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It started, as it tended to do, in their childhood.

“I’ll be the mom!” declared Katsuki, hands planted on his hips.

“Eh?” said the girl who proposed the game. “But you’re not a girl, Kacchan!”

Katsuki scoffed. “So? Everyone knows the mom’s the boss of the house!”

Most of them couldn't really deny that, and the ones that might have were convinced by their self-proclaimed leader's confidence.

Still, their playmate pouted.

“I don’t wanna play the dad.” she whined.

“Well duh, that’s cause you’re the baby.” Katsuki said matter-of-factly. “Izuku’s the dad.”

The boy in question gasped, eyes wide in awe. “” he pointed to himself.

“S’what I said, didn’t I?” Katsuki turned to the other kids with them, assigning them as his minions at work. Those with complaints were threatened to be the family pet instead. Roles delegated (“It's kaa-chan, not Kacchan.” “Un!” ), they scrambled over to their designated places across the classroom, settling into character.

Katsuki kicked their pretend door open. “Honey, I’m home!” he shouted loudly, taking his shoes off as he’s taught to do.

“W-welcome home!” Izuku stammered, nearly tripping over himself in his haste to greet him. “I’m, um. Making lunch?”

“It’s dinner, dummy,” Katsuki whispered.

“Oh!” he squeaked. “I-I mean dinner!”

Izuku tried not to freak out too much when Katsuki leaned in to give him a kiss on a very red cheek. Just barely manages not to faint when Katsuki offered his own cheek, looking at him expectantly. His face was steaming by the time he was able to manage a shy peck in return.

Katsuki looked annoyed that it took so long but didn’t say anything about it, more interested in playing his role. “What’s for dinner?” he prompted, making his way around Izuku to the play kitchen set.

“Kachudon,” Izuku lisped, still not quite able to pronounce his ‘tsu’s. “How was work, Kacc—um, kaa-chan?”

“I was great!” Katsuki bragged. “I beat all the villains and All Might himself noticed my toughness! I was like pow, and boom! They never saw it coming! I was too fast!” because clearly, he was the cool hero mom.

“That's amazing, kaa-chan!” Izuku gushed. Katsuki’s not entirely convinced he didn't have a quirk yet when he could make his freaking pupils turn into stars somehow.

But then that meant Izuku got a quirk before him, so that couldn't be it.

“I know!” he grinned.

“And then what happened, kaa-chan? Did All Might say anything?”

“Dinner first, Izuku! The baby’s gotta eat!”

“Oh! Right!” the boy scrambled towards the stack of building blocks acting as a counter, where their classmate was gnawing on the plastic cookie. “Rin-chan, no! You'll ruin your dinner!”

“But I’m hungry!”

“Told ya. You gotta cook faster, Izuku!”

“R-right! I’ll do it now!”

Katsuki shook his head as his husband fumbled clumsily with the plastic utensils, stepping in when he dropped the toy knife.

“Be careful, stupid! You'll cut yourself!” he scolded. “I’ll do it, you take care of the baby.”

Izuku pouted. “I can do it!”

“Nope. Baby duty now.”


“No buts!”

Izuku’s mouth clicked shut, chastised. Katsuki looked pleased with himself up until Izuku turned to see to his given responsibility without saying anything else.

Katsuki stepped into his space. “No buts!”

“I-I know?” Izuku looked baffled.

His best friend looked exasperated, voice lowering to a stage whisper. “Don't you know anything, stupid Izuku? You're supposed t’say 'Yes, dear’ !”

Wide green eyes stretched wider, enlightened. “Really?”

“Yeah! S’what dads says all the time!”

“Oh,” Izuku wilted. “sorry Kacchan, I didn't know.”

“Haaaah? How could you not—” Katsuki paused, remembering how the old lady called Auntie Inko’s husband a 'dead-beat’ dick. While Katsuki only knows what those words mean separately, he's pretty sure it meant that Izuku’s dad was a loser. And also that he could call people a pee-pee.

Anyway, Katsuki wanted nothing to do with losers. So it's good to know his designated husband wasn't associated with one.

“Well, whatever.” Katsuki dismissed, which made Izuku perk up for some reason. Those bright, hopeful eyes looking all surprised. The heck was that for? It made him feel weird. “I’ll shape you into the best husband ever!”


“Yeah!” he smirked. “What do you take me for? I can only have the best! So you gotta keep up,okay?”

Izuki's smile turned warm, blinding in its brightness. “I won't let you down, Kacchan!”

“You better not! And it's 'kaa-chan’!”

“Oh, oops!”

And that was that.





A rough hand shoves at his shoulder.

“Oi, Deku. Get up.”

Izuku grumbles, but otherwise didn't move.

“Oi! Get up, you lazy bastard!”

“Kacchan,” Izuku says tiredly. “You’re waking me up, like, an hour earlier than usual.”

“Fuck off with that shitty attitude. How the hell are we supposed to maintain being number one with that complacent bullshit?”

Unfocused green eyes finally opens to stare at him flatly. “You always sleep in.”

“Who asked you?” Kacchan demands, to Izuku’s mounting exasperation. “We're number one now, and I refuse to let that obnoxious windbag sneak in and steal our title!”

“The official polls finished yesterday,” Izuku reminds patiently, even as Kacchan cruelly whips the blanket off and exposes him to the cold, cold air. “Inasa-kun has to wait at least six months to take the rank from us.”

“That doesn't matter!” Kacchan argues.

“Then why are you robbing me an hour of sleep?”

“Shut it! Now get up before the food gets cold!”

Izuku is indelicately shoved off the bed before he could get another word in. Kacchan's already in the aggressive process of making their bed with a war cry of “Die, you shitty creases!”

He presses his face in his crossed arms with a fond snort.

And Kacchan calls him a nerd?

“Oi! Don't think I can't fucking hear you down there! Get up before I kick your ass!”

The threats bounced off of him, recognizing empty words for what they were. “Yes, dear.”




One creaseless, perfectly defeated bed later saw Deku seated sleepily at the kotatsu, snuggling as much as he could in the toasty heat as Katsuki forces an All Might themed bowl and chopsticks in Deku’s hands.

“Eat,” Katsuki orders, Deku rests his head on Katsuki’s shoulder while chewing drowsily on Katsuki’s delicious and perfectly prepared meal, the lazy fuck. He's only slightly mollified by the nerd's appreciative hum.

“Thank you for the meal,” Deku says belatedly after several bites in. “Kacchan’s cooking is the best, as usual.”

“Obviously.” Katsuki huffs, even as warmth spreads through him from the earnest compliment. He said it literally every day like a broken record, but somehow the satisfaction never seems to go away. It's strange, because Katsuki should have grown sick of it by now. One would think the sentiment would go away from repetition.

Then again, he thought the same about Deku.

He thought of it as mockery, once upon a time. It took a while to get to this point.

They eat in peaceful silence, only the tableware clinking while they both browsed through their phones on the side, checking emails and updating themselves on the news. By the time they've polished off their meal, Deku was finally wide awake enough to stop trying to leech off of Katsuki’s heat, kissing his cheek before dutifully collecting their empty bowls.

Katsuki shamelessly takes over the warm spot his boyfriend previously inhabited, typing a reply to the overzealous congratulations he was getting spammed with for yesterday's results.

Kaminari Denki: Dude why are you up at this hour??? did midoriya keep you up with celebrations (。•̀ᴗ-)✧
Ashido Mina: why are EITHER of you awake at this hour!!!! some of us have photoshoots later! (●o≧д≦)o
Bakugou Katsuki: Then mute the fucking chat, you idiot
Ashido Mina: and miss out on the details of your steamy night with deku? not a chance! can we do this later though?
Bakugou Katsuki: I hope you get eyebags, Black Eyes
Ashido Mina: RUDE!!!! (;`O´)o
Kaminari Denki: Guess deku didn't sate the beast lol

He's going to murder them. Distantly, he could make out the sound of running water as Deku shuffles in the kitchen.

Sero Hanta: Could you guys not spam my phone this early
Sero Hanta: It’s too early for explodo-kills
Bakugou Katsuki: It’s never too early for explodo-kills. Especially when you’re all fuckwits.
Sero Hanta: How Midoriya deals with this 24/7 is beyond me
Ashido Mina: Lol that sounds pretty gross
Kirishima Eijirou: whgdja
Sero Hanta: Morning Ei

“You have your murder face on,” Deku comments, walking over to peer over Katsuki’s shoulder. “I mean, you always look like you’re about to murder someone―which, you should actually really fix if you want to stop making civilians cry―but you have the one that says you’re contemplating the cons of actually enacting murder. Who are you killing?”

“It’s gonna be you, if you don’t stop fucking analysing me like a creep.” Katsuki snaps, reaching up to pull at a freckled cheek. “If you’re awake enough to start rambling about my face, then have the decency to be productive and get dressed. You’re a disaster.”

Deku rubs his cheek, pouting. “I’m just saying!” he defends, but obediently trots back to their bedroom anyway. “You didn’t mind me noticing last night.”


“That’s also not what you said―”

“GET OUT HERE SO I CAN KILL YOU!” Katsuki throws his vibrating phone at their open doorway.

“You told me to get ready!”


“Oooh,” Deku's smoothing his shirt down as he steps back out, smiling playfully. “Promise?”

Katsuki’s going to kill him. And then himself, for association.




Kacchan didn’t end up killing him, but that doesn’t really surprise anyone anymore.

Despite how their relationship was ten years ago, Izuku only recalls one time when Kacchan actually came at him with murderous intent. And that’s something neither of them really like to think about, especially Kacchan.

He’d long since apologized for everything he’d done, after several sessions with his therapist. Izuku had told him he already had his forgiveness, but he was happy that they talked about it.

They both cried that day, so that was another time Kacchan didn’t like to think about.

“You still asleep or something?” Kacchan raises an eyebrow. Izuku jolts at the hat that settles snuggly over his head.


Both eyebrows lift this time. Izuku winces at the sharp tug on both his cheeks, shaking off Kacchan’s hands to rub at his face. “Ow, Kacchan! What was that for?”

“That.” Kacchan continues, unaffected by the wounded look Izuku tossed his way. “Snap out of it, space case. I’m not carrying you if you fall asleep on your feet.”

“Maybe try waking me up at an agreed hour next time.” Izuku knows he’s being childish, and normally he’s not the type to make a big fuss about losing sleep, given how their job required constant vigilance. But he can’t help it.

Kacchan brings it out of him.

“You still on that?” Kacchan rolled his eyes. “Quit whining. Now come on, we’re wasting daylight.”

“Your bedside manner still needs improvement.” Izuku double-checks the lock before jogging after him.

“Oi, I made you breakfast didn’t I? Don’t act like I didn’t see you cleaning your bowl out.”

“Yes, because I’m not ungrateful.”

“Then whaddya call this?”

“Constructive criticism, Kacchan.” Izuku explains with exaggerated patience. “It’s like unsolicited advice. You should know this, you’re so good at it after all. I’m sure that old grandpa really appreciated knowing he sounded like a female dog.”


Midoriya Izuku’s hero/martyr complex meant that most of his self-preservation flew out the window if it was for the sake of the greater good, but in some cases, even he knew that sometimes the best course of action was to run.

So he did just that.

It didn’t take long for the rapid, thunderous footsteps to charge behind him. “ GET BACK HERE AND SAY THAT TO MY FACE, YOU IDIOT NERD! ” Kacchan roars. Izuku’s pretty sure the neighbours were going to complain again.

“That’s an oxymoron!” Izuku tells him with a grin, barely dodging Kacchan’s swipe. Whoops, there goes the hat. “And keep it down! You have to let some people sleep today.”

You’re a moron!” Kacchan sneers. “Think this is funny, Deku?”

Izuku suddenly backtracks to smack a kiss on Kacchan’s surprised face. “A little!” he replied cheerfully, immediately activating full cowl before Kacchan’s quick reflexes could reach him.

“You cheat!” Izuku laughs at the responding roar, speeding up at the sound of explosions. “Come back and face me, you coward! And put your fucking hat back on!

They’re going to get so many noise complaints.




“We apologise for the disturbance,” Deku says meekly, bowing so low that he could probably kiss his own shoes. The cop reprimanding them looks awkward at having one half of the number one heroes practically grovelling at her feet. Katsuki spares both of them the secondhand embarrassment by hooking his fingers inside Deku's hood and sharply pulling him back up.

“Quit that,” Katsuki hisses at his wheezing boyfriend. “You're a fucking embarrassment. I just can't take you anywhere, shitty Deku.”

“Yes, well.” says the cop, as if Katsuki was talking to her. Before he could make his opinion about that, Deku elbows him in the gut.

Ow, mother fucker, he actually put some force into that.

“I’m willing to let this slide as an isolated event. This time, at least.”

“We'll do better,” Deku immediately agrees, nodding hard enough to potentially dislocate his fucking neck. Katsuki had to put a hand on his head to make him stop.

The cop looks doubtful, as she should. Katsuki may look and dress like the delinquent between the two of them, but at least his track record for rule breaking is practically squeaky clean compared to Deku’s―heroic intentions or not.

Nonetheless she’s clearly weirded out by this entire event, so she didn't disagree. “See that you do,” she says warily. “And congratulations on the new rankings.”

With a bow, she took her leave.

“This is your fault.” Katsuki flatly pointed out.

“What? You’re the one who thought it was smart to make explosions at four in the morning!” Deku protests.

“Whaddya expect me to to do when you fucking cheated.

“I was trying to avoid explodo-deaths!”

“Didn’t sound like it with all the shit you were saying.” Katsuki pinches his cheeks, freckles stretching.

Katsuki could tell the little shit had something to say about that, but he wisely kept it to himself.

“Okay, okay,” Deku brushes his hand off, rubbing at stinging cheeks. “Lunch on me? We can even go to that new one with a Sichuan menu. Uraraka-san went there with the other girls last week and said you might like it since she couldn't feel her mouth for three days straight.”

“People haven't even had breakfast yet at this hour and you're already thinking about lunch? You're insatiable.” Not that he wasn't interested. “Where is this?”

“The shopping district,” Deku answers, staying still while Katsuki slides the hat back on those messy curls. “it's the one across the sweets shop Rikido-kun works at.”


“Kacchan,” Deku says, exasperated. “You graduated with him.”

“So, an extra.”

Deku gave a beseeching look at the sky, like that's going to make Katsuki magically care about evidently unremarkable old classmates. If they were actually worth remembering, then he would. It was as simple as that.

His boyfriend sighs heavily. “Diabetic musclehead.” he looked like it pained him to say it.

“Oh,” Katsuki realises. “him. Am I supposed to know where that blockhead works?”

“You're impossible.”




They don’t end up going to the restaurant for lunch. Not because Kacchan had no idea where it was located (even though he didn’t), but because Izuku receives a phone call from his mother who talks about how she wants to come over and celebrate about their new ranking.

So they quickly detour back to their penthouse, mutually agreeing that the whole place needed to be spotless for Kaa-san.

Not that much really needed cleaning, given how Kacchan tended to be a hygiene monster that never failed to screech his disapproval whenever Izuku supposedly enabled the germs when he does things like accidentally wearing his boyfriend’s underwear.

In his defense, they resemble the pair Izuku has.

Which were from Kacchan’s official merchandise.

Because he's a loving, supportive boyfriend. Even if Kacchan calls him an obsessive gross otaku for it.

But anyway, the dustiest thing in their apartment is probably the deep, murky bowels of their vacuum cleaner’s vacuum cleaner. And that’s only because Kacchan couldn’t find a smaller one to clean that one, but Izuku vaguely recalled overhearing him have a discussion with Hatsume Mei about self-cleaning cleaning supplies, so that’s probably going to be rectified soon enough.

Still, they make a point to start cleaning like the health department was about to personally critique their penthouse. Futons were aired out, pillows fluffed, floors polished, the works. It was lunch by the time they’re done, and their place was practically sparkling in a manner that Aoyama-kun would approve. Izuku’s just about ready to collapse on the couch if he didn’t know Kacchan would start hounding him about getting his gross sweaty body germs all over their seats.

Izuku contemplates on doing it anyway. Surely, he could sit for a minute...

“Damn it!”

He jumped away from the couch. “I didn’t do it!”

“The fuck?” Kacchan pokes his head from the kitchen so Izuku can clearly see his judgemental stare. “What’d you do now?”

“Nothing!” he says unconvincingly. “Um. What were you talking about?”

“Right,” Kacchan says dryly. “Whatever, I don’t have time for your suspicious behaviour right now. Go get our groceries, I used the last of what was edible in the fridge for breakfast.”

Izuku looks mournfully at the couch. “”

“You need hearing aids or something? Of course now. I need to get started on your mom’s favourite.”

Not for the first time, Izuku marvels at Kacchan’s absurd stamina. While just as tired and probably even more sweaty, Kacchan doesn’t look anywhere near ugly and disgusting as Izuku is currently feeling.

It’s just as amazing as the weird closeness he has with Izuku’s mother. He used to fear that she wouldn’t approve of Katsuki being back in Izuku’s life, not even as a friend, which was why he never told her the real reasons why he used to often come back home bruised up and covered in soot.

But Izuku didn’t get his intelligence from his father. Kaa-san knew, of course she did. But to both his and Kacchan’s surprise, she welcomed him his childhood friend with open arms and a look like she understood.

Understood what, Izuku still isn’t too sure. Neither of them really want to fill him in on it and deflects the topic whenever he brings it up.

So with Kacchan’s expectant gaze on him, Izuku spared one more longing look at the couch before trudging for his wallet. “Yes, dear.”

And now that he was out here, well. He figured he may as well take a few detours.

By the time Izuku returned with the groceries, Kacchan was freshly showered.

“I got some lunch while I was there,” he announces, dutifully putting the groceries away. “Come eat with me first before you turn the kitchen into a prohibited area.”

Kacchan cracks the tupperwares open, the smell of spices immediately flooding the kitchen. “You got this from the convenience store?” he asks skeptically.

“Ah,” Izuku rubs the back of his head, smiling sheepishly. “I may have used full cowl to stop at that curry place you like? Don’t worry, I made sure to ask for some extra sauce. Oh! Did they put enough spice in there? We’ve been there enough times that they recognize your order, but they were also pretty busy so you can never be too sure. Not that I’m questioning their service! It’s just that it’s easy and entirely understandable to―”

“Deku.” Kacchan interrupts, pulling out two spoons from their drawer. “It’s fine. Finish up what you’re doing and sit down.”

His mouth clicked to a shut, ensnared by the soft lines on Kacchan’s face. Like each and every time, Izuku feels warm inside out, like a sparkler was lit in his frame. Like the ones Kacchan used to make back when he first got his quirk; warm and golden.

Because he never could have imagined receiving such a look, once upon a time. Especially not from Kacchan.

“Okay.” Izuku puts their groceries away, the feeling not fading away as he sits down to eat.

Kacchan doesn’t make any comments about his slow pace. The look on his face hasn’t faded, either. “Thank you for the meal.”




Midoriya Izuku resembles his mother to a terrifying degree. With the exception of curls, freckles, and an undoubtedly masculine build, he's her spitting image. And the similarities didn’t stop there, what with how they echo each other’s distress through anxious fussing and overly tearful eyes. Katsuki still thinks the family should've come with complimentary umbrellas, given how either one of them could easily subject anyone near in their vicinity to suffer an impromptu rainy season.

But beyond the water works and jittery nerves, laid unbelievable strength.

Katsuki had feared it, back when he was younger. For how could someone so useless be so resilient? Just what did he have that Katsuki didn’t to make him so unbreakable?

It’s something he’s learned to admire now that the resentment and misunderstanding were stripped. But he feared it again when faced with Midoriya Inko’s unreadable gaze, when he first stepped back into her home as her son’s friend. He remembers being surprised at how quickly she let him in, having expected to have the door slammed on his face.

He’d been tense and uncharacteristically cordial, the dinner painfully awkward due to the charged silence that hovered around like a storm cloud. Katsuki was no coward and always chose to fight regardless of choice, but he wanted to flee when Auntie Inko asked her son to wash the dishes. Deku had wanted to protest, but a look from his mother had him reluctantly doing as told.

(“Thank you for coming back, Katsuki-kun.”
“Thank you. Izuku has always spoken highly of you, you know.”
“I-I know. And he’s―it doesn’t make sense. This doesn’t make sense. Why are you thanking me? Shouldn’t you be angry at me? Yelling? I made him miserable. You have to know this, you’re his fucki―you’re his mom. You shouldn’t want me anywhere near him!”
“I shouldn’t.”
“Then why?”
“Because I failed him too, back when he needed me most.”
“He loves you, Katsuki-kun.”
“He always has, and I know you wouldn't have returned if he didn't mean anything to you. I don’t plan on hurting him any more than I already have by rejecting what makes both of you happy.”
“So I’m relying on you to take care of him, okay?”
“I’m glad.”
“Thank you.”)

Deku had rushed back the second he finished the dishes, trying and failing to look nonchalant about it with how he almost face planted if it wasn't for his honed reflexes.

Katsuki remembered sharing a look with Auntie Inko, the fond exasperation he had felt mirrored on her face.


He turns his head to see Deku pad over, stopping behind him to wrap his arms around Katsuki’s waist, cheek squishing beside Katsuki’s face. His curls were still a little damp from his shower, and he smells like soap and their shampoo. “All done?”

“You're still here, aren't you?” he points out, setting the pot down to dry.

“Are you ever going to let me help beyond chopping ingredients? Which you won't even let me do without your strict observation?”

“You broke the microwave last time I let you go unchecked.”

“It was a different model to what I’m used to! How was I supposed to know about the temperature settings?”

Katsuki gives him a pointed look. “That,” he tugs his cheek. “is exactly why. You coulda asked , dumbass.”

“Okay, okay,” Deku sighs, shaking his hand off. “C’mon, let me do the rest of these. Go sit down, Kacchan.”

That would have sounded like an order to Katsuki, back when they were younger. He recognizes it now for the affection that it is. “Sure.”

A bright smile stretches across Deku’s face, suffused with that glee he always gets whenever Katsuki agrees to let him help. Katsuki has to look away, that familiar warmth settling underneath his skin each time he finds himself responsible for Deku’s happiness.

“Kacchan’s so cute.”

Katsuki whips his head back with a snarl. “The fuck I am—mmph!”

The kiss doesn't quite line up, since Katsuki had been trying to express justified fury at that unfounded comment. He keeps his mouth sealed in stubborn defiance. But Deku doesn't let that deter him, going from slow, unhurried pecks to firmer presses of lips, coaxing patiently.

Katsuki remained stubbornly resistant for a couple more pecks before allowing his mouth to soften and kiss back. He huffs through his nostrils, eyes opening (they closed? the hell?) to witness the tender look on Deku’s face.

“You look stupid,” Katsuki grumbled, face burning.

“Probably,” Deku agreed.


“Mhm.” Those green eyes sharpened, ensnaring Katsuki’s attention. His pulse raced, head inclining, lips parted invitingly—

And then the buzzer went off.

“Izuku? Katsuki-kun?”

Damn it.




“I’m so proud of you boys,” Kaa-san says tearfully, swaddling them both in her embrace.

Izuku gave her a wobbly smile. “Kaa-san,” he gave her back a gentle pat. “Please don’t cry or I’ll start crying.”

He smothered a snort at Kacchan’s mutter about raincoats, but the blond tolerated the weepy hugs without further complaint, which… was honestly really cute. He was even hugging back despite how awkward it clearly was for him.

“It felt like it was only yesterday when you were both still playing heroes,” Uncle Masaru agreed. He and Auntie Mitsuki were both currently in Paris for work, so video call was the best they could do under the circumstances.

“I’m more impressed that you got there at the same time,” Auntie Mitsuki said wryly. “Didn’t think the brat had it in him to share. But since it’s Izuku-kun, I guess it isn’t that surprising.”

Izuku flushes. “Eh?” Kacchan immediately glares at the screen, lip curled to a snarl. “Oi!”

The elder Bakugou ignored this, turning to her husband. “Remember when he used to talk about Izuku being his husband?” she grinned. Uncle Masaru nods, directing a fond smile to Kacchan’s increasingly flustered face. Which Izuku couldn’t even appreciate properly when his own face began to overheat. “Yes, I believe he mentioned that he was the perfect candidate for it.”

“Oh!” Kaa-san cooes. “How cute! Izuku did the same, you know? He used to come home every day with new stories about Katsuki-kun.”

Now, his mother’s happiness wasn’t something Izuku dreaded. In fact, he tried to encourage it as much as he can. It’s the least he could do when he knows how much she stresses over his safety, watching the hero fights even though she often found them terrifying.

Still, Izuku’s only human. He’s still very much susceptible to death by embarrassment, because he has a dreadful feeling he knows what his mother is about to say. “Kaa-san,” he protested weakly, finding his mortification mirrored on Kacchan’s face.

“Oh, right!” Auntie Mitsuki lights up. “Wasn't Katsuki the wife? What were his words again?”

“The mom is the boss of the house,” Uncle Masaru supplied.

“Yes!” the female Bakugou said gleefully. “that shit was adorable! You brats had it bad since you were literally toddlers.”

“THAT'S ENOUGH!” Kacchan went around Kaa-san to dive at the computer, face glowing red. “Don't you have a conference to get to? Stop messing around and do your jobs, you slackers!”

The sound of their laughter filtered through the speakers. “You brat! Don't you d—”

“Bye!” Kacchan grins viciously, disconnecting the call with enough force that Izuku feared for the keyboard.

“Kacchan, please don't break this one.”

“It’s fine, Deku!”

Izuku sighs. Kacchan was still glaring at the screen, cursor hovering where the 'Reject Call’ button would be, preparing to immediately snub his own parents the second they attempted to call again.

Beside him, Kaa-san giggles.

“Pro-Heroes Kacchan and Deku,” she says fondly. “To think you’ve been calling yourselves that from the beginning.”

Izuku found himself smiling at that.

Almost everyone had been surprised when Kacchan declared what his hero name would be. When asked why, he looked at Izuku and said that it was the name of a hero.

Because Kacchan had been Izuku's first hero.

“All you boys ever wanted was to be heroes. There was never another option, was there?” Kaa-san smiles softly.

“No,” Izuku agrees, meeting Kacchan’s eyes. “there wasn't.”





“Thank you for dinner, Katsuki-kun.” Auntie Inko smiles warmly. “It was delicious. You have to let me return the favour next time.”

“It’s nothing,” Katsuki assures, leaning into her hug with only a little bit of awkwardness.

“That what he says. But he wouldn't let me in the kitchen for five hours because he said I was a walking calamity at the stove.” Deku tattles, like the brat he is.

“Past tense? Don't give yourself too much credit. You still are.” Katsuki snorts.

“I can do things!” Deku protests, turning to Auntie Inko. “Kaa-san, tell him!”

“What are you, five?”

“I better be going now,” Auntie Inko says, sidestepping the question. Deku looks at her with betrayed, injured eyes. “Kaa-san!”

Katsuki snickered. “I’ll drive you home,” he offers, grinning smugly at his sulking boyfriend. Auntie Inko hid her own smile behind her hand, hugging her son goodbye before making her way out the door. Deku made a move to follow when the theme song of the old All Might cartoon began to play.

Which was the ringtone Deku had set for All Might.

“Take it,” Auntie Inko encourages, seeing him hesitate. “I’m sure Katsuki-kun is enough protection.”

Deku somehow managed to look guilty and relieved at the same time. “Alright. Let me know when you get home, okay?” he said hurriedly, before turning to Katsuki and kissing him on the cheek. “Drive safe.”

“You gonna answer him before he croaks or what?” Katsuki raised an eyebrow, brushing his lips against a freckled cheek.

Deku instantaneously had the phone by his ear. “Ah, yes! Hello? Sorry for the delay, Yagi-san!”

They watched as Deku made his way to the bedroom. “How long do you think they're going to apologize to each other this time?” Auntie Inko wonders.

“They'll probably still be at it by the time I come back.” Katsuki said dryly, sharing her amusement.

As they turned to leave, Katsuki calls over his shoulder. “We’re going!”

Deku’s green hair appeared in his peripherals. “See you later!”

A giggle came from the woman beside him, but Katsuki was smart enough not to ask. He had enough parent-induced embarrassment for the day.

The drive to the old Midoriya residence was thankfully free of any more embarrassing reminiscences since Auntie Inko's capable of mercy, unlike his own shitty parents. The conversation spanned from recipes to topics that hadn't reached the dinner table since Deku had been sitting with them.

“I’m surprised you haven’t asked him yet,” Auntie Inko muses. “Not that it would change much, with how you two already are.”

Katsuki shrugs. “Still thinkin’ about it.”


“The asking part. It’s supposed to be special or something, right? Memorable? But I’m not… good at this shit.” Saying that felt like pulling teeth, but it was the truth, because Katsuki was no liar. “All that mushy stuff is Deku’s thing. I’m just. Me.”

“Katsuki-kun,” she says softly. “He’s going to love it no matter what manner you decide to do it.”

“I know ,” Katsuki sighed in frustration, parking the car. “Of course he will. It’s just…”


“He deserves special.” he bites out, running a hand through his hair “But all that cliche shit is embarrassing! I’d probably end up blowing everything up in the process. Uraraka mentioned something about using his favourites, but the fuck am I supposed to do with that? I already make him katsudon every Tuesday, he already has every All Might collectible out there—even the limited edition shit that sold out in seconds ‘cause All Might gave them to him! What am I supposed to do? Dress up as All Might and smash the fucking ring in his face?”

He throws his hands up. “That’s humiliating! I’d kill both of us so that there’s no one around to fucking remember witnessing that shit! Why is this so stupidly hard? It’s just a question!”

A gentle hand had Katsuki slumping down on his seat, glaring at his wheel. “Sorry,” he mutters.

“I think you’re overthinking this,” she tells him, eyes twinkling. “You know it needs to be special for you too, right?”

“I. Yeah, of course I do.” He hadn’t thought about that.

“I see,” damn it, she could tell. “Well, don’t worry about it so much. I’m sure you’ll know when it’s the right time. I’m sure it’ll work out.”

“Unless he beats me to it.” like when he asked Katsuki out, or when he asked Katsuki to go steady with him, or when he asked Katsuki to move in with him. That sneaky bastard probably already had a ring too. He’s pretty sure that nerd has all his measurements to a fucking T.

The older Midoriya laughed. “You boys and your rivalry. Alright, I’ll leave you to it then. Thank you for taking me home, Katsuki-kun. Drive safe, alright?”

“Yeah. Night, auntie.”

“Good night.”

He made sure she went inside before driving off.

The trip back was quiet, the roads mostly abandoned. It left Katsuki to his thoughts for most part, moving on autopilot while the radio channel Deku had selected that blasted the same five songs on repeat. Katsuki made no move to change the channel, the annoyance kept him vigilant.

So of course, the damn beat is stuck in his head by the time he gets back to the penthouse. “I’m home,” he calls out, kicking his shoes off. He figured by the lack of immediate response that Deku was still on the phone with All Might, so he opts to take a shower to rinse off the effects of the day.

He steps through the bedroom just in time to hear the end of the conversation.

“—odnight, Yagi-san.” Deku murmurs, smiling warmly at Katsuki as he approached. “Welcome back, Kacchan.”

“Hey,” he sat on the futon, opening his arm. Deku snuggles immediately to his side, nuzzling his face to Katsuki’s shoulder with a content sigh that made his heart go all stupid. “How is he?”

“He’s getting better,” he shares eagerly. “It’s slow going. It’s a delicate process, after all, but Eri-chan is doing her best.”

It was a relief to hear. All Might's his hero too, after all.

“That’s good,” Katsuki runs a hand through green curls. “You showering?”

Deku snorts. “Like you’d let me sleep on the same bed otherwise?” Katsuki smirked. “Good answer. Now get.”

His boyfriend let out an obnoxious sigh before reluctantly peeling himself from Katsuki’s side, squeaking at the hand that swatted at his rump. “Kacchan!”

Katsuki snickered. “Hurry up. I wanna sleep sometime this century.”

Deku huffs, but quickly made his way to the bathroom, Katsuki watching appreciatively before his view completely vanished from sight. He made himself comfortable, settling beneath the sheets and occupying himself by ridiculing Kaminari’s latest complaints about his lackluster love life

He looks up as Deku came back into the room, turning the light off before navigating his way back to Katsuki’s side smelling fresh and clean. “Yagi-san says he’s proud of us, by the way.”

“No shit,” Katsuki snorts, despite the satisfaction he feels about those words. “We’re the world’s best wonder duo.”

“Japan’s twin pillars of hope and victory,” Deku murmurs against his collarbone, sounding awestruck. “Do you know that’s what they’re calling us now?”

Heh. He likes the sound of that.

“Fuck yeah, we’re total badasses.” he types one last, cheerful fuck you to the group chat before putting his phone down to charge, running a warm hand through hair that was already beginning to fluff up. It didn’t take long for it to completely dry like that, curling around his fingers as he combed them through. It served well for drying hair and ensuring a drowsy Deku, a trick developed to help him through the night terrors.

“Mhm,” Deku humms sleepily, kissing at Katsuki’s neck. “G’night, Kacchan.”

He noses through soft curls, breathing a sigh. “Night, Deku.”