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Supply Shopping and Tree Climbing

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Rebecca jolts awake at the grating sound of an alarm going off from across the room. She thinks it’s her phone telling her she needs to go home and change before she heads into the office, but when she checks the time, it’s much too early to be hers. Nathaniel’s phone chirps again, and she rolls over to wake him up or turn it off herself but finds an empty right side of the bed. Rebecca is tempted to pick it up and throw it across the room, but a noise coming from the kitchen signals where that frustrating man is.

Nathaniel is busy in the kitchen searching for something in the refrigerator when he hears a harsh slam of his door and two angry little feet padding their way over to him.

“Nathaniel, I’d swear to God if I believed in him, but if you don’t turn this fucking thing off, I will throw it at the wall. It’s literally so early, why the fuck are you even awake right now?” She hands him his phone, and with a few swipes, the device becomes silent. He’s trying to hide the smile that’s pulling at the corners of his mouth but fails miserably.

“Well, good morning to you too, princess. Glad to see you woke up on the right side of the bed today.” Rebecca groans and leans onto the kitchen counter with her head cradled in her palm.

“Shut up. I work hard, and I need my rest, asshole.” After a beat, she takes a moment to notice the sizzle coming from the stove. “It smells good in here. What are you doing?” His back is to her as he works at the stove, and Rebecca can see he’s flipping something in a pan.

“Well, I was hoping to surprise you before you left; I was going to bring you breakfast since everything in your pantry is literal junk food.”

“Okay, it’s not all junk food,” Rebecca scoffs, but the quirk of Nathaniel’s eyebrow when he turns to face her lets her know she can’t argue that. “Yeah, yeah, anything that’s not green is junk food to you, mister. Though I think it’s sweet you’d try to surprise me with breakfast in bed. It’s very domestic of you.” Rebecca makes her way over to him and wraps her arms around his waist from behind; the whole exchange stirs a distinct fluttering in her heart and she sighs against the solidness of his back.

Holy fuck, I think I like you.

“I’m still going to make you breakfast and let you eat in my bed, but unfortunately, the surprise is gone now.”

“Hmmm, I wonder whose fault that is,” Rebecca muses sarcastically. Nathaniel’s chest rumbles with a laugh as he transfers the eggs in the pan onto a plate and turns the heat off the stove before turning around fully towards Rebecca and wrapping his arms around her back. “I hope you know I’m still pretty mad at you for waking me up more than an hour earlier than I hoped.”

“I think there’s a way I could change your mind about that.” Rebecca’s eyebrows lift, and she’s about to give a sassy retort when she feels Nathaniel grab her ass and lift her onto the countertop. She giggles a little and grabs his face to kiss him deeply, their lips moving together in a slow tandem matching the pace of the early morning.

Rebecca reaches down towards his sweatpants, but Nathaniel swats her hand away as his mouth journeys south down the expanse of her throat and stops to latch onto one nipple through her (technically, his) shirt. Rebecca braces her hands behind her and arches her chest further into his mouth; the giving lover he is makes sure both sides receive equal attention.

She’s wearing nothing under his shirt, and Nathaniel can smell her arousal before he even gets close to her thighs, and though it’s an ego boost for him, he just wants to make her feel good after the unexpected early start to her day. So, he kisses and nips at the flesh between her legs, and Rebecca greedily opens her legs wider. His mouth really does some wondrous things to her body, and even with the slightest of flicks of his tongue against her folds, she’s moaning deeply and perched on her elbows so she can watch him work.

Nathaniel is spurred by her eager moan and takes his tongue deeper inside her pussy. Rebecca wants desperately to grind her hips into his mouth, but Nathaniel’s forearm is slung tightly over her hipbones, preventing her from doing so.

“Nathaniel,” Rebecca starts to protest, but Nathaniel hushes her quickly.

“Shh, just relax, babe, enjoy it.”

He gives her thighs kisses on each side again before he starts to lick her again. Nathaniel’s establishing a rhythm they haven’t explored before, and Rebecca takes a mental note of how much she likes what he’s doing down there, not to mention checking this off the running list of fantasies she has that he’s fulfilled for her. Something about it is more intense than usual, and she feels herself approaching orgasm quickly.

Then she feels it, the pad of his index finger applying pressure to her clit as he swipes his tongue upwards through her folds and releases before his tongue catches the bud at the peak of the stroke. Rebecca is speechless save for her breathy moans ascending in pitch, and she takes his hair in her hand and grips like the earth is shattering beneath her. She keeps his head in the same spot near her clit, and the circle of his tongue around it speeds up as she moans each syllable of his name.

A wave of pleasure rolls over her, and Rebecca sees nothing but whiteness behind her eyes. Her legs are trembling, and she can hear her chest heaving for air to return to her lungs. When she opens her eyes again, Nathaniel is leaving kisses along her stomach where her (his) shirt has been ridden up. She brushes the hair from his eyes and combs it back through her fingers with a soft smile.

“Hi,” he says as he looks up at her with those stunning blue eyes, and her heart melts a little at how both innocent and sinful he can look at the same time.

“Hi,” she replies, sitting up to give him a slow, deep kiss on the lips, and she savors how she tastes herself in his kiss. Nathaniel slowly helps her down from the counter and takes her hand as he walks with her back into his bedroom.

“You wait here, okay? I’ll be back soon.” Nathaniel gives her a quick parting kiss before heading back into the kitchen to finish making Rebecca’s breakfast. Thoroughly sated, Rebecca plops back onto the bed, and as much as she’d like to check her emails and be productive now that she was more than awake, she wants to enjoy this rare moment they have together. She waits facing the door with her head in her palm and a glow flushing her cheeks that is brighter than the West Covina sun peeking over the horizon.

When Nathaniel eventually comes back in, he finds Rebecca fast asleep, and he stops to admire how peaceful she looks, the ease on her face so tender and beautiful. It’s a rare expression he thinks he’s seen maybe twice from her since he’s met her. He commits the image to memory but also snaps a quick photo of her with the shutter most definitely off, and he sets the tray on the bedside table before leaning down to gently kiss her forehead.

“Hey sleepyhead, good morning.” Rebecca stirs and stretches before looping her arms around his neck and greets him with a “good morning” and a kiss for the second time. She’s significantly happier the second time around. “Made you breakfast.”

Rebecca slides over to let Nathaniel on the bed, and she indulges in the tray of amazing food he cooks for her. She lets him have her blackberries out of her fruit bowl and doesn’t say anything when he steals a few of her potatoes without asking. The dynamic isn’t like them at all, but Rebecca has to admit that she could get used to something just like this.