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            It was happening again.

            “What’s your problem?!”

            “I’m looking at it.”

            “I wasn’t even talking to you! I was talking to Shittymatsu!”

            “I told you to STOP CALLING HIM THAT!”

            “YOU DON’T CONTROL ME! I’M AN ALPHA TOO! JUST BECAUSE YOU’RE THE OLDEST DOESN’T MEAN I HAVE TO DO WHAT YOU SAY!” with that Ichimatsu stormed out the house, clearly frustrated.

            “Nii-san, wait!” Jyushimatsu cried out before getting up to follow him.

            “Was all that really necessary?” Choromatsu asked, looking up at the eldest brother. A low growl emitted from the brother in question.

            “Shut up, Choromatsu.”

            “What’s with you two anyway? You’ve been at each other’s throats for a while now,” Todomatsu said.

            “I said shut up,” anger was painted on Osomatsu’s face, and each comment only seemed to make it worse. Karamatsu was worried. Totty was right. Osomatsu and Ichimatsu’s relationship was not the best. In fact it had been pretty bad for a couple months now. They were constantly bickering. Ignoring each other at best, outright brawling at worst. The other brothers figured it might be an Alpha thing. Maybe Osomatsu was trying to establish dominance. But it’s not like Ichimatsu was trying to be the leader among them. It was always Osomatsu. He was the oldest after all. So when he presented as an Alpha, no one was surprised. But if it wasn’t about dominance, then what were they fighting about?

            “Brother, please calm down,” Karamatsu said placing his hand on the other’s shoulder. He half expected it to be swatted away, but it seemed to be working. Osomatsu was no longer shaking in anger. He locked eyes with Karamatsu for a second, before quickly glancing away.

            I’m…gonna go out for a bit,” he said and started for the door. But before he could get far, Karamatsu grabbed his hand. He jolted in surprise from the touch.

            “Wait, Osomatsu. What’s going on?” Karamatsu noticed that Osomatsu could not seem to look at him, his eyes shifting from the ceiling, to the floor, to their younger brothers. But never to him. His cheeks were also beginning to turn red and he seemed to be breathing harder. Was he perhaps getting sick?

            “Nothing. Just let me go,” he pulled his hand from Karamatsu’s, quickly put on his shoes, and left. Karamatsu turned and looked at his other brothers.

            “Do either of you have any idea-”

            “Let me stop you right there. No,” Todomatsu said. He was busily texting on his phone. He got up and started for the stairs.  “Now if you don’t mind, I have to go get ready.”

            “I’ve kinda given up on figuring it out, personally,” Choromatsu said lazily. “Maybe it really is just an Alpha thing.”

            “But it wasn’t always like this. We all presented when we were thirteen. This has only been going on for a couple months. When did they suddenly start not liking each other?”

            “I think it would be best to not get in the middle of it. Let them work it out, Karamatsu.” Choromatsu may be content with leaving things as they are, but Karamatsu wasn’t. He didn’t like seeing his brothers fight. He wanted to help them get along (better, at least). If he couldn’t talk to Osomatsu about it, then maybe he could ask Ichimatsu what’s going on. He knew Ichimatsu didn’t like talking to him for long periods of time, but it was worth a shot.




Ichimatsu kicked a can as he walked down the street. He really was not in a good mood. So what if he yelled at Shittymatsu? Why did Osomatsu care so much? He certainly didn’t have to start a fight with him about it. Jyushimatsu was trying to cheer him up which made him feel a little better. It was very difficult, even for him, to be mad around Jyushimatsu.

“Ichimatsu nii-san, are you still mad?”


“Don’t be mad! Everything will be okay! I’m sure you and Osomatsu nii-san will make up!” Ichimatsu scoffed.

“Don’t count on it.”

“He seems so mad lately. Do you think he’s in rut? He does get angry more often when he’s in rut.” Normally this would be a good explanation. Alphas went into rut for a week every two months. During this time, they would become more aggressive. Especially if there was another Alpha around.

“No, he had his rut last month, remember?” How could anyone forget? Being sextuplets in this case did not work in their advantage. It meant that their rut schedules were roughly the same. There’s a little overlap between the two of them. Which meant that both of the Alphas in the house were in rut at the same time. Before, it wasn’t really a problem. They were a little meaner to each other, but otherwise fine. Last month however, it was a bloodbath. Literally. They got into a huge fight. Punching, kicking, choking it didn’t matter. Although Osomatsu is clearly a better fighter, Ichimatsu didn’t back down. It took their brothers ten minutes to get them separated but the damage was done. Osomatsu was covered in scratches and bruises while Ichimatsu ended up with a broken nose, busted lip, and what felt like a fractured rib though thankfully that wasn’t the case. The rest of the brothers didn’t get away clean either. For their efforts in trying to separate them, they had been punched, kicked, and yelled at. It was a mess. Ichimatsu felt bad about it because in his rage, he had struck Jyushimatsu. Though he wasn’t hurt, Ichimatsu still regretted it.

“Oh yeah. Then why are you two fighting?”

“Hell if I know. For whatever reason, he doesn’t like me saying anything bad to Shittymatsu.”

“Did something happen between you and Karamatsu nii-san?” Ichimatsu paused. Something did happen a while back. He didn’t like remembering about it. But that didn’t have anything to do with what is going on with Osomatsu, did it?

“N-no. Nothing happened.”

“Well maybe if you treat him a little better, then everything will go back to normal.” He made it sound so easy. Although maybe Jyushimatsu had a point. If treating Karamatsu slightly better meant that he didn’t have to fight with Osomatsu anymore, then he could deal.

“Okay. I’ll try.”

“Yay! Now can we go home, nii-san? I’m hungry.”





            Karamatsu had a slight headache. It wasn’t because he was thinking too hard about what to do about Ichimatsu and Osomatsu. He knew what this was and it couldn’t come at a worse time.

            “Great. My heat is coming on. This is the last thing I need,” he sighed out. Omegas went into heat every month for up to a week. It came in three stages and right now, Karamatsu was in the first. He got up and began opening windows to disperse his scent. It was beginning to get stronger and the last thing he wanted was to put either Osomatsu or Ichimatsu into an induced rut.

            It was almost dinner time. He hoped to be able to talk to Ichimatsu either before or after dinner. He knew not everyone was going to be present. Osomatsu may not come home until much later and Todomatsu had a date. He had paired up with some rich guy. None of the brothers had met him (mostly because Todomatsu refused to let them), but he treated their youngest brother well, so they figured he must be alright. Plus, he was an Alpha, so they knew that Todomatsu was at least safe from other Alphas should he go into heat.

            Thankfully, Ichimatsu and Jyushimatsu came home before dinner. “We’re home!” Jyushimatsu yelled. Karamatsu came downstairs to meet them.

            “Ah, brothers! It’s so good to see you back.”

            “Ichimatsu nii-san just needed to take a walk!”

            “I see. Are you feeling better then, Ichimatsu?”

            “Yeah, I’m fine Sh- Karamatsu.” Ichimatsu mumbled.

            “Excellent! Then can I have a word with you upstairs?” Ichimatsu growled lowly.

            “Fine.” Karamatsu turned around and headed upstairs. Before Ichimatsu could follow him, Jyushimatsu grabbed his sleeve.

            “Remember, be nice, nii-san,” he reminded him.

            “Yea, I got it,” Ichimatsu assured him. When he made his way upstairs into their bedroom, he found Karamatsu standing in the middle of the room. He must not have noticed him come in because his eyes were closed and his hand was rubbing circles on his forehead. Ichimatsu thought it was weird until he caught the scent in the air. His eyes widened.

            “Are you on your heat?” Karamatsu jumped as he opened his eyes quickly.

            “Ah, yes, so it would seem. It’s only the first stage now, but…” Ichimatsu turned to leave but his arm was grabbed by Karamatsu. “No don’t go. It’s fine. I just need to ask you something.”

            “It’s not fine. What were you thinking? You know I can’t be around you when you’re on your heat. I-”

            “It’ll be okay. Just…please. Hear me out.” Ichimatsu yanked his arm away from Karamatsu’s grip.

            “Make it quick.”

            “Yes, of course. Thank you. Now tell me, why are you and Osomatsu fighting so much? I hate seeing my brothers argue unnecessarily,” he inquired.

            “Tch, like I know. A lot of times it seems to have to do with you. So you tell me.”

            “What do you mean?”

            “Whenever I yell at you or call you names, he always gets mad. Like he’s your protector or something. It’s really irritating,” Ichimatsu replied. Karamatsu paused. Was that really true? He had never noticed. But now that he thinks about it, Ichimatsu is right. Osomatsu seemed to snap every time Ichimatsu did anything to him. Why was that? Maybe he would have to talk to Osomatsu again. And get some answers this time.

            “Jyushimatsu told me to start being nicer to you. Said maybe that’ll help. I don’t see anything wrong with it. If it’ll get Osomatsu off my back then…” Ichimatsu grunted as he was enveloped in a hug from his older brother.

            “Really, you mean it? Oh that makes me so happy brother!” Karamatsu was ecstatic as he hugged Ichimatsu tightly, rubbing their cheeks together. Ichimatsu made an annoyed groan, but didn’t push Karamatsu away. He smiled secretly to himself. He didn’t hate this affection. Maybe being nicer wouldn’t be so bad.

            “Maybe now we’ll be able to sing together and we can go shopping for perfect fashion while looking for Karamatsu Girls! Although if we’re doing it together, then I guess they’ll be Kara-Ichi Girls. And then we can-”

            Forget it. This would be a nightmare.

            “If we’re done, can you let me go?”

            “Oh. Right, of course,” Karamatsu said as he released him from the hug. “Well shall we go downstairs for dinner, my little Ichimatsu?”

            “Do not call me that.”




            Osomatsu didn’t come home until the brothers were ready to go the bathhouse. Surprisingly, he wasn’t drunk. Well not belligerently anyway.

            “H-*hic*- hey, Karamachu~” he slurred, “Whatcha guys doin’?”

            “We’re heading to the baths, brother.”

            “Ooh I wanna come!”

            “Well we were waiting for you, after all,” Choromatsu pointed out.

            “Oh~ That’s so nice of you, Fappy.”

            “WHO’S FAPPY!?”

            “Don’t waste your breathe, Choromatsu nii-san,” Todomatsu said. “You know how he is when he’s drunk.”

            “Why you gotta be so mean to Onii-chan, Totty? You’re such a dry monster…”

            “Why do you all say that!? I’m not a monster!”

            “Hahaha! Monster Tot!” Jyushimatsu laughed out.

            “Wh- Jyushimatsu nii-san!?”

            “Be careful, Jyushimatsu,” Ichimatsu sneered, “Or he’ll breathe fire on you.”

            “EH!? Totty can breathe fire!?” Jyushimatsu’s eyes dilated like a cat’s.

            “Can we just go, please?” Todomatsu huffed, trying to get back on topic.

            “You guys go ahead, we’ll catch up,” Karamatsu replied. He had his arm wrapped around Osomatsu, hurrying him inside.

            “Okay, don’t take too long, you two,” Choromatsu said.

            When Karamatsu and Osomatsu arrived at the bathhouse, the others were still in the middle of scrubbing each other’s back. Karamatsu looked at Osomatsu.

            “Would you like to join them? We can just wash each other’s back somewhere else if you want.” He somewhat hoped Osomatsu would take his offer so they could have a chance to talk for a bit. Osomatsu’s face turned red.

            “Um, n-no thanks,” he said, clearing his throat. “Let’s just join the others.” Karamatsu was a little disappointed but wasn’t surprised. Although he found it strange that Osomatsu seemed to be so nervous around him lately. They joined their brothers in their standard line of oldest to youngest. Karamatsu made sure to wash Osomatsu’s back thoroughly. He always did the best job of the six of them. He was quite proud of himself for it. ‘Cleanliness is manliness’ he would always say. When they switched positions, he noticed that Osomatsu was not scrubbing with his usual vigor. Granted, he was still a bit drunk, but even so, it was strange. He would randomly stop at times too.

            “Brother, is everything alright?” he asked.

            “Huh? Oh yea, everything’s fine,” he replied and went back to scrubbing. It seemed like he was taken out of a trance. They finished up and hopped into the bath. The water was really warm tonight, it felt amazing, especially for Karamatsu. It helped ease his headache. Though normally warm water relaxes people, it must have energized Jyushimatsu, as he was doing more laps than ever before.

            “The water is so nice tonight. Perfect home run!”

            “Can you not, Jyushimatsu? You’re getting water everywhere,” Choromatsu scolded. Jyushimatsu either didn’t hear him or ignored him entirely as he kept swimming. He splashed Karamatsu as he passed him, causing him to recoil into Ichimatsu as he was not expecting it.

            “Oh, sorry, brother,” he began to say, but Ichimatsu immediately pushed him away. He didn’t mean to do it as harshly as he did and instantly realized his mistake.

            “S-sorry, I-”

            “What did you that for!?” Osomatsu said accusingly. He stood up as he glared at Ichimatsu.

            “I didn’t mean to! It’s just that he-”

            “He what? Bumped into you accidently? Is that really any reason to shove him?” Osomatsu’s voice was rising with each question.

            “Brother, please, calm down. It was an accident,” Karamatsu reasoned as he stepped in between the two, arms outstretched as if he were a wall trying to stop him. He knew why Ichimatsu reacted the way he did and didn’t see any reason why this should be the cause of yet another fight. Osomatsu’s eyes widened.

            “You’re defending him now? I guess you two really are…” he whispered, head downcast. Karamatsu stepped up and placed his hand on Osomatsu’s shoulder.

            “Is there something wrong, brother?” Osomatsu swatted his arm away.

            “Nothing. I’m leaving,” he said, his tone final.

            The brothers could do nothing as they watched him get his stuff and leave. Karamatsu felt like he had failed. He did not like seeing his older brother like this. He was supposed to be carefree, laidback. Sure he could be a shitty older brother, but he was reliable when he needed to be. This was not his brother.

            Not the one he had come to love.




            As Osomatsu walked home, he felt a mix of emotions. Anger, disappointment.


            He didn’t get it. Since when did those two get along? Why was Karamatsu defending him? His instincts were right, those two were together. He thought so ever since that incident a couple months ago. Then why hasn’t Ichimatsu marked him? They were probably trying to keep it secret from the rest of them.

            “How can he stand to be with someone who treats him like that?” Osomatsu wondered aloud. He figured that Ichimatsu would treat the person he’s with a bit better. Who wouldn’t treat their partner nicely? They all knew Todomatsu was spoiled rotten by his Alpha, and Jyushimatsu always spoke so highly of that Omega girl he had been seeing recently. But Ichimatsu didn’t seem to be treat Karamatsu any better. He still picked on him, still called him names. Well, they are brothers after all, but still! And what was that in the baths? Shoving him away just because he bumped into him. Is he that desperate to keep their relationship a secret? It just didn’t add up. Osomatsu could feel tears prick at his eyes. He stopped walking as he wiped them away, but they just kept falling.

            “Why?” he questioned.

            “Why couldn’t he pick me?”

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When the rest of the brothers got home that night, Osomatsu was already asleep in the futon. For some reason, he was face down on his pillow, but they were too tired to question it. Karamatsu knows he’s going to have to talk to him about what happened tonight, but it’ll have to wait. In the meantime, he settled into position in the futon. He had switched places with Jyushimatsu at Ichimatsu’s request. They were all used to this by now, so it wasn’t a problem. It only lasted for a week at the most anyway. He had a hard time falling asleep. It wasn’t just because of his concern for his brother, but also because he was sweating more. His heat was starting to pick up. It was going to be a challenging day tomorrow.

            When he awoke the next morning, he was the last one up. His headache was gone, but it was replaced by an increased body temperature. And he was leaking. Thankfully, it sounded like nobody was home. After making sure all the windows were open, Karamatsu hopped into the shower. A cold shower. It always helped him when he was in heat. He took his time, knowing he had nowhere to go today. Or for next couple days for that matter. During his heats, he tended to stay in the house most of the day, not wanting to chance anything happening out in the streets. When he was done with his shower, he headed back into the room and put away the futon. He was feeling a bit hungry, so he decided to go downstairs for a snack. When he slid the door open however, he jumped in surprise as he bumped into none other than Osomatsu. When did he come home?

            “Oh. You’re here, Karamatsu,” he said. He sounded a little surprised that anyone was home, and annoyed that it was Karamatsu. Did he not know?

            “Naturally, brother. Going outside is unfortunately not the best option for a guilty guy such as myself right now.”

            “Yea, whatever,” Osomatsu responded as he moved past him. Karamatsu took a deep breath and turned back into the room.

            “It’s fortunate that you are here. I need to speak with you.”

            “I have nothing to say to you.”

            “Come now, don’t be like that,” Karamatsu said as he reached his hand out. Osomatsu grabbed his wrist.

            “Don’t touch me,” he growled. Karamatsu whimpered. Osomatsu’s hold burned against his skin, his body reacting to an Alpha’s touch. Osomatsu noticed this and his eyes widened in shock. He was about to let go, but then his nostrils flared, and his eyes turned into slits. He grabbed Karamatsu’s other wrist and wrestled him to the ground, landing on top. Karamatsu winced in pain and when he opened his eyes, he saw Osomatsu glaring down at him. He had a primal and hungry look in his eyes. Karamatsu struggled in his grip, but Osomatsu held firm. Karamatsu was by no means weak. In fact, he was one of the stronger brothers. But an Alpha was naturally stronger than Betas and Omegas, especially in the state his brother was in now. Try as he might, he could not break free from Osomatsu’s iron like hold.

            “Brother, could you…let me go?” he managed to say. It was getting harder to speak.

            “You smell really good, Karamatsu,” Osomatsu said, seemingly ignoring his brother. He lowered his head down and rubbed his cheek against Karamatsu’s neck. Karamatsu gasped. Osomatsu had definitely gone into an induced rut. This was just like what happened with Ichimatsu. Karamatsu knew he needed to stop his older brother from going any further. He could feel Osomatsu’s breath on his neck, moving upwards. Like he was searching for something…

            Oh no. No no no. Karamatsu began his struggles anew and with more fervor then before. He could not allow Osomatsu to bite him. Not there.

            “I’m better than Ichimatsu,” Osomatsu muttered, seemingly to himself. Karamatsu was confused. What did Ichimatsu have to do with the current situation? He couldn’t be bothered to try and figure that out now. He needed to snap his older brother out of it.

            “Osomatsu, that’s enough. St-Ahh!” he shrieked out. Osomatsu had bitten into his skin. His sharp canine piercing the special gland found in an Omega’s neck. It was painful at first, then he was overcome with waves of pleasure. This was something only an Alpha could induce in an Omega. Karamatsu’s breath hitched and his body began to go limp. It felt amazing. His body ached for this, arching upwards into his older brother. It was only natural. He wanted nothing more than to relax into the contact, but he knew he had to stop this. If Osomatsu bit for much longer, he would imprint on him. He did not want that.

            Not like this.

            It took every molecule in his body to start struggling again, but Osomatsu was not making this easy. He tried to call out to him, but it seemed his voice would not come out. It felt like his throat was constricting and everything he tried to say died out before he could speak. After a few failed attempts, he finally found his voice again. “OSOMATSU!” he screeched out. That made Osomatsu release from the bite and distracted him long enough for Karamatsu to be able to knee his brother in the gut. When he did, he immediately put distance between the two of them, pushing his back up against the wall and placing his hand over his neck. Osomatsu clutched his stomach as he coughed for a few moments before looking up at his younger brother. That look he had in his eyes were gone, his eyes had returned to normal. Crisis averted. Sort of.

            “Kara, what’s-” he began, before taking in the sight before him. Karamatsu was looking at him with eyes full of fear. He was breathing hard and fast, almost to the point of hyperventilating. Then he saw it: blood coming from his neck. “Oh my god, did I…did I do that?” he asked tepidly. He received no response. “Kara, I’m so sorry…” he reached his hand out to him, but Karamatsu flinched away. He instantly withdrew his hand. “What have I done?”  

            Osomatsu got up and left without so much as looking back at his brother. He left the house in a hurry and kept running. He could not believe that he lost control of himself like that. He had hurt his little brother. He could still see the look in his eyes. He would never forgive himself for this.

            Karamatsu slowly picked himself up from of the floor. He found it hard to stand. His legs felt like jelly and his knees buckled constantly, threatening to give way any second. His neck was still throbbing. He couldn’t feel a connection to Osomatsu however, which means he managed to break off the bite before he could imprint. That was a relief. Karamatsu decided to sit back down and catch his breath. This was not how he saw his day playing out.




            Dinner was awkward. Everyone could feel it. Karamatsu tried his best to come off as naturally as possible, but whenever he addressed Osomatsu, he got no response. He wouldn’t look at him. Karamatsu was also wearing his hood up and had his sleeves rolled down, which was unusual. He was trying to cover up the mark on his neck and the small bruises on his wrists. Most of his brothers dismissed it as him attempting to look cool. Except Ichimatsu. He was glaring at him suspiciously. Karamatsu wished desperately that he was wearing his sunglasses right now. Ichimatsu glanced between him and Osomatsu. He had an unreadable expression on his face for a couple seconds before it darkened. He quickly reverted it back to normal before he aroused any suspicions. But now he wouldn’t stop staring at Karamatsu. Karamatsu met his gaze with pleading eyes that begged him not to say anything. He narrowed his eyes at him before shifting his gaze to the eldest brother. Osomatsu must have felt his piercing glare, because he looked up at him. The rest of the brothers noticed this and tensed. They thought the two were about to start fighting again. Osomatsu locked eyes with Ichimatsu for a moment before shifting his eyes to the floor. The others could not believe it, but none of them said anything, relieved that it didn’t turn into a fight for once.

            When they were gathering their stuff to head to the bathhouse, they noticed Karamatsu looked out of it. They looked to Osomatsu to say something, but he had already left the room. They looked amongst themselves before Choromatsu stepped up.

            “Karamatsu nii-san, are you coming?” he asked. Karamatsu looked up at him and smiled gently.

            “I regret to inform you that I’m not feeling too well, brother. I think it would be best if I didn’t join you tonight.”

            “He is on his heat, Choromatsu nii-san,” Todomatsu pointed out.

            “Yeah, that’s true. Alright, then you should probably take it easy and get to bed early. Will you be alright to set it up yourself?”

            “Yes, I’ll be fine. Thank you for the concern, but don’t worry about me,” Karamatsu replied. They decided to leave it at that and left the house. At the bathhouse, Osomatsu was unusually quiet. The others were concerned that something happened between the two oldest, but decided to keep out of it. When they got home, they found Karamatsu already asleep in the futon. Osomatsu asked Todomatsu if they could switch places.

            “What? Why?” he asked incredulously.

            “Please, Todomatsu. Just for tonight,” Osomatsu begged. This all but confirmed that something was going on between the two, but Todomatsu was too tired to try and fight it. He agreed and they went to bed soon afterwards. That night, Ichimatsu awoke to the sound of sniffling. Looking over his shoulder, he saw Osomatsu’s curled form. He was shaking slightly. Ichimatsu wanted to reach out to him. He had a good idea of what probably happened and was in the best position to console him about it. But given their cantankerous relationship as of late, he didn’t think it was the best idea. He turned over and shut his eyes tight, trying to tune him out and hoping to fall back asleep quickly.




             For the next two days, the two oldest were avoiding each other. In reality, Karamatsu was trying to reach out to Osomatsu, but he would not let him get close. Karamatsu felt more stung with every rejection until he stopped trying entirely. It hurt Osomatsu to do this to his little brother, but he didn’t have a choice. He would not allow himself to hurt him again. The other brothers found the tension between them uncomfortable. They didn’t sit next to each other at dinner. Karamatsu had stopped coming with them to the bathhouse and Chibita’s. Even having the two in the same room was next to impossible. They were getting fed up with it.

            “We need to do something about them,” Choromatsu said on the third day after calling a meeting with the others. Karamatsu was upstairs sleeping and Osomatsu was out doing god knows what (probably gambling). Jyushimatsu and Todomatsu nodded in agreement.

            “No we don’t,” Ichimatsu spoke plainly. Todomatsu shot him a look.

            “And why not? Aren’t you getting tired of them being awkward around each other?”

            “It doesn’t really matter to me. And we should stay out of it regardless.”

            “Why? Do you know something about it that we don’t?” Todomatsu asked accusingly. Ichimatsu paused.

            “N-no, but whatever it is, they’ll work it out.”

            “Oh, like how you and Osomatsu nii-san have?” Todomatsu asked sarcastically. Ichimatsu growled.

            “That’s different.”

            “Different how? No. We have enough to deal with when it comes to you two and whatever is going on. We don’t need this on top of it.”

            “Todomatsu is right,” Choromatsu said. Jyushimatsu also nodded his head in agreement. Todomatsu got a smug look on his face that annoyed Ichimatsu. He clicked his tongue in aggravation but he relented.

            “Fine. Do what you want,” he said dismissively.

            “But Karamatsu nii-san has tried talking to Osomatsu nii-san and it hasn’t worked,” Jyushimatsu pointed out.

            “True, but I bet he’ll talk to me about it,” Choromatsu replied. He did have a good relationship with the eldest ever since they were young. They could always confide in each other. If anyone was going to get Osomatsu to talk, Choromatsu was the best bet. “I’ll wait for him here. When he comes home, I’ll try talking to him. In the meantime, go wake up Karamatsu and take him out of the house.” The others decided that it was the best course of action and left it at that.  After a bit of convincing, they got Karamatsu to agree going out with them. If Ichimatsu was around, he wouldn’t have to worry about other Alphas. Todomatsu even agreed to invite his boyfriend as extra security. They departed the house soon afterwards.




            When Osomatsu returned home, he found Choromatsu waiting for him.

            “What’s up, Choro-chan?”

            “We need to talk, Osomatsu.” He could hear the seriousness in Choromatsu’s voice, but still approached him casually and sat down across from him.

            “What’s wrong, Fappy? Are you mad because the ‘Fapping in progress’ sign I made broke?”

            “It did?!” Choromatsu exclaimed before quickly switching gears. “I-I mean, no. That’s not what this is about.”

            “It’s ok, Choro. All you have to do is tell us when you want the house to yourself and we won’t-”

            “I told you that isn’t what this is about!” he persisted. Though in the back of his mind, he was strongly considering his older brother’s offer. “Listen. We need to talk about what’s been going on between you and Karamatsu.” Osomatsu’s grin faded. His mouth formed a straight line and his face took on an unreadable expression. He did not respond so Choromatsu took it as a sign to continue.

            “You two have been avoiding each other. No, rather, you have been avoiding him for two days now. And you were acting strange before that. Did something happen?” Osomatsu remained silent. He bit his lower lip. Choromatsu knew he was hiding something now. He just needed to find out what it was.

            “Karamatsu hasn’t joined us at the bathhouse or come with us to Chibita’s. The fact he’s not home right now and out with our brothers outside is nothing short of a miracle given how he’s been acting lately. Do you happen to know why that is?” he pressed.

            “You know Karamatsu. He always does weird things,” Osomatsu said. He didn’t want to engage in this questioning much longer. He hoped his answer was enough to get his younger brother off his back.

            “You didn’t answer my question. Do you know anything?”



            “I don’t know anything.”

“You’re lying.”

“Just drop it, ok?” Osomatsu was starting to get annoyed.

“No. What’s going on?”

“Leave me alone!”

“Then tell me!”

“I MARKED HIM!” Osomatsu yelled. He was so frustrated that he just blurted it out. He instantly regretted saying anything. ‘Oh well, it’s out there now. No point in denying it,’ he thought. Choromatsu stared at him in disbelief.

“You did what?”

“You heard me.”

“When? How?”

“How else? I bit his neck.” Choromatsu took a deep breath.

“…Did you imprint?”


“Are you sure?”

“I think I would know. Give me some credit.”

“How did this happen?”

“I came home. I didn’t know Karamatsu was here. He tried to talk to me about something, but I wasn’t really paying attention. Then I…smelled him. He smelled really good. We ended up on the floor, things happened. I couldn’t help it. I lost control,” he explained.

“So you went into an induced rut. But you knew Karamatsu is on his heat so how-”

“I didn’t know,” he corrected.

“But how? Couldn’t you smell him before? And he switched places with Jyushimatsu. He only does that when he’s on his heat, though I still don’t know why.”

“I was drunk, Choro. My senses were dulled. If he was only in the first stage, then…” Choromatsu suddenly remembered that Osomatsu was right. He was drunk that night. On top of that, he left early and was already asleep by the time they came home. This explained why Karamatsu didn’t want to come with them to the bathhouse. He didn’t want them questioning how he got that mark or start pointing fingers. In his own way, he was trying to protect Osomatsu. That Karamatsu. Always putting others before himself. It’s gonna be the death of him one of these days.

“Okay, fine. So you missed the signs. Is that why you’ve been avoiding him?”

“Of course it is. I hurt him, Choromatsu. He was scared of me when it happened. I can’t face him.”

“But he must know it was an accident. He’s been trying to talk to you. Why won’t you let him?”

“Because I don’t wanna lose control again.”

“And why would that be an issue now if you know he’s on his heat?”

“It’s complicated.”

“As complicated as you almost imprinting on him against his will?” Osomatsu winced. He knew he wasn’t completely in control of his actions at that point, but it didn’t excuse it. To hear it phrased like that really put it in perspective. He remained quiet. Choromatsu sighed.

“Look, Osomatsu nii-san, we all know you’re lecherous and the biggest pervert among us-”


“Buuut,” he continued, “we know that you would never willingly do something that could seriously hurt us. You can be a good older brother when you need to be and that is what’s important.” Osomatsu gushed at the praise.

“Knowing him, Karamatsu has probably already forgiven you. Just talk to him. I’m sure that if you offer him a sincere apology-”

“You don’t understand, Choromatsu. It’s more than that.”

“Then help me understand. What is it?” Osomatsu took a deep breath.

“I’m in love with Karamatsu.”

Chapter Text

            So here they are. In the room. Together.

            Osomatsu and Karamatsu were sitting in rather uncomfortable silence, Karamatsu looking at his older brother expectedly. Osomatsu was after all the one who finally reached out to him and asked him to talk. Karamatsu didn’t know what made him change his mind, but he was nonetheless thankful for it. His other brothers had all left the house earlier that day after breakfast. Choromatsu was the one who rushed them all out, saying that he wanted to spend time with them today. Of course, the rest of them looked shocked at the statement, Todomatsu even offering to call him an ambulance. Karamatsu was excited to go, but Choromatsu told him that it was just going to be him and the younger ones. Karamatsu almost threw a fit. He did not want to miss out on brotherly bonding. Choromatsu quickly pushed the others out the door, but before he left, he looked back at Osomatsu and gave him a look that Karamatsu could not decipher. That’s when Osomatsu put his hand on his shoulder and asked to talk to him.

            Osomatsu was nervous. He had been avoiding Karamatsu for three days and now that he was here in front of him, he didn’t know what to say. Should he apologize first? Should he just come out with it and tell him he loves him? How is he going to react? He glanced up at Karamatsu and saw him staring back at him, unmoving, not saying a word. Osomatsu steeled himself. Overthinking wasn’t his style, after all.

            “Kara, I’m sorry. I know I’ve been avoiding you this entire time even when you tried to speak to me. I just…couldn’t face you after what I did. I lost control. I marked you. If you hadn’t stopped me…”

            “It’s ok, brother, I-”

            “It’s not ok, Karamatsu! I hurt you. I should have never done that.”

            “I do appreciate your apology, brother. I know you didn’t mean to do it. You do seem to be able to control yourself now though.”

            “Barely. It’s very hard to control myself around you.”

            “And why is that?”

            Osomatsu breathed in. He recalled his conversation with Choromatsu the day before.




            “You’re…in love? With Karamatsu?” Choromatsu asked disbelievingly.


            “Really? Since when has this been going on?”

            “For a long time, really. I’m just really good at hiding it.”


            “You think I’m disgusting, don’t you? That I could fall in love with my own younger brother. Maybe you’re right. But I can’t help it. He’s just so kind and caring and strong. Even though he’s an Omega and I’m an Alpha, that didn’t stop him from taking care of me when I was in rut. Always staying by my side and keeping me calm,” Osomatsu said, reminiscing. A small smile graced his features. Pulling himself back to the present, he continued. “Look, I know it’s wrong, but-”

            “I don’t think you’re disgusting.” Osomatsu’s jaw dropped.


            “Other than thinking you may not have the best taste in partners, I can’t fault you for it. It would be hypocritical of me.”

            “Wow, I didn’t expect you to be so understanding- wait a minute. Hypocritical? Does that mean…” Choromatsu began to blush. He couldn’t look Osomatsu in the eyes.

            “As long as we’re being honest here. Look, just don’t say anything-”

            “Aww! Cherry has a crush!”


            “That’s what I should be asking. So, which one of us do have the hots for, my little Fappy?”

            “My little WHAT?!”

            “Don’t tell me it’s me.”

            “God no.” Osomatsu feigned hurt. Choromatsu gave him a quizzical look. “Isn’t that a good thing?”

            “I mean yea, but you didn’t have to say it like that. Then who is it?” Choromatsu gave no response. Osomatsu thought for a minute.

            “Oh my god, don’t tell me…it’s Ichimatsu isn’t it?” Choromatsu blushed harder.

            “And you say I have bad taste. What do you see in that guy?” Osomatsu questioned.

            “I don’t know. In his own way, he’s…pretty cool.”

            “Pretty cool? Are we talking about the same prince of darkness?”

            “IS HE OZZY OSBOURNE?! Besides, I think he’s just misunderstood.”

            “Mmm yea I don’t see it,” Osomatsu said shrugging his shoulders. “But whatever. Have you tried talking to him?”

            “I can’t. Every time we’re alone together, it’s awkward. Neither one of us can interact with each other if others aren’t around.

            “Well that certainly is a problem.”

            “Can we get back on topic here? This isn’t even about me. You’re the one having a problem talking your crush,” Choromatsu pointed out. Osomatsu got a sad look on his face for a second. He couldn’t tell Choromatsu that his crush was already taken. It seems they’re both out of luck.

            “Well what do you suggest I do about it?”

            “Like I said, talk to him. Tell him everything.”

            “But I have no idea how he feels about me. What if he rejects me? It’ll be awkward.”

            “It already is, Osomatsu nii-san.”

            “It’ll be even more so.”

            “Somehow I doubt that. Look just be honest with him. At the very least, you need to start talking to him again and apologize.”

            “Alright but not tonight. I’ll do it tomorrow. Just take the others out of the house after breakfast.”

            “Deal,” Choromatsu agreed and got up to leave the room.

            “Oh and Choromatsu,” Osomatsu started. Choromatsu looked back at him. “Don’t get any funny ideas just because you’ll be with your crush all day,” he said winking at him. Choromatsu turned redder than before.

            “That’s my line, shitty eldest.”




            “Because I love you, Karamatsu. I love you so, so much. I wanted to keep it a secret. I never wanted you to know because I didn’t know how you’d feel about it. Not like it matters anyway. I know you’re with Ichimatsu and all.” Karamatsu blushed. That was definitely not the answer he was expecting. His brother had just confessed to him. He wanted to respond to it now, but there was something he needed clarification on first.

            “Ah, that reminds me. You said something about you being better than him that day. What did you mean by that?” he asked.

            “I said that? Wow, I must’ve really been out of it. I guess I was jealous- am jealous of Ichimatsu. I want to be your mate, but I never made any moves. I guess Ichi did though.” Karamatsu stared at him blankly.

            “What makes you think we’re together?”

            “You too? I guess you guys really don’t want anyone to know. Haven’t you been together for a couple months now? I only figured it out since I caught you two outside the room that day…” Karamatsu widened his eyes in realization. So Osomatsu had seen it after all. He remembered back to that day.




            Karamatsu was in the middle of his heat and decided to stay home. He really had no plans for the day so he found himself lazing around in their room. He took out his guitar and began playing. He was so caught up in his strumming that he didn’t notice anyone come home. It wasn’t until the door slid open that he stopped. Standing in the doorway was Ichimatsu.

            “Was that you playing?” he asked. Karamatsu simply nodded.

            “Heh. I thought even if my Karamatsu girls can’t see me today, they should still be able to hear me.” Ichimatsu rolled his eyes.

            “It wasn’t half bad, Kusomatsu,” he said as he walked into the room. “Why is it so stuffy in here?”

            “Ah, mistake! I must have forgotten to open the windows,” Karamatsu said as he walked over to the window to open it. As he did so, he felt arms wrap around his waist. Ichimatsu was hugging him and had his head buried in Karamatsu’s upper back. “Heh. What’s this brother? Finally showing your appreciation?”

            “Shut up,” growled Ichimatsu. There was something in his voice that sounded off. He hugged Karamatsu tighter. Karamatsu didn’t think anything of it until he felt Ichimatsu breathe in deeply.

            “Brother, what’s all this about?” he asked, his tone becoming a bit more anxious.

            “You smell good,” was Ichimatsu’s quick reply.

            “I haven’t put on any cologne today though.” Suddenly Karamatsu was tossed to the ground. When he looked up at Ichimatsu, he saw that his eyes had become slits and they were trained on him. Karamatsu realized that his brother must have gone into an induced rut. This was probably because he hadn’t opened the windows and his scent had built up in the room for quite some time. He tried scooting himself away from his younger brother, but Ichimatsu grabbed his wrist to stop him. His grip was tight. Karamatsu didn’t know his brother was this strong.

            “Ichimatsu, that’s enough,” he said calmly. Ichimatsu gave no reply. Instead he moved closer to him. Karamatsu didn’t like where this was going. I might regret this later, he thought, but he didn’t have a choice. He pulled back his arm and punched his brother in the jaw. This made Ichimatsu let go as he tumbled into the wall. He got up slowly and looked dazed. His eyes had gone back to their normal look. He rubbed his cheek.

            “Ow, what just happened?” he questioned before looking at Karamatsu. “Did you hit me? What the fuck did you do that for?”

            “I apologize, brother, but I had to. You went into an induced rut and I had to snap you out of it somehow.”

            “I-I did? Did I-”

            “No. I stopped you before you could do anything, though you have an impressive grip,” Karamatsu said, rubbing his wrist tenderly.

            “I…I’m…let me help you with that,” Ichimatsu mumbled, pointing to his brother’s wrist.

            “No, that’s okay. I can do it myself-”

            “Shut up and let me do this.” They made their way to the door. When they slid it open, they were both surprised to see Osomatsu standing there. He glanced down at Karamatsu’s arm, but Karamatsu pulled his sleeve down to cover the bruised skin.

            “Brother! What a surprise to see you home! We didn’t hear you come in,” Karamatsu said, hoping to distract him.

            “Yea, I wasn’t winning anything at pachinko so I decided to come back home,” he replied. His eyes lingered on Karamatsu’s arm a little longer, then he looked up at him. “What were you two doing?”

            “Roughhousing,” Ichimatsu stammered out.


            “Yes, of course, brother,” Karamatsu chimed in. “Just good old brotherly bonding. He got the better of me this time. You Alphas are stronger, after all.” Osomatsu said nothing. He knew it wasn’t true. Alphas may be naturally stronger, but Karamatsu was just as strong, if not stronger, than either of them. They were hiding something.

            They then both moved past the eldest as he looked at them suspiciously and made their way to the bathroom to run Karamatsu’s wrist under cold water. Ichimatsu didn’t say anything. Wouldn’t look at him, either. When they went to bed that night, Ichimatsu made a request of his older brother.

            “You should switch places with Jyushimatsu.”


            “Because I don’t wanna lose it again and attack you in the middle of the night.”

            “Brother, it was an accident. I should’ve had the windows open like always and-”

            “Karamatsu, please,” he begged. The tiniest bit of desperation could be heard in his voice. Karamatsu stiffened. Ichimatsu almost never called him by name. He must be serious about this.

            “Ok. I’ll talk to Jyushimatsu.” It was from that night on that Karamatsu switched places with Jyushimatsu during his heats, and when Ichimatsu started avoiding him during them, although they never revealed the reason why to their brothers.




            “So you saw the bruise then?”

            “Yea. I never really bought that roughhousing explanation.”

            “Why didn’t you say anything then?”

            “It’s not the first time I’ve caught you two doing strange things. I just thought you guys were into weird stuff.”

            “I told you before that wasn’t what you thought it was!” Karamatsu palmed his face, remembering that compromising position he was in with Ichimatsu. Why was it always Osomatsu who walked in on them?

            “Yea well, after that, I was convinced you two were in a relationship.”

            “Wait a minute. That was around the same time you and Ichimatsu started fighting more. Do you mean to tell me that-”

            “The entire reason I’m on edge with Ichimatsu is because I think he’s with you, yeah.” Karamatsu stared at his brother in amazement.

            “Why? Is it out of some kind of jealousy?”

            “I don’t like the way he treats you. I would think he’d treat you better-”

            “He’s trying-”

            “How can you be with someone who treats you like that!” Osomatsu sounded hurt. Karamatsu needed to set the record straight.

            “Osomatsu, we’re not together.”

            “Then why-”

            “What you saw that day…it was similar to what happened with us a couple days ago. The difference is that I stopped him before it got any further.” Osomatsu’s face dropped.

            “So you guys aren’t trying to hide your relationship?”

            “There’s no relationship to hide. After what happened, he didn’t want to be near me when I’m on my heat. That’s why he asked me to switch places with Jyushimatsu.”

            “So when he pushed you in the baths that day-”

            “It was a slight overreaction, but in his own way, Ichimatsu is trying to protect me. He doesn’t want to take any chances.”

            “I…I didn’t know.”

            “No one knew. It’s not your fault. But you should apologize to him for the misunderstanding.” Osomatsu groaned. It was bad enough that he ended up in that situation with Karamatsu, but to learn he’s been attacking Ichimatsu over something that didn’t even exist? How many times can someone be in the wrong? Though, Ichimatsu should still treat Karamatsu better, so he wasn’t that sorry about it. But he figured he should still apologize to clear out any bad blood between them.

            “Yea, I will.”

            “Though it begs the question, when it happened with Ichimatsu, I forgot to open the windows and disperse the scent. But I did have them open when it happened with you. How did you-”

            “It’s a lot easier to lose control of yourself when you already have an attraction to the person,” Osomatsu said simply. Karamatsu blushed. “It’s why I avoided you too. I didn’t want to lose control around you. You can see how well that worked out.”

            “It’s okay, Osomatsu. Like I said, I know you didn’t mean to do it.”

            “No, I never wanted to hurt you. Thanks for being so understanding. I’m glad we could talk though, straighten things out. Maybe after I talk to Ichimatsu, we can finally go back to normalcy around here.” Karamatsu bristled.

            “What makes you think everything will go back to normal?”


            “You confessed to me. Or were you lying?”

            “I wouldn’t lie about that!”

            “So you admit that you’re in love with me and you think things will just go back to normal between us?” Osomatsu winced. Maybe he should have kept his mouth shut about that.

            “Look Karamatsu, I know what I said. And it’s true. I do love you and have for a long time. In fact, I want nothing more than to fuck your brains out as we speak. But I’m not gonna force myself on you. I did before and there’s nothing I regret more. Besides, it’s not like I know how you feel about me or all this. For all I know you-” Osomatsu’s rambling was interrupted when he felt Karamatsu’s lips pressed to his. He was still for a moment before he returned it. Karamatsu backed away shyly before looking back at his brother.

            “You do now.”


            “You aren’t the only one hiding his feelings.”

            “Since when?”

            “Heh. It’s been a long time. Why do you think I always insisted on taking care of you?”

            “I thought it was an Omega thing. You know, taking care of people.”

            “Maybe you’re right. Because I definitely want to help you take care of that,” he said, pointing to Osomatsu’s growing erection. “Our brothers are out right now, but…”

            “They won’t be back anytime soon. I told Choromatsu to keep them out all day,” Osomatsu responded devilishly.

            “Osomatsu. Were you planning for this to happen?” Karamatsu tried sounding upset, but couldn’t keep back his growing smile.

            “Actually, I wasn’t. I just thought this would take longer. But we may as well take advantage,” Osomatsu said, leaning in. Karamatsu met him and their lips connected. Karamatsu felt a tug at his lower lip and he opened his mouth. He felt Osomatsu’s tongue enter and he let him explore his mouth as he returned the kiss. Their tongues moved sloppily but enthusiastically as they remained connected, Karamatsu repositioning himself to sit on his brother’s lap. He placed his arms around his neck as he deepened the kiss. It was passionate, filled with all the emotions the two had hidden from each other all this time. When they broke apart, they were left breathless. For a first kiss, it wasn’t bad.

            “Aniki,” Karamatsu huffed out. Osomatsu stiffened. He loved it when Karamatsu called him that. If only Karamatsu knew what he was doing to him. Well he’d find out soon enough. Osomatsu grabbed the sides of Karamatsu’s hoodie and gently pushed him to the ground, himself on top of Karamatsu. They were in a similar position to what they were a couple days ago. But this time, it was no accident. They locked eyes for a moment and in that time, Karamatsu saw how his brother looked at him as if he was his whole world. It made him gush. He turned his head to the side, exposing his neck.

            “Do it,” he said softly. Osomatsu hesitated.

            “Are you sure?”

            “Make me yours, aniki.” Osomatsu didn’t need anymore convincing. He lowered his head down and opened his mouth, gently tracing Karamatsu’s neck with his teeth. He bit down, piercing his soft skin with his canine. Karamatsu arched his back as he let out a small whine and softly squirmed under his older brother. It was just like before. A little painful at first before turning in an almost indescribable feeling of pleasure. In fact, it was even better than before. Karamatsu continued to slightly writhe from the feeling. Osomatsu held him firm as he maintained the pressure of his bite. Karamatsu’s body began to go limp as he softly whined before he felt something click. He felt more in tune with his older brother. He had been imprinted on and nothing felt more right. Osomatsu released his bite and licked at the wound. He watched as his younger brother’s chest rose and fell before realizing that his own breathing matched Karamatsu’s. They were completely in tune with each other. It was a relaxing feeling.

            “It’s done,” he said directly into Karamatsu’s ear. “How do you feel?”

            “The same way you do, I presume.”

            “So…really good?”


            “Well this is only the beginning,” Osomatsu hummed as he moved his hand under Karamatsu’s hoodie, ghosting over his firm abdomen. Karamatsu has always been in great shape. Osomatsu noticed this from the many times he washed his back. His fingertips gently glided over Karamatsu’s nipple and he gently moaned at the contact. Osomatsu continued to rub at it before Karamatsu stopped him.

            “Osomatsu…can we…get a little more comfortable?” he asked, looking down at his hoodie. Osomatsu understood and helped him out of his hoodie before removing his own. Of course, they’d all seen each other naked before, but this felt different. It was like they were seeing each other for the first time. Karamatsu truly had a remarkable body. Osomatsu’s wasn’t bad either, but that was mainly due to his Alpha genetics. Osomatsu began peppering kisses on Karamatsu’s body. He started with his cheek, then moved to his lips. He moved to his neck, paying particular attention to the mark. He then kissed at his chest and moved over to his nipple. He bit at it slightly and enveloped it in his mouth. Karamatsu wrapped his arms around his head as his body curled. Osomatsu moved back to the middle of his chest before slowly making his way down to Karamatsu’s stomach. He lightly kissed at it and licked at his navel before moving back up and making out with him again, sneaking his hand into Karamatsu’s pants. He rubbed his growing erection as they continued to kiss. When they broke off, a thin line of saliva connecting them, Osomatsu took in the sight before him. Karamatsu’s eyes were half-lidded in pleasure as he breathed deeply.

            “Can I…take these off?” Osomatsu asked. Karamatsu simply nodded in response. Osomatsu undid his belt, and Karamatsu shimmied out of them. After he did, Osomatsu palmed his erection through his underwear. Karamatsu gasped. Osomatsu moved his hand inside his underwear. Karamatsu was already leaking pre-cum. Osomatsu chuckled as he started stroking him.

            “Easy there, tiger. Can’t have you finishing on me just yet.” Karamatsu breathed out shakily.

            “S-sorry, it just…feels so good.” Osomatsu couldn’t blame him. He was still in heat after all. Having all this attention from an Alpha must feel like heaven. Osomatsu started pumping him harder and faster than before. Karamatsu started panting as a little moan would escape his lips every so often. He could feel himself getting close.

            “Osomatsu, I’m…almost there. I’m gonna-”

            “Cum for me, Kara,” Osomatsu purred, pumping his brother even faster. He could feel Karamatsu shudder as he cried out his name and came hard, some landing back on his chest, some flowing down his softening cock onto Osomatsu’s hand. Karamatsu fell back onto the floor, breathing hard.

            “That. Was. Amazing,” he said between breaths. Osomatsu chuckled.

            “Clearly. Some of your ‘amazing’ got on me.”

            “I-I’m sorry…”

            “Don’t be,” Osomatsu said, looking down at his hand. He wondered what it tasted like. What Karamatsu tasted like. Curiosity go the better of him and he licked the substance off his hand. It was slimy and disgusting. At least that’s what he thought it was gonna be. But in this moment, it only reminded him of his brother.

            “Now it’s my turn.”

            What? Osomatsu was pulled from his thoughts and he suddenly realized he was now on the floor. Karamatsu had pulled down Osomatsu’s pants and underwear as well as his own. They’re both naked. Osomatsu grinned.

            “I’m getting a handjob too?”

            “No.” Osomatsu’s grin turned into a pout. “Something better.”

            “What do you mean-Ahh!” Osomatsu was cut off by Karamatsu putting his mouth around his dick, sucking lightly. He tongued the tip of his cock and Osomatsu moaned out.

            “Oh god, Karamatsu. Don’t stop. That feels so good,” he said. Karamatsu wasn’t exactly a pro (it was his first blowjob, after all), but he wasn’t bad (plus he wasn’t biting, which is all that mattered). Osomatsu started bucking his hips. He couldn’t help it. Karamatsu was taken aback, gagging at first, then he relaxed and allowed Osomatsu to continue. He started bobbing his head, mirroring Osomatsu’s bucking. Osomatsu gasped and moaned at this new development. He wasn’t going to last much longer.

            “Fuck! Kara-ahh! I’m so close,” he managed to say. He wanted to give his little brother a heads up before orgasming down his throat. But before he could, Karamatsu abruptly stopped and lifted his head. Osomatsu whined at the loss of contact.

            “Kara, why? Aren’t you gonna let me finish?”

            “Not in my mouth.”

            “But, Karaaa…” he whined. While it was fair that he didn’t want him finishing in his mouth, he was gonna let him finish, right? Karamatsu smirked at him as he leaned back, propping himself up on his elbows.

            “Wouldn’t you rather finish here instead?” he asked, spreading his legs open. Osomatsu froze. This was a dream scenario come true. He quickly regained his composure as he leaned over his brother’s form, placing his hands on the floor besides his head.

            “Yes. I want to so badly.”

            “Then let us consummate our forbidden love together, aniki,” Karamatsu replied in that deep voice of his. Osomatsu grimaced humorously. Up until this point, his little brother had actually been cool and seductive. A “real Casanova” as he would put it. Then he ruined it by saying that. And why did he call it forbidden? But Osomatsu had something else he was worried about.

            “Karamatsu, believe me, there is nothing more I’d rather do. But…you’re still in heat. If we…if I…you could-”

            “It’s fine, Osomatsu,” he reassured as he reached up and placed his hand on the side of Osomatsu’s face, caressing it gently. “It’ll be fine.” Osomatsu didn’t know what shape his eyes were in that moment, but heart-shaped seemed like a good guess. All restraints were off at this point. He leaned in and kissed his brother with so much passion that he thought he overwhelmed him. But Karamatsu returned the kiss, matching his passion tit-for-tat. Osomatsu reached down and he prodded at Karamatsu’s entrance before fully inserting his finger. It went in easily. Duh, he’s on his heat, he thought. He added another finger and stretched his hole more. He curled his fingers and suddenly Karamatsu arched his back and let out a moan, though he didn’t break off from their kiss, which told Osomatsu that he found what he was looking for. He continued massaging Karamatsu’s prostate after they broke off, nearly breathless, from their kiss, watching as his little brother panted and moaned from pleasure. Osomatsu removed his fingers and repositioned himself, his cock poking at Karamatsu’s entrance.

            “You ready?” Karamatsu simply nodded in response. Osomatsu thrusted in and they both moaned out.

            “Hah, we may not have been the first to lose our virginity, but at least we aren’t the last,” Osomatsu said. Karamatsu looked up at him, slightly unamused.

            “Is that really what matters to you right now, Osomatsu?”

            “Of course! Have some pride, Karappi. We’re the oldest. We should always be the first to do things.”

            “Karappi?” Karamatsu asked before shaking his head. “Never mind. You can move now, brother.” Osomatsu blinked. He almost forgot what they were doing. He started moving slowly before getting into a rhythm.

            “Fuck, Karamatsu, you’re so tight.” Karamatsu didn’t respond, only focusing on how full he felt. It felt amazing. He had never felt this good in his wildest dreams. He reached his arms out, as if calling for his older brother. Osomatsu understood and brought his body down closer. Karamatsu wrapped his arms around him and hugged him tight as Osomatsu continued thrusting. As he was so close now, Osomatsu couldn’t help but to inhale his brother’s scent. It was still strong and he smelled just as good as he remembered. But it was changing. Morphing into a mix between their combined scents. They were becoming one, in every sense of the word.

            “H-harder, aniki!” Karamatsu cried out. Osomatsu was taken aback by the request, not that he was complaining. He readily complied as he started thrusting harder and deeper than before. He was beginning to work up a sweat, not that he minded. He’d more than happily do this kind of exercise every day if he could. And he really hoped he would.

Karamatsu moaned out every time his older brother hit his spot. He couldn’t control his body’s reactions. Normally, he hated that. But right now, he didn’t mind. His body felt absolutely satisfied getting rammed again and again by Osomatsu’s length. Unsurprisingly, Osomatsu was the biggest among them, and Karamatsu could feel every inch of his girth pulsating against his walls. He knew he wanted him, wanted this, but he didn’t know until this very moment how much he needed it. He clung tighter to his brother, not wanting to forget anything about this moment. How he felt. How he smelled. How he moved. Karamatsu wanted to remember it all.

Osomatsu himself was in heaven right now. He loved the sensation of his dick being squeezed as he thrusted in and out of his younger brother’s hole. And the way Karamatsu tightened around him every time his prostate was hit only added to what was already a more than pleasurable experience. He reached in between them and began stroking him off. This made Karamatsu clench tighter as he whined out Osomatsu’s name. He knew his immediate younger brother didn’t like being called cute, but what else could he call him? The way he called out his name and how he wanted to embrace his only older brother could only be described as cute. Maybe even adorable. Osomatsu quickened his pace. He wasn’t going to last much longer. Damn Karamatsu and not letting him finish before.

            “Karamatsu, I’m gonna cum soon. Is it ok if I-”

            “Yes!” Karamatsu responded. He didn’t mean to yell, but he couldn’t help it. He was caught up in the ecstasy. Osomatsu smirked as he pumped Karamatsu’s cock even faster as he continued thrusting deep into his hole. With a few more thrusts, he called out his name as he orgasmed, filling Karamatsu with his seed. Karamatsu was not too far behind as he orgasmed onto both of their chests. Osomatsu fell on top of Karamatsu as they bathed in the afterglow, chests heaving in sync.

            “That…was…the best,” he said between breaths.

            “Heh. You have…nothing to compare this to, brother. How would you know this is the best?”

            “Because it was with you,” Osomatsu replied, grinning widely. Karamatsu blushed. For once, he was speechless. He turned his head away, not wanting his brother to see him like this. Osomatsu laughed.

            “Aww, my little brother is so cute, being all bashful like that.” Karamatsu turned to look at him.

            “I am not cute, Osomatsu. I am a handsome gentleman. A real man.”

            “You sure took it like a man.” Osomatsu could feel the heat radiating from Karamatsu’s ever reddening face.

            “Um…so, tell me something. Why didn’t you tell me how you felt before?” Karamatsu asked, trying to change the subject.

            “I told you. I didn’t know how you were going to feel about it. I couldn’t take rejection from you.”

            “Does my opinion of you matter that much?”

            “Yea, it does. I know people think I’m a good for nothing NEET. And even my own brothers think I’m a no good leech. But you always saw the good in me. I didn’t want you thinking less of me.”


            “Why didn’t you ever say anything?” Osomatsu quickly asked. He didn’t want to be questioned too much. He wasn’t good at expressing his feelings. Not with words, at least.

            “Heh. I’m truly a sinful man, to have these incestuous feelings towards my own kin. I didn’t want to upset you with these feelings I have. Of course, I wanted nothing more than to engage in these lustful acts of the flesh with you, but there is only room for one guilt guy in this house. Brothers don’t normally do the kind of things we just did, Osomatsu.” Osomatsu stared at him blankly, bemused.

            “Is that why you called it ‘forbidden love’?”


            “Well it doesn’t matter to me. I don’t care who sees it as wrong, as long as I get what I want in the end. Even if the world rejects me, it’s ok as long as I have you.” Karamatsu gushed. It was his job to wax poetically like that. Maybe he was rubbing off on his older brother. “I want you by my side, Karamatsu.” Karamatsu beamed at him.

            “I always will be, aniki,” Karamatsu began.

            “You’re my number one, after all.”