx, CC. How are you?”

CC mutters something unintelligible.

“He’s gonna be drunk in 3 beers,” Jake offers helpfully. CC glares at him.

“Oof, what’s up his ass?” Hayley asks.

“Jake, if Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and the news is correct,” Juliet answers.

CC, Jake, and Jinxx all glare at her. She giggles.

“That’s good, Jules,” Hayley laughs.

They swing their glares to the fiery-haired woman.

“Hehe, hehe, alright, I’ll stop now.”

“Hey, guys!” Kellin cries, entering the door, Vic not a step behind him.

Soon after, everyone comes in, either to congratulate Alice and Jinxx, Larissa and Mars, to tease Jake and CC, or to tease Frank and Gerard, often all three. Copious amount of beer and wine were ingested and by the end of the evening, Frank and Gerard were in the corner and CC was having the time of his life, trying to get Jinxx to tell his most hidden secrets and he’s mostly succeeding; he’s learnt that Jinxx plays both classical violin and metal guitar (so does Jake, he finds out. The guitar, not violin), learnt that he was bullied in middle school(this one, Jake growled at and threw down another shot), and has a tattoo on his hip of a star.

“What about you, Jakie?” he slurs, talking to Jake, “Any secrets?”

“Yeah, no,” Jake replies.

“Really? Who’s Carolyn then? Your girlfriend?” Jinxx laughs drunkenly.

“No. My mother.” Jake says, very shortly. CC’s confused. How does Jinxx know about Carolyn? Only CC and Andy know about her.

“How do you know about her?” CC asks.

“His tattoo, duh,” he giggles.

“What tattoo?”

“On his chest. Haven’t you seen it? You’re always with him.”


“Oh. Your loss then.”

CC gestures to the bartender for more beer.

Later still, CC is full out drunk, laughing at everything anyone says. He’s forgotten his name but not Jake’s and by the end of the night, they’re full on making out, forgetting that they really aren’t supposed to do this.

“Oh, Jake.”

“CC!” So that’s his name. Jake slips out of his grasp and returns, lips meeting, as he had somehow shrunk. CC opens his eyes, meeting a pair of icy blue eyes instead of Jake’s dark brown ones. It was Jinxx, but CC just thinks: ah fuck it, and starts to make out with Jinxx.

“Finally!” Ashley yells, and it startles Jinxx who pushes CC away and runs out of the bar.

CC looks at Jake and they both shrug and return to kissing each other, Ashley cackling hysterically.

… … …

“WAKE UP! CC!” Maxx yells to an extremely hungover CC. “We have practice in an hour! Why did you have to get so drunk!”
“Mmrgg, ‘m tired Maxx, and my head is killing me. Get me some Advil and I’ll consider getting up,” CC moans.

“Yes, your majesty,” Maxx sighs and then yelps as CC smacks his ass. “CC!”

“Heh, heh,” CC drunkenly laughs.

“I could get you kicked off the team.”

“No, you couldn’t.”

“Fine. Here.” Maxx has two Advil in one hand and a glass of water in the other.

“Perfect, Love ya Maxx!”

“I hate you.”

“That’s no way to speak to your king!”
“Fine. Your Majesty. Are you still drunk?”
CC laughs again. “I don’t know. Come, I want to get breakfast. You can bring your crush if you want.” He laughs as Maxx sputters out an excuse. “Don’t try to deny it, Maxx, everyone’s seen your tweets.”

“Fuck,” Maxx curses. “The Putinbots’ll be going after him.”

In response, CC pulls out his phone, getting Archive Of Our Own out-ignoring Maxx’s question about why he has it bookmarked-and looks up Maxx Danziger/Cody Carson. There are many fanfics about them. “I think you’ll be ok.”

“Ok,” Maxx still looks worried. “But…”

“What?” CC interrupts, getting anxious about getting food with, oh God , Jinxx. Who he kissed -!-last night.

“Why the hell do you have it bookmarked?”

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Fuck. He kissed CC last night. Fuck . Why would he do that? He likes Jake! He can’t like CC too!

He dials the only person he can reasonably think of. Of course, she picks up right away. God bless her.

“Jinxx, what’s wrong.”

“I kissed CC last night.”

“Oh, Jinxx…”

“I know, I’m an idiot. So what do I do?”

For once Amy doesn’t have any advice. “ Wow, you really fucked up.”

“I know. Now is the part you give me advice.” Jinxx waits.

Yeah, got nothing.”

“Damn you.”

Yep. Now, when you’re finished with the Olympics, you wanna jam?” Amy’s the lead singer and pianist of a modestly popular band called Evanescence. Jinxx goes over sometimes to jam with them playing guitar when they need Iron Maiden levels of guitar or violin. Or both. He once met Lindsey Stirling there.

“Yeah, sure. I’ll see what can do. Love ya, Ames!” Out of the corner of his eye, he sees Jake. Jake, who undoubtedly heard him say goodbye. Shit.

“Love you too,” Amy hangs up. Jinxx throws his phone into his pocket and rushes out to find Jake who is 5 meters in front of him.

“Jake!” Jinxx calls. “Jake!”

Jake finally turns around. “The fuck do you want, Jinxx.” Then without giving him time to respond, he continues “You kiss CC yesterday-which, I pushed you into and I know you enjoyed it, so you’re welcome- and then you go around calling your girlfriend! What the fuck, man?” he storms off, not giving Jinxx time to explain. Jinxx lets him go, calling Andy.

“You know Amy Lee?” he says by way of greeting.

Yeah, she’s awesome, what about her?”

“So, I called her for advice about the whole CC/Jake thing, and when I signed off, I said Love ya’ and Jake heard and now he’s pissed at me.”

A beat of silence. “Is Amy your girlfriend?”

“No! Andy, I’m gay!”

“Ha! Finally, you admit it!” Jinxx heard Ashley talk “Jinxx finally admitted he’s gay!” More Ash talking. “We’ll be right over!”

“What? N-” They hang up before Jinxx can get a word in. Shit. Wait, why was Ashley there? Jinxx knew for a fact Andy shared a room with Patrick Stump. Not Ashley. No one in their right mind would ever, ever put them together. You just don’t do that. No.  

So why? Jinxx has an idea, but he needs to wait until they come to figure it out. And here they are, a suspicious looking mark on Andy’s neck. Hmm…

“So, what were you doing before I called?” Jinxx asks eyeing Ash’s messed up clothes.

“Uh, nothing,” Ash visibly blushes.

“That, I don’t believe.”

“Let’s discuss bigger, more important things then what two men are doing behind closed doors-”

“Remember, that’s Patrick’s room too.”

Ash full on scowls now. “He’s usually with Pete and Mikey.”

“So you do do it?” Jinxx is having so much fun.

“No!” they cry.

“Anyways, let’s get back to why we came. Jinxx is gay,” Andy states. Jinxx blushes.


Ash and Andy start screaming like Beatlemania, back in the ‘60s.

“We knew it!”

“I knew that kiss wasn’t a fluke!”

“So, do you like CC?”

“I don’t know,” Jinxx says.

“You kissed him, how can you not know?”

“Because...because” he stops, Ash and Andy waiting for him to go on.

“Because why?” Ash asks and Andy elbows him.

“‘Cause I like Jake.”

A beat of silence.

“Um, shit?” Andy says, like its a question.

“What’s shit?” Sandra Alvarenga, part of the women’s hockey team, pops her head in. “Hey, Ash, Jinxx.”

“Hey. Jinxx likes Jake, not CC.”

“I never said I didn’t like CC. I just know I definitely have a crush on Jake. I haven’t decided on CC,” Jinxx says.

“What about me?” Ashley teases. Both Jinxx and Andy glare at him. “Kidding, kidding.”

“You better be,” Andy growls, and grabs Ashley by the arm and drags him out of the room. Jinxx and Sandra could hear Ash complaining until suddenly it stops.

“How much ya wanna bet they’re kissing,” Sandra says.

“Not a goddamn cent,” Sandra laughs.

“God, I just realized how short you were.”

Sandra turns to glare at him, tilting her sunglasses down.

“Also, why do you wear sunglasses indoors?” Jinxx is clearly annoying her.

“Shut up, they look cool!”

“Doesn’t explain why you’re so short,” Sandra turns to stomp out of the room. “No don’t leave!”

“Jinxx, I gotta make my escape! I got practice!”

“Fine, get a pic of Andy and Ashley making out, would ya?”


“Bye,” and with that, Sandra left, snapping a picture on the way. Jinxx figures he better get the problem in the hallway out of the hallway and turn them into Patrick’s problem.

“God, get out! Go kiss in your own room or something!” Jinxx startles them. They leave sheepishly. Jinxx takes out his phone and texts Patrick: ‘Go to your room. It’s an emergency.’

Jinxx quickly walks to Patrick’s room laughing quietly to himself; ‘Trick’s face is gonna be hilarious.

When he gets there, he peeks in to make sure Andy and Ashley were doing what they’re supposed to- wow, they’ve moved to the shirts off bit, great- and Jinxx leans against the wall outside the door. Patrick comes, not even noticing Jinxx filming, and rushes into his room, moments later, a yell comes from the room and Jinxx darts in, filming the half-naked Ash and Andy, of Patrick’s face and laughing.

“Jinxx!” All three of them yell, glaring at a still laughing Jinxx. Mikey Way and Pete Wentz who had apparently followed Patrick start laughing.

“Pete! Mikey!” Patrick cries.


“Your reactions were perfect,” Jinxx says, wiping tears out of his eyes.

“What happened?” Brendon Urie and Ryan Ross from next door pop their heads in, taking in the weird situation. Two half-naked men, frantically trying to get clothes on while glaring at their friend as another just stares at them.

“I got a video. I’ll post it on Twitter later if you want me too, that is,” Jinxx nods to Ash and Andy.

They look at each other for a second, Ash turning and nodding.

“Ok, thanks.”