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Supply Shopping and Tree Climbing

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Deny it all she wants, she is asking for it today. Between her incessant interjections and tireless tangents, Nathaniel has had it up to his neck with Rebecca for the day. A nagging part of him thinks she’s doing it on purpose, trying to distract him for some unexplained reason, but even if she isn’t, he gets the overwhelming urge to shut her up by any means necessary.

She’s clicking her damn pen again. Of course, sharing an office with her means he’s picked up on her concentrating habits, only out of professional curiosity; her pen is one of many. The tempo of the snaps is the indicator of how fast the thoughts are moving in her head. Right now, they might as well be tap dancing on speed. God, if she doesn’t stop, he’s going to snatch that pen out of her hand, grip her wrist and—

Control yourself, Nathaniel. Deep breath.

Good, she’s stopped for now. Lightbulbs illuminate behind her eyes, and she begins to write. After a while, Rebecca looks up at him with those wide innocent eyes and a hint of a smile before ducking her head back into her paper like the tenderness in her gaze never existed, and he softens the clench of his fist as he takes a fleeting moment to grin subtly and watch her work.

And then she pulls her lip between her teeth. God knows he’d love to drop everything and kiss her, chase her taste, and tug her bottom lip into his mouth. As hot as it is to observe and imagine, Nathaniel’s growing needy and impatient and wants her here, right now. Her lips part ever so slightly as she studies her page, tracing her pen delicately over the line of text she’s deciphering, and hot damn, why does she do this to him? Who gave Rebecca Bunch the power to affect him so much? Or maybe he’s just too weak to resist? (Definitely the latter.)

The flesh turns white from pressure, and Nathaniel knows she’s hit a mental block when the furrowing of her eyebrows accompanies her lip bite. Desperately, he wishes she were knitting her eyes together for a more salacious reason. It appears when she’s almost reached her orgasmic limit that her eyes squeeze shut, her lips open in a silent plea for more, and she grips tightest to him. Oh, he loves that look. He vaguely wonders how many times it would take to get to that look right—

Not now, damnit. Not here.

Suddenly, it hits her, and her face blossoms as she scribbles notes in the margins with a bubbly, celebratory sigh. That’s the open side of Rebecca he wishes he could see more often. Nathaniel knew she would figure out whatever it was, but right now, he would give anything to recreate that relaxed expression with his tongue inside of her pussy.

Rebecca stands up to stretch and take a small break, and why does she have to push her boobs out and arch her back like that? She must be trying to murder him. She’s turned her back to leave, but before he can release the breath he’s been holding, she turns back around in the doorway. Her hair whips around behind her, and her foot wraps around the opposite ankle.

“Need anything while I’m up?”

He shakes his head tensely, and she leaves with a cute bounce. That’s not fair. The breath he’s kept inside comes out as a long groan. He checks his watch; it’s barely an hour past lunch. God damnit.

It’s not intentional, he thinks, until later when he catches the tiniest snicker when she interrupts his analysis of their latest case for a fourth time with an off-topic question.

It starts with just a single word.

“So, I feel like he’d respond well to—“


He blinks rapidly for a second. “What?”

“Yeah, it’s, like, the ultimate incentive.”

“Maybe, if he were five years old.”

“Come on, you can’t tell me you’ve never accepted a candy bribe before.”

Nathaniel clears his throat. “As I was saying, let’s offer him something to really sweeten the deal—“

“Maybe you’re right, candy seems a little childish. Oooh! Paula makes the most amazing double chocolate cookies you’ve ever tasted—“

“Does everything out of your mouth have something to do with food?”

“Hey, it’s not my fault I have a big appetite.” Rebecca’s lip curls up when he eventually realizes that she isn’t just talking about her affinity for sweets.

He takes a breath and slides a page over to her side of the desk. “I’ve been working on this today. What do you think?” Rebecca ponders it for a moment, studying the proposal with precision. “This seems like a good—“

A package rips open, and Rebecca plops a pack of Twizzlers on her desk, taking one out and gnawing off a piece at the end. He swallows hard. When Nathaniel tries to finish his sentence, he stutters and lets a jumbled mess of vowels escape.

“You were saying,” she asks sweetly, her eyes conveying no ulterior motive. Nathaniel straightens his papers in deflection and tries to regain his focus.

“Right. So, after analyzing both sides, I think the best thing to do is—“

“Want one?” Her smile at first glance appears genuine, but her inflection tells him that’s not the case. Nathaniel drops his pen on the table and scrubs his face with his hands. She lets out a tiny laugh and munches another piece of her licorice rope. When he catches her giggle, he lifts his head, eyes quickly becoming predatory.

“You think you’re funny.”

“No. I’m hilarious,” she counters, popping the rest of her candy in her mouth.

“If you interrupt me one more time, so help me god ...“

“What? What are you gonna do about it?” She sits back in her chair with a challenge in her eyes. She wants him to do something, wants him to snap that precious control he keeps so well around the office, and he’s finding it much harder to maintain by the second.

“I might have a thing or two in mind.”

“And that’s where those things are going to stay. Please, I know you won’t do anything.”

“Do you?”

Rebecca scoffs. “That tie is wound about as tight as your attitude around this office. You couldn’t lose a shred of control if you tried.”

Nathaniel clenches his fist again and leans forward. “You’re testing me, woman.”

She reciprocates and matches his posture. “That Stanford education should come in handy to pass this one then.” He sits unmoving but calculating. The itch to grab her hair and crash his lips into hers tingles at his fingertips. No one is paying half a mind to this corner of the office, if anyone is still even here, so what difference would one kiss make? The longer he ponders it, the longer he spends thinking of what he could spend his money on other than a public indecency fine.

His resignation begins to show. Her victory sealed, Rebecca laughs under her breath and pushes her chair out. “Good night, Nathaniel,” she singsongs, grabbing her bag and turning on her heel out of their office. He knows it would be completely unprofessional to pursue her, not to mention it would add another tick to the messy scrawl of mistakes etched into a chestnut door. But at the same time, the temptation is intense, too intense.

By the time he looks after her, she’s gone. And he’s hard. Fuck.

He takes a few breaths, packs his things, and heads home without a care for the speed limit. Of course, when he stalls in traffic, he should be thinking about important things, like actual work, but every time his mind lands on the office, it circles back to that irresistible smirk when she crossed her legs at her desk. Nathaniel enjoyed that fiery look in her eyes, daring him to make the first move. Like the tease she is, she strutted out of their office and left him hard and panting. But what if she had stayed? Spread those legs just enough to let him take a peek as she dipped her finger into her—

A car horn honks behind him, harshly snapping him from his reverie.

Maybe if he separates himself from her long enough, he can focus on what’s actually important. His job, his girlfriend, who he probably should have called or at least texted on his way home from work. He types out a quick message.


Fri, Mar 19, 6:15 PM
Dinner tonight?
Can’t. Working late. Maybe tomorrow?
Sounds good.

Nathaniel tosses his phone on the couch and decides to run for a bit. That usually helps to clear his head.

The rhythm in his ears pounds hard and heavy, the perfect contrast to her softness. His feet hit that pavement and his feet carry him further towards an aimless destination. Even as he pushes further and runs faster when thoughts of Rebecca cross his mind, the images won’t leave. Her teeth capturing her lip, her hair fanning out when she turns, her back arching as she stretches, her sultry gaze from beneath her eyelashes. Nathaniel loses his breath and stops.

He turns around to head back home, and on the run back, there’s her voice with its teasing lilt drowning out the lyrics of the song, sweetly beckoning him to lose control.

Please, I know you won’t do anything.

You couldn’t lose a shred of control if you tried.

I wanna fuck you like an animal.

Wait, she didn’t say that last thing. Oh, fuck. He speeds up his pace, but all intent to work out is gone; he’s just trying to get home as quickly as possible.

When Nathaniel steps through the door, he’s desperate, unhinged. The only option is to make himself come right now; this is pure need coursing in his veins as he makes his way to the shower and turns the temperature higher than usual. He remembers to lock the bathroom door behind him to avoid any sort of interruption.

The steam clouds the bathroom mirror, and Nathaniel gets in the shower, the spray hot and tantalizing as it washes over his skin. For a moment, he tilts his head back, closes his eyes, and lets out a sigh. This feels good, just what he needs after a long run. All preoccupying thoughts seem to disappear until he finds her in his mind again with red lipstick and her signature smirk. He opens his eyes and swears for a moment that she’s standing naked in front of him, her hair wind-blown and carelessly styled and her eyes aflame with desire.

Nathaniel’s hand slips down to his cock as he places a palm flat against the shower wall to ground himself. His mind begins to wander back to a few short hours ago where he’s adamant now to prove her wrong.

“You think you’re funny,” he growls.

“No. I’m hilarious.” Rebecca takes the rest of the candy in her mouth slowly, letting him see every inch of the licorice disappearing behind her lips.

“If you interrupt me one more time, so help me god …”

“What? What are you gonna do about it?” Her chair creaks when she leans back to stare him down, offering him a challenge, should he be so inclined to take it. Sadly, he missed the earlier opportunity when they were actually together, but here in this fantasy, there aren’t any real limits. Just the limits of how far his imagination will stretch. So, he goes full force.

“I think I might have to teach your smart mouth a lesson of what happens when you interrupt me.”

“Big talk,” Rebecca says, unconvinced, and waves her hand in dismissal. His eyes darken as he places his palms on the desk.

“You wanna find out?” Her eyebrows raise in curiosity as he smirks back at her.

“And what if I said I did?”

“I’d say come over here and get on your knees.” Rebecca crosses her thighs underneath the table, and with a flippant eye roll, she picks up her pen and returns to writing. “That’s cute, trying to resist me.” She says nothing and continues to keep her eyes down. He could wait, tease it out of her a little, walk away to make her chase him to the supply closet, but he’s not really in a waiting mood. Nathaniel gives a cursory glance to the rest of the office where he can’t find anyone in sight.

Wait a minute. This is my fantasy. I can control what happens here.

After ridding the office of all possible distractions or interruptions, Nathaniel stands behind his desk and rolls his sleeves up while Rebecca still works silently at her desk. “Here’s the thing, though. We both know how easy it would be for me to control you. I could just grab your hair, pull you up out of this chair, and have my way with you. Doesn’t that sound nice right now?”

“I’m a little busy, as you can see.” She doesn’t bother looking up from her paper, but her pen isn’t making contact with the page anymore, and she adjusts in her chair to keep her legs closed tighter.

He chuckles. “That’s interesting, because you pressing your thighs together tells me you’re a little busy with something else.” Rebecca blinks her eyes a few times and turns her head as far from his voice as she can. She tries to stop herself, she really does, but— “Rebecca.”

She turns around to face him and stops, drinking in the sight of his sleeves carelessly pushed up to his elbows, his hair on the right side of out of place, probably from too many frustrated combs through it with his fingers. Never mind that the slight messiness makes him look a few times hotter. But she isn’t going to let herself cave that easily.

Taking a deep breath, she says, “I’m working, Nathaniel, and you should be too.”

“Are you going to let me finish a sentence this time?” Rebecca shrugs and tries to conceal the budding smile threatening to stretch across her face. “Okay then.” Taking a long sigh, Nathaniel sits back down and picks up the brief he was trying to discuss with Rebecca before she cut him off for a fourth time. “As I was saying, I think we could …” She stands up and crosses to the left side of his desk, her black patent heels clicking with each step. It catches his attention, but he tries not to let his arousal show as she stands with her right ankle crossed behind her left. He clears his throat. “As I was saying,” he says a bit more forcefully, “I’ve worked out a compromise that’s fair for both parties. Sure, I could have maybe given their guy a little more, but—”

Rebecca opens her mouth and asks in a low voice, “Are you hungry, Nathaniel?”

Immediately, he stands from his chair and takes her hair in his hand, tipping her head up towards his mouth. “You’re damn right I am now.” He pulls her in for a brutal kiss, smashing their mouths together unceremoniously while she moans.

The wall behind her is clear, and Nathaniel presses her back into it, his hand still tangled in her dark curled hair. “I thought I told you to stop interrupting me. You really want to find out what I’m going to do, don’t you?” Her eyes glaze over and her bottom lip parts slightly. Nathaniel brings his lips to her earlobe. “Get on your knees.”

Rebecca smiles devilishly. “Make me.”

Even amid his fantasy, Nathaniel pulls her in, his hands spanning across her back as he hugs her tight. “You sure,” he whispers roughly. Rebecca nods twice and lifts her face up to his for a kiss, but he’s not having it.

He presses his hand down on her shoulder, and she complies with his request, sitting up on her knees. Rebecca immediately reaches for his belt, desperate to feel him, but she stops when she feels his hand grasp her chin and lift it up towards him. Nathaniel brushes his fingers back through her curls and then rubs his thumb over her bottom lip.

Rebecca takes the signal as a command to continue, and she works his belt and pants open and off as quick as she can. When she tries to wrap her mouth around him, closing her eyes, Nathaniel takes hold of her chin again. “Eyes up here.”

Hooded as they are, Rebecca looks up at him while she takes him in her mouth, swirling her tongue around the length of his cock. His delicious moan and fist of fingers in her hair tells her that she’s doing something right.

“I want to try something. Open your mouth, and don’t move.” She stretches her jaw a little wider, and even though she has an idea of what he’s planning, the thought still excites her. Grabbing her hair into an unkempt ponytail, Nathaniel guides her head up and down the length of his cock, starting off slowly and building pace over time. Sprinkled between his moans are reverent utterances of her name with ardent praises of the feel of her mouth and her tongue and her hair.

He pulls her back for a moment to let her breathe and relax but keeps his grip steady in her hair. Rebecca smiles up at him in that wickedly sweet way, intentionally not showing her teeth to make her seem mysterious and seductive. There’s a lack of impression behind her eyes, though. There’s something there saying that he can be rougher.

Meanwhile, Nathaniel’s hand speeds up rubbing up and down his cock as he lets the shower spray slosh over his body. He’s reminded in this moment about losing control, and there’s some aspect of control and composure that he can’t give up, try as he might. He wouldn’t forgive himself if he hurt her, even in his fantasy, though his raw need for her is quickly overtaking any complex thought processes. So, he begins to act on impulse.

“You have such a pretty mouth, Rebecca. I wonder if your pussy is as tight as your mouth.” He pulls her to her feet and drops a scattered line of kisses down the side of her neck. Each tender spot is sealed in red with his teeth. “You want me to fuck you?”

Rebecca shrugs noncommittally. “Not really.”

“Is that right? You’re telling me you don’t want my fingers inside of you? Hmmm?” He’s kissing behind her earlobe, and she hates herself for letting one of her weak spots show. His hands come up to her shoulders and up her neck. “You don’t want me to shove you up against this wall and fuck you until you can’t come anymore?”

“If you’re gonna do that on this wall, just don’t make me call you Captain,” she deadpans, gesturing to the infamous water polo picture she’s standing underneath.

He lets out a laugh. She’ll find any time to crack a joke about that picture or about water polo in general. “Maybe one day, but not tonight. No, I have something better in mind.”

Nathaniel’s hands slide down her arms and circle at her wrists to push them over her head. Rebecca’s breath stutters when she hears his satisfied hum as her body stretches long against the wall plane. His breath tickles her neck and collarbone. “I want you to say my name when I fuck you into this wall. I want you to know who’s the only person that gets to fuck you like that.” One of his hands keeps both of her wrists above her while his other hand travels down to her face, cupping her chin between his fingers. “Say my name, Rebecca.”

She moans and arches back against the wall. Softly, she says, “Nathaniel.”

His eyes darken possessively; oh, how he loves the sound of his name on her lips, so delicate and enchanting. The hand at her chin slips down her body and works its way beneath her skirt. Nathaniel’s fingers recognize the fabric of her panties, but he doesn’t venture beneath them yet. “Say it again.”

It’s a little louder this time when she repeats his name, and he rewards her with two fingers stroking along her pussy. Her resounding moan is close enough to snap his control and just slam his cock into her with no other foreplay, but he’s focused on making her come until her legs shake and she’s dripping in sweat.

When he finally takes the same two fingers and works them roughly inside of her, Rebecca makes the most beautiful sound and throws her eyes to the ceiling in pleasure. “Oh, fuck.”

“Don’t worry, we’ll get there soon.” When he feels her walls begin to flutter, Nathaniel doubles his efforts and curls his fingers to find all of her most sensitive places. “Come for me, Rebecca.” She squirms in his hold, but he keeps her still until the thread snaps inside of her, and a thousand and one nerve endings fire off in her blissful release.

There’s no afterglow or pause after Rebecca comes, Nathaniel too desperate to wait any longer to be inside of her. He fumbles for a condom in his pants, now bunched around his ankles. “Hands and knees,” he commands. Rebecca drops down and faces away from him towards the rest of the office. Interesting exhibitionist choice there, he notes. Nathaniel wraps his fingers around her hips and slides inside of her with a long groan. “Oh, fuck, Rebecca.”

The slow pace doesn’t last long, his baser urges taking over, and god, she feels so good, so tight, so perfect. Her back arches, and she tosses her hair back, mouth open in a silent cry of pleasure. One of his hands leaves her hip and offers two fingers for her to wet in her mouth. Those fingers reach under her bra to roll her nipple back and forth, and Rebecca lets out a low hum. “Fucking shit, Nathaniel.”

“You like that, don’t you?” She nods and gasps when he switches to the opposite side of her chest. His hand moves back up her body and settles at her neck where his hand can easily fill the space. Nathaniel notes the aroused change in her pulse when his fingers meet the skin of her neck, and he drives into her harder. Her response is exactly what he wanted.

“Oh my god, Nathaniel, please.”

“Say that again,” he orders with a smack to her ass. Testing the waters carefully, he presses one fingertip into the side of her neck, then a second before gauging her reaction. Rebecca recoils at the sting on her skin, but she can’t deny that it felt damn good, and she’d do anything for more of that.

“Please do that again. Holy fuck, please do that again,” she begs. This time, Nathaniel grips her neck and adds pressure, holding for just a few seconds before slapping her ass again and letting both sensations roll out simultaneously. He watches her body shiver in response, and they both know that she loved whatever that was, never mind the dizzying feeling still clouding her head.

“Harder,” she whispers. She’s really asking for him to overpower her, and as much as he second guesses himself about actually taking control of her, the fantasy version of him says that he should give her what she wants without question. Of course, he doesn’t immediately comply, his vacillating thoughts playing a never ending game of catch, so she begs him again.

“Harder. Harder. Harder …”

There’s a faint rhythm he hears that isn’t in time with the thrusts of his hips inside of her. Someone’s at the door. Are you fucking serious?

The pounding continues as he scrambles to turn off the water and find a towel, which takes exceedingly longer considering how roughly he was pulled from his incredible fantasy. And he was so close too. He silently yells at himself for not just finishing while he could, but the knocking isn’t letting up any time soon. Nathaniel carelessly throws on a t-shirt, simultaneously oblivious and uncaring that it’s backwards, and some sweatpants that unfortunately do very little to hide his earlier activities and makes his way to the door. He stands behind it to cover as much of his lower half as possible, and he’s surprised, to say the least, when he sees who’s behind the door.

His mouth drops open. She’s back in those same black heels with a new coat of lipstick and smirk that could kill. “I see you lost the tie.”

“Yeah, I, ummm, I went for a run earlier,” he stammers, trying to maintain his composure. Rebecca acknowledges him and takes a step in to his apartment and towards him. “Wait, Rebecca, I don’t know if that’s such a good—”

Her eyes widen as she stares down at the obvious erection he’s trying to cover up. Impressive, she can’t lie, but she wonders with a churning stomach if he was alone before she came to the door. She tries to quickly evade the potentially awkward situation, should his actual girlfriend be one room over. She clears her throat.

“That’s some … mileage you’ve got there. Ummm, I guess I should let you get back to—” Rebecca starts to turn towards the door, but Nathaniel grips her wrist to keep her close and pushes her back against the door to slam it shut. “Were you—”

“Thinking about you? Of course I was.” His hands come up to her face, and he smooths his thumbs over the apples of her cheeks.

“No, are you—”

“Alone? Yes, absolutely.”

“Now look who’s interrupting me,” she teases. Nathaniel brings his lips close to hers but doesn’t touch them yet.

“Well, what are you gonna do about that?” He winks at her, and she brings his face down for a forceful kiss that presses her even further into the door’s surface as his hands explore her body and hers tangle in his wet hair. Nathaniel’s hand comes down underneath her skirt and finds scorching wet heat already there. “I see you’ve been up to something too, haven’t you?”

“Full disclosure? I might have had a similar idea when I got home today.” Nathaniel hums and kisses down her neck. “What have you been thinking about?”

“I think you’d rather me show you than tell you.”

“You’d be right about that,” she says, running her hands over his chest. “Do you think you can lose control, Nathaniel?”

Nathaniel grabs her wrists and pulls them up over her head and against the door and laughs when she lets out a surprised gasp. “I don’t think there’s any question about that now.” She leans in for a kiss, all teeth and tongue and pure sexuality. “Come up here,” he mumbles against her lips.

Rebecca wraps her legs around his hip, and he drops his hands from her wrists to lift her up and push her back against the door. Nathaniel slips his hand between her legs and finds her clit, flicking it with his thumb while his fingers tease her opening. He curses when she clenches hard around his teasing finger and flutters her eyelashes. “You’re so close already, aren’t you?” Rebecca nods and grips tighter to Nathaniel’s hair. “Good. Come for me.”

It doesn’t take more than a few strokes and a groan of her name into her shoulder before she tightens fully around him, and the orgasm rushes through her. Nathaniel helps her down from her high but keeps her in his arms and pressed against the door. He leans in for a kiss but stops halfway to her lips.

“You want more?” Rebecca nods, her eyes hazy and unfocused. Nathaniel moves closer. “What do you say?”

“Please, Nathaniel?” His lips part, and she goes in for a kiss, tugging at his bottom lip with her teeth. She knows she’s done something right when he growls low in his throat and hoists her up higher on his hips.

They move to his bed quickly, lips never leaving one another, and despite his eagerness to feel her, he lays her down gently on the mattress and keeps his kisses long and passionate. He urges Rebecca back further into the bed while bunching her dress around her hips, and she opens her legs just enough to tease him. But he wants more. Nathaniel spreads her legs and, like lightning, dives his tongue between them.

He’s messy, much less finessed than his normal mode of eating her out, but she doesn’t mind it here. Maybe the flicks of his tongue against her clit aren’t as staccato as they normally are, but Rebecca certainly enjoys seeing if he can trade his polish for passion and give in to his fiercer desires. Nathaniel reaches places inside of her she didn’t know existed, and while she tries to arch up into his touch, he holds her still with both of his hands on her hipbones.

“Jesus Christ,” she moans. Nathaniel lifts his eyes up and manages to find hers in the dim light.

“That’s quite a hefty compliment,” he says smugly. In lieu of an eye roll, Rebecca pushes his head back down between her legs.


“Turn over,” he mumbles with his mouth pressed against her center. She asks him to repeat himself, but he decides to show, not tell, and brings her right thigh up and over his head. Instinctively, she rises up on her knees and places her palms beneath her shoulders to steady herself, but as it turns out, Rebecca doesn’t need her hands for much longer.

Nathaniel swipes her hands out from underneath her and pins them behind her back, and she gasps in shock. “Whoa, what the—”

When he sinks into her, her confusion melts away, and all that’s left is a languid, melodic expression of gratitude. She’s enjoying the control he’s taking, and he has to admit that it’s a better victory when she tests him or tries to assert dominance since he knows he can overpower her if he wants. Her moans ascend in pitch, and his name on her lips grows breathier, so he can tell she’s getting close again. One of his hands keeps her wrists pressed against the small of her back while the other is twisting her hair back into a messy ponytail and pulling it towards him to lift her head.

Rebecca makes a broken sound of arousal and lets a curse fly loose as Nathaniel speeds up his pace inside of her. He attaches his lips to the back of her neck behind her hair and sucks a hard mark into the supple skin near the tops of her shoulders. Sure, they have rules about never leaving evidence behind, but he’s too far gone to care about any sort of regulation.

“You like getting fucked like this, huh? With all your clothes still on, makes you feel dirty, doesn’t it?” He bites the shell of her ear and swallows her hiss with a sloppy kiss. Nathaniel lets go of her hair and lets her head hit the mattress, taking his now free hand to her ass and leaving a bright red handprint in its wake. “You can put up a good fight, that’s for sure, but at the end of the day, we both know you love it when someone can control you.”

“Yesssss …” Rebecca arches her back when Nathaniel releases her wrists and finds her nipple under her bra cup, passing over it with the calloused pad of his thumb. “God, keep going.”

“I want to see you.” It’s less of a request than a command because he pulls out and flips her onto her back. Not wasting any time, he sits her up and pulls her dress over her head while she grabs the hem of his t-shirt. Nathaniel slides his cock back inside of her and buries his face in her neck. “Fuck, Rebecca, you’re so good.”

Rebecca wraps her arms and legs around his body and rocks with him to get closer to her orgasm. Despite him controlling the pace of the sex, she’s the one to bring his face up to hers for a kiss. It’s less a battle of teeth and tongues and more of a dance of lips and hands. She nestles her fingertips into his shoulders as he cups the side of her head with his hand and finds rest in the strands of her hair.

They kiss like this for a while, the only sounds in the room are their hips moving together and the wet pops of their kisses when they come up for air. The sun long set beneath the horizon, the moonlight casts an enchanting shadow over Rebecca’s face and body that Nathaniel takes every opportunity to memorize. It looks like something out of a dream, something out of his dream …

“Oh, Nathaniel,” she moans into his ear.

“Oh, Rebecca.”

“God, it’s so sexy when you say that.”

“What? Rebecca,” he repeats, adding emphasis to the second syllable of her name. She lets out a strangled sound of pleasure as he repeats “Rebecca” in various pitches and speeds into her neck and ear. Goosebumps appear on her arms, and she clings to him as she feels the first waves of her orgasm crashing over her. “Fuck, are you—”

She frantically nods and buries her face in the space between his neck and shoulder as she comes, and he can’t hold back anymore. With a groan, he lets go inside the condom and waits to move until she’s breathing normally again. Carefully pulling out, he slips the condom off and rolls to the side of her, bringing her along on her side to face him. Nathaniel laces his fingers with hers and props himself up on his elbow to stare at her, a sweaty but gorgeous mess. Rebecca copies him with a sigh and stares down at their intertwined fingers.

“So, how’s that for losing a shred of control?” She makes an exaggerated fainting motion back down onto her back. He laughs and reaches for her hand again. “That good, huh? Come here.” When he tugs on her hand, she rolls over and straddles his hips, her hands pressing on his chest. Nathaniel’s eyes grow wide with surprise. “Oh, that’s not what I meant, but I’m definitely okay with that too—”

Rebecca cuts him off with a low laugh and a long kiss. “Do you wanna finish that shower now?”

“Only if you’re planning to join me.”

“I don’t know, what’s in it for me?”

He brushes a few of her bangs back behind her ear. “Well, I may be able to offer you something to … sweeten the deal.”

“Oh? And what would that be?”

“I got you a present. Check the bedside table.”

Rebecca moves off of him and curiously checks the drawer on her left side to find an unopened pack of Twizzlers inside. She turns to look back at him with a smirk, and he returns it with a quirk of his eyebrow.

“I think the shower can wait, don’t you,” he asks cheekily. Rebecca answers by climbing back on top of him with a heated kiss.

The shower waited until the next morning.