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Supply Shopping and Tree Climbing

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A charity gala in San Diego requests the honor of two representatives from the firm in West Covina who generously donated to the new expansion plans for the San Diego Zoo, and who better to represent the firm than its two senior partners, one of whom suggested the donation in the first place? The other is rather reluctant to be in attendance.

“I can’t believe you made me come to this,” Rebecca groans as she’s applying a liberal coat of mascara in the bathroom mirror. “Why not bring your girlfriend instead? I’m sure she loves these things, making small talk and wearing super hot dresses and makeup.”

Nathaniel adjusts his tie as he talks to Rebecca through the bathroom door. “I told you, she’s at a conference this weekend. Plus, you’re the majority owner now anyway, so you’re kind of obligated to be here.” Rebecca rolls her eyes but doesn’t respond and focuses on finishing her eye makeup. “Correct me if I’m wrong, Rebecca, but weren’t you the one who jumped at the idea of a fancy party the last time we did this?”

“Yes, but that was a da—“ She stops herself before saying anything she might regret and clears her throat. “That was a totally different situation. Also, do you even know the process it is to get ready for these things? It’s a nightmare. Getting ready doesn’t happen effortlessly unless you’re a Disney Princess, and even then, birds and squirrels basically do it all for you, so that’s not even fair.”

“I can certainly imagine, but you know it doesn’t bother me all that much, right?” Rebecca laughs loudly from behind the door because he really doesn’t have a clue.

“If you don’t believe me, see for yourself.” Rebecca can’t contain her laughter; while on the opposite side of the door, Nathaniel tries to quell his excitement at seeing Rebecca and trades it for genuine curiosity. It certainly sounds like an invitation, so Nathaniel opens the door a tiny crack and peeks inside.

Rebecca’s hair is pulled away from her face, dark waves complementing her face, and she’s applying a shade of red to her lips, giving herself a long glance in the mirror as she finishes off her makeup. Nathaniel can’t even notice the various makeup brushes, stained baby wipes from trying out one too many shades of eyeshadow, or even the tissues filled with stray eyebrow hairs to obtain a perfectly sculpted brow. All he can see is her.

“Wow,” Nathaniel breathes on a romantic sigh, and Rebecca snaps her head around to find Nathaniel staring at her with such longing in his eyes that she’s unsure how to respond. Thankfully, he does, finally taking notice of the mess on the bathroom counter. “It’s . . . really something.”

“Yeah, see? I told you. Now, I’m putting my dress on, so go out there.”

“You know, it’s nothing I haven’t seen before—“ Rebecca shoots him an unimpressed stare. “Okay, yep, I’m going now.” Nathaniel quietly closes the door and heads back towards the bed . . . yes, the single bed. Which totally doesn’t matter to him at all. He’s checking his phone and scrolling through social media when he hears a sound from the bathroom that sounds like Rebecca groaning. “Rebecca, you okay?”

“Yep, I’m an adult. I got this.”

Inside the bathroom, she’s trying to hold up her dress in the front and zip up the back, which isn’t working at all. After a few more times of trying, her shoulder is screaming at her to stop twisting behind her, and she leans on the counter with a heavy sigh. She’s an adult, a perfectly capable adult, but Rebecca’s exhausted and there’s a perfectly capable man who can help her zip her dress.

“Nathaniel, I need help,” Rebecca whines, drawing out her words like a petulant five year-old. Right on cue, in comes Nathaniel, though not before knocking to make sure she’s at least partially decent.

“Please don’t use that voice again, otherwise there’s no way I’m helping you, but I’ll make an exception this time. What do you need?”

“Can you get the back of my dress, pretty please?” Especially with a smile that bright, he knows he can’t refuse her even if he tries.

Rebecca turns her back to him expectantly as she’s fiddling with clasping the silver teardrop necklace behind her head, and it thankfully assembles much easier than her dress. Nathaniel steps up behind her without a word and finds the small hook inside of her dress, fitting it through the eye on the opposite side of the fabric. Slowly, he drags the zipper upwards to meet the hook at the end as his eyes find Rebecca’s glazed blue in the mirror staring back at him. His hands flatten against her sides as he stares at her in the mirror.

One of Rebecca’s hands toys the chain of her necklace between her fingers and runs up and down the front of her neck and chest, a palpable sensory reaction to Nathaniel’s touch at her back. She sweeps away the hair from the right side of her neck where Nathaniel’s mouth would just fit perfectly in the space between her—

Oh, fuck yes.

Nathaniel can’t stop himself from tasting her skin, and before he has time to rationally respond, Rebecca’s breathy gasp transforms into a quiet moan as his lips attach to her neck and his hand wraps around the front of her hip to pull her in close. He can’t deny how gorgeous she looks in this shade of emerald green and what wonders this dress does for her figure, so he doesn’t deny it and waits for her to give him the signal to stop.

It’s a signal that Nathaniel thinks may not come at all by the way Rebecca’s responding to him. She turns around and pulls his face down for a needy kiss, arching her body into his. Minutes ago, she was pushing Nathaniel out for privacy, but denying that she wants him around only makes her want him that much more, which is how she ends up sitting on about three inches of clear bathroom counter space with Nathaniel slotted between her spread legs. His hand skims the inside of her thigh and makes its way up towards her center, and she’s more than ready for—

Damnit. His fucking phone is ringing.

It’s an alarm telling them they need to leave for the gala venue.

So close, and yet, so far.

Nathaniel grabs his phone from the bed as Rebecca tries to gracefully let herself down from the counter and readjusts her dress with a deep exhale. She curses herself for continuing to let these moments between them happen, but she just can’t stop her response to the way he makes her feel; secretly, nor does she want to.

These charity events have the same setup, same music, same conversations, but this time, there’s a twist: her. She’s there mingling and charming her way through potential investors with ease in that stunning evening gown, hair styled in loose waves with a few tighter ones to frame her face as she turns back to find him with that look in her eyes. Not the one that’s a cue for a pressing need for Post-It notes, but that smile that spreads warmth through his heart and makes her eyes shine brighter than the most dazzling chandelier hanging from the ceiling.

Members of the investors board and other donors comment all night on how good Nathaniel and Rebecca look together and how cute of a couple they are while the couple in question denies any relationship beyond the strictly professional. When Nathaniel makes an off-handed comment about what a spitfire Rebecca can be sometimes and then has the nerve to wink at her, Rebecca decides she’s up for the game since he’s obviously playing.

“No, we’re not dating. We just work together. I can be a real slave driver, though. I make sure to stay on top of him 24/7,” Rebecca says with a bright smile as the woman she’s talking to says she’s the same way with her husband, her work husband that is.

“I’m actually the majority owner, so I make most of the heavy-handed decisions around the office,” Rebecca reaches behind her and discreetly pinches Nathaniel’s ass.

Rebecca’s laughing loudly with a pair of attorneys from Riverside, and Nathaniel pauses his own conversation to find the reason why Rebecca is so giddy.

“He gets so easily distracted. Sometimes, I really have to ride him to get the work done, but I guess that’s one of the things that comes with being a boss.” The smugness in her voice at the double entendre makes her eyes sparkle, and Nathaniel’s jaw hangs slack as he turns towards her, and she has the audacity to wink at him like he did minutes ago. Her brazenness around him makes him want nothing more than to push her up against the nearest flat surface and have his way with her.

But then something changes. He comes back from the restroom after clearing his head and regaining his composure, but it’s suddenly lost again for a much different reason. Rebecca spots him across the room making his way towards her from a table with two champagne glasses in tow. She watches the effortlessness in his stature and how he blends so well among the rich Californian businesspeople; of course, she’s starry-eyed at what the color of his tie does for his eyes. And there’s that look again. Rebecca tries to act casual and makes a motion for him to come over towards her.

“Nathaniel, I’d like you to meet Mr. and Mrs. Garrison from the Children’s Museum out of La Mesa. Tom, Melissa, this is Nathaniel Plimpton, my partner.” They all shake hands and exchange pleasantries.

“Hang on, that name sounds familiar. Plimpton, Plimpton, and Plimpton . . . out of Los Angeles, right,” Tom asks.

“The very same,” Nathaniel says with a smile.

“Wow, it’s such an honor. Your firm does amazing work.” Nathaniel laughs nervously and attributes the majority of successes to his father since he spends his time in West Covina. Rebecca instinctively loops her arm inside of Nathaniel’s as he’s talking and smiles at his bashfulness to accept the compliment.

“So, I know you’re partners, but are you two . . .” Melissa trails off but hints that Rebecca and Nathaniel might be a couple, and the pair shares a glance before quickly denying it, overlapping each other.

“No, no, no, we’re not—no, he has a girlfriend—“

“We’re not dating, no, no. Tried that, and it just—“

Tom and Melissa share a knowing glance at each other before turning their attention back to the two lawyers still adamant about denying their palpable chemistry.

“I get it, too much paperwork to take up with HR reps. It was a nightmare when Melissa and I had to. Trust me, they’re the worst. Only reason I can say that is because I was one.” Tom and Melissa snicker a bit before Rebecca and Nathaniel join in out of social obligation. “Really, you two make a wonderful team, and we’re all so grateful for your contribution.”

“Thank you so much. Well, it was such a pleasure to meet you both. I hope we can reconnect soon if you’re ever in the area,” Rebecca smiles and shakes both of their hands before pulling Nathaniel aside with her to a table.

Rebecca takes a long breath in and heaves a sigh. “I’m so bored right now, I just want to get drunk. Can we get out of here please?”

“You sure you’re not having too much fun telling people we’re climbing trees , and not the kind next to Monkey Hill?” Rebecca laughs and takes a step closer to Nathaniel.

“Admittedly, that is a lot of fun, mostly because of your reactions, but honestly, I don’t want to keep making boring small talk about business anymore. I wonder if we grab one of those bottles of wine on the way out if anyone would notice.” Nathaniel chuckles at her bluntness, and Rebecca starts to walk away looking for an unattended bottle of wine. But Nathaniel isn’t ready to leave just yet. Rebecca’s walking towards the exit of the ballroom when she feels Nathaniel’s hand grasp her own; even though she isn’t looking at who grabs her, there’s only one man whose touch ignites her skin like that.

“We can leave but not before I get my dance.” He leads Rebecca to where a few couples are scattered around dancing, swaying softly to the acoustic song in the background. The guitar intro sounds familiar, and the sounds of strumming fill the air.

“I never promised you one.”

“I know, but that dress is too beautiful to pass up a dance in.” He twirls her around as the skirt fans out behind her, and she smiles radiantly as Nathaniel pulls her in. She winds her hands around his neck, and Nathaniel tentatively wraps his around her back.

The words come in and recognition crosses Nathaniel’s face. He’s listened to the song one too many times, but now more than ever, the lyrics resonate somewhere deeper in his heart.

“I’m open, you’re closed. Where I follow, you’ll go. I worry I won’t see your face light up again. Even the best fall down sometimes, and even the wrong words see to rhyme. Out of the doubt that fills my mind, I somehow find you and I collide.”

They dance together in silence guided by the music in the background, and the moment of intimacy isn’t lost on either of them. Slowly, Rebecca finds his eyes passionately searching for hers.

“Nathaniel,” Rebecca says with caution.

“Rebecca,” he whispers back.

Their eyes lock. Time seems to stop. Inhale. Exhale. Collide.

They can’t stop the waves of their mutual longing that crash into each other, now in the form of an all-consuming kiss. Unlike many of their previous ones, this kiss isn’t angry or possessive. But it’s not exactly a sweet or romantic one either. There’s something in the way the white lights flicker in her eyes and the smallest of parts in her lips that fills Nathaniel with an overwhelming desire to crash his lips against hers and pour everything he can’t quite articulate into this single action. Even on California nights when the stars refuse to shine, there’s the sparkle in Rebecca’s that beats out any constellation.

Rebecca reciprocates hesitantly at first but then lets herself be swept away in the moment, her hands sliding down the front of his jacket to pull him closer. She begins to lose herself in the feeling of his lips against hers and the soft stroking of his fingers across her cheeks and down her neck to her exposed shoulders.

“Now can we get out of here,” Rebecca asks as she pulls back just a breath away from Nathaniel’s lips. He quickly places another on her lips as he takes her hand gently.

“I thought you’d never ask.”

They’re walking out together hand in hand unaware that Tom and Melissa are watching the couple from a table in the distance, Melissa smirking at her husband.

“You owe me twenty bucks,” she simpers, holding out her hand.

When they finally arrive back at the hotel, Rebecca insists on popping the cork on a bottle of wine to commemorate a successful night of networking and surviving the event, which was much less interesting than Nathaniel had hoped. He offers to pour her glass, and together, they toast to a job well done, clinking glasses and both taking long sips of the cheap Merlot. They’re relaxing on the bed, Nathaniel’s tie loosened from around his neck and top two buttons on his shirt open while Rebecca lies down dressed just as she was from the event, her strappy heels still adorning her feet and the hem of her dress creeping up her legs.

Rebecca’s polishing off her second glass and really wants a third, though her head is starting to float a little, and she feels herself getting cuddlier by the minute. It’s probably not the smartest idea to go for the third as much as she said she wanted to get wine drunk, and despite her controlled environment, her self-control going in for the third glass would be the thing to call into question.

Not that she’s expecting anything, but Rebecca sets up her phone to start playing one of her self-made sex soundtracks to set an atmosphere. When they do speak, their conversation is trivial, mostly commenting about the characteristics of the event instead of discussing all that transpired between them. The dark rhythms of the playlist fill the silence as they sip on their wine and lean back against the headboard. Suddenly, Nathaniel sits up and starts to move towards the edge of the bed.

“Hey, what are you doing?” Rebecca’s now resting her head in her palm as her elbow sits propped up on the bed, and she watches as Nathaniel undoes each button of his shirt with care, finding her eyes when he untucks his shirt from his belt.

“Getting comfortable,” Nathaniel responds with nonchalance. “It’s not like we’re going anywhere since we’re both intoxicated, so we might as well just settle in.” He takes his watch off and sets it on the nightstand and tosses his shirt onto Rebecca’s side of the bed. Nathaniel falls back against the pillows, his hands tucked underneath his head, and Rebecca certainly doesn’t miss the way this position gives her an unadulterated look at his abs. Shameless as he is, Rebecca honestly digs it a little bit. “Speaking of, why haven’t you changed yet? Why don’t you slip into something more comfortable ?” She rolls her eyes with a small smile that she tries to disguise.

“I know you have better game than that, Plimpton. You’re gonna have to try that one again if you don’t want to sleep on the floor tonight.” Nathaniel scoots an inch or so towards Rebecca, now facing her on his side as well.

“You look incredible in that dress, Rebecca, though I think that dress should be the one sleeping on the floor.” Rebecca flops back on the pillows and laughs after setting her now empty glass aside.

“Super predictable, but it’s better than the first, so I’ll take it. This seduction thing is obviously not happening, so why don’t we just find a shitty movie, order some pizza, and drink this god-awful wine until we pass out?” Rebecca stares at the ceiling, laughing to herself about how the hell she constantly finds herself in these situations with Nathaniel, though some are by her instigation. She expects him to agree with her and get happily wine drunk with her because he looked just about as bored as her at the gala tonight. However, Nathaniel’s evening plans have a much different final destination than hers.

“I’ll do you one better. Why don’t you take that dress off and maybe give me a little show while you’re at it?” One of his hands strokes the length of her arm, and she’s unaware of the touch until his blunt nails trace her tricep in a way that sends a visible shiver through her body. A blush spreads over her cheeks, and Rebecca settles further into the pillows.

“I’d need a hell of a lot more wine to even consider that, buddy.”

“We can make that happen.” Rebecca shifts her eyes over to Nathaniel, who’s now gazing at her through hooded blue eyes, and while her composed thoughts are yelling frantically at her not to give into the temptation, all of the other voices in her head are ten times as loud. Her eyes flit down to his lips then back up to his eyes as she turns on her side ever so slightly with a hint of a smile tugging at the corners of her lips. Rebecca decides to find his ear and place her lips along the shell teasingly as she wraps one leg over his hip.

“Dream on,” Rebecca whispers. “I’m going to change now.” She’s about to slide off of the bed when Nathaniel’s hand tugs on her wrist to keep her on the bed.

“Wait, Rebecca. I have to ask you something.” She resumes her position lying on her side across from Nathaniel, and there’s an underlying softness in his stare that startles her. He laces his fingers in hers and gives her hand a soft squeeze before asking his question, the tipsy smile growing wider on his lips. “Truth or dare?”

Rebecca reaches behind her with the opposite hand and gently smacks the pillow in Nathaniel’s face. “Go to sleep, you dork.” She loosens her hand and moves off of the bed to head into the bathroom, swiping Nathaniel’s shirt as an afterthought.

“No one’s called me a dork since about the third grade,” he calls after her. Rebecca turns back to him and sticks her tongue out with a small laugh, shaking her head as she closes the bathroom door behind her.

Maybe she’s right; sleep is good since there’s the drive back to West Covina that he’s certain Rebecca won’t volunteer her services for. In sleep, Nathaniel doesn’t have to see those curves outlined in her dress or the waves of dark brown hair that ripple in the wind or the smile, her charming and irresistible smile on her lips and in her eyes, that’s so characteristically her. Yet, he sees all of those and more inside of his dreams. So that’s out.

Ah, sweet freedom, Rebecca thinks as she takes her Spanx off. Those things are a living nightmare to put on but also the biggest lifesaver for her figure. Rebecca washes her hands and gives herself a brief glance in the mirror before heading back out to retrieve her forgotten bag of toiletries that’s sitting inside her suitcase. She’s humming a tune to herself, placing the backs on her teardrop earrings as she takes them out of her ears, and finds Nathaniel staring at her from the bed with an immovable hunger in his eyes.

Behind that hunger, though, is a challenge, a dare. He looks like he could fucking devour her right there, not that Rebecca would complain after those glasses of wine, but she ponders for a moment on what exactly that challenge could be. Nathaniel’s eyes roam her body, crawling up and down at a torturous pace, memorizing the cling of the emerald mermaid-style gown to her mesmerizing curves. Her breathing quickens under the heat of his gaze, and she can’t help but just stare .

“You never answered my question,” he says out of the blue, his eyes meeting hers again. When her eyes spell confusion, he clarifies lowly, “Truth or dare?”

“Seriously, are we twelve?”

“Okay, look, if you play one round, just one, then I’ll let you sleep and leave you alone the rest of the night. Sound fair?” Rebecca considers it for a moment, the thrill of her lack of inhibitions clouding all reasonable judgment, and agrees. “So, now I ask again, truth or dare, Rebecca?”

“Considering how much I’ve had to drink, I’m afraid I’d give you a little too much truth,” Rebecca sighs. Nathaniel sits up and looks at her lustfully.

“So, is that a dare?” She steps in front of him with her hands on his shoulders.

“That’s a dare.”

In her heels, she has a height advantage over Nathaniel as he’s sitting on the bed; though, it’s no stretch for him to wrap one hand around her hip and pull her down to straddle his lap. Her hands lock together behind his neck, and she waits with bated breath for him to issue his challenge.

“You remember that little party trick you did at the Whitefeather barbecue?” Rebecca nods, fondly remembering the moment the two of them faced of in a heated competition of tongue dexterity.

“You mean the one you cheated at to win?”

“Hey, that’s not my fault that you’re so easily distracted by my symmetrical face.” Rebecca rolls her eyes, and Nathaniel reaches over to the bedside table popping the cherry from the bottom of his glass to extend to Rebecca.

“Tie it in your mouth, but do it slowly.” Rebecca’s lips pucker and close over the round red fruit as Nathaniel holds the stem, separating the fruit from its stem and savoring the plump Maraschino in her mouth. She steals the stem from his fingers and swirls it around in her mouth a few times before actually starting the process of creating a knot.

Nathaniel watches the way she works, methodically, like she’s picturing the weaving of the stem’s ends inside her mouth like she caresses his tongue inside of her mouth. He knows she can make the knot much faster, but this isn’t a competition of speed. All the while, Rebecca’s eyes never leave Nathaniel’s face, the determination to make him crack resolute in her eyes. At last, she ties the knot, keeping the stem between her teeth as she offers her finished product to Nathaniel. He readily accepts her gift, and as he takes the stem from her teeth, Rebecca captures his lips in a kiss that she can’t stop herself from initiating.

Rebecca shifts further onto his lap and one of her hands grips his bare shoulder as the other slides up the back of his neck to grab onto his hair. Nathaniel kisses her back earnestly, still holding the cherry stem in his mouth, and wraps his arms around her back to keep her close. She moves her mouth away from his lips and keeps kissing her way up his jawline to his ear.

“Truth or dare, Nathaniel?”

“I thought you didn’t want to play the game, Rebecca,” he hums, stroking her hair.

“If these challenges end anything like that, then let’s keep playing. Truth or dare?”

He considers his options for a moment before meeting her eyes. “Truth.”

“Really,” she says incredulously, her eyes widening at his response. “I thought you never refused a challenge.” Nathaniel twirls a piece of her hair that’s framing her face around his finger.

“In my opinion, both are challenging in their own right, so hit me with your worst.” Rebecca thinks hard about the question she wants to ask him and knows their lack of sobriety could lead to some unforeseen admissions of feelings, so she tries to think of something not too deep into feelings territory.

“Before the masquerade, I promised that you could do anything you wanted to me. What were you thinking about?” They sit in silence for a few moments as Nathaniel formulates an answer in his head, an answer that won’t scare Rebecca to death.

Sure, accepting her deal meant sex, and good sex at that, but all along, it’s been more than just sex that he’s after with her. Even now, the sex is awesome, but the sex is just a bonus to spending time with her in whatever capacity he can. There’s something comforting about her presence no matter where they are.

“Hello? Earth to Nathaniel?” She waves her hand in front of his eyes as he’s lost in a daydream filled with her, miles and piles of her. Quickly, he blinks his eyes to recover and clears his throat.

“Right. Umm . . . well, I did do what I wanted, just so you know. I don’t know about your memory, but mine has a very vivid picture of what happened when I did a little bit of this .” He says as his hand tangles in her curls, pulling her head back to expose her neck to the hot pursuit of his lips trailing up its column. Rebecca gasps and rolls her hips down into him, and Nathaniel hums in satisfaction. “I believe there was a little of that, ” Nathaniel’s voice is low in her ear as he cups his hand possessively over her ass, and Rebecca lets out a warm moan, fondly remembering the feeling of his hands running down every inch of her available skin while riding him. “Does that answer your question?” Rebecca nods with a smile, pulling her bottom lip between her teeth as she awaits another challenge. “You up for another round?

“Always,” Rebecca quips with a wink. She keeps up well with him, so it’s no question whether or not she’s up for it. He gives her a kiss on the lips and combs his fingers through the waves in her hair, taking a few of the pins out gently.

“Do I even need to give you the options?” She shakes her head, the answer ready on her lips.

“Dare,” Rebecca responds eagerly. She doesn’t have a clue what Nathaniel might ask of her, but she’s never said no to an adventure, certainly not one that ends like the last dare she took.

“I’m not going to make this easy for you, I hope you know that,” Nathaniel says with a smirk.

“That’s okay, the cherry stem trick was child’s play. Gimme a real challenge.” They’re staring at each other lustfully, and the intensity building between them is burning hotter every second. It’s time for him to really step his game up.

“Alright then, here’s your challenge. I dare you . . . to get me hard, but ,” Nathaniel grabs her wrists as her hands graze over his bare chest, and she brings her eyes up to meet his. “You’re not allowed to use these.”

Forcing Rebecca to be creative, she takes a moment to think about what she could do to complete the challenge without being incredibly predictable. She moves off of Nathaniel’s lap and wanders the length of the room, a common physical thought process of hers that Nathaniel has picked up on. Rebecca, for once, is actually stumped by a challenge of Nathaniel’s. Upon passing her phone on its charger in the wall, at last, an idea comes to her.

She unlocks her phone and scrolls on her screen as Nathaniel watches her curiously, wondering what wicked idea she might have in mind. The music changes abruptly, and the volume increases to fill the room with a dark piano instrumental.

“Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh na na . . .”

Oh shit. Nathaniel is totally fucked now.

Rebecca pulls out the chair underneath the desk and peeks under her eyelashes to invite Nathaniel over to sit. Transfixed by her beauty and power, he can’t help but obey her.

“You’ve got me lookin’ so crazy, my baby. I’m not myself lately, I’m foolish, I don’t do this.”

The sultry tempo of the popular Beyoncé song sets the perfect atmosphere of seduction as Rebecca finishes letting the rest of her hair fall from its pins, and she fluffs the ends out as she walks around the chair confidently eyeing Nathaniel, who sits unable to tear his gaze from her. She stops at his shoulder and leans down towards his ear with a breathy gasp in sync with Beyoncé as she grips the back of the chair, though never daring to touch Nathaniel’s skin. Before she turns to his front, Rebecca nips his earlobe between her teeth.

“Jesus, Rebecca,” Nathaniel sighs. Damn him to hell, but he wants her so much.

“I look and stare so deep in your eyes. I touch on you more and more every time . . . Such a funny thing for me to try to explain, how I’m feeling and my pride is the one to blame.”

Rebecca stands a few feet in front of him with her hands behind her back, fingers nimbly working to find the hook keeping her dress together. She feels it release and finds the pull of her zipper to slowly drag it down her back. But she doesn’t unveil what’s underneath all at once; she stops below her shoulder blades and runs her hand along her arm where her green cap sleeve hangs, and she slides her arm out, repeating the action to her other arm.

When Rebecca reaches back around to her zipper, she lets the front of her dress fall to expose her strapless bra underneath. The black lace on the nude fabric climbs across the sides and fans out across the front of her breasts, and Nathaniel swears his mouth waters as Rebecca continues to reveal more skin to him.

She unzips her dress fully to shimmy it down her legs and lets it fall at her feet without regard and steps over the fabric towards Nathaniel, still wearing her heels and a sexy grin. Her hands ghost over her body like she wishes Nathaniel’s would and keeps one at her chest while the other snakes down and dips in the front of her lace panties quickly, retreating the single finger coated in her arousal and sucking it slowly.

“‘Cause I know I don’t understand just how your love can do what no one else can. Got me lookin’ so crazy right now, your love’s got me lookin’ so crazy right now.”

Rebecca swings one of her legs over his hips and eases herself down into his lap. She closes her eyes and tosses her curls back as she slides her fingers beneath her bra cup to play with her nipples. Her other hand grabs a section of her hair at the roots and tugs, though the feeling isn’t as arousing as when Nathaniel does it. Rebecca shamelessly grinds her center down into Nathaniel as she lets a small but needy moan escape, and she swears she hears him growl into her neck.

“Fuck it,” he mumbles and grabs her face to give her a hard kiss. Funny how she was worried about her self-control when Nathaniel’s is the one that seems to be slipping away. He’s definitely hard beneath her now, so Rebecca takes it as invitation to touch him now and grips his shoulders as she rolls her hips down into his lap.

“Truth or dare,” Rebecca moans, barely remembering the game they’re playing, but she knows there’s only one clear way for this game to end.

“Dare. Fucking dare.” Rebecca runs her fingers through Nathaniel’s hair, still rocking her hips back and forth on top of him, and she locks eyes with him in command.

“Fuck me, Nathaniel.”

When she says it like that, there’s no question of what she wants. Rebecca wants to rip his pants off right there, but then again, it is a dare that she challenged him to, so he has to be the one to take the challenge. And take it he does. Nathaniel reaches into his back pocket and pulls out a condom.

“Well, someone came prepared,” Rebecca smirks as she runs her hand down beneath her panties to feel her wetness. Nathaniel busies himself with undoing his belt while Rebecca plays with herself on top of him, tossing her bra off to the side.

“Can you blame me,” Nathaniel says, his voice rough with arousal. “That dress is amazing on and off of you." Suddenly, his volume drops and the gruffness present earlier seems to vanish in an instant. "You’re stunning, Rebecca.” The hand he caresses her face with is gentle on her cheek, and for a surreal moment when she gazes into his eyes, she believes him. Rebecca slides her panties over to expose her core and sinks down on him with a gasp, the stretch delicious as he fills her.

Though the music’s volume is more pronounced than earlier, the sounds of Rebecca and Nathaniel moving together drown it out. All they hear are each other’s moans of pleasure and choppy utterances of pieces of their names. Rebecca rides Nathaniel in a dash for her orgasm after his relentless teasing, and her heels at least give her some leverage since her legs can shockingly touch the floor.

Her walls begin to clamp around him, and when he feels the pulsing grip around him grow stronger and her nails pressing just deep enough before breaking skin into his shoulders, Nathaniel places both of his hands on her hips and holds her in place to let him fuck her through her orgasm. The pads of his fingers around the fleshy parts of her hips and upper thighs dig in an act of control as Nathaniel chases after his own pleasure in the firm, soaked grip of Rebecca’s center. He comes apart on a reverent sigh of her name.

As they recover together, their hands are slow and lazy in their trails along each other’s skin, as are their kisses. Rebecca is the first to move away and calls dibs on the shower and rolls her eyes upon Nathaniel’s simpering suggestion about taking a shower together.

“Did you learn nothing at that gala, Rebecca? Our planet is dying, and we need to conserve our resources, especially our water. You know, I’m very passionate about water conservation--"

“Nathaniel, be a dear and conserve some energy by turning out that light and going to sleep.” Rebecca taps his nose as she tries to gracefully get off of his lap, the alcohol in her system taking over her center of balance, and she removes her high heels and tosses them behind her playfully, careful to avoid Nathaniel’s path back to the bed. She almost floats as she heads towards the bathroom, and before she closes the door, she peeks her head out and wishes Nathaniel sweet dreams and blows him an exaggerated kiss with a giggle.

He watches her dance away in her intoxicated stupor, but he can’t help but feel a warmth bubbling up inside his chest at seeing her so free and unburdened. Sure, the alcohol heavily contributes to her breeziness in posture and speech, but behind the wine on her breath and the heady glaze in her eyes, Nathaniel finds a long-lost Rebecca whom he craves to know again. Faster than he hopes, his head hits the pillow after switching off the bedside lamp, and his back faces away from the bathroom as his consciousness wavers, sleep threatening to take hold of him.

It’s dark and silent when Rebecca enters the bedroom with Nathaniel’s dress shirt covering her body and wet hair freshly shampooed and brushed. She looks over to the bed to find Nathaniel still and peaceful on his side, breathing evenly. Rebecca softly makes her way to the bed but elects to stay near the opposite end so she doesn’t disturb him, but she also feels an insecurity creeping up her spine that she’s not his girlfriend so spooning is out of the question, but she could be his if she weren’t so broken and incapable of a romantic relationship. Suddenly, she feels herself start to spiral and sits up against the headboard to calm her breathing and regain control of her emotions. It takes a few minutes, but she finally feels at peace enough to lie down and try to go to sleep.

The air conditioning kicks on overnight, and the thin bedsheet can’t keep out the chill that invades Rebecca’s body and startles her awake. She shifts over to the human space heater Nathaniel to steal some of his body heat as he lies still and barely breathing. His resting heart rate is probably near comatose considering the increase in his running routine he’s done lately. Rebecca feels more warmth as she lies closer to him, but the temptation to actually touch him eventually takes hold. She reaches for his hand and places her smaller one atop his and clings her front to his back, drifting back to sleep with a small content upturn of her lips.

Nathaniel stirs in the middle of the night when he feels a presence behind him, a very cold one at that. Underneath the fabric, he feels the shiver of her body, and Nathaniel instinctively pulls her closer than before, as if she already wasn’t hanging onto him like a baby koala. He brings the hand of hers that rests on top of his to his mouth and kisses it, placing it over his thumping heart and falling back into wild fantasies of her behind his eyes.

This could be their reality, if only they could dare to tell the truth of how they really feel.