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Jeongguk has had a very long, tiring day. Working for Yoongi and Namjoon is fun most of the time, but helping to manage a record label owned by two very busy rappers means that he ends up doing a lot of the paperwork. Without help. Not to mention that Jin — Namjoon’s husband — is seven months pregnant and constantly in need of his Alpha, who is all too happy to comply with his beloved’s demands. Needless to say, Jeongguk and Yoongi have been spread pretty thin over the past few months.

It starts on an ordinary Friday night, the two working side by side in the eldest rapper’s small studio. Jeongguk sighs as the text on the pages starts to blur. He glares at them. As he is attempting to set them aflame with his eyes, Yoongi stirs next to him.

“I give up,” his hyung exhales loudly, leaning back in his chair. “I’m not going to get any further tonight.”

Jeongguk yawns. “Yeah, I think all these numbers are starting to make me lose my grip on reality.” He turns to Yoongi, who’s leaned back in his chair and closed his eyes. “I think I’m gonna call it a night too.”

Yoongi cracks an eye open to look up at his hard-working… assistant. Friend. Dongsaeng. “Wanna go get a drink?”

Jeongguk laughs tiredly, but agrees. “Sure, hyung. You’re paying, though.” Yoongi just giggles softly, like simply thinking about alcohol has already made him drunk.

They pack up and trek down to the the little sul-jib near their office, chilly night-time air nipping at their noses. Yoongi buries his inside his scarf cutely. They reach the bar rather quickly, and by the ends of their first bottles of soju are pleasantly buzzed and reasonably loose-lipped. Their second bottles have Yoongi speaking satoori and Jeongguk laughing loudly. The conversation is easy, though. Mostly.

“Okay but seriously, Guk-ah,” Yoongi smiles, “What’s been up with you lately? It’s like everytime Jin-hyung and Joon-ah are around you forget how to speak. You haven’t been shy like that since you had a crush on that senior your freshman year, and that was like, years ago.”

Jeongguk giggles thinly, remembering back when school was his greatest worry and Yoongi and Namjoon were just his hyungs, and not his bosses. Remembering when Seokjin and Namjoon were nothing more than a casual hook-up. Friends with benefits, maybe. And now, they’re married. Mated, even.

“There’s nothing wrong. You’re imagining it.”

Yoongi hums suspiciously.

Jeongguk shivers a little, from the cold or from his boss’s stare, one could only guess.

And then, Yoongi gasps, eyes wide. “Maybe you have a crush on Jin-hyung. Yah, Gukkie, do you have a crush on Jin-hyung?!” he exclaims, holding back laughter.

“Ew, hyung, no. He’s like my mom, that’s gross,” Jeongguk replies, still giggling.

Yoongi, child that he has become, laughs and ponders this. “Then… on Namjoonie?”


“On… the baby.”

“Hyung! Stop.”

“I see. You’re jealous of the baby!”

“Hyung. Yoongi-hyung. I am not jealous of the baby.”

Yoongi huffs. “Fine. Then it must be Jinnie-hyung.” Jeongguk sighs and rests his head on the table.

“But you didn’t like Jinnie-hyung before? What changed….” Jeongguk can practically hear the wheels turning inside Yoongi’s newly five-year-old mind.

Aha! If you don’t have a crush on Jin-hyung, then you must have a crush on his boobs,” he says, finally.

Jeongguk feels his stomach drop. So not five-year-old after all. His hyung is not supposed to know about that. Nobody (besides maybe his internet search history) is supposed to know about that. It’s just that ever since Jin and Namjoon announced the omega’s pregnancy, he can’t seem to help but watch Jin’s chest as it grows bigger and bigger. The other day the omega was waiting in the lounge for Namjoon to finish gathering his things and his new breasts were so full that one of them started leaking into his shirt and Jin was so embarrassed he cried but God if it wasn’t the hottest thing Jeongguk had ever seen, and then when Namjoon arrived and the two of them disappeared to the bathroom he just imagined what they must be doing, Jin-hyung unclasping the flap of his nursing bra and his boss taking the soft, swollen nipple between his lips and sucking, swallowing all of that delicious smelling milk, and — and he can’t stop fantasizing about his hyung, his pregnant hyung, his other hyung’s husband for God’s sake... and he feels terrible about it.

A few seconds of awkward silence later, Yoongi bursts out into hysterical laughter once more.

“Oh my god! You totally do!”

“Hyung!” Jeongguk hisses, cheeks flushed, “Keep it down!”

Yoongi gets louder. “Oh my god, Gukkie, you are such an alpha!”

Hyung,” Jeongguk blushes, embarrassed, because his hyung is a beta, and not an alpha like himself, and there are some things betas just can’t understand. “It’s weird.”

“I mean, it’s not that weird. For an alpha,” Yoongi snickers. “Okay, it’s you and it’s Jin-hyung, so it is pretty weird, but it’s like, not that weird that it turns you on, you know? Like, there’s porn of it right? A lot of it. You’re not the only one.” Jeonguk just blushes harder, and Yoongi sighs. Now he’s gotta play hyung. “Look, Hobi's friend owns a place just out of town. Totally legal, don't worry. Discreet, too. I'm just saying it might be worth checking out. See if it's something you're into when it’s not…” Yoongi shudders. “...Namjin.”

Eventually, they head home for the night. But before they part ways, Jeongguk gets the name and address of the place from his hyung. You know, just in case.

It seems like it should feel slightly weird going to an out of the way “milk bar” supposedly owned by a friend of your beta hyung’s beta not-quite-boyfriend, and so, of course, it does. He’s heard of these places before, where alphas and betas and even other omegas can go to drink omega breast milk straight from the teats of lactating omegas, but he’s never seriously considered visiting one before. He takes comfort though in the fact that the omegas aren’t really knocked up, just experiencing the false pregnancy that so many unmated omegas suffer through between six and twelve weeks after the end of their heat cycles. He imagines it would be very uncomfortable sucking on the breasts of a pregnant and likely mated omega he had just met. Not that this might not also be uncomfortable, but he supposes he’ll find out.

As he walks into the establishment, he is astounded by how much it looks like a regular nightclub. There are flashing lights, loud music, a bar. A stage. Perhaps it looks a little more like a stripclub, then. Still, it’s shockingly familiar. The real difference is the staff and the clientele.

From the entranceway, Jeongguk can see a variety of Omegas around the room. Some appear to be wait-staff, while others — presumably also patrons — lounge on sofas or sit at the bar. Some are dancing, as well. And then, of course, there are also some enjoying certain… services. He sees a couple omegas with breast pumps milking themselves at the bar. They’ve gathered a bit of crowd now, Alphas and betas having taken up all the available seating in their immediate area. Jeongguk licks his lips subconsciously.

The best thing about the place though, Jeongguk notes as he goes to sit on a currently empty couch on the other side of the room, is the smell. It smells like fucking heaven. He’s in omega heaven.

It’s just like walking into a bakery, except baked goods don’t usually turn him on. Usually. Occasionally if he has a really good cream puff our chocolate mousse he’ll start to feel— oh my god he really does have thing for milk. Fuck. Well, shit. What is Yoongi-hyung going to think of me now? I mean he doesn’t have to know… I could just...

He’s momentarily so absorbed in his thoughts that he barely registers the dip of the couch beneath him, a pair of bodies now resting at the other end of the couch. Only semi-conscious of the action, he turns his head to see whatever’s going on, and comes face to face with the prettiest ass he has ever seen.

At the other end of the suddenly much too small couch, there are two absolutely gorgeous omegas making out. They lie horizontally, feet almost touching his thigh, one (the one with the aforementioned pretty ass) straddling the other. The one on top’s got a baby blue theme going on, clothed only in tiny light wash jean shorts, a lacy pale blue bra, sheer white thigh highs with lace at the top and - are those heels? Three-inch heels the same color as his shorts, laced up to the ankle like boots, but with the toes showing. From what Jeongguk can tell, he also has a silver choker around his neck, the same color as his hair. Jeongguk wants to slide his finger under it and pull.

The boy on the bottom has the most beautiful golden skin Jeongguk has ever seen. From where he’s seated, Jeongguk can’t make out much of his outfit other than his tight leather pants and black heeled boots, but he is 1000% turned on.

Right until he gets kicked in the side. He lets out a — very unmanly — little yelp as both omega boys scramble to look at him.

“Shit, sorry man are you okay??” says baby blue rather inelegantly but Jeongguk suddenly doesn’t care because wow he’s pretty.

“Minnie, you gotta be careful baby. Those things are fucking pointy,” says the other one and wow, that is one nice voice, how did Jeongguk end up on a couch with the two most beautiful omegas in existence!?

Sorry Jin-hyung.

The golden boy is wearing what appears to be the same bra as baby blue boy — Minnie? — but his is a beautiful coral shade to compliment his warm skin tone. Jeongguk thinks he can see a sliver of lacy black pantie peeking out from over the hem of his leather pants and man if he wasn’t already hard, he would be now and — oh shit, I’m hard and they’re watching me oh fuck —

They’ve gotta be mind-readers, because the second he thinks that a sly grin spreads across baby blue’s face and, great, he’s staring.

“Tae, baby,” he starts slowly, “I think this little alpha just got hard watching us.” He slides from his seat in the other boy’s and towards Jeongguk and his growing distress.

“What’s your name, Alpha?” the omega asks sweetly.

“Jeongguk,” he manages to reply, “Jeon Jeongguk.”

“I’m Jimin,” replies the boy with a smile, “And this is Taehyung,” he introduces as the other leans up to wrap his arms around Jimin’s waist.

From where his head rests on Jimin’s shoulder, Taehyung glances down at Jeongguk’s lap. “Looks like quite the problem you’ve got there,” he notes, “Mind if we help?”

And Jeongguk, smooth motherfucker that he very rarely is, replies, “Sure. But only if you let me help you both too.” He almost adds in a wink, but refrains. He’s not twelve.

Jimin’s laugh is sweet enough to make up for any of the embarrassment that could have caused him. “It’s a deal, Jeon Jeongguk. Now how about a kiss, sugar?” And Jimin’s lips are soft and plump and Jeongguk is ready to die.

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Jeongguk is an Alpha.

Anyone could tell. He's tall, broad, well muscled and probably stronger that both Jimin and Taehyung combined.

But there's something about him, with his round doe eyes and cute bunny teeth, that makes him just downright adorable. His tiny waist and thick thighs give him a feminine beauty that softens his overall appearance, and through his bravado his inexperience is abundantly clear. Jimin wants to eat him right up.

They find and vacant room fairy quickly, Jimin casually flipping the sign to read OCCUPIED as the three of them enter the dimly lit room. The decor is gaudy, dated. A cross between cheap roadside motel and a Disneyland version of an 18th century French brothel. At least they didn’t pick one of the German sex dungeon rooms. The thought makes Jimin giggle.

He watches as Jeongguk pushes Taehyung up against the door and kisses him softly. It’s a little hesitant. Tae laughs into the kiss.

“Nervous, little Alpha?” The omega rests a hand against the younger’s side. Jeongguk shudders at the touch.

Jimin takes a seat on the edge of the King sized bed, his hands out behind him for support as he leans back. As cool as he tries to play it, the alpha does seem awfully young. It’s cute. Jimin wonders just how young he is. He cocks his head to one side thoughtfully.

“Jeonggukie,” he asks, “how old are you?”

The boy blushes, melting a little into Taehyung’s arms. “‘m nineteen,” he mumbles, eyes fixed down.

Gosh, thinks Jimin, nineteen. He is young. But he’s legal (barely), and he’s sweet. And it’s not like they’re too much older. And, if he’s honest, it’s a little hot. To be older than the alpha. Subvert the trope. And so he sighs softly and replies.

“Hm,” he says, “we’re your hyungs, then.”

“Okay,” replies the alpha, “Hyung.” A warm feeling tingles at the base of Jimin’s spine.

Then Taehyung pulls Jeongguk in by the neck for a real kiss, open mouthed and wet. Jimin can feel himself growing hard at the sight, but he resists the urge to palm himself through his shorts. He can wait. Jeongguk seems to be having a similar—if not worse—issue, and Taehyung takes the opportunity to slide his thigh up between the alpha’s legs as he threads his fingers through the other boy’s hair, kissing him aggressively.

Jeongguk whimpers, caught off guard. Jimin takes that as his cue to rise from the bed, coming up behind the young alpha and resting his hands on either side of the boy’s small waist. He rests his forehead against the back of his neck, thumbing at the strip of skin exposed in the gap between the bottom of Jeongguk’s silk shirt and the top of his jeans.

With his heels on, he’s at least an inch taller than Jeongguk. He presses his lips behind the other’s ear as he rubs soothing circles into the boy’s hips. Jeongguk lets out a breathy sigh and now Jimin’s chest hurts for two reasons.

He and Tae lock eyes over the alpha’s shoulder as the other omega pulls away from the kiss. God, he looks good, lips swollen and wet from the alpha. Jeongguk drops his head forward into the crook of Tae’s neck. The young alpha takes a deep breath, filling his lungs with the tall omega’s tropical scent. It matches his honey skin and coral bralette nicely.

Taehyung stares at the other omega as he mindlessly reaches up to pet the hair of the alpha nestled in his shoulder. “Doing okay there, baby?” Taehyung asks Jimin, teasing tone failing to totally mask the genuine concern he feels for his friend.

Jimin shakes his head dismissively, small smile gracing his plush lips.

“I’m fine, Tae,” he says, and then, biting his lip, adds: “Sore.”

Jeongguk twists between them, awkwardly contorting his body so he can get a look at Jimin.

“You mean…?” asks the alpha shyly, big doe eyes betraying his eagerness.

Jimin laughs, the sound light and clear. He fiddles with his bra strap.

“You wanna…?” he asks.

“Yeah,” replies Jeongguk breathlessly. “Yes.”

Taehyung laughs, rolling his eyes. “C’mon, you two. Bed.” Jeongguk turns his head to look at Taehyung and a big, bunny toothed grin stretches across the alpha’s face.

And then, without warning, Jimin’s legs are lifted out from under him and he is pressed tight against a warm, solid, alpha chest. He lets out a surprised yelp, and then blushes, embarrassed.

Tae leads them to the king sized mattress, settling down propped up against the headboard. Jeongguk sets Jimin down to his left, the silver-haired omega’s side pressed tight against Taehyung’s own. Jeongguk slides into the bed on Jimin’s other side, palm resting against his bare stomach. It’s got a softness to it, a slight roundness, the alpha notices. Hormones, probaby. Taehyung buries his head in Jimin’s soft hair, nose slotting behind the other omega’s ear. He places his hand on Jimin’s thigh, achingly high up.

The alpha leans in for a kiss, gently parting Jimin’s lips with his own. Slowly, he brings his hand up to Jimin’s ribs, fingertips brushing against the bottom of his pale blue lace nursing bra. It’s such a feminine garment, not something he would wear everyday, but it’s comfortable and moreover it’s sexy. It’s nights like these where he, encouraged by Tae and his wild spirit, bottles up his shame and uncertainty and lets himself be the stereotype, even if it’s out of vogue. Jeongguk certainly doesn’t seem to mind.

And so, as the gentle, sweet young alpha nips softly at his neck, and the love of his life presses kisses to his hair, he reaches up and unhooks the flap of his bra, feels Jeongguk tense at his neck.

The alpha can smell it already, the sweetness of milk mingled with Jimin’s sea and vanilla scent. Jeongguk thinks he may never have wanted anything more in his life.

He lifts his head, locking eyes with Jimin. Slowly, the omega nods.

And then the alpha is leans down, takes Jimin’s hard nipple into his mouth, and sucks. It doesn’t take much to get the flow of milk started and Jeongguk whimpers when it hits his tongue. The sound combined with the feeling makes Jimin’s back arch off the bed, inadvertently pulling the alpha’s mouth from him. Some milk dribbles down his chest. Jeongguk doesn’t mind; he laps it up like a lewd kitten.

“Ohh, baby,” Taehyung whispers in Jimin’s ear, “Does that feel better?”

“T-Tae,” responds Jimin breathlessly, “Feels so good.”

“Yeah?” says Tae, and Jimin can hear him grinning, “Little alpha’s doing a good job? Making Minnie feel better?”

The omega just moans in response. Taehyung presses a kiss to his omega’s cheekbone and slides his hand up Jimin’s thigh until he can palm at his hardness. Jimin gasps. Taehyung fixes his eyes on Jeongguk.

The alpha’s eyes are closed, mouth latched firmly onto Jimin’s slowly emptying chest, thumb brushing the unattended nipple gently.

“Taste good, Jeonggukkie?” Tae asks.

Jeongguk hums, mouth full.

“This what you were looking for?” he continues, slipping his hand into Jimin’s shorts, “A pretty little omega desperate to be sucked dry?” Said omega whines.

Taehyung wraps his hand around Jimin’s shaft and the omega whimpers loudly. Jeongguk pulls away.

“Yeah,” he says, eyes glassy. “‘n I found two.”

Taehyung isn’t sure whether to laugh or gasp. He settles on a breathy chuckle, too low to be sweet. He feels slick seep through his underwear nonetheless.

Their eyes stay locked even as Jeongguk lowers his mouth onto Jimin’s other nipple.

Taehyung quirks a brow up. “Did you now?”

Jimin whimpers, pushing a hand through his hair, eyes screwed up. Taehyung’s eyes flick back and forth between him and the alpha.

“Jeongguk. Gentle,” Taehyung scolds. The alpha has the decency to look a little bashful, pulling off gently.

“Sorry,” he mumbles, eyes closed. “Didn’t mean to.” He begins to pepper chaste kisses over Jimin’s chest in apology. Jimin sighs contentedly, resting one hand on the back of the alpha’s head, opening his eyes to reach out and caress the side of Taehyung’s face.

“Shh, baby, ‘m okay. S’good,” he says. He sounds blissed out already. Tae’s skin feels too warm. He smiles softly as the silver-haired omega pulls him into a deep kiss. Jeongguk, left to his own devices, goes back to suckling happily.

Taehyung’s hand creeps lower, fingers dipping down to collect some of the other omega’s slick and make the slide easier and then brings his hand back up to wrap around the Jimin’s cock once again, firmer this time. He lets out a gasp as Taehyung’s hand speeds up around his now aching member.

The sound goes straight to Jeongguk’s core, his pants suddenly feeling much too tight. He squirms on the bed, attempting to rut against Jimin’s plush thigh. The omega breaks his kiss with Taehyung to look down at the young alpha still attached to his chest. The milk is mostly gone now but the alpha still continues to suck gently.

“Oh, baby,” Jimin pets Jeongguk’s head gently. Taehyung has moved to his neck, kissing and licking up and down the expanse of sensitive skin, hand slowing.

“Gukkie.” The alpha reluctantly lets the nipple slip from his mouth as he gazes up at the omega, eyes glassy. Taehyung pulls away from Jimin’s neck just in time to see how absolutely gone the alpha looks.

“Do you want us to take care of you, baby?” asks Jimin.

The alpha whimpers. And fuck, if that doesn’t make Taehyung want to wreck him even more. He reaches across the other omega and pulls Jeongguk into a rough kiss. Jimin slides up the bed to get out from under the other two as he sits up. He watches as Jeongguk falls into the taller omega’s lips, leaning into him even as the other starts to pull away.

“Tell us what you want, Guk,” Jimin asks lowly.

“Fuck,” says Jeongguk, chest heaving. Jimin laughs.

“Hm? You wanna fuck me?”

The alpha’s gaze darkens, grip tightening where he still holds onto Tae’s waist. “Wanna fuck you. Gonna fuck you so good.”

Jimin crawls over to them, then. “Good,” he says, wicked grin stretching across his face. “I was hoping you’d say that.”

Taehyung does not look entirely pleased. He extricates himself from Jeongguk’s grasp and wraps himself around the other omega’s back, nestling his nose behind his ear.

“Are you sure, baby? Alphas can be pretty rough...” he asks, as Jimin reaches forward to guide Jeongguk’s head closer to his leaking cock, sighing as the boy takes it into his warm mouth.

“I’m sure, Tae,” he replies reassuringly, “I’ll be fine.”

The taller omega grumbles. “It’s not you I’m worried about.”

Jimin sighs. He’s really not in the mood for this discussion right now, head already foggy from the milking and now the mouth on his cock, and he just wants to be fucked, sue him. And so he slips.

“The baby will be fine, Tae.”

And Jeongguk freezes. Slowly, and gently, he lifts his mouth off the eldest omega’s dick, and, big doe eyes wide as saucers, squeaks, “”

The two omegas at least have the decency to look bashful.

“Um,” Jimin replies, “surprise?” Taehyung groans, burying his face in the back of Jimin’s shoulder.

And Jeongguk begins to panic.

“Oh, I should, um. I shouldn’t be— I should go. Um, I’m sorry, I didn’t know you were, uh, pregnant, I should—”

“Jeongguk,” Jimin cuts off, face crestfallen. “You don’t want me because I’m pregnant?”

Jeongguk sighs. “Of course I want you, hyung.”

“Then what’s the problem?” Jimin asks, face full of confusion.

Jeongguk too looks puzzled. “I’m not your alpha. I shouldn’t be having sex with another alpha’s omega, that’s just… I’m sorry, hyung, but that’s wrong.”

He drops his head, twiddles his fingers in his lap. “I’m sorry hyung. I can’t.”

Taehyung feels anger bubble up under the surface of his skin. He pulls Jimin into his chest protectively, scowling at the dejected alpha kneeling at the other end of the bed.

“Jeon Jeongguk, get your head out of your ass or get the hell out of this room,” he says harshly and the alpha looks up inquisitively.


“Honestly,” Taehyung continues, “It’s 2019 and if you seriously still think that you need to have an alpha to have a baby you can go fuck yourself. Because my Jiminie is strong and independent and he is going to do an amazing job raising our child and no alpha is going to get in the way of that.”

“Oh,” says Jeongguk, and his eyes go wide. “Oh, hyung. Hyungs.” He scrambles forward across the bed.

“I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. I’m so dumb, such a dumb alpha. Of course you don’t need to have an alpha to have a baby. I’m stupid and I don’t know what I was thinking.”

He reaches out places a hand tentatively on Jimin’s shoulder. “You’re gonna be a great parent.”

Jimin looks up shyly. “Mom,” he says, “I’m gonna be a mom.”

“Oh,” says Taehyung breathlessly, “really?”

Jimin flushes. “Yeah,” he says, “I know it’s old fashioned, but… I wanna be Mom. Not Dad.”

“Okay,” says Taehyung, pressing a soft kiss into the top of his beloved’s head. “You’re gonna be a mom, then.” And Jimin smiles.

Jeongguk can’t help but feel like he’s intruding. He drops his hand from Jimin’s shoulder back into his lap. But Jimin just reaches out and intertwines their fingers. Jeongguk looks at him shyly.

“It’s okay, Jeongguk-ah.”

And then the omega sits up some, leans forward, and whispers into Jeongguk’s ear, and says: “I want you.”

And the alpha can’t take it anymore. He turns his head so fast he almost gives himself whiplash, pulling the silver-haired omega into a bruising kiss. The omega gasps and returns it full-force, climbing hurriedly into the younger alpha’s lap and throwing his arms around his neck. They kiss with a heat-like desperation and Jeongguk can feel the wetness of slick seeping through the omega’s unzipped jean shorts and onto his own legs. He groans into the kiss.

I should not have worn leather pants tonight, Taehyung thinks as he feels the backs of his thighs begin to dampen at the sight, the slick now seeping from his hole having nowhere else to go but down. He squirms uncomfortably as he watches his omega make a soaked mess of their baby alpha’s lap. Should’ve worn a plug, he sighs.

Ah, well. He takes the opportunity provided by the other two’s preoccupation to slide off the bed and rid himself of his uncomfortably sticky pants. He leaves on his lacy black underwear despite the fact that they’re completely soaked through. He wants to see the alpha’s reaction before he takes them off.

He climbs back onto the bed, pressing his front up against Jeongguk’s back. He noses along the alpha’s neck, taking in his strong earthy scent. Smells like a forest in the fog. Floral undertones. Very nice. He nips gently behind the alpha’s ear. Jengguk growls low in his chest.

“Shh,” Taehyung placates, whispering into his ear, “It’s alright, Alpha.”

The tall omega creeps a hand around the alpha’s waist. He reaches between the pair, unzips the alpha’s pants, and pulls out his hard cock. He gives it a couple pumps. He can’t see it, but he can feel its size in his hand.

It’s, well. It’s alpha sized. Taehyung gushes a little at the thought of taking it inside him. Taking the alpha’s knot.

His hole flutters involuntarily as still more slick leaks out.

The alpha leans his head back onto the tall omega’s shoulder and groans. Jimin just leans forward, kissing up the youngest’s neck in earnest. He stills as he approaches the young alpha’s scent gland, but Jeongguk only bares his neck further. Jimin licks gently at the sensitive place, and a visceral whimper claws its way up the alpha’s throat, but he doesn’t move. Jimin drags his tongue up the alpha’s neck, makes eye contact with Taehyung over Jeongguk’s shoulder. The other omega meets him there, their two mouths kissing right over the alpha’s scent gland.

Jeongguk goes limp, submitting fully to his omegas. The two kiss there for a little while longer, hands roaming up and down the alpha’s body as they support his weight. Slowly, Jimin begins to kiss up the side of the younger’s face, peppering little butterfly kisses against his jaw, under his ear, his cheek, his cheekbone. He presses a kiss between the boy’s eyes, one to the tip of his nose. Softly, he presses a chaste kiss to the alpha’s parted lips as Taehyung hugs him securely from behind. Jimin pulls back.

“How’re you feeling, baby?” he asks sweetly, caressing the alpha’s face.

Jeongguk sighs. “Hyung.”

“Hm?” replies Jimin.

The alpha half opens his eyes, the result a sultry gaze. His brown eyes have flecks of red. “Wanna breed you, hyung.”

“Oh, honey,” Jimin sucks in a gasp, feels more slick seep into his shorts, “Wish you could.” He leans in, noses at his jaw.

“I’m already knocked up,” he says, then leans in, whispers in his ear, “But you can breed Taeyungie.”

Jeongguk takes a shaky breath, pupils dilating so far his irises disappear. He leans up, catches Jimin’s mouth in his, a thank you. And then the omega pushes himself up off the alpha’s lap, and slips off the bed so he can finally rid himself of his heavily soaked denim shorts and painfully high heels.

While he does this, the alpha twists himself in the other omega’s arms to press their mouths together in a wet and desperate kiss. He frees himself from Taehyung’s arms and then takes the omega into his own and tosses him up the bed. Taehyung whimpers, slowly becoming overpowered by the alpha pheromones permeating the room. Jimin, being pregnant already, has a certain resistance to them, but Taehyung has no such luck and he feels himself melting as the younger alpha crawls on top of him.

“Off,” he says, tugging at the alpha’s black silk shirt. Jeongguk grins.

“Yes, Omega,” he says, and sits up, pulling the shirt off and over his head. Taehyung bites his lips as he comes face to face with a well-formed six pack.

“Wow,” he says dumbly.

“Thanks,” says Jeongguk, a little shyly. The omega sits up a little, gets closer to the alpha’s muscled chest.

“You…” Jeongguk says, breathless and quiet, “you can touch me. If you want.”

Oh, and Taehyung wants. He reaches out, staring at the beautiful young alpha who kneels upright before him, waiting. He places his large hand at the side of the alpha’s ribcage—too large for an omega, he’s been told, but it fits perfectly against the alpha, giving him just the reach he needs to brush his thumb over the younger’s nipple.

Jeongguk’s breath catches in his throat. He pushes the omega back down, eyes glowing. He noses up and down the omega’s neck, drowning himself in his luscious, tropical scent. He smells like the beach, like sunset, like a fresh fruit smoothie with a splash of rum. Jeongguk wants to taste. He stretches out his tongue, presses his mouth firmly to the junction of Taehyung’s neck and shoulder just like Jimin had done to him earlier, and Taehyung quivers, fingers curling in Jeongguk’s hair. He lets out a low moan as the alpha sucks marks all over the column of his neck, enjoying the taste of the omega’s sweat as much as his scent. Wants to taste more. Wants to taste his slick. His milk.

Jimin joins them on the bed, wearing just his silver choker and white lace panties, having ditched his damp thigh highs and bra along with the rest of his clothes. He seats himself above where Taehyung’s head rests, and leans back against the plush headboard. He spreads his legs and then pulls the other omega up so he can rest his head on the older’s plush thigh. The tall omega immediately begins to mouth at the pregnant omega’s soaked panties, enjoying the vanilla-y taste of the other’s slick. Jimin groans, tossing his head back and threading a hand through Taehyung’s hair.

Taehyung is distracted from his feast when he feels something warm at his hole. He gazes down to see the alpha’s head between his legs. He pushes Tae’s leg up with one hand, pulling his lacy black panties to the side with the other so he can give his tongue full access to the source of the omega’s sweet slick—his glistening hole. He dives in, lapping up the delicious honeydew. Tae’s eyes screw shut and he tosses his head back as he feels the alpha suck at his rim.

This tossing his head back, however, drives his face directly into Jimin’s crotch. The pressure makes the other omega moan, high and breathy, a beautiful contrast to Taehyung’s own low keen.

“Jimmine,” Taehyung huffs, out of breath, “Wanna taste.”

“Okay,” Jimin laughs, getting up briefly to rid himself of his panties, and then settles himself back down right on top of Taehyung’s face. “You can taste.”

The older omega sighs, then, the feeling of the other’s fat tongue lapping up all the slick from his balls and ass cheeks relaxing as ever. He feels the younger moan against his hole as Jeongguk does something particularly wicked with his tongue, and it sends a fresh river of slick gushing directly into Taehyung’s waiting mouth. The omega is practically drinking it at this point. Jimin shivers at the thought.

Taehyung has always loved the taste of Jimin’s slick. Tastes like homemade french vanilla ice-cream, except it’s hot and it coats his tongue honey. Pregnancy has only made the flavour richer. Milkier somehow. Taehyung loves it.

Down between his legs Jeongguk has now moved on from his hole and has his mouth wrapped around the omega’s oversized cock, while two fingers scissor inside him. The alpha is practically deep-throating him, and damn, if that’s not a rare sight.

Tae groans. “Alpha,” he says. Jeongguk detaches himself from the omega’s dick, but keeps fingering him.

“Yeah?” he says, chin wet with slick. Taehyung gives Jimin a pat on the ass to get him to move off his face before replying:

“Want you to fuck me.”

Jeongguk groans, digging his fingers into Taehyung’s thigh.

“Now, please,” he says, “Alpha,” he adds for good measure.

Jeongguk groans once more and then the fingers are leaving his hole, a sick squelching noise accompanying them. The alpha rids himself of his jeans before settling back in on his knees behind the omega. He strokes his large cock languidly, tapping it against the omega’s hole a couple times, watching it contract needily around nothing. He pushes Taehyung’s legs up, slides a finger in. Some slick seeps out. Jeongguk groans, mesmerized.

Jimin give Taehyung a chaste upside-down forehead kiss, holding Tae’s face in his hands giggling, catching Jeongguk’s attention. The alpha smiles when he sees them.

Cute, he thinks. Jimin breaks the kiss, bringing his head back up, and catches the alpha staring.

“Everything okay, Alpha?” he asks.

“Yeah,” Jeongguk replies, biting his lip, “Just… condom?”

Jimin looks down at Tae, who shakes his head.

“No,” he says, “Wanna feel you.”

Oh, thinks Jeongguk.

Jimin shoots Tae a worried look. Tae sighs.

“You’re clean, right?” he asks Jeongguk.

“Uh, yeah,” he replies, a little flustered. “Got tested, uh, like, a month ago? And I haven’t been with anyone, uh, since then so. Um. I have the results on my phone if you wanna check but like. Yeah. I’m clean.”

“Okay,” is all Tae says. “I trust you.”

And god, he’s a little insane, isn’t he? But Jeongguk can’t really find it in him to care, in this particular moment. He fucks his finger in and out of the omega, watches slick squelch obscenely from his pretty hole.

Yeah, he doesn’t care. He slides in another finger. The stretch is imperceptible. He adds another. Tae moans into Jimin’s thigh, the older omega’s hands running through his hair.

“Gukkie,” says Tae, “Please.”

The alpha sighs, extracting his fingers and using them to slick up his cock before lining it up with the omega’s wet hole. The omega lifts his legs, and Jimin pulls them back before reaching around them with both hands to tug at the omega’s leaking cock. He bends himself over the other omega, pulling him into a heated spiderman kiss.

Jeongguk pushes in slowly, relishing the feeling of the omega’s tight walls squeezing his cock. Jimin breaks the kiss and leans back as the alpha comes forward, bracing one hand above Taehyung’s shoulder as he pushes in to the hilt. Taehyung moans, low and breathy, as the alpha starts fucking him slowly.

Jimin takes the opportunity to pull the alpha into a deep kiss while he’s still not too distracted by the gorgeous omega writing below him. Jeongguk moves his other hand to Tae’s other shoulder as he begins to fuck him harder.

“Minnie,” Taehyung whines, “Fucking me so good.” He presses a kiss into the other omega’s slightly round belly as the alpha’s increasingly rough thrusts push him further and further up the mattress and into the other omega.

“Yeah, baby?” Jimin replies, “Like the way Alpha fucks you? Like being split open on his big cock?”

“Yeah,” Taehyung gasps, “Luh- love it. Luh- Alpha’s cock.”

Jeongguk fucks him harder.

“Yeah? Gonna take his knot like a good boy? Let him fill you up, get you pregnant, make you all round like me, huh?”

“Yuh— Yes, please,” the omega hiccups, “Alpha please, want your pups.”

Jeongguk feels his knot begin to swell already.

“Gonna be so pretty,” says Jimin, “Being such a good boy, letting Alpha breed you like this.”

Jeongguk’s pace is brutal, Taeyung’s breath leaving him in little whimpers on every thrust. He reaches up blindly, grabbing him by the back of the neck and pulling him in for a sloppy, open kiss. Jeongguk’s chest is pressed to his now, his body heavy on top of him, and the change of angle plus the pressure on the omega’s swollen breasts makes his toes curl and his vision blur.

“Alpha!” he cries, “Please, Alpha, don’t stop please wanna come wanna carry your pups please. wan’ my tits full forever.”

Jeongguk keeps fucking him hard until he feels his now swollen knot start to catch at the omega’s puffy rim. With a few strong thrusts, he forces it inside, and the omega wails at the sensation, cumming all over his soft stomach.

“Guk! Gukkie, please Alpha,” he begs incoherently, and Jimin runs soothing hands down the sides of his face to calm him. The alpha leans up, grinding gently inside the omega, knot now locking him in place. He leans up, kissing softly at the omega’s tear-stained cheeks. Jimin reaches between them and scoops up some of the sticky mess with his fingers.

“Say ah,” he says, and Jeongguk opens his mouth obediently and licks the fingers clean. Jimin does it again, then pulls the alpha in for a kiss, the sweet taste of Tae’s cum mingling between them.

“Gonna be a good boy for TaeTae, Gukkie?” Jimin says, kissing the alpha’s neck, “Gonna give him what he wants?”

“Yeah,” says Jeongguk, rutting harder, “Gonna give him my cum. Get him knocked up, give him so many pups. Gonna keep him nice and round forever. Full of milk for me.”

Taehyung whimpers as the alpha’s knot grinds relentlessly against his prostate.

“A— Alpha,” he whines, and comes for the second time in the past five minutes, clenching down hard on the alpha’s dick, and Jeongguk finally starts to come. He moans wantonly as he feels his come start to fill up the omega, held in by the large knot tugging at the omega’s rim. He continues coming as he collapses forward into Jimin’s arms. The omega peppers kisses across his face as the three of them watch the younger omega’s belly begin to swell with all the cum being pumped into him.

Tae squirms when Jimin lets the alpha go and Jeongguk collapses on top of him. He’s not even that heavy, but his chest can’t handle pressure from the outside as well as the inside and he feels himself start to leak.

“Jeongguk,” the omega tries.

The alpha groans, wrapping his arms around the omega tightly.

“Gukkie, up,” Taehyung says sweetly, “You’re crushing my tits.”

Jeongguk immediately pushes himself up on his forearms as the sweet smell of… banana…? starts to invade his nose.

“Oh, hyung,” the alpha gasps. “Smell so good.”

Taehyung feels impossibly more come spill inside him and he groans.

Jeongguk noses at his damp bra, inhaling deeply.

“Please, hyung, can I…?” he asks eagerly.

The alpha’s enthusiasm is astounding. He’s already knotted him and filled him with come and yet he’s still coming back for more.

“Smells like banana milk…” the alpha mumbles and it makes Taehyung laugh.

“Go ahead baby,” he says, unhooking his bra to let the alpha suckle at his swollen nipple. He braces himself as he the alpha’s warm mouth surrounds his most sensitive place. He tugs softly with his teeth, squeezing with his hand to start the flow of milk back up again. The omega gasps as he feels it start to release into the alpha’s waiting mouth.

He feels a hand in his hair, stroking it gently, and he looks up to see Jimin smiling down at him.

“That better, baby?”

Taehyung closes his eyes and nods. He can feel the alpha’s cock throb inside him, the last spurts of the alpha’s come releasing inside him and he sighs a breath of relief. He’s not sure how much more his stomach can hold.

Jimin seems to be having a similar thought as he rubs hands hands across Taehyung’s swollen belly in awe. Between the two of them, if someone were to ask him to try and guess who’s pregnant, right now he’d say Taehyung. The younger omega’s belly is significantly rounder than his own, and he’s actually pregnant. He knows it won’t take, not outside of a heat, but it’s still amazing just how much cum the alpha has managed to stuff inside the younger omega. Jimin shudders, imagining what it must feel like to be that full, and curls into Taeyung’s side, trying to ignore the trob of his own dick. He squirms a little, trying to resist the urge to rut against the other omega’s thigh, and he gasps when he accidentally makes contact anyway. Jeongguk pulls away from Taehyung’s emptying breast to look over at him.

“Hyung,” he says, softly, “Come here.” He lets go of Taehyng’s breast to cup the side of Jimin’s face and pull the silver-haired omega in for a sweet kiss.

And when Jimin says sweet, he means sweet. The other omega’s delicious milk coats his tongue as it spills from Jeongguk’s mouth into his. He isn’t prepared and some of the precious milk dribbles down his chin. Jeongguk licks it up desperately, pushing it back into the omega’s mouth.

“Guk. Tae,” he whimpers, “tastes so good.”

Taehyung smiles blissfully. “Yeah, Minnie? You like how my milk tastes?”

“Mm,” he replies, eyes closed as he enjoys the alpha licking all over his face and neck, enjoying the delicious mix of Jimin’s scent with Taehyung’s milk. “Love it, Tae Tae. Love your milk so much.”

“Hm,” the tall omega says, unable to do much from where he is trapped underneath the alpha, still locked together.

“Come here,” he says, and Jeongguk and Jimin break their kiss to give Tae their full attention. Pleased, the omega continues:

“You can share, can’t you?” He says, unhooking the flap covering is other, swollen breast. His breath hitches as immediately feels two mouths start to kiss at his chest. Jimin goes first, wrapping his lips gently around the puffy nipple as Jeongguk licks around the outside of the breast in firm strokes, stimulating the flow of milk inside. Jimin moans as he feels it hit his tongue, sucking gently as it fills his mouth.

Jeongguk joins him, then, and the alpha and omega kiss wet and open over his tit, swapping the sweet banana flavoured milk between them. It’s hot and messy, and they let it dribble all down Taehyung’s soft chest, sucking at his tit whenever they want more until at last he begins to run dry. The bed sheets are damp beneath him, and the smell of bananas and cream permeates the room. The alpha’s knot has begun to go down inside him, and he would be happy about it were it not for the fact that all of the suckling has made Tae hard again, and so he just grinds down uselessly on the softening cock.

He winces a little, ass sore, but he’s so hard, cock aching, and he just wants to come.

Jeongguk groans, unable to take the stimulation. “Tae,” he says, “Please. I can’t. Knotting outside of rut is… taxing.”

Tae huffs frustratedly. “I just want—”

“Tae, baby,” Jimin cuts him off, reaching down to squeeze at the omega’s hard dick. “Is this what’s bothering you?”

The omega huffs. “Yeah,” he says, “Wanna come.”

“Again? So greedy.”

“Minnie, please,” he begs as the omega’s hand speeds up around his cock.

“Wanting to come a second time when Minnie hasn’t even come once yet? That’s not very nice of you,” Jimin replies.

“Please Minnie,” says Taehyung, eyes glassy, “Please, let me fuck you. I’ll be so good.”

Jimin grins. “Okay, baby, but you gotta let Minnie come first, alright? No coming before me.”

Jeongguk groans as watches the exchange, feels the omega clench around his sensitive dick. He smooths a hand comfortingly against the omega’s hip.

“Hold on,” he says, “Gotta pull out.”

He braces himself against the omega, moving slowly. He expects some resistance. What he doesn’t expect is for the omega to scream, grabbing him by the wrist to keep him from moving.

“No!” he says, face desperate.

“Tae, what’s wrong?” Jimin says frantically, “Are you okay?”

Taehyung furrows his brow, worried. “‘s gonna come out.”

Jeongguk cocks his head. “You mean… my cum?”

“Mm,” hums Taehyung, “wanna keep it inside. Wanna be full. Carry your pups, Alpha.”

Jeongguk looks to Jimin, crisis evident on his face. Jimin just smiles, taking the other omega’s face in his hands.

“It’s okay, baby,” he says, “You can keep Alpha’s cum. Gonna plug you up nice and good, keep all Alpha’s cum stuffed up inside you, looking pregnant. Just gotta let Alpha pull out so we can get a plug in you, and then you can fuck me good just like you wanted, hm baby?”

Tae whines, nodding his head. The older omega reaches into the bedside drawer and pulls out a thick metal plug with a little coral gem at the end. He rubs it against his entrance, coating with his own slick before passing it off to the alpha, who makes quick work of sliding his dick out at replacing it with the toy. He pats the omega’s hip as he slides off the bed to go clean himself.

Taehyung, satisfied, rolls onto his side and pulls Jimin into a deep kiss. He thrusts his hips forward, cocks rubbing together. He reaches a hand down and wraps it around both of them. Jimin gasps.

“Taehyungie,” the pregnant omega says, “don’t you wanna fuck me?”

Taehyung groans. “Yeah. Gonna fuck you.”

Jeongguk returns to the bed, leaning back against the headboard above the two omegas. As sleepy as he is, he still wants to watch.

Jimin rolls onto his stomach. “Hands and knees,” Taehyung directs.

Jimin whines, displeased. Taehyung sighs.

“C’mon Minnie, up. You gotta, for the baby,” he says, “Jeonngukkie will help you.”

Taehyung make eye contact with Jeongguk and the alpha understands.

“Fine,” Jimin gumbles. He scoots forward, wrapping his arms around the alpha’s waist and lifting his ass in the air, belly off the bed. “Just fuck me already.”

Taehyung chuckles, pleased with the way the other omega presents for him.

“Okay,” he says, wetting his cock with the other omega’s slick, “I will, baby.”

He sinks in all at once, watches the way the other omega’s hole greedily eats up his thick cock, and then he pulls out, fucking him hard and fast.

The pregnant omega lets out muffled moans into Jeongguk’s hip as the alpha runs soothing hands over his back and shoulders, marvelling at the sight of the omegas together. He truly understands the superfluity of alphas now, watching them like this. It’s beautiful.

Jimin moans as he feels his orgasm draw nearer. He sits up a little, extricates himself from the alpha’s lap as best he can with the other omega still fucking into him mercilessly from behind. He stares up at the alpha, eyes glossy, pleading.

“Gukkie,” he says, and the alpha understands. He pulls the omega in closer to his chest, and reaches down to tug at the eldest’s cock. The effect is near instant, and after a few tugs, the omega is spilling onto the sheets beneath him. He clenches down hard as he cums, and that’s it for Taehyung, the other omega spilling into him with a low groan, pressing his swollen belly up against the elder’s back as he empties himself.

Taehyung pulls out gently, and then crawls up the bed to fit himself against the alpha’s side. Jimin rolls to the other, sighing contentedly. Jeongguk scoots them down a little so they can lie down properly. He pushes the sticky blankets down so at least they’re not lying in a puddle. They can deal with the mess later. The omegas don’t seem to mind, curling up against him happily.

He is happy, too, sated and warm. And yet, a question still sits at the back of his mind. He can’t help himself. He has to know. “Hyungs, can I ask you something?”

Taehyung hums in assent.

“If there’s no alpha… involved, how did Jimin-hyung get pregnant?” he asks.

Jimin chuckles, lifting his head from Jeongguk’s chest. “Oh,” he replies, “a beta, actually. We thought it would be safer, what with me needing to be in heat and alpha’s getting so territorial and stuff… He’s actually really good friends with the owner of this place. Plus, he’s gorgeous and he smells like sunshine. Wanted to give our baby the best genes possible.” He chuckles.

And something clicks. “Wait,” the alpha says, sitting up some. He looks down at the two omegas on either side of him. “You don’t mean Jung Hoseok, right?”

Taehyung looks up at him, puzzled. “You know Hobi-hyung?”

Jeongguk can’t believe what he’s hearing. “I work for Kim Namjoon and Min Yoongi.”

“Wait,” says Jimin, eyes bright, “You’re that Kookie?”

“Um,” Jeongguk replies, confused, “yes?”

Taehyung breaks into a conspiratorial grin. He makes quick eye contact with Jimin, and then turns his full attention to the young alpha sitting between the two of them. And then, grin stretching into a full-blown smile, looks him dead in the eyes and says:

“Boy, have we heard a lot about you.”

And Jimin laughs, burying his head back into Jeongguk’s side, and Tae laughs too, and everything is honey and corals and silvers and blues and this time, Jeongguk truly is ready to die, and die happy.